DETECTIVE COMICS v1 #401-500 (1970-1981)

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Detective Comics v1 #401
Target for Tonight
Fecha: 1970.07| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 593 (Novaro).

A big-game hunter who dubs himself “the Stalker” deduces Batman’s secret identity and announces his intention to hunt down and kill the Caped Crusader.

Notas: Historia inspirada en «The most dangerous game» de Richard Connell

Detective Comics v1 #402
Man or Bat?
Fecha: 1970.08| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Neal Adams (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 597 (Novaro).

Man-Bat waited as some men attempted to break into a safe – there was something inside he needed. As soon as they were in, Batman arrived. The two bats took down the criminals, but Man-Bat turned on his hero when Batman stood in his way of getting what he needed. During the scuffle, Batman realized Man-Bat wasn’t wearing a disguise. After regaining consciousness, Batman headed to the museum where he’d first encountered the creature. There, he found Francine Lee, Kirk Langstrom’s fiancé, attempting to gain entrance to his lab. The security guard would not let her in. Batman burst in to find the Man-Bat. Langstrom was startled and dropped the chemical he’d taken. After seeing Francine and Batman, he escaped through the window. Batman gave chase, but lost him after the creature realized his transformation was to the point where he had wings. He followed a real bat looking for somewhere to stay; Batman headed to the cave in hopes of synthesizing something to change him back. Man-Bat found a cave to stay the night, but soon realized it was Batman’s cave. Batman returned home and found him there. He was able to knock the creature out when he failed to reason with him. He worked to find a cure for Langstrom.

Detective Comics v1 #403
You Die By Mourning
Fecha: 1970.09| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 600 (Novaro).

Bruce Wayne’s V.I.P. office is visited by a mysterious woman who claims before running out that her husband will be murdered by morning, and Batman investigates.

Detective Comics v1 #404
Ghost of the Killer Skies
Fecha: 1970.10| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Neal Adams (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 605 (Novaro), Mej. Hist. 1 Zinco, Batman Valenciana.

In Spain, Batman watched an antique plane crash. He pulled the pilot out of the wreckage, but he was already dead – of strangulation. He quickly disappeared due to not wanting anyone to know he was in the country. Bruce Wayne, there financing a film about a WWII pilot, attended a meeting. Some of the crew wanted to abandon the film due to all the setbacks which had occurred. Batman investigated and found some men trying to sabotage their planes. He took them down and continued on. He nabbed one of the camera men in the act – he’d spotted him earlier announcing the pilot had been strangled before he was close enough to see it. Shots were fired, and Batman found another man dying. He said he’d been shot by the ghost of the pilot (von Hammer) in which the film was based. Batman found the killer to be the man he expected – a member of the crew who claimed to be a descendant of von Hammer. They dueled it out in a dogfight, ending with Batman jumping onto the killer’s craft. His scarf was caught in his propellor, and he was flung from his plane. Batman was able to land safely, but his attacker died in the fall.

Detective Comics v1 #405
The First of the Assassins
Fecha: 1970.11| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 608 (Novaro).

Batman is called upon to protect a shipping magnate, his fiancee, and his employee from an assassin on a supposedly deserted island.

Detective Comics v1 #406
Your Servant of Death–Dr. Darrk
Fecha: 1970.12| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 612 (Novaro).

Batman is lured into a deathtrap in the home of a shipping magnate marked for death by Dr. Darrk and the League of Assassins, but may have a saint on his side.

Notas: Debut del Dr. Ebenezer Darrk, líder de la Liga de los Asesinos. La Liga debutó en Strange Adventures #215 (1968)

Detective Comics v1 #407
Marriage: Impossible
Fecha: 1971.01| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Neal Adams (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 617 (Novaro).

Batman attempted to stop the Langstrom wedding (Man-Bat had escaped the cave before Batman could «cure» him). Francine told Batman nothing could stop them from getting married: Kirk had returned to their home that night. She couldn’t bear to look at him, but she knew she loved the man inside. Langstrom refused to let Batman help him, but he gave Francine a way to prove her love. Batman realized what they’d done when she flew away from him. Batman gave chase and eventually was able to dose each of them with the antidote he’d been carrying since Man-Bat escaped the cave. Both morphed back into human form and realized how terrible it had been to be «inhuman.»

Notas: Debut de She-Bat (Francine Lee). Boda de Kirk Langstrom y Francine Lee.

Detective Comics v1 #408
The House That Haunted Batman
Fecha: 1971.02| Créditos: L. Wein/M. Wolfman (Guiones), Neal Adams (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 621 (Novaro).

Robin had been missing for 24 hours, but Batman finally tracked him down at an old house. The Boy Wonder turned to dust in his arms. Hearing screams, Batman searched the old mansion. He found a room of bats and a phonograph. An old man appeared; Batman gave chase, but he then disappeared. Batman turned around to see Dick shooting at him. When he got up, he saw Gordon and the Justice League standing over a coffin; Batman was inside. The walls began to close in on Batman, then he realized he and Robin were the prisoners of Dr. Tzin-Tzin, master of illusion, who’d been hired by the League of Assassins. Batman escaped the deathtrap and faced off against Tzin-Tzin’s minions. He was overpowered and taken to the illusionist. Tzin-Tzin raised a revolver to his head, but Robin took him down. They cuffed him and took him outside. On their way to the car, they heard laughter and saw their captive looking at them from a window of the house. Their handcuffs fell to the ground as the house went up in flames.

Notas: Este número se reedita en Detective #477

Detective Comics v1 #409
Man in the Eternal Mask
Fecha: 1971.03| Créditos: L. Wein/M. Wolfman (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 625 (Novaro).

Batman and an artist must discover the identity of a mysterious mutilator of the artist’s portraits.

Detective Comics v1 #410
A Vow from the Grave
Fecha: 1971.04| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Neal Adams (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 629 (Novaro), Álbum 4 Bruguera,B:JC 2 Zinco.

Batman pursued Kano Wiggins, a murderer who’d escaped from death row. During their struggle, a huge man belted Batman allowing Wiggins to escape. He defeated the giant and was approached by three others – all former circus freaks. Their circus had folded and they were living in an abandoned building nearby. Batman left them to search out his prey. Later, Batman came to their aide when he heard a scream. One of their own had been hanged in their home. Batman took down Wiggins, and also the strong man who’d killed his friend over the love of a woman.

Notas: Debut de Flippy* (Edward Deacon) quien se convertirá en propietario del «Oblivion Bar» en Shadowpact #5 (2006).

Detective Comics v1 #411
Into the Den of the Death-Dealers
Fecha: 1971.05| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 634 (Novaro), Saga Rash.

Batman scales the side of Gotham’s Statue of Freedom for a secret meeting with an informant inside the torch. The informant wants police protection in exchange for turning over evidence on Doctor Darrk and the League of Assassins. Before the criminal can reveal anything however, an assassin sneaks into the chamber and stabs him from behind. He then hurls himself at Batman who manages to judo flip him away. The assassin throws a handful of spiked tetsu-bishi onto the floor and makes his escape. Turning back to the informant, Batman hears the dying man’s final words. The man tells him to find Darrk on the Soom Express. Days later, Batman disguises himself as an old woman and books passage on the Soom Express. As suspected, he finds Doctor Darrk among the passengers. Attending him is the Daughter of the Demon – Talia. As the train slows down, Darrk leaps from the car dragging Talia behind him. Batman sheds his disguise and leaps after them. Confronting Darrk, he soon finds himself surrounded by Darrk’s League of Assassins. The assassins assault Batman with bamboo reeds, ultimately knocking him unconscious. When he awakens, he finds himself in a dungeon unmasked. Talia is present and tells Batman that Darrk has had a falling out with her father Ra’s al Ghul and kidnapped her outside of Cairo. Darrk arrives and places Batman inside of an arena where he is forced to fight an angry bull. Batman defeats the bull and rescues Talia. He captures Doctor Darrk and begins marching him towards the railroad tracks. Darrk uses a gas pellet hidden in his tie to escape from Batman then lunges at him with a knife. Talia picks up Darrk’s gun and shoots him in the chest. Darrk falls back just as the Soom Express passes over the railroad tracks.

Notas: Debut de Talia Al Ghul quinta novia de Batman. En El nacimiento del Demonio (1993) Talia confiesa tener menos de 30 años y que su padre fue célibe durante siglos hasta un escarceo que tuvo en los 70 con una mujer que posteriormente murió de sobredosis. Pero en El hijo del Demonio (1988) se menciona que el nacimiento de Talia estaba cercano a la 2ª Guerra Mundial y que su madre murió en el pozo de Lázaro. La Saga de Ra´s Al Ghul pre crisis se compone de los siguientes comics: Detective #411, Batman #232, #235, #240, #242-244, DC Special Series #15, Detective #485, #489-490 y Batman annual #8. El personaje está inspirado en Fa Lo Sue, la hija de Fu Man Chu. Según el editor del comic Ra´s Al Ghul se traduce como «cabeza del demonio».

Detective Comics v1 #412
Legacy of Hate
Fecha: 1971.06| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 639 (Novaro).

Bruce Wayne is invited to the ancestral castle of the Waynes in England, where he meets several distant relatives and encounters a ghostly knight bent on centuries-old vengeance.

Notas: Se revela que el hogar ancestral de los Wayne es el Waynemoor Castle en Inglaterra.

Detective Comics v1 #413
Freak-Out at Phantom Hollow
Fecha: 1971.07| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 643 y BE 30 (Novaro).

In Phantom Hollow, Batman tries to unravel the mystery of a witch’s curse that may be destroying the entire town.

Detective Comics v1 #414
Legend of the Key Hook Lighthouse
Fecha: 1971.08| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 648 (Novaro).

Batman tangles with a mob of gun-runners for a dictator and receives help from two low-level crooks and a ghost.

Detective Comics v1 #415
Challenge of the Consumer Crusader
Fecha: 1971.09| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 652 (Novaro).

Batman helps save a consumer advocate from murder and discovers the extortionist who is shielding herself behind his front.

Detective Comics v1 #416
Man-Bat Madness
Fecha: 1971.10| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Frank Robbins (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 657 (Novaro).

series of chance occurrences leads Kirk Langstom to relapse into his Man-Bat identity after marrying Francine Lee, and the Batman must capture him and restore him to normalcy.

Detective Comics v1 #417
Batman for a Night
Fecha: 1971.11| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 661 y BE 34 (Novaro).

A writer’s attempt to play Batman for a day becomes serious when his sister is murdered by a bank robber.

Notas: El personaje de Jon Paxton está basado en George Pimpton

Detective Comics v1 #418
And Be a Villain
Fecha: 1971.12| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 666 (Novaro).

The Creeper is unable to transform back into his Jack Ryder identity and is being driven insane by Dr. Yatz’s serum. But Yatz’s son Ishmael has the Creeper steal for him, promising to cure him of his condition, and Batman becomes involved with the case as a result.

Detective Comics v1 #419
Secret of the Slaying Statues
Fecha: 1972.01| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 670 (Novaro).

A corpse found weighted down in the bay by golden Batman statues leads the Caped Crusader to a band of Irish drug-smugglers.

Detective Comics v1 #420
Forecast For Tonight…Murder
Fecha: 1972.02| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Frank Robbins (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 674 y BE 38 (Novaro).

Batman attempts to protect a wealthy Gothamite from a murder threat by an old partner whom he once attempted to kill.

Detective Comics v1 #421
Blind Justice, Blind Fear
Fecha: 1972.03| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Frank Robbins (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 679 (Novaro).

Batman must find a way of keeping a convict who has served his time alive during a prison break so that he can divulge information about corrupt politicians, despite a black militant con who wants to bargain for freedom and a hired killer out to get the man Batman wants to protect.

Notas: La historia está inspirada en la revuelta de Atica State Prision de 1971.

Detective Comics v1 #422
Highway to Nowhere
Fecha: 1972.04| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 684 (Novaro).

Batman investigates the mystery of truckers who lose their rigs after seeing the highway before them burst into phantom flames.

Detective Comics v1 #423
The Most Dangerous Twenty Miles in Gotham City
Fecha: 1972.05| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 687 (Novaro).

Batman helps foolproof a way to transfer a Communist spy to his masters in an exchange, to prevent a right-wing group from assassinating the agent during the act.

Detective Comics v1 #424
Fecha: 1972.06| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 692 (Novaro).

An innocent bystander during a bank robbery appears to be killed by “accident” from a guard’s shot, but Batman learns that the killing was no accident.

Detective Comics v1 #425
The Stage Is Set For Murder
Fecha: 1972.07| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 695 (Novaro).

During a modern-dress production of Macbeth, Batman must discover which cast member is a would-be murderer.

Detective Comics v1 #426
Killer’s Roulette
Fecha: 1972.08| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Frank Robbins (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 700 y BE 47 (Novaro).

Batman sets out to uncover the secret behind the suicides of three wealthy compulsive gamblers.

Notas: Aniversario 400 números de Batman en Detective Comics.

Detective Comics v1 #427
A Small Case of Murder
Fecha: 1972.09| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 704 (Novaro).

Batman investigates the case of a toy manufacturer murdered by a gun-wielding toy doll.

Detective Comics v1 #428
The Toughest Cop in Gotham
Fecha: 1972.10| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 709 y BE 52 (Novaro).

Steve “Shotgun” Smith enforces a tough line on Gotham pushers, but Batman suspects that he may be taking kickbacks.

Notas: Debut de Steve «Shotgun» Smith Tierra-1. La versión post-crisis será introducida en Robin v2 # 1 (1993). El personaje está basado en Eddie «Popeye» Dolile de la película «Tfe french conection»

Detective Comics v1 #429
Man-Bat over Vegas
Fecha: 1972.11| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Frank Robbins (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 713 y BE 54 (Novaro), Mej. Hist. 1 Zinco.

Batman and Kirk Langstrom learn that Francine Langstrom has become a vampire She-Bat after being bitten by an irradiated vampire bat.

Detective Comics v1 #430
Clue of the False Faces
Fecha: 1972.12| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 718 (Novaro).

Shortly after this story Batman teams with Diana Prince to fight the Montoyas in BRAVE AND THE BOLD #105.Synopsis: After receiving a blow to the head, Batman awakens to find that the unfamiliar face beneath his mask belongs to a criminal.

Detective Comics v1 #431
This Murder Has Been Censored
Fecha: 1973.01| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 727 (Novaro).

At a resort, Batman investigates the murder of a man with a “Censored” stamp on his forehead.

Detective Comics v1 #432
The Great Rip-Off Mystery
Fecha: 1973.02| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 733 (Novaro).

Batman sets out to crack the case of a murdered courier carrying a briefcase full of torn halves of paper currency.

Detective Comics v1 #433
Killer in the Smog
Fecha: 1973.03| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Dick Dillin (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 741 y BE 64 (Novaro).

Batman and Commissioner Gordon try to uncover the mystery of a strangler who strikes during smoggy days, and throttles his victims with a yellow ascot.

Detective Comics v1 #434
The Spook Who Stalked Batman
Fecha: 1973.04| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 749 y BE 65 (Novaro).

Batman matches wits with the Spook, a criminal Houdini who springs convicts from within Gotham Prison, or even from within the Batmobile.

Notas: Debut de The Spook (Van Kaliban). Su debut post crisis se produce en Gotham Knigths #46 (2003).

Detective Comics v1 #435
The Spook Strikes Again
Fecha: 1973.07| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 754 y BE 66 (Novaro).

Batman learns the secrets of the Spook’s escapes and captures him, only to find he has the fingerprints of a man who was executed for murder ten years ago.

Notas: Detective Comics pasa a ser bimensual durante los números 435-445

Detective Comics v1 #436
The Night Has a Thousand Fears
Fecha: 1973.09| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 757 (Novaro).

Batman develops a fear of the dark when he accidentally sniffs a packet of drugs a smuggler has planted in Bruce Wayne’s luggage.

Detective Comics v1 #437
Fecha: 1973.11| Créditos: Archie Goodwin (Guiones), Jim Aparo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 762 y BE 72 (Novaro), Mej. Hist. 1 Zinco.

An ancient mask of a South American god of death is worn by a succession of men driven by it to kill, and Batman must discover the reason why.

Detective Comics v1 #438
A Monster Walks Wayne Manor
Fecha: 1973.12| Créditos: Archie Goodwin (Guiones), Jim Aparo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 774 (Novaro).

Batman tries to learn the identity of a monster which is stalking the old Wayne mansion, and who has injured Alfred.

Detective Comics v1 #439
Night of the Stalker
Fecha: 1974.03| Créditos: S.Almendola/S.Englehart (Guiones), Sal Almendola (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 778 (Novaro).

The Batman tracks down and captures a gang of bank robbers who murder a man and wife in the sight of their child, causing him to flashback to the similar incident that inspired Bruce Wayne to become the Batman.

Notas: Muerte de Starman II, por el Consejo, liderado por Anatol Mykros -debut-.

Detective Comics v1 #440
Ghost Mountain Midnight
Fecha: 1974.05| Créditos: Archie Goodwin (Guiones), Sal Almendola (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 787 (Novaro).

When Bruce Wayne sees a waitress kidnapped to serve as sacrifice to a beast on Ghost Mountain, the Batman goes to her rescue.

Notas: Debut de la Montaña Fantasma*.

Detective Comics v1 #441
Judgment Day
Fecha: 1974.07| Créditos: Archie Goodwin (Guiones), Howard Chaykin (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

A costumed villain called the Judge seeks to gain vengeance on Batman for possibly causing his daughter’s accidental blinding, and kidnaps Robin to lure him into a deathtrap.

Detective Comics v1 #442
Death Flies the Haunted Sky
Fecha: 1974.09| Créditos: Archie Goodwin (Guiones), Alex Toth (Dibujos)| Edición española: Mej. Hist. 1 Zinco.

Batman tries to save two pilots from a vengeance-seeking killer in a biplane.Batman solves a mystery involving World War I era planes. Goodwin’s stories tend to be genuine mystery tales. Usually they have a villain whose identity is hidden, and whom the reader is challenged to guess. Also, the villain is not who one thinks it is, and the motives for the crimes quite different from what one thought. This story has spectacular art by Alex Toth. It is apparently his only Batman tale.

Detective Comics v1 #443
Fecha: 1974.11| Créditos: Archie Goodwin (Guiones), Walter Simonson (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 839 (Novaro), Clásicos DC (Planeta) 15 Zinco.

Batman and Paul Kirk finally defeat the Council, D: Paul Kirk (Manhunter )

Notas: Debut de The Enforcer* (Dan Kingdom). Muerte aparente de Manhunter II (Paul Kirk)

Detective Comics v1 #444
Fecha: 1974.12| Créditos: Len Wein (Guiones), Jim Aparo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 843 (Novaro).

Batman becomes wanted for murder when Commissioner Gordon and other witnesses see him apparently gun down Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter Talia in cold blood.

Notas: “Bat-Murderer” serial

Detective Comics v1 #445
Break-In at the Big House
Fecha: 1975.03| Créditos: Len Wein (Guiones), Jim Aparo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 847 (Novaro).

Batman breaks into Gotham Prison to question Ra’s Al Ghul about the killing of Talia. Ra’s admits that he is responsible for the incident, then turns a gun on himself, and throws the gun towards Batman before he falls. Guards assume Batman is responsible for another murder, and the Caped Crusader must fight his way out past guards and convicts.

Notas: “Bat-Murderer” serial

Detective Comics v1 #446
Slaughter in Silver
Fecha: 1975.04| Créditos: Len Wein (Guiones), Jim Aparo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 851 (Novaro).

Batman investigates the case of a skeleton found within a silver Batman statue, and crosses swords with master criminal Sterling Silversmith.

Notas: “Bat-Murderer” serial. Debut de Sterling Silversmith

Detective Comics v1 #447
Enter: The Creeper
Fecha: 1975.05| Créditos: Len Wein (Guiones), Ernie Chan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 855 (Novaro).

The Creeper goes after Batman to determine whether or not his old friend is a murderer, and both of them are menaced by freed lions at the city zoo.

Notas: “Bat-Murderer” serial

Detective Comics v1 #448
Bedlam Beneath the Big Top
Fecha: 1975.06| Créditos: Len Wein (Guiones), Ernie Chan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 23 Bruguera.

Batman invades a carnival to learn the ultimate secrets behind the “murders” of Talia and Ra’s Al Ghul.

Notas: “Bat-Murderer” serial

Detective Comics v1 #449
Midnight Rustler of Gotham City
Fecha: 1975.07| Créditos: Elliot S. Maggin (Guiones), Ernie Chan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 815 (Novaro).

Commissioner Gordon summons Batman to help him solve a problem involving four slaughterhouses each losing a herd of cattle. The Commissioner got an anonymous tip about a fifth attempt to occur that night involving a cattle boat. Batman spots the normally unused Refugee Island Ferry in transit and presumes it to be part of the smuggling. Batman boards the boat and is confronted by Tad Wolfe who is about to shoot Batman when his gun misfires. Batman catches him, bringing him to a police station where Tad’s brother, Zach, refuses to post bail. That night Batman dreams of an encounter with a New Mexico medicine chief he met during his training to become Batman. The dream ends with a clicking noise and the imagery forming a gun. Batman poses as ‘Slicker’ and gathers information about Zachary Wolfe . He redresses as Batman and confronts Zachary in his warehouse. Zachary orders all his truck drivers to immediately stop and empty their trucks which allows all the stolen cattle to run free. Batman and the police help corral the cattle. Batman realizes the dream was his subconscious pointing out to him that Tad Wolfe had purposefully misfired by placing his wedding band in front of the gun’s hammer. Batman deduces Tad was the anonymous informant.

Detective Comics v1 #450
The Cape and Cowl Deathtrap
Fecha: 1975.08| Créditos: Elliot S. Maggin (Guiones), Walter Simonson (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 859 (Novaro).

Batman terrorizes Harcourt, a criminal mastermind who admits to bribing a judge (Arnell) and the grand jury but he swears he doesn’t know the identity of the person who killed Senator Locksley. Batman believes he knows the assassin, though not the one who hired him. Later, assassin Jeremy Wormwood is invited to Bruce Wayne’s office where he finds Harcourt who hires him to steal Batman’s cape and cowl. Commissioner Gordon calls Batman having received a bizarre phone message – a poem referencing famous historical and/or literary people. Batman deduces the poem refers to a wax museum and enters only to have all entrances sealed and locked. A 10,000 watt light comes on threatening to cook Batman alive unless he removes and leaves his cape and cowl after which, he may leave. Batman complies and Wormwood takes them back to Wayne’s office. Wormwood asks why Harcourt wanted them and Harcourt offers a deal – he’ll tell his reasons if Wormwood tells him who hired him to kill the Senator. Wormwood reveals who hired him (Mike Carley – the party boss), then asks Harcourt what he’s going to do with the cape and cowl. Harcourt replies «I’m going to wear them.» Wormwood turns to find Batman attacking. Batman defeats him and ushers in the awaiting police. Batman had been impersonating Harcourt all along.

Detective Comics v1 #451
The Batman’s Burden
Fecha: 1975.09| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Ernie Chan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 863 (Novaro).

Bruce Wayne, Cumming Streeter and Molly Post are at a resort on San Lorenzo island for charity events. Bruce departs shortly before Batman arrives and harasses Blady Amber. Molly intervenes, disgusted by Batman’s rough manner. Batman pushes her away angering a table of Navy sailors on leave. After a fight Batman chases after Amber who has returned to his hotel. Molly and Cumming follow. When Batman confronts Amber again, Molly hits him over the head with a bottle of champaign and Amber runs once again. Batman reflects that he is here because Commissioner Gordon got a tip of a pending assassination but did not hear the target. Their only clue is Baldy Amber. Batman chases after Amber again who tells him the assassin is baseball player Lefty Colon who is supposed to kill Bruce Wayne. Batman leaves but realizes that Lefty is religious and wouldn’t agree to go to a backgammon tournament as backgammon is considered gambling. Fearing the assassin may actually go after Molly, Batman goes to warn her only to catch her after she had been thrown out the window by the real assassin, Cumming. Batman apprehends him. Later Molly confides in Bruce her disappointment with Batman but Bruce asks her to consider that he might have no choice.

Detective Comics v1 #452
Crackdown on the Crime Exchange
Fecha: 1975.10| Créditos: David V. Reed (Guiones), Ernie Chan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 867 (Novaro).

Batman responds to a police radio transmission and accompanies two officers into the Tower Building. Guards reported strange hammering sounds on the 25th floor. As an auction of valuable coins will soon occur on the 30th floor, Batman investigates the roof and finds a torn access door. Inside he confronts two men, including former circus strongman, Yak, and they fight. Batman is knocked out the window which buys the criminals time to heft a safe to the roof where a helicopter hauls it away. The villains climb down the exterior wall on previously installed mountain climbing equipment. Batman follows and the helicopter returns. Just then the villains fly out of a window on the 23rd floor and catch the passing helicopter’s line and escape. A circus cannon is discovered that had been shipped in and installed over a period of weeks. Over the next few weeks the criminal organization, the Crime Exchange, continues to have successes and thwart the police and Batman. Batman, disguised as Yak, arrives at the Crime Exchange. He finds a place to change and confronts the criminals allowing himself to be captured in hopes of encountering the leader. Unfortunately the leader appears fully cloaked and on a giant screen. Batman pretends to be an undercover journalist but the cloaked President tests his bluff. They place a handgun with one bullet in it on a table and tell Batman to pick it up and fire the bullet into the floor. The real Batman, everyone knows, has sworn an oath to never use a gun even to save his own life. The other criminals aim their guns at Batman. If he does not fire the gun before the President counts down from five, they are to shoot him.

Notas: Debut de The Crime Exchange

Detective Comics v1 #453
The Deadly Web of the Crime Exchange
Fecha: 1975.11| Créditos: David V. Reed (Guiones), Ernie Chan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 871 y BE 134 (Novaro).

Batman, claiming to be a reporter, is trapped in the Crime Exchange Headquarters and told to grab a gun and fire a bullet into the floor (thus proving he is not Batman as Batman has vowed never to use a gun – even to save his own life). Batman grabs the gun and hurls it into the video screen causing a blackout. He quickly changes back into his criminal costume as the others open the door making it appear Batman has escaped into thin air. Later, Batman meets with Gordon and reveals that he has planted a bug in the Crime Exchange’s communication room so they can monitor their conversations. The bug begins transmitting and Batman heads for the source which leads him to an empty field. The President is communicating from a mobile source. Batman comes up with a different strategy and, as Bruce Wayne, asks his fellow wealthy patrons to begin reporting fake robberies. Meanwhile Batman begins interrupting the Crime Exchange’s robberies as he hears about them earlier. The President believes there is another gang in town, committing the wealthy patron’s robberies, and orders the Vice President to offer a merger. Batman sets up a fake headquarters and the Crime Exchange leader, and henchmen, arrive but Batman catches them all. The President is unmasked revealing the Vice President – a double cross. But Batman offers the Vice President a deal to avoid a criminal sentence by calling the President and keeping him on the line long enough for Batman to trace and get to his location. Finding the trailer, Batman boosts the antenna and sets the video call to intercept televisions all across Gotham City. Batman enters and unmasks the President – TV show host Walter Grimes. Walter releases the vehicles brakes and the trailer plunges down a hill. Batman stops the signal, captures Grimes and escapes.

Detective Comics v1 #454
The Set-Up Caper
Fecha: 1975.12| Créditos: David V. Reed (Guiones), José Luís García López (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 875 (Novaro).

A gang boss with a propensity for hand-to-hand combat uses two professional fighters as stalking horses to figure out Batman’s fighting moves, and how to counter them

Detective Comics v1 #455
Heart of a Vampire
Fecha: 1976.01| Créditos: Elliot S. Maggin (Guiones), Mike Grell (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 879 (Novaro).

Alfred and Bruce are miles outside of town when their car mysteriously overheats. They go to a nearby boarded-up house to find some water for the radiator. Inside they discover a coffin and a very old sunlamp which Bruce accidently breaks. They split up to search when vampire Gustav Decobra exits the coffin and attacks Bruce who changes to Batman. Batman puts a wooden beam through Gustav’s chest but finds that his heart is not where it should be. Batman and Alfred hide in the attic while Batman tells Alfred about Gustav who used to be a doctor who believed that hearts could be transplanted. Batman realizes that he may have surgically moved his heart elsewhere in his body. To find it, Batman decides he will fight Gustav vigorously and listen for his rapid heartbeat. Meanwhile Gustav summons bats to attack them in the attic while he bursts through the door. He heads for Alfred but Batman attacks him. The two fight vigorously but Batman cannot feel a heartbeat. The nearby grandfather clock, however, gets louder as the fight progresses. Batman grabs a wooden bow and arrow and shoots the clock where Gustav had transplanted his heart. Gustav dies and Batman and Alfred leave.

Detective Comics v1 #456
Fecha: 1976.02| Créditos: Elliot S. Maggin (Guiones), Ernie Chan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 883 (Novaro).

Bruce Wayne is dosed with poison through a woman’s lipstick which, unless he can get the antidote within an hour, will kill the Batman.

Detective Comics v1 #457
There is No Hope in Crime Alley
Fecha: 1976.03| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Dick Giordano (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 1, Batman 887 (Novaro), Mej. Hist. 1 Zinco.

Every night on this date, Batman abandons all other crimes and missions and secretly heads to visit Leslie Thompkins. En route, Batman stops a car radio theft and two muggings. When one of the muggers pulls a gun on him in Crime Alley, Batman loses his temper and knocks the mugger silly while having a flashback of his parents’ murder and his «rescue» by a young Leslie Thompkins. He is brought back to reality by the current, elderly Leslie who knows Batman visits her annually but doesn’t know why. Batman tells her it’s a reminder of who he is. Batman asks Leslie why she stays in Crime Alley and she tells him that once she witnessed a terrible tragedy – a child whose parents were murdered before his eyes – and has devoted her life to trying to prevent another tragedy. Batman kisses her on the forehead calling her the hope of Crime Alley

Notas: Debut de Leslie Thompkins Tierra-1, protectora de Bruce. La versión post-crisis aparecerá en Detective Comics #574 (1987). La historia ocurre en el 21 aniversario de la muerte de los padres de Bruce, cuando el tenía 13 años, por lo que en la actualidad tiene unos 34. Primera mención a Park Row y el Callejón del Crimen.

Detective Comics v1 #458
The Real Batman Dies Next
Fecha: 1976.04| Créditos: Elliot S. Maggin (Guiones), José Luís García López (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 891 (Novaro).

At a costume fund raiser, a man, Lt. Bucky Dunlop, dressed as Batman dies in Bruce Wayne’s arms. After removing the cowl to identify the man, the words «The Real Batman Dies Next!» appear to have been tattooed on the man’s forehead. Gordon is there and orders all in attendance, including Bruce, to remain behind. Bruce checks into a hotel room. Bruce realizes that the man had been shot by a gun with silencer. In his hotel he calls Alfred who patches through to Gordon to tell him what happened. Batman tells him he won’t appear as he is the target. Batman then goes to the Dunlop family and tells them that Dunlop is missing (unable to tell them the truth). Mrs. Dunlop tells Batman that he and Slats Johnson, a friend and ex-convict who owns a tattoo parlor, volunteer every Thursday as part of a Juvenile Rehabilitation Program. Meanwhile, Gordon and the police find a rifle, rigged to fire by remote, in the ceiling and that the tattoo ink is a kind of invisible ink that disappears with heat meaning Dunlop could have been tattooed at any time. Batman returns to the hotel and redresses as Bruce. He finds Gordon and drops a hint about volunteer work which leads Gordon to investigate any contacts from that program. Three are found – Johnson, Fellman and Squire. Bruce recognizes all three from his crime fighting. Bruce changes again to Batman planning to investigate all three. He goes to Johnson’s apartment but finds his tattoo equipment dry having not been used recently. He goes to Fellman’s place and discovers a recently opened can that he finds suspicious. He takes some to run some tests. Slats Johnson is arrested for the crime but pleads his innocence. The rest are set free but Batman is waiting for Charlie Fellman, captures him and brings him to Gordon. He tells Gordon that Slats is innocent as his tattoo work is different from the calligraphy used in the crime. Fellman, conversely, studied calligraphy during his prison time. Batman then mentions the disappearing skin dye found at Fellman’s place. Fellman is arrested and Slats is set free.

Detective Comics v1 #459
A Clue Before Dying
Fecha: 1976.05| Créditos: Elliot S. Maggin (Guiones), José Luís García López (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 895 (Novaro).

Bruce Wayne attends a party honoring Elliot Quinn whose book «The Dreamhouse Murder» will soon be published. The party is held at actor Walter Gaunt’s home because it was the site of the true unsolved murder the book is about. Elliot’s book contains a factual account of the murder as well as a «hypothesized» solution. Gaunt hates Elliot because, years previously, Gaunt auditioned for a role and Elliot interfered. Gaunt was distraught, got drunk and wound up in a car accident which shredded his vocal chords leaving him mute. Also in attendance at the party are Lyle Keane, Elliot’s personal secretary – hired by the publishing company, and Lt. Dannay, the officer in charge during the original unsolved murder. At precisely midnight, per his custom, Elliot goes to his room to write on his electric typewriter. At 2 a.m. Emma Rundle, housekeeper, brought Elliot some refreshments and screams when she sees he has been murdered – shot to the throat by his own gun. Bruce quickly switches to Batman and arrives via window catching a faint odor of acetone. Emma states she saw someone bald leaving the room and, therefore, identifies them as Alfred, Bruce’s butler. Batman spots someone running outside and chases. Dannay joins the chase and they catch Gaunt who claims to have been running to get Dannay. Returning to the crime scene, Batman notices the electric clock in the room is 5 minutes behind Elliot’s watch, Elliot’s hand is pointing to the floor and the manuscript is missing. Based on Emma’s testimony, Dannay, accompanied by Lyle, grabs Alfred and Batman (again dressed as Bruce) catches the odor of acetone. Thinking that Elliot may have been indicating the room below him with his pointing clue, Batman goes downstairs and finds Emma who had been bludgeoned to death. Batman is hit over the head with a poker. He awakes and realizes Elliot was pointing to the rug on his floor and deduces the solution to the mystery. He chases after, and subdues, Lyle Keane. He later explains that Lyle wears a toupee (or «rug») – held on with adhesive that smells of acetone. He also explains that Lyle was the killer in the Dreamhouse Murder and recognized that Elliot’s hypothesized ending was too close to the truth. He arranged the party at Gaunt’s house, and shot Elliot in the throat, to make it appear that Gaunt killed him out of anger about his accident. But Lyle was the only one who knew 1) where Elliot kept his gun, 2) how to disable power to only Elliot’s room (the electric clok and typewriter would both be powerless), and 3) what the manuscript actually said. After Emma spotted him, Lyle also had to kill her as well.

Notas: El escritor Elliot Quinn está basado en el escritor Elliot Queen. A partir de éste número los complementos de otros personajes de la Bat-familia desaparecen pues entre 1975 y 1978 se publica Batman Family. Entre Detective Comics 327 y 500 se publican regularmente historias de complemento de Elongated Man. En Detective #481 (12.78) se retoman los complementos de la Bat-familia.

Detective Comics v1 #460
Slow Down and Die
Fecha: 1976.06| Créditos: B. Rozakis/M. Uslan (Guiones), Ernie Chan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 899 (Novaro).

Captain Stingaree, a sword-wielding villain, becomes convinced Batman is really portrayed collectively by the Courtney triplets, a team of private investigators, and captures one Batman, who proves to be Michael Courtney.

Notas: Debut del Captain Stingaree (Karl Courtney). Bruce Wayne tiene una cita con la modelo Barbi Brendan la cual está inspirada en la playmate Barbi Brenton.

Detective Comics v1 #461
Bruce Wayne–Bait in a Bat-Trap
Fecha: 1976.07| Créditos: B. Rozakis/M. Uslan (Guiones), Ernie Chan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 903 y BE 131 (Novaro).

Per last issue, Bruce Wayne was kidnapped by Captain Stingaree and his men to be used as bait to catch «Batman #2.» Stingaree believes that there are secretly three Batmen (all brothers) and has already captured one last issue (Michael). He also believes that Bruce Wayne is secretly financing them which is why Wayne was kidnapped. This issue begins with a dummy, dressed in Bruce Wayne’s clothes, being dumped outside police headquarters from a moving car. The dummy soon explodes. Batman enters Gordon’s office and reveals he already knows why he was summoned and where to start looking. While en route to his next destination, Batman stops two muggings in a park while he reveals that he only feigned unconciousness when he was attacked by Stingaree and soon escaped. Batman returns to the scene of his abduction and finds some mud which he surmises was left as a clue to Wayne’s location. Since Batman is Wayne, he doesn’t need to analyse the mud to know where it came from. En route he stops a breaking and entering, then descends into the sewers and awaits the trap to be sprung. The sewer tunnel collapses behind him and hundreds of rats come charging. Batman escapes by flipping along the ceiling on pipes until he reaches higher ground. That tunnel, however, is flushed with high opressure water. Batman clings to the side when a scuba diver arrives and fights Batman. Batman feigns losing conciousness so the diver closes in, then grabs his scuba mouthpiece and gets some air. They struggle and both pass out. The diver, Stingaree, awakens first and drags the still unconcious Batman back to his lair, chaining him to a wall. He realizes that Bruce Wayne is free but since he has caught Batman #2, unmasked as Robert Courtney, he doesn’t care. Meanwhile Bruce Wayne enters Police HQ claiming that Batman rescued him.

Detective Comics v1 #462
Kill Batman in Triplicate
Fecha: 1976.08| Créditos: B. Rozakis/M. Uslan (Guiones), Ernie Chan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 907 (Novaro).

Batman gets help from the Flash, Robin, and the three Courtney brothers in capturing Captain Stingaree at last.

Detective Comics v1 #463
Fecha: 1976.09| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Ernie Chan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 911 (Novaro).

Batman encounters the Black Spider, a costumed vigilante out to kill every drug pusher in Gotham, regardless of anyone who might get in the way.

Notas: Debut de Black Spider I (Eric Needham) y de Calculator (Noah Kuttler).

Detective Comics v1 #464
The Doomsday Express
Fecha: 1976.10| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Ernie Chan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 915 (Novaro).

Batman continues his fight against the Black Spider and tries to stop him from blowing up an elevated train containing one drug dealer and a mass of innocent people.

Detective Comics v1 #465
The Best-Kept Secret in Gotham City
Fecha: 1976.11| Créditos: David V. Reed (Guiones), Ernie Chan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 919 (Novaro).

Commissioner Gordon is kidnapped by hoods who want him to divulge Batman’s secret identity, which he does not know. But a prearranged signal leads Batman to the place where he is being held, and to a confrontation with his captors

Notas: Debut del Jefe de policía O’Hara. Se introduce de la serie de TV de 1966. Previamente se escuchó su voz en Worl´d Finest # 159 (1966) y apareció entre escenas en Swamp Thing # 7 (1973). La versión de Tierra-2 será introducida en All-Star Comics # 67, 1977.

Detective Comics v1 #466
Signalman Steals the Spotlight
Fecha: 1976.12| Créditos: Len Wein (Guiones), Ernie Chan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 923 (Novaro).

The Signalman returns to Gotham City to commit grand robberies, battle Batman, and place his foe within a deathtrap–the Bat-Signal itself.

Detective Comics v1 #467
Pick-Up on Gotham 2-4-6
Fecha: 1977.02| Créditos: Bob Rozakis (Guiones), John Calnan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 927 (Novaro).

Hawkman drops by to trade stories with Batman and learns of the Caped Crusader’s recent foray against a crook who tried to escape from a subway car dressed as the Batman

Notas: Continúa en la historia de Hawkman de este número y después en el siguiente número.

Detective Comics v1 #468
Battle of the Thinking Machines
Fecha: 1977.04| Créditos: Bob Rozakis (Guiones), Marshall Rogers (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 931 (Novaro).

The Calculator has immunized himself to six members of the Justice League’s attempts to capture him, but Batman resolves to give it another try.

Notas: Se cuenta la leyenda de que los indios vendieron lo que sería la ciudad de Gotham a los europeos por 24 dólares.

Detective Comics v1 #469
By Death’s Eerie Light
Fecha: 1977.05| Créditos: Steve Englehart (Guiones), Walter Simonson (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 1, Batman 935 y BE 147 (Novaro), Clásicos DC (Planeta) 1 Zinco.

Batman returned to the Wayne Foundation penthouse, where Bruce Wayne resided. As he entered, Alfred collapsed. He called for an ambulance, but there were none available. Bruce got Alfred to a hospital, then returned as Batman. Batman spoke with Gordon, who’d received a note from someone claiming responsibility for the epidemic. He called himself Dr. Phosphorus. Batman soon learned the source of the illness – Gotham City’s drinking water. Commissioner Gordon had been stricken already. Batman went to the reservoir and found the man at the heart of the situation – Dr. Phosphorus. He appeared to be the living embodiment of phosphorus and Batman was burned when they touched. They struggled into the water supply (which had been turned off). Phosphorus escaped.

Detective Comics v1 #469/2
The Origin of Dr. Phosphorus
Fecha: 1977.05| Créditos: Steve Englehart (Guiones), Walter Simonson (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 1, Batman 935 y BE 147 (Novaro), Clásicos DC (Planeta) 1 Zinco.

Dr. Phosphorus arrived at the residence of one of his old colleagues, Dr. Bell. He told Bell his true identity, Dr. Alex Sartorius. He’d gone into a partnership with Rupert Thorne on a power plant. Gotham voted it down, so they had to build it in the Atlantic. A problem with the reactor caused an explosion, and Dr. Sartorius was thought dead. He’d been blasted with radioactive sand and transformed. He promised the old group would be safe if they could keep Batman out of his way.

Notas: Debut del Dr. Phosphorus (Dr. Alex Sartorius) Tierra-1. Despues de las crisis debutará en Black Orchid #2 (1989) y Underworld Unleashed #1 (1995) y el concejal Rupert Thorne.

Detective Comics v1 #470
The Master Plan of Dr. Phosphorus
Fecha: 1977.06| Créditos: Steve Englehart (Guiones), Walter Simonson (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 1, Batman 939 y BE 149 (Novaro), Clásicos DC (Planeta) 2 Zinco.

Batman took down a smalltime burglar and was slapped with a subpoena. He went to see Gordon (who was recovering and sharing a hospital room with Alfred). Gordon knew nothing and figured it to be something of Thorne’s doing. Back in the cave, Batman received a call from Chief O’Hara. Now that Gordon was out of commission, the City Council had marked Batman as off-limits. O’Hara was brief: Dr. Phosphorus had struck at a concert. The Geiger counter picked up readings where Batman had been touched by Phosphorus. He headed to the power plant offshore, but was greeted hastily by the workers. He returned home. Soon after, Bruce Wayne threw a party. Among the invitees were Rupert Thorne, Dr. Bell, and much of the city council. He also met a woman named Silver St. Cloud. He snuck away from the party (on his yacht in the harbor) and visited the power plant again. Dr. Phosphorus attacked him and was killed when he collided with the reactor. Batman returned to his boat; Wayne rejoined Silver and the party

Notas: Debut de Silver St. Cloud

Detective Comics v1 #471
The Dead Yet Live
Fecha: 1977.08| Créditos: Steve Englehart (Guiones), Marshall Rogers (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 1, Batman 943 y BE 151 (Novaro), Clásicos DC (Planeta) 3 Zinco.

Though Phosphorus was thought dead, Thorne held everyone to the original plan – Batman must be destroyed. Bruce still had burns from his encounter with Dr. Phosphorus, so he checked himself into a «no questions asked» clinic he’d heard of. He was drugged and locked in. Batman escaped and came back in to take down the curator, who turned out to be Dr. Hugo Strange (thought dead). He’d been doping Gotham’s elite and having them bring their friends. Strange had a deadly snake bite Batman. He administered the anti-venom in time to save the vigilante. When he awakened, Dr. Strange had unmasked him.

Notas: Debut de Dr. Hugo Strange Tierra-1

Detective Comics v1 #472
I Am the Batman
Fecha: 1977.09| Créditos: Steve Englehart (Guiones), Marshall Rogers (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 1, Batman 947 y BE 155 (Novaro), Clásicos DC (Planeta) 4 Zinco.

Dr. Hugo Strange assumed not only the guise of Batman, but also of Bruce Wayne. He planned to embezzle from the various Wayne companies. Strange, as Wayne, began selling stock like mad. Silver came to visit him in his office, and he broke it off with her. Suspicious, she visited the clinic again for Wayne and was again asked to leave. She called Dick at college, who was secretly worried. Soon later, Robin burst in on the scene. Bruce began to build a tolerance for the drugs he was being given. Alfred tried to help him. Strange’s monsters attacked Silver as he planned to auction Batman’s true identity. Using the info gained from Silver, Robin found Bruce and Alfred. He battled through the monsters and freed them. He then went after Strange, not knowing he’d been abducted by Thorne’s men. He had them torture the doctor, but he refused to give up the secret. Strange died at the hands of Thorne’s goons.

Detective Comics v1 #473
The Malay Penguin
Fecha: 1977.11| Créditos: Steve Englehart (Guiones), Marshall Rogers (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 1, Batman 951 y BE 153 (Novaro), Clásicos DC (Planeta) 5 Zinco.

Batman and Robin took on some of Thorne’s men who were dumping Strange’s body. They had to split when the cops came – they were still on the outs due to Thorne’s propaganda. Penguin (who’d broken out of jail three weeks previous), not knowing Strange had been killed, showed up for the auction of Batman’s identity. He and his men scattered when they heard the Joker’s laugh. Batman saw that an art gallery was displaying a penguin item and confronted the curator. When they returned to the penthouse, Alfred told them the money Strange was laundering had been recovered. They grabbed some ZZZs, then visited Silver, who was recovering in the hospital. That night, they found Penguin coming out of the museum. He gave them the slip with one of his trick umbrellas. Batman foiled his plan – he wasn’t out to get the bird (he’d stolen it weeks before – the one in the museum was a fake), he was hijacking a plane full of dignitaries. The Dynamic Duo took him down easily.

Detective Comics v1 #474
The Deadshot Ricochet
Fecha: 1977.12| Créditos: Steve Englehart (Guiones), Marshall Rogers (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 1, Batman 955 (Novaro), Clásicos DC (Planeta) 6 Zinco.

Batman and Robin returned to the cave after taking down Penguin and sparred a bit. After their exercise was over, Dick got a call from Wonder Girl – important Titans business. After Bruce insisted, Dick reluctantly left. Penguin was placed in a cell adjacent to Floyd Lawton – Deadshot. Lawton snatched Cobblepot’s escape tool and broke out. Batman visited Thorne. When he left, for a second time, the mob boss saw a vision of Hugo Strange. Bruce and Silver had lunch together. He felt them growing closer. She asked him about his relationship with Commissioner Gordon and the Batman. That night, Batman was attacked by Deadshot. He took the assassin down in Silver’s presence. She was convinced Batman was Bruce.

Notas: Debut de Deadshot Tierra-1 (Floyd Lawton)

Detective Comics v1 #475
The Laughing Fish
Fecha: 1978.02| Créditos: Steve Englehart (Guiones), Marshall Rogers (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 1, Batman 959 (Novaro), Clásicos DC (Planeta) 7 Zinco.

Batman spied on Silver as she readied for her date with Bruce Wayne. He burst into her apartment and asked her what she’d wanted from him the night before. She played it off, and he left. As soon as he got through her window, Bruce called to postpone their date. The next morning, the news broke that fish all across the eastern and western US coasts were tainted with the Joker’s smile. The madman went to a copyright lawyer and attempted to get profit from each fish sold with his image. The man balked, but Joker gave him some time to think about it. Thorne was threatened by Joker. He made sure the man realized killing Batman would be a mistake. Thorne left town. Joker hijacked TV later that day, announcing he would kill the lawyer at midnight. Batman, Gordon, and the GCPD were on hand, and the man died by gas. Joker made another appearance with another threat. Silver St. Cloud, hitchhiking, got in the car with Rupert Thorne.

Detective Comics v1 #476
The Sign of the Joker
Fecha: 1978.04| Créditos: Steve Englehart (Guiones), Marshall Rogers (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 1, Batman 967 (Novaro), Clásicos DC (Planeta) 8 Zinco.

The Joker’s next target died on schedule, even though he and Batman had traded identities for the event. Batman searched outside the house and thought he saw an apparition of Hugo Strange. Thorne and St. Cloud had an argument about the Batman after hearing a news piece on the Joker. He forced her out of his car. She wandered to a nearby house where the owner was working on his plane. Batman and the police readied for Joker’s next attack; Batman noticed him in a GCPD uniform. They fought onto a fire escape. Silver got back to town in time to see them battling. Lightning struck the Joker’s platform and he fell into the river below. Silver confronted her lover and told him they could never be together. Gordon came to him with news – Thorne had been picked up in another state – he’d confessed to every crime he’d ever committed.

Detective Comics v1 #477

Fecha: 1978.06| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: -.

Notas: Reedición de Detective Comics nº 408 con nuevas páginas

Detective Comics v1 #478
The Coming of Clayface III
Fecha: 1978.08| Créditos: Len Wein (Guiones), Marshall Rogers (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 1, Batman 1003 (Novaro), Clásicos DC (Planeta) 9 Zinco.

With the loss of Silver still fresh on Bruce’s mind, Clayface (III: Preston Payne) surfaced. Gordon clued Batman in – he’d killed a night watchman / former police officer. Batman soon caught up with him at S.T.A.R. Labs attempting to swipe a device. He warned Batman that he had no quarrel with him, but the effects of Matt Hagen’s blood got to him. With Batman down, Clayface dropped a glove and went for his face.

Notas: Debut de Clayface III (Preston Payne)

Detective Comics v1 #479
If a Man Be Made of Clay…!
Fecha: 1978.10| Créditos: Len Wein (Guiones), Marshall Rogers (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 1, Batman 1009 (Novaro), Clásicos DC (Planeta) 10 Zinco.

Batman was able to dodge Clayface’s touch and zap him with electricity. Clayface escaped and put the Batmobile out of commission on his way out. Payne’s fever worsened and he crashed his car. The next car was an easy target for him – he killed the driver and took it (the driver’s wife escaped). An eyewitness called the cops. They set up a road block and nabbed Clayface. Batman gave chase, but the freak jumped from a bridge into the river. Batman was able to trail him to his hide-out: a wax museum. They fought, and a fire was started. Batman was able to stop the battery pack feeding his exoskeleton and best Clayface. They exited. Clayface noticed the fire and rushed back in. After the blaze was stopped, they found no trace of his body. A strange female visitor attempted to get an appointment with Bruce.

Detective Comics v1 #480
The Perfect Fighting Machine
Fecha: 1978.12| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 2, Batman 1017 (Novaro), Batman 21 Bruguera.

A criminal employs Dr. Moon to transform a flabby, unloved man into a “perfect fighting machine” called the Gork, and sends him against an ailing Batman.

Notas: Dr. Moon last appearance in RICHARD DRAGON, KUNG FU FIGHTER #7

Detective Comics v1 #481
Ticket to Tragedy
Fecha: 1978.12| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Marshall Rogers (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 2, Batman 1025 (Novaro).

Batman must race against time to discover the identity of a murderer and capture him in order to convince a disillusioned surgeon not to burn his notes for a new medical technique

Detective Comics v1 #481/2
Murder in the Night
Fecha: 1978.12| Créditos: Jim Starlin (Guiones), P. Craig Russell (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 2, Batman 1025 (Novaro).

Xavier Simon, an old member of Thomas Wayne’s outfit in the first World War, seeks revenge on Wayne and the other three men who testified against him in a rape trial. By transferring his mind into the body of an ape, he gains the strength to murder the three surviving ex-soldiers. Then he seeks to destroy Wayne’s son, whom he has deduced to be the Batman.

Notas: La historia es un remake de Batman #75/3 (1953)

Detective Comics v1 #482
Night of the Body Snatcher
Fecha: 1979.03| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Marshall Rogers (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 2, Batman 1033 (Novaro), Álbum 2 Bruguera.

Overpowered by the ape-body of Xavier Simon, Batman must find a way to prevent Simon from transferring his mind into the Caped Crusader’s body.

Detective Comics v1 #483
The Curse of Crime Alley
Fecha: 1979.05| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 2, Batman 1041 (Novaro), Álbum 7 Bruguera.

Batman returns to Crime Alley once again on the anniversary of his parents’ death, and ends up saving Leslie Thompkins and a gangland target from the wrath of Maxie Zeus.

Notas: Debut de Maxie Zeus Tierra-1. Su versión post-crisis aparecerá en Batman #470. 40 aniversario.

Detective Comics v1 #483/2
Gotham’s Great Kangaroo Race
Fecha: 1979.05| Créditos: Bob Rozakis (Guiones), Bob Oksner (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 2 Bruguera.

Bruce Wayne smokes out an illegal arms buyer with a kangaroo race in Gotham, then captures the crook and his supplier as Batman.

Detective Comics v1 #484
Assault on Olympus
Fecha: 1979.05| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1049 (Novaro), Álbum 1 Bruguera.

Batman runs a gauntlet of deathtraps in an effort to capture gangboss Maxie Zeus

Detective Comics v1 #484/2
The Galileo Solution
Fecha: 1979.05| Créditos: Jack C. Harris (Guiones), Bob Oksner (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1 Bruguera.

Batman recounts a recent case in which a professor discovered a formula for the Universal Solvent, and accidentally killed a museum guard with it.

Detective Comics v1 #485
The Vengeance Vow
Fecha: 1979.09| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 3, Batman 1059 (Novaro), La saga de Ra’s Al Ghul 2.

Batman visited Kathy Kane’s circus after hearing the League of Assassins was planning to hit it. He heard right – the League, led by Bronze Tiger, attacked. Batman was knocked unconscious. When he awakened, he found Kathy dead, and Ra’s al Ghul nearby. Ra’s told him the League’s sensei had called the hit on her. He offered his help, but Batman refused. Batman went after the League on his own. The sensei welcomed him and put him up against the Bronze Tiger again. During their fight, Ra’s al Ghul’s spy hit Batman with a poison dart. The sensei killed him for stopping the fight. Another man joined the battle. When Batman awakened, the sensei and Bronze Tiger were both gone.

Notas: Muerte de Batwoman Tierra-1

Detective Comics v1 #486
Murder by Thunderbolt
Fecha: 1979.11| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 3, Batman 1069 (Novaro), Batman 13 Bruguera.

Batman tries to stop some old cohorts of Maxie Zeus from dying when they try to take over his mobs, while Zeus himself is in Arkham Asylum.

Detective Comics v1 #487
The Perils of Sergius
Fecha: 1979.12| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 3, Batman 1085 (Novaro), Batman 16 Bruguera.

The Sensei marks a writer named Sergius for death when he thinks Sergius has stumbled onto his plan, and contracts the work out to one Ma Murder. But Batman takes an interest in the writer, and protects him from Ma’s murder attempts.

Detective Comics v1 #488
The Spook’s Death Sentence for Batman
Fecha: 1980.03| Créditos: Cary Burkett (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 3, Batman 1091 (Novaro), Batman 23 Bruguera.

Batman finds himself headed for the electric chair when the Spook’s illusion gimmick makes him appear to be a convicted murderer, and the Spook to be Batman.

Detective Comics v1 #489
Creatures of the Night
Fecha: 1980.04| Créditos: J.M. DeMatteis (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 3, Inédito.

Batman and a vampire hunter named Moon the Mystic separately stalk a vampire who may be Moon himself.

Detective Comics v1 #489/2
Where Strike the Assassins
Fecha: 1980.04| Créditos: Paul Kupperberg (Guiones), Bob Oksner (Dibujos)| Edición española: La saga de Ra’s Al Ghul 2.

Batman rescues the Bronze Tiger, who has recovered from the Sensei’s brainwashing, and another intended victim from the League of Assassins. Batman stopped in to see the Bronze Tiger in the hospital. The League of Assassins had sent two men after him, but they failed. He realized the sensei had turned against him, but he had no other real memories. After getting some clues, Batman saved a geologist from the League.

Detective Comics v1 #490
Requiem for a Martyr
Fecha: 1980.05| Créditos: J.M. DeMatteis (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 3, Batman 1097 (Novaro), La saga de Ra’s Al Ghul 2.

Batman went after the League of Assassins, who were unloading a shipment of arms. He was attacked by Lurk (Ubu). After defeating Ra’s al Ghul’s personal bodyguard, the League was gone. With the input of the geologist he’d saved, Batman realized a peace summit was in danger – the League was planning to plant explosives on a faultline in Gotham City to create an earthquake. Though attacked by the police, Batman got to the meeting place. He had Gordon get everyone out, though one of the holy men refused to leave. The sensei, disguised as the Japanese delegate, fired on them, killing the man who’d refused to leave. The sensei ran into the building as Gordon got everyone clear. Batman looked up to find Ra’s al Ghul. Talia shot him with a dart and they escaped before the earthquake hit. He woke up in Talia’s care, not knowing if either the sensei or Ra’s had survived.

Notas: La conclusión de esta historia se narra en Batman annual #8 de 1982 (A small town is destroyed at sunrise by a strange plague which disintegrates flesh from bone. Later, a masked demagogue warns Gotham that he will purge it of sinners within 24 hours, and Batman and Robin set out to stop him)

Detective Comics v1 #491
The Riddle of the Golden Fleece
Fecha: 1980.06| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 3, Batman 1103 (Novaro), Batman 26 Bruguera.

Batman must retrieve a scientist’s “golden fleece” experiment, capture an escaped Maxie Zeus, and learn the identity of a murderer.

Detective Comics v1 #492
Vengeance Trail
Fecha: 1980.07| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 4, Batman 1127 (Novaro).

After General Scarr’s henchman, Cormorant, almost kills Batgirl, Batman goes after the crime boss but is captured.

Notas: Continúa en Detective #492/2

Detective Comics v1 #493
Riddles in the Dark
Fecha: 1980.08| Créditos: Cary Burkett (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 4, Batman 1109 (Novaro).

The Riddler tries to begin his crime career anew in Houston, Texas, but Batman trails him there and teams with Swashbuckler, a hero based in that city, to nab him

Notas: Debut de Swashbuckler (sobrino de Greg Saunders, el Vigilante)

Detective Comics v1 #494
The Crime Doctor Calls at Midnight
Fecha: 1980.09| Créditos: Mike Fleisher (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 4, Batman 1115 (Novaro).

The Batman contends with the Crime Doctor, a physician who leads a double life as a planner of crimes for gangsters, and who learns Batman’s secret identity when he sees a wound dressing he put on Bruce Wayne.

Notas: Debut de Crime Doctor Tierra-1 (Dr. Bradford Thorne)

Detective Comics v1 #495
Murder in Quicksilver
Fecha: 1980.10| Créditos: Mike Fleisher (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 4, Batman 1121 (Novaro).

Batman seeks to prevent the Crime Doctor from revealing his secret identity, just as Sterling Silversmith attempts to force the plundering physician to disclose it to him.

Detective Comics v1 #496
Murder on the Mystery Ship
Fecha: 1980.11| Créditos: Mike Fleisher (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 4, Batman 1133 (Novaro).

Batman encounters the original Clayface aboard a shipful of horror-movie fans, but the ex-actor may not be the only murderer on board.

Notas: Muerte de Clayface I Tierra-1 (Basil Karlo).

Detective Comics v1 #497
Bad Night in Baja
Fecha: 1980.12| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 4, Batman 1139 (Novaro).

Batman recovers a satchel full of important documents stolen by a criminal mastermind called the Squid. But he is wounded in the process, and the Squid is on his trail to recover the documents and finish the job on him.

Notas: Debut de The Squid (Lawrence Loman / Clement Carp)

Detective Comics v1 #498
Night of the Savage
Fecha: 1981.01| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 5, Batman 1145 (Novaro).

Blockbuster is washed up by the tide near Bleak Rock, West Virginia, where he is taken in by local miners trying to break a tyrannical union president’s hold. Batman sees Blockbuster in a news photo and goes after him, but both are victimized by Boss Dooley

Detective Comics v1 #499
Allies in the Shadows
Fecha: 1981.02| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 5, Batman 1151 (Novaro).

Batman and Blockbuster find themselves allied in saving miners from a cavein and in fighting Boss Dooley, who engineered the disaster.

Detective Comics v1 #500
To Kill a Legend
Fecha: 1981.03| Créditos: Alan Brennert (Guiones), Dick Giordano (Dibujos)| Edición española: Mej. Hist. 1 Zinco.

The Phantom Stranger transports Batman and Robin to a parallel Earth where they must attempt to stop that world’s Joe Chill from killing Thomas and Martha Wayne and forcing another Bruce Wayne to become the Batman. Batman goes into a parallel universe, where he strives to prevent the murder of his parents. This is a well constructed worlds of if tale. One consequence of this approach: to turn what were small characters with fixed roles in the saga into members of a Batman mythos. For example, the story of the murder of Batman’s parents has always been a fixed, and necessarily brief, episode in the Batman stories. Batman’s parent’s are glimpsed while they are being gunned down; the petty crook who killed them is little more than his name, Joe Chill. The world of if approach suddenly turns these fixed glimpses into active, continuing characters in Batman’s universe. We see both Batman’s parents and Joe Chill in the days leading up to the killing. Each is acting in character, behaving according to their predefined personalities, and yet doing new things we have never seen them doing before. This is precisely how members of a mythos behave and function. Furthermore, the tale is constructed out of this background behavior and personalities of the characters; this is exactly how stories are built in comics that are based on a mythos and a universe that recurs from tale to tale. It is as if Brennart has flicked a switch, and we are suddenly in a Batman universe based on a common mythos, one in which fixed characters are animated and brought to life. This story is directly based on Bill Finger’s earlier Batman origin tales. It re-uses characters from them and extends their story ideas. Together with them, it forms a trilogy of classic stories dealing with Batman’s origin. All three of these tales are available in The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told (1988). Brennart is remarkably successful at preserving a consistent origin for Batman.

Notas: Se confirma que los eventos de la muerte de Thomas y Martha Wayne ocurrieron en diferentes fechas en los distintos mundos paralelos. Número aniversario.

Detective Comics v1 #500/2
Once Upon a Time
Fecha: 1981.03| Créditos: Walter Gibson (Guiones), Tom Yeates (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

The Batman breaks up a heist committed by three costumed crooks.

Detective Comics v1 #500/3
The Batman Encounters Gray Face
Fecha: 1981.03| Créditos: Cary Bates (Guiones), Carmine Infantino (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman encounters Gray Face, a mysterious Chinatown villain dealing in extortion and murder.

Detective Comics v1 #500/4
What Happens When a Batman Dies?
Fecha: 1981.03| Créditos: Cary Bates (Guiones), Carmine Infantino (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman is lured into a trap by Stryker, a hitman who uses attack dogs armed with poisoned fangs. After Batman has received a poisoned bite, he lies near death in a Gotham hospital. However, he manages to send a mental message to Deadman, who attempts to aid him in his battle for life. Batman, who has become depressed by his unending battle against crime, clinically dies and meets his parents’ spirits in the afterworld, as well as a host of other people the Batman has aided. But the Waynes tell their son that he is more needed in the mortal world, and send his spirit back to his body. With the help of Deadman, Batman manages to rise from his hospital bed, track down Stryker–who is accidentally killed by his own attack dogs–and find an antidote to the poison.

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