WONDER WOMAN v2 #201-300 (2004-2006)

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Wonder Woman v2 #201
Fecha: 2004.04| Créditos: Greg Rucka (Guiones), Shane Davis (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW vol 1, 7; GRANDES AUTORES DE WONDER WOMAN: GREG RUCKA – REFLEXIONES.

The islands of Themyscira have crashed into the see at Hera’s behest and although none of the Amazons are seriously hurt, many of their visitors are, and those held on Reformation Island are unaccounted for. Unaware of this, Diana brings her friend Vanessa to Themyscira for healing, to remove the dangerous implants which made her the Silver Swan. Before long, she is told to take Vanessa back to man’s world, for all visitors are being evacuated. Elsewhere, Euryale and Stheno demand that Circe give them back their sister. Medousa.

Wonder Woman v2 #202
Fecha: 2004.05| Créditos: Greg Rucka (Guiones), Stephen Sadowski (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW vol 1, 8; GRANDES AUTORES DE WONDER WOMAN: GREG RUCKA – REFLEXIONES.

Veronica Cale realises that someone at Little and Winn associates has leaked her anti-Wonder Woman publicity plans to the Themysciran embassy, and she is determined to find out who is responsible. When Kimberly Dunn is discovered as the source of the leak, Cale ensures that Dunn did not tell the Themyscirans who it was that had hired Little and Winn. She expresses something of her contempt for Wonder Woman. This stems from how, even though Cale dragegd herself up from nothing through her wits and her brain, Wonder Woman can still command attention, despite what Cale sees as dangerous political views. Having got this off her chest, she kills Kimberly and orders ‘Fallon’ to dispose of the body. She then returns for her date with Senator Hale, a date which mixes the business of descrediting Wonder Woman with much pleasure.

Notas: Origen de Veronica Cale.

Wonder Woman v2 #203
Bitter Pills Part One
Fecha: 2004.06| Créditos: Greg Rucka (Guiones), Drew Johnson (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW vol 1, 9; GRANDES AUTORES DE WONDER WOMAN: GREG RUCKA – REFLEXIONES.

Wonder Woman is facing pressure to hand over Vanessa Kapatelis, brainwashed into becoming the Silver Swan, to the judiciary system, but she refuses. Meanwhile, American warships are gathering in the waters around Themyscira, and Circe prepares the spell which will return Medousa from the dead. Wonder Woman meets with Batman and asks him to find out who is responsible for the death of Darrel Keyes on the steps of her embassy, and she then seeks out Leslie Anderson and asks for her help.

Wonder Woman v2 #204
Bitter Pills Part Two
Fecha: 2004.07| Créditos: Greg Rucka (Guiones), Drew Johnson (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW vol 1, 9; GRANDES AUTORES DE WONDER WOMAN: GREG RUCKA – REFLEXIONES.

Wonder Woman asks Leslie Anderson – Veronica Cale’s partner in Cale-Anderson Pharmaceuticals – for help, asking for assistance in healing Vanessa Kapatelis. Meanwhile, Circe has re-animated Medousa’s head, and is asked by the god Posiedon to resurrect her body as well in order to bring about revenge on Athena’s champion, Wonder Woman. And Batman makes some discoveries concerning the death of Darrel Keyes. The riot was incited by Doctor Psycho and the atual shooting carried out by Matthew Fallon, former head of security at C.A.P., who was found dead a few days ago. Wonder Woman also learns of the build-up of American naval vessels off the coast of Theyscira, but must deal with Psycho first. Meanwhile, Veronica Cale has been captured by Doctor Psycho, who is impersonating her.

Wonder Woman v2 #205
Bitter Pills Part Three
Fecha: 2004.08| Créditos: Greg Rucka (Guiones), Drew Johnson (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW vol 1, 10; GRANDES AUTORES DE WONDER WOMAN: GREG RUCKA – REFLEXIONES.

As Circe’s spells return the ancient evil that is Medousa to life, Wonder Woman visits Doctor Anderson to ask about Matthew Fallon and is told that he is on the premises. Fallon, of course, is dead, and Wonder Woman realises that Doctor Psycho has been posing as the security chief and, she soon discovers, as Veronica Cale, seducing Senator Hale. Wonder Woman is able to expose Doctor Psycho, but he escapes from her while she attends to those he has hurt. Despite having been saved by Wonder Woman, Veronica Cale’s feelings about her have not changed and she is angered when Leslie Anderson tells her that she is going to New York to treat Vanessa Kapatelis.

Wonder Woman v2 #206
Stoned Part One
Fecha: 2004.09| Créditos: Greg Rucka (Guiones), Drew Johnson (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW vol 1, 10; GRANDES AUTORES DE WONDER WOMAN: GREG RUCKA – DE PIEDRA.

The godesses who protect Themyscira meet and begin to plot against Zeus, who has grown entirely too comfortable in his position of authority in Olympus. Meanwhile, as Dr Anderson continues her efforts to heal Vanessa Kapatelis, Wonder Woman flies to Argentina to confront the man who transformed Vanessa into the Silver Swan – Sebastian Ballesteros, the third Cheetah. When she reaches him, he is already dead, killed by his predecessor, and Wonder Woman’s arrival triggers an explosion that destroys all of his files and computer records. Medousa gets a taste of modern New York and finds that she is entirely unsuited to it. Circe suggests that the gorgon should join forces with a woman who hates Wonder Woman just as much as she does, Veronica Cale. And the Garibaldi boys find a small stone bird, petrified by Medousa on her brief visit.

Wonder Woman v2 #207
Stoned Part Two
Fecha: 2004.10| Créditos: Greg Rucka (Guiones), Drew Johnson (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW vol 1, 11; GRANDES AUTORES DE WONDER WOMAN: GREG RUCKA – DE PIEDRA.

As Medousa forges an alliance with Veronica Cale, Wonder Woman and her staff prepare for a dinner at the White House. Ferdinand, meanwhile, discovers evidence that Medousa has returned, although both he and Diana find it hard to believe. Later, Doctor Psycho attracts Wonder Woman’s attention by causing various men to leap from tall buildings. He tells her that Cale is responsible for many of her recent difficulties.

Wonder Woman v2 #208
Stoned Part Three
Fecha: 2004.11| Créditos: Greg Rucka (Guiones), Drew Johnson (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW vol 1, 11; GRANDES AUTORES DE WONDER WOMAN: GREG RUCKA – DE PIEDRA.

As Dr. Anderson operates on Vanessa Kapatelis to undo the horrors inflicted on her which turned her into the Silver Swan, Diana and the two archons of Themyscira (Phillipus and Artemis) attend a reception at the White House. Here, the president tries to get them to sign a treaty with America, but they refuse, not wishing to compromise their neutrality. The discussions are interrupted by the arrival of Medousa, who skirmishes with Wonder Woman, before retreating to attack her embassy staff.

Wonder Woman v2 #209
Stoned Part Four
Fecha: 2004.12| Créditos: Greg Rucka, Ty Templeton (Guiones), Drew Johnson, Billy Dallas Patton (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW vol 1, 12; GRANDES AUTORES DE WONDER WOMAN: GREG RUCKA – DE PIEDRA.

Athena continues to observe the pieces that she and the other godesses have set in motion, and tells Ares that his part in their scheme is soon to come. At the Themysciran embassy in New York, Dr. Anderson tells Ferdinand that the surgery on Vanessa Kapatelis was successful, but their joy is soon interrupted by the arrival of Medousa, followed soon after by Wonder Woman. Ferdinand is well aware of the danger Medousa poses and tries to get everyone to safety. The gorgon is here to hurt Wonder Woman, to kill whoever is most dear to her, and she settles on one of the children who lives at the embassy, turning Martin Garibaldi to stone. When Wonder Woman turns on her in fury, Medousa then invokes an ancient rite which summons Ares and compels Wonder Woman to meet her in single combat the next morning. As the embassy staff comfort Peter Garibaldi, Diana prays to her gods and prepares for battle.

Wonder Woman v2 #210
Stoned Conclusion
Fecha: 2005.01| Créditos: Greg Rucka (Guiones), Drew Johnson (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW vol 1, 12; GRANDES AUTORES DE WONDER WOMAN: GREG RUCKA – DE PIEDRA.

Medousa and Wonder Woman, the champions of Poseidon and Athena, face one another in single combat, and the rest of the world can only watch as the fight is relayed across every television screen in every land. Ares has been invoked and the stadium where the two champions duel is sealed until the fight ends in death for one or other combatant. As the two fight, they appear to be evenly matched, and Medousa is slowly able to remove Wonder Woman’s helmet and blindfold that protect her from the gorgon’s gaze. Finally, feeling the compulsion to look upon Medousa growing, Wonder Woman smears some of the gorgon’s venom into her eyes, blinding herself so that she can face the monster without being turned to stone. Doing so, she lops off her opponent’s head. The battle has been won, but at a price.

Wonder Woman v2 #211
To the Victors the Spoils
Fecha: 2005.02| Créditos: Greg Rucka (Guiones), Sean Phillips (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW vol 1, 13; GRANDES AUTORES DE WONDER WOMAN: GREG RUCKA – DE PIEDRA.

Medousa is defeated and Wonder Woman is blind and exhausted, although she has a new friend and ally in Pegasus, born from the blood of the slain gorgon. Ares lifts the supernatural cordon around the arena and ensures that Medousa’s sisters do not take their revenge. Wonder Woman’s other enemies, Circe and Veronica Cale, come to an arrangement as Circe wants her daughter back from the Amazons and she wants Cale’s help; elsewhere, Cheetah wakes Zoom from his state of non-movement in the basements of Iron Heights Penitentiary. When Wonder Woman returns to the embassy, neither mortal nor Amazonian medicine can heal her eyes, because they are a wound inflicted by the gods. And she has one pressing question for Athena – did young Martin Garibaldi really have to die in the conflict? Her patron goddess tells her that the answer is ‘yes’, but offers little comfort beyond this.

Wonder Woman v2 #212
Counting Coup Part One
Fecha: 2005.03| Créditos: Greg Rucka (Guiones), James Raiz (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW vol 1, 13; GRANDES AUTORES DE WONDER WOMAN: GREG RUCKA – DE PIEDRA.

Wonder Woman, blinded after her battle with Medousa, is tested by members of the JLA, with the intention of seeing what she is now capable of. Most of them hold back, but Batman does not, a fact that Wonder Woman thanks him for – after all, her enemies are not going to hold anything back. Meanwhile, Circe asks Veronica Cale to sue for custody of her daughter Lyta (technically an American citizen), the only possible way to get her off Themyscira and the Olympian godesses finally challenge Zeus for the throne. He is old and tired, out of touch with the world and the worshippers of today, but he will not willingly part with his throne. The many-armed giant Briareos guards the Olympian throne, and no god may challenge this champion. Therefore, Aphrodite is sent to fetch the champion of Pallas Athena – Wonder Woman and her steed Pegasus are transported to Olympus to fight a monster once more.

Wonder Woman v2 #213
Counting Coup Part Two
Fecha: 2005.04| Créditos: Greg Rucka (Guiones), James Raiz (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW vol 1, 14; GRANDES AUTORES DE WONDER WOMAN: GREG RUCKA – DE PIEDRA.

Backed by several of the other godesses, Athena has challenged Zeus for the throne of Olympus, and has summoned Wonder Woman as her champion to battle Briareos, the hundred-handed giant who guards Zeus’ throne. Aided be her possession of Medousa’s severed head, Wonder Woman defeats the mighty champion and Zeus is forced to concede the throne. The assembled deities assent to this change of leadership, but the three brothers Zeus, Hades and Poseidon are not happy, a fact that Ares is well aware of. Athena asks her champion if there is any boon she would have the goddess grant, but denies her the one unspoken wish that is on her heart, saying it is not yet time for this desire to be granted. She does, however, warn Wonder Woman that a storm is gathering from many directions.

Wonder Woman v2 #214
Truth or Dare Part Two
Fecha: 2005.05| Créditos: Greg Rucka (Guiones), Drew Johnson (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW vol 1, 14; GRANDES AUTORES DE WONDER WOMAN: GREG RUCKA – DE PIEDRA.

On Olympus, Ares has returned from a visit to Hades. He is summoned by Athena, and tells her that someone is trapped there, tortured and frail but alive. Meanwhile on Earth, Wonder Woman and the Flash are confronted by two of their most dangerous enemies, Zoom and Cheetah. While Cheetah deals with lash by clawing at his hamstring, Zoom takes Wonder Woman to Themyscira, where he plans to ‘make her better’ by killing some of the Amazons. Diana is able to prevent this, although he does injure Io, and Flash is able to steal Cheetah’s newly-gained speed. However, the two villains soon disappear, only to join up with Doctor Psycho.

Notas: Continúa de Flash v2 #219.

Wonder Woman v2 #215
The Bronze Doors Part One
Fecha: 2005.06| Créditos: Greg Rucka (Guiones), Rags Morales (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW vol 1, 15; GRANDES AUTORES DE WONDER WOMAN: GREG RUCKA – DE PIEDRA.

In the Underworld, Ares meets with Hades, Poseidon and Zeus as they plan what to do when Athena sends her champion against them. On Earth, Leslie Anderson discovers that Veronica Cale may have been behind the technology that transformed Vanessa Kapatelis into the Silver Swan, Jonah McCarthy meets with his Checkmate handler, and Wonder Woman arrests a man who kidnaps and abuses young girls. She and Wonder Girl are summoned by Athena to descend into the Underworld and rescue Hermes and return him to Olympus. Ferdinand also accompanies them on their journey, and they soon encounter some of the denizens of Tartarus.

Wonder Woman v2 #216
The Bronze Doors Part Two
Fecha: 2005.07| Créditos: Greg Rucka (Guiones), Rags Morales (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW vol 1, 15; GRANDES AUTORES DE WONDER WOMAN: GREG RUCKA – DE PIEDRA.

Wonder Woman and her companions are separated from one another in the bowels of Tartarus, but they have an ally in the form of the deceiver, Ares, who delivers Wonder Woman from the shade of Medousa and Wonder Girl from the demonic Lamiai, who claims that the girl has the blood of the gods. Wonder Woman then rescues Ferdinand from the clutches of another of the Empousai, realising for the first time the true depths of her chef’s feelings for Dr. Anderson. The companions then head for the bronze doors of Hades, where they find that the lord of the underworld is awaiting them with an army of the dead.

Wonder Woman v2 #217
The Bronze Doors Conclusion
Fecha: 2005.07| Créditos: Greg Rucka (Guiones), Rags Morales (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW vol 1, 16; GRANDES AUTORES DE WONDER WOMAN: GREG RUCKA – DE PIEDRA.

Wonder Woman, Pegasus, Ferdinand and Wonder Girl face Hades, lord of the underworld and his host of the dead in order to rescue Hermes. Before long, Hades has Wonder Woman within his power and although mercy is requested it is not granted. Thankfully, Ares arrives on the scene, initially seeming to be on Hades’ side, but actually present in order to kill him at Athena’s behest. Zeus recognises his own folly, and asks to return to Olympus with Hermes, Ares, Wonder Woman and her companions, where he begs Athena’s forgiveness and pledges not to challenge her rule. Athena promises to grant her champions a boon for their service. Ferdinand asks to be made human, but neither Athena nor Hermes can grant this desire. Wonder Girl learns that Zeus is her true father. And Wonder Woman asks for Martin Garibaldi to be returned to life, a task that Hermes is able to perform, transforming the boy from stone back to flesh once more. And Athena also grants Wonder Woman the return of her eyesight, binding her champion’s vision to her own.

Wonder Woman v2 #218
The Calm
Fecha: 2005.08| Créditos: Greg Rucka (Guiones), Ron Randall (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW vol 1, 16; GRANDES AUTORES DE WONDER WOMAN: GREG RUCKA – SACRIFICIO.

As Diana adjusts to life with her new eyes, literally seeing with the eyes of wisdom, Ares makes a daring move against the Amazons, stealing Lyta, his and Circe’s daughter, from Themyscira. Wonder Girl tries to come to terms with the revelation that she is the daughter of Zeus and Veronica Cale reveals to Dr Anderson that she has fabricated evidence to suggest that she and not Cale was responsible for Vanessa Kapatelis’ transformation into the Silver Swan. On returning to the embassy after a talk with Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman realises that Jonah McCarthy may not be who he claims to be. Before she can question him, Sadeh arrives from Themyscira to tell her about Ares actions. As she goes to her people, Jonah flees the embassy.

Wonder Woman v2 #219
OMAC Project: Sacrifice, Part 4
Fecha: 2005.09| Créditos: Greg Rucka (Guiones), Rags Morales, David Lopez, Tom Derenick, Georges Jeanty, Karl Kerschl (Dibujos)| Edición española: Sup Sacrificio, EL PROYECTO OMAC; GRANDES AUTORES DE WONDER WOMAN: GREG RUCKA – SACRIFICIO.

Wonder Woman is on her knees, being held around the neck by Superman who in turn is being telepathically controlled by Max Lord, the Black King of Checkmate. Lord tells Diana that Superman sees what Lord makes him see. At the moment Superman is watching Doomsday kill his wife, Lois. And that Diana is Doomsday. Superman grabs Diana and flies her to the sun, intent on killing “Doomsday” for what he did to Lois. Diana frees herself and falls to Earth, crash landing in Wyoming. Meanwhile, Lord watches the battle via a video feed from Brother Mk I. Superman continues his assault on Diana, who realizes that he is not the enemy. The real enemy is Max Lord. She slows down Superman long enough for Diana to get to Lord. She ties the lasso around him and demands he release control. He refuses. Diana demands how to free Superman from Lord’s control. Lord tells her she’ll have to kill him. As Superman watches helplessly, Diana grabs Lord and snaps his neck, killing him.

Notas: Continúa de Adventures of Superman #642. Muerte de Max Lord.

Wonder Woman v2 #220
Affirmative Defense
Fecha: 2005.10| Créditos: Greg Rucka (Guiones), David Lopez (Dibujos)| Edición española: Sup Sacrificio; GRANDES AUTORES DE WONDER WOMAN: GREG RUCKA – SACRIFICIO.

Talking to someone unknown, Diana attempts to explain her actions when she killed Max Lord. She stands by her decision; it was the proper one. But she also knows she killed a friendship. Superman is in disbelief over what she had done. He called it murder. Before they could talk further, Black Canary called from the JLA Watchtower; things were going wrong. Wonder Woman flew to Seattle to stop a Tsunami, but there was nothing. She then flew to Arizona to avert a nuclear accident. Afterwards she returned to the embassy to find Jonah McCarthy, a member of Checkmate. Diana wanted to know why Jonah was spying on her. He told her it is because she is a threat, because like Superman, she has powers than can crush a normal person. Diana tried to get him to go to the authorities, but Jonah would never admit his involvement with Checkmate and regardless what Diana coaxed out of him with the lasso, it would never hold up in court. And she tells all of this to Bruce Wayne (aka Batman) hoping that he would understand, hoping she had not killed her friendship with him as well. Bruce tells her to get out and she leaves.

Wonder Woman v2 #221
OMAC Project: Pride of the Amazons
Fecha: 2005.11| Créditos: Greg Rucka (Guiones), Cliff Richards, Rags Morales (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW vol 1, 17; GRANDES AUTORES DE WONDER WOMAN: GREG RUCKA – SACRIFICIO.

On Themyscira, Io wakes up in the House of Healing after the attack by Ares. She is told of a vision by Callisto of fire burning from the sky and the death of the amazons. Io realizes what they want her to build, but she refuses. Meanwhile, Athena forbids Wonder Woman to turn herself into the authorities for the death of Max Lord, but Diana is adamant that this is the right thing to do. Later, at the embassy, Diana tells her staff first of Jonah’s connection to Checkmate and then her killing of Max Lord. In the middle of the explanation, three OMACs (children playing in the park) attack her. They have been ordered to eliminate her and offer her the chance to surrender to avoid civilian casualties. Diana refuses and is able to de-activate two and then throw the third away from populated areas. The OMAC lands in a steel factory and attempts to drown Diana in molten fire, which the OMAC thinks eliminates her. It has no effect on Wonder Woman and she is able to de-activate the OMAC. She takes the child to the hospital. In the emergency room, she watches on TV as the news station replays the footage of Wonder Woman snapping Lord’s neck. She realizes that Brother Eye has killed her mission and has killed her name.

Wonder Woman v2 #222
Blood Debt
Fecha: 2005.12| Créditos: Greg Rucka (Guiones), Cliff Richards (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW vol 1, 17; GRANDES AUTORES DE WONDER WOMAN: GREG RUCKA – SACRIFICIO.

On the USS Thomas Jefferson, the US Navy has noted the Amazons have deployed missile batteries and seem ready to go to war. On Themyscira, the Amazons are preparing for the invasion Callisto foresaw. While Artemis oversees preparations, Rachel Keast tells her of Wonder Woman’s recent killing of Max Lord and her decision to turn herself in. In the armory, Phillipus shows Io the same news. Io agrees to build what they want. At The Hague, Wonder Woman enters a plea of not guilty, but his confined to the building until the trial. Watching everything is Barbara Minerva (aka Cheetah). She kills several guards and makes her way to Diana’s room. Cheetah tells Diana she is going to kill her and the attacks. The fight spills out into the courtyard. Cheetah jumps at Diana, who grabs her by the throat and takes her down, blood spilling all over her fallen body. Meanwhile on the USS Thomas Jefferson, the US gets word of incoming forces from the opposite direction of Themyscira. Hundreds of OMACs are flying to Themyscira.

Wonder Woman v2 #223
Marathon, Part One
Fecha: 2006.01| Créditos: Greg Rucka (Guiones), Rags Morales, Cliff Richards (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW vol 1, 18; GRANDES AUTORES DE WONDER WOMAN: GREG RUCKA – SACRIFICIO.

Due to the attack by Cheetah, the United Nations council at The Hague orders Diana to remain within The Hague until her trail for the murder of Max Lord. Diana agrees to the new terms. On Themyscira, the OMACs continue their assault on the Amazons while Io builds the weapon. Peter Garibaldi calls Diana at the Hague and tells her to turn on the tv. She sees the attack on Themyscira and decides to go help her sisters, even though it will mean she is a fugitive from the law. Meanwhile, the situation is getting worse for the Amazons as they have retreated to safety behind their shields. On the USS Thomas Jefferson, the US Navy watches the attack but refuses to engage due to fear from reprisal from the OMACs. Wonder Woman arrives on Themyscira; Diana tells Artemis that the OMACs are killing her sisters because of her. Artemis tells her to fix it. Diana heads into the center of OMACs and attempts to take them all on, but soon falls under the sheer numbers. However, the weapon Io built is finished and Artemis takes it to help Diana. Io tells her to be careful, “you carry doom on your back.”

Wonder Woman v2 #224
Marathon, Part Two
Fecha: 2006.02| Créditos: Greg Rucka (Guiones), Cliff Richards (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW vol 1, 18; GRANDES AUTORES DE WONDER WOMAN: GREG RUCKA – SACRIFICIO.

Athena and the other Goddesses watch as the OMACs battle with the Amazons, but they will not interfere; Themyscira is on its own. Meanwhile, the machine Io has built is finished and Artemis takes it out onto the battlefield. Meanwhile, the shields that protected the Amazons at Agora have fallen. Io finds Wonder Woman and with Phillipus they fly to Agora. Artemis reaches the battlefield and unleashes the weapon: a death ray that kills all of the OMACs. Diana cries out in anguish, telling Artemis that the OMACs were innocent people inside the OMAC shells; they were victims, not villains. For a moment the skies are clear, but then more OMACs arrive. Diana tries to talk to Brother Eye, but the computer tells her all amazons are killers and Brother Eye will see the destruction of Themyscira. Diana returns to her sisters and tells them they must leave the patriarch world. Reluctantly, the amazons withdraw and leave Wonder Woman all alone.

Wonder Woman v2 #225
Nothing Finished, Only Abandoned
Fecha: 2006.03| Créditos: Greg Rucka (Guiones), Cliff Richards (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW vol 1, 19; GRANDES AUTORES DE WONDER WOMAN: GREG RUCKA – SACRIFICIO.

Themyscira (Paradise Island) has vanished. Wonder Woman is left alone to battle the OMACs. Watching via a magic pool of water, the Goddess Athena decides to bring Diana to Mount Olympus. Athena asks why Diana chose to stay behind when the amazons left patriarch’s world. Diana answers that still has hope, but she fears she has failed her mission, her sisters, and even her gods. Athena tells her that the failing is the gods, not her. Athena then tells Diana they Gods are leaving as well and Diana finds herself back at the embassy. She tells her staff that it is time to go. They wish to stay with her, but Diana tells them that her mission is all about what they do next and how they carry on her work even when she is not there. As they leave the embassy, a crowd outside plead for Wonder Woman not to leave them. Diana asks why they have come. They answer: hope. Diana tells them that hope is a good reason and that come what may, Wonder Woman will not abandon them. Not now…not ever.

Wonder Woman v2 #226
Cover Date
Fecha: 2006.04| Créditos: Greg Rucka (Guiones), Cliff Richards (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW vol 1, 19; GRANDES AUTORES DE WONDER WOMAN: GREG RUCKA – SACRIFICIO.

Nine years ago…Wonder Woman is still learning English from Julia Kapatelis in Boston. One of her first lessons is from the World’s Finest magazine which speculates that Diana and Superman are a romantic item. Six years ago…in New York City, Superman visits Diana at the embassy and the two discuss their recent deaths over a pie baked by Ma Kent. Five years ago…Superman finds Diana and questions her about Artemis being the new Wonder Woman. Diana tells him it is not about what they are called, but rather what they do. Two years ago…Superman comforts Diana after the death of her mother during the war with Imperix. Last year…at the Watchtower on the moon, Superman wonders after the death of Su Dibny if perhaps they have failed and they are not the heroes they should be. Diana tells him that at some point we will fail, but we must learn from out mistakes. Six months ago…in Kazakhstan Wonder Woman and Super are helping out with the rescue effort. They both notice Cassie and Conner are close and both are okay with it. Today…in Boston, Wonder Woman comes across people looting and rioting and she asks is this the way you want to be remembered, serving yourself rather than others? The looters begin to help each other as Diana flies away to help her friends.

Notas: Las aventuras continúan en Wonder Woman v3 #1 (2006).

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