SUPERMAN v1 #201-300 (1967-1976)

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Superman v1 #201
Clark Kent Abandons Superman

Fecha: 1967.11| Créditos: Cary Bates, Jerry Coleman (Guiones), Curt Swan, George Klein, Al Plastino (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 655 (NOVARO).

A death that Superman is unable to prevent leads him to reconsider his role as a super-hero and build a new life as Clarken, a scientist, on a red-sun world. But, when he has to defeat a would-be dictator on that planet, he remembers the thrill of battle and decides to return to Earth.

Superman v1 #202
The Shame of the Bizarro Family

Fecha: 1967.12| Créditos: Desconocido (Guiones), Desconocido (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Reprinted from: Adventure Comics #285

Superman v1 #203
Clark Kent’s Biggest Day

Fecha: 1968.01| Créditos: Leo Dorfman, Jerry Siegel, E. Nelson Bridwell (Guiones), Al Plastino, Pete Costanza (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 663 (NOVARO).

While a magazine reporter is spending a day with him as an assignment, Clark Kent avoids assassination attempts by the Long-Hair Gang and delivers them into the hands of the police.

Superman v1 #203/2
When Superman Killed His Friends

Fecha: 1968.01| Créditos: Desconocido (Guiones), Desconocido (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 663 (NOVARO).

Superman is exposed to a piece of Red Kryptonite which gives him a prophetic dream, enabling him to capture a deadly organism that would have destroyed his friends.

Superman v1 #204
The Case of the Lethal Letters

Fecha: 1968.02| Créditos: Cary Bates, Otto Binder (Guiones), Ross Andru, Mike Esposito, Al Plastino (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 659 (NOVARO).

Lorraine Lewis, a female scientist who had been in love with Superman but who found herself blocked by his three “LL” sweethearts, lures him into a deathtrap by capturing Lori Lemaris, Lana Lang, and Lois Lane.

Superman v1 #204/2
The Fortress of Fear

Fecha: 1968.02| Créditos: Desconocido (Guiones), Desconocido (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 659 (NOVARO).

A being from Pluto comes to Earth, possesses Superman’s entire Fortress of Solitude, and turns it against him.

Notas: 1st Appearance of Q-energyl

Superman v1 #205
The Man Who Destroyed Krypton

Fecha: 1968.04| Créditos: Otto Binder (Guiones), Al Plastino (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 668 (NOVARO).

Superman and Jax-Ur learn that Krypton was actually destroyed by a super-villain named Black Zero, and team up to prevent him doing the same to the Earth.

Notas: 1st appearance of Black Zero

Superman v1 #206
The Day Superman Became an Assassin

Fecha: 1968.05| Créditos: Jim Shooter, Jerry Coleman (Guiones), Al Plastino (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 672 (NOVARO).

On the world of Sorrta, Superman is framed for the “murder” of his friend and fellow super-hero, Dyno-Man.

Superman v1 #207
The Superman from Outer Space

Fecha: 1968.06| Créditos: Desconocido (Guiones), Al Plastino, Curt Swan, Kurt Schaffenberger, Wayne Boring (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 672 (NOVARO).

Reprinted from: Action Comics #265

Notas: 30 aniversario.

Superman v1 #208
The Case of the Collared Crimefighter

Fecha: 1968.07| Créditos: Frank Robbins, Otto Binder (Guiones), Curt Swan, Wayne Boring (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 677 (NOVARO).

Gimmicks Cronin gets an electronically gimmicked collar around Superman’s neck which will enable him to track Superman wherever he goes. If Superman attempts to take it off, bombs will be set off around Metropolis.

Superman v1 #209
The Clark Kent Monster

Fecha: 1968.08| Créditos: Cary Bates, Robert Bernstein (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 692, COLIBRI 1 (NOVARO).

An alien brain-creature battles Superman and is initially defeated by him, but steals some of the Man of Steel’s brain cells, uses them to clone a Clark Kent body for itself, and proves to be more than the hero can handle.

Superman v1 #210
Clark Kent’s Last Rites

Fecha: 1968.10| Créditos: Leo Dorfman (Guiones), Curt Swan, Mike Esposito (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 698, COLIBRI 4 (NOVARO).

Superman tires of Lois Lane rejecting his alter-ego Clark Kent as a romantic interest, and, assuming the identity of Astar, a fortune-telling mystic, convinces her and his other co-workers that Clark has committed suicide. But Lois’s anguish over Clark’s “death” convinces him to bring Clark back from the “dead”.

Superman v1 #211
You, Too, Can Be a Super-Artist

Fecha: 1968.11| Créditos: Frank Robbins, Dave Wood (Guiones), Ross Andru, Mike Esposito, Curt Swan, Jack Abel (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 707, COLIBRI 8 (NOVARO).

Superman cracks down on a phony “art school”, and, in the process, goes back in time to pose for Gainsborough’s Blue Boy and Rembrandt’s Night Watch.

Superman v1 #211/2
The Name of the Game Is Superman

Fecha: 1968.11| Créditos: Desconocido (Guiones), Desconocido (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 707 (NOVARO).

Clark Kent is clamped in an electric chair by a man who is certain he is Superman, and is apparently willing to try to electrocute him to prove the point.

Superman v1 #212
The Man Who Saved Kal-El’s Life

Fecha: 1968.12| Créditos: Desconocido (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Reprinted from: Action Comics #281

Superman v1 #213
The Most Dangerous Door In the World

Fecha: 1969.01| Créditos: Cary Bates, Jerry Siegel (Guiones), Curt Swan, Al Plastino (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 715 (NOVARO).

When Mordru imprisons Superman in a vault with a magical command not to open it and the warning that Supergirl will be drawn inside too if she attempts to free him, the Man of Steel concocts an elaborate ruse which, with the help of Supergirl and a disguised Brainiac 5, induces Luthor into cracking the vault and liberating him. They repay Luthor by sending him back to prison.

Superman v1 #214
The Ghosts That Haunted Superman

Fecha: 1969.02| Créditos: Cary Bates, Jerry Siegel (Guiones), Curt Swan, Jack Abel, Al Plastino (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 724 (NOVARO).

Superman is beset by the “ghosts” of three dead enemies, Zha-Vam, Metallo, and the Composite Superman. Later, he discovers that they were only manifestations of Nador, an alien youth who sought to join a super-team by demonstrating that he had enough power to conquer Superman.

Superman v1 #215
Lois Lane… Dead… Yet Alive

Fecha: 1969.04| Créditos: Otto Binder, Edmond Hamilton (Guiones), Curt Swan, Wayne Boring (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 730 (NOVARO).

imaginary vs The Dimension Master

Superman v1 #215/2
Superman’s First Exploit

Fecha: 1969.04| Créditos: Desconocido (Guiones), Desconocido (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 730 (NOVARO).

Dr. Reese Kearns, a discredited scientist, approaches Superman with questions regarding his journey to Earth as a baby. Superman suspects the scientist of trying to discover his secret identity, so he refuses to answer the questions. Kearns then convinces Perry White to start a contest designed to learn Superman’s earliest exploit. Though he opposes the contest, Superman must allow it to go on. When it is time for Superman to verify the winner, Kearns forces Superman to tell everyone about his trip to Earth. During the trip, baby Kal-El diverted a meteor headed to Earth. Kearns was discredited because he predicted the meteor would strike Earth. Superman’s recollections of his first super-feat restore Kearns’ reputation as a scientist.

Superman v1 #216
The Soldier of Steel

Fecha: 1969.05| Créditos: Robert Kanigher (Guiones), Ross Andru, Mike Esposito (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 736 (NOVARO).

While Clark Kent is in Viet Nam as a medic and combat correspondent, Superman must deal with King Cong, a giant mutate who is a Viet Cong tool–and the son of an American general.

Notas: Superman se enrola en Vietnam como “El Soldado de Acero” .

Superman v1 #217
The Outlaws from Krypton

Fecha: 1969.07| Créditos: Bill Finger, Otto Binder, Robert Bernstein (Guiones), Wayne Boring, Al Plastino, Dick Sprang (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Reprinted from: Action Comics #194

Superman v1 #218
Superman’s Secret Past

Fecha: 1969.07| Créditos: Leo Dorfman, Jerry Siegel (Guiones), Curt Swan, Jack Abel, Al Plastino (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 772 (NOVARO).

Superman is confronted by a woman who claims to have been married to him for several years and by a super-powered son whom she asserts is his child, but it all turns out to be a hoax of Mr. Mxyzptlk’s.

Superman v1 #219
Clark Kent, Hero–Superman, Public Enemy

Fecha: 1969.08| Créditos: Cary Bates, Leo Dorfman (Guiones), Curt Swan, Jack Abel, Joe Giella (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 778 (NOVARO).

An alien race has to model itself after Clark Kent, and conducts an operation on Earth to make the mild-mannered Kent appear brave, and Superman a coward.

Superman v1 #219/2
The Super Heat-Wave of Metropolis

Fecha: 1969.08| Créditos: Desconocido (Guiones), Desconocido (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 778 (NOVARO).

Sunspot activity causes a heat wave in Metropolis and a hole in the Phantom Zone, enabling the villainous Vor-Kil, a klurkor-fighting criminal, to escape. Superman lures him back into the Zone with the help of Jimmy Olsen.

Superman v1 #220
Who Stole My Super-Powers?

Fecha: 1969.10| Créditos: Jim Shooter (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 784 (NOVARO).

Superman and the Flash switch costumes during a space mission against a malevolent plant intelligence, but are beaten, given amnesia, and thrown back to Earth separately. When they awaken, Flash thinks that he must be Superman, and Superman believes he is the Flash. Eventually, they regain their memories, trade uniforms, and move the Earth out of the way of the approaching plant-being, which falls into the sun and dies.

Superman v1 #221
The Revolt of the Super-Slave

Fecha: 1969.11| Créditos: Leo Dorfman, Cary Bates (Guiones), Curt Swan, George Roussos (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 790 (NOVARO).

Pancho, the oppressed victim of an island dictator, dresses in a homemade Superman costume, deludely believing he has super-powers. But he attracts the attention of the real Superman, who masquerades as him and helps overthrow the dictator.

Superman v1 #221/2
The Two-Ton Superman

Fecha: 1969.11| Créditos: Desconocido (Guiones), Desconocido (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 790 (NOVARO).

An alien nectar Superman drinks reacts with his super-antibodies and makes him super-fat.

Superman v1 #222
Superman’s Lost Brother

Fecha: 1969.12| Créditos: Edmond Hamilton, Jerry Siegel (Guiones), Al Plastino, Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Reprinted from: Superman #80

Superman v1 #223
Half a Hero

Fecha: 1970.01| Créditos: Cary Bates (Guiones), Curt Swan, George Roussos (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 799 (NOVARO).

When a crystalline menace threatens Kandor, Supergirl and two enlarged girls from Kandor masquerade as «The Galactons» and concoct an elaborate ruse to make Superman think he will die if he does not remain within Earth’s solar system. The plan’s object is to keep Superman from returning to Kandor for R-Day. Kandor is under an artificial red sun and is endangered by a crystal menace, and Supergirl believes he would stay there to die with his fellow Kryptonians if he learned of the problem. Superman does learn of the menace and frees criminal biologist Gor-Nu from the Phantom Zone, making a bargain with him to switch bodies if he destroys the crystal. After Gor-Nu does so, Superman takes poison just before the switch. Threatened with death in Superman’s body, Gor-Nu switches his mind back to his former body. Superman is taken from Kandor to the outer world, in which his invulnerabilty returns.

Superman v1 #224
Beware the Super-Genius Baby

Fecha: 1970.02| Créditos: Robert Kanigher (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 807 (NOVARO).

imaginary, vs Super-Genius Baby

Superman v1 #225
The Secret of the Superman Impostor

Fecha: 1970.04| Créditos: Leo Dorfman (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 815 (NOVARO).

An alien scientist creates a double of Superman who lacks the Man of Steel’s powers, but whose physical sensations–including pain–are transmitted to Superman himself.

Superman v1 #226
When Superman Was King Kong

Fecha: 1970.05| Créditos: (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 823 (NOVARO).

Superman is affected by Red Kryptonite while watching the movie King Kong. As a result, he grows to giant-size, has his intellect dulled for a time, is incapable of speech, and goes on a rampage duplicating that of King Kong in the movie. Later, when the effect wears off, Superman transports Titano from the past to help protect his secret identity from Jimmy’s and Lois’s suspicions.

Superman v1 #226/2
Uncle Sam’s Prize Prisoner

Fecha: 1970.05| Créditos: (Guiones), (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 823 (NOVARO).

Clark Kent gets an interview with scientist Dr. Carl Cathcart, who dies during the session and passes on the key formula of his last invention to him. As a result, Kent is guarded round the clock by American agents, which makes it difficult for him to perform super-deeds, and is later captured by enemy agents who wish to pry from him the secret of the formula.

Superman v1 #227
The Super-Powers of Perry White

Fecha: 1970.07| Créditos: Jerry Coleman, Edmond Hamilton, Leo Dorfman (Guiones), Curt Swan, Al Plastino (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Reprinted from: Action Comics #278

Superman v1 #228
The Mystery Bombers

Fecha: 1970.07| Créditos: Bob Haney, Leo Dorfman (Guiones), Curt Swan, George Roussos (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 827 (NOVARO).

Two slave programmers from space impersonate Earth people and conduct a bombing campaign as part of a gimmick to siphon off knowledge from Superman.

Superman v1 #228/2
Execution Planet

Fecha: 1970.07| Créditos: Bob Haney (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 827 (NOVARO).

After Superman inexplicably loses his powers, the Anti-Superman Gang capture him, auction off his costume, and send him in a rocket to the Execution Planet.

Superman v1 #229
The Ex-Superman

Fecha: 1970.08| Créditos: Leo Dorfman (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 831 (NOVARO).

Superman, suffering from power-loss, is rocketed to Morgu, the executioner’s planet, by the Anti-Superman Gang. While there, he evades the executioners, becomes the new hero of slaves, and, finally, meets Supergirl, who has come to rescue him. She reveals that his costume was dusted by a Red Kryptonite-like dust which removed his powers by an allergic reaction. With the dust removed from his uniform, he becomes super again. She also tells him that the executioners of Morgu committed suicide after they failed to kill him. Superman and Supergirl return to Earth.

Superman v1 #229/2
Clark Kent, Assassin

Fecha: 1970.08| Créditos: Leo Dorfman (Guiones), Wayne Boring, Kurt Schaffenberger (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 831 (NOVARO).

Exposure to a Red Kryptonite-like substance causes Clark Kent to repeatedly try to kill Perry White.

Superman v1 #230
Killer Kent Versus Super Luthor

Fecha: 1970.10| Créditos: Cary Bates (Guiones), Curt Swan, Dan Adkins (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 843 (NOVARO).

imaginary, vs Clark Kent Lang

Superman v1 #231
The Wheel of Super-Fortune

Fecha: 1970.11| Créditos: Cary Bates (Guiones), Al Plastino, Curt Swan, Dan Adkins, Neal Adams (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 852 (NOVARO).

imaginary, vs Clark Kent Lang

Superman v1 #232
Superman’s Return to Krypton

Fecha: 1970.12| Créditos: Jerry Siegel, Leo Dorfman (Guiones), Wayne Boring, George Papp, Al Plastino, Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Reprinted from: Superman #141

Superman v1 #233
Superman Breaks Loose

Fecha: 1971.01| Créditos: Dennis O’Neil (as Denny O’Neil) (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 858 (NOVARO).

Superman is exposed to the explosion of a Kryptonite reactor in the desert, which knocks him unconscious for a time but also transforms all Kryptonite on the planet into iron. The Man of Steel easily deals with a gang who attempt to hijack a mail rocket, but is weakened inexplicably when he passes over the area in the desert which still bears an imprint of his form. Later, a strange semi-duplicate of Superman is formed from the desert sands, and stalks off.

Notas: Debut del Superman de Arena de Quarrm. / Quarrmer de Quarrm el cual roba parte del poder de Superman

Superman v1 #233/2
World of Krypton: Jor-El’s Golden Folly

Fecha: 1971.01| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 858 (NOVARO).

After graduating from the Memory Center, Jor-El is assigned to the Kryptonopolis Space-Complex, at which he creates an anti-gravity drive and uses it to power a spaceship constructed of gold. But Lara Lor-Van, an astronaut, stows away and causes it to crash on Wegthor, one of Krypton’s moons. Jor-El stows away on another rocket three days later, and rescues her.

Superman v1 #234
How To Tame a Wild Volcano

Fecha: 1971.02| Créditos: Dennis O’Neil (as Denny O’Neil) (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 865 (NOVARO).

Superman tries to figure out how to stop a volcano from erupting on Boki Island, while the corrupt man who owns the island tries to stop him from doing anything. Meanwhile, the sand-creature takes up residence in the volcano, and its features coalesce into a more accurate representation of Superman’s.

Superman v1 #234/2
World of Krypton: Prison In the Sky

Fecha: 1971.02| Créditos: E. Nelson Bridwell (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 865 (NOVARO).

Tron-Et wins an election to the Science Council and proposes that overcrowding in prisons be alleviated by using his dissolver-ray to execute condemned criminals. Jor-El and others oppose the death penalty, and Jor counter-proposes using a suspended animation gas of his own discovery on such prisoners, which may have the side-effect of reforming their personalities, and shooting them into space in capsules, to be brought back to Krypton when their sentences are over. Tron-Et is secretly the boss of a criminal organization and wants crooks who know his secret to be executed before they can betray him. Thus, he stages an «accident» which makes it seem as though Jor-El’s first experimental subject has gained super-powers and remained criminal after his capsule crashes. But Jor-El learns that the prisoner’s «powers» came from a concealed anti-gravity belt and captures him. The prisoner exposes Tron-Et as his boss, and, after confessing, Tron-Et is sentenced to suspended animation in another capsule as Jor-El’s proposal for punishment is accepted.

Superman v1 #235
Sinster Scream of the Devil’s Harp

Fecha: 1971.03| Créditos: Denny O’Neil (Guiones), Curt Swan, Murphy Anderson (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 873 (NOVARO).

A sinister “devil’s harp” gives would-be musician Ferlin Nxyly super-powers. Costuming himself as Pan, he challenges Superman to a showdown, which is complicated by the presence of the sand-being draining Superman of more of his powers.

Notas: 1st Appearance Ferlin Nyxly

Superman v1 #236
Planet of the Angels

Fecha: 1971.04| Créditos: Denny O’Neil (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 878 (NOVARO).

Superman finds himself yanked into a world in which he confronts angels and devils, only to learn that neither party is what they seem.

Superman v1 #236/2
World of Krypton: The Doomsayer

Fecha: 1971.04| Créditos: Dennis O’Neil (as Denny O’Neil) (Guiones), Dick Giordano (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 878 (NOVARO).

During a picnic with Superman, Black Canary declares that she is tired of hearing Green Arrow harp on pollution and its dangers. Superman responds by telling them the story of Dr. Mo-De, a scientist who correctly predicted the impending doom of Krypton, but who could not arouse the attention of his fellow citizens of Surrus thanks to music-flowers that pacified them. Eventually they seized Mo-De and forced him to listen to the flowers until he, too, was pacified. Twenty years after that, Krypton exploded. After Superman finishes his tale, Black Canary gets up and says she is going to speak to the owner of a nearby polluting factory.

Superman v1 #237
The Enemy of Earth

Fecha: 1971.05| Créditos: Denny O’Neil (Guiones), Curt Swan, Murphy Anderson (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 882 (NOVARO).

Superman finds himself weakened by the Quarrmer and infected by a strange malady that causes humans to develop misshapen green faces and ants to become human-size. He exiles himself in space until he sees Lois Lane, on assignment in Central America, endangered by army ants. The Man of Steel seeks out his sand-being duplicate, grasps him, and experiences a burst of energy that kayoes them both and sends him dropping to Earth. But the disease has been destroyed, and he is able to save Lois.

Superman v1 #238
Menace At 1,000 Degrees

Fecha: 1971.06| Créditos: Denny O’Neil, Cary Bates (Guiones), Curt Swan, Murphy Anderson, Gray Morrow (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 887 (NOVARO).

Lois Lane and 49 other people are held hostage on a drilling rig by Quig, a terrorist, and the reduced-in-power Superman cannot convince his sand-bodied alter ego to help him.

Superman v1 #238/2
World of Krypton: A Name Is Born

Fecha: 1971.06| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 887 (NOVARO).

A Kryptonian teacher relates the legend of Kryp and Tonn, two space explorers who landed on ancient Krypton and became the progenitors of the Kryptonian people

Superman v1 #239
Hercules in the 20th Century

Fecha: 1971.07| Créditos: Otto Binder, Edmond Hamilton (Guiones), Wayne Boring, Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Reprinted from: Action Comics #267

Superman v1 #240
To Save a Superman

Fecha: 1971.07| Créditos: Denny O’Neil, Cary Bates (Guiones), Curt Swan, Dick Giordano, Michael W. Kaluta (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 892 (NOVARO).

Superman has trouble putting out a building fire and stopping the Anti-Superman Gang with his reduced power. I-Ching, Diana Prince’s mentor, places him in a magic trance which renders him temporarily powerless, that he may restore the Man of Steel’s powers. The Anti-Superman Gang locates them and knocks I-Ching unconscious, but the merely-human Superman is able to take them on and beat them with his fists. But he sustains a brutal blow to the head in the process.

Superman v1 #240/2
World of Krypton : The Man Who Cheated Time

Fecha: 1971.07| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 892 (NOVARO).

Vs Zol-Mar

Superman v1 #241
The Shape of Fear

Fecha: 1971.08| Créditos: Denny O’Neil (Guiones), Curt Swan, George Klein, Wayne Boring (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 897 (NOVARO).

Though Superman shows signs of belligerence, I-Ching finally gets him to consent to having his powers restored, and restores them. However, he performs his super-duties without good judgment, and becomes incredibly arrogant. I-Ching deduces that he suffered brain damage from the blow to the head, which was made permanent when his powers were returned. Superman angrily denies it, but I-Ching and Diana Prince seek out the sand-being, whom I-Ching reveals to be from the realm of Quarrm, “a place where neither men nor things exist…only unformed, shapeless beings!” The Quarrmer reveals that I-Ching’s magic stripped away most of his powers taken from Superman, and is leaving him dying, but another contact with Superman would bring back his strength and make Superman vulnerable again. Diana and I-Ching summon Superman, but he avoids the Quarrmer. However, another Quarrmer has emerged from the rift between its realm and Earth, inhabits the body of a statue of an Oriental war-demon in a Chinatown parade, saps Superman’s powers, and drags him away unconscious.

Superman v1 #242
The Ultimate Battle

Fecha: 1971.09| Créditos: Denny O’Neil, Bill Finger, Otto Binder (Guiones), Bernard Sachs, Carmine Infantino, Curt Swan, Wayne Boring (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 902 (NOVARO).

Superman is badly beaten by two bums who hook up with the Quarrmer war-demon, and the Quarrmer Superman-duplicate is unable to match the villain’s strength. But Superman’s vulnerable state makes it possible for him to be operated on, and a brain surgery is performed on him, alleviating his injury. The war-demon kills the two bums and comes after the recovering Superman, but the Man of Steel and his Quarrmer duplicate defeat it and force the evil Quarrmer through the rift into its own dimension. Afterward, the Quarrmer states that it wants to take over Superman’s place in the world, but to do so, Superman must die. If they touch, an explosion will occur that will destroy one of them.

Superman v1 #243
The Starry-Eyed Siren of Space

Fecha: 1971.10| Créditos: Cary Bates, Don Cameron (Guiones), Curt Swan, Murphy Anderson, Bob Brown, Sam Citron (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 908 (NOVARO).

A female alien intelligence creates a body for herself, and is endangered by menaces of her own subconscious creation. Her mate asks Superman to help save her, and then, when she falls for Superman, builds a duplicate Superman body for himself, and attacks him.

Superman v1 #243/2
World of Krypton: The Death-Trails of Krypton

Fecha: 1971.10| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 908 (NOVARO).

However, the Trolium created death-trails in the sky after his flight, which disintegrated any object that flew into them. After defeating a criminal who tried to steal the wings, Dol-Nd destroyed his invention, but the death-trails remained in the sky until Krypton’s destruction.

Superman v1 #244
The Electronic Ghost of Metropolis

Fecha: 1971.11| Créditos: Denny O’Neil, Edmond Hamilton, John Broome (Guiones), Curt Swan, George Klein, Murphy Anderson (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 914 (NOVARO).

Metropolis is beset by an electronic “ghost” which Superman deduces is a product of the Galaxy Broadcasting mainframe computer.

Superman v1 #245
The Team of Luthor and Brainiac

Fecha: 1971.12| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Curt Swan, Murphy Anderson (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Reprinted from: Superman #167

Superman v1 #246
Danger–Monster At Work

Fecha: 1971.12| Créditos: Len Wein, Cary Bates, Jerry Siegel (Guiones), Curt Swan, Murphy Anderson, Rich Buckler, Ira Yarbrough (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 921 (NOVARO).

Superman must deal with a protoplasmic algae blob spawned by an experiment at S.T.A.R. labs.

Notas: Debut de los Laboratorios STAR

Superman v1 #246/2
World of Krypton: Marriage, Kryptonian Style

Fecha: 1971.12| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 921 (NOVARO).

Jor-El and Lara go to Matricomp, the matrimonial computer, to be approved for marriage. Instead, Lara is matched up with Anr-Mu, whom Matricomp says is a fitter mate for her than Jor-El. After fighting and losing to Anr-Mu, who has mesmerized Lara with mental force, Jor-El goes to Matricomp to investigate. As he suspected, the computer has fallen in love with Lara and created Anr-Mu, an android representation of itself, to «marry» her. Realizing it will now be dismantled for failure, Matricomp destroys itself and Anr-Mu. Jor-El and Lara are reunited, and Kryptonians are free to marry without computer approval.

Superman v1 #247
Must There Be a Superman?

Fecha: 1972.01| Créditos: Elliot S! Maggin, Denny O’Neil, Edmond Hamilton (Guiones), Curt Swan, Murphy Anderson, George Klein (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 931 (NOVARO).

Superman is given the notion by the Guardians of the Universe that he might be holding back social progress on Earth by his presence. Accordingly, when he goes back to Earth, he helps out a group of oppressed agricultural workers up to a point…and then insists that they help themselves.

Superman v1 #247/2
When On Earth

Fecha: 1972.01| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 931 (NOVARO).

Clark Kent learns that a WGBS receptionist’s kid brother is running with a teenaged gang. He confronts the youths without changing into Superman, to give Bick a chance to change his course, and succeeds.

Superman v1 #248
The Man Who Murdered the Earth

Fecha: 1972.02| Créditos: Len Wein, Marv Wolfman, Edmond Hamilton (Guiones), Curt Swan, George Klein, Dave Cockrum (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 937 (NOVARO).

Lex Luthor creates a Galactic Golem to destroy Superman, but believes he has destroyed the Earth as a result of their titanic battle.

Notas: Debut del Golem Galáctico.

Superman v1 #248/2
World of Krypton: All In the Mind

Fecha: 1972.02| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 937 (NOVARO).

An archaeological team on Krypton discovers a record of how mutant children, exiled from the land of Xan during a war with Erkol, were the only survivors of that conflict and founded the city of Kryptonopolis.

Superman v1 #249
The Challenge of Terra-Man

Fecha: 1972.03| Créditos: Cary Bates, Jerry Siegel (Guiones), Curt Swan, Murphy Anderson, Dick Dillin, Neal Adams, John Sikela (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 943, SUPERMAN EDIT VALENCIANA Nº3 (NOVARO).

When Superman faces a new foe, Terra-Man, who dresses in clothes of the Old West, rides a flying horse, and uses weapons that can even stagger the Man of Steel, he is handicapped by an emotional upset a Kryptonian suffers on every sixth birthday.

Notas: Debut de Terra-Man (Toby Manning)

Superman v1 #249/2
The Origin of Terra-Man

Fecha: 1972.03| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 943 (NOVARO).

Jess Manning, an Old West outlaw, is killed by an alien bandit who adopts his young son Toby. The alien raises Toby to be a super-thief, giving him the ability to breathe in space, outfitting him with super-weapons that resemble six-shooters, a lariat, and chewing tobacco, and helping him acquire a white, winged space-steed. Since Toby is a man of Earth, the alien dubs him Terra-Man. But Toby has learned that the alien killed his father, and shoots the alien dead as soon as he learns all the latter can teach him.

Superman v1 #250
Have Horse, Will Fly

Fecha: 1972.04| Créditos: Cary Bates (Guiones), Curt Swan, Win Mortimer (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 949 (NOVARO).

Terra-Man breaks jail and strikes at Superman with a weapon that makes him older, while Clark Kent’s neighbor John Alstrom suddenly begins siphoning the color green from money.

Superman v1 #250/2
The Superman Time Capsule

Fecha: 1972.04| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 949 (NOVARO).

Two crooks put into action a plan to get Superman to transform lead ingots into gold, unwittingly.

Superman v1 #251
The Island That Invaded the Earth

Fecha: 1972.05| Créditos: Len Wein, Elliot S! Maggin (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 956 (NOVARO).

The Gulf Stream is rerouted to help hatch an alien egg, and Superman appears to destroy four robot guards around it, only to discover he has done exactly the wrong thing to save Earth.

Superman v1 #251/2
World of Krypton: The Day Krypton Didn’t Die

Fecha: 1972.05| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 956 (NOVARO).

Eighty-one years before the present, Judiciator Dug-Les of Krypton’s Hall of Justice is to rule on whether or not Krypton will enact the death penalty for certain crimes. Dug-Les relates the story of an ancient invasion of Krypton by winged aliens who were driven away by rampant plant life, but left one of their number on the planet. The Kryptonians of that time tried to kill the last alien, but were astonished when one feather, torn from his arm, exploded upon contacting the ground. A shaman, Sak-Kar, and his son Ab-Kar told the others that any part of the alien’s body, if torn from him prematurely, would explode upon contacting the ground, and killing the alien would probably have destroyed Krypton. Finishing his story, Dug-Les says that, but for Sak-Kar’s wisdom, Krypton would have perished years ago. Therefore, he rules against the death penalty.

Superman v1 #252

Fecha: 1972.06| Créditos: – (Guiones), Curt Swan, Murphy Anderson, Howard Sherman, Sheldon Moldoff, Al Plastino (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Reprinted from: Action Comics #47

Superman v1 #253
The Kid Who Saved Superman

Fecha: 1972.06| Créditos: Denny O’Neil (Guiones), Curt Swan, Murphy Anderson, Virgil Finlay (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 960 (NOVARO).

Ferlin Nyxly acquires an alien suit of armor and a super-slingshot from a building which phases in and out of the desert, and uses it to fight Superman. The Man of Steel also meets Billy Anders, whose mind is inexplicably transferred into his pet lynx, and sees the Martian Manhunter within the phasing building.

Notas: This story continues in WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #212

Superman v1 #254
The Kid Who Stole Superman’s Powers

Fecha: 1972.07| Créditos: Denny O’Neil, Len Wein (Guiones), Curt Swan, Neal Adams (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 964 (NOVARO).

When Superman gets back from the planet Vonn, he is intercepted by a Kleth spacecraft, whose occupants profess to be peaceful but who actually set up a “reflector-warp” that causes Superman’s strength to boomerang against him when he exerts it. A Kleth doctor who rebels against his ship’s commander shows him a way out of his dilemma, by transferring his strength to Billy Anders and then psychically “borrowing” it back whenever he imagines Billy’s lynx.

Notas: This story continues from WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #212.

Superman v1 #254/2
The Baby Who Walked Through Walls

Fecha: 1972.07| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 964 (NOVARO).

Clark Kent runs into trouble when a neighbor asks him to watch her baby for a few minutes, and the baby vanishes.

Superman v1 #255
The Sun of Superman

Fecha: 1972.08| Créditos: Cary Bates (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 968 (NOVARO).

Superman encounters an orange dwarf star that is the remains of the red sun of Krypton. The Sun-Thrivers, beings at its core who created it, ask for Superman’s help in averting its imminent destruction.

Superman v1 #255/2
World of Krypton: It Could Only Happen On the Fabulous World of Krypton

Fecha: 1972.08| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 968 (NOVARO).

The daughter of a scientist and the son of a sorcerer fall in love and, after the accidental killing of the sorcerer’s other son, are pursued to a cliff but vanish and are apparently transformed into two stars on the night before Krypton’s destruction.

Superman v1 #256
The Dagger That Ripped the Sky

Fecha: 1972.09| Créditos: Cary Bates (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 972 (NOVARO).

Superman must deal with the menace of Dr. John Novil, a scientist who has transferred his mind into the body of a fighter jet of his own design which can morph into any metallic shape he desires.

Superman v1 #256/2
Brother For a Day

Fecha: 1972.09| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 972 (NOVARO).

Clark Kent plays “Brother For a Day” to young Mickey Moran and must cope with a circus performer named Zeena, who has been hypnotized into thinking she is a tiger-woman.

Superman v1 #257
Superman Battles the War-Horn

Fecha: 1972.10| Créditos: Cary Bates, Elliot S! Maggin (Guiones), Curt Swan, Dick Dillin (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 976 (NOVARO).

An alien comes to Earth for the purpose of stealing its nitrogen, and wields a war-horn weapon that can even stagger Superman.

Superman v1 #257/2
World of Krypton: The Greatest Green Lantern of All

Fecha: 1972.10| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 976 (NOVARO).

On the eve of the retirement of Tomar-Re, Green Lantern of Xudar, the Guardians of the Universe review the incident in his career that troubles him the most: the destruction of Krypton, a world in his space-sector. At the time, the Guardians had proposed making the Green Lantern Corps independent of themselves, and decided that the offspring of Jor-El and Lara of Krypton would be the best choice to lead the Corps, when he came of age. Since Krypton was diagnosed by them as about to explode, they assigned Tomar-Re to gather large quantities of the element stellarium to dampen down Krypton’s uranium core. This was done rather than simply transporting the population of Krypton away, because the Guardians feared such a move would doom Kryptonian civilization. Later, Brainiac stole Kandor and Jor-El’s space ark with it. Kal-El was born to Lara and Jor-El, and the scientist purposed to save his son from the planet’s impending destruction. Tomar-Re tried once again to dampen Krypton’s internal flames with more stellarium, but was temporarily blinded by a nova star and was delayed. He reached Krypton only minutes after Kal-El’s rocket had been launched, and just at the time of the planet’s explosion. The Guardians saved Tomar-Re, and later claimed to have guided Kal-El’s rocket to Earth. However, when they learned that Kal-El gained powers beyond even their imagining on Earth, they abandoned their plan to have him lead the Green Lantern Corps, and allowed him to operate alone as Superman. Now the Guardians tell Tomar-Re that he has performed his duties well, and may retire in peace.

Superman v1 #258
Fury of the Energy-Eater

Fecha: 1972.11| Créditos: Len Wein, Cary Bates (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 980 (NOVARO).

The Galactic Golem has been rescued by alien scientists, and is back on Earth for a showdown with Superman.

Notas: Debut de Joshua Coyle (empleado de Morgan Edge).

Superman v1 #258/2
Who Is Mr. X?

Fecha: 1972.11| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 980 (NOVARO).

Clark Kent decides to trail a mysterious neighbor and discover what he does for a living.

Superman v1 #259
The Kid Who Knocked Out Superman

Fecha: 1972.12| Créditos: Cary Bates (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 984 (NOVARO).

Terra-Man breaks jail, discovers the psychic link between Superman, Billy Anders, and his lynx, and uses the knowledge to trap Superman.

Notas: Superman recupera su fuerza rompiendo el lazo con Billy Anders

Superman v1 #260
Keeper of the Eternal Flame

Fecha: 1973.01| Créditos: Elliot S! Maggin (Guiones), Curt Swan, Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 988 (NOVARO).

Superman discovers a hidden valley of isolated Vikings, guarded by Valdemar, a hero with a flaming sword who rides a giant bird.

Superman v1 #260/2
World of Krypton: Let My People Live

Fecha: 1973.01| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 988 (NOVARO).

In ancient times, Krypton did not rotate, and the only habitable region was a twilight zone between sunlit side and dark side. Only two tribes of people were left, without enough food to support both, so two champions were chosen to fight to see which would survive. However, during the battle, the two learned of two metals native to that planet which caused a rock to rotate when they came into contact. With this knowledge, the two were able to stockpile enough of the metals in two different locations to cause Krypton to rotate, and both tribes were saved.

Superman v1 #261
Slave of Star Sapphire

Fecha: 1973.02| Créditos: Cary Bates (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 992 (NOVARO).

Carol Ferris sees Superman attacking a hood at the Green Lantern Inn. Her subconscious mind sees him attacking the real Green Lantern, and she becomes Star Sapphire to battle him.

Superman v1 #262
The Skyscraper That Screamed For Its Life

Fecha: 1973.03| Créditos: Elliot S! Maggin (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 996 (NOVARO).

Superman battles a spirit-being that occupies a tycoon’s body and then an entire building.

Superman v1 #262/2
Puzzle of the Telepathic Twins

Fecha: 1973.03| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 996 (NOVARO).

Clark Kent hopes that booking two sisters with ESP powers will boost the ratings of WGBS’s Stranger Than Fiction show.

Superman v1 #263
Man of Molten Steel

Fecha: 1973.04| Créditos: Elliot S! Maggin, Cary Bates (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1000 (NOVARO).

To get revenge on Superman, a movie producer cedes his power to dream to Dr. Phoenix, who makes real March’s dream of turning Superman into a being of molten steel.

Superman v1 #263/2
Unhappy Birthday To You

Fecha: 1973.04| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1000 (NOVARO).

Clark Kent is given a surprise birthday party. During it, he recalls how, in ancient times, Kryptonians stored up destructive energy in their bodies which could only be released by expressing grief, and a tribal chief found a serum to absorb that energy. But on every sixth birthday of a Kryptonian, the serum would cause him to release tears of sorrow.

Superman v1 #264
Secret of the Phantom Quarterback

Fecha: 1973.06| Créditos: Cary Bates, Elliot S! Maggin (Guiones), Curt Swan, Dave Cockrum (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1004 (NOVARO).

Steve Lombard, obnoxious quarterback for the Metropolis Metros, injures his knees while saving a falling child. A scientist not only heals his knees but creates a “Phantom Quarterback” of energy-particles that wins the Super Bowl game in his place, and makes trouble for Superman.

Superman v1 #264/2
World of Krypton: The Headband Warriors of Krypton

Fecha: 1973.06| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1004 (NOVARO).

A Kryptonian mother tells her son how the ancient hero Rik-Ar overthrew a tyrant with slings made of headbands, which were worn in his honor thereafter.

Superman v1 #265
Attack By the Army of Tomorrow

Fecha: 1973.07| Créditos: Elliot S! Maggin (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1008 (NOVARO).

Superman and Perry White run afoul of an evil scientist named Calixto and his group of two-thumbed, energy-powered mutants.

Superman v1 #265/2
World of Krypton: The Face on the Falling Star

Fecha: 1973.07| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1008 (NOVARO).

On Krypton, 10,000 years ago, a space-probe from Atlantis saved two children from the Flame Forest, but they refused to tell their elders about it for fear of being disbelieved.

Superman v1 #266
The Nightmare Maker

Fecha: 1973.08| Créditos: Elliot S! Maggin (Guiones), Curt Swan, Dick Dillin (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1011 (NOVARO).

Superman learns that the rocket that brought him to Earth awakened the Abominable Snowman, who changed into Dr. Phoenix, a character it had been dreaming of. Now the Snowman is back to his normal self, and wants to unmake modern civilization.

Superman v1 #267
World Beneath the North Pole

Fecha: 1973.09| Créditos: Elliot S! Maggin (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1015 (NOVARO).

Superman goes to save Steve Lombard’s scientist brother from a race of subterranean winged beings called the Miros, who seek to leach solar energy away from Earth’s surface.

Superman v1 #267/2
The Man In the Public Eye

Fecha: 1973.09| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1015 (NOVARO).

To perk up Clark Kent’s public image, Morgan Edge has him box the world’s heavyweight champion, bat a baseball in a stadium, swim against an Olympic Gold Medalist, and sky-dive from a plane.

Superman v1 #268
Wild Week-End In Washington

Fecha: 1973.10| Créditos: Elliot S! Maggin (Guiones), Curt Swan, Dick Dillin (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1019,SUPERMAN EDIT VALENCIANA Nº3 (NOVARO).

Superman and Batgirl team up to battle a spy organization called MAZE after Clark Kent inadvertently lets slip his knowledge of a top-secret government project.

Superman v1 #268/2
World of Krypton: A Tale of Time and Tide

Fecha: 1973.10| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1019 (NOVARO).

Young Jor-El visits his scientist uncle Zim-El, messes up an experiment, and is told the story of an earlier inventor, Kil-Gor, one of their ancestors by marriage. In ancient times, Kryptonians had a hard time gathering enough silten (a form of algae) to sustain themselves between the time when it was exposed by low tide and the arrival of great birds which would swoop down and drive them away. Kil-Gor developed a form of telescopic lenses and then a sand timer to let them know the time between tides, and his friend and future son-in-law Bur-El demonstrated that it would work. After Zim-El finishes his story, Jor-El notices that a mixture of chemicals in a can causes the can to fly out the window. Zim-El chalks it up to random explosive action, but Jor-El thinks that it could have been evidence of anti-gravity.

Superman v1 #269
The Secret of the Eighth Superman

Fecha: 1973.11| Créditos: Cary Bates (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1023 (NOVARO).

Master puppeteer Winchem dies and leaves circus master B. B. Farnum the secret of his living puppets, which he uses to sap the powers from Superman.

Superman v1 #270
The Viking From Valhalla

Fecha: 1973.12| Créditos: Elliot S! Maggin (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1026 (NOVARO).

Valdemar the Viking comes to Metropolis to visit Superman, and instead gets hallucinations of attacking monsters from the pollution in the city.

Superman v1 #270/2
I Can’t Go Home Again

Fecha: 1973.12| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1026 (NOVARO).

Pete Ross, a surveyor who still knows that Clark Kent is Superman, attempts to erase traces of Clark Kent’s double identity by scheduling the demolition of the old Kent house in Smallville, not realizing how much sentimental attachment Clark still has for it.

Superman v1 #271
The Man Who Murdered Metropolis

Fecha: 1974.01| Créditos: Elliot S! Maggin (Guiones), Curt Swan, Dick Giordano (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1029 (NOVARO).

Brainiac challenges Superman with a mirror image of Metropolis which will destroy the real city when it descends and touches it.

Superman v1 #271/2
World of Krypton: The Warriors of Lightning Valley

Fecha: 1974.01| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1029 (NOVARO).

Vanaria, a swordswoman of ancient Krypton, is tricked into falling in love with a warrior who steals her enchanted sword.

Superman v1 #272
Mr. Mxyztplk Returns

Fecha: 1974.02| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Bob Oksner, Curt Swan, Gil Kane (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Reimprime Action Comics #80

Superman v1 #273
The Wizard With the Golden Eye

Fecha: 1974.03| Créditos: Elliot S! Maggin (Guiones), Bob Oksner, Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1034 (NOVARO).

A scientist gains the Golden Eye of Ekron and harnesses its power to make himself into a super-hero. But his magic causes fallout as a side-effect, and Superman ends up battling him.

Superman v1 #273/2
Blind Date

Fecha: 1974.03| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1034 (NOVARO).

Clark Kent is struck with temporary sympathetic blindness as a result of having to entertain some blind children as Superman.

Superman v1 #274
Protectors of Earth, Inc.

Fecha: 1974.04| Créditos: Elliot S! Maggin (Guiones), Bob Oksner, Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1038 (NOVARO).

Superman tries to protect scientist David Trump from abduction by terrorists and instead finds that he has to plug a tunnel through space with his own body, or see the entire Earth sucked through it.

Superman v1 #275
The Dragonfly Invasion of Metropolis

Fecha: 1974.05| Créditos: Cary Bates, Elliot S! Maggin (Guiones), Bob Oksner, Curt Swan, Dick Giordano (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1042 (NOVARO).

A telepathic link with her brother, activated only in time of danger, alerts WGBS gossip columnist Lola Barnett to her brother Mark Hall’s peril, and she accidentally links him to Superman during a broadcast.

Notas: 1er columnista Lola Barnett

Superman v1 #275/2
The Princess and the Glass Treeman

Fecha: 1974.05| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1042 (NOVARO).

On a visit to the Smallville orphanage in which he once lived, Superman tells the children the story of Princess Reena of Krypton and the talking bird and glassman El-Kin who saved her from a thought-beast.

Superman v1 #276
Make Way For Captain Thunder

Fecha: 1974.06| Créditos: Elliot S! Maggin (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1046 (NOVARO).

Captain Thunder, a super-hero with powers equivalent to Superman’s, is thrown from his Earth into Earth-One by his enemies. The conditions of Earth-One cause Captain Thunder to become a villain, and Superman has to battle him.

Notas: Debut del Capitán Thunder de Tierra-T (Willie Fawcett), versión alternativa del Capitán Marvel.

Superman v1 #277
The Biggest Game In Town

Fecha: 1974.07| Créditos: Elliot S! Maggin (Guiones), Bob Oksner, Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1050 (NOVARO).

Ted Mailerway, a famous writer, comes to Metropolis hoping to expose Clark Kent as Superman.

Superman v1 #277/2
The Pizzeria Peril

Fecha: 1974.07| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1050 (NOVARO).

Steve Lombard moves in briefly with Clark, against the latter’s will, to keep his aunt, mystery novelist Kaye Daye, from seeing his bachelor pad. While they are together, they solve a mystery.

Superman v1 #278
Super-Showdown In Buzzard Gulch

Fecha: 1974.08| Créditos: Cary Bates (Guiones), Bob Oksner, Curt Swan, George Klein, Wayne Boring (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1123 (NOVARO).

Terra-Man kidnaps and transports Superman and his friends to a ghost town in the Old West, where he forces the Man of Steel to play a deadly game for the lives of the others.

Superman v1 #279
Menace of the Energy-Blackmailers

Fecha: 1974.09| Créditos: Elliot S! Maggin, Cary Bates (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1054 (NOVARO).

Superman and Batgirl team up to foil an oil-smuggling scheme.

Superman v1 #279/2
The Magic Master of Krypton

Fecha: 1974.09| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1054 (NOVARO).

On a visit to Kandor, Superman hears of Ca-Rox, a stage magician from old Krypton who actually had magical powers.

Superman v1 #280
Duel of the Diamond Demons

Fecha: 1974.10| Créditos: Elliot S! Maggin (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1057 (NOVARO).

Superman inadvertently turns himself and Steve Lombard into diamond beings.

Superman v1 #280/2
The Last Headline

Fecha: 1974.10| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1057 (NOVARO).

Morgan Edge tries to make Perry White retire at age 65, but gives him a big story to crack: uncovering the hidden hoard of a crook Perry helped jail many years ago.

Superman v1 #281
Mystery Mission To Metropolis

Fecha: 1974.11| Créditos: Cary Bates (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1060 (NOVARO).

The murder of his wife’s psychic twin on Earth dooms the wife of alien super-hero Vartox, and he must now find a way to bring the killer to justice on his own world, despite the interference of Superman.

Notas: Debut de Vartox.

Superman v1 #282
Lex Luthor–Super Scalp-Hunter

Fecha: 1974.12| Créditos: Elliot S! Maggin (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1063 (NOVARO).

Lex Luthor de-ages Superman by a decade in order to rob him of his experience, then attempts to scalp him with a laser.

Notas: Debut de Nam-Ek, kriptoniano que para volverse inmortal, cazó y se comió a una criatura kriptoniana

Superman v1 #282/2
The Loneliest Man In the Universe

Fecha: 1974.12| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1063 (NOVARO).

Supergirl tells Superman she is thinking about giving up her Supergirl identity to live the life of an ordinary woman, with a husband and children. To illustrate that she might feel different later on if she makes that choice, Superman tells her about Nam-Ek. Nam lived 500 years before Krypton’s explosion, killed two Rondors for their curative horns, and extracted a serum from them to make himself immortal. But, since slaying a Rondor is illegal, Nam-Ek became a fugitive from justice. Drinking the serum from the horns, Nam-Ek transformed himself into a hideous, smelly «human Rondor» with a curative horn growing from his forehead. He learned that he was immortal and invulnerable, and worked in solitude for five centuries, only to learn that he needed companionship. Unfortunately, since he was smelly and ugly, nobody wanted to get within throwing distance of him, and everyone drove him away. Just as Nam-Ek sought out another Rondor in hopes of changing himself back to normal, Krypton exploded. Nam-Ek floated in lifeless space, alone forever. Thus, Superman cautions his cousin about the danger of

Superman v1 #283
Superman’s Mystery Masquerade

Fecha: 1975.01| Créditos: Cary Bates (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Superman safeguards his identity from a prying scientist by adopting a new secret identity, that of Chris Delbart, a Wall Street stockbroker.

Superman v1 #283/2
One of Our Imps Is Missing

Fecha: 1975.01| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Mr. Mxyzptlk causes trouble for Superman and Congress in Washington, D.C.

Superman v1 #284
The Secret Guardian of Smallville

Fecha: 1975.02| Créditos: Cary Bates, Leo Dorfman, Jerry Siegel, Robert Bernstein, Alvin Schwartz (Guiones), Bob Oksner, Curt Swan, George Klein, Joe Shuster, Sam Citron, Ira Yarbrough (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Superman goes back to Smallville and faces a Superboy robot which is convinced that the Man of Steel is evil, and must be opposed.

Notas: Se menciona que el jefe Parker tiene 75 años.

Superman v1 #285
Search For the ‘Impossible’ Man

Fecha: 1975.03| Créditos: Elliot S! Maggin, Martin Pasko (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1066 (NOVARO).

Superman goes on a hunt for the long-disappeared television host Roy Raymond.

Superman v1 #285/2
The Kid With the Million-Dollar Smile

Fecha: 1975.03| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1066 (NOVARO).

Clark Kent searches for a runaway child-star of TV commercials.

Superman v1 #286
The Parasite’s Power Play

Fecha: 1975.04| Créditos: Elliot S! Maggin, Martin Pasko (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1074 (NOVARO).

Lex Luthor and Superman find themselves on the same side, against the Parasite.

Superman v1 #286/2
Superboy: The Demon In Superboy’s Body

Fecha: 1975.04| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1074 (NOVARO).

Superboy relives the most terrifying day of his life, when a Kryptonian criminal’s spirit possessed baby Kal-El’s body and tried to kill Jor-El.

Superman v1 #287
Who Was That Dog I Saw You With Last Night?

Fecha: 1975.05| Créditos: Elliot S! Maggin, E. Nelson Bridwell (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1078 (NOVARO).

Krypto, who suffered amnesia years ago after battling the Mindbreaker Beast on another planet, has returned to Earth and begun a romance with a bitch named Chelsea. But the sight of Superman brings back his memory, and he returns to his old master, at the cost of his puppy love.

Notas: Return of Krypto

Superman v1 #287/2
Bogus Batman

Fecha: 1975.05| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1078 (NOVARO).

A hitman impersonates Batman and accompanies Clark Kent into a prison interview session, hoping to kill an imprisoned gangster.

Superman v1 #288
The Computer With a Secret Identity

Fecha: 1975.06| Créditos: Cary Bates (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1082 (NOVARO).

Superman gets some help against a villain from a computer programmed from Clark Kent’s brainwaves.

Superman v1 #289
The Phantom Horseman of Metropolis

Fecha: 1975.07| Créditos: Cary Bates, E. Nelson Bridwell (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1086 (NOVARO).

An invention of Professor Pepperwinkle’s creates tangible silhouettes of images on his TV, and Superman has to deal with them.

Superman v1 #289/2
Right Down My Alley

Fecha: 1975.07| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1086 (NOVARO).

During a bowling tournament, Clark Kent hypnotizes himself into not being able to use his super-powers so that he will have no advantage…and is pinned under a ceiling beam when a terrorist’s bomb goes off.

Superman v1 #290
The Man Who Cried Super-’Wolf’

Fecha: 1975.08| Créditos: Jim Shooter, Elliot S! Maggin (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1090 (NOVARO).

A street-sweeper with a penchant for practical jokes must convince Superman he’s not kidding when he learns of a plot to kill the Kryptonian Crusader.

Superman v1 #290/2
Babble, Babble, Toil and Trouble

Fecha: 1975.08| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1090 (NOVARO).

Mr. Mxyzptlk takes an idea from the Bible by making all Metropolitans speak in different languages.

Superman v1 #291
The Time-Powered Peril

Fecha: 1975.09| Créditos: Cary Bates (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1094 (NOVARO).

A crook gains control of a watch Superman has charged with super-energy.

Superman v1 #292
The Luthor Nobody Knows

Fecha: 1975.10| Créditos: Elliot S! Maggin, Martin Pasko (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1098 (NOVARO).

Lex Luthor attempts to defeat Superman again with a muscle-decoordinating ray that causes him to wreck Metropolis Airport, but the Man of Steel triumphs again. Later, putting the airport back together again, Superman remembers Luthor’s origins and that he once had a lot going for him, but now has only hate.

Superman v1 #292/2
I Don’t Like Your Face

Fecha: 1975.10| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1098 (NOVARO).

Assigned to grill an underworld informant in a tough bar, Clark Kent is challenged by a bully who wants to pick a fight.

Superman v1 #293
The Miracle of Thirsty Thursday

Fecha: 1975.11| Créditos: – (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1102 (NOVARO).

A historian from the 35th Century comes back to 1975 to learn how Superman coped with the miracle of “Thirsty Thursday”.

Superman v1 #294
The Man Who Slept the World Away

Fecha: 1975.12| Créditos: Cary Bates, Martin Pasko (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1106 (NOVARO).

Superman is left as the only inhabitant of Earth except for Brain Storm, who has dreamed all others away.

Superman v1 #294/2
The Tattoo Switcheroo

Fecha: 1975.12| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1106 (NOVARO).

Clark Kent gets kidnapped by a crook who impersonates him, but turns the tables by impersonating the crook.

Superman v1 #295
Costume, Costume–Who’s Got the Costume?

Fecha: 1976.01| Créditos: Elliot S! Maggin (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1110 (NOVARO).

Superman loses his costume in a battle with “Father Time” and must travel 1,000 years into the future to fight for it with a caveman who has claimed it and who has all Superman’s powers.

Superman v1 #296
Who Took the Super Out of Superman?

Fecha: 1976.02| Créditos: Cary Bates, Elliot S! Maggin (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1114 (NOVARO).

Mr. Xavier, Clark Kent’s mysterious neighbor, is an alien named Xviar who changes Superman into only being able to use his powers when in costume. Superman believes that his body is trying to tell him to choose either Superman or Clark, and reject his other persona.

Superman v1 #297
Clark Kent Forever–Superman Never

Fecha: 1976.03| Créditos: Cary Bates, Elliot S! Maggin (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1118 (NOVARO).

Superman decides to remain as Clark Kent, becomes more aggressive, tells off Morgan Edge, and romances Lois Lane. He also tracks down Inter-Gang and defeats them. But Xviar, unknown to him, plans to destroy Earth with Superman’s powers.

Notas: Clark pasa la primera noche con Lois.(CORRECTO)

Superman v1 #298
Clark Kent, Get Out of My Life

Fecha: 1976.04| Créditos: Cary Bates, Elliot S! Maggin (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1122 (NOVARO).

Superman decides to live without Clark Kent, and battles Solarman, a sun-powered villain, while Xviar robs Clark Kent’s apartment.

Superman v1 #299
The Double-Or-Nothing Life of Superman

Fecha: 1976.05| Créditos: Cary Bates, Elliot S! Maggin (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1126 (NOVARO).

Xviar pits Superman against nine of his old villains, but if Superman defeats the last of the nine, the alien will gain the needed power to destroy Earth.

Superman v1 #300
What if Superman’s rocket landed on Earth in present day and he became a man in 2001

Fecha: 1976.06| Créditos: Cary Bates, Elliot S! Maggin (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: SUPERMAN 1130 (NOVARO).

(Imaginary) Superman’s ship is tracked day by both the US and the USSR. The US recovers the ship and he becomes a US secret resulting in increased tensions. Superboy must stop a nuclear war and Superman reappears in 2001 to stop the party responsible for the war.

Notas: Origen de Superman of 2001. Historia imaginaria ¿Y si el cohete de Kal-el hubiera caído en la tierra en 1976?.

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