WONDER WOMAN v1 #201-300 (1972-1983)

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Wonder Woman v1 #201
The Fist of Flame
Fecha: 1972.08| Créditos: Denny O’Neil (Guiones), Don Heck (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Diana and I-Ching visit Jonny Double’s office to find him gone, a smear of blood on the floor, and two Asian assassins inside. Both killers perish in battle with the twosome, but one lives long enough to gasp out, “Fist of Flame”. I-Ching identifies the Fist of Flame as a giant ruby “said to drive men mad with greed”, and the assassins as members of a mountain-man sect devoted to worshipping it. Later, Diana receives a note telling her to get the Fist of Flame if she wants to see Double alive again. Diana sells her boutique to raise money for the trip. On the way she and I-Ching see a beautiful and strangely familiar woman on the same flight as themselves. In Tibet, Diana and I-Ching locate the Flame Fist cultists’ mountain and see the gem itself, embedded in the forehead of a Buddhist statue. Diana fights her way past the cultists and grabs the gem, only to find herself attacked by Catwoman, who was the woman in disguise in the plane, and who is also in search of the gem. Catwoman kayoes Diana, but is mesmerized herself by the Fist of Flame’s hypnotic power. Both women awaken in another chamber, suspended above a flaming pit by ropes, and supplied with swords with which to fight each other. The cultists tell them that the survivor of their battle will serve them. Diana manages to save both herself and Catwoman, and the cultists’ leader dies fighting them. The two women snatch the Fist of Flame, free I-Ching, and run from the cultists’ temple. Along the way, Catwoman tells them that she had hired Jonny Double to find the Fist of Flame, but a rival gang, led by I-Ching’s daughter Lu Shan, learned of her plans. Abruptly, Diana, Catwoman, and I-Ching phase out of their world, and rematerialize on the world of Nehwon, where they look up to see Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser before them.

Wonder Woman v1 #202
Fangs of Fire
Fecha: 1972.10| Créditos: Denny O’Neil (Guiones), Don Heck (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

After a fight breaks out among Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser and Diana and Catwoman, I-Ching halts it by producing the Fist of Flame. He informs them that the Flame Fist has a sister jewel, the Eye of the Ocean (which Fafhrd and the Mouser had sought), and that one can look into one gem and see what is in front of the other. Diana looks into the gem and sees Jonny Double’s face. Jonny proves to be a prisoner of Lu Shan, I-Ching’s daughter, who has the Eye of the Ocean and seeks the Fist of Flame; when joined in a dimensional energy transfer matrix machine, the gems’ energies can pierce dimensions, which will enable Lu Shan to enter and loot Nehwon. Fafhrd confirms that a machine like Lu Shan’s is controlled by the sorceror Gawron, so he, the Mouser, I-Ching, Diana, and Catwoman go to infiltrate his lair. They fight their way inside just as a “random jump” of the Eye of the Ocean brings Lu Shan, some of her gang, and Jonny Double into Gawron’s domain. Diana frees Jonny. I-Ching harnesses the power of both gems to teleport himself, Diana, Fafhrd, the Mouser, and Catwoman back to Earth, but Lu Shan remains stranded on Newhon. Fafhrd and the Mouser take a look at modern-day Earth, are repelled, and wish to return to their world, which wish the jewels grant.

Wonder Woman v1 #203
The Grandee Caper
Fecha: 1972.12| Créditos: Samuel L. Delaney (Guiones), Don Heck (Dibujos)| Edición española: WONDER WOMAN: 80 AÑOS DE LA GUERRERA AMAZONA (ECC).

After Cathy Perkins starts a fight with some wolfish “admirers” of Diana (and Diana ends it), the now-homeless Diana moves in with her former assistant,whom she learns is now enrolled in a women’s liberation group and is taking karate lessons. Diana is offered a job at Grandee’s Department Store by Mr. Grandee, its owner, who wishes to pay her big bucks for appearing in ads for his store as the symbol of the new liberated woman. Unfortunately, Cathy’s group learns that Grandee is paying his all-female staff below minimum wage, which he can do because he buys goods from local sweatshops, thus avoiding the legal entangements of dealing in out-of-state goods. When the group holds a meeting about the situation, some thugs hired by Grandee attemplt to break it up but are defeated by Diana. Nonetheless, they hold Cathy hostage and manage a retreat. Diana trails them back to Grandee’s store, defeats them and Grandee, and frees Cathy. Nonetheless, at the next meeting of the group, a contingent of women storms in and angrily accuses them of causing the unemployment of 250 women who worked at the now-closed Grandee’s Department Store.

Wonder Woman v1 #204
The Second Life of the Original Wonder Woman
Fecha: 1973.02| Créditos: Samuel L. Delaney (Guiones), Don Heck (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

A mentally-disturbed sniper kills several people with a rifle, among which is I-Ching, who dies in Diana Prince’s arms. Diana goes after the killer, but is struck in the head and knocked unconscious, though the killer falls to his death as the result of striking her. Diana awakens in a hospital, an amnesiac. But her homing instint leads her to leave the hospital, steal a military jet, and head for Paradise Island, though other Air Force jets bring her plane down. She escapes from the plane and is fished out of the water by the Amazons, who recognize her and learn of her amnesiac state. Queen Hippolyte has her dressed in her Wonder Woman outfit again and has her memory restored by an Amazon device, except for an episode which she insists remain concealed from Diana. When Diana awakens, she is Wonder Woman again, with all her original powers, and she is welcomed by all the Amazons save one…an armored challenger who demands the right to fight for the title of Wonder Woman. The armored woman and Wonder Woman battle to a draw, and the newcomer unmasks herself. She proves to be a black woman and identifies herself as “Nubia! Wonder Woman of the floating island!” Diana and Nubia embrace, and then Nubia leaves to return to her island, promising that someday they will prove which is the true Wonder Woman. Hippolyte tells Wonder Woman she must return to Man’s World, though she can return to Paradise Island when she wishes. She goes to New York dressed as Diana Prince and gets a job as a translator at the United Nations, finding two new roommates to share her rent. Diana feels that she has been reborn, and wonders what will happen to her in her new life

Wonder Woman v1 #205
Target Wonder Woman
Fecha: 1973.04| Créditos: Robert Kanigher (Guiones), Don Heck (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

A terrorist named Dr. Domino tries to force U.N. troubleshooter Morgan Tracy to spill the knowledge of a deadly weapon by tying Wonder Woman to a missle and launching it.

Wonder Woman v1 #205/2
The Mystery of Nubia
Fecha: 1973.04| Créditos: Robert Kanigher (Guiones), Don Heck (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

On the floating island where she reigns, Nubia stops a fight between two rivals for her hand by offering to fight one of them herself.

Wonder Woman v1 #206
War of the Wonder Women
Fecha: 1973.07| Créditos: Robert Kanigher (Guiones), Don Heck (Dibujos)| Edición española: WONDER WOMAN: 80 AÑOS DE LA GUERRERA AMAZONA (ECC).

Wonder Woman learns untold facts about her origin: that a second statue of a child, created from black clay, was created by Queen Hippolyta at the same time as she was, and was also given life by Aphrodite, becoming Nubia, who was stolen from her cradle by Mars. Now Nubia has become the adult pupil of Mars, and is set against Wonder Woman just as Mars attacks Paradise Island.

Wonder Woman v1 #207
The Riddle of the Chinese Mummy Case
Fecha: 1973.09| Créditos: Robert Kanigher (Guiones), Ric Estrada (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman goes back in time to ancient China to aid a princess and to discover why a statue of Wonder Woman was found in a 2000-year-old mummy case. Comment: This is an Earth-One version of a story which involved the Earth-Two Wonder Woman and appeared in issue #37.

Wonder Woman v1 #207/2
The Four Dooms
Fecha: 1973.09| Créditos: Robert Kanigher (Guiones), Ric Estrada (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Inventa, a criminal scientist sentenced to Transformation Island, escapes her Venus Girdle with a special key of her devising, liberates the rest of the prisoners, and takes Paradise Island by force. Then she sentences Wonder Woman and Queen Hippolyta to the Island of Four Dooms. Comment: This is an Earth-One version of a story which involved the Earth-Two Wonder Woman and appeared in issue #33.

Wonder Woman v1 #208
The Titanic Trials
Fecha: 1973.11| Créditos: Robert Kanigher (Guiones), Ric Estrada (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman must run the gauntlet of four dooms in order to save herself and her mother. Comments: This is an Earth-One version of a story which involved the Earth-Two Wonder Woman and appeared in issue #33.

Wonder Woman v1 #208/2
Chessmen of Death
Fecha: 1973.11| Créditos: Robert Kanigher (Guiones), Ric Estrada (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman must face two cosmic chessplayers whose “game” is wrecking Earth. Comment: This is an Earth-One version of a story that involved the Earth-Two Wonder Woman and appeared in issue #55.

Wonder Woman v1 #209
The Planet of Plunder
Fecha: 1973.12| Créditos: Robert Kanigher (Guiones), Ric Estrada (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman must rescue the women of an underwater city from Solo and his Neptunian army. Comment: This is an Earth-One version of a story that involved the Earth-Two Wonder Woman and appeared in issue #31.

Wonder Woman v1 #209/2
Attack of the Sky Demons
Fecha: 1973.12| Créditos: Robert Kanigher (Guiones), Ric Estrada (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

On Princess Diana’s seventh birthday, the Sky Riders of Nebulosta invade Paradise Island, and only the young Wonder Girl can save her mother. Comment: This is an Earth-One version of a story that involved the Earth-Two Princess Diana and appeared in issue #23.

Wonder Woman v1 #210
The Golden Women and the White Star
Fecha: 1974.03| Créditos: Robert Kanigher (Guiones), Ric Estrada (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman and her sister Amazons are captured by giant golden women from outer space. Comment: This is an Earth-One version of a story that involved the Earth-Two Wonder Woman and appeared in issue #26.

Wonder Woman v1 #210/2
The Shrinking Formula
Fecha: 1974.03| Créditos: Robert Kanigher (Guiones), Ric Estrada (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

When Wonder Woman tries to stop an evil scientist from auctioning off a shrinking formula to the highest bidder, she is shrunken to miniature size herself. Comment: This is an Earth-One version of a story that involved the Earth-Two Wonder Woman and appeared in issue #31.

Wonder Woman v1 #211
The Maniacs of Mercury
Fecha: 1974.05| Créditos: Robert Kanigher (Guiones), Ric Estrada (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

When a space mission in Wonder Woman’s robot plane goes awry, the heroine saves herself and two sister Amazons from falling into the sun by diverting their course to land them on Mercury. There they become prisoners of the giant Mercurian males, led by King Celerito, who have enslaved all their women. Wonder Woman breaks free, encircles Celerito with her magic lasso, and orders him to release her sister Amazons and the Mercurian women. The ladies of Mercury give Celerito and other males a taste of menial work, but Wonder Woman tells them to live with them in love and peace and equality shortly afterward. Then she and the two Amazons return to Earth. Comment: This is an Earth-One version of a story that involved the Earth-Two Wonder Woman and appeared in issue #26.

Wonder Woman v1 #211/2
The Mystery of the Atom World
Fecha: 1974.05| Créditos: Robert Kanigher (Guiones), Ric Estrada (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman discovers a miniature sun in the crater of an atomic bomb test and recovers it for study in Paradise Island. The Amazons discover that an atom of uranium from the sun is really a miniature planet, controlled by female “protons” led by Queen Atomia, who have enslaved the male “neutrons”. Atomia directs the atom-world into a beaker of water in the Amazons’ laboratory, creating a vapor that kayoes the Amazons and shrinks them into “protons”. She binds the Amazons and has them taken prisoners, telling Wonder Woman she intends to enslave her and use her to master the Earth. Wonder Woman uses a telepathic command to have the “neutrons” free her, after which she frees the other Amazons, enlarges them and herself, and returns with them to Paradise Island. Comment: This is an Earth-One version of a story which involved the Earth-Two Wonder Woman and appeared in issue #21.

Wonder Woman v1 #212
The Man Who Mastered Women
Fecha: 1974.07| Créditos: Len Wein (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman helps rescue Indira Gamal, Prime Minister of Pamanasia, from female assassins at a ceremony near the U.N. Building being covered by Clark Kent. Later, she switches to Diana Prince and has to save Morgan Tracy from another female killer. In return, Tracy offers Diana a job as his assistant. But when Clark secretly quizzes Diana about when her powers returned, she has no idea that she ever lost them, and does not know that she ever went on leave of abscence from the Justice League. He tells her to come to JLA Headquarters for the team to help solve the mystery. She uses her magic lasso to change identities, a costume-change devised by Amazon scientists, and goes to the site of the deserted Secret Sanctuary. Superman deduces where she has gone, picks her up, and gets her to the JLA satellite. Once there, Superman, Batman, Flash, and Green Lantern confirm that she has no memory of her powerless period, and she wishes to retrieve her lost memories. The heroes wish her to return to the Justice League, but Wonder Woman fears she might have another memory-loss while in action and thus jeopardize her teammates. Then, inspired by Hercules’s Twelve Labors, she declares that she will rejoin the League if she can perform twelve assignments successfully. She orders the JLA members to individually monitor each of her next twelve cases, and, if she is judged worthy, she will return. They agree. Wonder Woman goes to Paradise Island, where she confronts her mother about her memory loss. Queen Hippolyte says that they could not restore her memories of her non-powered life, because their records of that time of her existence were incomplete, and they could not give her “half-memories”. When Wonder Woman asks what became of Steve Trevor, Hippolyte reveals that the “Steve Trevor” she has known for the past few weeks was a “mentally-induced substitute designed to maintain your psychological stability”, and that the real Steve Trevor is dead. Wonder Woman weeps, and then leaves Paradise Island. Diana takes the job with the U.N.’s Crisis Bureau, and then learns that the culprit behind the attacks on Ms. Gamal is The Cavalier, who hopes to control her and thus control her country. Wonder Woman defeats the villain. Superman, who has been monitoring her, makes his report to his fellow Leaguers, and then chooses The Flash as the next monitor member.

Wonder Woman v1 #213
The War-No-More Machine
Fecha: 1974.09| Créditos: Cary Bates (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

A giant robot from outer space robs human beings of their aggressive abilities, and only Wonder Woman and two others acting together can restore them.

Wonder Woman v1 #214
Wish Upon a Star
Fecha: 1974.11| Créditos: Elliot S! Maggin (Guiones), Curt Swan, Ross Andru, Mike Esposito, Harry G. Peter (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

When restaraunteur Henry Tudor learns that the star-shaped Celtic Amulet he wears can make wishes come true when Diana Prince, who wears a similar amulet, makes a wish, he tests it by wishing to become king of the world. The amulet’s power causes a U.S. bomber to head for Moscow, with orders to nuke the Russian capital. A world war can only result from this, and Tudor finds himself accidentally locked in a bank vault that will protect him from the holocaust, leaving him as one of the few people to survive it, and thus rule it. Green Lantern’s ring is bollixed by the magic, but Diana Prince becomes Wonder Woman, snags the bombs in her lasso, and muffles their explosion with its magic power. Afterward, GL’s ring functions normally and he breaks Tudor out of the bank vault, having learned of his predicament in the course of the adventure. Green Lantern files his report of the case with the JLA, reccommending that Wonder Woman be reinstated.

Wonder Woman v1 #215
Amazon Attack Against Atlantis
Fecha: 1974.12| Créditos: Cary Bates (Guiones), John Rosenberger, Vince Colletta (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman and Aquaman strive to keep Mars from making the Amazons and Atlanteans go to war on each other.

Wonder Woman v1 #216
Paradise in Peril
Fecha: 1975.03| Créditos: Elliot S! Maggin (Guiones), John Rosenberger, Vince Colletta (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Black Canary monitors Wonder Woman as she seeks to keep a Greek tycoon from finding out what would happen if a man sat foot on Paradise Island, breaking Aphrodite’s Law.

Wonder Woman v1 #217
The Day Time Broke Loose
Fecha: 1975.05| Créditos: Elliot S! Maggin, Robert Kanigher (Guiones), Dick Dillin, Vince Colletta, Ross Andru, Mike Esposito (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Arrow is the latest Justice League monitor over Wonder Woman, and he trails her in the U.N. Building as Oliver Queen only to see her meeting with–Green Arrow! The phony GA is really the Duke of Deception, who confuses Diana by referring to her as Supergirl and then leaving. All over the building, delegates and officials are confused by Deception’s illusions. Wonder Woman finds the Duke and attempts to lasso him, only to learn that the “Duke” she roped is an illusion and the real Deception now has her pent in the magic lasso. However, Wonder Woman penetrates Deception’s illusions, breaks free, makes the Duke unsure of himself, and topples his power. Trapping him with the magic lasso, Wonder Woman makes him confess that he hoped to drive the U.N. delegates mad and plunge the world into war, thus making Mars, god of War, bow to him. Green Arrow, however, has been affected by the Duke’s deceptions, and requires some hypnosis by Batman to set him straight.

Wonder Woman v1 #218
Revolt of the Wonder Weapons
Fecha: 1975.07| Créditos: Martin Pasko (Guiones), Kurt Schaffenberger (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

A phony astrologer taps Wonder Woman’s mental power to make her equipment go awry every time she uses it.

Wonder Woman v1 #218/2
Give Her Liberty–and Give Her Death
Fecha: 1975.07| Créditos: Martin Pasko (Guiones), Dick Dillin (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Felix Faust animates the Statue of Liberty and uses it as a weapon against Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman v1 #219
World of Enslaved Women
Fecha: 1975.09| Créditos: Martin Pasko (Guiones), Curt Swan, Vince Colletta (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

The ruler of a male-dominated world in another dimension kidnaps feminist leaders from Earth through a beauty parlor facade and subjects them to brainwashing, until Wonder Woman discovers the plot.

Wonder Woman v1 #220
The Man Who Wiped Out Time
Fecha: 1975.11| Créditos: Martin Pasko (Guiones), Dick Giordano (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

The Atom monitors Wonder Woman’s battle against Chronos, who temporarily wipes out all time-perception in Manhattan. But after the Atom’s report, Hawkman appears with a report of another Wonder Woman’s activity in a different locale at the same period.

Wonder Woman v1 #221
The Fiend with the Face of Glass
Fecha: 1975.12| Créditos: Martin Pasko (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Hawkman, making his report to the Justice League, asserts that there are two Wonder Woman, since he observed a case involving one Wonder Woman at the same time The Atom was monitoring another Wonder Woman. In the adventure recounted by Hawkman, Diana Prince consulted Princess Elaa of Khimyo about a psycho-chemical developed by her nation and locked in her briefcase, with the power to change an enemy’s personality. Later, Diana caught sight of Elaa among other women at a talk given by Dr. Gustav Renault, offering an experimental super-facelift cream. Still later, Diana witnessed a female associate of hers being abducted, changed into Wonder Woman, and soon found herself trapped by Dr. Cyber. Cyber, who had been conspiring with Elaa for the psycho-chemical, killed the princess. The villainess later doses Wonder Woman with the chemical, turning her into a raging, potential murderess. She tells the Amazon that, since Wonder Woman wiped out a data bank containing a formula that could have reconstructed Cyber’s ruined face, she wishes revenge on Wonder Woman. Professor Moon attempts to perform surgery on Wonder Woman to graft her face onto Cyber’s, but the heroine recovers her strength and breaks loose. Both Wonder Woman and Cyber end up battling on a ski lift over a mountain, with Cyber falling, apparently to her death. The scene causes Wonder Woman to shake off the effects of the psycho-chemical, but she is too late to save Cyber. In the present, Hawkman casts his vote to readmit Wonder Woman to the Justice League. The Atom still wonders how two Wonder Women can exist simultaneously. Batman enters, and says that he has the answer to the mystery.

Wonder Woman v1 #222
Will the Real Wonder Woman Please Drop Dead
Fecha: 1976.03| Créditos: Martin Pasko (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman reveals that the Wonder Woman that the Atom saw was a duplicate of the real Amazon Princess. He goes on to relate the case that he monitored: Diana Prince encountered her duplicate outside of the United Nations and had a battle with her, both of them switching to their Wonder Woman identities. The real Wonder Woman found herself aboard a remote-controlled plane taking her to Dazzleland, the theme park created by children’s writer Wade Dazzle. However, Dazzle has been dead and in deep-freeze for some time, while his duplicate, created of bio-energies sapped from the visitors to Dazzleland, ran the park and created the duplicate of Wonder Woman. Since Wonder Woman is an Amazon, the duplicate Dazzle feels that her immortal bio-energy cannot be depleted, and she can keep the original Wade Dazzle alive forever. Wonder Woman breaks free of the double-Dazzle’s trap and fights off her duplicate. Both the duplicate Dazzle and Wonder Woman die in an acid bath triggered by the villain. Wonder Woman meets with Batman just after the battle. The Caped Crusader confirms that the original Wade Dazzle is really dead. Wonder Woman feels that, since her duplicate was the one to defeat Chronos, she has only performed 11 labors. Batman disagrees, and later tells the JLA that the duplicate’s battle against Chronos should be counted as a legitimate labor. The League members vote unanimously to restore Wonder Woman to full membership in the team.

Wonder Woman v1 #223
Welcome Back to Life, Steve Trevor
Fecha: 1976.05| Créditos: Martin Pasko (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Queen Hippolyta has Aphrodite bring Steve Trevor back to life as a test of Wonder Woman’s skills and wisdom. After Wonder Woman passes the test, she begs Aphrodite to allow Steve to remain among the living, and the goddess consents.

Notas: Return of Steve Trevor

Wonder Woman v1 #224
Wonder Woman Vs. The United States
Fecha: 1976.07| Créditos: Martin Pasko (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman is falsely imprisoned in the United States as part of a renegade Amazon’s plot to take over Paradise Island.

Wonder Woman v1 #225
Maximus, Emperor of Hollow Mountain
Fecha: 1976.09| Créditos: Elliot S! Maggin (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman is kidnapped by a tycoon villain who wishes to extract her charisma and inject it into himself and his android duplicates.

Wonder Woman v1 #226
A Life in Flames
Fecha: 1976.11| Créditos: Martin Pasko (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman faces the threat of Hephaestus, god of fire, who menaces her and singer / actress Julie Gabriel with golden female robots and fire that feeds on emotion.

Wonder Woman v1 #227
My World…In Ashes
Fecha: 1976.12| Créditos: Martin Pasko (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman continues her battle with Hephaestus, while Julie Gabriel sings a song that may cause her death in flames.

Wonder Woman v1 #228
Retreat To Tomorrow
Fecha: 1977.02| Créditos: Martin Pasko (Guiones), Joe Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman finds herself yanked into Earth-Two during 1943 by the Red Panzer, a Nazi villain who has foreseen the future on a time-scanner and wishes to change the future so that the Third Reich will win World War II. However, the Panzer overshot his mark and returned to his normal era and Earth, and is confident that the Wonder Woman of his Earth and the Wonder Woman of Earth-One will cancel out each other’s existence. Wonder Woman does meet and battle her Earth-Two counterpart before the latter learns the truth about the two Earths from the Earth-One Amazon. The Wonder Women break into the Panzer’s laboratory and send the Earth-One heroine back to her proper time and Earth with his time-travel device, and the Earth-Two Wonder Woman stays behind to battle the Red Panzer.

Wonder Woman v1 #229
Tomorrow Belongs to Me
Fecha: 1977.03| Créditos: Martin Pasko (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman is temporarily stunned when she is struck by the time-ship of the Red Panzer. The Nazi takes her magic lasso and attempts to escape. The Amazon pursues him in the time-ship and retrieves her lasso. However, her bracelets are welded together when she stops a shell fired at her by the Nazi. As a result, she loses her strength, and the Red Panzer escapes. Steve Trevor finds Wonder Woman and pries her bracelets apart. While the Amazon answers a call to return to Paradise Island, Steve follows the Red Panzer on his own and is captured. On Paradise Island, Hippolyte uses the magic lasso to remove Wonder Woman’s knowledge of the future from her. Wonder Woman then returns to Washington where Etta informs her about Steve. Wonder Woman is captured too when she tries to catch the Nazi. The Red Panzer then uses her as target practice for missiles. Sensing that the missiles are targeting her bracelets, Wonder Woman removes them. As a result, she goes berserk. The rampaging Amazon is able to escape the missiles, rescue Steve, and stop the Panzer. Steve is able to put her bracelets back on before the uncontrolled fury of Wonder Woman kills anyone.

Notas: Begins tales set on Earth Two during World War II. Several details are introduced in this story to make the Wonder Woman comic conform to the TV show. 1) Wonder Woman’s adventures are now set during World War II. As evidenced in Wonder Woman #228, this means that this is the Earth-2 Wonder Woman. 2) Major Steve Trevor is depicted as a brunette while actual Golden Age stories show that he is blond. 3) Hippolyte is blond while in Golden Age stories, she is a brunette. Later Wonder Woman stories published in the 1950s also depict her as a blond. 4) General Blankenship, a character created for the TV series is introduced. Golden Age stories frequently used Colonel Darnell instead who is not in evidence here. In the TV show Blankenship’s first name was Philip. However, the name on his office door shows that his first initial in the comic is J. 5) Etta Candy is Blankenship’s secretary. This is not consistent with her Golden Age appearances which show her as a rotund college student at Holliday College. 6) Diana Prince’s rank is given as Yeoman. In the Golden Age she was a nurse and a Lieutenant.

Wonder Woman v1 #230
The Claws of the Cheetah
Fecha: 1977.04| Créditos: Martin Pasko (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Diana Prince and Steve Trevor attend a dinner gala at the White House. Maxwell Stanhope, a devout isolationist, tries to assassinate Roosevelt. Diana becomes Wonder Woman and stops the would-be killer. Also in attendance is Priscilla Rich. When the woman sees Wonder Woman, her personality disorder is triggered causing Priscilla to become the Cheetah. The Cheetah then sets a trap for Wonder Woman. She uses claw shaped darts which Wonder Woman deflects with her bracelets. However, unknown to the Amazon, the darts leave an invisible mark on her which the Cheetah can detect. Later, the Cheetah observes the women working for the war department and spots the mark on Diana Prince. Armed with the knowledge of Wonder Woman’s secret identity, the Cheetah plans another trap by planting a bomb in a camera that will be used to film the Amazon. However, before her plan can be enacted, the Cheetah’s mind transitions back to that of Priscilla. Regretting her evil nature, Priscilla seeks to eliminate the cause of her transformations into the Cheetah. She hypnotizes Diana Prince into forgetting that she is Wonder Woman. When filming is to commence, Wonder Woman does not appear. Steve Trevor is asked to step in to film war bond promotional piece instead. Priscilla realizes that the bomb will kill Steve. Reluctantly, she restores Diana’s memory of her Wonder Woman alter ego so that Steve’s life can be saved. Priscilla once again becomes the Cheetah, but Wonder Woman stops her. The Amazon then takes her mentally damaged to Transformation Island for rehabilitation.

Wonder Woman v1 #231
This War Has Been Cancelled
Fecha: 1977.05| Créditos: Martin Pasko, Alan Brennert (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

A tank battle in the desert of Egypt causes damage to a pyramid. Inside, a mummy arises having been restored to life by the battle. The mummy removes its wrappings and is revealed as Osira, an alien woman who came to Earth thousands of years earlier with her husband Hefnakhti and brought peace to the ancient Egyptians. She and Hefnakhti oversaw the construction of the pyramids and taught the people irrigation techniques. However, the aliens were overthrown and imprisoned inside the pyramid. Now awakened, Osira seeks to bring peace to the world. She coerces Congress to declare Pearl Harbor a misunderstanding and unites British and German soldiers under her command. Wonder Woman restores order to Congress, then flies to Egypt with Steve Trevor. Wonder Woman battles Osira inside the pyramid, but she loses the fight and is imprisoned inside a force shield. Also revealed as prisoners of Osira are several members of the Justice Society.

Notas: Slight crossover with Isis #5

Wonder Woman v1 #232
A Duel of Gods
Fecha: 1977.06| Créditos: Martin Pasko (Guiones), Mike Nasser (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman is defeated and captured by Osira who seeks to make Steve Trevor her new mate because he is a double for her dead husband Hefnakhti. While Wonder Woman uses her magic lasso to escape, Osira begins to possess Steve with the soul of her husband. Wonder Woman interrupts and knocks out Steve. She then uses him as a shield against Osira who doesn’t want him harmed. One of Osira’s misfired energy blasts frees the Justice Society members from imprisonment. However, Osira is able to control them and send them after Wonder Woman. A chase across the desert begins with the Sphinx being destroyed in the process. Wonder Woman eventually prevails and convinces Osira to leave Earth. Osira’s body disintegrates and her spirit joins that of her husband. Wonder Woman and most of the JSA depart, while Starman stays behind to reconstruct the Sphinx with his gravity rod.

Wonder Woman v1 #233
Fecha: 1977.07| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Don Heck (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman learns that the Nazis control a 10k lb sea-beast called Leviathan. She must defeat them both for the future of womankind.

Wonder Woman v1 #234
And Death My Destiny
Fecha: 1977.08| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Don Heck (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Vs Captain Strung (villain); Armageddon (intro)

Wonder Woman v1 #235
The Biology Bomb
Fecha: 1977.09| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Returning, in her Invisible Plane, to Washington from her battle aboard the U-boat, Wonder Woman spots a sabotage attempt taking place on the roof of a boxcar in a freight train, speeding toward Washington. She leaps out of her plane and pounces on the masked saboteurs; she quickly subdues them. Diana has brought with her two orphans from overseas, and near Washington she encounters difficulty in placing them in an orphanage, but eventually they are taken in at the Jerusalem Home. Wonder Woman changes into Yeoman Prince and visits Major Trevor at Walter Reed Army Hospital. Consulting physician Charles McNider has found an inflamed area, slightly abraded and possibly infected, on Steve’s arm, but his concern is haughtily brushed off by a senior surgeon. McNider is later proven right: Steve Trevor is mutated into a 6000-pound raging monster with a stolen formula of unknown origin. In a titanic battle at the Washington Monument, Wonder Woman recognizes Steve, but before she can smooth over the conflict, a tank shoots Steve with its cannon, from close range, and he falls down. Doctor McNider checks him out and declares him dead.

Wonder Woman v1 #236
Armageddon Day
Fecha: 1977.10| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Vs Armageddon.

Wonder Woman v1 #237
The Secret Origin of Wonder Woman
Fecha: 1977.11| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Vs Kung the Assassin (intro).

Notas: 1st Appearance of Kung; Origin of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman v1 #238
Assassin of a Thousand Claws
Fecha: 1977.12| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Vs Kung the Assassin.

Wonder Woman v1 #239
A Duke Named Deception
Fecha: 1978.01| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

June 1942: In New York City, Wonder Woman and the Flash take down a gang of Nazi assassins. Wonder Woman lectures Flash about Equality. Meanwhile behind the scenes, the Duke of Deception has been using his illusions to frame Wonder Woman as a national menace. That evening, Diana meets Jay, to patch up their quarrel, at Liberty Island. The Duke fools Wonder Woman into a destructive fight with the Statue of Liberty, which gets knocked over in the fracas, and then he fools her into attacking some American sailors. The Flash runs across the Hudson River to intervene, but the Duke of Deception distracts him with an illusory sea monster. Wonder Woman finishes beating up the sailors, just before a detachment arrives from Fort Dix, to arrest her.

Wonder Woman v1 #240
Wanted:One Amazon — Dead or Alive
Fecha: 1978.02| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman becomes a fugitive after the Duke of Deception causes her to attack some American sailors, and a U.S.Army detachment confronts her at the Navy Pier on the Jersey Shore. While she is demolishing a tank, one infantryman gets behind her and head-konks her unconscious with a rifle butt. Meanwhile on the surface of the Hudson River, the Flash is fighting an illusory sea monster, using his vacuum vortex technique, then races to aid Wonder Woman. He instead meets General Blankenship, who tells him his version of the evening’s events. Flash is not seen again for several hours. Overnight the newspapers put out the story of Diana’s alleged treason. In the Bowery, the disguised Duke of Deception recruits Napoleon Jones, a bum, and promises him the destiny he deserves. The next morning Diana wakes up manacled, in a Navy brig, and is extremely indignant about it. Etta Candy is assigned to assist her in seeking legal counsel, and the two of them figure out that this is a frame-up, and Wonder Woman devises a plan, and tells it to Etta. Then she is perp-walked, thru a hostile New York crowd, to her arraignment at the Federal Court Building. The arraignment hearing also serves as an indictment, as agreed by some deal between the defense and prosecution. Wonder Woman has her Magic Lasso with her in the courtroom. This all drones on for an hour, and then the Flash, disguised as a Nazi super villain, charges into the courtroom and wreaks havoc. Steve Trevor unmanacles Wonder Woman and she steps in and fights with Siegfried the Speedster. The whole courtroom falls for this stunt, and Wonder Woman’s reputation is saved. The Duke of Deception is attending the trial, and on seeing this, tries to salvage the situation by calling in his new henchling Napoleon Jones, and his new gang. Jones has been equipped by the Duke with an illusion-casting device, and he turns his small gang or ordinary thugs into a large gang of German infantry. It’s not large enough to last very long against Wonder Woman however, so Napoleon Jones tries a new tactic. The illusion-casting device seemingly creates a giant golem out of sidewalk concrete, and sets it to fighting Wonder Woman. Diana quickly deduces that it’s only an illusion, and it begins to disintegrate, then crumbles completely. Then she spots Napoleon Jones, lining her up for a Tommy-gun burst, and lassos him, compelling him to blurt out what little he knows. Jones does not know who or where the Duke of Deception is. Mars knows these things, and Mars is enraged by the Duke’s failure; he exacts a harsh punishment, by stripping away the Duke’s deceptive good looks, revealing him as a toothless bald old chinless runt of a god. Deception of course blames Wonder Woman for his disfigurement, and vows to get revenge on her.

Wonder Woman v1 #241
Three Roads to Destiny
Fecha: 1978.03| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Joe Staton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Vs Bouncer.

Wonder Woman v1 #242
Tomorrow’s Gods and Demons
Fecha: 1978.04| Créditos: Jack C. Harris (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

When Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor are on a parade in celebration of the end of World War II, Steve is kidnapped by a flying saucer. The aliens inside the ship, the Cerberons, transform Steve into a humanoid being in white robes and skin. Entitled Ultimate Man, Steve begins to turn other humans into beings like himself, and these begin to transform others as well. Hippolyta expects her daughter to remain on Paradise Island, but Steve’s situation requires the attention of the Amazon Princess. There’s a confrontation and a struggle between Wonder Woman and the Ultimate Man’s transformed legions, all of whom look and speak identically to one another. Hippolyta watches via her Magic Sphere and is rooting for Steve’s side to win, and is tempted to recall Diana to Paradise Island, which would end the argument and, theoretically, end all evil. At that moment she is contacted from the Nether Realms by two grim figures: Doctor Fate and the Spectre! They advise the Queen that Wonder Woman’s battle for individual freedom for all people IS the right side of the argument, and Hippolyta relents. Diana meanwhile flies out to face off with the Cerberons’ starship, and she harangues them into changing their minds. There is a rush of hot wind, cold darkness, and bright light, and everybody including Steve has been restored to normal. One week later, in the Pentagon, General Blankenship announces his imminent retirement, Major Trevor and Yeoman Prince have re-enlisted, and Private Candy is leaving the Army to attend Holliday College, where she has already been rushed by the Holliday Girls. Watching all of this from a future year in a parallel universe is the Angle Man.

Wonder Woman v1 #243
The Five-Sided Square
Fecha: 1978.05| Créditos: Jack C. Harris (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Angle Man, escaping from 1978 (in which he was defeated by the Justice League) into the past, miscalculates the use of his Angler and appears in 1945 on Earth-Two, and soon finds himself battling the Wonder Woman of that Earth. When he attempts to use the Angler to return to his normal Earth and time, he instead snatches the Wonder Woman of Earth-One to Earth-Two in 1945. The Wonder Women team up and eventually defeat Angle Man. Then Wonder Woman of Earth-One uses her magic lasso to cause her counterpart, Etta Candy, and Steve Trevor (who have also witnessed the event) to forget their knowledge of the future, her existence, and Earth-One. Finally, Wonder Woman uses the Angler to return herself and Angle Man to Earth-One in 1978, and uses the Justice League transporter to send him back to prison.

Wonder Woman v1 #244
The Terrorist Dooms
Fecha: 1978.06| Créditos: Jack C. Harris (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman battles SCYTHE, a terrorist organization seeking to force America to free its captive leader.

Wonder Woman v1 #245
Vengeance–From Ice to Fire
Fecha: 1978.07| Créditos: Jack C. Harris (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman and Steve Howard try to counter SCYTHE’s attempts to terrorize the world with a weather-control satellite.

Wonder Woman v1 #246
Darkness, Darkness–Everywhere
Fecha: 1978.08| Créditos: Jack C. Harris (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

An old woman’s experimentation in magic leads to a demoness stealing Wonder Woman’s tiara and threatening the populance of Diana Prince’s apartment building.

Wonder Woman v1 #247
The Inside-Out Man
Fecha: 1978.09| Créditos: Jack C. Harris, Bob Toomey (Guiones), Jose Delbo, Maurice Whitman (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman fights Inversion, a scientist who accidentally turned himself inside-out during a teleportation experiment…and now wants to do the same to everyone on Earth.

Notas: Tales of the Amazons story

Wonder Woman v1 #247/2
Burial At Sea
Fecha: 1978.09| Créditos: Bob Toomey (Guiones), Maurice Whitman (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Hippolyte and the Amazons reclaim Aphrodite’s girdle from Hercules and break free of slavery, but not before Hercules kills an Amazon named Diana. After a battle at sea against a giant squid, the Amazons are sent to another universe by a sea serpent who serves Aphrodite.

Wonder Woman v1 #248
The Crypt of the Dark Commander
Fecha: 1978.10| Créditos: Jack C. Harris, Bob Toomey (Guiones), José Luis García-López, Maurice Whitman (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Steve Howard is kidnapped by agents of Major Bradley, who seeks to use the essence of his restored life to reanimate the corpse of the demonic Dark Commander.

Notas: Death of Steve Trevor; Tales of the Amazons story

Wonder Woman v1 #248/2
The Wind Between the Stars
Fecha: 1978.10| Créditos: Bob Toomey (Guiones), Maurice Whitman (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Travelling between the worlds, the shipful of Amazons is trapped by a giant talking spider, but win free with the help of Char, a griffin.

Wonder Woman v1 #249
The Sinister Seeker of Secrets
Fecha: 1978.11| Créditos: Jack C. Harris, Bob Toomey (Guiones), Jose Delbo, Maurice Whitman (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl are contacted after Steve Trevor’s funeral by Greg Trevor, Steve’s brother, who informs them they are targets for a group who wishes to force the Justice League to share their secrets with humanity.

Notas: Hawkgirl cover/team-up; Tales of the Amazons story

Wonder Woman v1 #249/2
Patterns In the Dust
Fecha: 1978.11| Créditos: Bob Toomey (Guiones), Maurice Whitman (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Hippolyte and her Amazons accompany Char to his former kingdom, an island in the sky, and do battle with birdlike beings who serve the “Nameless God”.

Wonder Woman v1 #250
Fecha: 1978.12| Créditos: Jack C. Harris (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

An Amazon named Orana demands that a new tournament be held for the right to become Wonder Woman, and competes against Princess Diana.

Notas: 1st Appearance of Wonder Woman (Orana); Origin of Wonder Woman (Orana)

Wonder Woman v1 #251
The Name Is Wonder Woman
Fecha: 1979.01| Créditos: Jack C. Harris (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Diana Prince returns to Man’s World and ends up trying to assist the new Wonder Woman in a battle against Warhead, a terrorist, which claims Orana’s life.

Notas: Death of Wonder Woman (Orana)

Wonder Woman v1 #252
The Empress of the Silver Snake
Fecha: 1979.02| Créditos: Jack C. Harris (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Just as Diana Prince is accepted for NASA astronaut training, Wonder Woman must battle Astarte, Empress of the Silver Snake.

Notas: 1st Appearance of Stacy Macklin

Wonder Woman v1 #253
Spirit of Silver, Soul of Gold
Fecha: 1979.03| Créditos: Jack C. Harris (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Astarte battles Wonder Woman and the Amazons on the moon, and finally reveals that her body contains the spirit of the dead Amazon Diana, whom Wonder Woman was named for. Some parts of this story continue from the Tales of the Amazons series in issues #247-249.

Wonder Woman v1 #254
The Angle in the Stars
Fecha: 1979.04| Créditos: Jack C. Harris (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman seems unable to halt Angle Man’s plan to hijack and ransom a NASA space shuttle, and is unaware of Mars’s and his lieutenants’ involvement.

Wonder Woman v1 #255
Menace of the Mental Murderer
Fecha: 1979.05| Créditos: Paul Levitz (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman must stop the Bushmaster’s mind-controlled assassins from killing a scientist.

Wonder Woman v1 #256
The Return of the Royal Flush Gang
Fecha: 1979.06| Créditos: Paul Levitz (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman runs into the Royal Flush Gang while the latter are attempting to rob NASA of a guidance system, and eventually learns that one of their members is one of her friends at the space agency.

Wonder Woman v1 #257
The Case of the Impossible Crimes
Fecha: 1979.07| Créditos: Paul Levitz (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman returns to New York City and faces a foe who can transform himself into many shapes.

Wonder Woman v1 #258
The Long Grey Line of Death
Fecha: 1979.08| Créditos: Paul Kupperberg, Paul Levitz (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman has to stop a disgruntled major from destroying West Point with a missle in revenge for his son’s suicide.

Wonder Woman v1 #259
A Power Gone Mad
Fecha: 1979.09| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Mars takes power in Olympus and, consulting with an advertising man from Earth, puts into motion a plan to make Wonder Woman seem a villainess and Hercules a hero when he defeats her, by having Mercury steal the Amazon’s bracelets of submission.

Wonder Woman v1 #260
A Warrior in Chains
Fecha: 1979.10| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman is imprisoned for her rampage, but breaks out to try and counter Mars’s threatened dominion over Earth.

Wonder Woman v1 #261
Quest to the Palace at the Edge of Time
Fecha: 1979.11| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Aphrodite sends Wonder Woman on a quest to the Palace at the Edge of Time to stop Mars from conquering Earth.

Wonder Woman v1 #262
The Bushmaster Strikes Twice
Fecha: 1979.12| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Ric Estrada (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

The Bushmaster is assigned to return to New York City and capture the UN Building in order to assassinate Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman v1 #263
The Power and the Pampas
Fecha: 1980.01| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

The Cartel assigns the Gaucho, another of its super-assassins, to capture Wonder Woman when the Amazon goes on an information search in Washington, D.C.

Wonder Woman v1 #264
A Bomb In the Bird Is Worth Two In the Band
Fecha: 1980.02| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

The Gaucho distracts Wonder Woman with a horde of robot bird-bombs to keep her from interfering with his assassination attempt on a California senator.

Wonder Woman v1 #265
Land of the Scaled Gods
Fecha: 1980.03| Créditos: Gerry Conway, E. Nelson Bridwell (Guiones), Jose Delbo, Ric Estrada (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Diana Prince and a fellow astronaut go on the first space shuttle mission but are brought down by aliens in a hidden valley filled with dinosaurs.

Notas: Wonder Girl backup story

Wonder Woman v1 #265/2
Jupiter Is Dead
Fecha: 1980.03| Créditos: E. Nelson Bridwell (Guiones), Ric Estrada (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Girl learns from a faked will that Mr. Jupiter, the old mentor of the Teen Titans, is not dead, but gets lured into a trap in a rescue attempt.

Wonder Woman v1 #266
The Uninvited
Fecha: 1980.04| Créditos: Gerry Conway, E. Nelson Bridwell (Guiones), Jose Delbo, Ric Estrada (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman learns the origins of the “scaled gods” and attempts to break herself and the two other captive humans free of their grasp.

Notas: Wonder Girl backup story

Wonder Woman v1 #266/2
The Perfect Crime
Fecha: 1980.04| Créditos: E. Nelson Bridwell (Guiones), Ric Estrada (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Perfection reveals that her capture of Mr. Jupiter was only a cover for her true goal–capturing Wonder Girl and getting her to reveal the Amazons’ secret of eternal youth.

Wonder Woman v1 #267
The Man Who Walked With Beasts
Fecha: 1980.05| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman goes to a Citadel enclave hidden in an artificial “veldt” stocked with animals in the California desert. There she meets and briefly battles with Animal-Man, a hero with animal powers. They straighten things out and Animal-Man tells her he put his crime-fighting career on hiatus after a few cases, until recently, when the Cartel killed a movie producer and a friend of his was charged with the murder. Wonder Woman and Animal-Man fight their way into the Cartel hideout and discover an electronic map with another Cartel power base identified in France.

Notas: Origin of Animal Man

Wonder Woman v1 #268
Battleground: France
Fecha: 1980.06| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman and Animal-Man go to Marseilles, France in search of the Citadel, where they save a gangster named Krispin from being assassinated by the group. Encircled by Wonder Woman’s magic lasso, Krispin reveals that the Citadel has ordered him to turn over his organization to the Prime Planner. The three of them are attacked by the Citadel’s trio of super-assassins, Lumber Jack, Red Fang, and Changeling, and Wonder Woman and Krispin’s daughter Lauren are abducted by the Prime Planner. Wonder Woman, faking unconsciousness, learns that the Prime Planner is really her former boss, Morgan Tracy, then defeats him and the other Cartel members and rescues Lauren. Later, talking with Animal-Man, Wonder Woman says that someone else with the necessary resources must be behind Morgan Tracy.

Wonder Woman v1 #269
Return To Paradise Island
Fecha: 1980.07| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Despairing of ever being able to change Man’s World, Wonder Woman returns to Paradise Island.

Wonder Woman v1 #270
Rebirth on Paradise Island
Fecha: 1980.08| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Jose Delbo (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Aphrodite answers Queen Hippolyta’s prayers and erases the memory of Steve Trevor from Princess Diana’s mind. Later, Diana learns of a race of elementals who formerly made Paradise Island their home. Finally, the Amazons are witness to the crash of an aircraft from a parallel Earth, whose pilot is saved by Diana…and who proves to be Steve Trevor.

Wonder Woman v1 #271
Renewal on Paradise Island
Fecha: 1980.09| Créditos: Gerry Conway, Paul Levitz (Guiones), Jose Delbo, Joe Staton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

After Princess Diana rescues the new Steve Trevor and heals him with her Purple Ray, Queen Hippolyte asks Aphrodite where he came from. She responds that he is from the Earth of another dimension, and even she has no power to send him back there. Since it is as though Diana was meeting Steve Trevor for the first time, and since Diana must return to Man’s World, Aphrodite extends the Mists of Nepenthe over the Earth, causing all people to forget the existence of the other Steve Trevor who died years ago. Once again, Diana competes against the Amazons for the right to go into Man’s World, and wins the costume and title of Wonder Woman. Just before Wonder Woman returns with Steve to America, Hippolyte begs him, “Don’t hurt her again,” which mystifies Trevor.

Notas: Huntress backup series begins

Wonder Woman v1 #272
The Man with All the Angles
Fecha: 1980.10| Créditos: Gerry Conway, Paul Levitz (Guiones), Jose Delbo, Joe Staton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Diana Prince and Steve Trevor are reinserted in the USAF with some help from Aphrodite. But Angle Man attacks the base Diana is assigned to, trying to steal another space shuttle. When Wonder Woman goes after him, he sends her into another dimension with his Angler.

Notas: Huntress story

Wonder Woman v1 #273
The Right Angle
Fecha: 1980.11| Créditos: Gerry Conway, Paul Levitz (Guiones), Jose Delbo, Joe Staton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman manages to bring herself out of the sideral dimension Angle Man has hurled her into by use of her magic lasso. Angle Man reveals himself to the personnel of Andrews Air Force Base and admits that he has stolen the space shuttle, demanding a half-billion dollars in ransom for it before he leaves with his Angler. Steve makes a date with Wonder Woman. Before then, Etta and Diana rent an apartment in Georgetown. Later, during her date with Steve, Wonder Woman spies Angle Man in civvies and attacks him. Angle Man attempts to send her to another sideral dimension, but she grabs him and drags him along with her. She destroys the Angler, knocks Angle Man out, and uses her lasso again to restore them to their proper dimension.

Notas: Huntress story

Wonder Woman v1 #274
One Super-Villain: Made To Order
Fecha: 1980.12| Créditos: Gerry Conway, Paul Levitz (Guiones), Jose Delbo, Joe Staton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman tries to stop an oil spill from an offshore tanker and meets with wealthy Deborah Domaine and her ecology group, the O.E.S. (Organization for Ecological Sanity). Deborah later opens a letter from her aunt, Priscilla Rich, informing her that Priscilla only has a few months to live. She goes to Priscilla’s side and is there when she dies, but inadvertenly knocks herself unconscious while bumping against a mannequin wearing the costume of the Cheetah, Priscilla’s super-villainess identity. Kobra discovers Debbie and the dead Priscilla, takes Debbie, and brainwashes her into becoming the new Cheetah. Meanwhile, Diana Prince must juggle a date she has made with Gen. Darnell at the same time she is keeping one as Wonder Woman with Steve Trevor.

Notas: ; 1st Appearance of Cheetah II (Deborah Domaine); Death of Cheetah (Priscilla Rich)

Wonder Woman v1 #275
Claws of the Cheetah
Fecha: 1981.01| Créditos: Gerry Conway, Paul Levitz (Guiones), Jose Delbo, Joe Staton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

The new Cheetah destroys a dam, causes flooding, and, when Wonder Woman helps out in rescue operations, steals the Amazon’s magic lasso. Suspecting that Debbie Domaine is the new Cheetah, Wonder Woman steals aboard the heiress’s boat and recovers her lasso. The Cheetah does battle with Wonder Woman, thinking that the Amazon is anti-ecology, but is lost when her boat crashes into a ferry. Wonder Woman vows to find the “master” whom the Cheetah spoke of, and, elsewhere, Kobra promises to destroy Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman v1 #276
Seek the Serpent and Find Death
Fecha: 1981.02| Créditos: Gerry Conway, Paul Levitz (Guiones), Jose Delbo, Joe Staton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman secretly attends the funeral of Priscilla Rich, and shortly thereafter is attacked by a Cobra Cultist, who destroys himself rather than reveal his master’s secrets to Wonder Woman. Nonetheless, Kobra declares that he is ready for a masterstroke that will enable him to conquer the world. Diana Prince later finds a reference to a “Kobra File” involving Morgan Tracy, her ex-boss and the Prime Planner of the Cartel. Steve Trevor, in the meantime, finds out the head of a project to develop Cobalt 93, the ultimate “dirty” bomb has been murdered and the device stolen. Diana decides that Kobra was behind the Cartel and Morgan Tracy, and becomes Wonder Woman again, going to Carlsbad Caverns National Park, named in the Kobra File as a base of operations. There she faces and defeats more Cobra Cultists, misses catching their leader, and finds a top secret government report on the Cobalt 93 project.

Wonder Woman v1 #277
The Kobra Ultimatum
Fecha: 1981.03| Créditos: Gerry Conway, Paul Levitz (Guiones), Jose Delbo, Joe Staton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

When Wonder Woman tries to interrogate the Cobra Cultists using her magic lasso, they literally explode due to a post-hypnotic command. Kobra preempts all worldwide television broadcasts to issue an ultimatum, demanding one-half the world’s gross national product in precious metals upon pain of his unleashing the Cobalt 93 bomb in the Middle East. Diana Prince consults Mother Juju, a mystic, about the Cobra Cult and learns they date back 100 years, to anti-British fakirs in India. Wonder Woman travels to India and uses her magic lasso to force a fakir to reveal Kobra’s hiding place, in an old temple of Kali. Once inside, she falls through a trap door and finds herself confronted by Kobra and a pack of real king cobras.

Wonder Woman v1 #278
The Serpent and the Amazon
Fecha: 1981.04| Créditos: Gerry Conway, Paul Levitz (Guiones), Jose Delbo, Joe Staton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman hurls the cobras at “Kobra”, expecting him to be immune to their bite. But since the “Kobra” before her is only an underling dressed in his master’s uniform, he dies from their bite. She spots the real Kobra on a perch above her and leaps to it, but he and his cultists escape from her. In a secret chamber, Wonder Woman comes across a replica of the pyramids, with a replica of Cheops’s pyramid encircled by a stone cobra. She thus deduces that the Cobalt 69 bomb is enconsced within that pyramid, and both she and Steve Trevor go there. Steve disables the bomb while Diana fights Kobra, who escapes, and captures the Cobra Cultists, while the pyramid is destroyed.

Wonder Woman v1 #279
The Strange Disappearance of Etta Candy
Fecha: 1981.05| Créditos: Gerry Conway, Paul Levitz (Guiones), Jose Delbo, Joe Staton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman goes to Mother Juju for help in fighting some demon-cultists whose magic defeated her when she tried to rescue Etta Candy from their clutches.

Wonder Woman v1 #280
In the Claws of Demons
Fecha: 1981.06| Créditos: Gerry Conway, Paul Levitz (Guiones), Jose Delbo, Joe Staton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman tries and fails to save Etta Candy from the demon Baal-Satyr. It knocks her unconscious and vanishes from the mortal plane with Etta in hand. After Wonder Woman awakens, she becomes Diana Prince again and goes with Steve Trevor to investigate the Delphi Foundation, ostensibly run by the wheelchair-bound Oscar Pound. Pound denies involvement with Etta’s disappearance. But later, he is visited by Klarion the Witch-Boy, who has given him back the use of his legs with witchcraft in return for the backing of his foundation. Wonder Woman goes to consult with Mother Juju, who tells her about Jason Blood. The Amazon visits Blood and his partner Randu, and speaks the incantation that allows Etrigan the Demon to take over Blood’s body. The Demon agrees to help her find Baal-Satyr, and they leave the mortal plane.

Wonder Woman v1 #281
The Castle Outside Time
Fecha: 1981.07| Créditos: Gerry Conway, Paul Levitz (Guiones), Jose Delbo, Joe Staton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

The Demon leads Wonder Woman on a quest through a netherworld until both of them reach Baal-Satyr’s castle in time to stop the villain from throwing Etta into a cauldron. The two heroes destroy Baal-Satyr. But, on Earth, Klarion has knocked Randu Singh briefly unconscious, severing Etrigan’s link with that world, and Wonder Woman fears that she, the Demon, and Etta are trapped in the netherworld. Meanwhile, a transforming Oscar Pound learns that his bargain with Klarion has some strings attached.

Wonder Woman v1 #282
Return and Redemption
Fecha: 1981.08| Créditos: Gerry Conway, Paul Levitz (Guiones), Jose Delbo, Joe Staton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Randu Singh performs an incantation that brings Wonder Woman, Etta Candy, and the Demon back from the netherworld. The threesome materialize in Diana Prince’s apartment, where they meet Steve Trevor, who is investigating Etta’s disappearance. Etrigan vanishes, later reuniting with Randu and Glenda and resuming his Jason Blood form. Diana Prince learns that Sen. Abernathy was responsible for giving Oscar Pound access to Etta, when he caved in to pressure from the Delphi Foundation. Still later, Wonder Woman fights Oscar Pound, who has been transformed into a minotaur, defeats him, and comes upon the battle between the Demon and Klarion. Klarion vanishes, leaving only a charred spot, but Etrigan confirms that neither he nor Klarion can be killed, and becomes Jason Blood again. With Klarion’s defeat, Oscar Pound becomes human again, and finds he is once again a cripple.

Wonder Woman v1 #283
Fecha: 1981.09| Créditos: Gerry Conway, Paul Levitz (Guiones), Jose Delbo, Joe Staton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman neutralizes a booby-trapped factory run by agents of the Red Dragon, a Chinese villain who wishes to return his homeland to its feudal past. Steve Trevor, FBI agent Fairbanks, and Chinese operative Lao Chen follow up minutes later, and all find a huge stockpile of weapons in the factory. They also find a box with a dragon medallion and a card from the Dragon Bakery in San Francisco. Wonder Woman, Steve, and Chen encounter costumed Red Dragon agents there and learn of the mastermind’s plans, just as one of the men releases a real, giant-sized red dragon at them.

Wonder Woman v1 #284
Shadow of the Dragon
Fecha: 1981.10| Créditos: Gerry Conway, Paul Levitz (Guiones), Jose Delbo, Joe Staton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman fights and destroys the dragon, which turns out to be a robot. She, Steve Trevor, and Lao Chen investigate the site and find more weapons stolen from U.S. sources, including a crate that held a new cruise missle. Lao Chen invites Steve and Diana Prince (who has secretly switched identities) to China to help them find the missle and capture the Red Dragon. While Diana, Chen, and Trevor are in China, they are rendered unconscious by a sleep-gas bomb hurled by one of the Dragon’s agents,who secretly places a “control crystal” on Steve. Sometime after they awaken, the Red Dragon launches the cruise missle, which is able to evade all known aircraft, at Peiping. Steve Trevor holds a device which can control or abort the missle, but the Dragon exerts control over him and has him destroy the missle control.

Notas: Robin and Huntress Back-up Story

Wonder Woman v1 #285
Dragon Hunt
Fecha: 1981.11| Créditos: Gerry Conway, Paul Levitz (Guiones), Jose Delbo, Joe Staton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

To save Steve Trevor from mental enslavement, Wonder Woman must walk into a trap of the Red Dragon’s.

Notas: Robin and Huntress Back-up Story

Wonder Woman v1 #286
Be Wonder Woman and Die
Fecha: 1981.12| Créditos: Robert Kanigher, Paul Levitz (Guiones), Jose Delbo, Joe Staton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman gives a wannabe actress who wishes to play her in a movie the chance to play her in real life, not knowing that the girl has only six months to live and that she will die accepted by the Amazons as one of their own.

Wonder Woman v1 #287
Eye of the Beholder
Fecha: 1982.01| Créditos: Marv Wolfman, Paul Levitz (Guiones), Don Heck, Joe Staton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Girl and Starfire of the New Teen Titans respond to a mysterious summons to a New York harbor dock and are attacked by costumed crooks, who manage to capture Wonder Girl. Starfire captures one of the gang, learns that her prisoner is a woman, and contacts Robin, who in turn phones Diana Prince and enlists Wonder Woman’s aid. Wonder Girl is held prisoner by Dr. Cyber in a gas-filled chamber, and Cyber lures Wonder Woman to her hideout, intent on having her aide Dr. Moon transplant her brain into Wonder Woman’s body. Rather than risk her adopted sister’s life, Wonder Woman appears to agree to Cyber’s terms. But the rest of the New Teen Titans burst in and give battle. Wonder Woman defeats Cyber, and Wonder Girl breaks herself out of the glass prison she had been held in.

Wonder Woman v1 #288
Swan Song
Fecha: 1982.02| Créditos: Roy Thomas (Guiones), Gene Colan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman checks up on Steve Trevor at the hospital and learns from Dr. Prescott, who is in charge of him, that Steve is not endangered by his head wound, but that, somehow, his body and / or soul seem to be in transition. Left alone with him, Wonder Woman manages to bring Steve back to consciousness with a kiss. Shortly afterwards, the Amazon comes upon a gang of bank robbers, and a new arrival, a flying, costumed female who calls herself the Silver Swan, helps her bring them in. The Silver Swan flies off, and Wonder Woman discovers that the briefcase of secret documents she and Steve had been carrying is gone. Later, Diana and Etta Candy discover a rent raise has made it necessary for them to take on a new roommate. The first applicant, whom they accept, is Helen Alexandros, who has found the briefcase and returns it to Diana. Unknown to both of them, the plain-faced, skin-blemished Helen is a former ballerina who has been badly hurt by rejections due to her “ugly duckling” face. After one performance in an ancient temple in Greece, Helen cried out to the gods that she hated men. At that point, Mars appeared from Mount Olympus and revealed to Helen that she was descended on her mother’s side from Zeus, Leda, and Helen of Troy. When Mars asked if she was ready to accept her “heritage of blood”, Helen agreed, and was transformed into the beautiful Silver Swan, with the powers of flight, great strength, and a “swan song” which could wreak destruction. Mars told the Swan that Helena would be able to change into her for an hour at a time, as long as she served him, and on the day that she destroyed Wonder Woman, she would become the Silver Swan forever. Later, when Wonder Woman is attempting to return the briefcase, the Silver Swan snatches it away and defeats the Amazon in battle. But, unwilling to destroy Wonder Woman around witnesses, the Swan turns over the briefcase and convinces Gen. Darnell and company that she mistakenly thought Wonder Woman was stealing it. Wonder Woman herself is not convinced. And Steve Trevor finds himself in the hands of a new arrival–Dr. Psycho.

Notas: 1st Appearance of The Silver Swan; Continued from DC Comics Presents #41

Wonder Woman v1 #289
His Name Is Psycho
Fecha: 1982.03| Créditos: Roy Thomas (Guiones), Gene Colan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman goes to Paradise Island and is given permission to bring him to Paula’s laboratory on nearby Science Island so that he may be treated with the Purple Ray. She returns, as Diana Prince, to her Georgetown apartment to see Etta and Helen, and the three of them go to check on Steve, only to learn that he has been taken to a private hospital by Dr. Psycho. Helen opts not to go along. Meanwhile, Psycho straps down Trevor to a table with the aid of his henchman Melvin, and recalls his early years: rejected by others because of his ugly appearance, Psycho nonetheless discovered he had the power to hypnotize a woman named Marya and materialize ectoplasm, using her as a medium. He used the ectoplasm to mold a handsome body-shell for himself, and also induced Marya to marry him, though she later died in a car accident. Recently, he has sensed that Steve Trevor has even more psychic potential than Marya, and, just as Wonder Woman breaks in, Psycho summons a mass of ectoplasm from Steve with the help of his ectoplasmatron device. He uses the ectoplasm to build a new, costumed body-shell for himself, with as much power as Wonder Woman, and calls himself Captain Wonder. Wonder Woman is hard-pressed to battle him, until she smashes him into the ectoplasmatron, destroying it and his Captain Wonder identity. The Amazon is about to leave with Steve Trevor when the Silver Swan breaks in and declares she has come to kill them both.

Notas: ; Origin of Dr. Psycho

Wonder Woman v1 #290
Panic Over Pennsylvania Avenue
Fecha: 1982.04| Créditos: Roy Thomas (Guiones), Gene Colan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman battles the Silver Swan and encircles her with the magic lasso, but the Swan’s magical powers give her the ability to stave off domination. Dr. Psycho is able to use Steve Trevor to produce enough ectoplasm to turn him into Captain Wonder again, in which identity he attacks Wonder Woman, knocks her off her Robot Plane, gains control of the lasso, frees the Swan, and ropes Wonder Woman. Captain Wonder and Silver Swan fall in love with each other at first sight. They opt to take the captive heroine to the White House and kill her before the eyes of President Ronald Reagan. But Mars appears to the Swan and demands that she order Captain Wonder to send the Robot Plane crashing into the White House and thus murder the president. However, Steve Trevor, whose coma has been induced by his subconscious knowledge that he is not of this Earth and his desire to leave it, awakens, thus breaking Psycho’s ability to maintain his Captain Wonder persona. Psycho crashes to Earth, unharmed, but losing control of Wonder Woman, the lasso, and the plane. The Silver Swan attacks Wonder Woman, but is defeated, and the Amazon manages to prevent her plane from smashing the White House and endangering President Reagan. Disappointed in the Swan, Mars withdraws her powers and she returns to her Helen Alexandros identity. When Psycho and Helen see each other, they are mutually repelled and run away from each other. Finally, Wonder Woman reunites with Steve and recounts her adventure. Steve tells her that he dreamed he was not of this world, but that he realizes he belongs wherever she is.

Wonder Woman v1 #291
Judgment in Infinity
Fecha: 1982.05| Créditos: Roy Thomas (Guiones), Gene Colan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman encounters a strange giant being called the Adjuciator on a Washington, D. C. mall. She learns through her magic lasso that he visits planets at the height of their civilization and then revisits them centuries later, and, if they have become sufficiently decadent, he destroys them. Earth is a conundrum to him, having survived its decadence and pollution for decades, so he decides to judge the four Earths most closely bound to Earth-One…namely, Earth-One, Earth-Two, Earth-X, and a hitherto-unknown “Earth-I”. Wonder Woman has no power to stop the Adjuciator from departing, but she does summon a meeting of the Justice League (to which Superman invites Supergirl) to deal with the problem. Black Canary goes to alert the Justice Society on Earth-Two. Most of the JLA members leave to begin their own methods of monitoring the globe for menaces. But Zatanna remains behind with Wonder Woman, and uses her magic to take them to the place where the Adjuciator’s first agent will strike. The agent, one of the Adjuciator’s versions of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, is Famine, and strikes in India. Though he inflicts terrible hunger on Wonder Woman and Zatanna, the two heroines fight back with magic and super-powers and repulse him. The Adjuciator calls Famine back, and Wonder Woman and Zatanna wonder where he will strike next.

Wonder Woman v1 #292
Seven Against Oblivion
Fecha: 1982.06| Créditos: Roy Thomas (Guiones), Gene Colan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

On Earth-Two, Black Canary, Power Girl, and the Huntress fight and finally defeat Plague, the second Horseman, while Supergirl, Madame Xanadu, and Phantom Lady combine forces to beat War on Earth-X.

Wonder Woman v1 #293
Countdown to Chaos
Fecha: 1982.07| Créditos: Roy Thomas (Guiones), Gene Colan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

At Titans Tower, Raven collapses in agony, and Starfire and Wonder Girl take her to Paradise Island for treatment. Queen Hippolyte reveals that the source of her pain is in another Earth, so the two Titan women travel to that world, named “Earth-I” because the inhabitants have become immortals and are ruled by pure intellect. There they fight and defeat Death, the last of the Adjuciator’s Four Horsemen, and with his recall Raven’s pain is assuaged. But the three Titans and the other heroines involved in the four-Earth war are captured by the Adjuciator, who intends to save them as specimens of the four Earths he intends to destroy. Wonder Woman escapes her prison and frees her allies, who are struck down by the Adjuciator’s power. As a last measure, the Amazon encircles him with the Magic Lasso, and asks him to think back to the time when he was first given his mission. When he says that he was given the job of judging “unimportant planets” by an Overseer to keep him “out of trouble”, he realizes that his thoughts will summon the Overseers to reclaim him, which they do. Zatanna teleports the heroines back to their proper Earths just in time.

Wonder Woman v1 #294
Fecha: 1982.08| Créditos: Roy Thomas (Guiones), Gene Colan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman rescues a trucker who wrecked his rig because of an obsessive compulsion to play a video game. The game finds its way into the hands of the Blockbuster, who is currently staying with the Macon family in Bleak Rock. When Mr. Macon tries to take the game away, Blockbuster angrily slaps him away and, resorting to savagery for the first time since meeting the Macons, smashes out of their house and escapes. While Diana Prince is being given a surprise birthday party (since that day is the fake birthday she gave the U.S. Army), she hears a news broadcast that the Blockbuster is attacking missle silos in the Appalachians. She secretly switches to Wonder Woman, goes to the Appalachians, and battles Blockbuster until little Carrie Macon approaches him and gives him the broken video game, which pacifies him. Wonder Woman allows Blockbuster to go back with the Macons. Later, Wonder Woman tells Steve that there is something sinister about the “Commander Video” game, but after she leaves, he takes a version of the game out of his desk drawer and, glassy-eyed, begins playing it.

Wonder Woman v1 #295
Video Mania
Fecha: 1982.09| Créditos: Roy Thomas (Guiones), Gene Colan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman stops a riot in a department store caused by a rush of people trying compulsively to get the Commander Video videogame. Meanwhile, the Sandman’s old foe General Electric, still in prison, has taken over the mind of the warden and many others by means of the game, which he created. Electric contacts General Darnell, another of his mind-slaves, and has him transfer bombers and nuclear missles to the prison just as Wonder Woman bursts in after destroying Steve’s Commander Video game. But when she attacks Darnell, the still-controlled general brands her a traitor, and she escapes to try and stop the weapons transfer. Her Robot Plane takes a hit from a missle at the transfer site, and she falls unconscious into the hands of the military.

Wonder Woman v1 #296
Mind Games
Fecha: 1982.10| Créditos: Roy Thomas (Guiones), Gene Colan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman is forced to play a video game to the death with General Electric.

Wonder Woman v1 #297
Thunder on the Wind
Fecha: 1982.11| Créditos: Dan Mishkin (Guiones), Gene Colan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

A terrorist is changed into Aegeus, a villain who commands the thunderbolts of Zeus and rides the winged horse Pegasus, by Bellerophon, who uses him to kidnap Steve Trevor.

Notas: 1st appearance of Aegeus; 1st appearance of Blackwing; Masters of the Universe preview story

Wonder Woman v1 #298
Fecha: 1982.12| Créditos: Dan Mishkin (Guiones), Gene Colan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman consults the Magic Sphere on Paradise Island and learns of Bellerophon’s history. On Themyscria, the island which the Amazons abandoned for their new home centuries ago, Bellerophon tries to wrest the location of Paradise Island out of Steve Trevor, desiring to turn the Purple Ray on himself and restore his power. Aegeus tries torturing Steve, but Trevor escapes into the temple of Athena on the island. There he, a terrorist who is destroyed, and Sofia behold a vision of Athena, who tries to persuade Sofia to turn against Aegeus. Steve palms Athena’s scepter, which destroyed the terrorist, and hides it under his jacket. He is recaptured by Aegeus who, minutes later, knocks an approaching Wonder Woman out of the sky with a thunderbolt.

Wonder Woman v1 #299
Target: Paradise
Fecha: 1983.01| Créditos: Dan Mishkin (Guiones), Gene Colan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman recovers and defeats the terrorists and Bellerophon, learning that Steve Trevor is now a captive of Aegeus. Aegeus himself uses the thunderbolts of Zeus to show him the spot in the Bermuda Triangle in which Paradise Island is located, and makes a concerted attack on the island from long-range with his bolts. Steve Trevor, dumped off Pegasus but caught by Queen Hippolyte, is taken to Science Island without touching ground and employs a hang-glider to try and attack Aegeus. Wonder Woman appears, takes Steve back to Science Island, and defeats Aegeus, who uses a last thunderbolt to teleport himself away. Wonder Woman, Steve, and Queen Hippolyte have a reunion on Science Island.

Wonder Woman v1 #300
Beautiful Dreamer, Death Unto Thee
Fecha: 1983.02| Créditos: Dan Mishkin (Guiones), Gene Colan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman is plagued by a shadow-monster which equals her in power, until she encounters the Sandman, who calls the thing an escaped nightmare and helps her against it. The dream-creature vanishes, and the Sandman explains that he was monitoring her dream and saw the Shadow-Thing emerge and attack her in the real world. She becomes Diana Prince again and goes to the Pentagon, where she is rewarded with a promotion to major by Gen. Darnell. After she becomes Wonder Woman again, she dozes and briefly encounters the Shadow-Thing again, but her Robot Plane vibrates into the Earth-Two dimension and she is saved by the Wonder Woman of that world. Wonder Woman accompanies her Earth-Two counterpart to the latter’s home, where she meets Steve Trevor of Earth-Two, married for 20 years to his Wonder Woman, and Lyta Trevor, their teenage daughter, who also has Amazon powers. After she returns to her own Earth, Wonder Woman helps her Steve Trevor defeat terrorists, after which she proposes marriage to him, and he accepts. Later, Diana Prince fakes her own death so that she will have no identity-conflicts later on, and is touched by Steve’s, Etta’s, and Gen. Darnell’s words at her funeral, which she attends as Wonder Woman. Afterward, the Sandman appears to Wonder Woman, explains his origins, and reveals that he is in love with her before departing. Wonder Woman has several dreams of what her life might have been like if she had had to rule Paradise Island in her mother’s stead, if she had fallen in love with a man who turned out to be a crook, if she had married Superman, or if she had been an arrogant, power-hungry Wonder Woman. None of these dreams turn out happily. Finally, when Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor are exchanging vows on a special platform just off Paradise Island, with the Justice League and several other heroes joining Hippolyte and the Amazons in attendance, she says “I do”, but Steve refuses to marry her. In private, he tells Wonder Woman that he has lately become obsessed with Diana Prince, and her death has left a void even the Amazon cannot fill. Steve and the wedding guests leave, and, hours later, Diana finds herself crying on the beach. The Sandman appears and makes her sleep with some of his sand, taking her into his dream dimension. He proclaims his love to Wonder Woman, but they are interrupted again by the Shadow-Thing. Both of them fight the creature, but, after she encircles it with her magic lasso, she learns that it is a personification of her fears, self-loathing, and death wish. Then it vanishes forever. The Sandman and Wonder Woman end up back on Paradise Island’s beach, where he confesses that he knew the true identity of the Shadow-Thing before he returns to the Dream Dimension. Afterwards, Wonder Woman manages to convince others that Diana Prince is still alive, and reestablishes a romantic relationship with Steve Trevor.

Notas: 1st appearance of Fury

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