WONDER WOMAN v1 #301-400 (1983-1986)

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Wonder Woman v1 #301
Dark Challenger
Fecha: 1983.03| Créditos: Dan Mishkin (Guiones), Gene Colan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Sofia Constantinas participates in Amazon training, with her latest task being a half-mile swim to an island. On her way there, she is grabbed and dragged underwater by a skeleton wielding a sword and wearing a tiara like Wonder Woman’s. Wonder Woman herself sees the incident, rescues Sofia, and does battle with the skeleton. When both Wonder Woman and the skeleton make their way to shore, Queen Hippolyte cries out the skeleton’s name, Artemis. The skeleton, which is able to communicate, demands that the queen call her by the name she was known by 3000 years ago. Hippolyte stammers, “It–it was Wonder Woman!”

Wonder Woman v1 #302
Fecha: 1983.04| Créditos: Dan Mishkin (Guiones), Gene Colan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman, having been chained by a device designed by Hades himself, remembers what she was told of Artemis’s origin: three millenia ago, Artemis had been Hippolyta’s closest friend on the isle of Themiscria. When their old queen died, Hippolyta won the right to the crown by battling and defeating Artemis. Later, Athena and Aphrodite appeared and commanded her to send an Amazon champion into Man’s World, and Artemis was chosen. She was given sword, shield, and tiara, and became known to men of the ancient world as Wonder Woman, anticipating Princess Diana by three millenia. However, Artemis was corrupted by the city-states she went to, defied Athena’s will, and was destroyed. Now, the partially-revived Artemis wishes to kill Hippolyta, and is fighting her way through the latter’s Amazon guard to do so. Wonder Woman finally succeeds in snapping her chains and smashing out of her underground prison, and challenges Artemis. The skeletal Amazon battles her, but Wonder Woman snatches her foe’s sword away with her magic lasso, deducing it is the source of her power. Deprived of the sword, Artemis’s skeleton crumbles away into dust. Elsewhere, Circe, the sorceress who revived Artemis, observes the happenings in her crystal ball and vows revenge.

Wonder Woman v1 #303
Mystery of the Magnetic Menace
Fecha: 1983.05| Créditos: Dan Mishkin (Guiones), Gene Colan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

After an incident in which a USAF plane is destroyed by a mysterious force, both Steve Trevor and Maj. Keith Griggs make a dual test flight over the area in question. Once there, they behold a gigantic apparition materializing before them, which turns out to be Green Lantern’s old foe Dr. Polaris. Diana Prince becomes Wonder Woman and takes her Robot Plane to the area, fighting the materialized villain to little avail. Dr. Polaris magnetically puts both Trevor’s and Griggs’s planes on a collision course, and Wonder Woman has only seconds left to deal with the situation.

Wonder Woman v1 #304
Polaris Means Peril
Fecha: 1983.06| Créditos: Dan Mishkin (Guiones), Gene Colan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman snags Keith Griggs’s jet with her Magic Lasso and pulls it off-course from Trevor’s plane. Polaris refuses to battle Wonder Woman, though, telling her he is only interested in Green Lantern. When she informs him that the Emerald Gladiator is on a space mission, Polaris blasts Trevor’s plane apart, and says that he will find a way to make Green Lantern come back and fight him. Then he vanishes. Wonder Woman deduces that Dr. Polaris has gone back to his polar fortress at the North Pole. With Steve costumed as a stand-in Green Lantern, suspended by a rope from the transparent Robot Plane, Wonder Woman uses him as a decoy while she battles Polaris and Keith Griggs booby-traps Polaris’s fortress. The magnetic villain learns of the plan and tries to save his headquarters, but appears to be caught in the blast that destroys it. Wonder Woman rescues Griggs and returns with him and Trevor to America.

Wonder Woman v1 #305
The Day of the Man-Beasts
Fecha: 1983.07| Créditos: Dan Mishkin (Guiones), Gene Colan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman is attacked by man-beasts created by Circe, who has been told in prophecy that she and the Amazon are fated to be adversaries.

Notas: ; 1st Appearance of Circe (DC)

Wonder Woman v1 #306
Secrets and Suspicions
Fecha: 1983.08| Créditos: Dan Mishkin (Guiones), Gene Colan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Senator Abernathy suffers a heart attack and Wonder Woman helps nab a team of terrorists who try to kill him, while Aegeus returns to attack Steve Trevor.

Wonder Woman v1 #307
Vulcan’s Daggers
Fecha: 1983.09| Créditos: Dan Mishkin (Guiones), Don Heck, Michael Hernandez (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Aegeus wounds Steve and breaks one of Wonder Woman’s bracelets with the daggers of Vulcan, while another party plots Sen. Abernathy’s death.

Wonder Woman v1 #308
Fecha: 1983.10| Créditos: Dan Mishkin (Guiones), Don Heck, Michael Hernandez (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Sofia Constantinas witnesses the ceremony in which Wonder Woman’s bracelets of submission and magic lasso are restored by Athena and Aphrodite. Then Diana is sent from the temple, but Sofia remains concealed and hears the goddesses and the queen comment that Steve Trevor has been brought back twice from the dead. Elsewhere, the Black Canary tries to stop a woman from chasing an old man, only to discover that the old man is a Nazi, Karl Schlagel, and that the woman, a Gypsy mystic, performs a mind-transferrence with her and now occupies the Canary’s body. The Gypsy, Zenna Persik, beams up to the Justice League satellite in search of a weapon that will help her bring down Schlagel, but Wonder Woman and the Elongated Man capture her and learn her story. Meanwhile, the Black Canary, in Zenna’s body, is captured by the beast-men of Dr. Schlagel, who prepares to inject her with a hypodermic.

Wonder Woman v1 #309
The Black Canary Is Dead
Fecha: 1983.11| Créditos: Dan Mishkin (Guiones), Don Heck, Tim Burgard (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Karl Schlagel threatens to use the harnessed psychic power of his captive children against the American military, and Zenna Percik transfers her mind out of the Black Canary’s body into Wonder Woman’s to stop him.

Notas: ; 1st Appearance of Earthworm;

Wonder Woman v1 #310
All’s Fair
Fecha: 1983.12| Créditos: Dan Mishkin (Guiones), Mark Beachum, Tim Burgard (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

When Black Canary thinks that Wonder Woman should not reveal her secret identity to Steve Trevor as she is contemplating doing, she tells Dinah the story of how, in ancient times, Artemis, the first Wonder Woman, fell into a trap of Ares’s and was corrupted by not confessing her love for Cleon, a Greek soldier.

Wonder Woman v1 #311
Fecha: 1984.01| Créditos: Dan Mishkin (Guiones), Don Heck, Tim Burgard (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor are taken to an island in the sky when their planes are disabled by gremlins.

Wonder Woman v1 #312
Fecha: 1984.02| Créditos: Dan Mishkin (Guiones), Don Heck, Dan Spiegle (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor learn the Gremlins’ history and attempt to retrieve the Robot Plane from them before the Gremlins’ mother-craft returns to the stars.

Wonder Woman v1 #313
The Animal Within
Fecha: 1984.03| Créditos: Dan Mishkin (Guiones), Don Heck, Tim Burgard (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Diana Prince is assigned to find the missing Keith Griggs in South America and, as Wonder Woman, finds that he has been turned into one of Circe’s man-beasts.

Wonder Woman v1 #314
The Nature of the Beast
Fecha: 1984.04| Créditos: Dan Mishkin (Guiones), Don Heck, Mark Beachum (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman continues to battle Circe, but manages to free her man-beasts from their animalizing spell. Then Circe disappears into a mirror, and Wonder Woman discovers her true foe is the “god” Tezcatlipoca.

Wonder Woman v1 #315
The Face in the Mirror
Fecha: 1984.05| Créditos: Dan Mishkin (Guiones), Don Heck, Mark Beachum (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Tezcatlipoca transforms Wonder Woman back into a non-powered Diana Price, who nonetheless goes against him with the help of Keith Griggs.

Wonder Woman v1 #316
The Chaos Game
Fecha: 1984.06| Créditos: Dan Mishkin (Guiones), Don Heck, Mark Beachum (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman fights Tezcatlipoca, freeing the Amazons of South America from his mental domination and finally defeating the god when she shatters an image which bound him to his mortal host. The Amazons ask Wonder Woman if she is really Artemis, and tell her that Hippolyta told them she was dead, but that the queen has lied before. Wonder Woman asks for answers from the women.

Wonder Woman v1 #317
Fecha: 1984.07| Créditos: Dan Mishkin (Guiones), Don Heck, Mark Beachum (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Sofia Constantinas is mesmerized into entering the gates of the Underworld, but Steve Trevor and Glitch manage to free her. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman learns from Atalanta, the queen of the South American Amazons, that Hippolyta was given her onus by Aphrodite to teach her how to love, though she refused to do so until the birth of Diana.

Wonder Woman v1 #318
Paradise Burning
Fecha: 1984.08| Créditos: Dan Mishkin (Guiones), Irv Novick, Mark Beachum (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman is transported to the 63rd Century to save the Amazons from a race of pig-men who have inhabited their island, and from their abandonment of Aphrodite’s ways.

Wonder Woman v1 #319
Diana Prince: Traitor
Fecha: 1984.09| Créditos: Dan Mishkin (Guiones), Don Heck, Stan Woch (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Disguised as Diana Prince, Dr. Cyber steals the launch codes for America’s nuclear missles.

Wonder Woman v1 #320
Launch on Warning
Fecha: 1984.10| Créditos: Dan Mishkin (Guiones), Don Heck, Stan Woch (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman tours a nuclear sub off course, causing the captain to reconsider his order to loose nuclear missles at Russia. Sofia Constantinos finds herself prisoner of Dr. Cyber, who intends to implant her brain within Sofia’s body. Diana returns to Washington, convinces Keith Griggs that the “Diana” who stole missle codes was really Dr. Cyber in disguise, and then, as Wonder Woman, breaks into Cyber’s stronghold, which Steve Trevor and Glitch have already infiltrated. Steve and Wonder Woman battle Cyber, who defeats them, but not before revealing that she once killed Steve Trevor. Wonder Woman ends up entangled in metal wires that heat up as she resists them, and Cyber says that soon Wonder Woman’s body will be as scarred as Cyber’s face.

Wonder Woman v1 #321
Doctor Cyber’s Revenge
Fecha: 1984.11| Créditos: Dan Mishkin (Guiones), Don Heck, Rod Whigham (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Eros frees Wonder Woman from the wire trap and joins her in her battle against Dr. Cyber, vowing vengeance against her, though she claims she does not even know him. Along the way, the Amazon learns from Steve that her memories have been tampered with, partly by accident and partly because of Hippolyta. Eros tries to destroy Cyber, but is yanked from the villainess’s sky-craft by Wonder Woman shortly before the vehicle crashes and blows up. When Wonder Woman and Steve ask Eros why he wanted to kill Cyber, he replies that he is the real Steve Trevor, and Cyber killed him.

Wonder Woman v1 #322
Bid Time Return
Fecha: 1984.12| Créditos: Dan Mishkin (Guiones), Don Heck (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor finally learn the secrets behind their lost memories and Steve’s reanimation, and Eros, who had shared Trevor’s memories for a time, goes berserk.

Wonder Woman v1 #323
Night of Many Wonders
Fecha: 1985.02| Créditos: Dan Mishkin (Guiones), Don Heck (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Dr. Psycho asks the Monitor to supply him with a new ectoplasmic extractor, so the Monitor gets the Cheetah to steal him one. Unfortunately, Etta Candy and Howard Huckaby are on the premises at the time. Howard believes Etta is really Wonder Woman and says so in the Cheetah’s hearing, causing the villainess to kidnap her and Howard. The Silver Swan wishes the Monitor to locate Captain Wonder for her, so he directs her to Psycho’s hideout, just after Psycho has used the extractor to transform him into Captain Wonder again. The Swan mistakenly thinks he is cheating on her with the Cheetah, and briefly attacks her before Psycho / Wonder breaks it up. Meanwhile, the Angle Man asks the Monitor how to power up his new Angler, and is directed to the National Air and Space Museum, where Etta and company are. Angle Man does find the object that can power up his Angler…a plane called the Daedalus, which he accidentally activates. Captain Wonder stops the plane, with the help of the Silver Swan. Howard uses the ectoplasmic extractor to transform Etta into a Wonder Woman copy, dubbed Wonder Etta. As such, Etta is able to defeat the villains seconds before the real Wonder Woman appears on the scene. Wonder Etta becomes regular Etta Candy shortly thereafter, and Howard proclaims his love for her. Later, Diana Prince and Keith Griggs get together, and Glitch is teleported away by aliens from his homeworld.

Wonder Woman v1 #324
The Cassandra Complex
Fecha: 1985.04| Créditos: Dan Mishkin (Guiones), Don Heck (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman and the Atomic Knight first do battle, then unite to attempt to stop nuclear war, only to be preempted by the arrival of the alien Ytirflirks.

Wonder Woman v1 #325
The Gremlin from the Kremlin
Fecha: 1985.05| Créditos: Dan Mishkin (Guiones), Don Heck (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

While Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor strive to overcome the Ytirflirks and destroy a bomb trigger mechanism in an alien spacecraft, the Atomic Knight and a Russian soldier search for a bomb in the Kremlin that could destroy the Earth’s atmosphere.

Wonder Woman v1 #326
Tropidor Heat
Fecha: 1985.07| Créditos: Mindy Newell (Guiones), Don Heck (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman follows Keith Griggs and Lauren Haley to the Central American nation of Tropidor on an investigative mission, and turns up Tezcatlipoca.

Wonder Woman v1 #327
A World in Chaos
Fecha: 1985.09| Créditos: Mindy Newell (Guiones), Don Heck (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman is caught in a cosmic storm caused by the approach of anti-matter, as the skies go red. When she regains control of the Robot Plane, she is over the South American jungle where Tezcatlipoca is lurking, and witnesses the “death” of Keith Griggs three times, as the “god” demonstrates his power to create a reality “loop”. Wonder Woman breaks the loop by force of will, and frees herself and her three friends from Tezcatlipoca’s grasp. Meanwhile, on Paradise Island, the Amazons begin debating whether or not to choose a new queen.

Notas: Crisis

Wonder Woman v1 #328
To Everything a Season
Fecha: 1985.12| Créditos: Mindy Newell (Guiones), Don Heck, Pablo Marcos (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Keith Griggs, Steve Trevor, Etta Candy, and Lauren Haley rezendevous in Gen. Darnell’s office as ordered, even as Darnell prepares to give testimony before a Congressional subcommittee. The Amazonian Senate is on the verge of ousting Hippolyte as queen just as the goddess Demeter appears before them, creates mystic armor and clothes the Amazons in it, and tells them that Earth and Olympus are under attack, only seconds before the Anti-Monitor’s shadow-demons burst in and begin battling and killing Amazons. Diana Prince arrives in Darnell’s office, but Hermes appears, reveals her Wonder Woman identity to the others, and requests her aid. Diana becomes Wonder Woman just as Weaponers from Qward smash in and attack, but the Amazon and Hermes defeat them. Then Hermes takes Wonder Woman away with him, while Darnell himself faces Delilah, his long-lost lover and enemy from Burma, who has exposed his dealing in contraband arms. Wonder Woman and Hermes arrive on Paradise Island to see the shadow-demons, massed into a huge giant, laying waste to the Amazons. Diana goes to Science Island, locates the Purple Ray, turns it on the giant shadow-demon, and causes it to explode. The Amazons are victorious, but Hippolyte refuses to accept it, saying that the dream is over, and her daughter has only returned to die. She leads the Amazons in a prayer service, but the Olympian gods are hesitant; Zeus says that, if Hippolyta will not lead the Amazons to help them, then the gods must battle the Anti-Monitor’s forces alone.

Notas: Crisis

Wonder Woman v1 #329
Of Gods and Men
Fecha: 1986.02| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Don Heck (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

After meeting with both the Anti-Monitor and Mars, Hades agrees to help his newfound allies against the Olympian gods and Amazons. On Paradise Island, despite Wonder Woman’s encouragement, Hippolyte sees devastation and refuses to try to continue. But Kore appears to both Amazons and tells them Hades, her husband, has fallen in with the Anti-Monitor, and both of them will find no respite in the underworld. At that point, the dead Amazons are reanimated by Hades, turned into zombies, and sent against Hippolyte, Wonder Woman, and Kore, but Diana defeats them and Kore sends them back to Hades’s realm. On Earth, Lauren Haley dies as she falls in a crevasse. Wonder Woman returns to Washington, D.C. and reunites with Steve Trevor. Both of them kiss, embrace, and declare their love for each other, leaving Etta alone with Howard. Howard admits he is in love with Etta, and she says that she has a feeling they will never see Wonder Woman or Steve again. Steve heads for Olympus with Wonder Woman in the Robot Plane. On Olympus, Wonder Woman, Steve, and Hippolyta’s Amazons face Mars and his zombie legions, until the mortal Amazons of South America join battle, crushing Mars’s forces between themselves and their immortal sisters. Kore declares that the breach between mortal and immortal Amazon is healed. Wonder Woman and Mars begin fighting one another. Steve Trevor deduces that the Olympian gods have been imprisoned inside giant statues of themselves, and topples one to release Zeus, trapping Mars under the falling statuary. Kore journeys to the underworld, tells Hades that she still loves him, and gets him to withdraw his support from Mars and the Anti-Monitor. The zombie legions are withdrawn to the Underworld again. Zeus proclaims that the battle is won, but the war against the Anti-Monitor still goes on. Wonder Woman asks Steve to marry him, and he consents. Zeus performs the ceremony, with Hippolyta’s blessing and all the Amazons in attendance. That night, Diana tells Steve of a dream she had, about both of them walking in the sunlight through a golden field, their child by their side. The two of them embrace and kiss.

Notas: Crisis

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