WONDER WOMAN v3 (2006-2010)

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Wonder Woman v3 #1
Who Is Wonder Woman?, Part One
Fecha: 2006.08| Créditos: Allan Heinberg (Guiones), Terry Dodson (Dibujos)| Edición española: Wonder Woman: Un año después .

Her name is Donna Troy and she is the new Wonder Woman. She responds to a call of a hostage situation: a group called has kidnapped Steve Trevor. Donna goes to rescue him and is attacked by cheetahs sent by Dr. Barbara Minerva. They are attacked next by Dr. Doris Zeul (aka Giganta), but Donna is able to free them and they run into the nearby woods. Donna uses her golden lasso to trip up Giganta, but the she is able to keep a hold of Donna as she falls to the ground. Minerva decides to kill her. Just then, Wonder Woman appears and tosses Minerva aside. Wonder Woman decides it is time to stop Minerva once and for all by killing her. Donna stops Wonder Woman, who smacks Donna and then attacks her, eventually stabbing her with her sword. Donna says she is not Wonder Woman. Dr. Psycho removes his disguise and tells Donna neither is she. Elsewhere, “Steve Trevor” removes his disguise to reveal Nemesis, who is upset he lost Donna and wants to go find her. Sarge Steel tells him he’ll have to it with a new partner…..Agent Diana Prince.

Notas: Diana se convierte en la agente Diana Prince. Donna Troy asume la identidad de Wonder Woman III.

Wonder Woman v3 #2
Who Is Wonder Woman?, Part Two
Fecha: 2006.09| Créditos: Allan Heinberg (Guiones), Terry Dodson (Dibujos)| Edición española: Wonder Woman: Un año después .

The Past…Batman and Wonder Woman watch as Wonder Girl (aka Cassie Sandsmark) and the new Wonder Woman (aka Donna Troy) are battling super villains in Washington D.C. Batman wants to know about Diana’s plans. Diana is uncertain. Batman suggests she become an agent for the division of Metahuman Affairs, under the identity of Diana Prince. The Present…Agent Prince and Agent Nemesis are sent to deal with Giganta, Cheetah, and Dr. Psycho, who have kidnapped Donna and asking for the real Wonder Woman. While Nemesis sets out on his own, Diana is sent to talk to Wonder Girl. Cassie is hurt and upset that Diana left her for ay ear and heads out on her own to battle with Giganta, who is rampaging through New York City. The fight gets worse. Diana realizes that to save her friends, she must become Wonder Woman. Before she can, however, she is stopped by…Hercules!

Notas: Debut de la organización D.M.A. (Department of Metahuman Affairs)

Wonder Woman v3 #3
Who Is Wonder Woman?, Part Three
Fecha: 2006.10| Créditos: Allan Heinberg (Guiones), Terry Dodson (Dibujos)| Edición española: Wonder Woman: Un año después .

While in the midst of fighting Giganta, Cheetah, and Doctor Psycho, Hercules suddenly appears to put an end to the battle and save Donna Troy. Although Hercules wins the fight, the villains are able to escape with Donna and Cassie (aka Wonder Girl). Hercules tells Diana that because she abandoned her role as Olympus’ champion, the Gods sent him to replace her. Later, Nemesis and Diana decide to infiltrate Hercules’ palace. When they get there, they find Circe, who casts a spell turning all men into beasts. Circe then says Diana wasted her powers as Wonder Woman. Since Diana so desperately wants to pretend to be human, Circe tells her she doesn’t have to pretend anymore.

Wonder Woman v3 #4
Who Is Wonder Woman?, Part Four
Fecha: 2007.02| Créditos: Allan Heinberg (Guiones), Terry Dodson (Dibujos)| Edición española: Wonder Woman: Un año después .

The witch Circe has taken the combined powers of Diana, Donna, and Cassie and has become the new Wonder Woman. In her new role, she has helped woman, but she has killed many men. Both Donna and Cassie want to attack Circe, but Diana decides on a different approach. Along with Hercules, who also lost his power, Diana flies to Circe’s home, hoping to find a counterspell and restore their powers. Circe is waiting for them. However, Hercules betrays them both and attempts to get Circe to give him all of the power. before she can do that, however, she must reverse the old one, thus restoring Diana’s powers. Diana becomes Wonder Woman, but must now face not only Circe and Hercules, but also Giganta, Cheetah, and Doctor Psycho and other villains.

Notas: Continúa en Wonder Woman Annual #1

Wonder Woman v3 #5
Gimme Shelter
Fecha: 2007.05| Créditos: Will Pfeifer (Guiones), Geraldo Borges, Jean Diaz (Dibujos)| Edición española: EL ATAQUE DE LAS AMAZONAS 1.

The Department of Metahuman Affairs learns of a support center called the Athenian Women’s Help Shelter that seems to be connected in some manner to Wonder Woman. Sarge Steel sends Agent Diana Prince to investigate. Diana finds that the shelters are to help battered and abused women. In most cases, these women are seeking help after being inspired by the actions of Wonder Woman to make a difference in their own lives.

Wonder Woman v3 #6
Love and Murder, Part 1
Fecha: 2007.05| Créditos: Jodi Picoult (Guiones), Drew Johnson (Dibujos)| Edición española: EL ATAQUE DE LAS AMAZONAS 1.

Special Agents Diana Prince and Tom Tresser (aka Nemesis) of the Department of Metahuman Affairs are at Heroworld protecting the winner of reality show contest. When a roller coaster breaks, Diana becomes Wonder Woman and saves the customers. When they return to DMA headquarters, Sarge Steel, they are ordered to capture Wonder Woman, whom the government wants to question in the death of Maxwell Lord. Later, Tresser is walking home when he is approached by “Wonder Woman” who abducts him and leaves behind her bracelets. At the DMA, Diana recognizes the bracelets: they belonged to the Wonder Woman museum. Diana turns into Wonder Woman and heads for the museum, where Nemesis is being held by Circe.

Wonder Woman v3 #7
Love and Murder, Part 2
Fecha: 2007.06| Créditos: Jodi Picoult (Guiones), Drew Johnson (Dibujos)| Edición española: EL ATAQUE DE LAS AMAZONAS 1.

Special Agent Tom Tresser (aka Nemesis) of the Department of Metahuman Affairs has been taken hostage by Circe. Wonder Woman comes to his rescue, although Circe is able to get away. After she takes him for medical treatment. He tells her how he had been kidnapped and the two decide to investigate. At the Villains and Vixens Bar, where Nemesis had been abducted, Wonder Woman encounters Circe, who once more gets away. Then the DMA arrive to take Wonder Woman into custody. Later, Sarge Steel tells Wonder Woman that she will remain locked away indefinitely unless she provides details on Amazonian technology, specifically the Purple Death Ray. Meanwhile, Circe visits Paradise Island and extinguishes the eternal flame resting before the grave site of Hippolyta.

Wonder Woman v3 #8
Love and Murder, Part 3
Fecha: 2007.06| Créditos: Jodi Picoult (Guiones), Terry Dodson (Dibujos)| Edición española: EL ATAQUE DE LAS AMAZONAS 1.

On Themyscira, the witch Circe casts a spell that brings Queen Hippolyta back to life. She wants to know where her daughter has gone. Circe shows Diana being held captive by the Department of Metahuman Affairs. Hippolyta decides it is time for war. In Washington D.C., Sarge Steel tells Special Agent Tom Tresser (aka Nemesis) that the Wonder Woman case is closed and that he has been gets reassigned. Nemesis things something is wrong with the whole thing. Later, “Sarge Steel” (Nemesis in disguise) enters the DMA and frees Diana from her prison. At the same time, the Amazons led by Hippolyta descend upon Washington DC and attack the national’s capital in the effort to find Diana. However, after escaping from prison, it is Diana who finds her mother.

Wonder Woman v3 #9
Amazons Attack!: Love And Murder, Part 4
Fecha: 2007.07| Créditos: Jodi Picoult (Guiones), Terry Dodson (Dibujos)| Edición española: EL ATAQUE DE LAS AMAZONAS 2.

In Washington DC, Queen Hippolyta leads the Amazons on their assault on the national’s capitol in their effort to rescue Diana. However, Special Agent Tom Tresser (aka Nemesis) has already freed Diana. The two catch up with the Justice League of America who tell Diana that the Amazons are being led by her mother. Diana refuses to believe it could be her, but decides to find out. When she locates her mother, Diana she can’t believe it really is Hippolyta. While Diana attempts to convince her mother to stop the war, the Department of Metahuman Affairs capture Nemesis, who manages to disguise himself as Sarge Steel to force the DMA to take them both into custody. At the DMA, Nemesis reveals the impostor to be Everyman and also learns there is a nuclear bomb targeted for Themyscira. Meanwhile, Diana has found Circe and demands to know why Circe started the war. When Nemesis tells Diana about the bomb, Diana realizes that if Circe destroyed Themyscira it would put the Amazons at the mercy of humans. Just then, Hippolyta kills Crice as a traitor. Before she dies, Circe tells Diana the only way to stop the war is to kill her mother.

Wonder Woman v3 #10
Love And Murder, Part 5
Fecha: 2007.08| Créditos: Jodi Picoult (Guiones), Paco Diaz (Dibujos)| Edición española: EL ATAQUE DE LAS AMAZONAS 3.

Moments before Circe dies at the hands of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, the witch tells Diana that to end the war, she must kill her mother. Diana confronts her mother, but Hippolyta is able to get away. Hippolyta tells the amazons to prepare the secret weapon. Special Agent Tom Tresser (aka Nemesis) is able to get it away from her, but unwillingly unleashes the weapon: a horde of Stygian Killer Hornets. Nemesis then gets stung. The only antidote is on Themyscira. Diana blames her mother for what happened. Hippolyta can’t believe that her daughter would care for Nemesis or for humans. Diana tells her mother that Hippolyta once asked if Diana would die for the humans. Now Diana asks if Hippolyta would kill her own daughter to win the war as she places a knife in her mother’s hand and puts the blade to her own neck.

Wonder Woman v3 #11
Hubris, Part 1 of 2
Fecha: 2007.09| Créditos: J. Torres (Guiones), Paco Diaz (Dibujos)| Edición española: EL ATAQUE DE LAS AMAZONAS 4.

Princess Diana (aka Wonder Woman) stands before her mother, Queen Hippolyta, and tells her she will have to kill her daughter if she wants the Amazons to win the war. Before Hippolyta can act, Superman arrives to take Diana away. He tells her that she has more pressing needs. Tom Tresser (aka Nemesis) is dying and Diana is the only one who can get the antidote, which is located in Themyscira. Diana asks Athena to take her back home and she finds herself on Paradise Island. Meanwhile, Mr. Terrific, Black Canary, and Wildcat attempt to stop the missile currently aimed at Themyscira, but with Circe’s magic powering the launch codes, they fail. On Themyscira, Diana sees the missile and tries to stop it, but she can’t. She pleads to Athena for help. When Athena appears, Diana demands to know why she has let the Amazons wage war on America. Athena tells Diana is not up to Diana to tell a Goddess how to act.

Wonder Woman v3 #12
Amazons Attack!: Hubris, Part 2 of 2
Fecha: 2007.10| Créditos: J. Torres (Guiones), Paco Diaz (Dibujos)| Edición española: EL ATAQUE DE LAS AMAZONAS 4.

The war is over. Diana (aka Wonder Woman) has returned to the Department of Metahuman Affairs as Agent Diana Prince. Her first job is to find Sarge Steel. Meanwhile, Agent Tom Tresser (aka Nemesis) has recovered from his wounds, but when he leaves the infirmary, he disguises himself. He watches Diana as she gets information that Circe the Witch is still in DC. As Wonder Woman, she goes to inspect. Nemesis is waiting for her, except it is really Everyman, the shape-shifter who posed as Sarge Steel. Everyman sets off a bomb near Diana. As he runs away, he encounters Circe, who happens to be Nemesis in disguise. Everyman realizes this and tries to get away but Nemesis is able to capture him. Everyman then threatens to blow up Sarge Steel’s hiding place, but Wonder Woman stops and they are able to free Sarge Steel.

Wonder Woman v3 #13
Mothers And Daughters
Fecha: 2007.12| Créditos: J. Torres (Guiones), Julian Lopez (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW: EL CIRCULO (PLANETA).

The war is over. The Amazons are no more. Diana of Themyscira realizes that she must now take control of her life. Meanwhile, the Department of Metahuman Affairs continues its surveillance not only of Wonder Woman, but also Cassie Sandsmark (aka Wonder Girl). At that moment, protesters are standing outside the Gateway City Museum where Helena Sandsmark, the mother of Wonder Girl, works. At the museum, Wonder Woman’s presence scatters the protesters, but she arrives too late to find Helena or Cassie. In Washington D.C., Wonder Woman checks in on the JSA as they help with construction efforts before going to Georgetown for the opening of a new school. There, Wonder Woman meets a young girl who asks if Wonder Woman will continue to protect them. Wonder Woman says she will.

Wonder Woman v3 #14
The Circle, Part One of Four: What You Do Not Know Yet
Fecha: 2008.01| Créditos: Gail Simone (Guiones), Terry Dodson (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW: EL CIRCULO (PLANETA).

On Themyscira, Hippolyta performs an ancient ritual, asking four unknown persons if they repent. All tell her no. The final person tells Hippolyta that to make the tribe whole, she must kill her daughter. Hippolyta refuses. Elsewhere, Wonder Woman is fighting gorillas enhanced by Gorilla Grodd. Wonder Woman takes down the leader, but only to talk. When she learns they only wish to stop poachers, she agrees to help. At the Department of Metahuman Affairs, Sarge Steel orders Diana Prince and Tom Tresser to investigate the Society. In Steel’s office, he meets with Lt. Colonel Candy, who has been assigned to investigate Agent Prince. At the Society’s offices, Agents Prince and Tresser encounter Captain Nazi. As he attacks them he tells them both that the Nazis are about to invade Themyscira.

Wonder Woman v3 #15
The Circle, Part Two of Four: Dead Heat
Fecha: 2008.02| Créditos: Gail Simone (Guiones), Terry Dodson (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW: EL CIRCULO (PLANETA).

Then…Queen Hippolyta’s royal guards fiercely protect their charge while at the same time protecting Themyscira. When an Amazon takes a doll and pretends it is her own daughter, the leader of the royal guard orders her death, to avoid the madness spreading throughout the island. Now…Agent Diana Prince is fighting against Captain Nazi, who claims his brethren is at that moment invading Themyscira. Diana is able to subdue him and learn of his plans to wipe out the Amazons. On Themyscira, Hippolyta prepares to fight against the invading Nazis. Meanwhile, Diana visits various Gods to beseech their help. Kane Miohai, God of the Sky and Heavens, offers to help. On Themyscira, the invading Nazis encounter one of the Queen’s royal guards, locked in a prison. The guard offers to help the Nazis kill Hippolyta.

Notas: According to the editor’s box on the title page, this issue takes place before Countdown #30. In that issue, released nearly two months ago, Holly Robinson and other women have come to Paradise Island under the guidance of “Athena.”

Wonder Woman v3 #16
The Circle, Part Three of Four: Wellspring Of All Vengeance
Fecha: 2008.03| Créditos: Gail Simone (Guiones), Terry Dodson, Ron Randall (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW: EL CIRCULO (PLANETA).

Then…Queen Hippolyta’s royal guards fiercely protect their charge while at the same time protecting Themyscira. When they learn Hippolyta would make a daughter, they realize they would need to kill the baby to protect the Amazons. Present day…Nazis invade Themyscira and find the Queen’s honor guard locked in prison. They also encounter Hippolyta, who systematically kills the Nazis as they arrive on shore. Wonder Woman also appears on shore with her new Gorillas finds as her allies. Elsewhere, when Lt. Col. Etta Candy learns Diana Prince misses work, she decides to investigate her home. There she finds someone waiting for her. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman continues to fight the Nazis when she finally finds her mother, who has been shot and is badly injured and near death.

Wonder Woman v3 #17
The Circle, Conclusion: A Time Of Reckoning
Fecha: 2008.04| Créditos: Gail Simone (Guiones), Terry Dodson, Ron Randall (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW: EL CIRCULO (PLANETA).

Then…Queen Hippolyta’s royal guards attempt to kill her majesty’s child, the one they feel is an abomination to the Amazon way. Hippolyta, however, fights back. Now…Wonder Woman protects her mother against a horde of Nazis. She is able to stop them and drive them off Themyscira. Right after they leave, the Queen’s former bodyguards attack Diana. They then take Hippolyta and tell Diana she must come for her. Diana do so and manages to defeat all of the guards. Their leader, Alkyone, tells Diana to kill her, but Diana refuses and instead forgives her. Alkyone then plunges into the water and, seemingly, to her death. Later, Diana leaves the island and returns home. There she is reunited with Etta Candy. She also questions why Alkyone had to die and what Alkyone was trying to tell her.

Wonder Woman v3 #18
Expatriate, Part 1: That Wears The Crown
Fecha: 2008.05| Créditos: Gail Simone (Guiones), Bernard Chang (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW: EL CIRCULO (PLANETA).

Wonder Woman visits Tom Tresser (aka Nemesis) in the hospital and declares her intention to court him in the manner of her people. Later, a Khund spaceship appears in the sky. They attack Wonder Woman. When she nearly defeats them, the Khunds reveal the attack was a tribute to honor her. The Khund then take Wonder Woman to their homeworld to battle the Ichor, who had managed to defeat the Khund. Already on the Khund homeworld is Etta Candy, who joins Wonder Woman on the mission to battle the Ichor. When they locate the Ichor’s ship they find a member of the Green Lantern Corps.

Wonder Woman v3 #19
Expatriate, Part 2: Lifeblood
Fecha: 2008.06| Créditos: Gail Simone (Guiones), Bernard Chang (Dibujos)| Edición española: WW: EL CIRCULO (PLANETA).

The Khunds have asked Wonder Woman to help them fight the Ichor, which has been destroying Khund cities all over their planet. When Wonder Woman investigates, she discovers Green Lantern Procanon Kaa, who has allowed the Ichor to continue its attacks as revenge against the Khund because they destroyed his homeworld. Meanwhile, Khund advisor Kharhi has unleashed a radioactive suicide bomb over the area. Wonder Woman convinces Kaa to fulfill his lantern oath and together the two of them stop the bomb. Then, Wonder Woman devises a plan to help insure lasting peace throughout the Khund empire.

Wonder Woman v3 #20
Ends Of The Earth, Part 1 of 4: An Unreasoning Frost
Fecha: 2008.07| Créditos: Gail Simone (Guiones), Aaron Lopresti (Dibujos)| Edición española: Wonder Woman Nº 01 .

In the midst of deep snowfall, Wonder Woman makes her way to Mead Hall, where she encounters Beowulf. Six hours ago, Sarge Steel promotes Diana Prince to field agent and tells her to pick her team. Diana expresses concern to Etta about the promotion. When the two return to Diana’s office, they find an intruder sitting on her desk. He tells Diana that he wants her to save the world. He then tells her to use the Lasso to determine the truth. When she dies, Diana realizes the intruder has no soul and it causes her to enter a catatonic state. At Mead Hall, Wonder Woman and Beaowulf come to blows. When Diana beats him, he decides it would be better if they teamed together to battle the worshippers of Grendel. Meanwhile, the intruder tells Etta that he needs for her to kill D’Garth, or the one called the Devil.

Wonder Woman v3 #21
Ends Of The Earth, Part 2 of 4: The Edge Of Insanity
Fecha: 2008.08| Créditos: Gail Simone (Guiones), Aaron Lopresti (Dibujos)| Edición española: Wonder Woman Nº 01 .

At the Department of Metahuman Affairs, Sarge steel suspects Diana Prince and Etta Candy of being Amazons and tasks Agent Tom Tresser (aka Nemesis) to spy on them and find out for sure. Elsewhere, Wonder Woman and Beowulf are battling for their lives at Mead Hall. They are able to escape, but encounter The Stalker. In Washington DC, Nemesis is watching Diana’s apartment when he sees the gorillas inside and suspects Gorilla Grodd. Meanwhile, the Stalker tells Wonder Woman and Beowulf of his bargain with the Demon than ended in betrayal. The only way to stop the Demon, the Stalker will need three sword bearers. Wonder Woman and Beowulf agree to help. Later, when fighting a new foe, Diana’s hand begins to change. On Themyscira, Hippolyta encounters the crown created by Alkyone and realizes she is still alive.

Wonder Woman v3 #22
Ends Of The Earth, Part 3 of 4: A Cooperation of Killers
Fecha: 2008.09| Créditos: Gail Simone (Guiones), Aaron Lopresti (Dibujos)| Edición española: Wonder Woman Nº 01 .

Wonder Woman has visions of being an all-powerful Queen of the world, but realizes that it is just the waking dreams caused by the Stalker. Along with Stalker, Beaowulf, and Claw, Wonder Woman sets out to find the Oracle, who tells them D’Grth is waiting for them. In Washington DC, Nemesis enters Diana Princes apartment to deal with the Gorillas housed inside. In the middle of the attack, Donna Troy appears and demands to know what is going on. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman and company reach the Black Horizon, where they find D’Grth. In the midst of battle, Stalker betrays the group, attempting to kill Wonder Woman. Although Beowulf saves her, he dies. Wonder Woman then attacks Stalker, but uses the attack to steal the piece of the Rock of Eternity. With it she then brings D’Grth to the Earth to finish the fight.

Wonder Woman v3 #23
Ends Of The Earth, Finale
Fecha: 2008.10| Créditos: Gail Simone (Guiones), Aaron Lopresti (Dibujos)| Edición española: Wonder Woman Nº 02.

In Washington DC, Wonder Woman battles D’Garth. At World’s End, the Claw wants to kill Stalker for his betrayal, but Beowulf stops him, sensing that Stalker knows more. He reveals he had been working with Oracle, the White Witch. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman continues to battle D’Garth, who offers Diana ultimate power. She turns him down. Elsewhere, Donna Troy convinces Tom Tresser (aka Nemesis) that Wonder Woman was part of a conspiracy of Amazons trying to infiltrate the government. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman defeats D’Garth. Later, with the help of Stalker, Beowulf, and Claw, perform a ritual to once and for all kill the beast. At the Department of Metahuman Affairs, Sarge Steel decides that Tom Tresser is acting with the Amazons as part of the conspiracy.

Wonder Woman v3 #24
A Star In The Heavens, Part One of Two: Celebrity
Fecha: 2008.11| Créditos: Gail Simone (Guiones), Bernard Chang (Dibujos)| Edición española: Wonder Woman Nº 02.

On Themyscira, Wonder Woman takes Tom Tresser to meet her mother, Hippolyta. In Hollywood, Wonder Woman meets with executives to discuss the movie production based on her life. When she sees what they have done with her life story, Wonder Woman announces the film has been canceled. Suddenly, she starts to fight with the various actors portraying roles in the film. In the middle of it, she realizes that she is the victim of poison.

Wonder Woman v3 #25
A Star In The Heavens, Scene Two: Personal Effectd
Fecha: 2008.12| Créditos: Gail Simone (Guiones), Bernard Chang (Dibujos)| Edición española: Wonder Woman Nº 02.

In Hollywood, the Queen of Fables interrupts the filming of a Wonder Woman movie to wreck havoc on Wonder Woman. The Queen re-plays various moments of Diana’s life, except that it is gross caricature of what really happened. Diana tells the Queen she will not observe the slander against her people. The Queen agrees and puts Diana in the movie to battle against centaurs. Diana wins the battle. She then challenges the Queen and defeats her, ending the charade. Afterwards, Diana cancels the movie. Later, she visits one of the film executives to provide encouragement and to leave a gift for her two daughters.

Wonder Woman v3 #26
Rise of the Olympian, Part One: Plague And Pestilence
Fecha: 2009.01| Créditos: Gail Simone (Guiones), Aaron Lopresti (Dibujos)| Edición española: Wonder Woman Nº 03.

On Themyscira, Queen Hippolyta senses the return of the Gods, who find the island in ruins, desecrated, and empty. In Washington DC, Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman) is assembling her team for a mission, when Director Steele arrives to take Tom Tresser (aka Nemesis) away for a special mission. In Gotham City, Dr. Morrow is concerned at the force the Society has unleashed. Dr. Minerva (aka Cheetah) tells him it is too late. At the Twin Rivers Market, Diana’s team finds the place utterly destroyed. Diana sends her team to investigate while she disappears to turn into Wonder Woman. Elsewhere, Director Steele has taken Nemesis into custody as a traitor for associating with the Amazons. However, Nemesis is able to escape. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman encounters Genocide inside the market. The two fight, but Wonder Woman is losing. On Themyscria, Athena senses her champion is about to fall; there is no reason for her to go on. She is dying. When Genocide kills an innocent bystander, Wonder Woman becomes filled with hate and rage. She soon realizes that those feelings are being used against her, allowing Genocide to defeat her, taking the golden lasso as it leaves Wonder Woman battered and bruised.

Wonder Woman v3 #27
Rise of the Olympian, Part Two: A Sense of Loss
Fecha: 2009.02| Créditos: Gail Simone (Guiones), Aaron Lopresti (Dibujos)| Edición española: Wonder Woman Nº 03.

After learning of the carnage at the Twin Rivers Marketplace, Donna Troy contacts Wonder Girl to warn her of what she might encounter when they get there. At the Mall, Wonder Woman is battered and beaten after her encounter with Genocide. On Themyscira, Athena is dying. She asks Zeus to save the Amazons. In Gotham City, Genocide asks Dr. Morrow to make Wonder Woman’s lasso a part of her. Meanwhile, Zeus awakens the Amazons around the world and tells them to come back home. At the Mall, Tom Tresser (aka Nemesis) asks if the amazons still have the Purple Ray of Healing. Donna then takes Diana to Themyscira. Elsewhere, Dr. Minerva tells Genocide that it owes them. They want Genocide to attack a certain place. At the Department of Meta Human Affairs, Sarge Steel sense Amazonian plots everywhere. Genocide arrives, destroying everything in its path as it looks for Dr. Psycho. The Justice League arrives to help, but Genocide beats and batters all of them. On Themyscira, Zeus tells Hippolyta that he has created an island. Its inhabitants will assume the Amazon duties so that she will have the warrior’s peace that she deserves.

Wonder Woman v3 #28
Rise of the Olympian, Part Three: Blood of the Stag
Fecha: 2009.03| Créditos: Gail Simone (Guiones), Aaron Lopresti (Dibujos)| Edición española: Wonder Woman Nº 03.

Despite her injuries, Wonder Woman prepares to go to war against Genocide to retrieve her gold lasso. At the Department of Metahuman Affairs, Sarge Steel visits Dr. Psycho on his jail cell. Elsewhere, Genocide continues to dismantle the Justice League of America. Wonder Woman and her allies then arrive to join the fight. Near Themyscira, Zeus shows the new Amazons, whom he calls Olympians, to their new home. He tells them they will fight the warmongers to find peace. And Zeus will create a son for them. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman continues to battle Genocide. Diana is able to injure it. In the prison cells, Cheetah visits Dr. Psycho as well. Moments later, the entire building explodes. In the Persian Gulf, the Olympians find an army battleship. They decide to sink it.

Wonder Woman v3 #29
Rise of the Olympian, Part Four: A Changed World
Fecha: 2009.04| Créditos: Gail Simone (Guiones), Aaron Lopresti (Dibujos)| Edición española: Wonder Woman Nº 04.

In Washington DC, the battle against Genocide has ended in a blast that has destroyed the Department of Metahuman Affairs. Shocked, Wonder Woman is uncertain what to do until Tom Tresser reminds her there are people amongst the rubble who need help. Meanwhile, Dr. Psycho (in the body of Sarge Steel) prepares to escape. Cheetah offers to delay Wonder Woman so eh can get away. In the Persian Gulf, the Olympians board a Navy ship and demand to see the Captain. In the heavens, Zeus approaches Kane Milohai to ask him to renounce Wonder Woman’s pledge to him. Kane refuses. Zeus attacks Kane. Meanwhile, Cheetah attacks Wonder Woman. Dr. Psycho tries to get away, but is stopped by the arrival of Steve Trevor, who wants to know where he can find Etta Candy. Genocide has her. Meanwhile, both Wonder Woman and Zeus claim victory. Zeus takes the heart of Kane for his son.

Wonder Woman v3 #30
Rise of the Olympian, Part 5: Songs My Sisters Will Sing
Fecha: 2009.05| Créditos: Gail Simone (Guiones), Aaron Lopresti (Dibujos)| Edición española: Wonder Woman Nº 04.

In the aftermath of the destruction of the DMA, Steve Trevor takes command. He asks Wonder Woman to bring his wife back home safely. Elsewhere, Genocide interrogates and tortures Etta Candy to learn more about Wonder Woman. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman interrogates Cheetah to learn more about Genocide. On Thalarion, Zeus creates a son for the Olympians: Achilles. On Themyscira, Hippolyta reunites with the lost Amazons and the Bana-Mighdall. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman attacks the headquarters of the Secret Society to confront T. O. Morrow, the creator of Genocide. Morrow tells her where to find Genocide. When she gets there, Genocide is gone. Etta Candy is barely alive. In rage, Wonder Woman destroys the Secret Society headquarters. She then demands Morrow tell her how to kill Genocide.

Wonder Woman v3 #31
Rise of the Olympian, Part 6: Uprising
Fecha: 2009.06| Créditos: Gail Simone, Gerry Conway (Guiones), Bernard Chang, Chris Batista (Dibujos)| Edición española: Wonder Woman Nº 04.

On Themyscira, Alkyone, former guard of the Queen, makes a deal with Ares to free the other members of the guard. Elsewhere, Wonder Woman maintains her vigil over Etta Candy. At the United Nations, the Olympians tell the world they have failed to deliver peace. From this point forward, they will remake the world. At the hospital, Wonder Woman receives a message for Athena, who explains the origin of Genocide and to warn her that the Olympians, in trying to create peace, will start Earth’s final war. In Russia, the Olympians are ransacking a weapons cache when Wonder Woman attacks them. She tells them they have no idea of the war they are starting. They tell her they are trying to destroy the weapons. However, someone has released a nuclear missile. Wonder Woman follows the missile, detonating it in space.

Wonder Woman v3 #32
Rise of the Olympian, Part 7: Compound Fracture
Fecha: 2009.07| Créditos: Gail Simone (Guiones), Aaron Lopresti (Dibujos)| Edición española: Wonder Woman Nº 05 .

In Washington DC, Wonder Woman battles Genocide. Overhead, Tom Tresser (aka Nemesis) targets Genocide with a bomb provided by Dr. Morrow. It doesn’t work. Genocide tosses a bus into Tresser’s helicopter. Wonder Woman tries to help, but Genocide stops her. Wonder Woman manages to break free. She then saves the bus, allowing Tom to crash. On the ground, Genocide grabs Tresser. Genocide tells Wonder Woman to admit she doesn’t love Tresser or she will kill him. Wonder Woman admits she doesn’t love him. Wonder Woman then is able to free Tresser and attack Genocide. As they battle, Wonder Woman manages to grab the lasso and literally rip it out of Genocide’s body. Genocide then falls into the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean, where Wonder Woman watches her fall. For a moment Wonder Woman lets her go, then goes after her to save her. On Thalarion, Ares confirms Genocide has return to him before he summons all the creatures of the seas to Themyscira and to Thalarion, to extinguish two cultures.

Wonder Woman v3 #33
Rise of the Olympian, Finale: Monarch of the Dead
Fecha: 2009.08| Créditos: Gail Simone (Guiones), Aaron Lopresti (Dibujos)| Edición española: Wonder Woman Nº 05 .

After battling Genocide, Wonder Woman returns battered and bruised to Themyscira. Just as she is found, however, the creatures of the ocean emerge from the waters to attack the amazons. As they fight the creatures, Diana is taken to safety. However, she refuses to stay out of the fight. Despite being severely wounded, she joins her sisters. Diana uses her lasso and binds the creatures together and they start to attack each other. Meanwhile, Ares orders the retreat. On Thalarion, the Olympians battle the creatures as well. On Themyscira, Athena sends a message asking the Amazons to help, which they do. Diana seeks out Ares and kills him. The battle ends and the creatures return to the deep. Afterwards, Zeus asks Diana to worship him once more. Diana refuses. Zeus demands it as her God. Diana tells him she has no Gods and leaves Themyscira forever. Elsewhere, Alkyone says god riddance to the monstrosity while she lovingly adores the gift Ares gave her. A daughter of her own. Which she calls Genocide.

Wonder Woman v3 #34
A Malignant Isolation
Fecha: 2009.09| Créditos: Gail Simone, Geoff Johns (Guiones), Aaron Lopresti, Francis Manapul (Dibujos)| Edición española: Wonder Woman Nº 05 .

After renouncing all connection to her Gods and her people, Diana (aka Wonder Woman) returns to her home in Washington DC and her job at the department of Metahuman Affairs. There, T. O. Morrow tells Diana that Genocide is still alive. The body is in Tokyo, where Dr. Psycho is using a metahuman fight arena as cover while he repairs Genocide’s body. Diana asks Dinah Lance (aka black Canary) for help to locate Dr. Psycho. In Themyscira, new leader Achilles tells the Amazons to relinquish their weapons so they can retire in peace. Afterwards, Achilles asks Alkyone if she would be his Queen. In Japan, Dinah and Diana go undercover as contestants at the arena. In the fight, Diana displays new powers that she doesn’t know where they came from. However, they are able to win the fight. Watching, the Goddess of Violence declares she wants to fight Diana to the death because she killed her father.

Wonder Woman v3 #35
Cradle to the Grave
Fecha: 2009.10| Créditos: Gail Simone (Guiones), Aaron Lopresti (Dibujos)| Edición española: Wonder Woman nº 5.

In Tokyo, Wonder Woman and Black Canary are in disguise as arena fighters in an attempt to find Dr. Psycho and rescue Sarge Steel. They have learned Dr. Psycho has switched bodies. That night, Wonder Woman uses the lasso on Dr. Pyscho’s body to awaken the mind of Sarge Steel trapped inside. In the arena, the duo prepare to battle. Their opponent is Pele, the daughter of Kane Milohai, the God to whom Diana had offered fealty. Now, Pele wants revenge for the death of her father at the hands of Zeus. Pele literally removes Wonder Woman from the arena. Pele blames Wonder Woman for her father’s death. Wonder Woman realizes this and decides to make amends. She kneels to Pele. All of her vows to her father are now passed to Pele. Later, Wonder Woman returns to the arena in time to save Sarge Steel and capture Dr. Psycho. Back home, Tom Tresser decides to end his relationship with Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman v3 #36
Heart of Fire
Fecha: 2009.11| Créditos: Gail Simone (Guiones), Aaron Lopresti (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Last night, Diana (aka Wonder Woman) and Tom Tresser (aka Nemesis) discuss their romance. When they realize they want different things, they break up. The next morning, Diana feels the need to let out some aggression. When she sees Doris Zuel (aka Giganta), she attacks. However, Giganta doesn’t fight back, telling Diana she was waiting for her date. On Themyscira, Achilles and Akylone are officially married and designated King and Queen. Meanwhile, Diana and Doris discuss their relationships. As they are talking, Pele interrupts to tell Diana that Zeus has called to his champion. Pele warns Diana to remember her vow. Later, Diana meets Achilles on the field of battle. She tries to stop the war. When he refuses, the two fight. Diana wins the battle and orders Achilles to stand down. He refuses and tells Diana she will stand down instead, because he has the tactical advantage. He has her mother.

Wonder Woman v3 #37
Of Two Minds
Fecha: 2009.12| Créditos: Gail Simone, Brian Azzarello (Guiones), Bernard Chang, Phil Noto (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman) is visited by Ares, who tells her that despite being killed by her, he is not finished. He will make her suffer. And someone will betray her. On Themyscira, Hippolyta visits one of the pregnant Amazons. Hippolyta then learns of the return of the Bana-Mighdall. Elsehwere, Achilles and his betrothed Akylone spar. Akylone suggests that Achilles hurt Wonder Woman by killing her ape companions to demonstrated the strength of Achilles. Later, Diana visits Achilles and tells him she is taking Hippolyta off the island. Suddenly, Donna Troy attacks. Diana recognizes that Donna is enthralled, so Diana decides to prove how much Donna means to her. It is enough to stop the fight. However, Hippolyta doesn’t want to go. No matter what happens to her, if it keeps the Amazons together, it will be worth it. Besides, Akylone is now the queen of the Amazons.

Notas: The return of the Bana-Mighdall occurred in Secret Six (also written by Gail Simone and featuring a guest appearance by Wonder Woman), beginning with issue #10.

Wonder Woman v3 #38
After the Fire
Fecha: 2010.01| Créditos: Gail Simone (Guiones), Aaron Lopresti (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman) has allowed herself to be captured by the new queen of the Amazons, Akylone, in order to save her mother. Artemis offers to help Diana escape. Diana refuses because it would mean the death of her mother. Elsewhere, Achilles is upset at the order to execute Diana. Akylone tells him only the Queen of Themyscira can give the order. Meanwhile, Akylone’s warriors start rounding up Diana’s supporters, including her gorilla allies. Later, Donna Troy confronts Akylone and orders Diana released. Akylone refuses. She does this to save their people. Donna backs down. Now, the execution begins. While Donna searches for Hippolyta, Artemis leads the Amazons to rescue Diana. However, Achilles and his men block Artemis’ path. Despite their best efforts, Akylone kills “Diana.” Except it is someone else. Meanwhile, Achilles’ frees Diana from her Cell. Diana then attacks Akylone, who tells Diana that the death was part of a bargain she made with the dark heart of Akylone. A dark creature rises. It is Cottus, the maker of Diana’s flesh. Her true father.

Notas: The clay that was used to form Diana before she was given life was taken from the same cave in which Cottus dwelled. Diana faced Cottus once before (and killed him), in the “Challenge Of The Gods” storyline during the George Perez of the second volume of Wonder Woman (issue #10).

Wonder Woman v3 #39
Dawn Before Darkness
Fecha: 2010.02| Créditos: Gail Simone (Guiones), Aaron Lopresti (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Queen Akylone of Themyscira has just sacrificed an Amazon to bring to life the creature Cottus, the maker of Diana’s flesh, to send her back to where she belongs. Meanwhile, Achilles attacks , but the Queen and her circle drive spears through his heart. At that moment, Cottus grabs Diana and takes her under the seas. Artemis tells the other Olympians, they can attack Akylone or they can save Diana. Under the water, Diana battles Cottus. She is then joined by Artemis and the Olympians. Her lasso is returned and Diana uses it to tie up Cottus. On ground, Achilles stands to attack Akylone. She is poised to kill him again, but Hippolyta stops her. Achilles then stabs her. Akylone falls into the ground. Diana locates the body and removes the bracelets. After she puts them on, she uses the lightning power within it to destroy Cottus. Afterwards, Zeus admits his mistake. He needed to pick a champion to join the Ichor and thought it would be Achilles. It should’ve been Diana. However, Diana refuses. Zeus abides by the decision. Zeus then leaves to live with the Ichor, but not before banishing Ares from the island forever. Ares is fine with that; he needs more space for his growing family anyway.

Wonder Woman v3 #40
Hit the Ground Running
Fecha: 2010.03| Créditos: Gail Simone (Guiones), Aaron Lopresti (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman v3 #41
Fecha: 2010.04| Créditos: Gail Simone (Guiones), Chris Batista, Fernando Dagnino (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman v3 #42
Fecha: 2010.05| Créditos: Gail Simone (Guiones), Nicola Scott, Fernando Dagnino (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman v3 #43
Blood Red and Bone Deep
Fecha: 2010.06| Créditos: Gail Simone (Guiones), Nicola Scott, Fernando Dagnino (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wonder Woman v3 #44
Cut from a Pound of Flesh
Fecha: 2010.07| Créditos: Gail Simone (Guiones), Nicola Scott, Travis Moore, Neal Adams (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Notas: Las aventuras continúan en Wonder Woman v1 #600

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