GREEN LANTERN v3 1-100 (1990-1998)

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Green Lantern v3 #1
Down to Earth
Fecha: 1990.06| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Pat Broderick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Hal Jordan put his ring and costume back on and visited JLA headquarters. He wanted to make sure he’d made the right decision: to redefine himself without a ring and without a group of superheroes. Hal wandered around and found a moving train he could hop. After daydreaming a while, someone tossed him out of it. He ended up in a town called Hope Springs. They called it Desolation the last time he was there. He found an old friend, Rose Hardin (formerly Lewis). She was a widow now and offered him food and a place to sleep while he looked for work. Guy Gardner showed up a few days later trying to pick a fight. Rose saw them and Hal left. Elsewhere, John Stewart headed for Oa hoping to get answers and direction in his own life.

Notas: Hal Jordan received his GL ring 15 years ago: «Fifteen years since I crash-landed that plane, since I picked up the ring from the desert floor.»

Green Lantern v3 #2
Pursuit of Happiness!
Fecha: 1990.07| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Pat Broderick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Hal took a job on a fishing boat. Guy Gardner, half drunk, wandered into a tattoo parlor and recognized the artist: the Tattooed Man. He tried to convince Gardner that was all in his past and threw the troublemaker out of his shop. He followed him and watched him create a house out of one of his tattoos. Gardner goaded him until he fought back, then led him thousands of miles away to where Hal was. Hal’s ring warned him Gardner was approaching and he left his meal to meet the other Green Lantern. Instead of attacking the Tattooed Man, Jordan suckerpunched Gardner. One of his workmates saw him and blew the whistle. He was out of a job again. He wandered off blaming Gardner for his failures. On Oa, John found Priest dead. He feared the last Guardian had gone insane and killed him.

Green Lantern v3 #3
Sound and Fury
Fecha: 1990.08| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Pat Broderick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Gardner showed up again. Hal challenged him to a fight – without their rings. Gardner accepted and they left them in the custody of a lady at the diner they were in. While fighting, they were both arrested and thrown in jail. Once in jail, they realized they didn’t have their rings. They had the cop call the diner, but it appeared someone had stolen them. The two men with the rings began terrorizing the city. The sheriff came in to the jail in a panic. Jordan convinced him he could get them back, and he did. He also convinced Gardner he wanted to be alone. The remaining Guardian began tearing cities from his past away from their planets and bringing them to Oa. John was powerless against him.

Notas: Hal vs. Guy

Green Lantern v3 #4
Among My Souvenirs
Fecha: 1990.09| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Pat Broderick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

While on a job picking fruit, Hal learned the news that Evergreen City had «vanished into space.» The JLA was there; John attempted to warn Guy via his ring. Hal had a dream about John and a Guardian. When he woke up, a friend told him about other cities which had been taken – all that were along the path he, Green Arrow, and Black Canary had taken years before. He suited up and flew off. After visiting a site, he knew what he had to do. Once more, Hal Jordan repeated the oath and charged his ring. He flew off to Oa.

Notas: Cover incorrectly credits Mark A. Nelson instead of Bruce Patterson

Green Lantern v3 #5
Back Again
Fecha: 1990.10| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Pat Broderick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Hal got close to Oa and the Guardian touched his mind. The next thing he knew, he was waking up in Rose’s home. The Guardian told him he’d placed him there because that’s what he wanted. He then woke up there again, without knowledge of the mad Guardian or that they were no longer on Earth. He woke up from the trance and contacted Guy Gardner for help.

Green Lantern v3 #6
Two Against the World
Fecha: 1990.11| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Pat Broderick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

En route, Guy got another message from Hal. He hopped on a city being transported to Oa and hid out. Once on planet, the newly placed citizens began attacking him (the Guardian had told them all to protect him so he could protect them). Jordan went into the Battery in hopes of upping his power, but it backfired. All three remaining GLs were now captives of the last Guardian.

Green Lantern v3 #7
Fecha: 1990.12| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Pat Broderick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

The Guardian began attacking those who’d helped Hal fight. The Guardians returned to Oa – they’d received Hal’s message. As they took their once comrade to trial, the three Green Lanterns went about stopping the madness he’d caused. Appa Ali Apsa (Old Timer’s real name) began to control John again. He was much more powerful than the rest – he’d soaked up Oa’s power while they’d been away. The rings belonging to Hal and Guy lost their power. They looked up to find Appa dropping the other Guardians out of the sky.

Green Lantern v3 #8
Bringing It Together
Fecha: 1991.01| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Pat Broderick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Hal got one of the other Guardians to stop sustaining the planet – to do the opposite of their nature – in order to sabotage Appa. He got to John and had him project total aloneness into Appa’s mind. The Guardian began to break down. The Guardians seized control of their planet and its power. After the madness had died with Appa, the Guardians told the three GLs that they were restoring the Corps. Three assignments would be made (who got what would be decided later): one of the three remaining Green Lanterns would scour the universe for new recruits. A second would remain on Oa and help rebuild. The third would return to Earth.

Notas: Hal es readmitido en los GL Corps

Green Lantern v3 #9
The Two and Only!
Fecha: 1991.02| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Joe Staton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Lantern v3 #10
Bring In the Clowns
Fecha: 1991.03| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Joe Staton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Lantern v3 #11
Fools Rush In
Fecha: 1991.04| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Joe Staton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Lantern v3 #12
The Master Plan
Fecha: 1991.05| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Joe Staton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Lantern v3 #13
Ch. 1: The Chore; Ch. 2: The Gore; Ch.3: The Corps
Fecha: 1991.06| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Mark D. Bright, Joe Staton, Pat Broderick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Notas: Todos los anillos vuelven a tener poder

Green Lantern v3 #14
Fecha: 1991.07| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Mark D. Bright (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Lantern v3 #15
Fecha: 1991.08| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Mark D. Bright (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Lantern v3 #16
Fecha: 1991.09| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Mark D. Bright (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Lantern v3 #17
Fecha: 1991.10| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Mark D. Bright (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Lantern v3 #18
One Angry Guy
Fecha: 1991.11| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Joe Staton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Lantern v3 #19
Lantern’s Light
Fecha: 1991.12| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Mark D. Bright, Pat Broderick, Joe Staton, Martin Nodell (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Notas: Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Molly Mayne y Doiby Dickles reunidos por la aparición de Alan Scott. Se narra que 50 años a.c. el GL renegado Yalan Gur obtuvo un fragmento del Corazón estelar que, posteriormente, encontraría Allan Scott. Número 50 aniversario.

Green Lantern v3 #20
Regeneration, Part One: The Deal
Fecha: 1992.01| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Pat Broderick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Lantern v3 #21
Fecha: 1992.02| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Pat Broderick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Notas: Debut de Aa

Green Lantern v3 #22
The Contest
Fecha: 1992.03| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Pat Broderick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Lantern v3 #23
Fecha: 1992.04| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Pat Broderick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Lantern v3 #24
The Decision
Fecha: 1992.05| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Pat Broderick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Notas: Muerte de Zafiro Estelar

Green Lantern v3 #25
Prize Fight
Fecha: 1992.06| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Tim Hamilton, Joe Staton, Mark D. Bright (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Notas: Hal destruye el anillo de Guy

Green Lantern v3 #26
Back In Charge
Fecha: 1992.07| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Mark D. Bright (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Lantern v3 #27
Of Super-Human Bondage
Fecha: 1992.08| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Mark D. Bright (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Lantern v3 #28
Fecha: 1992.09| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Mark D. Bright (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Lantern v3 #29
The Green Stuff
Fecha: 1992.09| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Mark D. Bright (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Lantern v3 #30
[Gorilla Warfare, Ch. 1] The Trouble With Gorillas
Fecha: 1992.10| Créditos: Gerard Jones, Mark Waid (Guiones), Mark D. Bright (Dibujos)| Edición española: Universo DC: Flash nº1 (Planeta DeAgostini).

Notas: Debut de la organización B.A.A. (Bureau of Amplified Animals).

Green Lantern v3 #31
[Gorilla Warfare, Ch. 3] Gone Ape
Fecha: 1992.10| Créditos: Gerard Jones, Mark Waid (Guiones), Mark D. Bright (Dibujos)| Edición española: Universo DC: Flash nº1 (Planeta DeAgostini).

Green Lantern v3 #32
Chaos Coming
Fecha: 1992.11| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Tim Hamilton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Lantern v3 #33
Big Questions. The Third Law. Part One
Fecha: 1992.11| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Mark D. Bright (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Lantern v3 #34
The Third Law, Part Two: Entropy
Fecha: 1992.12| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Mark D. Bright (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Lantern v3 #35
The Third Law, Part Three: Act of Faith
Fecha: 1993.01| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Mark D. Bright (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Lantern v3 #36
The Ghost of Christmas Light
Fecha: 1993.02| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Gene Ha (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Lantern v3 #37
The Final Game
Fecha: 1993.03| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Mark Badger (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Lantern v3 #38
Life Decisions
Fecha: 1993.04| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Mark D. Bright (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Notas: Adam Strange

Green Lantern v3 #39
Life Forces
Fecha: 1993.05| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Mark D. Bright (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Lantern v3 #40
A Flash of Evil
Fecha: 1993.05| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Jean-Claude St. Aubin (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Lantern v3 #41
Predators and Prey
Fecha: 1993.06| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Mark D. Bright (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Lantern v3 #42
Death Times Two
Fecha: 1993.06| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Mark D. Bright, Scott Kolins (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Lantern v3 #43
Perilous Nativity
Fecha: 1993.07| Créditos: Gerard Jones, Steve Mattsson (Guiones), Jean-Claude St. Aubin, Mark D. Bright (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Lantern v3 #44
Trinity, Part 2: Urban Renewal
Fecha: 1993.08| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Gene Ha (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Lantern v3 #45
Trinity, Part 5: Turf War
Fecha: 1993.09| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Gene Ha (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Lantern v3 #46
Death City
Fecha: 1993.10| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Mark D. Bright (Dibujos)| Edición española: Superman Vol.3 nº5 (Ediciones Zinco), La Muerte de Superman (Planeta DeAgostini).

Hal Jordan arrives at Engine City, and immediately attacks Mongul, leaving Superman free to go after Cyborg Superman. Hal defeats Mongul, and Superman defeats Cyborg Superman (in SUPERMAN #82).

Notas: Coast City es destruida por Mogul, Hal enloquece cuando intenta reconstruirla con su anillo. (#46-48).

Green Lantern v3 #47
This Is Now
Fecha: 1993.11| Créditos: Gerard Jones (Guiones), Scott Kolins (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Green Lantern v3 #48
Emerald Twilight Part One: The Past
Fecha: 1994.01| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Bill Willingham, Romeo Tanghal (Dibujos)| Edición española: Green Lantern Crepúsculo Esmeralda, La muerte de Green Lantern (ECC).

Notas: Saga Crepúsculo Esmeralda. Debut de Green Lantern V (Kyle Rayner). Hal Jordan se vuelve loco y mata a, Kilowog, y el resto de GL menos Ganthet. Debut de Alexandra «Alex» DeWitt, fotógrafo novia de Kyle.

Green Lantern v3 #49
Emerald Twilight Part Two: The Present
Fecha: 1994.02| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Fred Haynes (Dibujos)| Edición española: Green Lantern Crepúsculo Esmeralda, La muerte de Green Lantern (ECC).

Notas: Muerte de Boodikka, Hannu, Jack T. Chance, Ke’haan, Kreon y Laira.

Green Lantern v3 #50
Emerald Twilight Part Three: The Future
Fecha: 1994.03| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Darryl Banks (Dibujos)| Edición española: Green Lantern Crepúsculo Esmeralda, La muerte de Green Lantern (ECC).

Notas: Hal Jordan se convierte en Parallax. Debut de Parallax. Muerte de los Guardianes y de Kilowog.

Green Lantern v3 #51
Changing the Guard
Fecha: 1994.05| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Darryl Banks (Dibujos)| Edición española: Green Lantern Crepúsculo Esmeralda, La muerte de Green Lantern (ECC).

This is Kyle’s first solo adventure. He goes up against a baddie named Ohm, who has it in for the old Green Lantern, Hal Jordan (this is a recurring theme for a while kiddies, get used to it). In the first round, Kyle gets his clock cleaned, but in the second round he wises up and puts his imagination to good use and whoops up on Ohm. In the meantime he tells his girlfriend, Alex, about his new-found abilities, and redesigns the costume. In the very end, a couple big bad guys by the names of Mongul and Major Force break out of a maximum security prison for super-powered villains.

Notas: Nuevo uniforme, debut de Kyle Ranyer Green Lantern. Debut de Ohm.


Green Lantern v3 #52
Breaking In
Fecha: 1994.06| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Darryl Banks, Jamal Igle, Steve Carr (Dibujos)| Edición española: Green Lantern Crepúsculo Esmeralda.

As Kyle is getting used to his new powers he gets an unexpected visit from another super-villain, Mongul. Apparently Mongul is a little upset about having spent years in prison, and blames Hal for it. Now that he’s out, he’s got a bone to pick with Green Lantern, and it doesn’t matter which one. Things look bad for Kyle, as the book ends with a «»Too Be Continued…»»
As a background story, a government agency has found a piece of glowing green metal that was found in the alley where Kyle received his ring. Could there be a connection. . . (of course there is silly, why else would I mention it here).

Green Lantern v3 #53
Fecha: 1994.07| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Darryl Banks (Dibujos)| Edición española: Green Lantern Crepúsculo Esmeralda.

Mongul’s nearly killed Kyle. Wouldn’t this be interesting, kill off the Green Lantern three issues after introducing him. No, actually Superman comes to the rescue. In an extended battle, it is discovered that the ring no longer has the vulnerability to yellow, which comes as a surprise to everyone; Superman and Mongul remember the old Ring, while this is the first Kyle ever heard about it. Anyway, Kyle ends up hitting Mongul like a locomotive, actually he hits him WITH a locomotive, which puts Mongul out of commission. A little more on that glowing green metal is explained as the government agency contracts Major Force to get the ring from Kyle, in any way necessary.

Green Lantern v3 #54
Forced Entry
Fecha: 1994.08| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Darryl Banks, Derec Aucoin, Steve Carr (Dibujos)| Edición española: Green Lantern Crepúsculo Esmeralda.

Kyle and his girlfriend spend a night on the town, Kyle in his GL uniform. He drops her off at her apartment and is invited to spend the night. He thinks it’s a pretty good idea, but there’s a disturbance downtown, so he flies off to take care of it. It’s apparently a section of L.A. from the year 2088 that has somehow been transported through time to 1994. While he’s dealing with the situation, Major Force shows up at Alex’s apartment and tries to squeeze some information out of her, literally. He mutilates her body and stuffs it into the refrigerator for Kyle to find. Naturally Kyle isn’t happy about this and starts to beat the ever-luvin’ crap out of Major Force. He does pretty well, but, unfortunately, the ring runs out of energy, and Major Force is still standing

Notas: Muerte de Alex DeWitt.

Green Lantern v3 #55
Zero Hour: Assault & Battery
Fecha: 1994.09| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Craig Hamilton, Darryl Banks, Derec Aucoin (Dibujos)| Edición española: Green Lantern Crepúsculo Esmeralda.

The glowing green metal from a couple issues back turns out to be the GL battery and Kyle gets a much needed recharge. He manages to really whoop up on Major Force and when he gets him incapacitated, Kyle begins questioning Major Force about who sent him. This doesn’t go very far as the always astute L.A.P.D. shows up and orders the GL to surrender. Kyle flies home where he is greeted by the Golden Age Green Lantern, Alan Scott. Alan tells Kyle about the previous GL, and how Hal went crazy. He also tells him of the upcoming crisis, a crisis in time, and how his help will probably be called upon. In the very end, Alan’s prophetic words come true as Superman shows up with Metron (a god or something), asking for help. For more on Zero Hour, check out the trade paperback, it’s a pretty good read.

Green Lantern v3 #0
Zero Hour: Second Chances
Fecha: 1994.10| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Darryl Banks (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

A near powerless Hal Jordan transports himself to Oa in order to recharge his depleted energy. Kyle is dragged along and gains an interesting insight into the twisted psyche of his predecessor. Hal is just trying to make things right. He had realized that just trying to recreate Coast City was too limited. It was the universe itself that was flawed, and so he felt he had to re-make it in his own image. He was actually going to try again, but Kyle wouldn’t let him. In order to keep Hal from absorbing more energy from Oa, Kyle destroyed the planet. Kyle assumed that Hal was killed in the explosion, which left him alone to find his way back to Earth.

Notas: Origen de Kyle el cual se enfrenta a Hal como Parallax, Oa es destruida. Muerte de Alia y Barin.

Green Lantern v3 #56
Last of the Breed
Fecha: 1994.11| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Darryl Banks (Dibujos)| Edición española: Green Lantern TOMO 5 (VID).

In his attempt to get home, Kyle comes across a planet with a bar that looks quite a bit like the Mos Eisley Cantina. He manages to get into a bar brawl, and is saved by a woman who claims to be a former Green Lantern. They spend quite a bit of time talking and when Kyle wakes up the next morning his ring is gone. When he meets up with her again, she tells him that the ring wouldn’t work for her and that she nearly got killed. She had just wanted to be a hero again, but she nearly died trying. She gave the ring back to Kyle and says good-bye. As Kyle walks off, he hears a laser pistol, and when he turns around he sees her dead body lying on the ground (which is a lot better than her dead body floating in the air. . .). He takes off, still trying to find Earth, wondering if he’ll ever make it back, when he comes across a huge threatening spaceship.

Notas: Debut de Adara

Green Lantern v3 #57
Fecha: 1994.12| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Darryl Banks (Dibujos)| Edición española: Green Lantern TOMO 6 (VID).

Kyle’s back home and has some things to work through. This issue opens with Kyle saying good-bye to Alex, as he missed the funeral, being lost in space and all. He has decided to move to New York to continue his career as a free-lance artist. As he’s unpacking, a guy with his brain showing (ewww) named Psimon shows up and takes control of Kyle’s mind and sends him against the New Titans. The conclusion to this story is in The New Titans #116.

Notas: Continúa en New Titans #116

Green Lantern v3 #58
Fecha: 1995.01| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Cully Hamner, Fred Haynes (Dibujos)| Edición española: Green Lantern TOMO 7 (VID).

Monsters are popping out of the alleyway next to Kyle’s new apartment. This goes unnoticed for a while as Kyle finishes moving in with the help of Titan, Donna Troy. In New Titans #116, Kyle was offered membership, and he took them up on it. After Donna leaves, Kyle takes a walk with his landlord, Radu, and they are attacked by one of the aforementioned monsters which grabs Radu and takes him to some kind of hell. Kyle follows the two into the bowels of hell and meets up with what appears to be a bum from the alley. Kyle uses the ring to «jog his memory» and the man remembers that he is Felix Faust, apparently some kind of powerful occultist or something like that. Mr. Faust saves Kyle and sends the monsters back to their little dimension.

Green Lantern v3 #59
Green Christmas
Fecha: 1995.02| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Darryl Banks (Dibujos)| Edición española: Green Lantern TOMO 7 (VID).

Kyle gets monitor duty for the Titans on Christmas. It’s pretty boring for the most part, but when Polaris shows up, Kyle figures he can take care of the problem by himself, and not bother any of the other Titans. Kyle actually takes care of the problem pretty well, and when he gets back, Donna meets him at Headquarters. She gives him a present, Mistletoe. I think you can guess what goes on next. . .

Green Lantern v3 #60
Capital Punishment, Act 3
Fecha: 1995.03| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Darryl Banks (Dibujos)| Edición española: Green Lantern TOMO 8 (VID).

Kyle has caught up with Major Force (you remember, the jerk that killed Alex) and is about to get sweet revenge, when he’s interrupted by The Quorum. With the help of Guy Gardner, Warrior, Kyle defeats the Quorum, but decides that he can’t go as far as to kill Major Force. Guy, however, has a bone to pick with MF as well, and IS willing to kill. Guy tells Kyle that some were meant to be heroes, and some were meant to be warriors. In the very end, Ganthet shows up again, apparently looking for Kyle.

Green Lantern v3 #61
Fecha: 1995.04| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Andy Smith (Dibujos)| Edición española: Green Lantern TOMO 8 (VID).

Kyle and Donna picnic on a distant planet when Darkseid’s son Kalibak shows up and spoils the day. Since Donna is a Darkstar, she does have some pretty powerful abilities, so between herself and Kyle, they kick major butt. Darkseid knew that his son would fail, but needed to test Kyle’s abilities. Also, somewhere outside Desolation, Texas (population 819), a familiar figure is picked up by a passing motorist. Hal Jordan, long thought dead, is back.


Green Lantern v3 #62
Ganthet’s Tale Redux
Fecha: 1995.05| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Darryl Banks, Joe St. Pierre (Dibujos)| Edición española: Green Lantern TOMO 9 (VID), La muerte de Green Lantern (ECC).

On his way home from a «training» session (actually, it was a training session, really) with Donna, Kyle gets attacked by a big ol’ nasty lookin’ guy with a three word vocabulary, «Come with me.» Kyle isn’t exactly in the mood to go with him, but in the end he doesn’t have much choice. Mister Monosyllable is more powerful than Kyle and wins the fight. Kyle wakes up to an interesting surprise, Ganthet is back. The bad guy was actually a projection of the same energy Kyle uses. Ganthet wants the ring back, and Kyle isn’t about to give it up, not to him, or to a recent arrival, Hal Jordan.

Notas: Debut de Duality.

Green Lantern v3 #63
Parallax View: The Resurrection of Hal Jordan, Part I
Fecha: 1995.06| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Darryl Banks (Dibujos)| Edición española: Green Lantern TOMO 9 (VID), La muerte de Green Lantern (ECC).

Hal Jordan’s back, and he wants his ring. He thinks that if he can be Green Lantern again, all his actions will be forgiven. Kyle holds up admirably against someone you might call a god, but in the end he falls. During the fight, Ganthet rounds up some of Hal’s old friends, The Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Hawkman, the Flash and the Green Arrow (for those of you who don’t know, the original Justice League of America consisted of The Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, The Flash, Black Canary and Green Lantern, so this gathering is fairly poignant for Hal).


Green Lantern v3 #64
Parallax View: The Resurrection of Hal Jordan, Part II
Fecha: 1995.07| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Darryl Banks, Mark D. Bright (Dibujos)| Edición española: Green Lantern TOMO 9 (VID), La muerte de Green Lantern (ECC).

It’s the original JLA versus Hal Jordan, and they loose. They really didn’t even have a chance, Hal is a god. Hal takes the ring from Kyle and reverts to the Green Lantern outfit. Kyle picks up a pipe and starts to attack Hal with it. Hal can’t understand why he’s still fighting, he obviously doesn’t stand a chance. Kyle explains that he’s a hero and has to stop Hal anyway possible, even if it means that he will be killed. Hal realizes that he can no longer be Green Lantern and gives Kyle the ring back. Ganthet tells Hal that if he wants power, he can have it, and merges with Hal.


Green Lantern v3 #65
The Siege of the Zi Charam, Part II: Rescue
Fecha: 1995.08| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Ron Lim (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

This is part two of five, part one is in the New Titans #120 and the rest is in Darkstars and New Titans. This issue involves the Titans and Darkstars protecting an alien race from invasion. Kyle and Supergirl team up to destroy some of the invading armada, which they do a pretty good job with for a while. The issue ends with the rest of the armada bearing down on the heroes ship.

Notas: Continúa en Darkstars #34

Green Lantern v3 #66
Fast Friends?, Part I
Fecha: 1995.09| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Paul Pelletier (Dibujos)| Edición española: Linterna Verde: Bautizo de Fuego nº1 (Vid).

There has always been a Flash\Green Lantern team. It started way back in the Golden age with Alan Scott (GL) and Jay Garrick (The Flash), and continued into the Silver Age with Hal Jordan and Barry Allen. It’s about time that the Modern Age GL and Flash got together to continue the tradition. . . sort of. The book starts with Kyle saving New York (again) from some unnamed bad guy. During the fight, Kyle accidentally knocks over a guy in a wheel chair. After the fight, Kyle goes to appologize to the guy finds that he lost his legs in a train accident. Kyle offers to recreate his legs with the power of the ring and the guy is amazed. This will actually become important in a couple issues. About the same time in Keystone city Wally West (you might know him better as The Flash, the fastest man alive, the Scarlet Speedster, etc.) is busy with a fellow calling himself Sonar. Wally can’t seem to beat him, despite the fact that he can move at very close to the speed of light while Sonar uses sound, I’m not sure what the problem is. Sonar escapes and heads to New York, which now makes it Kyle’s problem. Kyle can’t seem to beat him either, and in the very last panel, Flash shows up.

Notas: Debut de Purgatory (Paul Christian).

Green Lantern v3 #67
Fast Friends?, Part II
Fecha: 1995.10| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Paul Pelletier (Dibujos)| Edición española: Linterna Verde: Bautizo de Fuego nº1 (Vid).

I just don’t get it, Flash can move at speeds approaching the speed of light, yet it takes him two full issues to take out a guy named Sonar, not to mention he needs the help of the Green Lantern to help. I like Ron Marz, but these two issues don’t showcase his talent very well. Anyway, after several tries and a lot of friction, the two manage to capture Sonar in a sound proof cage. Wally explains the history of Flash\Green Lantern teamups, and suggests that they may team up a little more often in the future, despite the friction that they have.


Green Lantern v3 #68
Underworld: Hellfire and Ice
Fecha: 1995.11| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Paul Pelletier (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

As part of the Underworld Unleashed crossover, this issue starts with a woman jogging through Central Park when it starts snowing. This wouldn’t be a problem if it was winter, but it’s mid-autumn. She is attacked by someone who freezes her solid and then shatters her. The next scene is Kyle and Donna stopping a mini-riot, then taking a flying carriage ride over New York. It doesn’t take long before they notice that Central Park is frozen over. While theire investigating, we see the home of the man that Kyle gave legs to in issue #66. He’s had a little trouble keeping the legs working, since it is based on will-power. He is visited by a fellow named Neron (pretty much the devil of the DCU) who offers him much more power. The guys willing to do it and takes the power in exchange for a tiny little favor for Neron. We now cut back to Kyle and Donna, who discover who is responsible for the meteorogical problems in Central Park, Mr. Freeze. We are to assume, I think, that Freeze took Neron up on his offer as well. Kyle and Donna are having enough trouble just with Freeze, that it makes it really bad when the new guy shows up. He calls himself Purgatory and has powers similar to Green Lantern’s. In the end, Kyle manages to take them both out at once, kind of a Fire and Ice thing, but when he’s freeing Donna from a block of ice Freeze trapped her in, Purgatory escapes. With his defeat, Freeze reverts to his old form, without the incredible new powers he was displaying earlier. This story is continued in Underworld Unleashed #2 and concluded in the next issue.

Green Lantern v3 #69
Underworld: Bargains
Fecha: 1995.12| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Paul Pelletier (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Kyle has gone to Hell, been offered his greatest desire, told off the Devil and gotten the crap beaten out of him. That’s where this issue picks up. He’s telling Donna all of this when he’s interrupted by Purgatory. Donna evacuates the building while Kyle takes out Purgatory. In the end, since he’s failed, Neron takes Purgatory to Hell.

Green Lantern v3 #70
Changes For Green Lantern
Fecha: 1996.01| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Paul Pelletier (Dibujos)| Edición española: Linterna Verde: Bautizo de Fuego nº1 (Vid).

Not much action in this one, but a really good issue. Donna arrives at Kyle’s apartment when Kyle’s in the middle of an art session. The subject of his most recent piece, really upsets Donna, but then a naked woman in your boyfriends apartment could be a little problem. They have a little fight which ends in Kyle flying off and spending the rest of the issue talking with John Stewart, another former GL. The only action in the issue comes in the form of a guy named Berserker. After the fight John tells Kyle that there’s more to being a hero than just having a ring, that it has to do with the attitude and heart. Kyle decides to take a vacation, to see some more experienced heroes in action and find out what it really means to be a hero. First stop, Gotham City. . .


Green Lantern v3 #71
Hero Quest 1: Gotham
Fecha: 1996.02| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Paul Pelletier (Dibujos)| Edición española: Linterna Verde: Bautizo de Fuego nº1 (Vid).

Kyle goes to Gotham to get a few pointers from the Dark Knight. Batman, however, isn’t in the mood to teach Kyle how to be a hero, and leaves him. Kyle’s not feeling too good about things at this point; Donna’s not at all happy with him, the first hero he thinks of to learn from blows him off, and he still isn’t sure what it takes to be a great hero. That all ends when Alan Scott shows up. Alan was the first Green Lantern, but recently has started calling himself Sentinel. He’s got the same powers as before, but doesn’t need the ring anymore. Alan agrees to help Kyle and the two of them go off and battle a woman named Harlequin (no not the Joker’s sidekick on Batman The Animated Series). Way back in Zero Hour, Alan was made young again, but his wife, Molly, was still the same age. During the Underworld Unleashed series, Molly bargained with Neron to be young again. Instead of making her young again in body and spirit, Neron just made her body young and kept her spirit. Alan went to Hell to get her soul back and this battle was fought in order for him to restore body and soul. The lesson learned here is that sometimes a hero needs to be cold and hard to get the job done. Alan lied to Kyle in order to get the job done, for he didn’t think that Kyle would help if he told him the truth. This left Kyle wondering what he would have done if Donna had been in the same situation. Would he have lied to get help? Oh well, on to more amazing adventures in Fawcett City. . .

Notas: Sentinel recupera el alma de Molly del Infierno

Green Lantern v3 #72
Hero Quest 2: Fawcett
Fecha: 1996.03| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Paul Pelletier (Dibujos)| Edición española: Linterna Verde: Bautizo de Fuego nº2 (Vid).

Kyle heads to Fawcett City to learn from the World’s Mightiest Mortal, Captain Marvel. While looking for him, he runs into Billy Batson and they have an interesting conversation, both trying to protect their secret identities. While their talking, there is a large explosion in the museum and when they investigate (as their superhero alter egos) they find an ancient Egyptian high priest hurling energy bolts at them. When Kyle tries to take the guy by force, he only gets whipped. Captain Marvel realizes that it’s really the professor in charge of the Egyptian collection and decides to talk to him. This works and the soul of the Egyptian priest leaves the professor, but looks to try and take over Marvel. Kyle captures the soul and gets Cap’s thanks. Hey, what did we learn today? We learned that sometimes you can’t fight your way through a situation, you CAN reason with some villains. The issue ends with Darkstars on many different planets slaughtered along with the planets’ other citizens. The remaining Darkstars decide that it’s time to take action against this unknown foe, before it gets to the next planet

Notas: Muerte de Hollikka Rahn.

Green Lantern v3 #73
Hero Quest 3: Gateway
Fecha: 1996.04| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Paul Pelletier (Dibujos)| Edición española: Linterna Verde: Bautizo de Fuego nº2 (Vid).

It’s Green Lantern Vs. Wonder Woman in this issue. Kyle tells us a while in that this is a show, that he has to make it look like he’s killed Wonder Woman in order to flush out some criminals. The plan works and the bad guys make their appearance. Kyle and WW are there to stop them, two alien strong men and a woman. WW takes the strong men and leaves Kyle with the woman. Kyle makes the mistake of being too easy on her and she nearly kills them all while destroying one-of-a-kind equipment. The lesson here is that a hero needs to use all the power available and shouldn’t pull punches for any reason, and never underestimate a woman. In the end Kyle runs into a very surprised Donna, well actually, they’re both pretty surprised.


Green Lantern v3 #74
Fecha: 1996.06| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Darryl Banks (Dibujos)| Edición española: Linterna Verde: Bautizo de Fuego nº2 (Vid).

It turns out Donna came to Gateway City looking for Wonder Woman. She explains that some unknown foe has destroyed twelve planets, and with them nineteen Darkstars. Kyle offers to help and they meet up with the other seventeen Darkstars (yep, that’s all that’s standing between the unknown enemy and total destruction) on the planet Rann. The group is still preparing defenses when the enemy shows up. Donna and Kyle lead a successful space battle, but the problem lies with the ships that made it to the planet. The Darkstars there put up an admirable fight, but they are simply too overwhelmed. John Stewart, leader of the Darkstars, falls at the hand of the enemy leader, Lord Grayven. The story is continued in the next issue, but that is a pretty good cliff-hanger, eh?

Notas: Debut de Grayven (hijo ilegítimo de Darkseid). Muerte de K’ryssma.

Green Lantern v3 #75
[no title]
Fecha: 1996.07| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Darryl Banks (Dibujos)| Edición española: Linterna Verde: Bautizo de Fuego nº2 (Vid).

Lord Grayven turns out to be another of Darkseid’s sons. He wants to take his place as ruler of Apokolips and needs a weapon from Rann in order to complete his goal. Kyle is the last hope for Rann, the other Darkstars are down or busy fighting Grayven’s minions. John Stewart, nearly dead, manages to use the weapon Grayven was looking for in order to defeat him, but Kyle’s work isn’t finished. The city where the battle took place was really a city above the planet, and all the destruction caused by Grayven had caused it to fall out of orbit. It’s up to Kyle to save it, which he’s not even sure he can do, but tries anyway. He answers the question he went to Gotham, Fawcett and Gateway for, he now knows why he is a hero. Also on the plus side he and Donna decide to talk and everyone’s happy. Kyle does have one unanswered question, though. Grayven was so intent on pleasing his father that Kyle wonders what happened to his father. There’s definitely more to come on that front in the next few issues as we continue another long-standing superhero team. . .

Notas: La organización Darkstar es diezmada Donna Troy se retira a una vida civil. Muerte de Charlie Vicker.

Green Lantern v3 #76
Hard-Traveling Heroes: The Next Generation, Part 1: Family Traditions
Fecha: 1996.07| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Paul Pelletier (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Part one of four of a Green Team extravaganza! Kyle goes to San Fransisco to enlist the help of Connor Hawke, the Green Arrow. The two had met before in Green Arrow #104 when Connor came to New York looking for his mother. In this issue, Kyle’s asking Connor to return the favor. The last issue brought up some questions that Kyle had about his father, who left home shortly after Kyle was born. He wanted to ask Conner if he would help find him, since Connor had a little more experience in the subject. Connor’s contact, Fyers, gets them a lead that takes the two of them to a little town outside Lincoln Nebraska. While the two stop for a bite to eat in a little diner, a brawl ensues. Kyle manages to upset the sheriff of the town, and managest to drag Connor into the fight as well. Kyle doesn’t even use the ring and the two of them still kick white trash booty. When they check on the address Fyers gave them, Kyle and Connor are dissapointed to find that Aaron Rayner no longer lives there. However, he did leave a forwarding address, a little town called Desolation. This series is continued in Green Arrow #110, which I don’t have, so I’ll pick up in the next issue of Green Lantern.

Notas: La portada es un homenaje a Green Lantern v2 #76

Green Lantern v3 #77
ard-Traveling Heroes: The Next Generation, Part 3: Re-Entry: Critical]
Fecha: 1996.08| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Paul Pelletier (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

In Green Arrow #110, Kyle and Connor apparently found Aaron Rayner, Kyle’s dad. He’s a man of considerable influence, he has his own costumed bodyguard, as well as his own underground base of operations. Aaron talks about making America great again by using a communications sattellite to interrupt television broadcast and eliminate «libera- media bias hididng the facts and confusing the public.» He convinces Kyle to help out by placing the sattellite in orbit. Connor doesn’t think it’s a great idea, but goes along anyway. While they place the sattellite in orbit, Connor questions what they are doing, and this leads to a fight between the two of them. Connor is the better fighter and he gets to the point where he draws the bow on Kyle. Naturally he won’t shoot Kyle, if he did, he’d be several miles above the Earth with no means of protection, but he gets the point across, that Kyle isn’t thinking. He’s so happy that he’s found his dad that he has lost his ability for rational thought. Kyle comes to his senses, somewhat; he’s no longer trying to kill Connor, but he says that as soon as they get back to Earth, the partnership is dissolved. We then see Aaron in his office talking to a judge about the sattellite, and says that it’s not actually a communications sattellite, but a weapon of mass destruction. This is how he meant to make America great again, destroy Washington DC. When Connor and Kyle get back to Earth, Kyle goes to tell his dad that the mission was accomplished, and Connor goes back to his room to find Crackshot, Aaron’s beautiful, gun-toting, bodyguard. She proceeds to give him what is probably the best kiss he’ll ever have, while hiding a gun behind her back. Green Arrow #111 – I’m going to break my rules here a little and give a review for a title other than a Green Lantern issue and do this one issue of Green Arrow, just because it’s the last part of this story. Apparently Crackshot has more on her mind than killing Connor as she gets him on the bed and drops her gun. They’re interrupted by Aaron’s henchmen who are attempting to finish what Crackshot was sent to do. The two manage to take them all down and hide in the air vents, making there way to the control center. In the meantime Fyers shows up, for he realized what the two kids were getting into and came to their aid. He catches up to everyone and tells them that the sattellite is really a «deathray.» Kyle is a little suspicious and wants to talk to his dad about it. He does, and it turns out that he was taken in, he put a weapon in orbit that could kill millions. The countdown sequence had already been activated, so Kyle whipped up something that looks like an X-wing and destroyed the sattellite while the rest managed to evacuate the compound. Aaron, who is suffering from a fatal wound, tells Kyle that he is not really Kyle’s father, that he is Zachary Rayner, Aaron’s brother. Kyle appologizes to Connor, and is forgiven. Somewhere in Colorado an unknown man steps off a helicopter and recieves a letter that reads «Regret to inform you of the death of your brother. Condolences.» I believe that we are to assume that Aaron Rayner is out there, just waiting to be found.


Green Lantern v3 #78
A Beginning
Fecha: 1996.09| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Darryl Banks (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

The issue begins with Kyle out and about doing the hero thing, saving lives, stopping criminals, blah, blah, blah. He stops by the hospital to visit John Stewart, the Darkstar who was nearly killed by Lord Grayven way back in issues 74 and 75. After this meeting Kyle goes home to recharge the ring before heading to Cozumel to meet Donna for a chance to talk. Kyle admits that he was wrong and that he loves Donna. To prove himself he makes a green, heart-shaped pendant and tells her that as long as he loves her it will be there. She takes him back and the issue ends with them smooching.


Green Lantern v3 #79
Hard Time
Fecha: 1996.10| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Darryl Banks (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Sonar’s back. The bad boy that gave the Kyle and the Flash troubles back in issues 66 and 67 has broken out of prison and taken a few people out with him. Kyle is looking to take him out, but isn’t sure he can do it when another felon shows up by the name of Sledge. Kyle is prepared to take Sledge out when the big guy offers to help. It seems he has no great love for Sonar and wants to see him back in prison. Kyle rips through the other felons that Sonar has gathered, but he still can’t take the main man himself, that’s where Sledge comes in. He pulls a «Hulk Smash» and hits Sonar well into the Earth, far enough to let in ocean water. The basement that the fight took place in starts flooding, and it looks like Sonar may not be coming back. Sledge, however, survived, and is on the loose. In the last scene of the book, a bright light explodes out of the lantern back at Kyle’s place and a strange looking guy with fire for hair appears. We’ll find out who it is next time. . .


Green Lantern v3 #80
Final Night: Light In Darkness
Fecha: 1996.11| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), J.H. Williams III (Dibujos)| Edición española: La muerte de Green Lantern (ECC).

The guy that appeared out of the lantern turns out to be Dr. Light, a former villian of Hal Jordan. He was trapped in the lantern by Hal and has developed his abilities to control light to make him an incredibly powerful villain. Since Kyle’s projections are effectively light, he can’t do much to stop the good doctor. This actually couldn’t have happened at a better time, for this is part of the Final Night crossover, and Dr. Light might just have the ability to restart the dead sun. When Light hears this, he takes off. Turns out for all his power, he was a real coward. Kyle spends some time with Donna, who is having a lot of trouble with the situation. Up until issue #75 she was a superhero, a Darkstar, now she had no powers, and her world was dying. She couldn’t do anything to help the superheroes and she felt completely useless. Kyle reassures her that everything will be alright, and has a flash of brilliance. He thinks of someone who just might be able to help with the problem, but we don’t get to find out who it is for a while.

Green Lantern v3 #81
Final Night: Funeral For A Hero
Fecha: 1996.12| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Darryl Banks (Dibujos)| Edición española: La muerte de Green Lantern (ECC).

Hal Jordan is dead. Even though he had gone crazy and tried to destroy the universe, he died a hero. Remember back in #80 when I said that Kyle had an idea for dealing with the current global crisis? Well his idea was to get the most powerful being he knew to help out, that man being Hal Jordan. Hal reluctantly agreed, and in the process of stopping the sun eater he was killed. For the full story read my review of Parallax: Emerald Night (okay, you can’t read it now, because I haven’t reviewed it, but when I do I’ll let you know). This issue is his memorial service. Kyle had created a huge green cathedral on the former site of Coast City, with Green Lantern insignias everywhere, it was really nice. Everybody showed up for it too, the greatest gathering of heroes since Superman’s death a few years back. Speaking were Superman, Guy Gardner (his was nice, even if you don’t like Guy, his was nice), John Stewart, Dinah Lance (Oliver Queen’s former lover), Wally West, Carol Ferris (Hal’s one true love) and finally Kyle himself. Kyle reminded everyone of Hal’s sacrifice by dissolving the cathedral to show the bright noon-day sun. Alan Scott turned the eternal flame of the memorial to Coast City green in memory of Hal, Swamp Thing caused all kinds of growth to cover the barren wasteland that was Coast City, and finally Kyle created a statue of Hal in his Green Lantern costume. In the end Batman says it best. He can’t forgive what Hal had done, but he could find it in his heart to call him a hero.

Notas: Funeral de Hal Jordan

Green Lantern v3 #82
Adventures In Babysitting
Fecha: 1997.01| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Tom Grindberg (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

This issue is mostly about Kyle getting to know Donna’s son, but the highlight comes in the scene with three former Green Lanterns and the one current one sitting around a table reminscing about Hal. Kyle is simply in awe to be included in a group that includes Alan Scott, John Stewart, and guy Gardner. They tell him it’s a responsibility, but to enjoy it while it lasts. When Kyle takes Donna’s son to the zoo, all sorts of zaniness ensues. The tyke wanders off while Kyle is daydreaming and manages to get himself into the Siberian Tiger habitat. Kyle saves him and the two decide not to tell Donna about the adventure. In the end we see a person in shadows kill a Darkstar who just happened to be a former Green Lantern, hmmmm. . . could our hero be next?!?!?

Notas: Muerte de Galius Zed.

Green Lantern v3 #83
Retribution, Part 1
Fecha: 1997.02| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Darryl Banks (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

After a hard day fighting crime, what’s a superhero gonna do to relax? If you’re Kyle Rayner you’d go to the local Disco Tech (that’s the name of the club). Kyle has learned his lesson, and he’s totally committed to Donna, but who’s it gonna hurt if he dances with a beautiful woman with a fantastic body? She asks him to come with her, but he tells her no, and when he does, she flips a switch on her bracelet and her clothing changes completely into a no-nonsense Green Lantern killing machine named Fatality. Kyle can’t use the ring to fight her, so he pretty much gets his butt kicked (again). Kyle gets the chance to change into costume and still can’t get much done. She tells him that she is the last survivor her race because of something a Green Lantern did. Since that point she has tracked down and killed several Green Lanterns, and after she kills Kyle she’ll kill more. But he is her big prize, the last one bearing a ring. When she learns that the old limitations are gone, she takes off. Kyle goes to the closest former GL he can think of to get some advice, but John Stewart tells him that he’s made a big mistake coming to him first, becuase if she could find him, then she could probably find just about anything, including Kyle’s battery. . .

Green Lantern v3 #84
Retribution, Part 2
Fecha: 1997.03| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Darryl Banks, Chris Batista (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Fatality tells Kyle that a Green Lantern was responsible for the destruction of her homeworld, and that since that point she has hunted Green Lanterns, hoping to destroy everyone. Kyle figures out that it was John Stewart who was responsible for the destruction of Fatality’s homeworld, but he doesn’t tell her that. At this point Kyle is trapped by Fatality and about to die when John Stewart confronts her. He doesn’t know who she is, he doesn’t know who he is, he’s just trying to save a friend. John lets out some kind of Green power burst that stuns Fatality. He looks after Kyle and Fatality gets away, but the question remains, how did John let loose that power? The theory is that when Hal healed him (again in Parallax: Emeral Night), some of the power was left over and that’s what the burst was. Kyle follows Fatality through space until she crash lands on some distant (inhabitable fortunately) planet. He begins following her, but his ring runs out of juice, just as he’s dragged underwater by something that looks like it belongs in a trash compactor on the Death Star.

Notas: Debut de Fatality (Yrra Cynril)

Green Lantern v3 #85
Retribution, Part 3
Fecha: 1997.04| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Darryl Banks, Stephen Jones (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Actually, the trash compactor monster was tame compared to the thing that’s after Kyle now. Kyle manages to defeat the creature, using some nearby bones as weapons. He finds Fatality’s ship and discovers her trophy room, mementos from every GL she’s killed, he also discovers that not just any battery will work, he needs his own battery, bummer. As he leaves the ship to try and find Fatality, she finds him first and jumps him. Kyle turns out to be a pretty good fighter in his own right, but Fatality is better. She’s pretty much defeated him when she decides to gloat a little and pulls out the battery. At that moment she is grabbed by the thing that attacked Kyle earlier (or his brother, I don’t know). Fatality refuses to give up the battery and is apparently killed by the monster. Kyle does manage to recover the battery and goes home, wondering how anyone could be as single minded as Fatality, refusing to listen to reason.

Notas: Muerte de Finality.

Green Lantern v3 #86
Fecha: 1997.05| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Jeff Johnson (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

This issue starts off with Kyle picking up Chinese for Donna and stopping a kidnapping. He flies home and finds a suitcase of unknown origin and hears someone in the shower. He assumes that it’s Donna and goes in to surprise her. He’s the one who gets surprised when he opens the shower curtain and sees a naked green woman in his shower. She turns out to be Jade, Alan Scott’s daughter, who explains that she needed a place to stay and let herself in. Kyle agrees to let her room with him for a while, and while she’s getting dressed, he starts to put her bag away, but in doing so it drops on the floor and some lacy underthings fall out. He begins putting them away when Jade’s brother comes in and gets a very wrong impression. The two boys start fighting and Jade comes in and breaks it up. Jade tells Kyle that she really appreciates him letting her room with him, gives him a big hug, and just then, Donna comes in and tells Kyle he has a lot of explaining to do.

Green Lantern v3 #87
Last of Their Kind
Fecha: 1997.06| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Tom Grindberg (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

This issue begins in Kyle’s apartment where Jade is doing some photography, but is interrupted by a guy named Access (if you haven’t read DC Vs. Marvel you really should). He claims he’s looking for Kyle, but since he isn’t there he goes to bother «that guy on the surf-board.» It cuts to the JLA Watchtower, where Kyle is still in awe of being included with all the big guns. Being included in the JLA does have it’s down-side though, as he has to stay on the Watchtower for monitor duty. He and the Martian Manhunter stay behind while everyone else returns to Earth. Kyle is a little set off by J’onn, as he is so obviously alien, but when an alien spaceship starts terraforming LA, all discomfort is set aside. Kyle fights his way inside and finds a dead crew. He’s about to blast the ship, when J’onn stops him and figures out what is going on. The ship was programmed to terraform a planet, and restart the dead race, and it picked Earth to do this on. Kyle then suggests another locale and they reprogram the ship to terraform Mogo, a former Green Lantern. I’m not sure how this works, but the planet itself was a GL, and when the Corps was destroyed, the planet «ceased… being what it was.» J’onn and Kyle fly off, the last Green Lantern and the last green Martian.

Green Lantern v3 #88
…Go Home Again
Fecha: 1997.07| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Darryl Banks (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Kyle is visiting the grave of Alex (you remember, his girlfriend killed by Major Force) and reminiscing about what’s been happening in the past couple years since he got the ring. While there he runs into Alex’s sister who is incredibly upset at him for missing the funeral (if we remember our history lesson, Kyle was trying to find his way home after fighting Hal Jordan in Zero Hour. She slaps him and tells him that he has no right to be there and that he’d better not come back, ever. He says good-bye to Alex and takes off with Donna to LA to visit his mom. He tells Donna that he hasn’t been on good terms with his mom for quite a while, that she never treated him like he was an adult, in fact, he hasn’t talked to her since he got the ring. En route to his mom’s place, he stops a fire at Star Labs, where Donna accuses him of stalling. When he finally gets to his mom’s house, she asks to see the costume, which surprises Kyle, but she just tells him that a mother can tell these things. While trying to catch up on things, Kyle mentions that he tried to find his father, which sends his mom over the edge. Apparently, that was something they never talked about, and this starts a fight between the two and ends with Kyle walking out. The issue ends back in Star Labs with some computer equipment building itself into «The Machine Messiah» as it calls itself. . .

Green Lantern v3 #89
Man & Machine
Fecha: 1997.08| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Darryl Banks (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Kyle’s going out for a night on the town with his mom and her boyfriend, who is amazingly, a research scientist at Star Labs, who Kyle saved earlier that day. As they’re picking him up at the lab, there is a huge explosion and Dr. Hollis is badly hurt. Kyle becomes Green Lantern and starts to get his butt kicked by The Machine Messiah. The problem here is that the robot can logically predict everything Kyle does. Kyle eventually gets smart and starts letting his imagination run wild. This leads to a pretty cool scene that you’d have to see to believe (and maybe I’ll scan it and put it up for you to see). Kyle wins but the issue ends on a pretty sad note. Donna gets a phone call that really shakes her up, and she ends up crying in Kyle’s arms.

Green Lantern v3 #90
Drinking Buddies
Fecha: 1997.09| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Chris Batista (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

What exactly was Kyle doing in the alley the night that he was given the ring? That’s what this issue deals with. He meets up with one of his college pals, who hasn’t been doing to well in the past couple years. Not only does he have a dead end job, but he’s an alcoholic. Way back that fateful night a couple years back, Kyle was helping his friend to the restroom and needed to get a breath of fresh air, so he stepped outside. That’s when Ganthet fell to earth and gave the ring to our hero. Kyle realizes that if he hadn’t received the ring, he might have been in the same situation as his friend, not doing anything with his life and spending his nights drinking. Kyle convinces his friend to get some help, but only after he’s involved in a car wreck because of alcohol. Kyle works things out with his mom and heads back to New York, unfortunately, without Donna. The phone call she got in the last issue was someone informing her that her ex-husband and child were in a car accident and her son is dead, and she decides she needs to handle this alone.

Green Lantern v3 #91
Fecha: 1997.10| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Darryl Banks, Georges Jeanty (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

This issue begins in the torture chamber of DeSaad, Darkseid’s personal torturer. This is a part of the «Genesis» crossover, and Darkseid has captured Kyle in order to learn the nature of the power he is about to absorb, and to do that, DeSaad is going to test the limits of Kyle’s strength. A lot of this issue is told in flash-back: Kyle talking to Jade about Donna leaving; talking to John Stewart about his trip to California; and the battle in which he was captured by Darkseid’s forces. In the end, DeSaad lets Kyle go, and Kyle is about to kill him when DeSaad tells Kyle that if he does kill him, he’ll never find his way home in time to help with the upcoming cataclysm. Kyle, being a hero, chooses to go back home, but promises revenge for all the pain that DeSaad caused him. Green Lantern shows up a lot in Genesis, which just came out, so if you really want to read it you could probably find it at your local comic shop. It started off good, but wasn’t all that great in the end. Donna also has a pretty big revelation at the end of the series that will lead to major ramifications in Wonder Woman. Green Arrow #125 – Part one of a three part crossover with Green Lantern, so I’ll cover it here. The issue starts with a prison break by a man named Kotero who seems to be able to manipulate people against each other. Then it cuts to New York where Connor’s been spending time with his mom and step dad, a former gun smuggler supposedly turned straight, when he stops a drive-by (actually more of a fly-by with really sophisticated weapons) with the help of Green Lantern. They fly off to the Statue of Liberty and discuss the GL/GA team of the past, and how they are continuing the tradition. It now cuts to a couple different scenes of two different men on TV spouting hate messages, Austin Phipps a white-supremicist and Cyrus Bramlett an extreme anti-racist. Their programs spark hate between neighbors, between people that seemed to be good friends. Eventually it leads to a sort of riot with Kyle and Connor in the middle.

Green Lantern v3 #92
Fanning The Fire
Fecha: 1997.11| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Darryl Banks (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

The Phipps and Bramlett programs are being picked up by a major network, with good reason, ratings. But the owners of the cable stations they were on were coerced into selling the rights by Kotero. It seems he had kidnapped their families and was blackmailing them into first showing the programs, then selling them to GBS. GBS is going to kick off the season by showing a debate between the two, and showing it live in Central park. After stopping a riot and finding out who was behind the fly-by in the last issue (Connor’s step-father), Connor and Kyle head over to Kyle’s apartment where they are met by a very disturbed Master Jansen (Connor’s traveling partner), who claims that after watching both of the hate-mongers on television, he noticed something wrong with it, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Kyle’s neighbor happens to be pretty good at video editing, so they give him the tape, and he discovers what was wrong with it, both people are the same person, with a bit of computer editing, and it turns out to be Kotero, who turns out to be one of Oliver Queen’s (the original Green Arrow) deadliest enemies. This series is concluded in Green Arrow #126, so I’ll be putting that up as soon as I get the issue. Green Arrow #126 – Connor and Kyle confront Armitage (Connor’s stepfather) about his involvement with Kotero. It seems that the fly-by was arranged by Kotero using guns sold by Armitage. That’s the extent of his involvement, and he doesn’t know anything else about Kotero’s plan. The two boys take the tape with the proof that Kotero is both Phipps and Bramlett to GBS, and they tell them where the Satellite uplink for the the debate is going to be. It seems that there are two places where it will be broadcast from and so Kyle and Connor split up. Connor faces Kotero while Kyle saves the families of the network execs. In the end, everything is shown, the illusion is broken and friends that hated each other just yesterday are back to being friends.

Green Lantern v3 #93
All Hallow’s Eve
Fecha: 1997.12| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Darryl Banks, Tom Grindberg (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

It’s Halloween in Greenwich Village and Kyle is the only one out of costume. The artists took advantage of this and in the background you can see everyone from Batman and Superboy to Dr. Manhattan and Ozymandius (from The Watchmen, tied with The Dark Knight Returns for the best comic book I’ve ever read). Anyway one of Kyle’s neighbors, Li – half of a lesbian pair – shows up looking for her «room-mate» Lee and one of their friends. Kyle offers to help look for them and finds their friend, dead. She was wearing a Green Lantern outfit, so she did have some taste. Kyle changes into his costume and begins looking for the killer when he’s attacked from behind by the man. Kyle’s knocked unconscious and almost killed when he’s possessed by Dead Man, a dead guy who was given powers to do stuff like that. At first Dead Man doesn’t know that he’s taken the body of one of the most powerful people in the universe and misses the chance to take the killer down. Dead Man/Green Lantern follows the guy to an apartment where the killer is holding Lee. He starts raving about how his wife left him for a woman and how it is his divine duty to kill all lesbians for they are evil. Dead Man manages to save Lee, but the killer gets away. Dead Man chases him to the alley where he killed the girl and then changes tactics. He possesses the body of the dead girl and accidentally kills the man, but being dead himself, his morals aren’t quite the same as anyone else’s, especially when dealing with sick demented killers like this. The issue ends with Kyle, Jade, and Li trying to console Lee about the ordeal, while Dead Man looks on musing about how lonely his life is, but how great it is see people in love like Li and Lee are.

Green Lantern v3 #94
Idol Worship, Part I
Fecha: 1998.01| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Paul Pelletier (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Kyle gets an agent so he doesn’t have to spend half of his time looking for work, and can get more done. His first assignment is to do some watercolors of Hawaii for a travel brochure, he accepts and decides to get some first hand experience of the place. When he gets there, though, he meets with a not so friendly welcome. It seems many of Hawaii’s legends have some grounding in fact, including Menehune. Normally these creatures are builders and creators, but one has decided to be a destroyer and has gone on the rampage. Kyle has his hands full until Hawaii’s own superhero – Superboy – shows up and puts the creature in his place. The two start talking and Kyle has to explain to Superboy what exactly a secret identity is. Superboy was born to be Superboy, he is a clone of Superman and was created to be a superhero, he has no need of a secret identity and is amazed at the very idea of a superhero being an artist. Kyle agrees to give him a few pointers and in the meantime one of Superboy’s old enemies, the Silver Sword, is back and in league with a very dangerous person. I don’t claim to know a thing about Hawaiian mythology, I’m just taking this out of the book. Apparently the goddess of fire, Pele is still around and she’s ready to take Hawaii back as her own realm, and she’s got the Silver Sword working for her. Back to our heroes, Superboy doesn’t have the natural talent for art that Kyle does, so being the impetuous person that he is, he gives up almost immediately and as he’s storming off, he’s attacked by Silver Sword and knocked unconscious. Kyle turns around and sees this but is caught off guard and knocked unconscious (What, AGAIN?!?!?!) by the Sword. They awaken dangling over a pit of lava to see the goddess Pele telling of how she’s going to return to rule and this and that and blah, blah, blah. Pretty much the gist of it is that she’s going to sacrifice the two heroes. The boys are pushed into the lava and that’s the last we see of them until the story is concluded in Superboy #47. Superboy #47 – The boys survive, partly due to SB’s tactile telekinesis, and partly because GL was able to get a shield up on time. By the time they get out, Silver Sword and Pele are gone. They are found in the tourist center and Pele claims that she has returned to rule her people. When Superboy and GL show up and dispute this, it gets ugly and many innocent people are put in danger. Silver Sword, even though he’s a villain, doesn’t want this, and looses faith in his goddess. He takes down Pele, almost sacrificing himself in the process. GL finishes up his project and goes home, leaving a very lonely Superboy in Hawaii.

Green Lantern v3 #95
Servants & Masters
Fecha: 1998.02| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Jim Starlin (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

While working on a project, Kyle gets a message from a distant planet, a message consisting of a few, very ominous words, «More will die.» Being the hero type, Kyle can’t refuse and goes to the moon of the planet Luth. He is a bit surprised when he gets there, as all he finds are robots running the city. He is taken to one of the Overlords, who tells him that something has been killing his people. It turns out that there are twelve overlords, and they are the only organic beings on this planet, served completely by the robots. They have become fat and lazy and don’t even know what has been killing them. Kyle finds the source of the trouble; a spider like alien that seemed to have accidentally crashed on the moon. He realizes, though, that the creature is not killing out of malicious intent, but to bulk up in order to be able to feed it’s yet unborn children. Kyle can’t bring himself to destroy the creature, which puts him at odds with the overlords. The robots are commanded to destroy the GL, but Kyle defeats them easily and takes the alien’s offspring to their home. This leaves the overlords helpless, their servants are gone and they might actually have to work for themselves.

Green Lantern v3 #96
Three of A Kind, Part 1
Fecha: 1998.03| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Paul Pelletier (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Part one of three in a crossover with Green Arrow and Flash. Connor convinces the two other younger members of the JLA to join him on an Alaskan cruise. In the meantime three villains break into an Iraqi storage building and steal some super weapon. The three villains? Heat Wave (of Flash’s Rogue Gallery), Hatchet (seen back in the GL/GA team-up in GL 76-77 and GA 110-111), and Sonar (we’ve seen him enough to know who he is). The three young heroes are a bit late (due to the fact that Kyle has a secret identity, unlike the other two) and miss the boat. Kyle checks quickly, sees that no one is around and takes the other two with him. They are greeted like stowaways, but prove that they do in fact belong on the boat, and Connor gets a date out of it too. After settling in, the boys go to the bar and have a few drinks, but are accosted by three very not nice looking gentlemen. Because they’re playing it low-key, Wally, Kyle and Connor back off, but soon realize that the three men were in fact the three super-villains mentioned previously. The villains also figure out that the Green Lantern, the Flash and the Green Arrow are on board (good job Kyle, throw away your secret identity…). The villains intend to step up the time-table of whatever it is they’re working on, but are interrupted by the three heroes, who go down a bit quickly. In the end the secret weapon is shown: Dr. Polaris. We still don’t know what the plan is, but I’m guessing that the villains want to use the magnetic pole to strengthen Polaris (hey, it’s been done before…). This story is continued in GA #130 and concluded in Flash #135(?).

Green Lantern v3 #97
Loose Ends
Fecha: 1998.04| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Mike McKone (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

I gotta say, this was a fantastic issue. Two major plot lines cross as Kyle confides in Allison (his neighbor that got him in trouble with Donna way back in issue 70) about how Kyle is dealing with Donna being gone (for more on Donna, check out Wonder Woman 125 through 134), as well as later when Kyle confronts Lord Grayven once again. Kyle feels a lot better about his situation after talking to Allison, and then kicks major butt while fighting Grayven. Grayven admits defeat and teleports out, and in the wake of the transport, Kyle is sucked into the future and attacked by the bystanders. There is not much else to this issue, but it is a really good read, and worth picking up. The countdown to issue 100 is really killing me, anyone else?

Green Lantern v3 #98
Genesis: Furure Shock, Part 1
Fecha: 1998.05| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Darryl Banks (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

It turns out that the reason Kyle was attacked in the 30th century (where he ended up, it turns out) was because there was a new Green Lantern Corp, but it turns out that they are criminals (and have stolen a priceless and highly influential piece of art from the Louvre). It turns out that the new Green Lanterns do not have real power rings, but still manage to take out Kyle AND the Legion of Superheroes. Prior to this, Kyle is told that the Legion has now record of him ever being a Green Lantern. Kyle spends the rest of the issue moping about how he never made a mark and no one will ever remember him, etc. After he is taken down by the new Lanterns, his ring disappears from his hand and Ganthet is shown in another alley giving the ring to another bum (at least that is what she looks like, sleeping in an alley and all…). Kind of unoriginal, but interesting nonetheless. I can NOT wait until the next issue, and after that is #100!!!!!!!

Notas: Debut de Cary Wren como Green Lantern.

Green Lantern v3 #99
Furure Shock, Part 2
Fecha: 1998.06| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Darryl Banks (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

hile Ganthet instructs the new wearer of the ring in it’s uses, Kyle buys time for the rest of the Legion of Superheroes to show up and save everyone’s butt. It turns out that this girl in the alley is a distant relative of Kyle and has enough of his genetic signature left to use the ring, and after some quick training by Ganthet, she shows up alongside the Legion and starts kicking butt. The fake Green Lanterns are disposed of and Kyle is sent back in time using highly illegal and somewhat unstable time travel equipment from Braniac V’s lab. The art piece stolen in the last issue is revealed (after Kyle has left) to be a sculpture of Donna Troy done by Kyle sometime after he arrives back home. The final pages are quite the teaser, Kyle comes out of the time transport in the midst of a battle between Sinestro and Hal Jordan. This definitely piqued my interest and the countdown begins to issue 100.

Notas: Kyle viaja en el tiempo y ayuda a Hal en su primer enfrentamiento contra Siniestro. Hal vuelve a la vida. (#99-100)

Green Lantern v3 #100
In Brightest Days Past
Fecha: 1998.07| Créditos: Ron Marz (Guiones), Darryl Banks (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

It’s here, it’s here!!! In showing up in the battle between Sinestro and Hal, Kyle throws Hal off his game and he loses. Sinestro makes a bee-line to Oa in order to destroy the Guardians. Kyle and Hal rush off to the rescue and barely manage to defeat Sinestro. The yellow-power-ring-weilder rushes off to prepare his next attack on the Guardians while Kyle tries to explain who he is, why his ring isn’t vulnerable to yellow, and all that. The Guardians insist that Kyle be sent back to his own time, but the Hal and Kyle plead that Kyle be able to stay to at least defeat Sinestro. The Guardians comply and plans are made up to stop the renegade GL. When Sinestro shows up again, Kyle attacks and, since he is going up against the BEST GL ever, he naturally gets his butt whooped. Then Hal shows up and completely whallops Sinestro when it is shown that Hal and Kyle switched rings (yes we’ve seen before that Hal can wear Kyle’s ring as it used to be his anyway…). The Guardians imprison Sinestro and sentance him to solitary confinement as he orbits the universe (trust me that’s the original punishment dealt out when this story [sans Kyle] first appeared waaaaaay back). They first send Kyle home and in the teleportation process, Sinestro taps the energy of his ring (it’s been shown before that if one has the willpower, a GL can use his/her ring even when not wearing it) and forces Hal into the effect, thus sending him forward in time with Kyle. This issue kicks off a six part storyline that shows how Hal adjusts to the future, and finding out what his future holds…

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