DETECTIVE COMICS v1 #301-400 (1962-1970)

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Detective Comics v1 #301
The Condemned Batman
Fecha: 1962.03| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

During an accident at a synthetic gem factory, Batman is exposed to the rays of a strange machine. His body now gives off deadly heat, and he can only breathe methane. Robin constructs a plastic dome for him to continue fighting crime in. Brains Beldon, a gang leader, has his men attack Batman and try to break open the shell. While this is going on, the crook robs an armored car. The police are called away to help Batman, allowing Beldon to make an easy getaway. Batman pursues Beldon to a dam. Beldon unleashes the flood waters on the town below, but Batman uses the heat he is generating to cut the dam’s power. Batman is caught in some electrical wires, which cure him of his condition. He catches Beldon and is back to normal.

Notas: Debut de Brains Beldon

Detective Comics v1 #302
The Bronze Menace
Fecha: 1962.04| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 145 (Novaro).

Several big-time crooks have disappeared while at the same time bronze statue are being stolen from art collections. Batman, Robin, and Batwoman investigate, and the Caped Crusader learns that the bronze statues are really the missing crooks. The bronze sculptor, Vulcan, has used a stolen invention to put the crooks in suspended animation in bronze, then he revives them, and they commit robberies. Batman and Robin are also turned into bronze by Vulcan, but Batwoman arrives in time to rescue her fellow crime-fighters. She then turns the bronze-device on Vulcan and the crooks, leaving them for the police.

Detective Comics v1 #303
Murder in Skyland
Fecha: 1962.05| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 150 (Novaro).

Wally Dodd, the creator of the Skyland, a floating amusement park, is murdered. Batman and Robin investigate and learn that Dodd had evidence against a saboteur. They locate and capture the saboteur, Blinky Cole, but Cole didn’t kill Dodd. Batman plants a trap for Dodd’s other associates. The killer turns out to be Al Bates, a night club owner who stood to inherit half of Skyland from Dodd. Batman and Robin capture Bates, and Skyland is opened to the public

Detective Comics v1 #304
The Return of Clay-Face
Fecha: 1962.06| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 156 (Novaro).

Matt Hagen escapes from jail and returns to the magic pool which gives him the power of Clay-Face. Batman searches for the crook, but Clay-Face manages to escape. The villain seeks to extend the 48-hour time period that his power lasts by taking protoplasm from the pool to Professor Colton and forces the scientist to do experiments. While the professor does his work, Hagen robs members of the Pharoah Club by impersonating the robbery victims. Batman catches on and uncovers Clay-Face’s new identity, John Royce. Using a freeze-ray powered by the protoplasm from Colton’s lab, Batman is able to neutralize Hagen and return him to prison.

Detective Comics v1 #305
Targets of the Alien Z-Ray
Fecha: 1962.07| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 158 (Novaro).

Batman and Robin trail two bank robbers into Heather Woods, when a giant alien creature begins to attack. Batman is unable to stop the creature, but an alien man uses a strange weapon on it, that kills it after a short delay. After the first creature dies, another appears. The alien spaceman uses the weapon on it, and it too dies. Batman follows the alien, but the spaceman uses the weapon on the Dynamic Duo. The alien was forced to do so by the bank robbers who have stolen a vital part of their spacecraft. Batman and Robin appear to die, but they are only faking to catch the crooks off guard. The alien altered the weapon to save them. With the villains captured, the aliens retrieve the stolen part and return home.

Detective Comics v1 #306
The Wizard of 1,000 Menaces
Fecha: 1962.08| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 164 (Novaro).

Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson attend a historical pageant held by the Gotham City Historical Society. The pageant is menaced by criminals using strange inventions and commanded by someone known as the Professor. Batman is captured by the Professor, Arnold Hugo, who is angry at being considered a minor scientist. Hugo has used a machine to increase his cranial capacity and brain size. Batman and Robin escape from Hugo’s trap and stop his plan to create a second moon.

Notas: Debut del Prof. Arnold Hugo*. Se conoce que en la edad media el caballero Lancelot Wayne intentó volar construyendose unas alas de murciélago.

Detective Comics v1 #307
Alpha, the Experimental Man
Fecha: 1962.09| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 170 (Novaro).

Batman and Robin assist with the training of Alpha, the Experimental Man. Alpha is a synthetic man created by Dr. Burgos. While in training Alpha begins to experience emotions, but does not fully understand them. To improve his understanding, Alpha subjects himself to one of Dr. Burgos’s machines which causes him to gain superior strength. However, the machine also causes Alpha’s body to burn out. Batman tries to get Alpha back to the lab in time to cure him, but Alpha fears that Batman wants to destroy him. Batwoman finally convinces Alpha of the truth, but it is too late. Alpha sacrifices himself to save Batwoman from falling off a cliff. The Experimental Man is destroyed for his act of bravery and sacrifice.

Notas: Debut de Alpha*, the Experimental Man

Detective Comics v1 #308
The Flame-Master
Fecha: 1962.10| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Dick Sprang (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 175 (Novaro).

Batman and Robin chase wanted felon Pete Dale across the country. Dale hides in the ruins of an indian pueblo. When he emerges, he is able to transform himself into a being of fire, water, earth, or air. The Dynamic Duo is unable to stop Dale from getting away. Instead they search the pueblo and find the secret to Dale’s new powers. Batman then confronts Dale with powers of his own. The two men do battle, until Robin encases them in glass. With them imprisoned inside the glass, their powers disappear. Dale is captured and the secret of their powers is lost.

Detective Comics v1 #309
The Mystery of the Mardi Gras Murders
Fecha: 1962.11| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 179 (Novaro).

Mike Kelso, a convict, escapes from jail and attends the Gotham City Mardi Gras. Batman trails him there, but finds him murdered. The Caped Crusader attempts to find the killer, and with the help of a Vicki Vale photograph, learns what costume the man is wearing. The man flees, but he himself is killed, and is apparently not Kelso’s murderer. Batman investigates further and uncovers a smuggling ring operating inside the traveling festival. He finds the stolen loot, and the killer finds him. Batman is triumphant and reveals the identity of the killer as J.J. Ashley, the festival promoter.

Notas: Debut de J.J. Ashley* (promotor criminal)

Detective Comics v1 #310
Bat-Mite’s Super-Circus
Fecha: 1962.12| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 183 (Novaro).

Bat-Mite returns and gives powers to three crooks fleeing Batman. The crooks gain circus powers and use them to defeat the dynamic duo. Bat-Mite is knocked in the head during the battle and temporarily loses his powers. Batman escapes from a trap and goes after each crook individually. Bat-Mite regains his powers after being kicked in the head and is able to assist Batman in making the final capture of the last crook.

Detective Comics v1 #311
The Challenge of the Cat-Man
Fecha: 1963.01| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Jim Mooney (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 185 (Novaro).

Tom Blake, a wealthy animal trapper and big-cat expert, has become bored with his current profession and lifestyle. Blake decides to don a cat costume and become a thief, the Cat-Man. His first crime is at the opening of a museum. He tangles with Batman, but manages to succeed. After a few more scraps with the Dynamic Duo, Cat-Man is tracked to his lair and apparently perishes in an underground river.

Notas: Debut de Cat-Man (Thomas Blake), primera mención a Catwoman de Tierra-1

Detective Comics v1 #312
The Secret of Clayface’s Power
Fecha: 1963.02| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 189 (Novaro).

Matt Hagen escapes from jail and restores his Clay-Face powers. Batman catches up to the crook, but the transformation powers of Clay-Face are too powerful for Batman to contain. After their next encounter, Batman follows the crook to the magic pool, which Clay-Face uses to renew his powers. Batman falls into the pool himself and gains the powers of Clay-Face. He is then able to defeat Hagen and return him to prison. Batman then destroys the entrance to the pool, but unknown to Batman, Hagen has hidden a bottle of the liquid in a secret spot to be used again.

Detective Comics v1 #313
The Mystery of the $1,000,000 Treasure Hunt
Fecha: 1963.03| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 191 (Novaro).

Batman receives a tip to a crime being committed and arrives to capture Boss Baker. Another gang boss is present as well and escapes, but Batman learns they are both in pursuit of a treasure left by missing gang boss, Elliot Madden. Batman follows the clues to the final location, but he himself is captured in a flying cage. Madden has planned the entire hunt as a means to capture the Caped Crusader. Batman however suspected that Madden was alive and also the tipster, so he substituted a robot for himself ahead of time. The real Batman tracks down the captured robot and arrests Madden.

Detective Comics v1 #314
Murder in Movieland
Fecha: 1963.04| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 193 (Novaro).

Movie star Roger Carlyle is angered when the movie studio executives tell him to take time off. He swears vengeance and begins murdering the three studio partners, dressing in the roles of characters he has played. He tries to trick Batman by planting phony clues to frame one of the partners, Bates. Batman catches on to the trick and arrests Carlyle for murder.

Detective Comics v1 #315
The Jungle Man of Gotham City
Fecha: 1963.05| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 196 (Novaro).

Criminal Eli Mattock finds a lost man in the jungles of Africa and tricks him into hating Batman. Mattock brings Jungle Man back to Gotham to fight the real Batman and start a crime spree. Batman is defeated by Jungle Man’s animal friends, stolen from a zoo. The Caped Crusader locates Jungle Man’s parents though and uses the man’s childhood memories to break Jungle Man from Mattock’s control. With Jungle Man now on Batman’s side, Mattock is defeated.

Detective Comics v1 #316
Double Batman vs. Double X
Fecha: 1963.06| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 199 (Novaro).

Dr. X escapes from Happydale Sanitarium and regains his memory. Using his special machine he recreates an energy duplicate called Dr. Double X. Batman and Robin locate the machine, and Batman uses it to create his own energy duplicate, Double Batman, to battle Dr. Double X. When Dr. X tries to destroy Batman’s generator, Robin follows him back to his hide-out and summons Batman. Together with Double Batman, the Dynamic Duo defeat Dr. X and destroy his machines.

Detective Comics v1 #317
The Secrets of the Flying Bat-Cave
Fecha: 1963.07| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 201 (Novaro).

Batman and Robin attend the Center City Police Convention and demonstrate the Flying Bat-Cave, a mobile headquarters full of crime-fighting equipment. During their time in Center City they encounter the Condor Gang and with the help of a rookie cop track down the gang’s leaders. Batman is then able to use the Flying Bat-Cave to lure the crooks into the open and capture them.

Detective Comics v1 #318
The Cat-Man Strikes Back
Fecha: 1963.08| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Jim Mooney (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 207 (Novaro).

Cat-Man returns to Gotham committing crimes relating to famous felines. Batman tries to prevent Cat-Man’s crimes, but Batwoman fumbles up the attempts. When Batman chastizes her, Batwoman joins Cat-Man, donning a Catwoman suit. Eventually however, the Dynamic Duo prevail.

Detective Comics v1 #319
The Fantastic Dr. No-Face
Fecha: 1963.09| Créditos: Dave Wood (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 212 (Novaro).

A lab accident causes the face of Dr. Paul Dent to be smoothed over. Driven insane by the shock, Dent begins defacing objects around Gotham including valuable paintings and gems. Batman and Robin eventually catch Dent and take him to an institution. They also deduce that the faceless man is not the real Dent, but criminal Bart Magan. Magan used his insanity story to steal valuable items and cover up the theft. Batman rescues the real Dent and Magan is sent to prison.

Notas: Debut del Dr. No-Face. En la continuidad post crisis se menciona en 52 #17 (2006).

Detective Comics v1 #320
Batman and Robin, the Mummy Crime-Fighters
Fecha: 1963.10| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 216 (Novaro).

Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson witness the crash of an alien space capsule. They enter the capsule where an explosion turns their skin green. The strange condition prevents them from operating as Batman and Robin, so they make up a story about the Dynamic Duo becoming radioactive and forced to wear bandages. The mummified Batman and Robin patrol Gotham, successfully protecting their secret identities. Vicki Vale is not convinced, so the heroes are forced to carry out the charade even after the effect has worn off in order to keep their secrets concealed.

Detective Comics v1 #321
The Terrible Trio
Fecha: 1963.11| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 220 (Novaro).

Batman and Robin track down the Terrible Trio, who have recently escaped prison. The Vulture and the Shark are involved in smuggling operations which Batman shuts down, but the crooks escape. Batman then disguises himself as convict Archie Craig. The Fox agrees to smuggle Craig past the police. When Batman reveals himself, the crooks are prepared and capture both him and Robin. Fortunately, Batwoman has trailed Craig and prevents the heroes from being launched into outer space. The three heroes then defeat the Terrible Trio.

Detective Comics v1 #322
The Bizarre Batman Genie
Fecha: 1963.12| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 225 (Novaro).

Two crooks steal a recently unearthed lamp from the Gotham City Museum. Batman learns that the lamp is surrounded by a legend of a genie. When he tries to confront the gang’s leader, he is covered with powder. The powder turns Batman into the genie of the lamp, like the legend foretold. The crooks try to use Batman to commit crimes with three wishes. Though Batman is completely subserviant, Robin and Bat-Girl trick him and prevent the crimes. Robin then steals the lamp and uses the last wish to save his own life. After completing the three wishes, Batman is restored to normal and captures the gang.

Notas: Debut de Aristo* (ladron)

Detective Comics v1 #323
The Zodiac Master
Fecha: 1964.01| Créditos: Dave Wood (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 229 (Novaro).

A costumed man called the Zodiac Master makes a practice of foretelling disasters. The Zodiac Master then sells his prediction services to crooks. Batman goes undercover to locate the Zodiac Master, finding his hide-out in the process. Zodiac Master escapes, but Batman finds clues to a robbery planned by the crook. Batman waits at the robbery scene for the Zodiac Master to arrive, then apprehends him.

Notas: Debut de Zodiac Master

Detective Comics v1 #324
Menace of the Robot Brain
Fecha: 1964.02| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 233 (Novaro).

Honest men suddenly turn to crime. When they are captured, they have no memory of their thefts. Batman follows clues back to a sidewalk photographer, Ernest LaRue. He follows one of LaRue’s victims back to the crook’s hide-out. Batman and Robin enter LaRue’s lair and are beseiged by several traps. Batman escapes the traps, but LaRue slips out an escape hatch. However, Robin has gotten a photo with LaRue’s camera. The special camera captures brain waves and allows Robin to control LaRue, just as the crook controlled his victims. Robin makes LaRue surrender and release the Caped Crusaders from another trap.

Detective Comics v1 #325
The Strange Lives of the Cat-Man
Fecha: 1964.03| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 238 (Novaro).

Cat-Man returns from his apparently fatal accident. He has discovered that the legend surrounding the material used in his costume has given him nine lives. Able to survive deadly accidents, Cat-Man is able to execute risky escapes from Batman. Batwoman, who was given a Cat-Woman costume by Cat-Man in their last encounter, discovers the legend of the nine lives. She dons the Cat-Woman costume to track down Cat-Man. The extra lives allow her to pursue him, despite the risks. She eventually catches him and with the help of Batman and Robin sends him to prison.

Detective Comics v1 #326
Captives of the Alien Zoo
Fecha: 1964.04| Créditos: Dave Wood (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 242 (Novaro).

After crash-landing the Bat-Plane in the African jungle, Batman and Robin are captured by aliens to be specimens for an alien circus. Batman tries to prove to the aliens that he is intelligent, but the aliens do not understand. Batman then learns that the circus is being used as a training ground for criminal robberies using the alien animals. He and Robin escape confinement. They flee the circus while being pursued by alien authorities. Batman finally proves his intelligence to the aliens and exposes the criminal organization. He and Robin are rewarded by being returned to Earth.

Detective Comics v1 #327
The Mystery of the Menacing Mask
Fecha: 1964.05| Créditos: John Broome (Guiones), Carmine Infantino (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 246 (Novaro).

While trailing a jewel thief, Batman is caught in an explosion. He is unharmed, but a red «X» suddenly appears on his forehead. A similar mark appears on Robin’s forehead, then both marks disappear. After analyzing his mask, Batman is able to trace the chemical in the mark to Frank Fenton, the thief. However, Fenton is able to use the marks to paralyze Batman and Robin, then escape. Batman and Robin decide to search Gotham Village, where several crooks have disappeared, to locate Fenton. They meet Linda Greene, who shows them a map with an «X» like the one on their foreheads. Batman then follows Linda’s fiance James Greene. The trail leads to an underworld hide-out. Fenton is there and tries to protect the crooks using his power over Batman. However, Batman and Robin use lead liners on their heads to protect themselves from the paralyzing rays. After taking down the crooks, including Fenton, Batman learns that the hide-out is run by the leader of a Committee to Preserve Gotham Village, Roland Meacham.

Notas: NEW LOOK ERA. Primer número de la “new look era” en la serie Detective Comics. Debut de Smiler (Roland Meachand). la nueva etapa implica eliminacion de historias de ciencia ficcion (por historias detectivescas) la desaparición de la Bat-familia (Batwoman, Bat-Girl I, Bat-Mito, y Ace) y el cambio de taje

Detective Comics v1 #328
Gotham Gang Line-Up
Fecha: 1964.06| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 251y Baticomic 43 (Novaro).

While Batman and Robin are out of town, Alfred investigate a lead to the Tri-State Gang. Batman returns to the Bat-Cave and finds that Alfred has not returned. He and Robin follow Alfred’s trail to the old Gotham prison, where the Tri-State Gang captures them. Alfred has also been captured, but he escapes. Batman escapes too, but finds Alfred’s cell empty. The Caped Crusaders follow the Tri-State Gang to Colonial City. Alfred has also followed the gang. When Batman’s life is in danger, Alfred throws himself in the way of a boulder and is apparently killed. Batman finishes off the gang, then holds a funeral for his friend. Following Alfred’s funeral, Dick’s Aunt Harriet comes to live at Wayne Manor further complicated the lives of Bruce and Dick.

Notas: Alfred muere aparentemente, debut de la Tía Harriet de Dick la cual pasa a vivir en la mansión. Bruce funda la «Fundación Alfred»* para obras de caridad.

Detective Comics v1 #329
Castle With Wall-To-Wall Danger
Fecha: 1964.07| Créditos: John Broome (Guiones), Carmine Infantino (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 255 y Baticomic 45 (Novaro).

Batman and Robin receive a tip that Pragnel, a wanted criminal, is in England. They fly to England to find Pragnel and extradite him. When they arrive at the castle at which Pragnel was seen, they realize that the castle owner Albert Maunch merely looks similar to the crook. Though their mission seems to have failed, the Dynamic Duo accepts Maunch’s invitation to dinner. While in the castle, several attempts are made to kill Batman and Robin. Soon, they are attacked outright by two thugs and a man in a trenchcoat. When they capture him, the man turns out to be Pragnel, alias Vincent Maunch, Albert’s cousin. Pragnel was searching his cousin’s castle for hidden Nazi gold and threatened Albert’s family to keep him in line. Batman returns to America with Pragnel, and Albert eventually finds the gold.

Detective Comics v1 #330
The Fallen Idol of Gotham City
Fecha: 1964.08| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 260 y BE 74 (Novaro).

Ordinary citizens of Gotham City suddenly become the targets of intense hatred. Batman investigates and links all the victims to a certain restaurant. Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson dine at the restaurant to look for clues, but turn up nothing. Later though, Batman becomes the victim of sudden hatred from everyone around him including Robin. When the effect wears off, Batman deduces that something must have been placed in his coffee at the restaurant. Batman and Robin return there and link the coffee to a waiter. They follow him back to a spy ring, which is experimenting with a new pill. Batman breaks up the spy ring and turns the pills over to the FBI and U.S. Army.

Detective Comics v1 #331
Museum of Mixed-Up Men
Fecha: 1964.09| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Carmine Infantino (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 264 (Novaro).

While touring the Americana Wax Museum, Bruce Wayne has his photograph taken. The photographer is part of Boss Barron’s gang, and the camera is really their new invention called an Electrofaciograph. The device removes Bruce’s memory and exchanges his facial features with one of Barron’s men for a period of twelve hours. After the exchange, Barron’s man visits the bank and withdraws a half-million dollars from Bruce’s account. When Bruce recovers his memory, he helps Robin take down some jewel thieves, then investigates the museum. At the museum, Batman and Robin meet the Elongated Man, who is also investigating the mystery. The gang tries to use the Electrofaciograph on Batman to learn his secret identity, but Elongated Man steps in front of the device. With his memory removed, the Elongated Man helps Batman and Robin defeat the gang.

Notas: Debut de «Boss» Barrow* (criminal). El electrofaciograph pudo ser la inspiración del aparato que usa Acertijo en la película Batman Forever (1995)

Detective Comics v1 #332
The Joker’s Last Laugh
Fecha: 1964.10| Créditos: John Broome (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 268 (Novaro).

The Joker begins a new crime spree using special loco weed dust to cause fits of uncontrolled laughter in his victims. Batman and Robin are similarly affected and can not pursue the crook, until they take anti-histimines. Once they are immune to the dust, Batman tracks down the Joker outside a suburban police station. Batman locks the Joker in the jail cell, only to find that the police station is really a cleverly designed trap by his opponent. Batman and Robin are then trapped inside the cell. Batman whittles a key from a chair leg, then escapes and captures the Joker.

Detective Comics v1 #333
Hunters of the Elephant’s Graveyard
Fecha: 1964.11| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Carmine Infantino (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 272 (Novaro).

Batman and Robin are approached by a woman claiming to be Gorla, Goddess of the Elephants. Gorla asks the Dynamic Duo to visit Africa and investigate the disappearance of explorer Evan Bender. Batman deduces that Gorla is really Alice Foss, Bender’s girlfriend, but he agrees to go to Africa anyway. Batman and Robin arrive in Africa and begin their search. They are attacked by a stampede of elephants, but they avoid injury. Batman then spots Bender inside a cave. Bender tries to attack Batman along with members of a native tribe. The explorer has control of a strange stone that gives him power over the elephants. Batman removes the stone from Bender’s possession. Bender then stops fighting and explains that he has been under the hypntoic influence of big-game hunter Red Loftus. Bender helps Batman and Robin capture Loftus, who has been using the explorer and the elephants to loot diamonds and ivory.

Detective Comics v1 #334
The Man Who Stole From Batman
Fecha: 1964.12| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 277 (Novaro).

Batman and Robin tangle with an elusive costumed foe named the Grasshopper. The crook successfully steals the Batmobile during their first encounter. When the Grasshopper strikes again, he kidnaps Robin. Batman deduces that the crook must be two different men in identical costumes. He follows one of them back to their hide-out, where the crooks attempt to lure the Caped Crusader into a trap. Batman doesn’t fall for their tricks, rescues Robin, and successfully defeats both Grasshoppers. When Batman recovers the stolen Batmobile, a mysterious individual called the Outsider reveals himself as the man who hired the Grasshoppers. Batman and Robin vow to be vigilant against future attacks by their unseen enemy.

Notas: Debut parcial de The Outsider* (Alfred Pennyworth) y de Grasshoppers*.

Detective Comics v1 #335
Trail of the Talking Mask
Fecha: 1965.01| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Carmine Infantino (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 281 (Novaro).

Batman and Robin attempt to stop a jewel robbery, but the three perpetrators escape without noticing the Dynamic Duo. Batman suspects the crooks were automatons controlled via remote. He was tipped off to the robbery by private investigator Hugh Rankin. Rankin has followed the crooks himself, and in so doing, leaves a trail for Batman to follow. Ranking arrives at the crooks’ hide-out first. He is quickly apprehended by the gang’s boss the Make-Up Man. When Batman arrives, a trap has been prepared to kill them. Batman escapes the trap and defeats the gang. Rankin is released, but Batman then realizes he is an imposter. The Make-Up Man is captured, and the real Rankin is found.

Detective Comics v1 #336
Batman’s Bewitched Nightmare
Fecha: 1965.02| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 285 (Novaro).

Batman and Robin are called to the scene of a bank robbery by Commissioner Gordon. The crooks are protected by a witch, who seems to possess magic abilities and flies on a broomstick. The Witch sequentially removes each of the five senses from the Dynamic Duo in an attempt to kill them. Using their wits, Batman and Robin prevail. Robin deduces that the broomstick is the source of the witch’s powers. When he takes it from her, Batman is able to defeat the crooks. Later, a voice emanating from the broomstick reveals that the Outsider was responsible for the attack on Batman

Notas: Crossover la Búsqueda de Zatara (Hawkman #4, Detective #336, Atom #19, Green Lantern #42, JlofA #51). En JlofA #51 se explica que la Hechicera a la que se enfrenta Batman en Zatanna disfrazada. Este es el primer crossover la editorial DC y engloba a todas las series editadas por Julius Schwartz.

Detective Comics v1 #337
Deep-Freeze Menace
Fecha: 1965.03| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Carmine Infantino (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 290 (Novaro).

Klag, a cro-magnon caveman, falls into a cave during a confrontation with his enemy Brugg. Ice and minerals preserve Klag, until an earthquake frees him centuries later. The minerals also give Klag strange powers. The caveman leaves the cave in search of Brugg, his enemy. Klag finds a man who resembles Brugg in the jungle. He attacks, then learns that the man is not his foe. Klag continues the search in Gotham City, where he believes Batman to be Brugg. Batman and Klag battle, until Klag unmasks the Caped Crusader. He realizes that Batman is not Brugg and continues his search elsewhere. Batman and Robin pursue the caveman and use a plastic sealant to trap him. Once Klag has been subdued, he is turned over to scientists for study.

Detective Comics v1 #338
Batman’s Power-Packed Punch
Fecha: 1965.04| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 294 (Novaro).

While touring the lab at the Alfred Foundation, Bruce Wayne’s hands are exposed to a new chemical, X-23. As Batman, Bruce discovers that the chemical has given his hands super-strength. Batman and Robin chase a gang, with Batman using his new power-punch to stop them. Batman’s new power slowly wears off, and he returns to normal.

Detective Comics v1 #339
Batman Battles the Living Beast-Bomb
Fecha: 1965.05| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Carmine Infantino (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 299 (Novaro).

Meek scientist Walter Hewitt turns himself in to the police claiming to be responsible for a series of incredible robberies. Hewitt used bionics to transfer the abilities of animals to himself. However, an accident caused his intellect to be transferred to a gorilla, Karmak. The gorilla then mind-controlled Hewitt, forcing the robberies. Hewitt breaks out of his cell, as ordered by Karmak, just as Batman and Robin arrive. Batman knocks out Hewitt, preventing him from escaping. Karmak decides to transfer Batman’s powers and mental prowess to himself. He lures Batman into a trap and succeeds in gaining Batman’s abilities. When Batman meets Karmak again, the ape has a bomb strapped to his chest. If Batman beats the gorilla, the bomb will explode. Batman defeats the ape anyway, then deduces that the bomb can be disarm by keeping Karmak off the ground for several minutes. Batman holds the 700 pound gorilla above his head until the bomb is defused. The effects of the bionic transfers eventually wear off, restoring both Hewitt and Karmak to normal.

Detective Comics v1 #340
The Outsider Strikes Again
Fecha: 1965.06| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 303 (Novaro).

While tracking down a museum thief, Robin’s batarang suddenly comes to life and attacks him. Batman’s batrope also tries to strangle him. The Caped Crusaders escape from their weapons, which then turn to dust. They then receive a message from the Outsider claiming credit for making their weapons attack. Next he uses the Batmobile to try and kill the Dynamic Duo. Once again the crimefighters escape, and the Batmobile turns to dust. Later at the Bat-Cave, Batman is attacked by more objects. He uses the dust of on his uniforms to interfere with the Outsider’s signal which controls the objects. When Commissioner Gordon summons him to fight some crooks, Batman constructs a dust bomb. The crooks are agents of the Outsider using remote-controlled bullets. The dust bomb stops them, allowing Batman to apprehend the crooks.

Detective Comics v1 #341
The Joker’s Comedy Capers
Fecha: 1965.07| Créditos: John Broome (Guiones), Carmine Infantino (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 307 (Novaro).

The Joker, disguised as movie producer, B.C. DeNil, is contracted to produce an old-time comedy movie. Disguised as famous actors of yesteryear, the Joker commits several robberies, while his gang films the crimes. During one crime members of the gang dress as Batman and Robin, and the Joker outwits them on film. The real Batman and Robin notice the crime reports in the newspaper. They deduce that the Joker is the man behind the crimes. They track him down, but the crook escapes. When the Joker finishes the movie, Batman and Robin are invited to an award ceremony held by Cornelius Van-Van, the man who contracted the Joker to make the movie. The Joker tries to escape by stealing the Batmobile, but an alarm sounds. Batman hears the alarm and captures the Joker, sending him back to prison.

Detective Comics v1 #342
The Midnight Raid of the Robin Gang
Fecha: 1965.08| Créditos: John Broome (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 312 (Novaro).

Dick Grayson visits his classmate Tom Willard, who has not been attending school. He finds a Robin costume in a shed behind Tom’s house. When he finds Tom, he pretends that he wants to drop out of school too. Tom brings Dick to the office of Al Craig, who heads a gang of drop-out juveniles. The boys all wear Robin outfits and are ordered to commit crimes. While Dick pursues the boys as Robin, Batman catches one of them in a robbery. The boy escapes when the real Robin happens to cross paths with Batman. Robin’s vision fails him, allowing the boys to escape. However, Robin leads Batman to Craig’s hide-out, where the gang boss is apprehended. Robin then visits a doctor to have his eyes checked. The doctor explains that a blow to the head was causing blurred vision. He prescribed eyedrops and rest, believing Robin’s normal vision will return soon.

Detective Comics v1 #343
The Secret War of the Phantom General
Fecha: 1965.09| Créditos: John Broome (Guiones), Carmine Infantino (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 316 (Novaro).

Batman and Robin are confounded by a gang of crooks using military tactics when committing robberies. When they learn from the Elongated Man that a fugitive Nazi war criminal General Von Dort is in Gotham, they suspect the general is behind the crimes. While Ralph checks for leads on Von Dort, Batman and Robin battle the gang again. This time, they successful stop the gang, only to learn that Von Dort was using them to cover for another robbery on the other side of town. Von Dort has stolen a rare component needed to complete a Nazi death-ray. Elongated Man joins the Dynamic Duo in tracking Von Dort to his secret hideaway. While the Caped Crusaders are occupied, Von Dort hypnotizes Ralph and turns him against his friends. Batman overcomes Elongated Man and Robin, who also falls victim to the hypnosis. He then defeats Von Dort. The hypnotic effect proves only temporary, and Von Dort’s plan of world domination is ended.

Detective Comics v1 #344
The Crime-Boss Who Was Always One Step Ahead of Batman
Fecha: 1965.10| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 320 (Novaro).

While patrolling Gotham Robin is given an apple by a kindly old woman. Batman suspects that the apple is poisoned, so he stops Robin from eating it. The Dynamic Duo then follow a man hiding in the shadows. Batman observes the man and his boss make criminal plans. Robin follows the man while Batman continues to spy on the boss. Robin follows the man and his partners into the country, where they lure him into a trap. The men then phone their boss, Johnny Witts to tell him about their success. Witts then opens the window for Batman and explains that he planned the entire situation to capture Robin. Batman tries to capture Witts, but the crook is once again one-step ahead and eludes Batman. Robin escapes his trap and returns to the Bat-Cave. He and Batman then track down the apple woman who was a disguised member of Johnny’s gang. They follow her back to Johnny, but the crook has also anticipated Batman’s move. Fortunately Batman was two steps ahead and the police are on hand. Johnny can’t think of an escape fast enough, and he is apprehended.

Notas: Debut de Johnny Witts, reaparece en Batman #192 (1967), Batman #201 (1968) y Super Friends #26 (1979)

Detective Comics v1 #345
The Blockbuster Invasion of Gotham City
Fecha: 1965.11| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Carmine Infantino (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 325 (Novaro), Mej. Hist. 1 Zinco.

Bruce Wayne takes refuge from a storm on a small island. He rescues a young boy, Mark Desmond, who has become trapped in quicksand. After the storm, Bruce leaves Mark with his brother Roland. Later in Gotham City, a giant behemoth which Robin calls Blockbuster begins a robbery spree. Blockbuster is impervious to physical harm and possesses tremendous strength. Batman is unable to apprehend the brute, who seems to possess little intelligence. During one robbery, Batman follows Blockbuster back to the island where he met Mark Desmond. Noticing a similarity, Batman realizes that Blockbuster is Mark. By removing his costume, he tames Mark who recognizes Bruce Wayne as his friend. Robin apprehends Roland who then explains that Mark was the victim of an experiment to increase his size. Roland ordered him to commit the robberies. Batman returns Roland to the mainland for incarceration. When he returns to the island however, Blockbuster has disappeared.

Notas: Debut de Demoledor I (Mark Desmond)

Detective Comics v1 #346
Batman’s Inescapable Doom-Trap
Fecha: 1965.12| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 342 (Novaro).

World-famous escape artist Carnado steals 100,000 dollars to purchase a new trap from reknowned trap designer Eivol Ekdal. Eivol’s new trap seems to be unescapable, so the two men decide to test it by letting Batman try to escape. Carnado commits another robbery and alerts Batman, so that the Caped Crusader follows him. Batman falls into the trap and is challenged to escape. The walls are unbreakable plexi-glass, and the chamber fills with poisonous gas from an electrified vent in the floor. Batman uses his utility-belt buckle to create sparks along the vent. When combined with the gas, a powerful explosion results, which shatters the plexi-glass. Carnado and Eivol escape while Batman recovers from the explosion, but the expect Batman to find them. They hire two killers to take out Batman, but when the Dynamic Duo arrives he deduces the presence of the killers and avoids his own murder. The crooks are then apprehended.

Notas: Debut de Eivol Ekdal (siguiente aparicion en Detective #361)

Detective Comics v1 #347
The Strange Death of Batman
Fecha: 1966.01| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Carmine Infantino (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 329 (Novaro).

Batman and Robin tangle with a crook called the Bouncer. The Bouncer’s costume is constructed of an experimental elastalloy which allows him to bounce off any object to elude capture. After several unsuccessful attempts to stop the crook, Batman devises a way to neutralize the elasticity of the suit with a high-frequency beam. Without his suit, the Bouncer is easily defeated. However, Gardner Fox of Earth-Prime decides to ponder what would happen if Batman’s plan had failed. In his imaginary scenario, the Bouncer deduces Batman’s plan and manages to kill the Caped Crusader. Robin vows to bring the crook to justice. Using light and sound waves, Robin cracks the Bouncer’s suit and apprehends him. Robin then returns to the Bat-Cave to mourn the loss of his friend and mentor. Then, the Batman and Alfred from Earth-2 arrive. Batman explains that the Robin of Earth-2 is now an adult and has taken over for his mentor. Batman has gone to Earth-1 to continue training the Earth-1 Robin.

Notas: Historia imaginaria en la que Batman Tierra-2 (primera aparición como tal aunque imaginaria) viaja a Tierra-1 para cuidar de Dick . Debut de Bouncer.

Detective Comics v1 #348
Birdmaster of Bedlam
Fecha: 1966.02| Créditos: Bob Kanigher (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 333 (Novaro).

A criminal bird trainer named the Birdmaster begins a campaign to ground every airplane near Gotham City. His birds fly kamikaze missions to knock planes from the sky prompting Batman and Robin into action. Batman takes on the birds in his Batplane, but he and Robin are forced to bail out. The Birdmaster’s gang then apprehends the Dyamic Duo and bring them to their boss. Batman escapes captivity, forcing the Birdmaster to flee from his own hide-out. The crook is then destroyed by his own birds.

Detective Comics v1 #349
The Blockbuster Breaks Loose
Fecha: 1966.03| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Carmine Infantino (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 338 (Novaro).

While attempting to apprehend a gang of safe-crackers, Batman and Robin are surprised by the Blockbuster. While Robin deals with the crooks, Batman exposes his unmasked face of Bruce Wayne to calm Blockbuster. Somehow Batman’s mask returns to his face. Enraged by Batman’s appearance, Blockbuster attacks him. Batman manages to duplicate the voice of Roland Desmond to scare off his foe. To prevent the unexplained problem with his mask from happening again, Batman paints the mask with special make-up that will make it transparent under special lighting. When Blockbuster appears again, Robin shines the light on Batman’s mask, allowing his features, now made up to resemble Roland Desmond, to appear. However, Robin is knocked unconscious by flying debris. Without the light, Batman’s mask returns to normal, and Blockbuster defeats him. Blockbuster’s hidden accomplice the Outsider then places Batman in a trap. However, Blockbuster turns on the Outsider. Batman escapes his trap and finally defeats Blockbuster. The Outsider escapes without Batman learning of his involvement.

Notas: Debut de Outsider

Detective Comics v1 #350
The Monarch of Menace
Fecha: 1966.04| Créditos: Bob Kanigher (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 351 (Novaro).

Batman recalls a crook named the Monarch of Menace whom he encountered early in his career. The villain eluded Batman and was never caught. Now years later, the Monarch of Menace is still gloating over his victory. However, his son has not lived up to his father’s legacy. The boy decides to wear his dad’s costume and prove himself against Batman. On the boy’s first time out he encounters Robin and is easily defeated. Batman analyzes the weapons built-in to the costume and devises counter measures for them. He then lures the real Monarch of Menace into the open. With his newly devised counters, Batman defeats his foe, and captures the man who got away.

Notas: Debut de Monarch of Menace*, su siguiente aparición será en Batman #336 (1981).

Detective Comics v1 #351
The Cluemaster’s Topsy-Turvy Crimes
Fecha: 1966.05| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Carmine Infantino (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 355 y 829 (Novaro).

Aunt Harriet accidentally discovers the secret entrance to the Bat-Cave. Bruce and Dick try to cover their tracks and make Harriet believe that she was mistaken. Harriet tries to foil their plan by gathering more evidence. While matching wits with Harriet at home, Batman and Robin are also involved on a case against the criminal called the Cluemaster. Unknown to the Caped Crusaders, Cluemaster is also trying to uncover Batman’s secret identity. Batman’s efforts to fool Harriet also help to keep Cluemaster off track. Bruce finally convinces Harriet by creating a trick film showing Batman and Robin meet him and Dick. Batman also captures Cluemaster and keeps him from discovering his secret.

Notas: Debut de Cluemaster (Arthur Brown).Tía Harriet desucbre la entrada secreta a la Batcueva.

Detective Comics v1 #352
Batman’s Crime-Hunt A-Go-Go
Fecha: 1966.06| Créditos: John Broome (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 359 (Novaro).

Batman begins having premonitions of upcoming crimes. His first two hunches pay off. He and Robin arrive on the scene of robberies in time to stop the gangs. When Batman follows a third hunch, he is taken away from a robbery. The crooks get away and leave no clues behind. Not satisfied with letting the crooks go, Batman investigates his hunches. He searches the area where he got the last one. A clue at the scene leads him to a night club, where a magican performs a psychic act. As Bruce Wayne, Batman gets the magician to tip his hand. Batman then returns to the club in costume. The magician, Mr. Esper, is apprehended and confesses to the robbery. Batman deduces that Esper used a super-sonic device to give Batman subliminal tips to crimes. Then when he wanted to commit his own robbery, Esper lured Batman away with a false hunch.

Notas: Debut de Mr. Esper, posteriormente conocido como Brainwash y Captain Calamity.

Detective Comics v1 #353
The Weather-Wizard’s Triple-Treasure Thefts
Fecha: 1966.07| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Carmine Infantino (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 363 (Novaro).

The Weather Wizard comes to Gotham City and announces that he has stolen three valuable treasures without being caught. Art collector Felix Bayard worries that his priceless drinking cup has been stolen and replaced by a forgery. He calls an art expert to verify the artifact, but the expert is really the Weather Wizard, who then steals the cup. When Batman learns of the theft, he plans a trap for the Weather Wizard by taking a ruby from the safe of Bruce Wayne and making it look like a robbery. Weather Wizard tries to take the ruby from the thief only to discover it is Batman. Still, the Wizard turns the tables on his would-be captor by trapping Batman in a box of ice. Batman manages to escape the ice trap. He then calls Robin who was assigned to follow the Weather Wizard. Batman heads off the crook in the act of making a third theft. This time Batman successfully apprehends the Weather Wizard and returns him to prison.

Detective Comics v1 #354
No Exit for Batman
Fecha: 1966.08| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 368 (Novaro).

atman finds evidence that notorious international criminal Dr. Tzin-Tzin is operating in Gotham City. Batman discovers a communicator used by Tzin-Tzin and takes it to the Bat-Cave for analysis. The communicator contains a bomb and self-destructs. However Batman had time to analyze it. He sends Robin for materials, then he goes on patrol. Batman is ambushed while on patrol by Tzin-Tzin’s men. He fights them off, then returns to the Bat-Cave. Batman reconstructs the communicator, which he uses to locate Tzin-Tzin. Batman and Robin storm the mastermind’s hide-out. Batman is entranced by Tzin-Tzin’s death stare, but he manages to break out of it before he is killed. With Batman’s efforts, Tzin-Tzin is finally sent to prison.

Notas: Debut del Dr. Tzin-Tzin*. En la continuidad post-crisis debutará en Pacemaker #1-4 (1988). Según el comisario Gordon Tzin-Tzi es americano criado por unos bandidos chinos. El personaje representa el odio amarillo de la época, al igual que el Mandarin, la némesis de Iron Man.

Detective Comics v1 #355
Hate of the Hooded Hangman
Fecha: 1966.09| Créditos: John Broome (Guiones), Carmine Infantino (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 372 (Novaro), Batman Valenciana.

Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson attend a wrestling match featuring the Hooded Hangman. No one knows the identity of the masked wrestler, leaving Bruce and Dick curious. Later on patrol Batman sees the Hooded Hangman leaving the scene of a burglary. Batman tries to catch him, but the wrestler claims he is innocent. A fight breaks out with the Hooded Hangman winning. He almost pulls off Batman’s mask, but sirens scare him away. Batman later learns that the Hangman wasn’t involved in the robbery. He is still suspicious when he encounters the Hangman again. This time the Hangman flees from the fight just as Batman is about to win. Later Batman connects the voice of newscaster Telman Davies to the Hangman. Batman attends the next match of the Hangman. The two masked men have a third battle with Batman losing. The Hangman removes Batman’s mask exposing his face that is made up to look like Davies. The shock allows Batman to overcome his opponent and expose him as Davies. The Hangman is then forced out of town having failed in his effort to expose Batman’s identity.

Notas: Debut del Ahorcador Encapuchado, quien es considerado como un precedente del villano Bane. Su versión post crisis debutará en Superman/Batman #70. Debut de Make-Up Man.

Detective Comics v1 #356
Inside Story of the Outsider
Fecha: 1966.10| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 376 (Novaro).

Delivery men leave a package for Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. The package contains coffins with Batman and Robin dummies inside. A warning given by the dummies reveals that the pair has only 24 hours left to live. Batman suspects the Outsider is the perpetrator. He chases down the delivery men and discovers them to be the Outsider’s agents, the Grasshopper Gang. After rounding up the Grasshoppers, Batman checks the tomb of Alfred, whom he suspects may be the Outsider. Alfred appears to still be dead inside his tomb. However, the man in the tomb is really Brandon Crawford, a scientist who was able to revive Alfred using an experimental machine. The device warped Alfred’s mind and appearance and made him the Outsider. Batman is able to follow the O radiation back to the Outsider’s lair. However, the 24 hours are up. Robin is transformed into his own coffin. With seconds remaining, Batman deactivates the transformation machine, then knocks out the Outsider. Using Crawford’s machine Batman is able to restore Alfred to normal, though he has no memory of his activities as the Outsider. Crawford is also restored and given a job at the Alfred Memorial Foundation, now renamed the Wayne Foundation.

Notas: Origen de Outsider Alfred. Primer encuentro entre Alfred y Tía Harriet.

Detective Comics v1 #357
Bruce Wayne Unmasks Batman
Fecha: 1966.11| Créditos: John Broome (Guiones), Carmine Infantino (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 381 (Novaro).

Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson appear on a television program. They are surprised when Batman and Robin join them. In the middle of the show, crooks gas them, then kidnap Batman and Robin. The crooks unmask the heroes, but don’t recognize them. To discover their identities, the crooks let them go and follow them back to their home. At the television studio, Bruce and Dick recover. The host explains that the kidnpped heroes were really college students acting as the Dynamic Duo. Bruce and Dick become the real Batman and Robin and track down their impersonators at their college fraternity house. The crooks are there too. The real Batman and Robin apprehend the crooks. Later, the interrupted tv show continues. Bruce and Dick then unmask the phony duo as Tom Wiley anmd Stewart Hall.

Detective Comics v1 #358
The Circle of Terror
Fecha: 1966.12| Créditos: John Broome (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 386 (Novaro).

Batman and Robin meet a new costumed crook known as the Spellbinder. When Batman tries to capture him, the Spellbinder puts Batman into a trance. Robin manages to shake Batman back to normal, but not before the Spellbinder escapes. Batman fears that he could have died from the trance had Robin not saved him. When they meet the Spellbinder again, Batman tries to avoid being hypnotized. His effort fails as the Spellbinder places him in another trance. Robin is forced to save him again. During a third encounter, Batman is placed in another trance. This time he is able to break out of it by himself, allowing him to stop his opponent and end his reign of crime.

Notas: Debut de Spellbinder I Tierra-1 (Delbert Billings). Despues de las Crisis aparecerá en Detective Comics #691 (1995). Batman consulta su «Bat-libro del crimen» para obener información.

Detective Comics v1 #359
The Million Dollar Debut of Batgirl!
Fecha: 1967.01| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Carmine Infantino (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 397 (Novaro), BBK Diario AS.

On her way to a costume ball dressed as Batgirl, Barbara Gordon witnesses an attack on Bruce Wayne by the Killer Moth. Seeking to rescue Wayne, the commissioner’s daughter goes into action. She distracts the crooks long enough for Wayne to escape and reappear as Batman. With their target gone, Killer Moth and his men make good on their own escape. Barbara then returns home without Batman learning her identity. Later, Killer Moth sends blackmail demands to Bruce Wayne. Batman sets a trap for him at Wayne Manor. Barbara, a librarien by trade, stops by to drop of a book for Bruce and sees him apparently murdered. She goes into action as Batgirl again. This time Batman pulls her aside and allows the crooks to escape. Batman follows the crooks as planned back to the Killer Moth’s hide-out. He and Robin fall into a trap, but Batgirl has followed them too and helps them to escape. Batgirl then locates Killer Moth and apprehends him. Batman is impressed by the new heroine and believes she could aid him in the future.

Notas: Debut de Batgirl II (Bárbara Gordon). Se introduce de la serie de TV de 1966. El origen de su versión post-crisis se narra en Secret Origins #20 (1987) como sobrina de Gordon y en Batgirl Year One (2003).

Detective Comics v1 #360
The Case of the Abbreviated Batman
Fecha: 1967.02| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 401 (Novaro).

Batman captures Gunshy Barton and his gang and sends them to prison. Gunshy spends his sentence reading books and creating a new shorthand language. When paroled, Gunshy teaches his gang the code, so they can operate without Batman knowing their next move. Gunshy and his gang begin their robbery spree. They are successful at first and eventually encounter Batman. Gunshy shouts coded orders to his gang. Batman is unable to decipher the orders and loses the fight. He and Robin are captured and left to suffocate. The Dynamic Duo manages to escape and battle Barton again. This time they use sirens on their utility belts to create noise during the fight. Gunshy is unable to communicate his orders by voice, so he tries to give them visually. Batman outwits him, and the gang is captured again.

Detective Comics v1 #361
The Dynamic Duo’s Double Deathtrap
Fecha: 1967.03| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Carmine Infantino (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 406 (Novaro).

Trap designer Eivol Ekdal sells a new trap to gangsters to use against Batman and Robin. Robin is caught in the trap as planned, but instead of rescuing his partner Batman lets Robin escape on his own. Had Batman helped Robin, they would have both been killed by a bomb. Batman deduces that Ekdal designed the trap. He the receives a tip concerning Ekdal’s location. Batman arrives just as Ekdal is killed by another one of his clients, Yuri Melikov. Batman captures Melikov’s gang, but the crook is killed by one of Ekdal’s traps. After the fight, the gangsters who tried to kill Batman and Robin return to Ekdal’s hide-out. Batman defeats them as well and wraps up the case.

Detective Comics v1 #362
The Night Batman Destroyed Gotham City
Fecha: 1967.04| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 410 (Novaro).

The Riddler returns to Gotham and begins leaving riddles for Robin. The Dynamic Duo solve his second riddle correctly after detecting a pattern. Riddler barely makes his escape, but he has Batman set up for a death trap. Riddler sends another riddle to Robin via police headquarters. Using the same pattern as before, Batman deduces that the Little Gotham City Bank is the target. However, he realizes that the Riddler must have another angle. Batman correctly determines the real bank which the Riddler has targeted. Riddler is caught, but he admits to leaving a bomb in the Little Gotham City Bank. Batman races back to the other bank and defuses the bomb, which is hidden inside a scale model of Gotham, before it explodes.

Detective Comics v1 #363
The True-False Face of Batman
Fecha: 1967.05| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Carmine Infantino (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 414 (Novaro).

Batgirl interrupts a robbery in progress after her job at the Gotham Library provides clues to the criminal activity. Batman arrives on the scene during the fight to help Batgirl defeat the crooks, but one of them escapes. Batman then blindfolds Batgirl and takes her to the Batcave where he unmasks in front of her. Though he shows his true face of Bruce Wayne, traces of wax and hair dye cause Batgirl to believe that Batman is actually disguised. After Batman returns Batgirl to Gotham, he explains to Robin that the escaped crook had left a bug on Batgirl, so he set up the identity reveal to convince the crook that Batgirl had learned Batman’s secret. Batman’s plan succeeds. The crook, Paul Crowell, is led straight into Batman’s trap. After defeating Crowell with Batgirl’s help, Batman learns from the girl crimefighter that Crowell had an accomplice which contacted him via the library. Batman then apprehends the brains of the operation John Hart. After all the crooks are captured, Bruce Wayne has dinner with Commissioner Gordon and his daughter. Due to Batman’s deceptive trick, Batgirl thinks the one person that Batman couldn’t be is Bruce Wayne.

Detective Comics v1 #364
The Curious Case of the Crime-Less Clues
Fecha: 1967.06| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 418 (Novaro).

Batman and Robin stop several crimes. At each crime scene they find strange clues that seem to have been left by their arch-enemies. However, each of the villains in question is already in prison. After receiving the final clue Batman realizes that their Founder’s Day float is being targeted. Batman sets a trap, but when the float explodes the villain behind the attack fails to reveal himself. However, Batman sees Alfred in the crowd. He realizes that Alfred subconsciously left the clues about the float because the butler set the trap when he was the Outsider. Once the trap has been sprung, Alfred returns to normal with no knowledge of his activities as the Outsider, or of leaving the clues.

Notas: Tía Harriet abandona la Mansión Wayne.

Detective Comics v1 #365
The House the Joker Built
Fecha: 1967.07| Créditos: John Broome (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 422 (Novaro).

The Joker begins selling Joker merchandise and competing against Batman. When the Caped Crusaders arrive to battle him, the Joker intentional stages fights with them. The villain is capturing the fights on camera and selling the program to the underworld. Batman is lured into a trap, but he is able to capture the Joker anyway. With the crooks in jail, the Joker’s television program is off the air.

Detective Comics v1 #366
The Round-Robin Death Threats
Fecha: 1967.08| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Carmine Infantino (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 426 (Novaro).

Bruce Wayne receives a letter ordering him to perform a simple task at a specified time. To ensure the order is carried out, the letter is sealed with a special gas that not only forces Bruce to obey, but also to keep him from talking about it. Despite his best efforts to stop the compulsion Batman complies with the order to tell Commissioner Gordon to turn on his radio at a specified time. However, Robin has noticed Batman’s behavior and reconstructed the letter. He arrives in time to stop Gordon from turning on the radio that was rigged to kill him. Gordon then enters a trance, just like the one affecting Bruce. Batman and Robin follow and prevent Gordon from triggering the death of John Kobler. Kobler then goes into a trance too, nearly triggering the death of sportwriter Fred Tinney. Then Tinney goes into a trance as well. Batman and Robin have stopped each death, but Tinney gets away. Batman returns to the Batcave knowing that Bruce Wayne is the target, but he is unable to tell Robin due to the compulsion. Instead he writes a will for Robin that contains a clue to the connection between himself and the other potential murder victims.

Detective Comics v1 #367
Where There’s a Will, There’s a Slay
Fecha: 1967.09| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Carmine Infantino (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 430 (Novaro).

After defusing a bomb meant to kill Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson and Alfred discover a will written by Bruce in the Batcave. Robin deciphers a clue written into the will that leads him to Doc Hastings, the villain behind the murder attempts. Robin finds the villain while on the way to warn Bruce, but he is knocked out by a jolt of electricity. Hastings then uses Robin as bait for a trap. Bruce finds Robin’s unconscious body, but instead of moving the body, he revives the Boy Wonder. When he awakens, Robin discovers a live grenade under his body that Bruce is able to defuse. Batman then goes after Hastings. After a long battle, he prevails which ends the round-robin murders.

Detective Comics v1 #368
Seven Wonder Crimes of Gotham City
Fecha: 1967.10| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 434 (Novaro).

Batman and Robin respond to a robbery at a hockey arena. The gang escapes, but they leave behind a giant mascot with the number seven on his back. When the crooks strike again at an architectural fair using a bright light to blind everyone around them, Batman and Robin use snow goggles to shield their eyes. They manage to catch a few of the crooks, but the mastermind of the gang escapes. Next the crooks use a giant Batman prop to create infrared light which enables them to see during a blackout. Again, Batm and Robin fail to stop the gang, but they are able to detect a pattern in the crimes. The crooks are basing their crimes on the seven wonders of the ancient world. Batman is then able to deduce their next target. This time the Dynamic Duo succeeds in stopping the crooks and apprehending the criminal mastermind who planned them.

Detective Comics v1 #369
Batgirl Breaks Up the Dynamic Duo
Fecha: 1967.11| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Carmine Infantino (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 438 (Novaro).

Batgirl follows a gang of crooks into Misty Swamp. She holds her own against the gang until Batman and Robin arrive. Batman falls in the swamp and shows symptoms of swamp fever. After researching the condition, Batgirl learns that within a week Batman will collapse. She knows that Batman will not stop fighting crime, so she conspires with Robin to help him. Batgirl and Robin decide to team up, so that they can get to crimes before Batman. After several nights, Batman changes his crime fighting routine and is able to beat Batgirl and Robin to a crime scene. As Batgirl feared would happen, Batman collapses from the swamp fever before his fight with the crooks is over. Fortunately, Batgirl and Robin arrive in time to protect him from the crooks. Batman praises Batgirl for her plan, admitting that despite the sickness, he would have continued crime fighting. Bruce then spends the next few days in bed to recuperate.

Notas: Continúa en parte en Batman #197.

Detective Comics v1 #370
The Nemesis from Batman’s Boyhood
Fecha: 1967.12| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 442 (Novaro).

Batman and Robin encounter the Blitzkrieg Bandit, a crook who stays in town for two days before moving on to another city. Batman nearly has the crook defeated, then sees his face. Suddenly, Batman is unable to finish off his foe, which allows the bandit to escape. After the fight, Batman explains to Robin that the crook is Bart Lambert, a former school bully that often harassed Bruce as a young boy. As a result, Bruce has a mental block that causes him to freeze up when fighting the bandit. During their next fight, the mental block kicks in again, and Batman is defeated. Robin follows the Blitzkrieg Bandit to his hideout. When Batman regains consciousness, he receives a radio message from Robin indicating that Lambert has shot the Boy Wonder. Believing that Robin has died, Batman is able to overcome his paralyzing fear and finally bests Lambert. Robin then shows up alive, admitting that he pretended to be dead to help Batman overcome his weakness.

Detective Comics v1 #371
Batgirl’s Costume Cut-Ups
Fecha: 1968.01| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Gil Kane (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 447 (Novaro).

Batgirl is upset with herself when her own feminine vanity delays her in a fight with the Sports Spoiler Gang. Batman and Robin are able to catch part of the gang thanks to Batgirl’s efforts, but she feels embarrassed. Batgirl seeks to redeem herself against the gang, but when she makes a girly shriek, Batman and Robin are distracted during another fight. Batgirl tries to find a way to suppress her femininity during crimefighting. Then she realizes that it can also be used to her advantage. During her next fight with the gang, Batgirl rips her tights. The crooks are so distracted by her beautiful legs, that they are easily defeated by Batman. Batgirl feels that she has redeemed herself, but doesn’t tell Batman that she deliberately tore her own tights to create the distraction.

Notas: Nuevo Batmovil inspirado en la serie de T.V.

Detective Comics v1 #372
The Fearsome Foot-Fighters
Fecha: 1968.02| Créditos: John Broome (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 451 (Novaro).

Batman is confronted by some strange thefts in which the thief leaves I.O.U. notes in place of the stolen items. Batman follows clues which lead him to a gang of foot fighters from Karonia. The real thief is Marne Zoldin, a Karonian freedom fighter who needed money to fund his attempts to overthrow the dictator of his country. The foot fighters find Zoldin first and kill him. Before dying, Zoldin is able to give Batman a message that leads him to the killers. After defeating them in combat, Batman places the Karonians in police custody, while Zoldin’s widow takes up her dead husband’s fight to free their country.

Notas: Debut de «The Fearsome Foot-Fighters»

Detective Comics v1 #373
Mr. Freeze’s Chilling Deathtrap
Fecha: 1968.03| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Chic Stone (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 455 (Novaro).

Aunt Harriet must undergo lifesaving cryosurgery. However, the freezing machine the doctors are using malfunctions and must be replaced or Harriet will die within a few hours. Fortunately, Mr. Freeze, formerly Mr. Zero, possesses a cold gun that could help the doctors. Batman and Robin track down Mr. Freeze. During the fight they take possession of the cold gun. Robin then takes the gun back to the hospital while Batman continues the fight. Mr. Freeze nearly kills Batman by freezing him, but the Caped Crusader uses a thermal unit to thaw out quickly. Before returning to the hospital to see that Harriet’s surgury was a successs, Batman apprehends Mr. Freeze and his gang.

Notas: Mr. Zero cambia de nombre a Mr. Frío

Detective Comics v1 #374
Hunt For a Robin-Killer
Fecha: 1968.04| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Gil Kane (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 463 (Novaro).

Batman and Robin track the Lemon brothers to an old warehouse. While Batman goes in the front door, Robin circles around the back. Batman takes down the gang alone, when Robin does not make it inside. After the fight, Batman checks the alley and finds that Robin was attacked and nearly killed. Batman begins a man-hunt for Robin’s attacker while the Boy Wonder recovers in the hospital. The Caped Crusader apprehends Jim Condors whom the clues point to as Robin’s attacker. However, Condors has an alibi provided by Commissioner Gordon, so he threatens to sue Batman and the city. Batman continues to investigate though and discovers Condors has a twin brother Ed who was able to give Jim his alibi. Batman apprehends both men after getting evidence against them and a confession. Robin then finishes recuperating knowing that his attacker was caught.

Detective Comics v1 #375
The Frigid Finger of Fate
Fecha: 1968.05| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Chic Stone (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 471 (Novaro).

Pete Maddox discovers that when he sleeps in cold temperatures, his dream reveal the future. He uses this new ability to win money at the track. However, things go wrong when he tells people about the dreams. If he does, the dreams no longer come true. Pete hires some crooks to rob a diamond exchange. Batman apprehends the crooks, who believe that Pete set them up. Pete then dreams he kills Batman. However, the crooks come after Pete. He tries to stop them by telling them about his plan to kill the Caped Crusader. By informing the crooks, Pete is no longer able to kill Batman, who apprehends the crooks. Pete continues to use his ability, but he requires a colder temperature each time. When he tries to sleep in a butcher’s freezer, the cold kills him.

Detective Comics v1 #376
Hunted or Haunted?
Fecha: 1968.06| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Chic Stone (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 479 (Novaro).

Records from the 20th century have been destroyed in the null-nuclear war of the 22th century. People from the future do not know if Batman was a myth or a real person. A group calling themselves the Batmaniacs aim to prove that Batman is real, so they send one member, Tomas back in time. Tomas arrives in the 20th century where he exists only as a ghost. He then watches as Batman and Robin help Commissioner Gordon solve a case. Gordon had some important evidence stolen from his car. Batman identifies the thief and tracks him down. He then recovers the evidence. During the entire adventure, Batman believes he is being watched by a ghost. Tomas returns to his own time period with evidence that Batman is real. However, he doesn’t learn that the Caped Crusader is really his ancestor.

Detective Comics v1 #377
The Riddler’s Prison-Puzzle Problem
Fecha: 1968.07| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Frank Springer (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 487 (Novaro).

The Riddler is compelled to leave clues for Batman concerning his upcoming robberies, but the crook finds a way to hide the clues from Batman by making them extremely difficult to see and booby-trapping them. Despite the Riddler’s new plan, he is still captured by Batman and sent to jail. When the Riddler is quickly bailed out of jail, Batman takes his place in the jail cell. The Caped Crusader has correctly deduced that his opponent has hidden another clue in the cell. Batman finds it appears at the Riddler’s next heist. Riddler gets away, but Batman is able to follow another clue to a third robbery. This time the Riddler is caught and sent back to prison.

Detective Comics v1 #378
Batman! Drop Dead–Twice!
Fecha: 1968.08| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 491 (Novaro).

Batman and Robin have a falling out which causes the Boy Wonder to leave the team. At the same time Salvo, a professional crook, and his apprentice Chino have a similar fight. Chino rents a room and takes in Dick Grayson as his roommate. Dick soon discovers that Chino is a crook, but he hopes that he can set the boy straight. Instead Chino intends to use Dick as bait to kill Batman. Chino dresses Dick in a Robin costume, then sends Batman a note that will lead him into a trap. Meanwhile, Salvo has also learned about the Batman-Robin split. He dresses his assistant Chopper as Robin and uses the same plan as Chino to set a trap for Batman. The Caped Crusader then receives two notes that claim Robin is a prisoner. Batman must then perform two rescues simultaneously.

Notas: Relanzamiento de Batman con Frank Robbins como guionista de las dos series principales (Detective Comics y Batman)

Detective Comics v1 #379
Two Killings for the Price of One
Fecha: 1968.09| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 495 (Novaro).

Batman receives two blackmail demands both claiming that Robin is a hostage. He must appear in two places simultaneously, so Alfred fills in for him to perform a rescue at the pier. Dressed as Batman, Alfred tries to save the real Robin who is being used as a decoy by the youthful crook, Chino. Alfred fails to rescue Robin and falls into the harbor. Meanwhile the real Batman attempts to rescue a phony Robin from a rooftop. The decoy and a sniper try to kill him, but Batman manages to escape. Realizing that the real Robin is at the pier, he leaves the scene and rushes to help Alfred. Chino believes that Batman is dead when he sees him fall into the harbor. He calls his guardian, Salvo who had arranged the other trap for Batman, to gloat. Salvo and his men then head for the pier to eliminate Chino. The boy then finds himself on the run from the real Batman and his former guardian. Batman saves him and apprehends Salvo. Chino learns his lesson and is put into the custody of an honest family.

Detective Comics v1 #380
Marital-Bliss Miss
Fecha: 1968.10| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 499 (Novaro).

Virginia «Ginny» Jenkins barges in to Wayne Manor and claims to be married to Bruce Wayne. Bruce plays along with her so that he can learn the reason for her actions. Ginny fears that her brother Jim wants to kill Bruce, so she pretends to be married to him to save his life. Batman begins investigating Jim Jenkins to learn his reasons for wanting Bruce dead. He finds that Jenkins was turned down for a Wayne Foundation grant several times by bank president and Foundation treasurer Eugene Driscoll. When Batman visits Jenkins’s office, he is attacked and Jim is killed by a third party. Batman exposes Driscoll as the killer after proving that the two men had once attempted a bank robbery together. Jenkins wanted to kill Bruce, so that Driscoll would gain full control of the Foundation funds, and he could blackmail his former partner for millions. Driscoll is caught, and Bruce’s marriage hoax is ended.

Notas: Debut de Ginny Jenkins, la cual afirma ser esposa de Bruce. Ultima aparicion de Tía Harriet (será mencionada en Detective #383)

Detective Comics v1 #381
One Drown–One More to Go
Fecha: 1968.11| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 503 (Novaro).

Batman detects an coded infra-red signal being transmitted from a lighthouse that calls for the death of Robin. Batman orders Robin to return to the Batcave where he will be safe. He then investigates the lighthouse of Cyrus Spume. He spots the crooks plotting to kill Robin, but he wants to find their leader. Batman arranges for Robin to appear to die by killing him himself. The crooks then proceed with a diamond robbery. Batman tries to stop them, but he is caught. Robin is still alive and comes to his aid. Together they take down the crooks including Cyrus Spume who is the gang boss.

Detective Comics v1 #382
Riddle of the Robbin’ Robin
Fecha: 1968.12| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 509 (Novaro).

Batman and Robin attempt to stop the Smokescreen Mob during a robbery. The crooks get away, but Batman tracks the gang to their hideout. When he arrives the stolen jewels are missing from the safe, leaving Batman with no evidence to hold them. The crooks are upset that they were robbed. This was only the latest of several heists involving their loot. Fingers, the gang boss, suspects the Blowtorch Mob and barges into the rival gang’s hideout to accuse them of the crime. When he arrives he learns that they too are the victims of robbery. The two gangs then come up with a plan to catch the thief. The two gangs decide to hold off on any crimes for several days. Batman notices the severe drop in criminal activity during this time. The crooks then plan a big heist and have rigged a death trap on the safe where they will stash the loot. However, the man they use to set the trap is really the thief. He plans to double-cross the gang by having Robin open it. While the Armorer leads Robin to the safe, Batman is able to unravel the plan and save his partner. The leaders of the mobs are then the victims of their own death trap.

Detective Comics v1 #383
The Fortune-Cookie Caper
Fecha: 1969.01| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 514 (Novaro).

While dining in a chinese restaurant, Robin accidentally intercepts a coded message inside a fortune cookie. Crooks attack and steal the message, but not before Robin reads it. The message is an old chinese joke about a prisoner in a bakery. Robin suspects the joke is literal and searches a nearby bakery, while Batman follows another theory. Batman finds the men who stole the message. They are hijacking a shipment of fortune cookies being used to smuggle pearls into the country. Robin finds the leaders of the pearl smugglers at the bakery, but is captured. Batman rescues him and apprehends the rest of the smugglers.

Notas: (fin de resumenes Dcindexes)

Detective Comics v1 #384
Whatever Will Happen to Heiress Heloise?
Fecha: 1969.02| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 518 (Novaro).

Batman rescues heiress Heloise Madigan from thugs trying to kill her. When he takes her back home, the family lawyer explains that she is not the real Heloise. Her real identity is Colleen Kiernan, the former secretary for John Madigan. Batman then prevents the murder of the real Heloise before realizing that Colleen is the actual target. He follows Colleen to the office of Kenneth Rogers and stops the real estate tycoon from killing her. Colleen had been blackmailing Rogers with information she learned as Madigan’s secretary. Batman then delivers Rogers and Kiernan to the police.

Detective Comics v1 #385
Die Small–Die Big
Fecha: 1969.03| Créditos: Bob Kanigher (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 522 (Novaro).

Mailman Herbert Small learns that he will die in less than a month from a incurable medical condition. When he overhears crooks conspiring to kill Batman, Herbert decides to sacrifice his own life to protect the Caped Crusader. While disguised as one of the conspirators, Small tells the crooks that he has discovered Batman’s secret identity, Herbert Small. Small then delivers a message to Bruce Wayne’s birthday party which tips off the real Batman. The crooks track Small to his home. Batman gets there before they can kill him, but Small takes a bullet that was intended to hit Batman. The Caped Crusader grants Small a dying glimpse at his real identity in gratitude for saving his life.

Detective Comics v1 #386
Stand-In for Murder
Fecha: 1969.04| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 526 (Novaro).

Bruce Wayne is scheduled to pilot a VTOL aircraft during a test flight. A short time before the test he receives information about a bank robbery, so he hires Morse, a stand-in to act as Bruce during the aircraft test. The real Bruce then handles the bank robbery as Batman. Morse is murdered on his way to the aircraft test and is replaced by Carlyle Crane, an aircraft tycoon with a grudge against Wayne. Crane pilots the plane away from the test area and lands an unmanned drone in its place. The military is shocked when Bruce appears to have disappeared from the cockpit. Batman is called by Commissioner Gordon to investigate the case. Batman finds Wayne’s helmet in his car and sets a trap for Crane. He then exposes the tycoon as a killer and recovers the body of Morse.

Detective Comics v1 #387
The Cry of Night Is ‘Sudden Death’
Fecha: 1969.05| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 530 (Novaro).

Batman and Robin arrive at the scene of a murder. Mel Lambert is accused of murdering his father, but Batman finds the evidence against him to be circumstantial. Robin believes him guilty. Batman follows other leads which include questioning Lambert’s former partners. When Steven Crane is also murdered, the Caped Crusaders witness the suspect fleeing the scene. They track down the last two men involved with Lambert and learn that Alfred Stryker is the real killer. He attempted to frame Mel Lambert for the crime. Batman captures him, and Robin learns not to be too quick to judge people.

Notas: 30 aniversario de Detective Comics.

Detective Comics v1 #388
Public Luna-Tic Number One
Fecha: 1969.06| Créditos: John Broome (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 534 (Novaro).

The Joker embarks on a series of moon related crimes. He is nearly caught by Batman while staging a robbery at the Gotham City Planetarium. After escaping he steals an anti-gravity machine from Dr. Doomer. Using the machine, he is able to kidnap Batman and Robin when they try to stop his next crime. He then attempts to trick the Dynamic Duo by making them think that they have been sent to the moon. Batman’s astute observation of a stalagmite on the surface of the phony moon scene helps him see through the Joker’s ruse. He and Robin then capture the Joker and his gang. The anti-gravity machine is destroyed during the fight.

Detective Comics v1 #389
Batman’s Evil Eye
Fecha: 1969.07| Créditos: John Broome (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 538 (Novaro).

Jonathan Crane, the Scarecrow, is released from prison on parole. Batman meets him outside the prison to express hope that his old foe has reformed. When they shake hands Batman is unknowingly exposed to a fear inducing chemical. Crane then departs. Batman then begins fighting other criminals who appear to be frightened by him as they did in the early days of his career. After defeating two gangs, Batman receives a call at police headquarters from the Scarecrow leading him into a trap. Batman answers the challenge and arrives at a warehouse. Despite his precautions, Batman is captured and placed in a room full of mirrors. Due to the fear inducing drug, Batman’s image scares even him. Repeated exposure will kill him. The Scarecrow taunts Batman from outside the room, until he believes Batman is dead. However, Batman kept his eyes closed. Using his superior sense of hearing, the Caped Crusader is able to defeat the Scarecrow without seeing his reflection. Eventually the drug wears off, and the Scarecrow is taken back to prison.

Detective Comics v1 #390
If the Coffin Fits, Wear It
Fecha: 1969.08| Créditos: John Broome (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 542 (Novaro).

Batman has several confrontations with the gang of a costumed crook known as the Masquerader. Several of Batman’s costumes are damaged in the fights. Batman contacts his tailor Sam Tweed to make a new costume, which Robin picks up from police headquarters. When Batman opens the box containing the costume he finds a second outfit belonging to the Masquerader inside. He calls Sam who claims that he was forced to make the costume at gunpoint. The Masquerader then shoots Sam. Batman races to the tailor’s shop. Sam tells Batman where the crook has gone. An ambulance then arrives to take him to the hospital. Batman goes to the location given to him only to discover it is a trap. The Masquerader is actually Tweed himself. The new costume Batman receives is made of a restrictive material that shrinks when heated. An overhead heat lamp causes Batman to be crushed by his own costume. Batman triggers the sprinkler system. The water allows his costume to cool and expand again. He then defeats the Masquerader and removes the deadly costume.

Notas: Debut de Masquerader* (Sam Tweed).

Detective Comics v1 #391
The Gal Most Likely To Be Batman’s Widow
Fecha: 1969.09| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 546 (Novaro).

Bruce Wayne overhears an extortion plot while at the gym. Mr. Arnold, owner of a food magazine, is threatening to ruin the food of various restaurants unless they pay for overpriced ads in his magazine. Ginny Jenkins the girlfriend of gym trainer Tim Clark was once voted the girl most likely to marry Batman. She is now working for Arnold as a reviewer. Ginny and Arnold visit the Groaning Board restaurant for dinner. Arnold’s men enter the kitchen and threaten to ruin the food. Batman stops them, but the owner is afraid to speak out against Arnold and makes the payoff. Tim tries to warn Ginny about Arnold, but she doesn’t believe him. The following evening when Arnold tries the same scheme at another restaurant Tim dressess as Batman and stops him. However, Arnold’s thugs knock Tim out. The real Batman steps in to save Tim and Ginny. He has also gathered evidence to convict Arnold of racketeering. The incident also serves to bring Ginny and Tim back together.

Detective Comics v1 #392
Died–A Thousand Deaths
Fecha: 1969.10| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 550 (Novaro).

Batman appears to have been killed in a watery fight with gangster Angles Moore, but Moore and his boss Scap Scarpel are plagued by ghostly reminders of Batman everywhere they go.

Detective Comics v1 #393
The Combo Caper
Fecha: 1969.11| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 554 (Novaro).

Batman and Robin investigate the mystery of a neighbor’s cracked safe and the combination for it which was found on a soda pull-tab.

Notas: Continúa en Batman #217

Detective Comics v1 #394
A Victim’s Victim
Fecha: 1969.12| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 558 (Novaro).

An Indian race-car driver accuses Bruce Wayne, who backed a competitor, of having his eye shot out by a sniper during his last race. Thus, Batman gets on the case to prove Wayne innocent, and to find the real culprits.

Notas: Continúa de Batman #217 y continúa en la historia de Robin de este número. Nuevo Batmóvil.

Detective Comics v1 #395
The Secret of the Waiting Graves
Fecha: 1970.01| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Neal Adams (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 569 (Novaro).

Bruce Wayne attended a party thrown by the Muertos of Mexico. Most millionaires in the Western Hemisphere were invited. A hot-air balloon race went bad when falcons attacked and destroyed one of the vessels. Batman was able to save the rider. Batman also saved the crowd from snipers and trained wolves. He tracked the hosts into an abandoned monastery where they disabled a government agent who’d been tracking them. They used a hallucinogenic flower against the vigilante and escaped. When Batman regained his senses and once again evaded their pet birds, he burned the flowers, which also caused their immortality. The Muertos aged quickly and died.

Notas: Nueva imagen de Batman -Dennis O´Neil y Neal Adams-

Detective Comics v1 #396
Paint a Picture of Peril
Fecha: 1970.02| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 573 (Novaro).

A gang of crooks attempts to force Wall Street whiz-kid Rory Bell into masterminding moneymaking stock deals for them while out on his motorcycle, but he tips off his partner by code, which leads Batman to his rescue.

Notas: Primera mención al holding de Bruce Wayne como «Wayne Enterprises»

Detective Comics v1 #397
Paint a Picture of Peril
Fecha: 1970.03| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Neal Adams (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 577 (Novaro).

Some thieves in scuba gear came ashore and began looting an art exhibit. Batman appeared and began battling them. One threatened a guard, and Batman had to stand down. They hit him with two harpoons and the vigilante fell into the bay. After they made off, Batman got help for the injured guard. Batman thought it strange they only stole one painting (the least valuable), but he headed home to tend his wounds. Bruce took some time to patch up his arm. While doing so, his housekeeper got her purse and headed home. That night, Batman used infrared goggles to find an underwater trail. He traced it to a small submarine and investigated. He found the location to be the home of an eccentric millionaire who’s lover (a singer) had disappeared. He’d since been collecting images of her (including the stolen painting). Batman escaped the man’s traps and saved him from falling to his death. The next day, the man was committed to a mental health facility. Bruce realized his housekeeper was the woman the man had lost.

Notas: Historia inspirada en la película «Ciudadano Kane».

Detective Comics v1 #398
The Poison Pen Puzzle
Fecha: 1970.04| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 581 (Novaro).

On a trip to Hollywood to check out a movie studio on whose board he now sits, Bruce Wayne must become Batman to solve the mystery of a novelist slain by a literally poisoned pen.

Detective Comics v1 #399
Death Comes To a Small, Locked Room
Fecha: 1970.05| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 585 (Novaro).

After losing an exhibition match to Batman, martial artist Khan vows to take revenge by killing Commissioner Gordon.

Notas: Debut del trabajador social Arthur Reeves.

Detective Comics v1 #400
Challenge of the Man-Bat
Fecha: 1970.06| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Neal Adams (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 589 (Novaro).

In the perfect darkness, a group used night-vision lenses in attempt to break into a gem vault. Batman heard one of them drop a piece of equipment and went after them. They escaped, but he was able to grab their ultrasonic cutting tool. The group planned on luring Batman to their next heist. Dr. Kirk Langstrom experimented with bats in hopes that he could use their genetic make up to give himself sonar. It worked – he was able to navigate in total darkness. Langstrom grabbed some earplugs so he could drown out the now super intensified «normal» sounds. Batman and Alfred tested some new hearing aids Batman could use in tracking the «blackout» gang. Langstrom, on his way home, realized he was growing body hair and claws like a bat. His entire body was mutating. That night, the blackout gang attacked the museum. Batman was there, but thwarted when they threw ping pong balls out, causing him not to be able to «see» them with his improved hearing. The Man-Bat saw what was going on and helped Batman take down the crooks. Afterwards, he told Batman his was no costume.

Notas: Debut de Man-Bat (Kurt Langstorm). En esta primera aparición no vuela ni tiene alas, sí las tendrá en Detective #402.

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