BATMAN v1 #101- 200 (1956-1968)

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Batman v1 #101
The Vanished Batman
Fecha: 1956.08| Créditos: Edmond Hamilton (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Baticomic 10.

Gothamites are startled to see a Batman-less Robin taking care of crimes and emergencies on his own, and even more startled to see the Batmobile and Batplane and Bat-signal redesigned into a Robinmobile,Robinplane and Robin-signal, respectively. Tv newsmen and newpaper writers begin asking the question, «Where is Batman?» Gotham gangchief Pack Purdy and his lieutenant John Vair think they know, because “Vair” has told Purdy that he pushed Batman into the sea. Actually, such was Vair’s mission, but he failed in it and Batman, disguised as Vair, is now infiltrating Purdy’s mob to get the goods on the “Big Job” he is hiring out-of-town mobsters to help with. Said job proves to be an underwater attempt to cut through the hull of the docked ship Natonic and steal five million dollars from it. Batman gets word to Robin in time for the police to net the would-be theives, and joins Robin in nabbing Purdy and his closest aides. Then the Caped Crusader makes his public reappearance, with the operation a total success. «

Batman v1 #101/2
The Six Strangest Sleuths
Fecha: 1956.08| Créditos: Edmond Hamilton (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1164 Novaro, Baticomic 10.

Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson attend a benefit show for the Vaudeville Relief Fund, featuring some of vaudeville’s biggest stars. But the magic show of Scortini is used, unintended by the magician, as a disruption during which crooks rob the box office. The thieves escape even though Batman and Robin appear, and the money is divided up amoung the minions of gangster Jay Jandron. To get the money back, the six vaudevillians–Scortini, quick-changeman Elmo, strongman Leo the Mighty, tightrope walker Carey, ventriloquist Victor Voice, and the India Rubberman, all go to work as Batman’s and Robin’s assistants. They use their talents in various helpful ways, for instance, when Leo grabs the bumper of a suspects car and lifts it off the ground to prevent him from taking off– and track down one of the crooks, Vern Shively, stringing a mike with a mike with the aid of rubberman and having the tighrope walker keep a watch outside his third story window. Shively is shadowed and, after he leads them to others in the gang, is nabbed by Leo and replaced by Forbes the quick-change man. Forbes is found out, but Batman deduces their foes’ destination, a moored yacht which Leo begins hauling in, a handful at a time. The heroes and their vaudville allies storm the boat, overwhelm Jandron and his gang, and nab him and his croines in various inventive ways (such as when the rubberman jumps out of a connecting tube to grab Jandron). The money is recovered, and Batman gives the credit for the caper to his six strange sleuths. «

Batman v1 #101/3
The Great Bat-Cape Hunt
Fecha: 1956.08| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 44 Novaro, Baticomic 10.

While Alfred is helping them tidy up the Bat-Cave, Bruce and Dick comment on a Batcape with a cowel that Alfred is holding, one sent to Bruce Wayne by a man who was convinced Wayne was Batman and has stitched in the cape’s underside label with the message, BRUCE WAYNE IS BATMAN.” The sender died soon afterward, and Batman kept it as a trophy. The radio soon informs them that Hurricane Hannah has struck Gotham, and when the two heroes change into Batman and Robin to go help, Alfred hands Batman the cape with the identity label by mistake. As luck would have it, it blows off Batman’s head during the hurricane (though his face is not seen) and he learns of the mixup from Alfred after donning a spare cape and cowl. They begin a search for the cape in desperation. As the storm abates, people return to the streets. One of them is France’s greatest stuntman, Andre Prevot. Unable to crash the American stunt-scene, he inspired by the Bat-cape that blows his way. He dons the cape and cowl to get attention, rides a motorcycle onto the scene of a daredevil picture, and does such spectacular stunts that the producers hire him on the spot. The story makes the radio and Batman and Robin go too see Prevot, who confesses that he did see the lable, but that he cannot read English. However, the cape has blown from his windowsill to the street below. It drapes itself across a No Parking sign, where it throws an eerie shadow of Batman across an alley and stops two startled holdup men from robbing a social worker’s charity fund. It passes through another pair of hands, and then is dragged by a dog into the street where “down and outer” Floyd Baker finds it. A former pilot who lost his nerve after craking up his plane, Baker wistfully dons the cape and cowl. A little girl mistakes him for Batman and tearfuly asks him to get her kitten off a third story ledge. Fighting down his nervousness, Baker walkes the ledge, grabs the kitten, and walkes back to the grateful child’s window. Inspired, Baker decides that he will never lose his nerve again, and resolves to get his piolt’s job back. He meets Batman on the street, thanks him for the help that he inadvertently gave him, and hands over the cape to an anxious Batman–who discovers, as Baker walkes off, that there is no writing on the label. At that point, Clark Kent, secretly Superman, walks out of a nearby alley. He confesses that he had come to Gotham to help fight the fires caused by Hurricane Hannah, had come across the cape, and had burned its label’s message off with his X-ray vision. Batman gratefully thanks Clark and reclaims his trophy cape, which has enriched the lives of three men. a little girl, and a kitten.

Batman v1 #102
The House of Batman
Fecha: 1956.09| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Wealthy philanthropist Adam Penfield dies, and in his will is left a provision for his left gift: money to be used to build a House of Batman, a headquarters in the center of Gotham City to be used by Batman and Robin. The dynamic duo themselves learn of the gift after it is constructed, and after they learn from a crook they catch that safecracker Mayne Mallock is back in town. The house is equipped with all manner of security devices, including a rotating «bat» with TV-eyes on the roof of the house. Batman and Robin use the House of Batman as their headquarters for a few days, during which time Mayne Mallock cracks safes and eludes their every attempt to catch him. They deduce that Mallock has some means of learning their plans and patrol-routes, which he does, having designed the House of Batman and using it currently as his hideout. When Mallock is discovered, he uses the whirling bat-symbol and a mechanical butler to attack Batman and Robin, but is netted by a pre-set trap of Batman’s. Later, Batman gives the House of batman to the city, which turns it into a Batman Law-Enforcement Museum.

Notas: Debut del Batman Museum*

Batman v1 #102/2
The Batman from Babylon
Fecha: 1956.09| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Dick Sprang (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Brand Bartor, a small-time crook, walks down Gotham streets in broad daylight wearing a Batman costume. He is nabbed and put on trial for it because, he says, he wants to test the validity of the law ruling that no man may wear a Batman uniform in Gotham City except Batman himself. His major weapon is a Babylonian walllpainting excavated by Dr. Horace Halley, an archeologist, showing a Batman fighting a guard in ancient Babylon. The court, condeding that Barton has strong defense, cables Halley. Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson, watching the trial, know that the wall-painting is authentic, because Carter Nichols sent them back to ancient Babylon recently– but in their civilian identities. Revealing the fact would betray their anonlmity. Not long ago, Carter Nichols had dispatched Bruce and Dick to investigate the mystery of a “King that never existed” 3,000 years ago in Babylon. Once there, they discovered a citizen, Mero, revolting against doing slave labor for the evil King Baladin. A usurper of the righteous King Lanak’s throne. Batman and Robin pitched in to save Mero from the guards, and Batman was hailed as “Zorn,” a statue-idol that strongly resembled him. Mero offered Batman and Robin a hiding place where he and other rebels met, in what Robin termed a “Babylonian Bat-Cave!” Batman agrees to help Mero and his friends in their struggle, and, outfitting a “Bat-Chariot” with a masked steed, arranges for the rebels to show a “Bat-Sign” in front of the temple’s rooftop watchfire whenever they are needed. After Batman and Robin save a merchant from being robbed– which robbery the corrupt king’s guard allowed– the populance became convinced that Zorn had come to life. The captain of the guards made an effort to learn where the rebels’ hideout was, bit Batman and Robin succeeded in capturing him and learning from him the prison-place of King Lanak, in the famed Babylonian Hanging Gardens. Batman, imitating a statue of Zorn, was witness to Beladin’s entreaty to Lanak that the latter publicly acknowledge him as king. Batman responded by “coming to life,” shocking the false king and his guards, and leading Lanak away. With the aid of an elephant inside a wooden “tank”, Robin, Mero and the rebels breached Beladin’s defenses and deposed him, allowing Lanak to resume the throne. Thus, Beladin’s name was stricken from every monument, and the tyrant became “the ruler who didnot exist”. Following this, Batman and Robin returned to the present as Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. To solve their present problem, Bruce anonyiously cables Dr. Halley and tells him the correct location of the statue of Zorn. Once unearthed, the statue serves as proof to the court that the wall-hanging depicted Zorn, not Batman, and Brand Bartor is convicted for the Batman impersonation.»

Notas: Batman en la antigua Babilonia. Debut de Brand Bartor* (impostor de Batman).

Batman v1 #102/3
The Caveman at Large
Fecha: 1956.09| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 48 Novaro.

An actor named Carlin, playing a caveman named Goth in a new picture called Stone Age Man, is hit in the head by a tusk of a mechanical mammoth, develops amnesia, and thinks he actually is a caveman. Carlin smashes past the crew, snarling in rage, and Batman and Robin learn on their Batmobile radio of the matter and begin a search for him. They manage to find Carlin, but he spears one of the Batmobile’s headlights, forcing them into a sharp turn that flips the car. Carlin gets away and, by chance, finds his way into the Bat-Cave from an outside entrance. When Bruce and Dick hear an alarm buzzer, they switch to their Batman and Robin identities again, but are snared by Carlin’s traps in the Bat-Cave. Their plight is complicated by the fact that Carlin has picked up a club gimmicked by a murderer with an explosive charge in it’s head, and they have to keep him from striking anything with it. Eventually, Carlin hits his head on a stalagmite while struggling with Batman. He wakens in the Wayne Masion, not rembering anything during his Caveman period, and is told that Bruce and Dick found him wandering on the road. Thus,the location of the Bat-Cave remains a secret»

Batman v1 #103
The Broken Batman Trophies
Fecha: 1956.10| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Dick Sprang (Dibujos)| Edición española: Baticomic 10.

As Bruce Wayne is being interviewed on TV during Batman Day ceremonies, a mike boom falls and accidentally cuts Bruce on the chin. Later, as Batman, he is told that three gifts will be awarded him, and the camera will zoom in for a closeup each time. Batman accepts the awards for his past feats of derring-do, but he manages to drop and smash or disfigure every trophy and, in the process, blur the closeup picture. Everyone viewing and working on the show is preplixed at Batman’s clumsiness, which they think is brought on by nerves. However, when they take a break and Batman is back in his dressing room, he confides to Robin that he deliberately smashed the trophies to obscure the closeups. The shots have revealed the cut on his chin, he explains, and he would have been instantly connected with Bruce Wayne. When he appears again, with his chin disguised by makeup, Batman apologizes for his clumsiness but reveals it was done to protect a close friend’s career, and assured the donors that their trophies mean more now to him than if they were intact. Indeed, they occupy an honored space henceforth in the Batcave’s Trophy room.

Batman v1 #103/2
The League of Ex-Convicts
Fecha: 1956.10| Créditos: Arnold Drake (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Baticomic 10.

Batman and Robin witness a live broadcast by Ed Stinson, an ex-convict who has opened his own employment agency featuring ex-cons as clients. Stinson explains that society’s prejudice against the former convict, plus the legal bars against him getting a civil service job or even a chauffeur’s liscence, makes it imperative for private industry to give the reformed criminal an even break, escpecially those who have acquired productive skills in prison. Batman and Robin are drawn away by the Bat-Signal and are sent to the docks, where they fail to stop a gang of thugs from stealing a large fishing net. In the days to follow, Stinson places ex-convicts in many jobs, including one at Ralph Bellow’s company. But, not long after they are placed, each of the employers reports burglaries and the ex-cons have dropped out of sight. Realizing that one of the cons, «Lucky» Dennis, would hardly have pulled a job on Friday the 13th with his superstitious nature Batman and Robin track down the real culprit–Ralph Bellows, who has been embezzling from his business and had attempted to pin the rap on his ex-con employee by using a gang to kidnap him and the other ex-cons and commit robberies to cover the scheme. The net, covered with paint, was used as a camouflgue for their hideout. Batman and Robin defeat Bellows and his thugs and free the ex-convicts, who return to their jobs with their names cleared.

Batman v1 #103/3
Bat-Hound, Movie Star
Fecha: 1956.10| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 49 Novaro.

With his owner John Wilker in Europe on vaction, his dog Ace, in the keeping of Wilker’s friend Bruce Wayne, is able to aid Batman and Robin as Bat-Hound. He is instrumental in helping them nab bank robber Baldy Gore, who swears vengeance upon his captors. Meanwhile, newsreels featuring Bat-Hound in action with Batman and Robin have reached the eyes of P.G., a Hollywood film producer, who induces Batman, Robin and Bat-Hound to play themselves in a movie he produces and directs, with a donation to charity as the incentive. Just before they begin, Baldy Gore escapes prison, dons a wig, makes his way to Hollywood and gets a job on the Batman movie as a prop man. Gore deliberately sabotages the props to put Batman, Robin and Bat-Hound in real danger, but the heroes and their dog manage to survive each peril. Bat-Hound’s sense of smell is thrown off by a cigar Gore puffs, but, when is separated from his stogie, the Cowled Canine recognizes Gore’s scent and his barks tip off Batman and Robin. The duo give chase and capture Gore on the science-fiction set and have him sent back to jail, after which the producer asks them–in vain–to repeat the battle with Gore, since one of their cameras broke down in filming it.

Batman v1 #104
The Man Who Knew Batman’s Secret
Fecha: 1956.12| Créditos: Edmond Hamilton (Guiones), Dick Sprang (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman and Robin nab a pair of John Varden’s hoods using a bazooka to loot a bank. The captured criminals refuse to rat on their elusive boss, but let slip the fact that Varden plans a big operation soon. To trap the gang leader, Batman and Robin hatch a plan. The next day, Batman and Robin patrol the rooftops of Gotham City in plain sight, draw a crowd of reporters, and attract another comical figure who claims to be Thaddeus Crane, a detective from upstate who has come to study Batman’s and Robin’s crimefighting methods. Crane climbs to a roof top to interview the dynamic duo, and catches Batman with his cowl off, in the process of changing to Bruce Wayne. Thaddeus Crane announces to the reporters that he knows Batman’s secret identity, and Batman and Robin admit they will have to guard him to keep it secret. Crane is hired by the chairman of a camera show featuring a huge camera as an exhibit and a movie company president to guard the exhibits and his bejeweled star Laura Lee, respectively. Though Varden’s mob strikes in both places, Batman and Robin thwart their efforts and make it seem as if Thaddeus Crane has overcome the crooks. John Varden’s mob eventually cons Crane into their clutches, and he meets with the mobster, though he steadfastly refuses to reveal Batman’s identity. But Batman and Robin, who have used Crane (with his permission) as bait for their trap, break in and defeat Varden and his gang. Crane later announces he is leaving Gotham, and disappears forever. But, in the Batcave, he unmaskes before Batman and Robin as their butler, Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth.»

Batman v1 #104/2
Robin’s 50 Batman Partners
Fecha: 1956.12| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Dick Sprang (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman breaks his ankle during a fracas with the Sparkles Grady mob, and Robin has to take his place as representative at the Batman Exposition. The Exposition, covered on TV, features fifty images of Batman in various forms–as a colossal robot, a giant statue, a mechanical figure on a great clock, and so forth. Grady, watching the program, notes that Robin still holds the pouch of diamonds recovered from their heist, and takes himself and his gang to the exposition after hours where only they and Robin, who is taking photographs of the exhibits, are present. Robin is outnumbered, and endangered when the gang chief orders the Batman-robot to «get» him, but uses the many Batman exhibits (including the mechanical clock figure, who smaches the robot with a stroke of his hammer) to even the odds. Finally, exhausted, Robin tries out a mystery exhibit. It proves to be a giant fireworks display forming a great head of Batman, and its brilliance momentarily blinds the thugs. He nets Grady and his gang with the cape from the giant Batman statue and summons the police to haul them away. Later, at Wayne Manor, Bruce expresses regret that he could not have helped Robin, but Robin replies that he was with him all the time.

Batman v1 #104/3
The Creature from 20,000 Fathoms
Fecha: 1956.12| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 52 Novaro.

Batman and Robin, as honorary members of the 50 Fathoms Club, a group of underwater specialists, attend a meeting at which deep-sea diver Devoe presents photos of Babonga, a giant saurian monster which appears periodically at a Pacific island which Devoe visited. The members vote unanamosly to put up the money to bring Babonga and exhibit it, with all of them together (including Batman and Robin) in on the Babgonga shows up as promised and the club members take aim with rifles loaded with mercy bullets–except that a first shot goes awry and blasts a section of ship’s rail out, explosively. Batman, realizing their bullets have been switched, has the hunting party hold their fire and repels the beast with a brilliant flash from a camera. One of the party, he says, wishes to kill Babonga rather than bring it back alive. Batman foils an attempt upon on his own life and lures Babonga out of danger when senses their gas bombs have been filled with poisonous acid instead, but the culprit remains beyond his grasp. Then when the dynamic duo go down in a bathysphere, their connecting chain to the ship is cut–as they had expected. The pair go out in diving suites they had left in the bathysphere and beard Bobanga in its lair, drugging it with paralyzer serum. The two heroes surface with the evidence to condemn the guilty party–Babonga’s egg. Devoe, the malefactor, confesses that he had intended to kill Bobanga so that the egg which he owned would the only living member of its species, thus enabling him to make a fortune himself from the exhibitions. Batman replies that he knew his identity after the assault, since the deep grooves on his wrists, caused by his diving suit’s sleeves, were a dead giveaway. Bobanga is taken back alive for exhibition and study. Batman remarks later that the egg will take a century to hatch, anyway, and when it does, it will hatch in the trophy room of the Batcave

Batman v1 #105
The Challenge of Batwoman
Fecha: 1957.02| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 56 Novaro.

Kathy Kane, still bound by her promise to Batman not to assume her Batwoman identity to fight crime, does it nonetheless to go to a costume party. At the same time, Batman and Robin are carrying out an attack on the mob of a mysterious, masked gang boss who is attemping to loot the mail car of a passing train. Batman twists his ankle and is rendered helpless. The masked gangster, whose mask covers the same area of his face as Batman’s tries to escape on the train but is choked by its smoke and falls off, hitting the ground so hard he gets amnesia. As fate would have it, Batwoman is passing by on her cycle and sees Robin chasing the gang-boss, who has instinctively discarded his mask. When she catches up to them, she recognizes Briggs as a former athlete and gym owner, and deduces incorrectly, because of the soot marks on his lower face, that he is Batman. Robin, knowing that her seeing the real Batman and Bruce Wayne both with a sprained ankle would lead her to link the two identities, plays along with her. They go to Batwoman’s Batcavern, where she and Robin keeps the real Batman updated with his belt-radio. Brigg’s faulty memory causes him to tip them off to his gang’s next robbery attempt, at a museum. The threesome go there to combat the crooks, but a second blow to the head return’s Brigg’s memory. The pseudo-Batman plots to lure his two compatriots into a trap. Robin reports him doing nothing more harmful that squeezing a rubber ball. But, when they next encounter Brigg’s gang, he turns on his «partners» and helps his gang capture them. Then, another factor enters the puzzle: the real Batman, appears apperently standing on a large statue, ropes Briggs and gives the other two time to defeat the gang. Batman explains that Briggs, a physical culture enthusiast, gave himself away by squeezing the rubber ball, an isometric exercise. Kathy goes back into retirement, and Batman explains to Robin later that he is able to stand by strapping his lower leg to his thigh and standing on a dummy leg. When Kathy meets the lamed Bruce later on she berates him for not being heroic like Batman

Batman v1 #105/2
The Second Boy Wonder
Fecha: 1957.02| Créditos: France Herron (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman and Robin are returning from a battle with gangster Gorilla Hardy and his men, during which Batman has to rescue a captive and a bound Robin. In the Batcave, Batman changes into his Bruce Wayne civilian identity, but when «Robin» removes his mask and reveals a different face than that of Dick Grayson’s. The «new Robin» claims to be Fred Loyd, son of Olympic Decathlon champion Fred Loyd, trained by his father to athletic perfection. He also claims that Robin, wounded in his encounter with Hardy, stumbled onto his doorstep and asked him to take his place to help Batman, giving him the Robin costume. The Bat-Signal flashes outside and Batman is informed via radio that Gorilla Hardy has escaped en route to prison and is hiding in an amusement park. «Freddy» blackmails Batman into letting him come along or having his identity revealed. The twosome nab Hardy in the house of mirrors, and then return home, where Bruce and Alfred smilingly assure Fred that he is a worthy replacement for Dick. Angrily, «Fred Loyd» removes his face mask and is revealed as Robin. The two adults burst out laughing, and reveal to the dismayed Dick that he gave himself away when he got out of the Batmobile in a pitchdark Batcave –and went over and switched on the light!

Batman v1 #105/3
The Mysterious Bat-Missile
Fecha: 1957.02| Créditos: Arnold Drake (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman and Robin are flabbergasted by the sight of a black, capsule-shaped missle with the Bat-insignia on its hull emerging from the floor of the Batcave without leaving a hole behind it. They discover that the missle, which has a two-man cockpit, can tunnel through solid substances without distrubing said solids or being disturbed, and moves to any destination pictured in the driver’s thoughts. Batman and his aide uses the “Bat-missle” to track down Gunner Tharp and his gang, in hiding, and entrap the mobsters by disguising the “Bat-Missle” as the Batmobile. Later a figure materializes in the Bat-cave beside the strange craft. He proves to be the Batman of the Future, who dispatched his future Batmobile to 1956 to help his role model, the original Batman. He returns to his future world with the Future Batmobile, unable to return for a second visit due to the lack of enough power-element. Batman offers him thanks as he fades out, but he thanks Batman for giving him the example to begin his own career»

Notas: Debut del Batman del futuro

Batman v1 #106
Batman’s Secret Helper
Fecha: 1957.03| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Dick Sprang (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 57 Novaro, Batman Libro Comic 12 Novaro.

A new television program stars Batman relating stories of people who have helped him in past cases, and presenting them for their hour of recognition before the camera. He speaks of Jim Wilkins, a locksmith, who followed his Morse code-tapped instructions through a locked bank safe door to rescue him, Robin and a cashier; of Bill Seton, an underwater welder who cut their Batmarine free of a trap; of a baby whose cries of pain signalled to Batman that an art thief had stuck golden statuettes in his baby carriage; and Dr. Walter Thorne, a surgeon who operated to save Batman’s life in a power blackout by the light of a lighthouse’s beam. Their most mysterious helper they intended to smoke out by a ruse, the mystery man who helped them against Jim Varrel, a mobster still on the loose. By the next show, Varrel is nabbed trying to «assassinate» the mystery helper–who turns out to be a mannequin–and the real helper reveals himself as Varrel’s law-abiding brother, who has been hiding his criminal sibling. Varrel agrees to reconsider his ways in prison

Notas: Primera mención a Coast City, ciudad de Green Lantern

Batman v1 #106/2
Storm over Gotham City
Fecha: 1957.03| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Dick Sprang (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 57 Novaro.

When a hurricane proves too powerful for even hunter planes to chart, the National Weather Bureau has Commissioner Gordon request Batman and Robin to do the job in their Batplane. The mighty craft is able to do the job, charting it at a wind-speed of 102MPH, and then bring them home safely. Keene Harner, a local mobster, is noted by Batman asking questions at the local Weather Bureau office. But the heroes are kept busy throughout the duration of the hurricane helping dock an ocean liner, helping a worker secure a television mast, saving a wind-tossed car and its driver, and standing guard over fallen power lines. Commissioner Gordon’s men are out in tanks, their cars proving to light for work in the storm. But Harner and his men have stolen a tank and used it to blast their way into the Gotham Branch Bank. Batman and Robin intercept them in the act and open the front doors of the bank, releasing gusts of wind that knock the armed crooks off their feet and make them easy prey for the crusaders. He returns the stolen tank to Commissioner Gordon with the thieves, and the storm blows out to sea soon after

Batman v1 #106/3
The Puppet Batman
Fecha: 1957.03| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 57 Novaro.

During a performance of the Gotham City Charity Circus, Batman is forced by a strange compulsion to play a trumpet solo, make a high dive into shallow water, and play lion-tamer to a cageful of big cats–all skills he has never before exhibited. Moreover, after eack feat, he is compelled to want to reveal his secret identity to the TV cameras that cover the circus, but he fights the impulse back. His woes are being caused by Gay Graney. a Gotham gangleader who has stolen a «mindray» invented by a dead scientist. The «mindray» can be used to transmit the thoughts of the wearer to anh person, and, if the wearer’s will is strong enough, force him to do his bidding. The men who influenced Batman before–a turmpet player, a high diver, and a lion-tamer–were all competing for Graney’s $100,000 prize to be given to the one who makes Batman reveal his secert identity. The next day, Batman is at the Gotham Gallery, and a painter at Graney’s hideout almost forces him to paint a picture of his unmasked face–but Robin thrown a Batarang through the canvas before it is completed, breaking the spell. The art expert at the Gallery identifies the technique of the painting as that of Vincent Vonn, an art forger. Batman and Robin capture Vonn and learn of the plot of Graney’s. Soon, Graney is visited by a newcomer who seems to use the device to make Batman unmask on Tv. But the unmasked face is not Bruce Wayne’s, and Batman –who has disguised himself with makeup–soon afterwards breaks into Graney’s headquarters, captures Graney and his contestants, and reveals that he has not shown his actual visage. Later, in the Batcave, the lucky «contestant» proves to be Alfred.

Batman v1 #107
The Boy Who Adopted Batman
Fecha: 1957.04| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 60 Novaro, Batman Especial.

Danny Benson’s father is dead and his mother works days, so, when he gets lonely–which is often–he goes and talks to another father-figure, the statue of Batman in a Gotham Park. One day Batman and Robin, taking a shortcut through the park to their Batmobile,overhear Danny telling the statue about his wish for a bike so he could get a deivery job. The next day Danny finds a very special bicycle beside the statue, a black-painted job with Batwings streaming from the handlebars and a «Bat-signal» headlight, with a tag reading «To Danny» looped about it. The next time he comes to the statue, Danny tells it (and the real Batman and Robin, hiding nearby) about a strange thing that happened to him lately. He startled two men badly by shining the Bat-signal on a wall nearby them, so that one dropped his black notebook. Danny picked it up the notebook to hand it back to them, noting some strange markings in it. The owner of the book grabbed it back and ducked into the nearby laundry with his friend. Realizing something is afoot, Batman and Robin reveal themselves to the astonished Danny, and get him to tell exactly where he saw the men. Through detective work, Batman and Robin track down the men and their boss, «reformed» ex-con Slim Miller, who is using his button factory to produce counterfeit transportation tokens. Danny helps in their detection, and, fittingly, Slim Miller’s car, cutting through Gotham’s park, slides and crashes into the Batman statue. Miller draws a gun on Batman, but Danny, at the scene, shines his Bat-signal light in the crook’s face and blinds him long enough for Batman to take him out. A day later, Danny and his mother receive a reward check for bringing in the mobsters, from the hands of a policeman who shyly asks Mrs. Benson out to dinner. Some days later, Danny makes a last visit to the Batman statue. His mother is getting married soon, he says, and he won’t have time to spend there with a real father to help him. But he promises never to forget Batman. And the real Batman and Robin, watching him go, promise not to forget him, either. «

Batman v1 #107/2
Robin Falls in Love
Fecha: 1957.04| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 60 Novaro, Batman Especial.

Batman and Robin take in a rehearsal of the «Ice Capers» show they will make an appearance for chairty in a week. While there, Robin swings down and rescues Vera Lovely, a beautiful teen-aged skater, from crashing into a ring of fire blown off-position by a fan. Vera insists on rewarding Robin with a kiss, which a photographer takes a picture of, and Robin begins to fall–hard–for Vera. Batman points out that the photographer never took his lens cap off. The photographer, who had earlier remarked that he wanted to see Vera’s first-ever pair of skates, had been told by her press agent Paul Garvey that they were in a bank vault until they could be auctioned off at the preformance for charity. Robin begins dating Vera, and begins cutting corners, on his crime-fighting with Batman. But Garvey, intent on following his boss’s orders for a publicity romance, keeps Robin and Vera seperated by various ruses so that she will be forced to go out with Roddy Dale, Miracle Pictures’ latest teenage idol. Both Robin and Vera, misunderstanding, are less than happy. The night of the performance, Robin brings himself and Batman an hour early to watch Vera skate. Batman notes the phoney photographer at the press box, finds out that none of the other press men know him, and describes him on the phone to the police. By that means he learns that the man is actually Ben Keefe, wanted on suspicion of heisting $50,000 in jewels. The detective deduces that Keefe has hidden the jewels in Vera’s first pair of skates. Keefe, disguised as a skater, snatches the skates away from their new owner after an auction and tries and escape across the ice. But Robin stops him by bringing a sandbag down and spilling it in his path, causing him to slip and fall. Afterward, Robin and Vera get together, compare notes, and find out how they have been gulled, and the P.R. man repents his error. But Robin confides to Batman on the way home that he intends to keep his mind on crooks from here on in, not girls. «

Batman v1 #107/3
The Grown-Up Boy Wonder
Fecha: 1957.04| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 60 Novaro.

When Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson examine a box which Superman found floating in outer space and left with them until he returned from a current mission, Dick accidentally causes it to open and spew forth a gas that ages him to a young adult. The two are unsure of what to do in Superman’s abscence, but the Bat-signal draws Batman away to a jewel robbery in Gotham being committed by the Daredevils, ex-acrobats turned to crime. Batman vetoes Dick coming along as a second Batman, saying that he has a lot of mental growth to do yet. But Dick sneaks on the «Owlman» costume that Bruce had stored away for a masquerade party, grabs a lift on the back of the Batmobile, and hurries away with Batman to the scene of the crime. Batman angrily thinks that he’d spank Dick, if he wasn’t so big; the Daredevils manage to make a getaway, and Owlman, misgauging his weight, almost falls to his death when a flagpole breaks in his hands. Batman, saving him, angrily berates him for «acting like a kid–still rushing ahead without thinking!» Dick begins to see the disadvantages of living in an adult body, such as his sudden cut–off from all his young pals and virtual isolation from the outside world. But, still confident he can fight crime as a man, he becomes Owlman again, tracks the Daredevils to a prominent fence’s lair, and promptly knocks himself out by not ducking under a low ceiling beam. The crooks unmask him, but cannot place his adult face. Dick admits that he still has a lot of growing up to do, and Batman allows that if he can admit that, he isn’t a kid anymore. Batman and Owlman go outside, tear into the three Daredevils, and bring them down. Shortly after the crooks are carted off, Dick faints, and awakens in the Batcave as a boy again, the effect of the gas being temporary. The Daredevils, in jail, vow to find out who the Owlman really was, not knowing they have a long wait ahead of them. And Dick Grayson returns to school, eager to get back with his friends»

Batman v1 #108
The Big Batman Quiz
Fecha: 1957.06| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman appears on The Big Quiz program to verify the answers given by super-contestants Frank Davis, who stands to win $125,000 from correct responses to questions about Batman’s career. Emcee Joe Harmon feeds Davis some tough Batman questions, but the contestant answers them all correctly. Finally, Harmon places Davis in an isolation booth with a notepad and asks him the question, «What is Batman’s Secret Identity?» Though Batman blocks off the camera’s view, he is able to see that Davis has written, «Batman is Bruce Wayne»–only seconds before he collapses in the booth, and dies of poisoning. Robin notes that the notepad which Davis wrote Batman’s identity on is blank, and believes someone has stolen the page with his real name. Supicion is thrown upon Garth, a convict brought under guard to appear on a crime program, whose guard was slugged during the quiz show; Batman encounters a man who appears to be Garth, but his expert knowledge of the stuido layout makes Batman suspicious. Later, as Harmon hands Batman the question envelope, Walsh, the owner of the show, confirms that Davis was supposed to have been asked what the contents of Batman’s utility belt were, not what his secret identity was. Ergo, the real murder switched the envelopes. Batman confirms that the poison was a sort of harmless in liquid or solid form, but deadly as a gas. Restaging the scene, Batman shoves Harmon into the isolation booth. Harmon desperately tries to break out, hollering that he will be poisoned. Batman tells him that he has had another light bulb installed; the one Harmon had put in, on which he had painted the liquid poison which became deadly as the bulbs heat evaporated it,has been removed. Batman points out that Harmon gave himself away with makeup grease on the envelope he handed Batman–makeup which he used to imitate Garth, who has since been found trussed up in hiding. Harmon confesses that he had tried to cut a deal with Davis for a 50% cut of the prize in return for answers to the questions; Davis had refused and said that he would expose Harmon after the show. Harmon pulls a gun, but Robin distracts him by shattering the light bulb Harmon had poisoned, and Batman kayoes him. Later, Batman reveals that the poison gas bleached out the writing on the page with his secret identity, so all is well

Batman v1 #108/2
Prisoners of the Bat-Cave
Fecha: 1957.06| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

John Roddy, convicted of killing a man named Winters and scheduled for the death house, pleads his innocence to Batman, who believes him. Batman goes to the Governor and get a slight delay, only until midnight of that night. At the district attorney’s office, Batman and Robin pick up two packages, one of evidence in the Roddy case and the a special package adressed to Batman and Robin. By an electrical mishap both are trapped in the Bat-Cave, and the package, actually a booby-trap, bursts into flame and melts their radio transmitter and telephone; Batman puts it out by lowering a hollow bust of Two-Face onto it. Determining that the crime was committed by a man with a much longer thumb than Roddy, the dynamic duo proceed to deduce exactly who the killer was, and discover him to be Len Paul. Batman uses an insulated diving suit to help him survive touching a powerful electric charge to the Bat-Cave’s lock mechanism, freeing them. Then they race to apprehend Len Paul and save Roddy’s life with only minutes to spare.

Batman v1 #108/3
The Caper of Batman Jones
Fecha: 1957.06| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Years ago, near the genesis of his career, Batman used his Batmobile to stop and out-of-control car, saving the family within. The grateful father and mother named their newborn son Batman Jones in his honor. Batman, in return, built a «Bat-Coop» crib for him and posed for reporters’ pictures with the family, holding the baby himself. Since Batman never took rewards, offtimes the people he helped sent presents or money to the Jones family in his stead. Batman Jones grew up with Batman as his idol. Then, one night when the Bat-signal drew Batman and Robin to police headquarters, they were witness to the arrival of young Batman Jones, clad in a homemade uniform and riding a bike. Commissioner Gordon asked Batman and Robin to help recover a silver statue stolen from a millionaire’s home. By threating to launch his own, investigation, Batman Jones blackmailed the dynamic duo into taking him along, to keep him out of mischef. The boy proves of use indeed when organizes a game of hide-and-seek among a group of neighborhood boys, and uses their talent and finding places to hide to uncover the stolen statue’s hiding place. Batman intercepts the thief as he returns for his booty. Later, Batman and Robin take their protege to the Bat-Cave, claiming to be taking him for a training session. In reality, they intend to show him that crime-fighting is too difficult for him to master, and thus discourge him. But Batman Jones proves quick-witted and agile enough to pass their tests, and after they send him back home, the two heroes admit they have to try another tack. On his own, Batman Jones deduces that crooks will try to use the machine tools exhibited at a hobby show to tunnel through a connecting wall into the bank next door. The youth is there to see the crooks try their hand, but Batman and Robin are also present and apprehend the thieves. However, Batman Jones has discovered a stamp exhibit while at the show, and gets so engrossed with it that he slacks off his Batman-isms in favor of stamp collecting. Relived, Batman and Robin hit the road

Notas: Debut de Batman Jones*

Batman v1 #109
Three Crimes Against Batman
Fecha: 1957.08| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

A villian named Bagley, in his Dragon Fly craft, is able to exert enough force with an electromagnet to steal metal objects by drawing them through the air to his airborne plane. However, the only objects that he steals are models or busts of Batman or his equipment. The duo of Batman and Robin are unable to stop him making three related thefts, including his pulling the Bat-signal right off the roof of Police headquarters. However, Bagley has a method to his appearent maddness: he knows that such thefts will draw Batman to his hollow statue in Gotham Park, which Batman will «stand in» for, and the forwarned Bagley and his gang will be able to capture and unmask him. Thus Bagley hopes to become king of Gotham’s underworld. However, when he sees Robin replacing the statue with another Batman figure and carries out his plan, Bagley only unmaskes a Batman robot. The real Batman, who has used his robot as a decoy, descends with Robin into the crooks’ lair and captures them. The stolen Batman items are returned.

Notas: Debut de Bagley* (jefe criminal)

Batman v1 #109/2
Follow the Batman
Fecha: 1957.08| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

A Gotham mob trains Waller, one of its members, to impersonate Batman in order to help them during a big job. The real Batman and Robin, having recently finished a lecture at Professor Larabee’s School for Private Detectives, are lured by a phony radio alert into a trap, in which the Batmobile is knocked off a hill road and Robin is thrown clear, through neither the Batmobile nor the two heroes is seriously damaged. Waller, the phoney Batman, is released from the truck which hit the Batmobile to substitute for the real Batman. When police arrive, responding to the fake call, the caped figure has them take Robin to the hospital for a short period of observation, and, later, has them keep him there for undisclosed reasons. Prof. Larabee and his students hear of the accident, investigate the scene, and conclude that the real Batman was dragged away and an impostor has taken his place. When they confront the Batman-figure, they challenge him to do an acrobatic feat, which he flubs. The detectives give chase, but the coweled protagonist gives them the slip. He then goes to guard a radium shipment, taking over from the reassured guards. But, when the mob breaks in, the caped figure proves to both them and late-arrivals Larabee and his detectives that he is the real Batman by mopping up the crooks himself. Afterward, Batman explains that he overcame Waller after the accident and took his impostor’s place to nab the criminals during their next robbery attempt. Larabee apologizes, admitting his detectives methods could not discern when he was impersonating himself»

Batman v1 #109/3
The 1,001 Inventions of Batman
Fecha: 1957.08| Créditos: Edmond Hamilton (Guiones), Dick Sprang (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Using their Flying Eye spy-device, Batman and Robin are able to pick up two crooks’ conversation that reveals the thieves’ boss is planning a big heist using one of Batman’s own inventions. The two bring back the Flying Eye before it can be spotted, and begin to review their collection of crime-fighting inventions, wondering which can be the one which has been copied for crime use. Their jet-powered units, which allow humans to fly for short distances, was used to grab pigeons which jewel thieves had banded their loot to; their Sleuth Machine, a mobile device which fastens a radar beam upon a given subject and follows it, emitting a radio signal, was used to trail a mobster to his lair. A detonator ray was once used to set off high explosives in a deserted ship. But none of the devices have ever been close enough to mobsters for them to discern their inner workings. However, Batman recalls the Flying Eye’s creation, when the used it to locate criminal scientist Curt Mathis. Robin recalls that the tube of Mathis’s X-ray machine was warm when they arrived to take him in, and Batman deduces that Mathis must have used it to take a picture of th inner workings of the Flying Eye. Mathis proves to have made a Flying-Eye for himself, but Batman and Robin, using their jet-units, are able to close upon the Eye in mid-air, destory its sight-equipment, and force Mathis to bring it back to his hideout for repairs, where they confront and capture him and his mobsters. The duplicate Flying Eye and Mathis’s X-ray film of the real Eye are consfiscated and taken back to the Bat-Cave

Batman v1 #110
Crime-of-the-Month Club
Fecha: 1957.09| Créditos: Dave Wood (Guiones), Dick Sprang (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 710 Novaro Mejores Historias del Joker 1 (Zinco).

After barely stopping the theft of a $50,000 black orchid at a flower show in may, Batman and Robin compare it to other odd recent crimes in police files, such as a March 15th holdup by baloon at the Gotham Gas Works or an April Fools Day heist at a fur warehouse by men wearing strange masks. Batman begins to see the pattern: «March winds…April Fools Day…and a flower theft in May!» The crimes, he deduces, are linked to the months themselves, and he pegs the Joker as their perpetrator. Indeed, the Joker has already organized a Crime-Of-The-Month Club, in which he sells plans for “monthly” crimes to members of the club by auction. To his latest client, Blinky Dean, he sells a plot to rob the June wedding of the wealthy Van Dirks. Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson, guessing the target, are invited and able to stop Dean and a confederate, appearing, respectively, as bride and groom on a giant wedding cake, from a stickup job on the hosts, as Batman and Robin. During the fracas Dean drops his “Crime-Of-The-Month Club card and Batman recovers it. They realize the Joker will attempt to pull another June crime to make up for his loss, and, after a couple of false starts, successfully capture the Joker and his clients trying to rob a movie house showing th film, Jupiter’s Bride. And Jupiter’ bride, as Batman explains to Robin, is none other than June. «

Batman v1 #110/2
The Secret of Batman’s Butler
Fecha: 1957.09| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batilibro tomo II Novarro.

Alfred has decided to resign as Bruce Wayne’s butler. He believes that he has inadvertently given away the secret identities of Batman and Robin to a man named Noyes. As he writes his resignation, he recalls how he came to learn Batman’s secret and how he has helped his employer protect that secret. Noyes enters the Bat-Cave, and Alfred tries to convince him that he is really Batman. Noyes then reveals that he is really Batman in disguise. Alfred is relieved and stays on as the Wayne butler.

Notas: Se narra cuando Alfred se convierte en mayordomo de Bruce y Dick conoce sus identidades secretas

Batman v1 #110/3
The Phantom Batman
Fecha: 1957.09| Créditos: Edmond Hamilton (Guiones), Dick Sprang (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman and Robin’s current problem is finding the Len Landers Mob, which has committed three major thefts without hindrance. In the industrial section of Gotham, they notice a huge fire at Gotham Electronics Company. While saving a victum from flames, Batman is subjected to a burst of uncanny radiation when an experimental machine blows up. He discovers that the «Blast of electric force» has rendered him immaterial, unable to touch or be touched by solid matter. Realizing the secret must not get out or Gotham’s criminal element would run wild, Batman returns with Robin to the Bat-Cave, where they hook up a device to send a powerful positive electric charge through him, to no avail. Batman continues in his efforts, using his strange condition to aid his work, as when he locates a man trapped in a cave-in by walking through solid rock. Then he and Robin Landers’s hideout beneath a vacant mansion, but the crooks trap Robin–and, they believe, him–behind steel bars. Batman walks through the bars and demonstrates his inability to be hit, but Robin is still trapped, and he is unable his aide. Batman returns to their place of imprisonment and fools their guard into opening their cage door by having Robin walk into his body, making it appear as though he has escaped; once free, Robin cages the crook and he and Batman reach the Batmobile. Batman notes a thunderstorm brewing outside and has them return to the Bat-Cave. Alfred is required to fly a kite outdoors wired to the electrical device in the Bat-Cave. When a bolt of lightning strikes the kite, its charge is conducted to the machine, which releases a titanic bolt of force through Batman’s body. His solid nature is restored, and Batman is easily able to bring Len Landers and his mob during a bank robbery. Afterwards, at the Bat-Cave, Batman allows that he was getting pretty hungry in his unsolid state»

Batman v1 #111
The Gotham City Safari
Fecha: 1957.10| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman and Robin have been made members of the Safari Club, a group of Gotham big-game hunters. Their host, Alec Judson, takes them on a tour of his palatial country estate, subdivided into different areas to simulate such locales as Africa, Mexico, and Malay, and each stocked with appropriate wild animals. Then they begin their annual contest, to see which of the hunters can be the first bag one of Judson’s animals, with a pith helmet-trophy the prize. However, the first victim turns out to be a man–Ed Yancey. When a horseshoe watch fob is recovered near the body, Jones identifies it as belonging to Yancey, the English former member of their club. Judson relates how, on a sarafi in Africa, an elephant stampede had begun and all of them were able to run for saftey except Markham, who had twisted his ankle. They later had Markham doctered and returned to health, but, says Judson, Markham swore revenge upon them for not helping him to saftey. Batman and Robin begin their search on the grounds for the killer. The dynamic duo must contend with a charging rhino, a crocodile, and a lion net that eventually traps Batman. A figure who appears to be Markham, after stepping out of the way of a black panther to avoid bad luck, kayoes Robin and carries him off. After escaping the with help on a lion, Batman tracks «Markham» to a Mayan temple in «Mexico.» There he finds Robin and Markham bound and gagged. When released, Markham explains that they had seen Judson impersonating him, and that he has been trussed up ever since coming to America to ask Judson for a loan. Judson reappears and threatens to shoot them to death, but Batman bluffs him, saying that he gave away his imposture when he avoided a black panther; Englishmen consider it good luck to cross the path of a black cat. Claiming to have loaded Judson’s gun with blanks, Batman tackles the startled thief and brings him down. Judson confesses that he killed Yancey because the latter had found he was operating an international crime-cartel, using his hunting trips to make contacts. When Yancey blackmailed him, Judson hit upon the idea of impersonating Markham and placing the blame on him for Yancey’s murder. Later, after Judson is jailed, Batman receives the Safari Club trophy for bringing in his quarry–a human killer

Batman v1 #111/2
The Other Bruce Wayne
Fecha: 1957.10| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Commissioner Gordon calls the Wayne Manor to summon Bruce Wayne, not Batman, to headquaters. There Bruce finds an unexpected newcomer, his father’s cousin and his own namesake, Bruce N. Wayne. Bruce N. is a detective from «out on the coast,» and is one of the top private investigators in the country. He and Bruce have never met before, but a case has brought him to Gotham City. Besides meeting Bruce, he wishes to consult Batman for help. Bruce N. is dismayed that Bruce appears to be a social butterfly, with no profession and seemingly no ambition. He resolves to “make a man” of Bruce by training him to be a detective. Reluctantly, Bruce comes along with Bruce N. as they set upon the track of Varrel, a “scientific thief” who specializes in stealing new inventions. Batman aids Bruce N. in an encounter with Varrel, but the thief escapes. Later, when Commissioner Gordon calls Bruce N. and lets drop the info that he has not yet told Batman of the Varrel case, the detective begins to suspect his relative of being Batman. In a final encounter with Varrel, Batman kayoes the thief, makes him up as Bruce Wayne, and then lets Bruce N. see the both of them togather, throwing him off track. After Varrel is jailed, Bruce N. says his goodbyes to Bruce, despairing of ever teaching him to be a detective, and wondering how he could ever have suspected him of being Batman.»

Notas: Debut de Bruce N. Wayne (primo de Thomas Wayne).

Batman v1 #111/3
The Armored Batman
Fecha: 1957.10| Créditos: Edmond Hamilton (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1220 Novaro.

After a man in a trenchcoat appears at the Gotham City Hall of Fame and tells the assembled reporters to let Batman know that Blair Graeme, is after him, Batman and Robin, who arrive shortly afterward, are apparently thrown into a panic. Saying they face terrible danger, they innediately leave and, when they reappear, are clad in suits of armor. Batman and Robin are able to carry out their various tasks with the cumbersome metal clothing on, using chains instead of ropes to swing on. But Vicki Vale is determined to learn the secret of Blair Graeme, and learns from a member of the Gotham Scientific Foundation that Batman has been called in to help them solve a recent robbery, though not apparently by Graeme. Finally, the reason for their armor becomes apparent when they trap a trio of thieves who had stolen «atomic fuel» from the Foundation; Batman and Robin have been wearing radiation-proof suits under it. Gordon and Batman let Vicki know that they feared a panic if the news of the radioactive material theft were leaked, and Vicki gets Batman to confess that he was actually Blair Graeme to help set up the deception. She informs him that if he were in real danger he would have kept clear of crowds, which he did not, so she guessed he was faking it. Batman replies that he will never laugh at her deductive abilites again.

Batman v1 #112
The Signalman of Crime
Fecha: 1957.12| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Phil Cobb, a criminal from a small town, comes to Gotham with the idea of forming a gang and hitting the big time. But the underworld is less that enthusiastic about teaming with a small-timer without a reputation. Not long afterward, while Cobb treads the streets, he sees the Bat-Signal in the night sky. Inspired by the sign, and the reptation of the Joker and the Penguin, Cobb decides to become a costumed criminal, the Signalman, and use signals and signs of all kinds as motifs for his crimes. His first move, two months later, is to challenge Batman to guess his first crime-site by sending him a broom with an atomic symbol tied to it. Batman correctly deduces that he wishes to steal a pure jad3e modes of the atomic submarine, Nautilus, at the Hobby Show, since a raised broom on a sub’s test run signifies a «clean sweep.» Batman also foils a theft of a star sapphire necklace at an observatory (cued by a fir tree and the astological symbols for Earth and Mars), but, in a third encounter, is trapped with Robin aboard a boat which the Signalman has rigged to explode. Batman gains the attention of a passing craft by signalling them with a party-flag waved from a window, and Robin and he are freed in time to escape the explosion. Signalman, who has stolen the Bat-Launch, beleives himself capable of outdistancing his slower pursuit. But he fails to notice another signal–a bell buoy, which would have warned him of the rocks he crashes the boat onto, Batman handcuffs the Signalman and returns him to prison.

Notas: Debut Signalman (Phil Cobb)

Batman v1 #112/2
Batman’s Roman Holiday
Fecha: 1957.12| Créditos: Edmond Hamilton (Guiones), Dick Sprang (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Professor Carter Nichols displays his greatest achievement, the time-ray, to Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. With this ray, developed from his time-hypnosis technique, he can send anybody–including himself, this time–back to the past and return them automaticly in ten days, provided he stands in the same spot he arrived at. He has the machine send him to ancient Rome, where he previoulsly sent Bruce and Dick (who became embroiled in a case there as Batman and Robin). But, when he does not return in the appointed time, the two become Batman and Robin, set the automatic controls, and depart for ancient Rome. In Rome, they notice that Thersus, the arrogant ambassador of Rhodes’s tyrant King Phorbus, is wearing a wristwatch. Capturing him after a short chariot chase, the two heroes shock him into blurting out that he met “Nicholus,” whom de deems a sorceror, days ago, and, upon hearing he was from the future, kidnapped him and sent him to Rhodes to design wepons for Phorbus. However, Roman police arrive, and Thersus turns the tables by accusing Batman and Robin of banditry. In court, Batman reveals himself as “Batmanus,” and the judge gives him a chance to prove his legendary prowess in the gladiatorial arena. Batman brings down a lion with a lasso, and the Romans are convinced. But Thersus has escaped and returned to Rhodes. The Romans dispatch Batman and Robin in a galley, but they are met at Rhodes by warships and barely escape to the city. The twosome find Nichols held at arrow-point in Phorbus’s palace. They bargin for freedom by offering to construct a weapon for the tryant. But the “weapon” turns out to be a hot-air ballon which they use to escape, and they return to Rome. Once there, citizens hail Batman as “the Great Batmanus, who vistied Rome once before!” Batman alibis himself with Nichols by reminding him he had been in Rome a few days ago. The threesome return to the future, and Nichols swears off going into the past himself again.»

Notas: Debut del Prof. Carter NicholsTierra-1, viaje en el tiempo contrapartida del deTierra-2 en Batman v1 #24

Batman v1 #112/3
Am I Really Batman?
Fecha: 1957.12| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman awakens from deep sleep to find himself in a padded cell. When he calls for a guard to let him out and tells him who he is, the guard points to another inmate who fanices himself Napoleon. Batman yells for them to call Robin to identify him, but a psychiatrist comes and lets him see on television Batman and Robin receiving a medal from the police department. Batman, convinced it is a plot, leaps through a window to freedom. On the road home, he remebers catching the renegade scientist, Professor Milo, but his memory is blank since then. At the Wayne Mansion, Batman is met at the front door by Alfred who fails to recognize him. He pushes past him to a gym room, where he finds Dick Grayson working out, but the youth fails to recognize him and has no idea what he is talking about when he mentions the Bat-Cave or Robin. A man who appears to be Bruce Wayne comes down the stairs to meet them. Batman unmasks and tells Dick that he is and imposter. Dick turns to his mentor, who agrees that this must be the crazy Batman imposter mentioned on the radio, and, since he resenbles Bruce Wayne, has a delusion that Wayne is Batman’s secret identity. When the two try to restrain him, Batman fights past them and makes his way into the city, taking cover. He is about to fall prey to ennui and depression when a passing police car’s siren shocks him into evasive action again. He comes across a pair of thieves and nails them, only to see the Batmobile come by and Robin and another Batman emerge. Unseen by them, Batman stows away in the trunk and returns with them to the Bat-Cave. When they arrive, he springs from the trunk and demands an explanation. Robin says that, since 24 hours have passed, it’s safe enough to give him one. “Batman” unmasks, and is revealed as Alfred. Robin tells Batman that Professor Milo had placed Batman in a coma with a special gas that would cause a person to lose the will to live, eventually making him die of starvation. Robin researching the malady, found that if a patient so stricken could be given the will to live and keep moving for 24 hours, he would recover. Thus,he, Alfred and Commissioner Gordon concocted the ruse which has saved Batman from death, though making him doubt him sanity for a shocking 24 hours»

Notas: Reaparición del Profesor Achilles Milo, quien debutó en Detective Comics v1 #247 (1957). El Profesor usa un gas nervioso contra Batman cuya contrapartida en la continuidad post crsisis aparecerá en la saga Baytman RIP (2008), concretamente en Batman v1 # 679.

Batman v1 #113
The Menace of False Face
Fecha: 1958.02| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

After a man impersonating uranium millionare P.S. Smithington walks off with a «fortune» in gems from a Gotham jewelry story, Commissioner Gordon calls in Batman and Robin and informs them that False Face, a criminal master of disguise, is on the loose again. Since he always impersonates a victim whom he detains, the dynamic duo head for a charity bash where rock-and -roll singer Wally Weskit is supposed to play when they hear the real Weskit is trapped in an elevator. False Face-as-Weskit and his gang are stopped by Batman and Robin from stealing a huge barrel of chairty funds, but not captured. Later, in his lair, False Face assures his men that Batman will be finished after their next caper. The next day, Batman and Robin find False Face impersonating Big game hunter Arthur Crandall to receive and steal the Golden Tiger award from the Explorers’s Club. “Crandall” takes flight to the top floor of the building, with Batman in pursuit, and lures him through a doorway, where he plunges into a sixty-foot-deep empty metal specimen tank used to train Navy divers. Confident that no one could survive the fall, False Face descends to the bottom where he sees Batman’s body. Later, False Face’s gang picks up “Crandall” carring the motionless form in the Batman suit, but, when the latter is unmasked, he bears “Crandall’s” features also. Batman has switched places with False Face, and Robin arrives to help take in the gang. Later, Batman explains that he clung to the plastic cover that False Face had spread over the tank, braked his fall, and descended to the tank bottom in the emergency ladder. He then unmasks False Face, who proves to be “a nervous, frightened criminal.

Notas: Debut de False Face*.

Batman v1 #113/2
Batman Meets Fatman
Fecha: 1958.02| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Fatman, a circus clown, wears a Batman costume over his obese bulk, uses huge, clownish versions of Batman’s equipment, and fills his «utility belt» with such stuff as a sardine can, a bottle cap, and a partially-chewed stich of chewing gum, all in his circus send-up of his idol, Batman. While his show is playing in Gotham, Batman and Robin are battling but failing to apprehend the Red Mask Gang. They stop by the circus later to give an acrobatic demonstration and meet Fatman, whom they graciously give a ride in the Batmobile. While doing so, they receive a call on the radio informing them of a new Red Mask Gang caper. This eventually leads Batman and Robin to a battle with the gang aboard a sloop being towed through the streets on a parade. The two heroes are kayoed by a swinging boom and imprisoned by the gang in a stable. But Fatman, who has followed them, bursts in, makes the gang laugh with his clumbsy «crime-fighting»routine, grabs up a blacksmith hammer which proves too heavy for him, and sends it to smash the lock on Batman and Robin’s cage door. The two crime-fighters make short work of the hoods, while Fatman block’s their leader’s escape with his huge belly. Later, Batman congratulates Fatman, saying that the best way to fight crooks is to outsmart them, and he proved to know plenty about that. Fatman, practically walking on air, returns to the cheers of the circus

Notas: Debut de Fatman*.

Batman v1 #113/3
Batman–The Superman of Planet X
Fecha: 1958.02| Créditos: France Herron (Guiones), Dick Sprang (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batilibro tomo II Novarro.

Bruce Wayne feels a strange compulsion to become Batman without telling Dick Grayson, and go out on patrol in his Bat-Plane. While in the air, he feel a strange sensation, and then finds himself in another Bat-Cave facing a man clad in a Batman-type uniform of purple, gold and red. The man, who calls himself the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh, the planet they are both on, tells Batman that he has long admired his exploits on Earth via powerful telescope and has modelled his crime-fighting career on this planet after Batman. Having teleported Batman of Earth there to help him, Batman of Zur-En-Arrh exhibits his own version of the Batmobile, the Bat-Plane, and the Bat-Radia, the latter of which is a device that disturbs the atmosphere by»electronic molecules» which can stall the motors of jet-craft used by criminals. When Batman of Earth asks why he has been brought to Zur-En-Arrh, his host replies that they are in danger of alien invasion. Then he demonstrates to Batman that his Earthian bodyu is almost invulnerable, super-strong, and capable of flight, as is Superman’s on Earth. As the aliens attack, Earth’s Batman leaps into action and uses his newfound super-powers to repulse them. However, the aliens have the power of invisibility, a trait Batman cannot counter, and so do their robot invasion forces. All seems grim for the people of Zur-En-Arrh, until the planet’s native Batman discovers a way of using the Bat-Radia to counter the alien’s light-bending force and make them visible again. Thus unencumbered, Batman of Earth is easily able to destroy the robots and force the alien fleet away. Batman of Zur-En-Arrh gives his counterpart the Bat-Radia as a keepsake, though it will not work in Earth’s atmosphere. Then Batman of Earth is teleported back to his Bat-Plane, where he wonders momentarily if it has all been a dream, until he finds the Bat-Radia clutched in his hand. «

Notas: Debut de Batman Planeta-X* (Tlano de Zur-En-Arrh) y la Bat-radia. En la continuidad post crisis el concepto «Zur-En-Arrh» se reintroducirá en la saga BATMAN R.I.P. de 2008

Batman v1 #114
The Secret of Mechanical City
Fecha: 1958.03| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Dick Sprang (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman and Robin, on the trail of a scientific formula on microfilm stolen from Science Hall, case the laboratory of suspected criminal Professor Dodge. They overhear Dodge telling his hoods that Harry «Lightfingers» Hale has beaten them to the forumla, and a late arrival telling Dodge that they have discovered Lightfingers’s hideout. Lightfingers, carrying the microfilm reel in a lead-lined briefcase, discovers he is being pursued and heads for Mechanical City with Dodge and his hoods on his heels and Batman and Robin trailing them. Mechanical City proves to be a “vast, scientific exhibit” full of futuristic marvels, entirely automated and staffed by a group of robots, with over-robots controlling the operation from a central hub that can look in on any part of the city through television camera. Dodge and his men take over the control room and use its automated apparatus to try and trap Lightfingers, though Batman and Robin intercept part of his gang at large in Mechanical City. Dodge catches up with Lightfingers, but he has stashed the briefcase elsewhere. Batman discovers its hiding place when a huge sentry-robot goes berserk. Since lead interferes with electrical impulses, he judges (correctly) that the briefcase is inside the robot. Batman crawls inside the robot’s back-plate, gains control of the robot, and uses it to snatch Lightfingers, Dodge, and the rest of the gang. «

Batman v1 #114/2
The Mirage Maker
Fecha: 1958.03| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

The Mirage Maker, a new costumed criminal, has devised a method of projecting hyper-realistic illusions in the air by first filling the air with a packet of tiny filaments and then projecting a «mirage film» onto the filaments. He is thus able to convince the crew of an ocean transport to beach their ship for fear of running into a collapsed bridge which does not exist, after which the Mirage Maker’s gang is able to cut into the hold of the ship with cutting torches and steal gold bullion. Batman and Robin arrive in the Batmobile, try to jump the «collapsed bridge», and fall into the river when they find there isn’t any bridge. However, Batman has detected a strange blip on the Batmobile’s radar screen when the mirage-device is in operation, and, after dredging up the Batmobile, he uses it to help foil another robbery by the Mirage Maker and his gang. The criminals try to halt pursuit with the illusion of a passing train and a toppling building in Batman’s path, but close observation enables Batman to detect them as mirages. Finally, Batman is able to stop the gang from escaping in a helicopter by creating an illusion of the Batmobile’s bat-head emblem on a low-lying cloud with his searchlight, and the crooks are apprehended.

Batman v1 #114/3
The Bat-Ape
Fecha: 1958.03| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman and Robin perform an acrobatic act at the Gotham City Charity Circus, then make way for Mogo, the «educated ape,» his trainer Arthur Harris, and Harris’s assistant Ralph Roder. Just before he takes to the trapeze, Mogo stops to shake hands with Batman. Then the ape goes into his act, but when he alights on a far trapeze platform, he roars, goes berserk, and leaps down. His bizarre behavior ceases when he touches ground. Soon, Batman and Robin discover that the box office has been robbed, and that one of the thieves reportedly said that the ape’s ruckus was giving them a good chance for the robbery. Harris is arrected on suspicion of theft, and Mogo is left with Roder. Batman and Robin examine the platform and find that it has been wired for electrical current, which maddened the ape. They confer with Roder (after making him take Mogo from a cramped cage and put him in a more comfortable environiment) and learn from him that Harris always rigs his platforms himself. As Batman drives away, Mogo manages to bend the bars of his cage and free himself, then follows the Batmobile to the Batcave. He startes Batman, Robin, and Alfred, but proves harmless to them, and imitates Batman by putting on a spare cape and cowl. The two heroes leave with Mogo to watch Roder, whom they trail to a warehouse. Roder is seen talking with the Vanning brothers, who are known criminals. Bat-Ape Mogo helps Batman and Robin by manipulating a flagpole on which they can cross buildings, following the crooks by scent, and helping them push the heavy metal globe atop the Gotham Globe offices onto the crooks, cornering them. Roder confesses that he planned the robbery with the Vannings, and the three bandits are taken into custody. Harris is released, and announces to Batman that he intends to set Mogo free in Africa as a reward»

Notas: Debut de Mogo, el posterior Bat-mono

Batman v1 #115
The Million-Dollar Clues
Fecha: 1958.04| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Baticomic 12.

Stoney Briggs, a wanted gem thief, gives his last words to Batman and Robin. The million dollars in jewels he has recently stolen are hidden, and he has left four clues to their whereabouts, the first being a flashlight. But, he warns, he has also sent the same clues to his ex-partners, Angles Nelson, and Burly Jones. He dies, and Batman shines the flashlight beam, finding it partially blocked with the silouette of an ark. Since an ark is a house on the water, Batman and Robin try for their second clue in a lighthouse. The beacon of an abandoned flashlight tells them to «cross over to a place where thunder and lightning are tied.» After a brief encounter with Angles and his hireling Mike, who, along with stowaway Burly, have seen the message, Batman and Robin head for a railroad crossing used by eletric-powered trains. Angles and Mike, beating them there by seconds, dig up 26 keys on a ring. Batman and Robin battle the crooks, but Burly, emerging from hiding, shoves a handcar at the heroes and all the crooks escape. The «26 keys» clue lead all of them to a giant typewriter built for a business show and stored in a warehouse. In its giant roller they find a message revealing the jewels hidden in the «giant hand of Buddha.» Angles and Mike, confronting Batman, get beaten when the crimefighters use the typewriter’s keys and return mechanism to bowl over their opponets. Since the only «giant Buddha» in town is the idol in the old temple at Chinatown, Burly heads there and climbs the idol to reach the golden box in its hand. But Batman, tipped off because the clue was too obvious, stops Burly from touching the box. Swinging up, he notices wires connected to the golden box, disconnects them, and discovers a pair of dynamite sticks within the box as well as the jewels. Batman explains that Stoney planned this deathtrap for him, since Stoney believed he would overcome Angels and Burly. The heores recover the jewels and prepare to take Burly to jail.

Batman v1 #115/2
Batman for Hire
Fecha: 1958.04| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman calls a press conference and announces he is opening the Batman Private Detective Agency, to amass money for Robin’s college education and his retirement fund. Commissioner Gordon reports that Robin will take up the slack whenever Batman is out on one of his paying cases, and the enterprise begins. Batman solves numerous crimes and mysteries, including catching a saboteur at a factory and nabbing a crook who stole the master print of a movie. But, when Jim Morley, a businessman, receives what purports to be a threating call from an “ex-business partner,” Batman charges him $1,000 a day for bodyguard duties. A shooting incident causes Batman to up his rate to $5,000 per day, in advance. Morley goes to his garage, where he opens a seat cover in his car and withdraws $5,000 in stolen money. Batman who has followed him, reveals to Morley that he has just proven himself to be the notorious Phantom Bank Bandit, and that his Detective Agency was part of a master plan to get the goods on him. Morley flings the money in Batman’s face and speeds off, but Robin, waiting in a tree outside, leaps into the car, kayoes him, and stops the car. Batman dissolves his detective agency and returns to his non-profit crime-fighting career»

Batman v1 #115/3
Batman in the Bottle
Fecha: 1958.04| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 68 Novaro, Baticomic 12 Novaro.

Prof. Carter Nichols send Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson to the prehistoric past to discover the secret of the ancient Zoto civilization, which left behind it a giant slingshot, a watch pole, and underground huts. Once there, they change to Batman and Robin and are attacked by the Zotos, but prove their friendly intentions by stopping them from going across a faulty bridge. Chief Tang of the Zotos tells Batman and Robin how they have been beset by a tribe of giant men over twenty feet in height, who come on slave raids periodically in Zoto territory. The giant sling is used in ineffectual attempts to repel them, and the Zotos fled underground with a watch pole set up outside. To aid the Zotos, Batman blows a giant glass bottle big enough to hold him, climbs inside, is put in the nearby river, and floats downstream to the village of the giants. While there, Batman claims to be a genie of the Zotos, sent to bedevil the giants unless they leave the normal-sized humans in peace. He backs up his claim with flash powder from his belt, amplified sound from his belt-radio that causes an avalanche, a sun-reflecting mirror, and, finally, and inflatable Batman dummy that seems to grow as large as the giants themselves. A last attack on the giants with laughing gas forces the titians to make peace with the Zotos, and pledge never to harm them again, for fear the genie will be set loose. Batman’s balloon-dummy is placed over a wooden statue im the bottle to serve as a reminder to the giants. Bruce and Dick return to the present with their descrition of the Zoto civilization. Later, Dick asks Bruce what will happen if the bottle with the Batman dummy is discovered, to which Bruce replies that they’ll think of something.

Notas: Batman viaja al pasado (alrededor del año 700) y descubre la civilizacización de Zotos.

Batman v1 #116
The City Of Ancient Heroes
Fecha: 1958.06| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 66 Novaro, Batman Libro Comic 12 Novaro.

Batman and Robin, on the trail of the Gimmick Gang, finds one book in the fireplace of one of their deserted hideouts and save it from burning: History of Mythology and Legend. The illustrations of Thor, Cyclops, and Pan are missing. From this Batman deduces they have gone to Legend City, «where, once a year, people dress up like legendary characters»–such as Robin Hood, Ulysses, or King Midas–«and hold big celebration!» Once there, Batman and Robin go after the disguised trio of crooks, have a brief encounter with them, and are stopped by «Thor’s» exploding hammer. When they catch up with the gang again, they are paralysed at the sight of «Medusa,» who has thrown a capsule of paralyzing gas at them. The two heroes are laid within the belly of a phony dragon «Fafnir,» which is to be «slain» by «Siegfried» in a parade. Batman manages to move enough to reach a flare capsule, making the dragon appear to breathe fire. The manuver catches the attention of «Siegfried», so that he investigates and frees Batman and Robin. Later, «Zeus» robs «King Midas» of his gold with a «thunderbolt,»and the Gimmick Gang takes off in a jet-proplelled Sun Chariot. Batman and Robin follow on a mechanized «Pegasus», drop into the Chariot, and subdue them. The evildoers are placed in the dungeons of the «Sheriff of Nottingham,» and Batman and Robin are feted at a Round Table banquet in their honor

Batman v1 #116/2
Batwoman’s New Identity
Fecha: 1958.06| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Baticomic 12.

After foiling an attempted robbery of an armored car on a ferry by the Funny Face Gang, Batman and Robin trail the last escaping member of the gang to Al Talley’s nightclub in Gotham. They notice a suspicious looking blonde woman emerging from the club, trail her to Kathy Kane’s vincinity, and, finding she is not in, invite themselves into her Bat-Cave through her secret entrance. There they discover the blonde wig and make-up Kathy had used to pass as the blonde, and, finding a photo she took of gangster Dude Rogers at Talley’s club, discover the place and time where she will next try to stop a Funny Face Gang caper. The duo rescue Batwoman from the gang after she had taken a spill on her motorcycle and capture another of the gang. She admits to her «third» identity, as a house photographer in Talley’s Club, but refuses to give up. However, the captured gang member escapes the police car he was being transported in, and confronts the disguised Batwoman at Talley’s club in front of Talley himself. Talley, convinced she is Batwoman thanks to a camera strap burn left on Batwoman’s neck, has her locked in as office, but she signals Batman of her whereabouts by floating carbon paper «bats» through a chimney. Batman and Robin break into the hideout just before Talley would have wiped away her disguise and revealed Batwoman’s identity, and the three crime-fighters finish up the rest of the gang. Batman still pleads with her to give up her career, as «crime-fighting is too dangerous for a girl,» but Batwoman vows to stay in the game.

Batman v1 #116/3
The Winged Bat-People
Fecha: 1958.06| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 66 Novaro, Baticomic 14 Novaro.

Batman and Robin, attempting to track a hurricane in the Bat-Plane, attaine Mach 10 and are transported into another dimension. There they are captured by the natives, who believe they are winged «Bat-People» with whom they have been feuding. Batman proves his good intentions by lassoing a squad of Bat-People invaders before the queen of his captors, and by grounding the rest with a burst from his plane’s afterburner. Batman, Robin, the queen, and an officer of the court head for the Bat-People’s village in the Batplane the next day to parley for peace, but Arko, the traitorous minister of the queen, has tipped them off and the winged people attempt unsuccessfully to net the Bat-Plane. Arko has taken over in their abscence, but Batman uses a catapult in he Bat-Plane to hurl him over the city walls into the traitors’ midst, followed by Robin. The rebels are soon overcome, and Batman and Robin foil the Bat-people’s invasion by ingiting a vein of coal with the Batplane’s afterbuner, creating a permanent updraft that keeps the Bat-People at bay. The coal dust ignited by the jet explodes, catapulting the dynamic duo back into their own dimension. At home, Bruce Wayne feels the queen to be better off thinking them dead, so that her officer will have a chance to marry her.

Notas: Debut de Bat-People*

Batman v1 #117
The Mystery of the Batman Bus
Fecha: 1958.08| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman and Robin fail to capture the Red Gloves Gang on a dock as the criminals shove a man they were assaulting into their path. The man, Bennet Carson, is the head of the new citizens’ investigating commitee probing into the Red Gloves Gang itself, and, when he revives, he claims to have amnesia. All he can remember, he says, is that he was on the Batman Sightseeing Bus and it stopped somewhere important. To try and jog his memory, Batman and Robin board the Batman Bus with him, as the vehical makes a tour of the sites of some of Batman’s and Robin’s most famous battles. Though the Red Gloves Gang attempts to kidnap Carson on another stop, nothing seems to restore his memory. Finally, when the tour bus stops at the Antique Fair Grounds, where antiqe means of transportation on land, sea and air are stored and near which the Red Gloves Gang pulled a $100,000 bank heist, Carson appears to regain his memory. He grabs a gun and forces Batman and Robin, bound tightly, into the gondola of a balloon. Carson reveals that he was never amnesiac, that he was really the head of the Red Gloves Gang, and that the gang wanted him for his holding out half of their $100,000, with which he hoped to relocate to Mexcio. The villian sets the balloon aloft, but Batman uses one of the sandbag hooks on the ring of the gondola to pry loose his ropes andbrings the balloon safely back to Earth. Shortly afterward, he and Robin nab the Red Gloves Gang and Carson, and use the Batman Bus to take them to prison.

Batman v1 #117/2
Bruce Wayne–Batman
Fecha: 1958.08| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson and Alfred are suprised, to say the least, when they discover someone has sent them a Batman costume one morning. But a note with it explains it is from a charity club committee to be worn at a masquerade ball tonight, and, since Wayne has often been suspected of being Batman, they decided to make the costume «joke.» Bruce Wayne takes along his real Batman gear in case of emergency. Once there, he discovers all his fellow members wear costumes designed to lampoon their personalities (for instance, a handsome man wears a Frankenstein mask, and a dour fellow is made up as a clown). When they begin bidding for charity on antique auction items, the proceeding are halted by gangster Eddie Luden and his two hoods, out to rob the wealthy club members. Batman, stymied for a second as to how to stop the theft and yet not give away his identity by acting like a professional crime-fighter, hits on the tactics of seeming to bumble into actions that happen to block the crooks. When Luden threatens Upton, their host, with a gun, Batman goes ahead and knocks it away with his Batarang, knowing a human life is on the line. But Robin and Alfred have come along, the latter in a spare Batman outfit, and help him create a ruse that convinces the club members, seeing two Batmen together, that Wayne is not really Batman.

Batman v1 #117/3
Manhunt in Outer Space
Fecha: 1958.08| Créditos: Arnold Drake (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 67 Novaro.

While Batman and Robin are pursuing Eddie Marrow, a thief, the and their Batrope are frozen in mid-air by the ray of Garr, an alien thief who has landed on Earth. He offers Marrow a chance to become his partner and teach him about the new planet he has landed on. Just as Marrow accepts, Garr’s shipboard alarm sounds, signifying the approach of interstellar police. He and Marrow take off in his space ship before Chief Inspector Tutian of the Universal Police Corps lands and thaws Batman and Robin with his neutralizer ray. Comparing notes, Tutian and Batman realize what has happened, and the alien lawman offers Batman the chance to team with him, which he and Robin take. Tutian’s «space scanner» shows them the thieves have gone to Planetiod X, a «remote and unexplored asteriod» with an Earth-like atmosphere. Once there, Batman, Robin and Tutian begin a deadly game of catch-as-catch-can with Garr and Marrow, being bombed with giant fruit, encountering a giant lizard, and battling a giant sea beast. Finally, Batman and Robin don jet-skates in order to cut through a forest and surprise the two criminal as they are entering their rocket. Garr is unable to draw a bead upon them with his ray-gun before being kayoed by Robin, while Batman racks up Marrow. Tutian returns the Earthmen to their own planet, while taking off with Garr for his interplanetary prison.

Batman v1 #118
The Battle of Police Island
Fecha: 1958.09| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman Novaro Especial.

When four convicts escape Gotham State Prison, Batman and Robin are called in to help investigate. They follow the convicts’ trail and discover two scientists locked up in a nearby government atomic plant. Freed, the scientists tell the two heroes that the convicts who locked them up–Gavin, Gee-Gee, Moore, and Dalton–stole a truck containing radioactive specimens. The greater danger is that Gavin, having hid inside the specimens’ container, has not only become radioactive himself, but will transfer radiation to anyone he comes in contact with if he is not treated within two or three hours. After discovering the abandoned truck, Batman and Robin trail their quarry to Police Island, the site of next week’s Police World Fair. On the island, after freeing two captive watchmen and sending them for help, the dynamic duo tell Gavin of his condition, to no avail. Batman manages to trap Dalton and Moore within a model prison. Later, they disarm Gee-Gee and Gavin with a magnetic device that draws their guns away. Finally, using the air blast from a hydroplane’s propellor and remote-control riot hoses, the heroes force Gavin and Gee-Gee into the basement cell of another model prison. Commissinor Gordon lands shortly after with a doctor to treat Gavin, and Batman comments upon the irony of the convicts’ breaking prison just to land in another prison.

Batman v1 #118/2
The Man Who Couldn’t Be Tried Twice
Fecha: 1958.09| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman Novaro Especial.

James Lee, a circus acrobat, is standing trial for the crime of murdering his ex-partner, Wyler. Lee had been discovered by Willy Keyes, a clown, and a policeman in Wyler’s trailer, fallen amidst Wyler’s many paintings which he had done as a hobby; Lee clutched both the murder gun and Wyler, but claimed innocence, saying he had heard a struggle, come in, and picked up the gun. Paraffin tests indicate that Wyler had fired a gun. But Batman takes the stand, testifies that Wyler had called him in fear for his life and begged for protection in return for important information. Moreover, he reveals having seen Lee fire a pistol at a carnival shootin range some time before the killing. Finally, he demonstrates that if Wyler and Lee–who was recently dumped from their double-act when Wyler went solo–had struggled, then Lee’s hat would have fallen off and been trampled, but it was in perfect condition. The jury pronounces Lee not guilty. Lee, laughing wildy at the verdict, publicly reveals to Batman and the court that he did kill Wyler and fired the carnival gun as a paraffin test alibi. And, since Lee cannot be tried twice for the same crime, he must now go free. In days to come, the public and even Commissioner Gordon criticize Batman for slipping. But Batman himself feels his instincts were right, and, returning to the scene, find a painting of Wyler’s with a “Minus Q” painted on the bottom. Since a telephone dial has no “Q”, Batman realizes the real murder must be circus owner David Dial. He captures Dial minutes later, and at police headquarters the circus owner confesses he had been smuggling wanted crooks out of various states and had been found out by Wyler. Lee was bribed for his false testimony. Commissioner Gordon tells Batman that Lee will be picked up and tried on conspiracy charges, and shakes Batman’s hand. «

Batman v1 #118/3
The Merman Batman
Fecha: 1958.09| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 61 Novaro, Batman Novaro Especial.

Batman and Robin, searching the wharves for a clue to the dilemma of missing criminals, almost nab a gangster Vince Kenton, but only clip a piece off a calling card he holds with a Batarang. Batman climbs a tall flagpole to try and spot the fleeing felons, but is thrown into the bay when a lighting bolt strikes both him and the flagpole. Robin, unable to find him after diving, is convinced Batman has died, until he hears morse code coming over his belt radio. Obeying the strange orders he receives, Robin has a truck pull Batman out of the bay in a water-filled tank. It transpires that the eletrical charge and the chemicals in his utility belt combined to change Batman into a human «fish,» able to extract oxygen from water but not from air. Communicating with via a voice amplifier, he vows to go ahead with his work. Batman wears a water-filled helmet to enable him to work on dry land, and, using the torn card as a clue, traces Kenton to the offices of Carl Smarte, head of the Marine Construction Corporation. The heroes give battle, but Smarte figures out the use of the water-filled helmet and smashes it, leaving Batman gasping in the air. As the crooks escape, Robin saves Batman by holding a match close to the ceiling and activating the sprinkler system. In a new helmet, Batman checks out a hunch and finds the crooks’ new lair below the floor of an aquarium. In the midst of the fight, Batman keels over and breaks his helmet. Amazingly, he gets back up and finishes off the criminals. Later, Batman explains to Robin that he felt the change wearing off and he pretended to faint in order to throw the crooks a curve. They prepare to haul in their catch to Commissioner Gordon»

Batman v1 #119
The Arch-Rivals of Gotham City
Fecha: 1958.10| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Vicki Vale, and Batwoman are tied for first place in Gotham’s annual Woman of the Year contest, with the winner getting a date with Batman. The judges give each a six-hour period in which to gather futher achievements, with the winner to be thus decided. Batman goes to quell a prison break, hindered by Vicki Vale taking pictures in the yard (though she gets splendid action shots). Then Batman is tipped off by Robin that Batwoman is donning scuba gear to check out a lead on the Harbor Pirates; he dons similar gear and follows, helping rescue her, even though she takes in two of the gang on her own. The judges declare the contest still tied. Both women see a gangster from Moose Malloy’s mob outside the building; both women independently decide to follow him; both get captured by the gang; and Batman, trying to save both of them, gets overpowered by Malloy and his men. The women join forces, mistakenly grabbing each other’s equipment, but manage to use it to best advantage and break up Moose’s assault. Batman, recovered, helps bring down the crooks. Later, the judges call it even, and both women share the same date with Batman

Notas: Debut de RobinTierra-1

Batman v1 #119/2
The Secret of Batman Island
Fecha: 1958.10| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Baticomic 13 Novaro.

A.K. Barnaby, one of the richest «men in the world,» has built a museum dedicated to his heroes, Batman and Robin, on the isle he calls Batman Island. Barnaby happens to be on the scene when Batman and Robin battle a gang of diamond thieves in Gotham City and films it with his hand-held camera for posterity. Two members of the gang, keeping watch, notice Barnaby’s action and prepare to take action of their own. Batman and Robin bring in part of the gang, but the evidence of their theft–the diamonds–have disappeared and their conviction seems impossible without the evidence. The remaining gang members trail Barnaby to Batman Island, where he discovers them on a television monitor. Barnaby activates his own Bat-Signal, drawing Batman and Robin to the island. A battle between the dynamic duo and the thieves ensues, amidst the memorabilia of Batman’s career collected by Barnaby. Batman fakes his death a second time around in False Face’s tank-trap, even when one of the crooks is duped into riddling his empty cowl with bullets, and manages to save Robin and corral the gang minuets later. When the film is shown, it reveals the hoods in the robbery dropping the diamonds into a open tank-truck, and, as the boss of the gang explains when he bursts into the scene with drawn gun, it also proves that the truck company has been collaborating with the gang. Barnaby saves the day by switching off the projector, plunging the room into darkness, and drawing the boss’s fire towards a Batman statue. The real Batman kayoes the gang-boss, and, later, suggests that Barnaby remember his part in the caper by making a statue of himself. Smiling, Barnaby allows as how he might just do that.

Notas: Debut de CatwomanTierra-1 en una foto (primera aparición real en Lois Lane #70). Debut de A.K. Barnaby* (millonario)

Batman v1 #119/3
Rip Van Batman
Fecha: 1958.10| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 70 Novaro.

Batman and Robin split up to try and discover which of two places gangster Al Hackett may be hiding. Batman investigates Hackett’s moutain lodge, which contains a greenhouse. The exotic plants of the green house exude an aroma which makes Batman reel out of the building, fall head-over-heels down the slope of a hill, and lie asleep at the edge of a pond. Batman appears to awake, and , looking at his reflection in the pond, finds he has grown a long white beard and become old, a modern Rip Van Winkle. Batman hikes into Gotham City, finding it a metropolis of the future, with a brand-new Batman and Robin team he views chasing and catching a pair of crooks. He recognizes the new Batman as Dick Grayson, now grown up. But, when he tries to talk to Batman II, Batman is passed off as a senile old man with a Batman-complex. The old Caped Crusader hobbles to Wayne Manor, now a deserted ruin with a Bat-Cave filled with debris. Commissioner Gordon long since retired and moved away. Batman wanders through Gotham Park, past his statue, feeling as useful as a fifth wheel. However, when hearing crooks’ voices from the nearby planetarium, Batman investigates and finds the new Batman and Robin team tied up by criminals. He attempts to take on the thugs, but his muscles are weak from age and disuse. The hoods tied him up and leave him beside the new heroes, who thank him for tryint. Batman, declaring the game not up yet, smashes the lens of his utility belt’s microscope and uses it to saw through his ropes, fools some returning hoods into fleeing by projecting the image of a moon scorpion on the wall, and releases BatmanII and Robin II, who are now reassured they have the original Batman back at last. The trio attack and capture the hoods, but, afterward, Batman faints away. He revives back in the present, with a young Robin shaking him awake; his reflection is still that of a young man. Robin relates how he captured Hackett and came there to find his mentor unconscious. Batman deduces that one of the plants in the greenhouse was a rare breed from the Amazon, whose fumes can give humans hallucinations. Relieved to find himself young and strong, Batman races Robin back to the Batmobile»

Notas: Estos Batman II y Robin II no deben confundirse con los relatos contados por Alfred a partir de Batman v1 #131.

Batman v1 #120
The Curse of the Bat-Ring
Fecha: 1958.12| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Baticomic 15 Novro.

To trap a mastermind and scientific genius who uses his intellect for fantastic crimes, Batman hatches an outre ploy. In disguise, he informs Spike Connors, a known confederate of the mastermind, of a «Bat-Ring» in a curio shop known to have a terrible curse on it. He suggests having Spike make sure Batman wears the ring, and so sufferes the curse. Connors takes the bait, gets the ring, and brings it back to «The Boss,» who reads the legend of the ring on a paper that came with it, telling of a noble in 1812 who wore the ring and was struck by collapsed masonry, and a flier in 1914 who wore the ring in defiance of the curse and had the tail fall off his plane. Convinced, «The Boss» sends Batman the gift on Batman Day, a day set aside by the city to honor the crime-fighters great exploits. Batman wears the ring, and on two occasions seems to have bad luck–once, during a charity circus performance, when a glider wing breaks on him, and twice, when his Bat-rope snaps as he swings after a fleeing felon, sending him falling into a truck of matteresses. Convinced of the ring’s power, «The Boss» attempts his greatest theft, ripping the roof from an armored car with a giant magnet. Batman and Robin waiting inside the car, emerge and give chase, and, despite the ring’s «curse», nab the mastermind. Later, at police headquarters, Batman reveals to the unmasked «Boss» that it was all a ruse, designed to lead him out of hiding.

Batman v1 #120/2
The Failure of Bruce Wayne
Fecha: 1958.12| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson are visited by Bruce’s great-uncle Silas Wayne, who is the self-appointed historian of the Wayne family and is constantly harping at Bruce to do something worthy of his pioneer ancestors. If Bruce did something worthy of his family, says Silas, he will die happy. But being a playboy is not enough. Accordingly, Bruce tried to answer emergencies for Batman as Bruce Wayne. But he is frustrated each time by the police, who see him as a meddling amateur, and he is forced to become Batman to deal with threats. Silas allows that Bruce is in there trying,and may live up to the Wayne name yet. Soon after, however, he has a relapse of a stroke and is bedridden, soon to die. Bruce, perplexed, hits on a solution. After he and Robin bring in the “Babyface” Muller gang, Batman unmasks before reporters at police headquarters as Bruce Wayne. As he does so, another Batman comes in the door, and “reveals” that he allowed Bruce to help him out on the case to throw the crooks a curve. The reporters praise Wayne for his courage. Afterward, the second “Batman” unmasks in the Bat-Cave as Alfred. Silas allows Bruce’s portrait, as Batman, to hang proudly beside his ancestors. And Silas passes away hours later–but not before Bruce reveals to him that he is actually Batman.»

Notas: Debut de Silas Wayne, tio abuelo de Bruce.

Batman v1 #120/3
The Airborne Batman
Fecha: 1958.12| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 72 y 1094 Novaro.

After Batman injures both legs turning the charge of a maddened elephant at a charity circus, Gotham criminals prepare for a fieldday. Unfortunately for them, Batman rises to the occasion with his and Robin’s whirly-bats, the one-man open helicraft that allow them sufficent manuverability to challenge lawbreakers in action. When a gang of thieves tries to snatch a payroll from the Gotham City Granary, the heroes release tons of grain and stir it up with their rotor blades, effectively blinding the hoods so that Robin can knock them out. On another occasion, they use the whirly-bats to knock loose a boulder, blocking a bridge another gang planned to escape over. When a third gang tries to scuttle them with huge clouds of smoke from an aircraft company’s smokestacks, Batman uses a wind tunnel to blow away the smoke and enable him to track down and capture the crooks. Finally, when a last group of criminals tries to commit a crime while shielding themselves with a giant display-screen-window from the Gotham Screen Company, Batman and Robin reach through the giant holes of the screen with powerful suction-hoses and snag the criminals bodily. Later, Batman assures Commissioner Gordon he’ll have the casts off by tomorrow. Gordon replies that the city hardly noticed any difference while he wore them

Batman v1 #121
The Body in the Bat-Cave
Fecha: 1959.02| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

While heading through the Bat-Cave en route to the Batmobile, Batman and Robin discover a dead body in the Bat-Cave’s depths. Batman determines the cause of death as a blow to the head, and Robin, identifying him as Alec Wyre, a criminal electronics genius, blurts out that whoever killed him knows their secret identities. A notebook Wyre carried gives them the names of three of his criminal «customers» who brought inventions from him: Jigger Mulane, Don Dolson, and Hank Purdy. Batman and Robin apprehend each of them in turn, and accuse each of Wyre’s murder, but each claims ignorance of Wyre’s death. Since a guilty man would have tried to bargain with the threat of disclosing Batman’s identity, they relize they have drawn three blanks. But the manner they used to track down Hank Purdy, a high frequency transmitter, gives them an important clue; they discover similar signals coming from the Bat-Cave, and trace it to a banded Bat–the same bat Batman had earlier sent to Hank Prudy, with a message to get out of town. Batman reconstructs what must have occurred: Purdy was entertaining Wyre in his room when he received the bat-package, and Wyre, realizing it came from Batman, banded the leg with a high-frequency transmitter. Then, unknown to Purdy, Wyre sent it back home and trailed it to the Bat-Cave. But, once within it, his flashlight disturbed the bats and they fluttered against him en masse, causing him to strike his head on a stalagmite–the one which, even now, has a chip out of it–and killed himself. Batman reflects on how a bat gave away his secret identity, and another bat, or mass of bats, saved it

Batman v1 #121/2
Crime Rides the Rails
Fecha: 1959.02| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Baticomic 17 Novaro.

Gangster Duds Decker is handcuffed to a detective and taken on board a train that will send him to an upstate penitentiary, but he promises he will never be taken to the pen. To try to symie any escape plans, Batman and Robin board the train as aides to Wilson, a railway policeman. At one stop, as the threesome search the cars for hoboes, they come upon a trio of Decker’s thugs disguised as transients and subdue them after a shor battle. Also, finding a young boy running away from home because of a poor report card, Wilson convinces him to return to his parents and study rather than face the cold, hungry life of a hobo. Later, Batman uncovers a thug masquerading as a conductor–he gives the time as «two minutes after two,» rather than a conductor’s «2:10»–and subdues him. Still futher on, Batman and Robin dismount the train briefly to catch a lion escaped from a circus train, thanks to Decker’s gang, and catch up with the train again to find it stopped. Wilson, who has been unconscious, revives to tell him he was jumped by Decker’s men, who took their boss and the handcuffed detective along with them. Batman and Robin track down the gang in a railroad maintenance yard, and, signalling Wilson with a special whistle used by trainmen, capture the crooks and save the detective. They see the train back on course, waving to Wilson as he waves to them from the back platform of the caboose

Batman v1 #121/3
The Ice Crimes of Mister Zero
Fecha: 1959.02| Créditos: Dave Wood (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 74 Novaro.

Mr. Zero, a new super-villain, begins pulling incredible robberies in Gotham with the help of his gang and his «ice gun,» one barrel firing acetylene flame and the other emitting a fast-freezing gas. Batman and Robin try to stop one of his capers as his gang robs diamonds–«ice» in criminal slang– from a jewelry exchange, but Mr. Zero freezes the street under the dynamic duo’s skates and stops them. Later, in his lair, which is kept cold except for a warmed bench for his gang, he explains to a new member of his group of the accident that befell his when he was saturated with the cold-gas solution used in his gun. He immediately lost the ability to breathe or survive at normal room temperature, such and had to dwell in and artificially cold environment, such as his refrigerated lair or his «air-conditioned» Mr. Zero costume. Batman and Robin try to stop a subsequent Mr. Zero robbery of a visting prince and princess’s diamonds, but their bat-ropes are frozen in mid-swing and, when the heroes attempt to use an ice- slide to reach Zero’s getaway car, the frigid felon melts it. Batman and Robin attempt to follow Zero to his lair in whirly-bats, but Zero freezes their propellors, takes them prisoner, and freezes them in giant cakes of ice. Batman manages to rock his ice cake enough to smash it open, along with Robin’s icy prison and a steam pipe as well. He manages to slug Zero before the villain, enveloped in a steam bath, can use his ice-gun. Seconds later, outside, Zero is gratified to find the steam-bath has restored his normalcy, and Batman hopes the law may be able to normalize his criminal mind as well.

Notas: Debut de Mr. Frío como Mr. Zero, en Detective Comics #373 (03.68), cambia a Mr. Frío. Su origen post crisis se narra en Batman: Mr. Freeze (1997).

Batman v1 #122
Prisoners of the Sargasso Sea
Fecha: 1959.03| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman and Robin,in their Bat-Plane,head far out to sea in pursuit of the pirate Blackjack’s submarine. A storm arises, buffets the Bat-Plane, and causes its engine to conk out. They land on the plane’s pontoons and drift for a day. Finally, on the horizon, they sight a legendary scene: the Sargasso Sea, a morass of seaweed entangling over a score of ships from ancient times, with a cloud of mist hanging heavy over it. Drifting in closer, Batman and Robin are bade welcome by an English ex-pirate, Jolly Roger, and his cohorts Erik of Norway and Flavius of Rome. They explain that strange mists from the seaweed keep them alive and unaging, and even their clothes do not wear out. In their Sargasso colony, all wars and hatreds have been forgotten, and they live in peace. That is, until Blackjack and his men clamber over the side of Roger’s ship. The pirate, whose sub was also storm-damaged, do a losing battle against Batman and Robin, until a machine-gunner on the sub forces them to desist upon pain of killing the ancient seamen. When Blackjack offers Jolly Roger a chance to join his crew, the old pirate turns him down flatly, having mended his ways. Blackjack nevertheless takes charge, and locks Batman and Robin below. the two heroes escape through a porthole, organize a secret council among Jolly Roger and his men, and help the Sargasso sailors bombard the sub with cannon shot. The submarine retaliates, and the sailors on the wooden ship are in danger. But Batman and Robin clamber over to the surfaced sub and attack the crew, and, with the sub’s guns silenced, the ancient sailors board the submarine and take its crew prisoner. Roger says that he will keep the modern pirates with them,and time will cure their evil. Batman and Robin repair the Batplane’s motor, cut away the seaweed from the undercarrige, and, fashioning a wooden airstrip from one of the ship’s timbers, take off for the modern world, keeping the Sargasso coloney their secret. «

Batman v1 #122/2
The Cross-Country Crimes
Fecha: 1959.03| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

A new villain costumed as the Jack of Spades and calling himself Hijack leads a small gang in hijacking trucks from the Cross-Country Trucking Company whenever they carry especially valuable cargo. Carter, the head of Cross-Country Trucking, tells Commissioner Gordon, Batman and Robin his troubles, and the two costumed heroes agree to tail Carter’s next valuable truck in the Bat-Plane. The next night, two truckers take out a load of platinum, with Batman and Robin in the skies above. They halt one attempt of Hijack’s to take the cargo, but the gang gets away. Later, Batman and Robin are decoyed by a phony holdup, and Hijack separates the cab and its load, stealing the platinum. Batman vows to bring Hijack to justice personally. From his trademark, the Jack of Spades, Batman deduces Hijack to be Jack Spade, a recently-released criminal who had been deafened for two years by dynamite during an escape attempt. Later, Batman tells Carter in the latter’s office that he and Robin will ride along in the back of a truck carrying silver plate. Hijack, as Jack Spade, reads Batman’s lips with binoculars. That night, Hijack stops the silver truck and orders the two drivers out, then yells for Batman and Robin to come out and be cut down by their guns, or stay inside and be dynamited. They dynamite the load, but Batman and Robin emerge from hiding, having been disguised as the drivers. The heroic pair defeats and captures Hijack and his gang, telling the costumed criminal later that they had guessed he had learned lip-readin during his deaf period, and had baited a trap for him with Carter’s cooperation. Later, Batman and Robin gaze proudly at the departing transport truck, havin made its path a little safer.

Batman v1 #122/3
The Marriage of Batman and Batwoman As Bruce Wayne
Fecha: 1959.03| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), S. Moldoff/B. Kane (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 76 Novaro, Batman Novaro Avestruz 9.

After hearing Bruce Wayne say that he is going out with Kathy Kane, secretly Batwoman, and seeing him to the door, Dick Grayson falls asleep in a chair. He appears to awaken when roused by Bruce and Kathy together, as they tell him they have taken the plunge and gotten married. Dick is fearful of his status as Batman’s parner, and, alone with Bruce, discovers that he has not yet told her his secret identity, nor has she divulged her Batwoman identity to him, as of yet. Later, Bruce and Dick make excuses to leave when the Bat-Signal summons them as Batman and Robin to an airport terminal robbery. Kathy, feeling bored, becomes Batwoman and heads for the same site. After the three heroes defeat the hoods, they head home in separate ways. When they arrive home, Batman reveals his double identity to a grateful Batwoman. But, on the next night, when Batman and Robin leave to answer another Bat-Signal, Kathy cannot find her uniform. Batman confesses that he has hidden it, saying that one crime-fighter is enough, her place is in the home, and if she were unmasked the underworld would know that Batman is Bruce Wayne. Batman and Robin appear on a movie set to foil a robbery there, but Batwoman, clad in an altered Batman costume, also turns up and joins in the battle. One of the hoods activats a wind machine. The gale blows away Batwoman’s cowl, and she is revealed as Kathy Kane Wayne. The hoods then exclaim that «Batman is Bruce Wayne!» Robin angrily yells that Kathy has ruined Batman’s career. Batman shakes Robin and tells him to stop it. At that point, Dick Grayson wakes up in the chair, being shaken by Bruce Wayne. Bruce tells him that what he has experienced has been only a dream. However, Bruce muses that someday he /will/ probably marry, and Kathy is a nice girl. This does nothin for Dick’s peace of mind»

Batman v1 #123
The Secret of the Everglades
Fecha: 1959.04| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Baicomic 16 Novaro.

A Seminole Indian tells a group of youngsters around a campfire about Old Joe Osceola’s adventure with Batman and Robin. Joe, a trapper, was grabbed by two toughs who said that «the boss» wanted words with him, but Joe cried out, attracting the attention of a vacationing Batman and Robin. The two toughs, after losing a fight, took off in a swap-sled. Joe Oscelola confessed that he did not know what they wanted, and, when Batman and Robin escorted him into the neighboring village, complained that the young ones used to make over him the way they do now of Batman and Robin. The two heroes decided to restore Joe’s pride in himself, somehow. Soon, Mike Briggs, a buyer of alligator hides, visited the camp, bought hides from Joe, and let drop the information that he knew Joe had been attacked. Since Batman and Robin had let no one know of the incident, only the thugs’ employer could have had the knowledge. The two heroes followed, but were captured and tied to logs. But Old Joe managed to slip a knife to Batman, while showing himself to the hoods, who captured him and interrogated him about a wooden plank which he used to patch his canoe. Batman and Robin were able to free themselves and rescued Joe, who pitched in and battled alongside them. Later, Batman and Robin checked out the plank in Joe’s canoe, which proved to have and inscription in Spanish from Ponce De Leon, the explorer who sought the Fountain of Youth. At the place where Joe found the plank, Batman and Robin dug up Briggs’s true objective–ancient suits of Spanish armor, which could be sold for a high price. Joe opted to share the money with his tribe, and thus became a hero again to the youth of his village, as he is to the youngsters who hear the Seminole tell the tale again.»

Batman v1 #123/2
The Joker’s Practical Jokes
Fecha: 1959.04| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Dick Sprang (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

After overhearing a construction worker tell a young apprentice to fetch a «left-handed monkeywrench»–a practical joke common among builders–the Joker hits upon using practical jokes as a theme for crimes. Through police headquarters, he sends Batman and Robin clues to his thievery attempts. «Anchor watch,» which is a gag played upon new seamen, siginfies that the Joker will use an inflatable whale tied to a docked ship’s anchor to draw the attention of passengers and crew so that he may loot the ship’s safe. Batman and Robin try to nab the Joker, but he punctures the whale and releases a cloud of smoky gas used to inflate ballon, and makes his escape. His next practical joke crime revolves around a «cable stretcher,» a nonexistent item electric linemen send green workers to fetch. The Joker creates a web of stretched wires across a road to trap a truck carrying a payroll to a new hydroelectric dam. Batman and Robin try to stop the Joker’s escape once again, and once again they fail. Finally, the Joker notifies Batman that his next crime motif is «unobtanium,» and imaginary fuel refered to by rocket scientists. The Joker’s ploy is to set off a horde of toy rockets in a rocket parts factory, create havoc, and loot them of industrial diamonds. Batman appears, and the Joker flees up the side of a prop rocket outside, having equipped the nose capsule to fly. But Robin, in the Batplane, lassos the capsule with a cable and prevents the Joker’s escape. Later, in prison, the Joker falls for a gag when inquires to a guard about a «sheepskin» the other convicts have said he is to receive. The guard curtly tells the Joker that a sheepskin is prison slang for a pardon, and the Joker is far away form earning that kind of sheepskin. Everyone concerned cracks up–except the Joker.

Batman v1 #123/3
The Fugitive Batman
Fecha: 1959.04| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 77 Novaro.

Commissioner Gordon calls a press conference, with Robin present, and announces that Batman is wanted for a crime, the details of which he cannot reveal at present. But even Robin is joinging in the hunt, and proves it by battling Batman–and losing–at a drive-in theater later on. Afterward, Robin uses Bat-Hound to pick up Batman’s scent,since John Wilker, Ace’s owner, has gone to Europe for a vaction and left the dog with the Wayne household. Batman manages to elude Bat-Hound and Robin by using a giant fish-net display to entangle them, but he is still on the run. Eventually, he falls in with Nifty Blake, suspected of being a member of the Red Mask Mob, and begs to be allowed to join the gang. To prove his sencerity, Batman removes his cowel. The features undreneath are that of Frank Tyler, a detective writer whom the newspapers report to be wanted for murder. Satisfied, Blake takes Batman to meet the secret head of the Red Mask Mob, one Lucky Lane, the former «king of the underworld.» Robin and Bat-Hound arrive, supposedly on Batman’s trail. But Batman changes course and battles against the Red Mask Mob, with Robin and Bat-Hound helping him defeat them. Later, Frank Tyler comes out of hiding, and the entire murder chare is revealed as a hoax to smoke out the head of the Red Mask Mob, which succeeded.

Batman v1 #124
The Invisible Batman
Fecha: 1959.06| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Baticomic 21 Novaro.

Batman and Robin, battling two members of Smiley Gober’s gang at the Aladdin Lamp Company, are dismayed when one of the gangsters accidentally triggers a ray-machine’s beam on Batman, causing him to become invisible. After the hood’s are taken by the police, a scientist at the plant explains to Batman that the machine is used to experiment with light waves, and the ray which caused his predicament is unknown to them. The invisible Batman carries on, even though he knows he will have to make a televised appearance later in the week with the Gotham Community Chest, as Bruce Wayne. Batman and Robin next encounter Smiley and his gang going through bags of soy flour at a bakery. When they detect the unseen Batman’s footprints in spilled flour, the gangsters employ a vacuum cleaner filled with soy flour on reverse power to blow flour over Batman, rendering him visible. When he accidentally falls into their hands, Smiley unmasks Batman, only to find that the concealed upper half of his face is still invisible. Robin appears, removes th flour from Batman’s body with an exhoust fan, and helps his mentor bring the crooks down with the help of a vat of butter. Later, Bruce Wayne appears at the Community Chest with make-up covering his face, but the hot lights of the television crew causes the make-up to run. However, his invisibility has worn off, and no harm is done.

Batman v1 #124/2
The Return of Signalman
Fecha: 1959.06| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Phil Cobb breaks jail and returns to the Gotham underworld as the Signalman. He hopes ot acquire a gang, now that he has one battle with Batman under his belt, but the Gotham crooks refuse, since Batman has outsmarted him. Accordingly, Signalman begins a new solo crime campaign, sending clues to Commissioner Gordon and Batman. The symbols of theater masks and a short=voyages sailing symbol indicate his first raid will be on an old showboat’s box office; Batman and Robin confront Signalman on board, but he brings down a smokestack with ans explosive and forces the heroes to stop the resulting fire as he escapes. Later, the heroes receive the astrological symbol for Sagittarius, the archer, and the chess symbol for a castle. They deduce correctly that Signalman intends to rob a priceless borrowed diamond necklace from a actress portraying the queen of England in a Robin Hood movie being filmed nearby; the Signalman flings down a checkered flag and escapes in a racing car. Finally, Batman receives a flashlight with a Bat-Signal fixed to it. He realizes that the Signalman plans to rob the police exhibit at a nearby hall, heisting a display of the many honorary police badges sent to Batman. During the confrontation, Signalman attempts to escape by climbing a giant microscope, but Batman climbs a giant saftey patrolman’s statue, reaches Signalman, and knocks him onto a giant scales of justice.

Batman v1 #124/3
The Mystery Seeds from Space
Fecha: 1959.06| Créditos: Arnold Drake (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 78 Novaro.

A farmer outside of Gotham City and his wife are the first to feel the effects of a trio of strange «space seeds» fallen from the heavens: a strange, incredibly loud whistling noise that sets up powerful viberations in the air around it. Hearing the noise, Batman and Robin investigate in the Batplane, seeing Gotham Tower and a cross-river bridge disintergrating from the noise. They protet themselves with earplugs and, finding the strange seedpod, cause a small avalanche with rubble and muffle, but not stop, its sound. Batman and Robin then encounter the farmer, who tells them of two other seeds which fell to Earth right after a meterite recently struck the ground. The second seed releases a petrifying gas cloud which threatens to drift towards Gothem City; the heroes anchor their Whirly-Bats over the gas cloud and hold it stationary in a small ravine. They track the third seed by the radio interference it caused and find a giant, collapsible robot emerging from the interior, which proceeds to free the gas cloud and sound seed,all of which head for Gotham. Realizing the meteorite must be a control element, Batman uses the Batplane’s grappling hook to snag it and then dips it into the petrifying gas cloud. It becomes brittle enough to be shattered by the vibrations of the sound seed. Without the control element, the gas cloud evaporated and the robot and sound seed disintergrate. When Robin wonders why another planet would use those means to attack Earth, Batman speculates that it may have been due to a military error

Batman v1 #125
The Secret Life of Bat-Hound
Fecha: 1959.08| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Baticomic 18 Novaro.

When John Wilker takes a job which will keep him travelling constantly, he asks Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson to keep his dog Ace permanently, not knowing his dog is secretly the Bat-Hound. Soon after, BAtman and Robin go on a mission against Mr. Midas, a masked criminal whose gang specializes in gold robberies, when he steals a solid gold car at an exhibition and scatters gold coins in his wake, causing pedestrians to stop and pick them up and so obstruct the Batmobile. Detective work leads Batman and Robin to Midas’s hideout, an abandoned gold mine, but the villain traps them there with a cave-in after telling them he is about to «pull the Jason job!» Batman is able to signal Bat-Hound back at Wayne Manor via a radio signal in Batman’s boot and a receptor in Ace’s collar; Ace, as trained,puts his head through a harness holding the Bat-Hound masks, summons Kathy Kane as Batwoman, and leads her to the source of the signal, where Batwoman digs out the heroes with a steam shovel. Batman and Batwoman deduce that «the Jason job» refers to a movie nearby being made of «Jason and the Golden Fleece,» with a fleece made of real gold. When the four crime-fighters arrive, Batman,Batwoman and Robin defeat the gang, while Midas makes a break for it in his car. Bat-Hound gives chase, corners Midas at an airport, keeps him from reaching a plane, and holds him until Batman can arrive and kayo the master thief. Later, Bat-Hound receives a hug from Batwoman as his two masters look on, grinning

Notas: Origen del Ace, el Bat Perro.

Batman v1 #125/2
The Last Days of Batman
Fecha: 1959.08| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman Libro Comic 12 Novaro.

Batman and Robin are sent back to 14th century Venice to successfully verify that a painting reputedly done by the artist Verillo was indeed his work, and that museum curator John Kirk has not erred in purchasing it. But, when the time comes for their return to the present, Carter Nichol’s time machine is struck by a bolt of lighting. Batman is returned to his time of departure plus one hour, but Robin is shot forward in time three days, and picks up a newspaper whose headline tells of Batman’s death, falling from a TV tower in Bay City, while saving Robin from a villain named El Bolo. Desperatly, Robin realizes that he may yet have a chance to save his mentor, if he can change history when he returns to the present. Nichols’s repaired machine retrives Robin from the future, but he refuses to tell Batman about the headline, realizing his guardian would not be stopped from sacrificing his life for Robin. The heroes do encounter El Bolo twice, resulting in the bolo-wielding villain’s escape each time. But, when Robin, acting on his own, is trapped by El Bolo on his TV-tower hideout in Bay City, a Batman-costumed figure swings toward them–and falls after his Bat-Rope is cut in two by El Bolo’s bladed bolo. A reporter, seeing the fall, hurries to call in the story of Batman’s apparent demise. But, seconds later, the real Batman swings onto th TV tower, having distracted El Bolo by a costumed dummy, and apprehends the villain with a bolo of his own. Robin reveals all to Batman, and they pass by a newsboy later who holds the erroneous report of Batman’s death, more than slightly exaggerated.

Notas: Batman viaja a la Italia del siglo 14

Batman v1 #125/3
King Batman the First
Fecha: 1959.08| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Dick Sprang (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 80 Novaro.

Batman and Robin, on the trail of a criminal named Guerney, wind their way through undergound caverns until they encounter a «time warp» that places them in another dimension (as it already has Guerney). Soon after, they find themselves in an athletic arens, where they overhear a crooked athlete named Rakk fixing a competition to ensure him victory. Batman enters the lists against Rakk and defeats him after a series of alien sports. Then, startling enough, he is unmasked and crowed king of Plaxius, the alien world–the objective of the competition. But Guerney, who has watched the contest, informs Rakk of their alien nature, and Rakk, declaring same to the officials, has Batman and Robin jailed on grounds of illegal alien competition. The heroes are freed from inprisonment by Selina, fiance of Rakk’s rival Vol, who has been abducted by Rakk. Batman, Robin and Selina track Vol to Rakk’s satellite castle, where they smash his defenses with a passing meteor and Batman defeats Rakk in personal combat. They return with Guerney to their homeworld, knowing that Guerney has recognized Batman’s unmasked face during the coronation ceremony. But, when they return through the warp, neither Batman, Robin, nor Guerney can remember anything of their adventure, and Batman’s identity remains secret.

Batman v1 #126
The Mystery of the 49th Star
Fecha: 1959.09| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Baticomic 19 Novaro.

Batman and Robin are called in to help an old friend recover stolen diamonds. The friend, Chalmers, lives in Alaska and made his fortune there; the diamonds, 49 of them, were out in star shapes and set in an «American flag» setting, to be presented to the Alaskan government to commemorate Alaska’s being admitted to the Union. Chalmer’s guard Atkins informs Batman that he was slugged from behind by three bandits. From fingerprints, Batman and Robin determine the thieves to be the Brady Brothers, notorious criminals. By canvassing bush pilots, they find that the three Bradys split up and were flown to different areas. They capture Will Brady in the Valley of 10,000 Smokes, a volcanic region; Bart Brady is taken near Kodiak Island; and Matt Brady is caught in the Eskimo territory of northern Alaska. Each possesses 16 diamonds, totalling 48 in all; the 49th, symbolizing Alaska, remains missing. Batman and Robin return to Chalmers, who waits for them with his guard Atkins at a mining plant. Batman tackles Atkins and recovers the 49th star, telling him that he could not have known there was three thieves if he was knocked out from behind. Afterward, Batman salutes the American diamond-flag, nad pay special tribute to Alaska.

Batman v1 #126/2
The Batman Lighthouse
Fecha: 1959.09| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Gotham City has recently erected a lighthouse in the shape of a giant Batman holding a torch, which figures in the lives of three separate individuals. When bandits overpower night watchman Dan Grady and lock him in a warehouse’s stockroom, he forms a «bat-signal» from parts of a bicycle reflector pasted to board, shines it by the light of the nearby lighthouse, and thus signals Batman and Robin to rescue him and defeat the thieves. Later, political refugee Carlo Luria gazes on the lighthouse from within a ship; with him he has a report which, when presented to the American government, will block their loan to his small nation and thus enable a dictatorship to be overthrown. However, agents from the nation are on board, start a fire, pose as firemen and attempt to abduct Luria. Batman and Robin are drawn from their Bat-Boat search for gangster Hack Jorgens by the fire, and the fact that the ship’s «firemen» are ignorant of firefighting terminology tips them off to the agent’s true nature. They are able to rescue Luria and subdue the agents. Finally, Batman realizes that Hack Jorgens bas holed up in the Batman Lighthouse when he notes that the becon is revolving too slowly; the clockwork mechanism must be cranked up every four hours, and the lighthouse keeper, tied up by Jorgen, has not been able to do it. Batman chases Jorgen up the arm of the giant Batman to the torch, where he tackles him, finally bringing the gangster to bay. Later on, in prison, Jorgens is given a cell facing the Batman Lighthouse

Batman v1 #126/3
The Menace of the Firefly
Fecha: 1959.09| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 81 Novaro.

A new costumed criminal, the Firefly, and his gang crash a party at the Carson Mansion at Gotham which Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson are attending. Batman and Robin attempt ot interfere with the Firefly’s theft of gold nuggets from the Carson family’s first gold strike, but the Firefly blinds them momentarily with a powerful light beam from his helmet and insures his gang’s getaway. Later, Bruce Wayne finds Kathy Kane spruning him for Ted Carson, causing him to exclaim that he now has both the Firefly and Carson to worry about. Soon, Batman, Robin and Batwoman are summoned to combat the Firefly at the Gotham Glassworks, but they discover that the Firefly possesses a sonic weapon that can shatter glass and are forced to take cover while the criminals flee, though one is caught. As they part, Batwoman reveals to Batman that she knows his secret identity. Later, Bruce Wayne calls upon Kathy Kane, only to find Ted Carson already there. After a few minutes, Ted gets up to leave and asks Bruce to see Kathy to dinner; she pleads a headache and gets Bruce’s raincoat, still leaving him in the dark as to whether or not she suspects him of being Batman. After Bruce leaves, a fallen paper reveals to Kathy the Firefly’s plans to rob the Gotham Museum of Natural History. She becomes Batwoman and travels to Ted Carson’s house, telling him to become Batman and accompany her to foil the Firefly’s plans, and revealing she saw him change from a uniform into civilian clothes at the party. Carson leaves, and emerges in his uniform–the Firefly’s. He proceeds to tie Batwoman up and joins his gang at the museum, attempting to steal silver relics. But Batman and Robin have deduced his next crime-site and Batwoma has freed herself, and the crime-fighters bring the criminals down. Later, Batwoman reveals that she thought Bruce Wayne was the Firefly because she had mistakenly given Bruce Ted’s coat, from which the plans for robbing the museum had dropped. Still later, Kathy Kane, dancing with Bruce, contemplates him as a candidate for Batman, and rejects the notion.

Notas: Debut de Luciernaga II (Ted Carson).

Batman v1 #127
Batman’s Super-Partner
Fecha: 1959.10| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Dick Sprang (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

When the Joker tricks Batman and Robin into being locked up in an armored car so that he and his gang can loot a book fair, the heroes are liberated by a new super-hero, the Eagle, who rips off the doors off the vehicle. He expresses his wish to become their third partner, but the Joker manages to make a clean getaway thru a specially-prepared exit. The Eagle leaps away, but Batman and Robin meet him later that night in the Bat-Cave when he unmasks himself and proves to be Alfred, their butler. Alfred explains that he was accidentally struck by a ray bombardment form a criminal scientist’s machine in the Bat-Cave, refracted through a space-crystal prism that Superman brought back from outer space. It had the effect of giving him tremendous strength and leaping power, plus invulnerability. Alfred petitions to join their team, and Batman repliew that he sees no other choice. But privately he confides his doubts in Alfred’s crime-fighting ability to Dick, who shares his misgivings. The Joker makes a second appearance, stealing a puzzle solver’s prize money, and the Eagle tries to aid Batman and Robin in capturing him. But Alfred manages to bungle by miscalculating his strength and leaping power, and instead ends up netting his employers while the Joker goes scott free again. On the next day, the Joker pulls a museum robbery, but the Eagle is finally successful in one of his endeavors–blocking the getaway car with a thrown statue. Unfortunately, as he closes with the Joker, the Eagles’s strength and powers fade away and the harlequin is easily able to kayo him. However, Batman and Robin bear down on him in Roman chariots, dodge spears thrown by the Joker and his men, and apprehend the gang. Later, in the Bat-Cave, Alfred proudly states that he might have even surpassed Batman and Robin with a little practice, and Batman, wisely, concurs, while Robin, behind Alfred, slaps his forehead in dismay.

Batman v1 #127/2
The Second Life of Batman As Bruce Wayne
Fecha: 1959.10| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Dick Sprang (Dibujos)| Edición española: Baticomic 21.

Professor Carter Nichols invited Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson to test another invention of his–a machine which can create mental visions of an alternate universe which might have resulted had one event in the user’s past been changed. Bruce wonders what would have occurred if the killing of his parents, which inspired him to become Batman, had not taken place. He sees himself as a young playboy whose parent have died the previous year in a car crash. Though lazy, the other Bruce is still an accomplished athlete. He is invited by friends to a masquerade ball at Metropolis Airport, where everyone is required to attend as a flying creature. Aptly, Bruce wears a Superman suit. But the party is crashed by the Blue Bat, a criminal gangleader who wears the same uniform as the Batman of Earth-One universe. Superman appears and tries to take in the gang, but the Blue Bat activates a plane and sends it straight at the crowd,requiring Superman to break off his fight and stop the plane. Bruce, costumed as Superman, is stung into action by a friend’s joke that he «act like» Superman; he leaps into action and brings down several of the Blue Bat’s gang, though the costumed criminal himself escapes. A day later, the Blue Bat and his gang accost Bruce Wayne, knock him down, and warn him never to interfere in their rackets again. Irked by treatment, Bruce uses his detective skills to track down the Blue Bat’s lair, only to find it deserted. But there is a spare Blue Bat costume, and a diagram of the interior of a new dam being built outside town. Bruce, hitting upon a plan, dons the Blue Bat uniform, drives to the dam, and maks sure to pass by police so that they pursue him. He and the Blue Bat have a final confrontation, and he kayos the villain and prevents him from dynamiting the dam. As Bruce taks his leave, he overhears the police behind him prasising the work of «that Bat-Man!» And , once home, Bruce Wayne resolves to use the Blue Bat costume and the name the policeman gave him in the cause of justice, as Batman. Back in the real world, Bruce removes the machine from his head and tells Nichols that his destiny would have been the same, no matter what happened. «

Notas: Debut de The Blue Bat de un universo alternativo.

Batman v1 #127/3
The Hammer of Thor
Fecha: 1959.10| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), S. Moldoff/B. Kane (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 84 Novaro.

Batman and Robin are startled, to say the least, when they behold a red-bearded man, dressed like an ancient Norseman and wielding a hammer, claiming to be Thor himself, and using his mallet to smash through the metal doors of the National Bank of Gotham. The hammer, once thrown, comes back to his hand, and Thor’s super-strength is proof even against Batman and Robin. He heists a sack of money from the bank and smashes down a lamppost to block the Batmobile, ensuring his escape. The next day, Commissioner Gordon introduces Henry Meke to Batman and Robin. Meke is proprietor of a small museum featuring replicas of mythological curios. He has lately noticed the hammer of Thor missing from his collection, and wonders if the real Thor has to come to reclaim it. Two nights later, Thor appears during a thunderstorm to wallop the daylights out of two safecrackers at an electronics factory. Batman and Robin try to capture Thor, but are outclassed by his power, and break off the attack when Thor accidentally endangers the two thieves. The thunderer once again escapes. A night later, Batman and Robin visit Meke, who finally remembers an incident: some nights past, a meteorite smashed through his window, hit the hammer of Thor, and disintergrated. The hammer began to glow, and he reached out to examine it. Meke breaks off his narrative as another storm brews outside, and the thunder seems to put him in a trance. Meke opens a floor panel, takes from it the hammer and costume of Thor, and, after touching the hammer, is transformed into the mighty Thor himself. A thunderbolt crashes nearby, and Thor answers it verbally, telling Odin he will now go to prepare him a temple after finding more wealth to finance it. Batman comments on the phenomenon. Angered at being interrupted in his conversation, Thor vows to wallop Batman and Robin. The heroes are out-powered again, but Batman cons Thor into throwing his hammer at an electrical fuse box behind him, causing a great electrical spark which short-circuits the hammer. Thor returns to being Henry Meke. Batman later explains to Meke that the meteorite had been subjected to cosmic forces in space that enabled it to transmit strange powers to the hammer, and then to Meke when he touched it. Since the incident occurred in a thunderstorm, Meke thought that he was Thor himself. Batman assures Meke that the reward for nabbing the two safecrackes will pay the damages he caused as the Asgardian avenger. The next day, crowds of people line up outside the museum to see the hammer that transformed a weak, unassuming mortal into the mighty Thor, and marvel at it.»

Notas: Debut de Thor (Henry Meke).

Batman v1 #128
The Interplanetary Batman
Fecha: 1959.12| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 83 Novaro.

Batman and Robin, in their Batmobile, stop to answer a cry for help–a cry from an alien being. They are hardly out of the car when other aliens, not from the same world as the first one, paralyse the first alien, whom they call Kraak the space pirate, and Batman and Robin, whom they mistakenly believe to be Kraak’s partners. All were taken to a prison on an alien planet’s moon. During an exercise period, Batman and Kraak get into a fight after Kraak takes a poke at Robin. The two separated and Batman and Robin taken in for questioning, then returned to Kraak’s cell. Batman informs Kraak that they intend to break prison. Kraak offers to be their guide on the unfamiliar alien moon, and, after breaking jail, the threesome endure deadly natural perils and the efforts of the authorites to recapture them. They make their way to a spaceport, where they hijack an unattended space cruiser and escape from the moon. When Earth comes into sight on the viewport, Kraak infroms them that they are not bound for Batman’s home planet, but for the Claw Asteroid, where he hid his loot. After they disembark, Batman and Robin are seized by Kraak’s gang, but the heroes break free and Batman subdues Kraak with judo. Shortly after, the Ergon police arrive in another space cruiser. Batman reveals that he convinced the police, during questioning, to let him prove his innocence by getting Kraak to show them the hiding place of his loot. The Ergon leader shakes hands with Batman, calling him the greatest crime-fighter of two solar systems.

Batman v1 #128/2
The Million Dollar Puzzle
Fecha: 1959.12| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman and Robin respond to a call for help from Sawyer, a wealthy man who has been assaulted and robbed–but only of an ordinary vase from the Thaddeus Moore auction. The two heroes recall two earlier burglaries of a clock and a thermometer, both bought at the Moore auction. Later, they check with Logan, a lawyer handling the Moore estate, and his aide Hillery, and learn that Moore had said he would leave a million dollars to his nephew, but would have to work hard for it and take care of his possessions. A fourth burglary, of a desk of Moore’s now owned by Cora Dale, leads Batman and Robin to hear a poem Moore had left in his desk: «Mr. Field laid down a chain / Another Cyrus gave us grain / James knew all the whats and whys / If you know how you’ll win the prize.» Batman, realizing that Moore build models of great inventions, prompts Robin to guess the meaning of the riddle: Cyrus Field, the man who laid the first transatlantic telegraph cable, Cyrus McCormick, the inventor of the reaper, and James Watt, who invented the steam engine. This leads them to a series of adventures against crooks hired by an unknown mastermind to steal Moore’s models, resulting in the discovery of a key to a secret deposit box of the Gotham City Bank containing Moore’s million dollars. Hillery, the lawyer’s assistant, proves to be the power behind the thefts, but is captured by Batman and Robin when tries to recover the key.

Batman v1 #128/3
The Batman Baby
Fecha: 1959.12| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1154 Novaro.

Kathy Kane appears at the Wayne mansion with a startling gift–a baby boy. In her capacity as a director on the local orphanage’s board, she has received the baby on the orphange’s doorstep with a note from the parents (unidentified) asking them to keep the child in hiding until he can be reclaimed, and asking the police to remain secret. Kathy, not wishing her Batwoman career to be imparied, trusts Bruce to be a good guardian to the child until his parents can be located. Batman attempts to leave the boy with Alfred when he goes for a nightly patrol, but the baby puts up such a squawk at Bruce’s attempt to exit that he is forced to stay with the child to keep the neighbors from discovering its presence, while Robin patrols with Batwoman. The next day, from telltale threads in a crest pattern, they determine the boy is one of the royal family of Morania, a tiny European country. When they attempt to meet the ambassador of Morania, whose old king is dying, they are detained and then attacked by thugs, whom they beat back. Realizing that Lekkey, the assistant to the ambassador, was the only one who knew of their appointment, Batman and Robin trail him to the hideout of Bruno Groft, a foreign agent and assasin-for-hire, and defeat him and his gang and manage to rescue the abducted ambassador. He directs them to the hiding place of the prince and princess of Morania, the child’s parents. They arrive just in time to prevent Lekkey from assassinating them so that Baron Karl, another family member. may assume the throne. The plotters, including Baron Karl, all wind up behind bars. Not long afterward, the king of Morania dies and the prince and princess assume the throne of their country. Alfred, for his part, has a delayed shock upon realizing he held a tiny bit of royalty in his hands. «

Notas: Debut de Bruno Groft y Lekkey.

Batman v1 #129
The Web of the Spinner
Fecha: 1960.02| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 86 Novaro, Baticomic 20.

Batman and Robin encounter a new costumed villain, the Spinner, whose metal uniform is overlaid with spinning discs, and who utilizes a spinning buzz-saw gun, tops, and giant fans in his arsenal of tricks. The heroes are dazzled by the reflected light of the sun from the Spinner’s colored-glass fan and thus are unable to stop the gang’s escape, but a slang word used by the Spinner common among Joliet Prison inmates gives Batman a clue to his identity. In the meantime, Kathy Kane is checking out a Swami Ymar who runs a racket finding lost valuables for wealthy people. He proves unable to see that Kathy’s brooch is in her jewel box, but can see that another’s woman’s diamond ring is on the powder box in her bureau. Kathy judges him master of a racket in which a henchman steals things and hides them, then, for a fee, the Swami pretends to find them. The Spinner has another encounter with Batman during a payroll robbery, but fends off the heroes with a giant top. He drops a glove, which proves to have peanut oil and salt on it. From this, and the Joliet Prison clue, Batman deduces that Peanuts Gilson, an ex-con, must be the Spinner, though he doesn’t seem bright enough for the role. At the Swami’s studio, a reporter nudges the Swami into revealing the Spinner’s hideout, at a windmill outside of Gotham. Batwoman, outside the Swami’s window, gets the news even before the reporter phones police headquarters, and thus precedes Batman and Robin by a few seconds–and gets caught by the Spinner and tied to a giant fan. Batman disables the fan controls with a pitchfork, and he and Robin easily defeat the gang. The Spinner, unmasked, proves to be Gilson. But when a freed Batwoman accuses him of other crimes, Gilson exclaims that he is not really the Spinner, who gave him this costume and asked him to stand in for him while he is out. Suspecting a trap–correctly–Batman gets all of them out of the windmill before a booby trap blows the structure to bits. Batman, Robin and Batwoman return to the Swami’s studio and captures the real Spinner–Swami Ymar. Ymar admits to using the slang and dropping the gimmicked glove as false clues, and was planning to have Gilson, in the Spinner costume, die in the blast, so that Ymar would be clear to retire safely with his loot from the robberies and the reward for The Spinner’s capture. Batman leads him away, telling him the only one caught in the Spinner’s web was the Spinner’s himself. «

Notas: Debut de Spinner (Swami Ymar).

Batman v1 #129/2
The Man from Robin’s Past
Fecha: 1960.02| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman and Robin, passing by a circus on the outskirts of Gotham, notice two thieves wanted for a jewelry robbery in Midville duck into the tent of Sando, the Strongman. Robin recognizes Sando, as the kindly man who was his friend in the Haly Circus before Dick Grayson became Robin. They go after the thugs, but a glancing shot frees a tiger from its cage and forces them to break off battle. Sando himself lifts a cage and heaves it over the tiger. Soon, Batman finds a diamond from the store loot in Sando’s tent, and the strongman, refusing to answer questions, is jailed on suspicion. Robin believes that he might talk to his old friend, Dick Grayson. Dick is allowed to see Sando the next day, and is welcomed with open arms. The scene reminds Dick of his playful tugs of war with Sando when he was a child, and of the night that gangsters rigged a fatal accident for his trapeze-riding parents to force Haly, the owner of the circus, to pay protection money. On that night, Dick Grayson first met Batman, who trained him to become Robin, the boy wonder, and fought alongside of him to bring his parents’ murderers to justice. Back in the present, Dick asks Sando if he should be allowed to tell Andy, Sando’s son, of his whereabouts; Sando emphatically refuses to let him do so. Batman and Robin, wondering if Sando is covering for his son, goes to Midville, where Andy is attending college. There they discover that Andy Sando is hanging around the Green Anchor nightclub, owned by gangster Art Colby. They find Andy there, bitterly accusing Art Colby of pulling the robbery after first going with Andy to meet his strongman father, and then hiding the diamonds in Sando’s tent, knowing he feels his son–incorrectly–to be involved. Andy threatens to go to the police; Colby directs his men to grab Andy; and Batman and Robin, emerging from hiding, attack Colby’s men. But Colby brings down the huge anchor-trademark in the heroes’ path, and flees behind a locked steel door with Andy as hostage. Sando, out on bail and suddenly appearing, hefts up the huge anchor and smashes in the door with it. Then he enters and nabs Colby and clobbers his goons in a single motion. Colby points out that without any physical evidence here, Batman still has no case against him. But the masked hero discovers a letter obviously to a fence of stolen goods, with the date written day first, month second. Realizing that Englishmen put the day first in their dating, Batman goes after transplanted Britisher Limey Lou, and finds the diamonds and the rest of the gang in Limey’s lair. Later on, Sando vigorously pumps Batman’s hand, and tells him he doesn’t know how to thank him. Batman suggests he stop crushing his hand, for starters. «

Notas: Origen de RobinTierra-1 (expandido en Batman v1 #213)

Batman v1 #129/3
Merriweather Jones, Crime Prophet
Fecha: 1960.02| Créditos: Jerry Coleman (Guiones), Dick Sprang (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

After being struck on the head by a deflected lightning bolt, Merriweather Jones develops the power to predict where a crime will be committed when a gong-like sensation is felt in his head, by «some strange kind of telepathy!» He proves this by signalling a cop to investigate a crime in progress, which, inadvertently, Batman and Robin were also foiling. Jones is suspected of collusion, but is released after questioning. He thwarts a second crime at the Atlas Signal Device Company by ringing an alarm that summons a passing Batman and Robin to apprehend the burglars, and, after hearing how Jones got his powers, Batman drives him home with a warning to stay under wraps until Batman visits the police. The Gotham force agrees to try out Jone’s ability, but someone is also interested: «Red-Hot» Regan, a gang chief, who kidnaps Jones and attempts to force him to predict robberies, so that he can hijack the thieves’ loot. From two pennies with Lincoin heads left on number 10s, Batman and Robin deduce that Jones has left them a clue: the Lincoin Bank is to be robbed at 10:00. Batman and Robin use plainclothes cops to stage a fake robbery, and, when Regan and his gang, with Jones in tow, try to seize the swag, Batman and Robin intervene and beat the daylights out of the thugs. Jones reveals that his power is now gone, but Batman and he each keep one of the pennies left as a clue, as memoirs of one of the strangest escapeds in their lives. During the various ceremonies, a range of events occur. A scroll and jeweled medallion from the Jewelers Insurance Underwriters are taken when a pair of water fountains go out of control; a fireworks mural of Batman and Robin is altered to that “Robin”butts his head in “Batman” and knocks him off-balance; and Batman and Robin, climbing a giant birthday cake, are apparently stuck in wet plaster at the top of the cake. The mishaps have been engineered by a criminal gang, who climax their thefts by stealing the chairty funds from the box office where Batman and Robin are appearing. However, Batman unexpectedly surprises the thieves as they escape and clobbers the gang leader with a giant candle. He reveals that he had learned the secret of the cake-trap when he has shown its interior by the designer and saw wet plaster dripping down. The spectators join in a chorus of “Happy Birthday” to Batman. «

Batman v1 #130
Batman’s Deadly Birthday
Fecha: 1960.03| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Dick Sprang (Dibujos)| Edición española: Baticomic 21.

Batman and Robin are summoned in the early morning to Commissioner Gordon’s office, where they are greeted by flashbbulb-popping photographers and a smilling Commissioner. Gordon wishes Batman a happy birthday, as this is the anniversary of his first case, and the city is holding «birthday» parties all over to raise money for charity. Flabbergasted, Batman agrees to participate.

Batman v1 #130/2
The Master of Weapons
Fecha: 1960.03| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Baticomic 21.

On a Paragon Pictures movie set, during the filming of a historical epic, an argument breaks out between Graham, an expert builder of replicas of ancient weapons, and Bailey, head of the accounting department. Graham demands a raise, and Bailey answers that only the boss can authorize such a demand. Seconds later, Graham falls from his high perch atop a catapult, hits the ground, and is knocked unconscious. He later escapes from a hospital, and, not long after that, a strange masked criminal begins leading a gang in utilizing ancient weapons such as ballistas and caltrops in looting banks. Batman and Robin fail to stop the gang in two encounters, but, in the second, Batman calls a catapult a «wild donkey,» as the ancient Romans had nicknamed it, and the masked gangleader professes ingorance of the term. The two heroes begin suspecting someone other than Graham of being the ringleader. However, when the dynamic duo and Bat-Hound track down and capture the gang at an abandoned prison, they find that Graham’s face is indeed the one behind the mask, and he only pretended ignorance to throw them off the track. Batman handcuffs Graham, in preparation to leading him off to jail.

Notas: Debut de Graham.

Batman v1 #130/3
The Hand from Nowhere
Fecha: 1960.03| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 88 Novaro, Baticomic 21.

Batman and Robin, called in on an apparent crank call, discover that a giant green hand controlled by two green-faced figures who appear to be aliens is actually ripping the roof off the Gotham Zinc Works so they may loot it. The aliens, who let drop the information that they are wearing translaters that can interpret correctly any language used to them, easily fend off Batman and Robin with the giant hand and appear to return with it to another dimension. The hand and the aliens commit two more robberies, ostensibly for materials they need in their own dimension. But, when Batman shouts a warning to them in Eskimo language and they fail to respond, he deduces the whole thing to be a hoax. He and Robin, following a huge truck which bears the hand, trace it back to the hideout of Superman’s foe Lex Luthor, who has set up the robberies of relatively cheap material in order to cover for his real objective, the theft of a fortune in platinum. Batman and Robin, entering, make quick work of the gang, and take Luthor to jail in his own giant hand.

Batman v1 #131
The Dog That Betrayed Batman
Fecha: 1960.04| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Baticomic 22.

While Batman and Robin are battling a group of crooks, a wild shot creases Bat-Hound’s skull and gives him amnesia. Since the gunman who shoot him were wearing masks, Bat-Hound, in his memory-less state, instinctively turns against people wearing masks–including Batman and Robin. Bat-Hound flees, beginning an odyssey that leads him into the lives of several persons. The first is an old hermit, who learns from having Bat-Hound around that he actually misses companionship and resolves to move back amidst other people. The second is a recently blinded man, who refuses to marry his fiancee, mistaking her love for pity. Bat-Hound saves him from stepping into a car’s path, giving him a new perspective; he resolves to get a seeing-eye dog and marry his fiancee. The gang of thieves, now unmasked, discovers a sleeping Bat-Hound, ties him up, and uses him as bait to trap Batman and Robin. But Batman, who has distorted his and Robin’s features with make-up, baits the hoods into removing their masks and putting on masks themselves so that they will not be recognized. Bat-Hound responds by attacking the crooks, bringing them to bay, and allowing his masters to free themselves and take charge. Later, Bat-Hound receives an operation that cures his amnesia.

Batman v1 #131/2
The Case of the Deadly Gems
Fecha: 1960.04| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Dick Sprang (Dibujos)| Edición española: Baticomic 22.

After the Gotham Gem Company receives a threatening letter signed by Ted Greaves, whom Batman apprehended some years back during his attempt to rob the firm, Batman and Robin discover the body of Clayber, the companys youngest partner, on the street before the company building. They attempt to pursue the masked man who lurks above, but he pushes a huge gem display over on them, narrowly missing them. Batman and Robin round up the other three surviving members of the executive board, who produce a note signed «Greaves» which promises to kill each member of the company which sent him to prison, proceeding by age, youngest to oldest, with a gem motif for each murder. Batman and Robin save 33-year-old Wilcox from death by a Bengal tiger, since Wilcox’s birthstone is the moonstone, the scared stone of India, and then rescue 40-year-old Stubbs from murder aboard his beached yacht by a fire started from a green kerosene lamp, the color of Stubb’s birthstone, the aquamarine. Afterwards, Batman calls all three men together and accuses them of Clayber’s murder. They attempt to attack the heroes, but prove no match for Batman and Robin, and the police take them into custody. The three confess that Clayber had discovered their gem-smuggling ring and had blackmailed his way into his executive position, but when he got too greedy they executed a murder plan. Batman says that he deduced the identities of the murderes when noticed that «Greaves’s» pants fit too short on one occasion, fit perfectly the next, and were too long on the third try.

Batman v1 #131/3
The Second Batman and Robin Team As Bruce Wayne
Fecha: 1960.04| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), S. Moldoff/B. Kane (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 90 Novaro, Baticomic 22.

Alfred, trying out a new typewriter, engrosses himself in writting a story of the possible future. In this tale, Batman retires and passes on his mantle to Dick Grayson, now an adult, who becomes Batman II. Bruce Wayne, Jr., son of Bruce and Kathy Kane, the ex-Batwoman, petitions to be trained as Robin II, and, over his mother’s objections, succeeds. The new dynamic duo go into action against crooks holding up a televised auction, but, when Robin II tries to lasso a «Taj Mahal» spire and swing on it, he forgets the papier-mache prop cannot support him, and thus enables the crooks to escape. Batman II, Kathy and Bruce all console the downcast youngster at home. Later, Bruce, Jr. picks up a clue from Dick via scratched-out-letters on the back of a penny that taks him, as Robin II, to a mica quarry where gangster Ted Tate and the Babyface Jordan mob have holed up. Robin II manages to free the original Batman II, but the outnumbered pair are overcome by the crooks. However, the original Batman and Batwoman come to their aid, and the quartet of heroes mop the floor with the crooks. Back at the Bat-Cave, everyone acknowledges that Robin II has proven his worth as a crime-fighter. In the “real” world, Bruce Wayne comes upon Alfred at the typewriter. After Alfred explains what he has done, he admits he has had so much fun he may write a sequel sometime»

Notas: Historias imaginarias de Alfred: Batman y Batwoman han sido sustituidos por Batman II (Dick Grayson) y Robin II (Bruce Wayne, Jr., hijo de Bruce Wayne y Kathy Kane), estas historias se repetirá en Batman v1 #135 (1960), 154. 159 (1963) y 163 (1964).

Batman v1 #132
The Martian from Gotham City
Fecha: 1960.06| Créditos: Arnold Drake (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Baticomic 24.

Batman and Robin, on the way back from a lecture, enconter an apparently alien being who claims to be Karik, from the planet Mars, at war with all Earthmen. He blasts a deserted forest watchtower with an electric ray-gun, brings it down around the two, and escapes. Later, Commissioner Gordon tells Batman that «Karik» is actually Clive Norris, an actor working in an SF film, who fell, injured his head, and became convinced he truly was a Martian. The weapons he carries are all developed by the movie studio’s special effects deptment. When the story gets into the newspapers, Logan, a Gotham gangster, and his two cronies capitalize upon it by claiming to be three other Martians in league with Karik, and use him as their ally in robberies. Batman and Robin eventually defeat Logan’s gang, and the addled Karik wanders back to the movie set and its fake Martian landscape. Robin grapples with him desperately upon a tall prop, until Batman, who has learned that Norris was afraid of cats, drops a feline upon him and scares him back into his right mind. Batman comments that the «Martian invasion» is finally over

Batman v1 #132/2
The Three Faces of Batman
Fecha: 1960.06| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Baticomic 24.

When Batman battles the Big Jim Masters gang at the Gotham Science Laboratory, he is knocked against a giant ray-machine and also sets off a burglar alarm. Two of his gang are caught, but Masters himself escapes. In the days to come, Batman exhibits strange personality traits: when approaching a convict atop an oil tank, a firetruck’s bell causes him to become so reckless Robin has to intervene to stop Batman from being shot, and a siren’s sound causes Batman to become terrified when attempting to aid a plane in danger during the next night. Afterwards, Batman can remember nothing which occurred during his periods of strange behavior. The police opt to summon Robin to another emergency, rather that Batman. But, when the Boy Wonder combats Big Jim Masters’s gang at the Gotham Ballon Factory, he is overpowered and tied to a helium-filled ballon set to be released into the heavens. Masters explains to Robin that he had discovered earlier that the machine he knocked Batman against could trigger personality changes in a subject’s mind at a sonic trigger, such as a bell or siren. Batman arrives, and Master’s pulls out a hand-held siren. But, even though Batman feigns cowardice for a second, he recovers and demolishes Masters and his mob. Batman reveals that he had deduced what had happened to him and had one of the scientists at the lab reverse the effects of his ray. Robin, to say the least, is relieved.

Batman v1 #132/3
The Lair of the Sea-Fox
Fecha: 1960.06| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 92 Novaro, Baticomic 24.

The Sea-Fox, a new costumed criminal wearing a diving outfit, and his wet-suited gang are suprised by Batman and Robin in the act of robbing a Chinatown shop in Gotham City of jade, but escape into the sewers after a brief battle. To combat them, Batman and Robin break out the Bat-Sub. They next encounter the gang attempting to loot the River Street Savings Bank from the underground stream below the bank, but, through squid-like ink and sonar-baffling decoys, the Sea-Fox and his crew escape. After a third encounter, Batman and Robin are netted underwater by the aquatic evildoer, but escape by lassoing a jutting rock. They finally trail the gang to their hideout on Fort Island, and abandoned army post, and defeat them with one of the Sea-Fox’s own sea-sleds.

Batman v1 #133
Crimes of the Kite-Man
Fecha: 1960.08| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Dick Sprang (Dibujos)| Edición española: Baticomic 26.

Batman and Robin, during a reception for a visiting Rajah from India, encounter a new costumed criminal–the Kite-Man. The airborne interloper uses a box-kite to dispense tear-gas bombs among the guests, atop a skyscraper, and then uses a «kite»-balloon fixed to his back to fly up to the discomfited guests and steal the Rajah’s priceless ruby. Batman is clouted by the villain, but Robin attempts to bring him down with the Bat-Rope. Instead, Kite-Man carries Robin over the edge, and dangles him far over the city’s streets as he flies on. Robin eventually lets go of the rope, angling his fall so that he splashes down in a water tower. The Kite-Man makes more successful thefts during the following days, but his most daring caper is using a giant kite to fly Big Bill Collins out of prison, as he was paid to do by Collin’s friends. Batman, observing the scene from the nearby bay, uses a skiier’s kite to glide him above the Kite-Man’s craft and leaps onto the criminal’s kite. But the Kite-Man knocks Batman off balance with a toy kite, and Collins kayoes him with repeated blows from a gun butt. Kite-Man locks Batman away in a barred room with peeling wallpaper, then calls up gangland’s top men and invites them to a “skeet-shoot” of sorts with Batman as clay pigeon. But Batman manages to fashion a sheet of wallpaper into a “Bat-Kite”, which signals Robin as to his whereabouts. Robin frees his mentor, and the two heroes use the Kite-Man’s own kite-weapon’s to subdue the arriving gangsters. Kite-Man himself glides down from his retreat to a waiting launch with a glider-kite, but Batman follows with a Chinese dragon kite, and nabs his quarry before he can escape. Later, the glide kite occupies a place in the Bat-Cave’s trophy room. «

Notas: Debut de Kite ManTierra-1 (Charles «Chuck» Brown). La versión post-crisis aparecerá en Hawkman v2 #4, 1987.

Batman v1 #133/2
The Voyage of the S.S. Batman
Fecha: 1960.08| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Baticomic 26.

Batman and Robin begin a tour of several port cities in the S.S. Batman, a small ship containing a replica of their Bat-Cave and crime-lab, with the admissions going to charity. But a band of criminals are out to steal late gangster «Passer» Gillette’s belt-buckle gun, exhibited with the other crime trophies in the model Bat-Cave, and make several attempts to do so along the way. They separate Batman and Robin from their ship by rigging up a false Bat-Signal, but are scared away by a Batman dummy sentinel with a tape-recorded «voice». One of them later fakes being drowned to get Batman and Robin to stop the ship, but the duo see through the ruse in time and take one of the hoods prisoner, though he will not betray his mob. A third attempt is made when two of the gang smuggle themselves on board in an empty crate, after Batman and Robin have collected crates of toys for a Gotham orphanage. But a rubber ball, falling from another box, makes a sound of footsteps as it bounces on the floor and frightens the crooks away. Finally, Batman has a charity auction and offers some of the Bat-Cave’s trophies, so the gangsters are able to buy Gillete’s belt-gun. Later, in their hideout, the chief of the gang informs them that half of a map to Gillete’s cache of counterfeit plates is hidden in the belt-gun’s first cartridge, while they already have the other half. Batman and Robin arrive, battle the gang, and take them prisoner. Later, Batman reveals that he had examined their footprints in the mock Bat-Cave under ultraviolet light, saw what they were going after, and hit upon the idea of auctioning Gillete’s belt off with a transmitter hidden in another cartridge, enabling them to trace it. The crooks are jailed and the S.S. Batman continues its voyage.

Batman v1 #133/3
Batwoman’s Publicity Agent
Fecha: 1960.08| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), S. Moldoff/B. Kane (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 94 y 1158 Novaro, Baticomic 26, Batman 40 Cinco.

Batman and Robin arrive during Batwoman’s battle with robbers at a railroad terminal too late to stop her from being pushed off a balcony. But, strangly, she floats unharmed to the top of a change booth and then bounces back up at the crooks with full force, toppling them both. Batwoman confesses to Batman and Robin her ignorance of what enabled her to do that, but Bat-Mite suddenly appears and announces to the three crime-fighters and a press photographer that he has done it with his extradimensional powers. Futhermore, he announces that he intends to become Batwoman’s crime-fighting partner, since Batman already has Robin to help him. After some haggling, Batwoman agrees, but warns him that he’ll be out the door once he pulls one of his famous pranks. Batman and Robin glance at each other and chorus out, «You’ll be sorry!» The Batwoman-Bat-Mite team makes the headlines, and Bat-Mite is quick to use his powers to aid in her battles, even enlarging his fist to great size to knock out a trio of crooks in on instance, and helping her ride her motorcycle across a monorail wire to get to fleeing convicts in another. But, when Batwoman kisses him on the forehead, Bat-Mite develops a crush. He resolves to use his powers to make her the most sensational crime-fighter of all time, being sure she would like that. Accordingly, when he hears of a bank robbery while riding invisibly atop a patrol car, Bat-Mite goes to the scene, finds a fallen shoe from one of the robbers, and employs Bat-Hound to sniff out their trail. Finding their whereabouts, Bat-Mite phones up Batwoman to help make the bust. But Batman and Robin also turn up, having trailed a different lead, and, when all three of them crash into the hardware supply warehouse the crooks are using as a hideout, Bat-Mite cannot restrain himself. He shrinks both the crooks and the crime-fighting trio to tiny size so as to stage a spectacular battle. The heroes, irritated by Bat-Mite’s ploy, nonetheless battle the criminals among “giant-sized” saws, planers, paint cans and pliers. The crooks almost escape, but their pathe is blocked by a “giant” Bat-Hound, upon whom Batman leaps to lasso the villains. He then directs Bat-Mite to restore them all to their normal size. But, when Batman, Robin, and Batwoman advance upon him, Bat-Mite does a fast fade back into his own dimension. None of the threesome can really stay mad at him, though, and all are assured of more of the same when Bat-Mite returns. «

Notas: Debut de Robber Baron.

Batman v1 #134
The Rainbow Creature
Fecha: 1960.09| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 96 Novaro, Baticomic 28 Novaro.

After helping the president of a small South American republic against the dictatorial rebel, Diaz, and his forces, Batman and Robin are confronted with another menace there–a Rainbow Beast. Spawned from a firery volcano, the Rainbow Beast radiates for separate power-auras from four different areas of its body–heat from its red section, cold from its blue section, power to turn objects into mist from its yellow section, and power to make objects two-dimensional from its green section. However, after using a power, the section of the Rainbow Beast’s body thus used becomes white, and it must leach color from a similarly-colored object for it to regain its power. {For instance, after using its cold-inducing area it absorbs the blue color from metal ore.} Diaz attempts to convince the citizenry that he has created the Rainbow Beast in order to have himself declared dictator, but Batman convinces the people otherwise, noting that Diaz and his soldiers hold back from attacking in the Beast’s presence. Finally, Batman and Robin trick the Rainbow Beast into expending each of its auras one after the other, leaving it entirely colorless. They ram it with a log of wood, and the Beast shatters into a thousand fragments.

Notas: Debut de La Criatura del Arco Iris. Este mosntruo reaparecerá en la continuidad post crisis en la saga Batman RIP (2008).

Batman v1 #134/2
Batman’s Secret Enemy
Fecha: 1960.09| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Baticomic 28 Novaro.

Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson receive a letter from «Mr. X» declaring that they are Batman and Robin, and promising future letters which will reveal the proof. Innediately, Batman and Robin begin analysis of the letter to try and deduce the identity of its author. The orchid pollen underneath the stamp glue leads them to «Gentleman Jim» Jansen, and orchid fancier and smuggler, whom they discover trying to smuggle out hot diamonds inside orchids. They apprehend another crook, «Catfoot» Regan, trying to rob jewels from the movement of a huge clock at a clock fair; when he warns them to leave him alone or face the end of their careers, they suspect him of being Mr.X, but he explains that he only meant they were in danger of being sniped at by a guard whom they had frightened away. Clues on Regan’s clothes lead them to the thief’s boss, «Beetles» Branagan, operating a crime-ring from above the city in a huge advertising balloon. Finally, from clues derived in later letters, Bruce and Dick deduce that Mr. X is their friend, Tod Allen, who, in his last letter, provides the diagrams of physical similarities that led him to figure out Batman’s and Robin’s secret identities. However, Allen has recently been killed in a plane crash, and his knowledge went with him to the grave.

Notas: Debut de Tod Allen* (amigo de Bruce) y de Catfoot Regan y Beetles Branagan.

Batman v1 #134/3
The Deadly Dummy
Fecha: 1960.09| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Baticomic 28 Novaro.

Danny the Dummy, a pint-sized ventirloquist in a top hat and suit, has a hit act in which he plays the dummy to a normanl-sized «Ventriloquist,» Matt, who is revealed at the /real/ dummy at the end of each show. But the fact that people invariably refer to Danny as «the Dummy» infuriates him, and inspires him to use dummies for crime to make dummies out of the law. He gathers a gang and, after inducing a man to take a bath in public with a /dummy/ promise of riches from a TV quiz show, begins looting an express office nearby. Batman and Robin, on the scene, give battle, but are destracted when the Dummy hurls a dummy stick of dynamite at them. The crooks escape, and next loot a large department store when the gang members pose as mannwquins–store-window dummies. Batman and Robin are summoned and arrive to give battle, but are defeated when the Dummy unleashes a «dummy» large-scale model of a toy rocket, which he has equipped with a real engine, at them. One member of the gang is captured and freed, in order to let Batman and Robin trail him to the Dummy’s hideout–a «dummy» town of stagefronts, resembling an Old Western town, used for TV westerns. The heroes defeat the gang in battle and give chase to the Dummy in Conestoga wagons, but the Dummy’s wagon slams into the retaining wall of a Gotham park, catapulting him into the marble lap of a Batman statue. Batman allows as how he is the boss now, and the Dummy is still the dummy

Notas: Debut de Danny the Dummy.

Batman v1 #135
Crimes of the Wheel
Fecha: 1960.10| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Baticomic 30 Novaro.

The gambling den of Frank «Wheels» Foster is broken up by Batman and Robin, working with the Gotham Police Department, landing Foster behind bars, where criminals taunt him with his «Big Wheel» nickname. He manages an escape when the tire of a laundry truck bursts, sending the truck crashing into the prison gates. Foster is inspired to become a costumed criminal and use wheels as his motif for crimes. His first caper involves looting the Transportation Exposition, which features many wheeled vehicles. Batman and Robin appear and engage The Wheel and his gang in combat, but Foster blows tear-gas in their faces with a pinwheel and rolls away with his gang in a transport truck. Batman and Robin attempt to follow in a Roman-style horse and chariot, but The Wheel opens the back of his truck and pelts them with a horde of heavy truck tires, upsetting the chariot and knocking them unconscious. When they come to, Batman and Robin find themselves bound in two slots of a giant roulette wheel, onto which Foster drops heavy steel balls of crushing weight. Batman and Robin manage to deflect one of the balls as it bounces, wrecking the chute down which the balls fall. They trail The Wheel to the beach by the distinctive markings of his «Big Balloon» tires, and Batman stops him from escaping on a «space wheel» by leaping to it from the top of a Ferris wheel and kayoing the villain. Later, he is taken to prison by another wheeled vehicle–a paddy wagon.

Batman v1 #135/2
The Return of the Second Batman and Robin Team As Bruce Wayne
Fecha: 1960.10| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), S. Moldoff/B. Kane (Dibujos)| Edición española: Baticomic 30 Novaro.

Alfred’s second tale of the second Batman and Robin team of the near future relates how Batman I, worn down by constant demands for his appearances at ceremonies, takes a vaction in the mountains with his wife, Kathy Kane, and leaves Batman II and Robin II to stand in for him at public functions. However, John Crandall, who had been jailed long ago by Batman I, is now being released, and vows to revenge himself on his enemy by «destroying everything that is a monument to him!» The second Batman and Robin team stops him from blowing up a Batman moon-rocket and smashing a ship dedicated to Batman I, but are unable to catch Crandall. Meanwhile, in the mountains, Bruce Wayne and Kathy Wayne have been ignorant of the developments until they give a passing tramp a meal and Bruce switches his shoes with the tramp’s, which are old, worn-out, and lined with newspaper. One of the newspaper fragments tells of Crandall’s duel with the modern dynamic duo. Bruce and Kathy immediately return to town and, figuring out the same clue left by Crandall, Batman I bursts in upon the villain just as he is about to send Batman II and Robin II sky-high on a giant fireworks rocket. The original Batman offers to take their place on a second rocket in return for releasing the second team, but Crandall, after tying Batman I, informs his he had no intention of releasing any of them. Batman I responds by cutting himself free with a sharp blade he had palmed and wallops Crandall into unconsciousness. Afterward, Bruce opined that he ought to spank the both of them for not letting him know about Crandall, and all laugh. In the “real” world, Bruce Wayne comes upon Alfred, finishing the story, who regrets that no one will be able to read his stories save himself and his employers. Bruce winks and says the adventures may really happen, in the future. «

Notas: Historias imaginarias de Alfred: Batman y Batwoman han sido sustituidos por Batman II (Dick Grayson) y Robin II (Bruce Wayne, Jr., hijo de Bruce Wayne y Kathy Kane).

Batman v1 #135/3
The Menace of the Sky Creature
Fecha: 1960.10| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 98 Novaro,Baticomic 30 Novaro.

Closing in on a getaway car after a gem robbery, Batman and Robin are stuned to see the car give off a signal-beam much like the Bat-Signal, but with the face of a strange creature inside the signal. In response, a bizarre, orange-skinned monster appears from the skies, resisting bullets and blocking off Batman and the police. It radiates smoke rings of various colors which solidify, wrap themselves about the heroes and police cars, and send them into the air for a time before returning them to the ground and fading away. By this time, both the creature and the crooks have escaped. In a second encounter, the Sky Creature blasts a hole hundreds of feet deep below Batman’s feet, and he is barely saved from destruction by grabbing the edge of the hole. However, they have managed to paint the thieves’ car with a radioactive paint enabling them to track them down to a farm complete with scarecrows in a cornfield. When the duo leave the Batmobile,the «scarecrows» are revealed as the thieves, who take them prisoner. The boss of the gang explains that he came upon a magic lantern while breaking into an antique shop. The lamp, which originally belonged to Celphus the Sorceror, will summon the Sky Creature with its beam for a fifteen-minute period, during which he must obey the lantern-wielder. The crooks light the lantern to summon the Creature, but Batman manages to free Robin with an acrobatic manuver, and the boy wonder smashes the lamp and causes the Creature to phase back into his own dimension. Batman and Robin then easily defeat the gang and summon a paddy wagon. Later, Batman suggests that the Sky Creature was from another dimension and the barrier between worlds was somehow pierced by the lanter’s light.

Batman v1 #136
The Case of the Crazy Crimes
Fecha: 1960.12| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Baticomic 32.

One night while patrolling the back alleys of Gotham, Batman and Robin are suprised by a clanking robot. The robot, in halting, mechanical speech, warns them of «Mr. X.» Seconds later, a costumed man blasts the robot to pieces and, when Batman and Robin pursue him, brings down a fire escape with his ray-gun to block their path. Batman comments that they now have to solve the murder of a robot. In the wreckage, they find a slip of paper with the name of the S.S. Gotham City, currently docked at the Gotham piers. They board the ship and have to battle a pink, scaly sea-creature that replicates every time they hit it. Mr. X appears on the dock, makes the monsters vanish with his ray-gun, and takes off in a blimp. Two riderless horses rein up on the pier, bearing a letter signed «Your secret friend» and informing them that the horses will take them to the hideout of Mr.X. They do. The hideout is a hitherto unknown castle outside of Gotham. Inside, on a throne, sits a crowned gorilla. Beside him are four gorilla guards with mediaeval weapons and helmets, and Mr. X. One of the gorillas challenges Batman to a duel, hands him a sword, and then breaks it in combat. Batman vaults over his next stroke with a lance. Suddennly all the gorillas vanish and Mr. X is replaced by Bat-Mite. He confesses that he created the entire scenario just because he wanted to see Batman and Robin in action. Batman confesses that he’s going to spank Bat-Mite just because he wants to. Bat-Mite and the entire castle vanish, leaving Batman and Robin standing on open ground. They go home.

Batman v1 #136/2
The Town That Hated Batman
Fecha: 1960.12| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Baticomic 32.

Batman and Robin pursue gangster Bert Collins off a ferry, forcing their quarry to swim to the shore, where he has a waiting getaway car. The heroes make land and reach their Batmobile, and follow Collins’s trail to a nearby small town, once a played-out sulpher mining town, but now apparently a bustling country town. The mayor, one Mayor Cobb, does not recognize the photo of Collins that Batman displays. But Batman notices a strand of seaweed inside the door of the mayor’s office and decides to stay, over the objections of the officials. Batman and Robin show the photo to other citizens, who all disclaim seeing Collins and insist strongly that both of them leave town. Finally, the two heroes face a mob led by Cobb, and are eventually overpowered and lowered into a sulphur well, with water pumped in through a pipe. The dynamic duo climb to safety on the pipe and, in hiding, see the mayor and townspeople greet Collins now that they are in the clear. The citizens and Collins enter another structure in which Batman and Robin see a spacecraft. «Cobb» and his fellows reveal themselves as bug-eyed, yellow-skinned aliens. They confess they intend to conquer Earth, but saved Collins to recruit an underworld army for them, and has not wished to kill Batman and Robin at first, fearing an inquest from the outside world. They display their deadliest weapon, the Grav-Ray, which can increase the force of gravity thousands of times in a given spot until even a metal tower can be demolished by its power. However, due to the scarcity of its power element, only one model can be built. Batman and Robin, setting a sulphur barrel afire, provide smoke cover for their assault and manage to gain control of the Grav-Ray. With it, they force «Cobb» and the aliens from the planet Vorda to leave Earth in their spacecraft. Afterwards, they destroy the Grav-Ray and take Collins prisoner once again.

Batman v1 #136/3
The Challenge of the Joker
Fecha: 1960.12| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 101 Novaro, Baticomic 32 Novaro.

The Joker, listening in on a television lecture by Batman, hears the caped crusader mention that ancient science believed in four elements–earth, fire, air, and water–but modern science has rejected this belief, and modern science has made it impossible for criminals to escape the law for long. The Joker, incensed, challenges Batman by mail to a duel of wits, as he commits crimes based on the ancient elements. He sends as a clue to his first crime a bottle of air. Under analysis, it proves to have traces of burned kerosene, leading Batman to believe the Joker intends to rob a plane of its airmail. This proves to be the case, as the Joker scoops up mail at the airport with a giant vaccuum cleaner, then reverses the suction to blow the approaching Batman and Robin into the air. They cling to the lines from a passing blimp and are safe, but the Joker makes a clean getaway. Subsequently, the Joker capitalizes on an earthquake to loot an amusement park and later traps Batman and Robin in a ring of fire shot from the mouth of a huge Joker-faced sky-sled. He taunts them with the information that he is to steal the Linden Necklace next, worn by Jenny Linden in her musical comedy-preformance of The Arabian Nights. The preformance takes place on a floating stage, suiting the Joker’s crime-pattern. With an acrobatic stunt, Robin is able to flip over the fire-ring and drive the Batmobile through to convey Batman out of harms way. Then they arrive on the floating stage in time to thwart the jewel robbery and to trap the Joker in a huge genie-bottle prop. Batman remarks that the Joker forgot a fifth element–the element of surprise.

Batman v1 #137
Robin’s New Boss
Fecha: 1961.02| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 103 Novaro, Baticomic 34.

Batman and Robin are scooped in their attempt to capture some thieves at an airport by Mr. Marvel, a new costumed crime-fighter, who uses futuristic gadgets and rides a sky-car. In a press conference, Mr. Marvel says that he is a scientist and that he believes Batman’s crime-fighting methods are outdated, as lawmen should not have to use fisticuffs. as Mr. Marvel continues to make headlines, Bruce Wayne notices Dick Grayson seeming to hero-worship the newcomer. Finally, Robin packs up and announces he is leaving to become Mr. Marvel’s partner. Batman tries persuasion, which fails, and then tells Robin that can stop him from leaving as his legal guardian. Robin replies that he would have to reveal his Bruce Wayne identity in court to do so, and that, after a trial period, he will have his features changed by Mr. Marvel to start a new identity. The two heroes make a strained farewell. Later, Robin mulls over the real reason he has joined Mr. Marvel: to save Batman’s life. Earlier, Marvel had threatened to kill Batman if Robin did not become his partner, demonstrated his power by using a disintergrator ray-gun on a Batman bilboard, and indicated that a device on his belt was tuned into “Batman’s frequency” and would send a death-bolt to Batman if Robin did not team up with Marvel. Robin and Marvel continue their crime-busting, but Batman, recovering partially from the shock, suspects that Robin has not given him the true reason for his departure, and begins shadowing the pair. During another encounter with crooks, Robin breaks off the fight, slugs Mr. Marvel, and tears away his belt. Batman joins in the fracas and helps Robin put down the birgands, and , afterwards, learns the truth from Robin. Batman braces Marvel and unmasks him, revealing Marvel as an alien. The alien confesses that he and his partner had long observed Batman and Robin from their hovering spacecraft, and that Marvel had made a wager he could acquire Robin as a partner for ten days. He confesses that his belt had no power to tune in on Batman’s frequency, maks a lame apology, and is whisked back into his ship by his partner. Batman muses that Robin was only his partner for nine days, so Marvel has lost his bet. The two heroes head for home, reunited again.»

Batman v1 #137/2
The Bandit with 1,000 Brands
Fecha: 1961.02| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

A new villain, costumed as a masked western bandit, calls himself the Brand and announces his presence to Batman by firing a hot branding iron-arrow into the door of police headquarters as Batman and Robin are leaving. He informs Batman from a rooftop that he intends to leave clues in brands to his forthcoming crimes and challenges him and Robin to capture him, then leaves. Announcing he is disgusted with crooks who want to make a fast reputation by challenging him, Batman says that he is going to bring in the Brand quickly. In the days that follow, Batman has two encounters with the Brand. One clue, painted on a billboard, is the “Lazy S-and-O” cattle brand, suggesting the eye painted on a chines ship’s prow from which the Brands steals a jade statue, escaping by knocking Batman and Robin off the ship with its boom. The second, a skywritten double-box brand, indicates two squares of the giant chessboard where champioship chess players will soon play a TV match with giant robot chessmen; the Brand attempts to steal a golden cup and manages to delay Batman by hemming him in with the robots on the board. But the masked thief leaves a bit of mud from his boot and the two crusaders analyze it, discovering a bit of train-bed gravel in it and finding the soil is the kind found far below topsoil. Deducing that the Brand has been digging in a subway, Batman and Robin disregard a third, erroneous brand-clue and intercept the Brand as he is attempting an escape through a subway after tunneling into a bank and robbing it. The Brand, caught, confesses that he was after a $100,000 fund that Batman was keeping in the bank as contribuitions for a new youth center, to be removed from the vault at a special ceremony; his crimes were ruses to delay Batman until he could tunnel into the vault. Later, Batman observes the Brand wearing another kind of brand–a prison number. «

Batman v1 #137/3
Teacher from the Stars
Fecha: 1961.02| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman and Robin are plagued by the super-scientific pranks of three students from the planet Siga, led on an educational trip by their teacher, Blish. The alien kids prove difficult for even their instructor to restrain, and raise havoc in Gotham with anti-gravity rays, transporter rays, freeze rays, image projectors, light-ray distorters and magnetic repulsors. But, when the alien children repulse the guns from the hands of two policemen chasing bank robbers, Batman and Robin defeat the crooks and then asks Blish and his charges to leave. Blish confesses that he has made a terrible mistake; he was supposed to be visiting the planet Orla, where all lawmen wear masks, which caused him to believe Batman and Robin were his guides and that the crooks were actually policemen being pursued by gun-wielding criminals. The aliens take off in their flying saucer, and, later, send Batman and Robin a class picture.

Batman v1 #138
Batman’s Master
Fecha: 1961.03| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman decoys a villainous scientist, Dorian, into wasting his rocket-ram weapon on a Batman robot who precedes him into the savant’s hideout. Batman and Robin capture the scientist, who swears that someday Batman will meet a criminal who will make Batman look like a robot. Later, Batman and Robin prepare for an encounter with the Tiger Gang, who intend to steal a projector from the Gotham Planetarium and hold it for ransom. Their defense is complicated by the fact that a mysterious masked man called Kadar has thrown in with the Tiger Gang,claims to be able to anticipate Batman’s every move, and proves it during the planetarium caper by foiling Batman’s and Robin’s secret emergency manuver planned against the gang. The villains escape, and Batman, knowing only a man with access to the Bat-Cave could have known their plans, fears for his secret identity. Later, in the Bat-Cave, Batman receives a strange hunch as to the Tiger Gang’s next job, and is correct in pinpointing it as the Gotham Oil Refinery. However, Kadar is actually able to command Batman to grab Robin and jump with him into an oil vat below. They land unharmed and the gang escapes, but Batman reveals that he knows who Kadar really is. Batman and Robin turn up later unexpectedly at the Tiger Gang’s headquarters, and Batman infroms Kadar that he must save Batman’s life by fighting the Tiger and his allies. Kadar complies, and the gang is taken in. Later, Batman takes Kadar back to the Bat-Cave and unmasks him as their Batman robot. He explains to Robin that the robot had had its mechanical brain altered by the impacet of Dorian’s rocket-ram, enabling it to become attuned to Batman’s brainwaves, but also turning it against Batman. However, its circuits which automatically commanded the robot to save Batman and Robin from deadly danger were damaged, and were able to be used by Batman against the Tiger Gang. Batman readjusts his robot’s brain to normalcy, and the case is closed. «

Batman v1 #138/2
The Simple Crimes of Simple Simon
Fecha: 1961.03| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

A buck-toothed, gangling fellow in hillbilly-cliched clothes who calls himself Simple Simon begins a crime wave using the poem which bears his name as a motif. His first crime involves buying out a baker’s pies at a county fair, pitching the pies into a garbage can, and using the tins to enrage a prize bull into stampeding so that he may loot the gate receipts in the confusion. Batman bull-dogs the steer and Robin goes after Simon himself, who leaps astride a merry-go-round horse. But Simple Simon proves anything but simple, as he has previously gimmicked the horse with fold-out wings and jet propulsion, enabling him to make a getaway. Simple Simon commits another crime on the Gotham docks with the aid of a tiny whale balloon which can inflate to giant size, and tries a third job at a winter resort where he smashes into a hotel with a giant snowball, trying to grab the $10,000 in prize money for a festival winner. Batman and Robin chase the «simple» criminal onto a frozen lake, where he boards an ice boat, but Batman cracks the ice with a ski pole, immobilizes the boat when its runner snags in a crack, and skies into the boom of the boat, disarming Simon. Simple Simon hits the ice with a solid impact, cracking through so that he has to grab the edge of the hole to stay afloat. Batman comments that it finishes off the «Simple Simon» rhyme motif, since the rhyme ended with «Simple Simon wentto slide upon the ice/ Before the ice would bear».

Batman v1 #138/3
The Secret of the Sea Beast
Fecha: 1961.03| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 107 Novaro, Baticomic 38.

The yacht of stockbroker Hal Torson and the launch of Lester Guinn are attacked in two separate incidents by what appears to be a huge, dinosauric sea-monster, which becomes dubbed the «Sea Beast.» In each case, all passengers are recovered save Torson and Guinn. Batman and Robin, on patrol of Gotham Bay during the second attack. don scuba gear and shoot at the monster with spear guns, but their weapons bounce off. the beast’s tail whips about, causing Robin to become tangled in a brace of seaweed; Batman is forced to cut him free and let the beast escape. Later, Batman and Robin capture Chips Hassel and his gang, after overhearing Hassel tell an unidientified phone-caller that he intends to fake his death to the police off a Gotham pier. Batman secretly takes Hassel’s place, impersonating him in make-up, and, after falling off the pier, finds a hatchway opening in the underwater Sea Beast’s exterior, proving it a submarine. However, once inside, he finds that his makeup has run thanks to the churning water, and becomes Batman before his identity can be revealed. The criminal crew of the sub have him outnumbered, and, after they dock, Batman confronts the two masterminds of the “Sea Beast” caper–Torson and Guinn. He relates to them how two handy business deals had forced them into the “Sea Beast” plot to avoid investigation, and that they intended to surface elsewhere after plastic surgery and spend their ill-gotten gains. But Robin has been following a signal in Batman’s utility belt radio, and, entering the Sea Beast, turns the mechanical monster against its crew. The two heroes are able to subdue the crooks, and cart them to Gotham Island Prison in their monster-submarine. «

Batman v1 #139
The Blue Bowman
Fecha: 1961.04| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 109 Novaro, Baticomic 40.

Acting on an anonymous tip, Batman and Robin go to the Gotham Coal Refinery to intercept the Signalman on a crime-spree, only to find their foe has renamed and recostumed himself as the Blue Bowman. The Bowman uses trick arrows such as the boxing-glove arrow and boomerang arrow, patterned after Green Arrow’s shafts, to repel Batman and send Robin hurtling down a chute. Batman, forced to save his partner lets the Blue Bowman escape. On a tape sent to police headquarters, the Blue Bowman related his origin to taunt Batman. While in prison, he shared a cell with an old foe of Green Arrow’s named Bull’s-Eye, who knew the mechanics of Green Arrow’s arrows, taught Phil Cobb (formerly the Signalman) the art, and he relinquished his Signalman identity to become a criminal version of Green Arrow. Following a clue, Batman and Robin attack the Bowman and his gang next at the Gotham Candle Factory, but the Bowman’s trick arrows trap the two heroes in a pair of giant candles. Batman manages to rock his candle off its perch until it rolls outside and breaks open on a lampost, freeing him. Freeing Robin, Batman follows the Signalman’s second taunting clue to the Gotham Archery Company. There the dynamic duo battle the villains a third time, but this time they use trick batarangs against his shafts. The heroes’ weapon’s turn the tide, and the Blue Bowman and his gang are captured. Later, they are driven past a road sign shaped like an arrow, pointing out he way to state prison. Batman informs the Blue Bowman it is the last arrow he’ll see for a long time. «

Notas: Debut de Blue Bowman / Signalman y de Bull’s-EyeTierra-1.

Batman v1 #139/2
The Island of 1,000 Traps
Fecha: 1961.04| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 109 Novaro, Baticomic 40.

Batman and Robin follow George Milo, «the nation’s top criminal» and «an electronics genius who turned to crime,» to his private island in hopes of capturing him. Just offshore, their Bat-Boat is wrecked by the jaws of a mechanical shark, forcing them to swim onto the beach. Once on the island, they run a gamut of deadly traps–electrical charges between trees, an iron-fisted tank, a giant killer octopus–but manage to survive each one. Batman and Robin defeat Milo’s gang on a beached ship, and then head into Milo’s fortress headquarters. Milo’s final guard, a sharpshooter named Bert, fires a rifle point-blank at Batman, but the caped hero is not harmed and Robin appears to kayo the assassin. Batman proves to have donned a suit of armor as a precaution, and Milo is captured without further delay.

Batman v1 #139/3
Fecha: 1961.04| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 109 Novaro, Baticomic 40, Batilibro tomo II Novarro.

Betty Kane, the niece of Kathy (Batwoman) Kane, comes to Gotham, for a visit. While in town she watches a newsreel clip of Batwoman in action fighting thieves in a school supplies warehouse. Later, after Kathy comes home and brushes her hair, Betty uses the same brush, and notices that gold stars fall out of the brush. Since the gold stars could only have come from the school supply warehouse, Betty deduces her aunt is actually Batwoman. Inspired by Kathy’s example, Betty designs a red-and-green uniform, calls herself Bat-Girl, and trails Batwoman on her next caper. Batwoman’s next mission is to aid Batman and Robin in a battle with King Cobra and his Cobra Gang, but the threesome are trapped within an «eletronic ring» manipulated by one of the gang members until Bat-Girl swings through a window, kicks away the crook, and turns off the ring-ray. She then swings back out, leaving the threesome to finish off the crook, and prompting Robin to wonder who she really is. Later that night, Betty reveals herself as Bat-Girl to Kathy, and will not be dissuaded from her crime-fighting career. In desperation, Batwoman appeals to Batman and Robin for help. The master crime-fighter advises Kathy to keep Betty in a rigid training regimen for week until it is time to go home. At first, Betty complies. But she soon figures out Batwoman’s scheme and secrely goes to work on her own to discover King Cobra’s hideout. She is successful and manages to distract the gang leader with a large “funny face” self-inflating balloon, but the balloon accidentally pops and the Cobra Gang capture her and lock her in an upstairs office. To signal passers-by, Bat-Girl snips bat-shapes from carbon paper an throws them out the window; a youth passing by calls the police. Batman, Robin, and Batwoman storm the Cobra headquarters, but King Cobra grabs Bat-Girl as a hostage and holds a gun to her head. Bat-Girl, pretending to faint, twists herself around and gives King Cobra’s gun-hand a judo chop, forcing him to drop the gun. The four caped crusaders finish off the Cobra Gang, and, in the aftermath, Batwoman admits that Bat-Girl has made a good showing and may become her team-member. Bat-Girl eagerly suggests that she and Robin team up on a case. Robin, reddening, is for once struck speechless. «

Notas: Debut de Batgirl ITierra-1 (Betty Kane) la sobrina de BatwomanTierra-1. En la continuidad post-crisis se introduce como Flamebird en Secret Origins annual #3 (1989)

Batman v1 #140
The Ghost of the Joker
Fecha: 1961.06| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

After the Joker is apparently blown to bits in an escape attempt from Gotham Penitentiary, what appears to be the ghost of the Joker carries on a crimespree, in Gotham City. The Joker’s «ghost» leads his gang in a string of ghost-oriented crimes, such as robbing the box office of a theater showing the play THE RETURN OF THE PHANTOM, stealing the $50,000 prize money in a race won by a horse named Poltergeist, and taking over a yacht called THE FLYING DUTCHMEN in order to steal a gold prize cup. Investigation leads Batman and Robin to the Joker’s hideout, a marionette factory closed for vacation time. The Joker’s «ghostly aura» turns out to be phosphorescent paint, and his «ghost» tricks were accomplished with the use of a magic lantern–a trick which Batman and Robin turn back on the Joker when the gang is tricked into emptying their guns at a Batman-illusion. The two heroes take the Joker back into custody.

Batman v1 #140/2
The Charmed Life of Batman
Fecha: 1961.06| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Four assassins hired by the Gotham underworld to kill Batman and Robin laugh at a TV interview program in which Batman is given a potion be a robed figure called the Alchemist which, the Alchemist assures Batman, will give him a charmed life. But the assassins discover Batman’s life is indeed charmed; when the first killer tries to finish Batman by crushing him under a huge globe of Mars at Planetarium Park, a tree suddenly falls between them and blocks Batman from injury, and when Batman is knocked off a building’s skeleton-in-progress by a crane, a water tank’s supports buckle and cause a wave of water to wash Batman in mid-air over to safe flooring. Both assassins are captured, and the Alchemist gets Batman to admit that two such escapes could not be coincidental. Later, in private, the Alchemist reveals himself to Batman and Robin as Superman, and tells them of his plan to bring the four hitmen out of hiding. But he is secretly observed by one of the remaining killers, and, when the last two assassins make a third attempt on Batman’s life, they ward off Superman with Kryptonite. The hoods bear down on Batman and Robin with an ambulance in a dead end alley, but Batman pulls down a fire escape ladder and the truck crashes head-on into it. The dynamic duo dispose of the Kryptonite, reviving Superman, and then help round up the two thugs.

Batman v1 #140/3
The Eighth Wonder of Space
Fecha: 1961.06| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 111 Novaro, Baticomic 42.

Batman and Robin return to the Earth-dimension after being yanked in their Batplane across dimensions to the planet Xlur. Since the scientists of Xlur had not yet perfected a way to reverse their grapple-ray, Batman and Robin had to remain there three days untile they did. During that time, the alien atmosphere transformed them into green-skinned, antennaed, barrel-chested alien humanoids. When they return to Earth, their transformation is still in effect for some time, and they only manage to prove their identities to Batwoman and Commissioner Gordon by revealing to the former her own secret identity and to the latter the title of his unwritten memoirs. Since the Yellow Sweater Gang is still raising havoc in Gotham, the alien dynamic duo go back to work, aided with their increased strength and leaping power and the telekinetic force emanated from their antennae. Batman uses various ruses to prevent the world from learning that Bruce Wayne also looks like an alien now, but realizes that such measures are only stop-gap. The heroes are trapped and imprisoned by the Yellow Sweater Gang when their own trap backfires, but the alien faces frustrate the gang’s attempt to discern their true identities by unmasking them. However, Batman and Robin are rapidly returning to normal, and Batman only manages to use a knife to free himself by telekinesis before they reassume human forms. Immediately thereafter, they attack the rest of the gang in their time-honored style and capture them all.

Batman v1 #141
The Crimes of the Clockmaster
Fecha: 1961.08| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

A strange clock is sent to police headquarters which gives clues to crimes being committed. Batman deciphers the clues and is able to arrive in time to prevent the crimes and catch the bandits. When the clock gives the third clue, Robin believes he knows where the crime is to be committed and arrives at the scene. Batman however thinks the clue reveals a different location and stops the Clockmaster from making a gem robbery. He had sent the clock to lead Batman astray from his real job, but he didn’t realize his final clue had two meanings, so he is caught by the Batman.

Notas: Debut de Clockmaster

Batman v1 #141/2
The Race of Death
Fecha: 1961.08| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

The Seth Baylor Cross-Country Race is held to celebrate a special event near Gotham City. Batman and Robin enter the race to prevent a murder which they believe will occur during the race. They are able to save a racer, Mitchell Long, from two close calls and suspect Lyons, another racer might be responsible. When Lyons’ boat goes down in the river, Batman jumps in to save him. Lyons’ partner Warner who is also in the boat is able to save himself. Batman realizes that Warner tried to kill Lyons. Batman gathers the proof and the police arrest him for attempted murder.

Batman v1 #141/3
Batwoman’s Junior Partner
Fecha: 1961.08| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 121 Novaro.

A crook called the Moth and his gang are captured by Batman and Robin with help from Batwoman and Bat-Girl. Bat-Girl is responsible for the Moth’s capture which gains her media attention and humiliates the crook. When the Moth escapes from the police, Batman fears that he will target Bat-Girl to gain revenge, so he has Robin distract her while he and Batwoman track down the crook. Batman and Batwoman get captured, but not before the Dark Knight alerts Robin. Robin and Bat-Girl come to the aid of the adult heroes, once again trouncing the Moth and his gang.

Batman v1 #142
Batman’s Robot-Guardian
Fecha: 1961.09| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman receives a robot from Tal-Dar, an alien he once helped. The robot acts as a guardian, protecting Batman from danger. The Caped Crusader does not want the robot to help him, but it continues to get in his way and prevents him from risking himself trying to stop criminals. Batman finally fakes his death, hoping the robot will leave, but it destroys itself instead.

Notas: Tal-Dar debutó en Detective Comics #282

Batman v1 #142/2
The Crimes of the Ancient Mariner
Fecha: 1961.09| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman and Robin break up a fight on the waterfront involving Mr. Stubbs, an old retired seaman, who is nicknamed the Ancient Mariner. Tom Travis, the manager of a boarding house where Stubbs lives, explains that Stubbs has a grudge against the Dutton Shipyards because they laid him off. That evening Stubbs and a group of criminals rob the company of its payroll. Batman tries to stop them, but he is attacked by Stubbs’ pet albatross. After another unsuccesful attempt to stop the Ancient Mariner, Batman uses fish to lure the albatross away from his owner, and stop the crook. The Ancient Mariner however is not Stubbs, it is Travis, who disguised himself as the old man in order to escape prosecution.

Batman v1 #142/3
Ruler of the Enchanted Valley
Fecha: 1961.09| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 124 Novaro.

Batman and Robin follow a detective named Regan to Central America where he was searching for a criminal. The villagers in the area believe the valley is bewitched by Tezcatlipoca, a Mayan god. The Dynamic Duo is attacked by a jaguar and a flying serpent, so they pretend to leave. When they return, they sneak into Tezcatlipoca’s temple, to discover the beasts are robots created by a criminal scientist named Hartley. They are captured by Hartley’s men and tied up with Regan. To scare the villagers, Hartley sends his robots to kill the captives, but Batman has tampered with them, causing a malfunction. With the scam exposed, the villagers revolt, freeing the captives, and capturing the crooks.

Batman v1 #143
The Twice-Told Tale of Batman and Robin
Fecha: 1961.10| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 868 Novaro.

Batman and Robin locate an informant and force him to give up the location of Nitro Joe, a crook who robbed a jewel company. They approach Joe’s hide-out and take on his henchman, who is very large. Then they take out Joe himself, recovering the jewels. Robin fantasizes how the story might be told in the future. In his imagination, the informant is a tiny genie who transforms into a snake. The crook’s hideout is atop a glass mountain and guarded by a giant ogre. The crook, called Nidor, is a wizard who summons beasts to attack the Dynamic Duo, but as in real life, he is overcome by Batman.

Batman v1 #143/2
The Blind Batman
Fecha: 1961.10| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

A bank robber named Dr. Pneumo is confronted by Batman and Robin. In the fight, Pneumo uses a compressed air gun to knock Batman off his feet. When Batman recovers, he is blind due to a blow to his head. Fearing that criminals will take advantage of his absence, Batman keeps his blindness a secret. He develops a sound locator which acts as a radar sense. When he confronts Pneumo again, his radar is thrown off, causing pneumo to learn of his blindness. Batman is again hit by the compressed air gun as well. When Batman faces off with Pneumo again, the crook is prepared with a loud siren designed to inhibit Batman’s radar once again. Batman is unaffected by the siren and captures Pneumo because his eyesight returned when he was knocked out by the compressed air gun the second time.

Batman v1 #143/3
Bat-Hound and the Creature
Fecha: 1961.10| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 129 Novaro.

While trying to capture the Lippy Yates gang, Batman, Robin, and Ace the Bat-Hound find a giant alien creature fighting some state troopers. Ace defends the creature and allows it to escape. Batman then finds an alien space capsule from which the creature came. Originally it was much smaller, but exposure to Earth’s atmosphere caused it to grow. The crimefighters try and locate the creature, but are captured by Lippy Yates. Ace’s barking attracts the creature, which frees the captives. Batman and Robin chase Yates across a bridge which Yates causes to collapse. The creature supports the bridge long enough for Batman to cross and catch the crook, but the creature is crushed when the bridge falls on it. Ace mourns the loss of the creature who was his friend.

Batman v1 #144
The Alien Feud on Earth
Fecha: 1961.12| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Gotham City is menaced by two aliens engaged in battle. Batman and Robin try to stop them, but their strange weapons allow them to escape. Batman realizes the aliens are dueling and have specific rules they follow, so he disguises himself as the alien, Hylk, in order to get the drop on Zorb, the other alien. The real Hylk arrives and is angered by Batman’s interference. He plans on killing the Caped Crusader, but Rilla, an alien girl, stops him. The girl is what the aliens were dueling over, but she is displeased with their behavior and now wants neither of them.

Batman v1 #144/2
The Man Who Played Batman
Fecha: 1961.12| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

The Joker has built a training ground to ensure that his gang cannot be beaten by the Batman. He dresses as Batman and matches wits with the men. If they fail, they are kicked out of the gang. Batman captures a crook, Gumball Burke, and learns that he is to meet the Joker. The Caped Crusader disguises himself as Burke and infiltrates the gang. Joker discovers that Burke is very skilled, so he asks Burke to play the Batman. When an accident occurs, Batman’s acrobatic prowess is displayed, allowing Joker to discover the ruse. He tries to kill Batman, but Robin arrives with the police in time to stop the crook and capture the gang.

Batman v1 #144/3
Bat-Mite Meets Bat-Girl
Fecha: 1961.12| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 137 Novaro.

While Batman and Batwoman are out of town Bat-Girl teams up with Robin to defend Gotham City. Bat-Girl makes advances toward Robin, but he tells her he is involved with another woman. Bat-Girl is upset, and Bat-Mire appears to offer her a solution. With the imp’s help, Bat-Girl impresses Robin with her acrobatic crimefighting skill and makes him jealous when she kisses a teen idol. However, the plan backfires as Bat-Girl is captured by a criminal gang. Bat-Mite confesses his involvement to Robin, and together they free Bat-Girl and catch the gang. When Batman returns, Robin reveals that the other woman in his life is lady justice. He has chosen not to involve himself romantically with anyone until he retires, just like his mentor. Batman thinks Robin is too young to make such a decision, so Bat-Girl kisses him and renews her pursuit of the Boy Wonder.

Batman v1 #145
Hunt For Mister 50
Fecha: 1962.02| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman and Robin trace a smuggling ring to Hawaii. From there they follow and trail of suspects and clues to locate the head of the ring, Mr. 50. The smuggler knocks Batman out, but Robin and a Hawaiin detective rescue him. Then Batman collars the criminal.

Batman v1 #145/2
The Tiniest Villain in the World
Fecha: 1962.02| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman and Robin follow the trail of wanted fugitive, Joe Burr. They learn that Burr has kidnapped a professor and stolen his new invention a shrinking machine. Burr’s gang shrink the professor and Burr to escape capture. Batman shrinks himself as well and chases Burr at miniature size. When the Caped Crusader finally captures Burr, he is restored to normal size by Robin.

Batman v1 #145/3
The Son of the Joker As Bruce Wayne
Fecha: 1962.02| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Alfred writes another story about the second Batman and Robin team. In his story Batman II and Robin II face off against the Son of the Joker who uses the Joker’s old tactics against the new team. They are lured into a trap by the Joker and his protégé, but the original Batman returns to thwart the schemes of both Jokers and set the heroes free.

Notas: Historia imaginaria con Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne, Jr. como Batman II and Robin II

Batman v1 #146
Batman and Robin’s Magical Powers
Fecha: 1962.03| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman and Robin save the life of a magician. He casts a spell which he believes will give the Dynamic Duo powers. It works, but the magic is secretly being performed by Bat-Mite. Crooks learn of the magician’s spell and kidnap him. He leaves a clue for Batman to trace, but Bat-Mite arrives first. He gives the crooks powers as well, allowing them to fight Batman when he arrives. Batman deduces that Bat-Mite is behind the powers and convinces the imp to remove them. The crooks are then caught, and Antura rescued.

Batman v1 #146/2
The Secret of the Leopard Boy
Fecha: 1962.03| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman and Robin visit the African jungle to track a crook, Smiley Fenton. They find Fenton and also a jungle boy. They discover the boy is the son of Joe Taylor, a diamond thief whose plane crashed in the jungle. Fenton wants to get the diamonds, but the Dynamic Duo defeat him with the assistance of the boy.

Batman v1 #146/3
The Deadly Curse of Korabo
Fecha: 1962.03| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman and Robin are called to a mountain destination and find a giant hand is abducting and killing members of a mountain climbing team. The leader, Keith Larsen, explains that he found the Hand of Korabo, a legendary artifact, and disaster has followed ever since. The remaining team members and Batman all fall victim to the hand. When the hand comes for Larsen he reveals that he killed a rival to obtain the Hand. It is then revealed that the giant hand was merely a hoax to force a confession from Larsen.

Batman v1 #147
The Plants of Plunder
Fecha: 1962.05| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 35 Cinco.

A gang of crooks arrives in Gotham using strange seeds to grow alien plants and help them commit crimes. Batman and Robin are helpless against the plants, but an amnesia victim turns up carrying some of the seeds. The man is soon kidnapped by the crooks, allowing Batman to follow them back to their hide-out. The amnesia victim is really an alien. He regains his memory and assists Batman in defeating the crooks before returning to his own world.

Batman v1 #147/2
The Secret of Mystery Island
Fecha: 1962.05| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 35 Cinco.

A dying gang boss leaves a clue for his men to locate some hidden treasure. Batman and Robin trail the crook back to an island where the dead crook has collected many different buildings. The Caped Crusaders chase the crooks around the island, eventually catching them and locating the stolen loot.

Batman v1 #147/3
Batman Becomes Bat-Baby
Fecha: 1962.05| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 146 Novaro, Batman Novaro Avestruz 2.

A criminal scientist turns Batman physically into a four-year-old with a ray of his own devising, but Batman modifies his costume and continues to fight crime as Bat-Baby

Notas: Batman se convierte en Bat-Baby.

Batman v1 #148
The Alien Force Twins
Fecha: 1962.06| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Jim Mooney (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1066 Novaro.

Batman and Robin investigate a strange city that has appeared from nowhere. When they reach the border of the city, two energy twins are formed and attack the Dynamic Duo. Fleeing the energy twins, Batman finds an alien invasion force in the city. He and Robin are captured, but they escape and expose the aliens to their weakness, water. Defeated, the aliens leave Earth.

Batman v1 #148/2
The Boy Who Was Robin
Fecha: 1962.06| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Vanderveer Wayne, Bruce’s cousin, comes to Wayne Manor to visit. Van is a show-off and upstages Dick, who is holding back to protect his secret identity. Alfred nearly gives away the Dynamic Duo’s secret by letting Vanderveer see Batman’s costume. The boy doesn’t catch on, but instead dresses as Robin. Vanderveer hires an actor, Jumpy Regan to play Batman and stages a stunt to show-off. Regan intends to use the disguise for criminal purposes, but the real Batman and Robin stop him. Vanderveer learns some humility from the experience.

Notas: Debut de Vanderveer Wayne (primo de Bruce)

Batman v1 #148/3
The Joker’s Greatest Triumph
Fecha: 1962.06| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 152 Novaro.

Joker lures Batman into a trap and removes the Caped Crusaders cowl before escaping. With Batman’s identity known, the Joker believes that the crimefighter won’t attempt to stop his crimes. Batman continues trying to capture his nemesis, but is once again caught by the Joker. Joker exposes Batman’s face again only to find that it is a robot. The real Batman planned a trap and surprises the Joker. His identity is safe because a bright light was shining in the Joker’s eyes when he initially looked at Bruce’s unmasked face; therefore Joker never saw the face clearly.

Batman v1 #149
The Maestro of Crime
Fecha: 1962.08| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Angered by poor reviews of his music concerts, Payne Cardine turns to crime as the Maestro. He leaves musical clues to his crimes for the police and Batman. Batman employs a music expert, Ambrose Weems, to accompany the Dynamic Duo in search of the Maestro. After a few missed chances, Batman is finally able to anticipate Maestro’s next crime and plant a trap for him. When Maestro arrives, Batman captures him and his gang.

Notas: Debut de The Sparrow (Prof. Ambrose Weems) y Madame Pouselle

Batman v1 #149/2
The Invaders from the Past
Fecha: 1962.08| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 172 Novaro.

Strange men appear in Gotham through mysterious portals. These men are garbed in ancient clothing and appear to be from another time period. The men disappear the same way after committing crimes. Batman and Robin are unable to stop these men and later are abducted by two vikings from the past. Word of the abduction causes two crooks, who have been perpetrating the hoax to believe that men really are coming from the past. They visit Dr. Roberts whom gave them the idea in the first place to learn if his time-travel experiments have been successful. The abduction of the Dynamic Duo was a hoax however, and they are waiting for the crooks at the doctor’s lab to take them into custody.

Batman v1 #149/3
Batman Tunes In On Murder
Fecha: 1962.08| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman and Robin attend a reception for a visiting rajah. Light reflects off the rajah’s ring and allows Batman to tune in on the thoughts of someone planning a murder. The thought came across very weakly, but Batman traces the clues to two crooks. While the crooks get away, Batman deduces that they have planted a bomb in the key to the city that will be awarded to the rajah. Batman stops the plot and correctly smokes out the leader of the crooks, the rajah’s ambassador Plethi.

Batman v1 #150
The Secret Behind the Stone Door
Fecha: 1962.09| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman goes undercover as production assistant Trevor Cornelius in order to learn the secret held by two documentary producers. He soon discovers that the producers have information about a secret underworld army being built to overtake the country. Batman foils the plot and the producers catch the action on film.

Batman v1 #150/2
The Girl Who Stole Batman’s Heart
Fecha: 1962.09| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman is affected by a strange love potion. He gives up crimefighting and instead spends his time with a woman named Elsie. Robin carries on without his partner and is joined by a Batman robot. A gang of crooks bribe Elsie to recover a small sculpture from the Bat-Cave. The carved-head sculpture contains directions to some hidden loot. Once the crooks have the map, they find the loot, but Batman stops them. He had planned the entire encounter with Elsie, really policewoman Helen Smith, to lure the crooks into the open and recover the stolen goods.

Batman v1 #150/3
Robin, the Super Boy Wonder
Fecha: 1962.09| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Jim Mooney (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 160 Novaro.

Batman and Robin trail criminal Biff Warner to the Yucatan jungle. They both fall victim to a lightning storm and crash in the jungle. Batman locates Robin, but finds that the lightning has mysteriously given him super-strength and stolen his memory. Robin is under the control of Ko-Ti, a native in the area. Ko-Ti convinces the tribe that Robin is a god, and Batman is a thief. He also uses Robin to mine for treasure. Batman restores Robin’s memory with a blow to the head and exposes Ko-Ti as Biff Warner. Robin’s powers slowly fade away, and the Dynamic Duo return home with Biff as prisoner.

Batman v1 #151
Batman’s New Secret Identity As Bruce Wayne
Fecha: 1962.11| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Bob Kane (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 168 Novaro.

Batman’s secret identity is exposed during an accident forcing both Bruce and Dick to assume new personal identities. Batman becomes Bret Wilson, cab driver and Robin becomes Ted Grey, student at Wickham Boarding School. Batman continues his war on crime, but a construction crew discovers his new Bat-Cave exposing his newly assumed identity. Crooks hear the news and are able to capitalize on the information, capturing Bret Wilson. Batwoman and Robin help to rescue him, but they are again forced to look for new identities.

Notas: Historia alternativa.

Batman v1 #151/2
The Mystery Gadget from the Stars
Fecha: 1962.11| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

A strange alien device is discovered which causes items bathed in its rays to evolve. Batman and Robin follow the trail of the device as it switches hands between owners. After the gadget falls into the hands of the Harris Boys, a criminal gang, they turn it against Batman. The Caped Crusader triumphs and takes the gadget back to the Bat-Cave where he smashes it to bits.

Batman v1 #152
Formula for Doom
Fecha: 1962.12| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

The Dynamic Duo and Bat-Hound track down a renegade scientist in the process of handing over a portion of a explosive formula to a European criminal. Batman tracks the crook, Kuzak, to Europe where he witnesses the man’s murder. He is then able to trace the murderer to Switzerland where the killer and another scientist are creating a new powerful explosive using the formula. Batman stops the crooks, and the scientist dies before he can record the formula.

Batman v1 #152/2
The False Face Society
Fecha: 1962.12| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 187 Novaro.

Batman goes undercover as a member of the False Face Society to learn the identity and capture the gang leader. The Society members all where masks and costumes to protect their identities and compete in the leader’s crime contest. Batman replaces the crook in a Batman costume, but his cover is blown at a gang meeting. The leader has double-crossed the gang though and turn on him. Robin and the police arrive in time to corral all the criminals. The gang leader is really the Joker.

Notas: Debut de The False Face Society.

Batman v1 #152/3
Memorial to an Astronaut
Fecha: 1962.12| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman helps a dying mineralogist, Luke Haley, realize his dream of traveling into space. Batman sets up a hoax mission to Mars for Luke using a phony spaceship and a movie set. Crooks hiding on the set try to steal valuable minerals, but Batman and Robin stop them. When the crooks try to kill Batman, Luke saves him, believing he will die from the exposure to the martian atmosphere. Luke does die from natural causes, never realizing it was a hoax.

Batman v1 #153
Prisoners of Three Worlds
Fecha: 1963.02| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 177 Novaro.

An alien arrives on Earth and begins stealing silver. Batman, Robin, Batwoman, and Bat-Girl pursue the alien, but the creature uses a device on them which sends Robin and Bat-Girl back to its home dimension. Batman and Batwoman are split into two beings, half of which are transported to another dimension as well. In the other dimension, Robin and Bat-Girl escape from the alien’s partners and summon the authorities of that world. Batman and Batwoman manage to use the alien device to restore themselves to normal. The heroes then combine forces to finish the aliens’ plot.

Notas: Historia en dos capítulos.

Batman v1 #154
Danger Strikes Four
Fecha: 1963.03| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Alfred concocts another tale about the adventures of the second Batman and Robin team. Dick Grayson reads Alfred’s story, which as yet has no ending as the fictional heroes must defeat a robot bomb. Dick is soon called away by Batman to help against the gang of Big Al. In a striking coincidence, the heroes are threatened by a situation similar to the one from Alfred’s story. Robin comes up with a solution to throw off the bomb’s tracking with a magnet. He uses the solution in stopping the real bomb, then gives it to Alfred to complete his story.

Notas: Historia imaginaria con Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne, Jr. como Batman II and Robin II. Hal Durgin apareció en Detective Comics #284.

Batman v1 #154/2
The Amazing Odyssey of Batman and Robin
Fecha: 1963.03| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

The remains of the Bat-Boat are found at sea, and its log is delivered to Commissioner Gordon. After reading the log, Gordon announces that Batman is dead, following an odyssey at sea. Batman had been pursuing the Great Kardo, a magician turned criminal in possession of a gas that causes amnesia. When Batman’s death is announced, Kardo strikes. Batman however is not dead, and merely created a hoax to lure Kardo into the open for capture.

Batman v1 #154/3
The Strange Experiment of Dr. Dorn
Fecha: 1963.03| Créditos: Arnold Drake (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 182 Novaro.

Batman and Robin are called to help against a large green creature menacing the outskirts of Gotham. The creature escapes, but Batman believes it came from the lab of Dr. Dorn. Dorn is missing and eventually Batman deduces that he was transformed into the creature. The creature is intelligent and tries to permanently remain in its new form, but Batman tricks it into destroying itself and reverting to Dorn permanently.

Batman v1 #155
Batman’s Psychic Twin
Fecha: 1963.05| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Bruce Wayne spots a wanted crook, Jo-Jo Gagan, on the street. He follows Gagan, but a nearby chemical explosion causes him to lose the trail. When he resumes the manhunt as Batman he finds Jo-Jo again, but discovers the chemical explosion has psychically linked him to the crook. When Jo-Jo is injured Batman feels an identical pain. The underworld turns on Jo-Jo after learning about the connection. They believe if they kill Jo-Jo, Batman will die too. Jo-Jo also realizes this and escapes from them. Gagan also puts together the clues to learn Batman’s secret identity. He tries to give the information to the mob to get them off his back, but he dies before he can tell them. Batman has discovered an antidote to break the connection with Jo-Jo and lives even after Jo-Jo dies.

Batman v1 #155/2
The Return of the Penguin
Fecha: 1963.05| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 192 Novaro.

The Penguin returns from semi-retirement after being mocked by members of the underworld. He challenges Batman during a crime spree, using bird-related crimes and clues. He reestablishes his reputation as one of Batman’s most brilliant villains, but he is eventually captured and sent to prison by the Dynamic Duo.

Notas: Se indica que es la primera aparición de Pingüino en la edad de plata aunque también puede considerarse en Batman v1 #99 (1956)

Batman v1 #156
The Secret of the Ant-Man
Fecha: 1963.06| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

While Batman is away on a secret mission, Robin breaks up a robbery by the Brady Brothers. He is assisted by a tiny costumed man called Ant-Man. Robin suspects Ant-Man is really Batman exposed to chemicals at the lab of Professor Hanson, but when Ant-Man turns on Robin and steals some jewels, Robin realizes his mistake. He plans and executes a trap to ensnare the miniature mobster, who is revealed as rival gangster Jumbo Carson.

Notas: Debut de Ant-Man* (Jumbo Carson)

Batman v1 #156/2
Robin Dies at Dawn
Fecha: 1963.06| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 198 Novaro, Las mejores historias de Batman 1 (Zinco).

After undergoing an army experiment to test the effects of solitude on the mind, Batman begins to have hallucinations. He imagine Robin is killed on an alien world. When real life events begin to remind Batman of his hallucinated experience, he is unable to fight crime. Batman retires, leaving Robin to carry on for him. However, when the Boy Wonder is captured by the Gorilla Gang, Batman returns to action to save his partner from execution. The experience successfully cures Batman of his hallucinations.

Notas: Batma participa en un experimento de aislación en el que tiene la alucinación de que Robin muere. Esta historia se reintroduce en la continuidad post-crisis en la saga Batman R.I.P. (2008).

Batman v1 #157
The Villain of the Year
Fecha: 1963.08| Créditos: Dave Wood (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman and Robin are tipped off to a crime by reporter Hal Lake. Although they catch the crooks, a costumed character called the Jackal steals the loot from the crooks and escapes. Batman goes undercover to find the Jackal and learns that Lake uses an underworld alias Marty Kale to gather information. When the Jackal strikes again, Batman realizes that the crook is really the mentally unbalanced Hal Lake. The Caped Crusader protects Lake from gang members trying to kill him, then takes him to a hospital for treatment.

Notas: Debut de The JackalTierra-1 (Hal Lake)

Batman v1 #157/2
The Hunt for Batman’s Secret Identity
Fecha: 1963.08| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 203 Novaro.

Mirror-Man escapes from prison and reforms his gang. Then he sets out to prove that Bruce Wayne is Batman. He orders one of his hirelings to tail Wayne, so that when he commits a robbery, Bruce can’t intervene as Batman. Bruce is able to outwit the crooks and arrive as Batman, but Mirror-Man escapes. Vicki Vale overhears Mirror-Man’s claim that Bruce is Batman, so she hires an actor to play Bruce at a benefit appearance. Batman has also asked Alfred to disguise himself as Bruce. Mirror-Man’s hireling follows the actor back to the talent agency, so Mirror-Man seems to have been proven correct. Batman eventually catches the gang, and Mirror-Man tries to expose him. However, Alfred is now disguised as Batman, so when the real Bruce shows up, Mirror-Man’s claims are not believed.

Notas: Mirror-Man (Floyd Ventris) apareció anteriormente en Detective Comics #213.

Batman v1 #158
Ace, the Super Bat-Hound
Fecha: 1963.09| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 209 Novaro.

Bat-Mite returns and gives Ace super powers. Ace uses his new powers to aid Batman and Robin in the capture of crooks. However, when Ace chases somes crooks into a mine, the combination of the fumes, his super powers, andsome other chemicals cause Ace to obey the orders of the crooks. This allows the crooks to escape. When Batman finds the crooks again, they have planned ahead and use bottled fumes to take control of Ace. Ace attacks Batman, but when Bat-Mite removes the Bat-Hound’s powers, he regains his senses and finishes off the crooks.

Batman v1 #158/2
The Secret of the Impossible Perils
Fecha: 1963.09| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Matt Carter returns from the jungle with an amazing tale of discovery. However, he has no proof and is suffering from jungle fever. His son Ted joins Batman and Robin on a trip to the jungle to gather proof of his father’s story. In the jungle the explorer’s discover an idol’s head that moves with the aid of special pulleys. They then discover a lake which transforms animals into giants accounting for Matt Carter’s report of a dinosaur. Finally they discover a lost city, which at a certain time of day glows golden through a reflection of sunlight. After proving his father’s discoveries, Ted returns and both he and his father are admitted to the Explorer’s Club.

Batman v1 #158/3
Batman and Robin–Impostors
Fecha: 1963.09| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

A team of crooks impersonates Batman and Robin in order to commit crimes. The real Batman puts the city on alert in order to stop the impersonations. However, crooks working with the impersonators come up with a way to get away with one more job by using a real utility belt stolen from Batman. The impersonators then reveal that they are the real Batman and Robin. They pulled the hoax to get the utility belt back because it had Batman’s fingerprints on it.

Batman v1 #159
The Great Clayface-Joker Feud
Fecha: 1963.11| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 214 Novaro, Mejores Historias del Joker 1 (Zinco).

Matt Hagen escapes from jail and locates a hidden cache of liquid that will transform him into Clay-Face. Hagen discovers a way to synthesize the liquid, but the new formula only lasts five hours. Despite his new limitation, he is able to return to his life of crime. The Joker is upset that Clay-Face is atrracting so much attention. The Clown Prince begins a feud with Clay-Face, each pulling robberies using the other’s modus operandi. Batman and Robin catch the Joker with the assistance of Batwoman and Bat-Girl. Then Batman impersonates the Joker in order to trap Clay-Face. However, Batman is unable to discover Hagen’s secret cache of formula.

Batman v1 #159/2
The Boyhood of Bruce Wayne, Jr
Fecha: 1963.11| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Alfred concocts another imaginary tale about the future of Batman and Robin. In his current story he details the boyhood of Bruce’s son Bruce Jr. The boy takes after his father and is able to help Batman by deducing the secret escape method used by the Green Owl Gang.

Notas: Historias imaginarias de Alfred: Batman y Batwoman han sido sustituidos por Batman II (Dick Grayson) y Robin II (Bruce Wayne, Jr., hijo de Bruce Wayne y Kathy Kane).

Batman v1 #160
The Mystery of Madcap Island
Fecha: 1963.12| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 222 Novaro.

Batman tracks crook Ed Kiley to Madcap Island where rich eccentrics have their homes. Batman chases Kiley, only to find him murdered. When he examines the crook’s gun, he knows Bart, one of the local shopkeepers, lied about seeing Kiley. Batman follows Bart to Jason Reid the leader of Kiley’s gang. Then Batman and Robin arrest the two crooks.

Batman v1 #160/2
The Alien Boss of Gotham City
Fecha: 1963.12| Créditos: Dave Wood (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman encounters a new gang of crooks led by an alien with amazing weapons. While trying to capture the gang, Batman witnesses the alien double-cross his partners. That combined with the wreckage of an alien space ship leads Batman to believe the alien is a fake. Batman confronts Bart Cullen dressed as the alien. Bart explains that he found the wreckage and stole the weapons, then double-crossed his rivals. Cullen is then turned over to the police.

Batman v1 #161
The New Crimes of the Mad Hatter
Fecha: 1964.02| Créditos: Dave Wood (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Jervis Tetch, the Mad Hatter, escapes from prison and begins a new series of crimes. His new pattern is to use specialized hats to disguise himself and commit robberies. Batman deduces the pattern and also realizes that each crime is based on the occupations of the jurors who convicted Tetch. Batman is then able to deduce the locations of the Hatter’s crimes. When Tetch tries to escape using a giant balloon, Robin brings him down by popping the balloon with a hat pin.

Notas: Origen del Sombrero Loco

Batman v1 #161/2
The Bat-Mite Hero
Fecha: 1964.02| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 227 Novaro.

Batman and Robin try to stop a hold-up at a baseball stadium. When Bat-Mite appears, he makes the chase more exciting with his magic. Batman scolds Bat-Mite, telling him to find a new hero to bother. Bat-Mite takes the advice and uses his magic to transform an ordinary man into the Bat-Mite Hero. When his new hero fumbles a capture in front of Batman, Bat-Mite fires him and chooses an athletic man to become his hero. This man fails too, but Bat-Mite tries a third time. The third man is really a crooks who tries to help his partners escape from Batman. Bat-Mite then assists Batman in capturing the crooks and his magical hero. Bat-Mite returns to his own dimension following the embarrassing incident.

Batman v1 #162
The Batman Creature
Fecha: 1964.03| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 235 Novaro.

A criminal scientist has developed a device to turn animals into men. He trains the animal-men to steal, then sets them loose. Batman follows them back to their hide-out, where the scientist turns the ray on Batman. Batman becomes a giant creature that menaces Gotham. Batman in his creature form rampages, climbing buildings while being pursued by police and the army. Robin and Batwoman locate Batman and calm him. When the animal-men strike again, the Batman creature helps capture them. The Batman creature suddenly leaves to instinctively return to the crook’s hide-out. Batwoman and Robin follow with Bat-Hound. Once they subdue the crooks, they are able to restore Batman to normal.

Notas: Debut de Eric Barroc* (inventor). Batman se transforma en una criatura que amenaza Gotham. Esta historia aparecerá en la continuidad post crisis como una alucinación de Batman en la saga Batman RIP (2008).

Batman v1 #162/2
Robin’s New Secret Identity
Fecha: 1964.03| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Robin is jealous that other boys get to play and have fun at sports, but he must protect his secret identity. He then decides to disguise himself, so that he can play basketball without feeling hindered. While playing diguised as a red head boy, Robin bumps his head and gets amnesia. He sees Batman sometime later and helps him rescue a child trapped in a burning building. Batman doesn’t recognize him, but after talking to Alfred later realizes it was Robin. Batman then hunts down his partner who is wandering the streets. Batman shocks Robin’s memory back in time to catch two crooks. Robin decides two identities is enough for him.

Batman v1 #163
Bat-Girl–Batwoman II As Bruce Wayne
Fecha: 1964.05| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Chic Stone (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 240 Novaro.

Alfred pens another tales about the future of Batman and the Second Batman and Robin Team. In Alfred’s tale, Betty Kane returns to Gotham and becomes Batwoman II. When Batman II and Robin II are called out of town, Batman comes out of retirement to handle a case. He is soon captured, but Batwoman II rescues him, learning his secret identity in the process. Batman and Batwoman II locate the crooks again, but they are captured this time too. Batman II and Robin II arrive to help them escape and defeat several underworld crime bosses.

Notas: Historias imaginarias de Alfred: Batman y Batwoman han sido sustituidos por Batman II (Dick Grayson) y Robin II (Bruce Wayne, Jr., hijo de Bruce Wayne y Kathy Kane).

Batman v1 #163/2
The Joker Jury
Fecha: 1964.05| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Mejores Historias del Joker 1 (Zinco).

The Joker begins a crime wave using city departments as a theme. First he steals jewels from the International Fair using a giant vacuum cleaner as the Department of Sanitation. Next he tries to steal a company payroll at a construction site using the Department of Roads as his inspiration. Batman stops the crime, then tracks Joker back to his hideout. At the Joker’s hideout, Batman and Robin are captured. Joker then presides over a trial against Batman with his henchmen as jurors. Robin feigns illness, allowing Batman to work out an escape plan. After escaping Batman stops Joker’s final crime based on the Health Department. Joker is then sent to prison.

Batman v1 #164
Two-Way Gem Caper
Fecha: 1964.06| Créditos: France Herron (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 248 Novaro.

After showing Dick Grayson the new modifications to the Bat-Cave and Batmobile, Batman discovers a criminal plot to divert a group of folk singers from reaching their destination. The singers are diverted by a man named Dabblo who has planned a robbery for the same time the singers were to perform. By delaying their arrival, Dabblo prevents a crowd from forming which would hinder his escape. Dabblo pulls off the robbery of a valuable pearl successfully. Batman and Robin follow his trail across the rooftops. Dabblo has a trap planned for Batman, but the Caped Crusaders avoids it. Batman then captures Dabblo and returns the pearl to the museum.

Notas: NEW LOOK ERA. Primer número de la “new look era” en la serie regular “Batman”. El Batmovil se convierte en un coche deportivo. Se revela la existencia de un nuevo túnel de entrada a la cueva, y un asecensor que lleva hasta el reloj de la librería de Bruce. Debut de Diabblo.

Batman v1 #164/2
Batman’s Great Face-Saving Feat
Fecha: 1964.06| Créditos: France Herron (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 248 Novaro.

At a meeting of the Mystery Analysts, private investigator Hugh Rankin seeks to join the group. He unveils a statue revealing what he thinks Batman looks like beneath the cowl. Batman removes his mask, showing that his features are identical to the statue, including a bald head. The members then vote on whether to admit Rankin to the club. Batman votes against him preventing him from acceptance. Batman later explains to Robin the reason for his dissenting vote. Rankin recently helped Batman track down a criminal gang called the Trapeze Ten. During the case, Rankin used his sense of touch to feel Batman’s features and sculpt the statue. Batman caught on to the scheme and altered his appearance, so that Rankin’s statue was wrong. Batman voted against Rankin, but he believes Rankin will succeed in joining the club soon.

Notas: Debut del Mystery Analysts of Gotham City* (Martin Tellman, Kaye Daye, Art Saddows y Ralph Vern) y del Fiscal del Distrito Danton (sin nombrar) y de Mr. X (Ralph Vern).

Batman v1 #165
The Man Who Quit the Human Race
Fecha: 1964.08| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 253 Novaro, Baticomic 44.

Governor Andrew Warner steps down from office when it is determined that he is a mutant. Warner agrees to undergo an experiment that will accelerate the mutation and cause him to evolve. Batman and Robin stand guard during the experiment, which successfully causes Warner to become an entirely new species. Wanrer’s mind still retains a small bit of humanity, so he warns Batman that he now feels contempt for ordinary humans. Though he seeks to rid himself of the last bit of humanity, Warner leaves clues for Batman to follow and defeat him. Batman successfully knocks out Warner, then sends him into space in suspended animation. Warner ship will orbit the sun, until humanity evolves enough for him to return to Earth.

Batman v1 #165/2
The Dilemma of the Detective’s Daughter
Fecha: 1964.08| Créditos: France Herron (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 253 Novaro, Baticomic 44.

Patricia Powell, the daughter of Lt. Mike Powell, graduates from the police academy with top honors. She receives her awards from Batman and is immediately promoted to detective. She tells Batman that she has a crush on Bruce Wayne, though the two have never officially met. Batman keeps an eye on Patricia. During her first case, Pat investigates the kidnapping of Professor Smedley. Batman helps her track down the Professor. The Dark Knight apprehends the crooks, while Pat releases the professor. Later, Pat attends a weekend party held by Bruce Wayne, where she meets him for the first time.

Notas: Debut de Patricia Powel, policia enamorada de Batman .

Batman v1 #166
Two-Way Deathtrap
Fecha: 1964.09| Créditos: France Herron (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 257 Novaro, Baticomic 47.

Two crooks hiding in the underground caves near Gotham City stumble upon a chamber that allows them to hear echoes from the Bat-Cave. The crooks, Mitch and Beany, learn that Batman has dreamed up an inescapable trap. To capitalize on their newfound knowledge, the crooks make a bet with some gangsters, then lure Batman into the trap they constructed identical to the one in Batman’s dream. When faced with death from two directions, Batman comes up with a previously unforeseen solution to the trap and escapes. The gangsters lose the bet, and Batman takes them to jail.

Batman v1 #166/2
A Rendezvous with Robbery
Fecha: 1964.09| Créditos: France Herron (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

At a party held by Bruce Wayne, crooks disguising themselves as caterers hold-up the guests. Both Batman and detective Patricia Powell track down the crooks using different leads. When Batman finds their hide-out, he discovers the crooks have already left, but Powell has planted a transmitter in their car and is able to trail them. After apprehending the crooks, Powell returns the loot stolen from the party allowing her to meet Bruce Wayne face-to-face.

Batman v1 #167
Zero Hour for Earth
Fecha: 1964.11| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 266 Novaro.

Batman and Robin are scheduled to meet an Interpol agent at the airport, only to witness his murder. The dying agent tells Batman about a man named Karabi who plans to start a nuclear war. The CIA decides to keep the information secret. They send Batman abroad to seek out Karabi, but announce that the Caped Crusader is tracking down agents of Hydra, an internation crime syndicate. Batman finds Karabi and prevents the war. Then he also captures one of the heads of Hydra. His activities occur in several different time zones, so both captures occur at 8 PM local time.

Notas: Debut de la organización criminal Hydra. En la editorial Marvel aparecerá una organización criminal con el mismo nombre en Strange Tales #135 (1965).

Batman v1 #168
The Fight That Jolted Gotham City
Fecha: 1964.12| Créditos: France Herron (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 274 Novaro.

Circus strongman Mr. Mammoth is scheduled to perform for a charity event in Gotham City. Mr. Mammoth has been plagued by seemingly random attacks of agression that cause him to go crazy. He contacts Batman for help. Batman deduces that music on a radio is responsible for Mr. Mammoth’s behavior. He is unable to prevent Mr. Mammoth from listening to the radio again. The strongman goes berserk and battles Batman. Eventually the effect wears off. Batman ensures that Mr. Mammoth does not hear the music during the charity event, after which the strongman seeks medical help to alleviate the problem.

Batman v1 #168/2
How to Solve a Perfect Crime–In Reverse
Fecha: 1964.12| Créditos: France Herron (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

At a meeting of the Mystery Analysts, the group finds a tape recording left by one of its members. The recording reveals that a perfect crime was committed by a member of the group, the theft of a rare diamond. The Analysts split up to investigate the crime perpetrated by one of its own. When they meet again, Batman records their verbal reports and compares it to their written ones. He determines that Prof. Ralph Vern must be the crook. Batman then backtracks Vern’s past and finds how he accomplished the theft. He then proves it to everyone, and Vern is arrested.

Batman v1 #169
Partners in Plunder
Fecha: 1965.02| Créditos: France Herron (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 315 Novaro, Las mejores historias de Batman 2 (Zinco).

Penguin creates several prominent umbrella displays around town. Batman suspects they are clues to the Penguin’s next crime. He tries to deduce his opponent’s plan, and finally becomes convinced that the crook intends to steal a jeweled meteorite. Penguin’s plan however was to get Batman to plan his crime for him. With a hidden microphone inside one of the umbrellas, Penguin overhears Batman’s suspicions. Penguin then carries out the robbery, Batman had suspected him of. Knowing that Batman will be on hand, Penguin also sets a trap for the Caped Crusader and his partner. Batman eludes the trap and apprehends Penguin despite the crook’s efforts to escape.

Batman v1 #169/2
A Bad Day for Batman
Fecha: 1965.02| Créditos: France Herron (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

While retrieving some rope from a previous case, Batman spots a jewel thief and proceeds the chase him. A series of bad breaks and coincidences allow the thief to elude capture and escape. However, Batman suspects the man dropped his loot in the lake, so he returns that evening. When the thief fishes his loot out of the lake, Batman is present to apprehend him.

Batman v1 #170
Genius of the Getaway Gimmicks
Fecha: 1965.03| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 287 Novaro.

Thief Roy Reynolds is convinced that the only reason crooks are caught by Batman is that they try to trap and kill the Caped Crusader. Rather than try to eliminate Batman, Reynolds orders his gang to run away, then use specially designed getaway gimmicks to elude pursuit. Reynolds’ idea is successful, and Batman is unable to capture the gang. Batman then decides to bait a trap of his own. When the gang strikes again, Batman and Robin pretend to be caught in a supernatural curse by a fictitious foe called the Hexer. Seeing the Dynamic Duo as easy targets, the gang turns back to eliminate their adversaries. Batman and Robin then overcome their apparent situation and capture the gang. Reynolds himself followed his original plan and escaped. However, his henchmen rat him out, and Batman apprehends him at his hide-out later.

Notas: Debut de The Getaway Genius* (Roy Reynolds).

Batman v1 #170/2
The Puzzle of the Perilous Prizes
Fecha: 1965.03| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Aunt Harriet asks Bruce Wayne to investigate a mystery for her friend Mrs. Tompkins. The elderly woman recently won a contest that she didn’t enter. Bruce looks into the puzzle as Batman. Clues lead Batman to the nearby city of Hillvale. When he gets to town, crooks think Batman has come for them, so they attempt to kill him. Batman defeats their gang, then finishes solving the mystery that brought him to town. Mrs. Tompkins was a former nurse. The contest entry was sent in by one of her former patients to repay her kindness. His written explanation was stolen in the mail by the crooks which Batman captured.

Batman v1 #171
Remarkable Ruse of the Riddler
Fecha: 1965.05| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 292 Novaro.

Edward Nigma, alias the Riddler, is released from prison. He tells Batman and Robin that he has reformed and wants to help them fight crime. He leads the Dynamic Duo to the underground hideout of the Molehill Gang, then confounds the Duo with riddles. Batman believes he catches the Riddler committing robberies twice, but each time he learns that Riddler isn’t stealing at all. Batman finally puts together the Riddler’s clues and deduces where the real crime will take place. Riddler is surprised that Batman has solved his puzzle. Despite a trick suit that prevents Batman from capturing him, Batman is able to defeat the Riddler by deactivating the suit. Riddler is then sent back to prison.

Notas: Debut de AcertijoTierra-1 (Edward Nigma) quién no aparecía desde 1948. Al parecer la reintroducción de este villano motivó en parte la creación de la serie de TV en 1966. En el comic se hace alusión a las anteriores apariciones de Acertijo en Detective Comics v1 #140 y #142 (1948) cuando dichos eventos ocurrieron en Tierra-2, por lo que se deduce que eventos similares ocurrieron enTierra-1.

Batman v1 #172
Attack of the Invisible Knights
Fecha: 1965.06| Créditos: John Broome (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 296 Novaro.

Batman and Robin are called in when a museum guard is attacked by three empty suits of armor. A legend says that the armor belonged to three knights out to destroy several opals. The opals are also on display in the museum. Batman and Robin stake out the museum, but they too are attacked and knocked unconscious by the suits of armor. When the Dynamic Duo recovers, they find the opals smashed. Batman suspects that magnets were used to move the armor. He traces the magnets to the museum guard and his brother. The brothers stole the real opals and used the legend as a cover for their scheme. Batman and Robin apprehend them and return the opals to the museum.

Batman v1 #172/2
Robin’s Unassisted Triple Play
Fecha: 1965.06| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman and Robin witness a robbery using remote cameras from the Bat-Cave. On the way to the scene, Batman receives an emergency alert from the Justice League. Robin handles the case alone, while Batman meets the JLA. Robin finds the Flower Gang robbing an art gallery. The gang tricks Robin using a plant that induces hallucinations. Robin is still able to trail the crooks back to their hide-out. He then tricks the three crooks and is able to capture them single-handedly.

Notas: Debut del Flower Gang*. Robin aparece solo casi todo el caso después de que Batman parta tras una llamada de la JLA.

Batman v1 #173
Secret Identities for Sale
Fecha: 1965.08| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 309 Novaro.

Batman and Robin raid the hide-out of gang leader Mr. Incognito. The gang is captured, but the mastermind escapes. A photographer, Elwood Pearson captures the action on a special x-ray film. He offers the pictures which reveal Mr. Incognito’s identity to the police for a million dollars. He also makes an offer to the crook for Batman and Robin’s secret identities. Before the deal can be finished, Batman and Robin find Pearson and Mr. Incognito. The photos and camera are destroyed, and both men are sent to prison without learning Batman’s secret.

Batman v1 #173/2
Walk, Batman, To Your Doom
Fecha: 1965.08| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

The Gotham City district attorney contacts Batman after four juries return with «not guilty» verdicts in airtight criminal trials. Batman’s investigation reveals that one man was present in disguise in all four juries. That same man, Franklin Knott, is running for governor. Batman continues investigating Knott’s background, learning that during his time as a lab assistant for Dr. Grover, he discovered e-rays which influence human behavior. Knott is using the e-rays to sway juries and convince voters. Knott surprises Batman by showing up at Dr. Grover’s lab. Knott uses the e-rays and orders Batman, Robin, and Grover to walk into the lake. Batman is able to resist the command, because he attended a political rally earlier and was ordered to vote for Knott. The two orders cancel each other out, allowing Batman to rescue Robin and Grover. Batman then apprehends Knott and a cure for the e-rays is found.

Batman v1 #174
The Human Punching Bag
Fecha: 1965.09| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 322 Novaro.

B.G. Hunter, a big-game hunter, schemes to trap the Batman. He breaks Roy Reynolds out of jail to devise a getaway gimmick for his men. Hunter intentionally has the men leave clues behind as they flee the crime scene. Batman is able to follow them using the scent of nearby flowers. He falls into Hunter’s trap and is entangled in a plastic bag without air. When Hunter thinks Batman is unconscious, he opens the bag. Batman was using a special flower to breathe, so he is still awake. Once the bag is open, Batman apprehends Hunter and Reynolds.

Notas: Robin aparece brevemente ya que está llevando a cabo una misión con los Jóvene Titanes en Brave and the Bold #60.

Batman v1 #174/2
The Off-Again On-Again Lightbulbs
Fecha: 1965.09| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman rushes to attend the Wednesday meeting of the Mystery Analysts. As the meeting begins, a cleaning man comes in to the room and announces that it is Friday. He shows the group a newspaper proving his claim. Before the Analysts can determine why they all believe it to be Wednesday, the cleaning man hypnotizes them. The cleaning man orders the members to return to their homes for the evening and wait. Batman is unaffected by the hypnosis attacks the man. He defeats the crook and learns that the group was hypnotized on Wednesday to return of Friday. Batman avoided being hypnotized this time because he was wearing special contact lenses by accident. Batman then thwarts the crook’s scheme to kill the other members with bombs planted at their houses.

Batman v1 #175
The Decline and Fall of Batman
Fecha: 1965.11| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 328 Novaro.

Ex-con Eddie Repp creates a device which can create ghost images. Eddie designs a special keyboard with which he can control the ghosts and enable them to interact with solid objects. Vowing revenge upon Batman and Robin, Eddie creates ghosts of the Dynamic Duo. The ghosts then take the place of the real heroes apprehending the criminals of Gotham. The real Batman and Robin are unable to discover the secret of their duplicates. The ghosts prove far more effective crime-fighters, disheartening the heroes. After psychologically humiliating the Dynamic Duo, Repp sends his ghosts to beat them physically. Batman is soundly defeated. Repp then creates a gang of ghost crooks. Batman and Robin realize the crooks must be connected to their ghost counterparts. Though they are unable to stop the crooks, Batman places radioactive tracer dust on the loot. The heroes are then able to track down Repp. Repp is paralyzed by the radioactive dust, allowing Batman to apprehend him and finish the ghosts off once and for all.

Batman v1 #176

Fecha: 1965.12| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: –.

Notas: Reedición de los nºs: 70,73102 y 121 de Batman y el 259

Batman v1 #177
Two Batmen Too Many
Fecha: 1965.12| Créditos: Bill Finger (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 335 Novaro.

After stealing the Kimber Gem Collection, Ed «Numbers» Garvey believes that Batman is watching him trying to learn the location where the gems are hidden. Garvey decides to leave town, only to find the road to his mountain cabin blocked by a landslide. He finds a cave with clay figures inside. When light strikes a crystal, the figures come to life. The figures, one big, one small, appear in Batman costumes and are subserviant to Garvey. Numbers returns to Gotham with his new slaves and utilizes them in his crimes. When the Batmen claim to need revitalization from gems, Garvey suspects trouble. His gang knocks out the Batmen and discovers them to be Atom and Elongated Man in disguise. The real Batman breaks in before the crooks can learn the Atom’s real identity. Then Batman is able to recover the stolen gems by deducing Garvey’s hiding place.

Batman v1 #177/2
The Art Gallery of Rogues
Fecha: 1965.12| Créditos: John Broome (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 335 Novaro.

After being rejected for a job as publicity agent for the Alfred Foundation, Roy Rennie creates some free publicity for Bruce Wayne by staging an accident. When Bruce learns he was set up, he visits Rennie, only to find the publicist knocked unconscious. Bruce investigates the attack as Batman finding a clue leading him to the Lathrop Art Gallery. Batman questions Lathrop about Rennie. His suspicion is aroused, so Batman waits outside the gallery. After two goons attack him, Batman reenters the building and apprehends Lathrop. Batman then explains to Commissioner Gordon that Lathrop stole artwork and passed it off as that of one of his members in order to obtain an Alfred Foundation grant. Rennie stumbled upon the scheme and was attacked. After the crooks are exposed, Rennie tells Bruce that he will quit trying to earn a position as the Foundation publcity agent.

Batman v1 #178
Raid of the Rocketeers
Fecha: 1966.02| Créditos: Robert Kanigher (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 341 Novaro.

Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson attend the launching of two experimental missiles. When the missiles disappear from radar and don’t respond to an abort switch, the experiment is considered a failure. Worried that the missing rockets may pose a threat, a third rocket is fired the following day. Batman and Robin follow the rocket and watch as it is intercepted by a strange beam. Batman and Robin investigate the source of the beam. They encounter a group of jet-propelled men called the Rocketeers who have stolen the rockets. Batman and Robin are captured and placed into one of the rockets. When Gotham City refuses to give in to an extortion attempt, the rocket is fired at the city with a warhead and Batman aboard. Batman and Robin break free of the rocket in mid-flight and manage to destroy it. They parachute to safety, battling Rocketeers one the way to the ground. After the crooks have been rounded up, another missile test is conducted resulting in success.

Batman v1 #178/2
The Loan Shark’s Hidden Hoard
Fecha: 1966.02| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Grifters Rosy and Weeper borrow money from a loan shark to bet on a horse race. Shortly thereafter the loan shark, «Shark» Sharkey is apprehended by Batman and Robin as the mastermind behind several bombings. When their horse loses, Rosy and Weeper fear that Sharkey will kill them, since they don’t know he was arrested. The two men decide to rob a safe belonging to a neighbor. When they enter they find the safe has already been looted. Batman breaks into the room and catches the attempted bandits. They tell Batman their story, and Batman explains that Sharkey was apprehended. The apartment belongs to Sharkey, and the wall safe contained his money. Batman finds Sharkey’s lieutenant Louie hiding with the money and arrests him too. All the crooks are then sent to prison including Rosy and Weeper.

Batman v1 #179
Clay Pigeon for a Killer
Fecha: 1966.03| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Actor Roger Kay appears on television to announce that he has solved a murder case and will identify the killer the following day. Kay then admits to Bruce Wayne that he made the annoucement to flush the killer into the open, but he now fears for his own life. Batman disguises himself as Kay and when the killer strikes he captures Batman instead of Kay. Batman, still in disguise, learns that the killer is millionaire Victor Iago, who wanted to commit the perfect crime. Batman escapes from Iago’s death trap, then brings the killer to justice. Iago is then convinced that Kay is Batman’s secret identity, but Batman and Kay appear together, disproving the theory.

Batman v1 #179/2
The Riddle-Less Robberies of the Riddler
Fecha: 1966.03| Créditos: Robert Kanigher (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 348 Novaro.

After the Riddler escapes from jail, he decides to break his compulsion to send riddles to Batman before his crimes. Using psychological conditioning, the Riddler thinks he has finally cured himself of his habit. When the Riddler successfully commits a theft without leaving a clue, Batman is suspicious. He then realizes that several odd items recently appeared that were actually clues to the Riddler’s last crime. Batman keeps his eyes open to subtle clues that may be clues to the next crime. He successfully finds clues that lead him to the Corsica Glove Company. When the Riddler tries to rob the company, Batman is on hand to apprehend him. Riddler claims he wasn’t the one who sent the clues, until he realizes that he must have sent them subconsciously while sleeping. Since his habit seems unbreakable, Riddler vows to come up with cleverer riddles next time.

Batman v1 #180
Death Knocks Three Times
Fecha: 1966.05| Créditos: Robert Kanigher (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 354 Novaro.

Batman and Robin stop a crook in a skeleton costume called Death-Man. The crook boasts that he will escape justice, but he is sentenced to the electric chair. Before leaving the court room, Death-Man appears to have a heart attack and dies. Batman is haunted by Death-Man’s boasts that he could escape justice. When a report comes in that Death-Man has returned, Batman’s fears are realized. Batman and Robin once again capture their foe after a fierce battle. Once again, Death-Man dies before going to prison. Batman is still puzzled by Death-Man’s resurrection until he learns about a yogi trick of slowing a man’s heart rate. Batman returns to Death-Man’s grave to find it empty. Death-Man has escaped again. This time he gets the drop on Batman. Before Death-Man can shoot Batman, he is struck dead by lightning. This time, his death is not a trick, and Death-Man remains dead.

Notas: Debut de Death-Man.

Batman v1 #181
Beware of Poison Ivy
Fecha: 1966.06| Créditos: Robert Kanigher (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 360 Novaro, Batman: Arkham nº 6 (Planeta DeAgostini) .

At an art show, a woman claiming to be a greater criminal than any of the current public enemies appears calling herself Poison Ivy. Bruce Wayne is attending the show and offers to escort the lovely lady to the police. Ivy creates a blinding flash, then escapes. Bruce pursues her as Batman, but he is delayed by members of Ivy’s gang. Anxious to prove herself Ivy sends letters to each of the top three female crooks. She also sends a letter to Batman. The crooks and Batman meet and battle it out. Ivy takes out the other female crooks and nearly escapes by paralyzing Batman with a kiss. Robin snaps his partner out of it, and Ivy is captured.

Notas: Debut de Hiedra VenenosaTierra-1 (Pamela Isley). Su nombre se revela en JLAofA #111 (1974). La versión post-crisis aparecerá en Suicide Squad Vol. 1 #33 (1989) y su origen se narrará en Shadow Of The Bat Annual #3 (1995). Debut de Dragon Fly, Silken Spider y Tiger Moth, su versión post-crisis debutará en Shadow Of The Bat Annual #3 (1995).

Batman v1 #181/2
The Perfect Crime–Slightly Imperfect
Fecha: 1966.06| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

At a meeting of the Mystery Analysts, author Kaye Daye shocks her colleagues by revealing that she did not write her latest book. She is also threatened by a voice coming from her brooch. Batman investigates Kaye’s apartment, suspecting the woman at the meeting was an imposter. He finds a clue which leads him to the real author. Batman then arrives at an award ceremony where the phony Daye is accepting an award for the book. He exposes the imposter as Daye’s cousin Fern Hunter. She wanted to eliminate her cousin to gain an inheritance. Batman’s quick detective work ruined her scheme.

Batman v1 #182

Fecha: 1966.08| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: –.

Notas: Reedición de los nºs: 85 de Batman y 148, 218, 241, 281 y294 de Detective Comics

Batman v1 #183
A Touch of Poison Ivy
Fecha: 1966.08| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Bob Kane (Sheldon Moldoff) (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 367 Novaro.

Batman cannot stop thinking of Poison Ivy. She sends him a gift from prison claiming to repent her criminal ways. Batman visits her, but Ivy is using Batman to make an escape. With Batman caught in Ivy’s spell, he is taken captive as Ivy rejoins her gang. Fortunately Batman overcomes his trancelike state and with Robin’s help recaptures the villainess and her men.

Batman v1 #183/2
Batman’s Baffling Turnabout
Fecha: 1966.08| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Bob Kane (Sheldon Moldoff) (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 946 Novaro.

Batman and Robin trail a gang of crooks to a warehouse on the waterfront. Batman falls through a trapdoor and becomes caught in a net with the tide coming in. One of the crooks in a Batman disguise tries to fool Robin into thinking he is the real Batman. Robin takes the imposter to a substitute Bat-Cave having seen through the disguise. After the crook unsuccessfully tries to destroy Robin and the phony Bat-Cave, he returns to the warehouse expecting to find Batman dead. However, Batman has escaped the trap and knocks out the imposter. Robin had been tipped off to the phony by the fact that the crook wore a Batman costume with an old-style Bat-logo without the yellow oval.

Notas: Batman cuenta que no siempre llevó el traje con el óvalo amarillo

Batman v1 #184
Mystery of the Missing Manhunters
Fecha: 1966.09| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Bob Kane (Sheldon Moldoff) (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 373 Novaro.

Batman and Robin mysteriously disappear for two weeks. When they return they have no conscious memory of where they’ve been. Robin hypnotizes Batman to bring forth his missing memory. Batman had caught gang boss Slippery Sam Lorenzo. Sam’s gang was out to kill him. Batman kept him safe while Sam informed the Caped Crusaders about the planned robberies of the gang. Batman eventually lures the gang into a trap, but Sam double-crosses him by electrofying the Bat-Mobile. The shock allowed Sam to escape and gave the Caped Crusaders partial amnesia. Once they’ve regained their memories, the Dynamic Duo tracks down Sam. They discover him the victim of a car bomb left by his gang.

Notas: Para infiltrarse en el bajomundo, Batman usa los alias de Greg the Gyp, Tommy the Tout y Cueball Carson.

Batman v1 #185

Fecha: 1966.10| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: –.

Notas: Reedición del 231 de Detective Comics y del 81, 107, 137,150 y 156 de Batman

Batman v1 #186
The Joker’s Original Robberies
Fecha: 1966.11| Créditos: John Broome (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 380 Novaro.

The Joker returns with a new member in his gang, dwarf Gagsworth A. Gagsworthy. Gaggy makes Joker laugh to come up with new schemes. Joker decides to steal priceless models of original inventions. Batman and Robin try to stop him. Gaggy tries to remove Robin’s mask while the Boy Wonder is stunned. Fortunately, he fails. The Joker and his gang then escape. Joker then sends a clue to Batman about his next crime. The Clown Prince of Crime steals the original city hall by lifting it into the air with a helicopter. When the crooks land, they find Batman and Robin inside the building. This time Batman and Robin knock out the crooks, who are then sent to prison.

Batman v1 #186/2
Commissioner Gordon’s Death-Threat
Fecha: 1966.11| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman receives a phone call from Commissioner Gordon, telling him that Fred Purley has been paroled. Purley was put in prison by Gordon and made threats against him. Batman goes to meet Gordon and nearly falls into a trap. Purley has already kidnapped the Commissioner. Batman and Robin then track down the crook before the ex-con can kill Gordon. Batman is able to find them with the help of a make-shift bat-signal which Purley accidentally lighted. Batman arrives in time, and Gordon is rescued.

Batman v1 #187

Fecha: 1966.12| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: –.

Notas: Reedición de: Detective Comics 192, 216, 264, 265 y de Batman 95 y 125

Batman v1 #188
The Eraser Who Tried To Rub Out Batman
Fecha: 1966.12| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 385  Novaro.

Commissioner Gordon calls Batman to help solve a series of crimes in which all clues have been mysteriously erased. Batman interrupts a robbery in progress and learns that an underworld crook calling himself the Eraser is selling his services to other criminals. Batman disguises himself as an organ grinder and hires the Eraser. He then commits a phony robbery. The Eraser recognizes the organ grinder’s after-shave and correctly identifies him as Bruce Wayne. Bruce is then taken prisoner by the Eraser, who is his former college classmate Lenny Fiasco. Bruce is put into an ice cage to freeze to death. Robin has followed and distracts the Eraser. Bruce escapes and dons his costume. Then Batman defeats the Eraser and sends him to prison.

Notas: Debut de Human Eraser* (Lenny Fiasco). Aparecerá fuera de la continuidad en Bizarro Comics (2001). La editorial Marvel creó un personaje similar llamado «Human Eraser» en Tales to Astonish #49 (1963)

Batman v1 #188/2
The Ten Best-Dressed Corpses in Gotham City
Fecha: 1966.12| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 385  Novaro.

Publisher Matt Whitson explains to police and Batman that three of the men on his magazine’s ten best-dressed men list have been recently murdered. Batman promises to investigate. Earlier in the day he had his own narrow escape from death as Bruce Wayne, another man on the list. Batman and Robin check out the next man on the list, Hampden Dennis. Dennis believes himself to be safe, but Batman follows him anyway. Batman then discovers that Dennis is a racket boss. He arrests Dennis and turns him over to police. Batman then checks the racket boss’s home. Robin is locked in a steam room. Batman comes to his partner’s aid. Whitson is waiting for him, but Batman frees Robin and defeats the publisher. Batman deduces that Whitson himself was the killer, using the list to throw police off his trail.

Batman v1 #189
Fright of the Scarecrow
Fecha: 1967.02| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 399 Novaro, Pocket de Ases nº 16 (Editorial Bruguera).

While entertaining youngsters in Gotham Park Dick Grayson witnesses the Scarecrow retrieving buried loot from a past robbery. Dick calls Batman and together they battle their old foe. The Scarecrow escapes by dousing the Caped Crusaders with fear gas. When Batman and Robin recover from the gas, they find a clue that allows them to track down the Scarecrow. However, the trail leads to a trap. The heroes are blinded and attacked by two jungle cats. Using their wits Batman and Robin escape the trap. They are then able to decipher another clue in order to locate Scarecrow. This time the heroes prevail and defeat their opponent.

Notas: Debut del EspantapájarosTierra-1. En el comic se hace referencia al origen del villano publicado en World Finest #3 (1941) cuando es una historia de Tierra-2.

Batman v1 #190
The Penguin Takes a Flyer into the Future
Fecha: 1967.03| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Chic Stone (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 403 Novaro, Las mejores historias de Batman 2 (Zinco).

Penguin devises a series of new tricks designed to appear to use futuristic technology. When Batman and Robin try to stop him, Penguin’s gang uses the tricks to battle them. The Dynamic Duo deduce the secrets behind the tricks which allow them to beat the gang. The Penguin does manage to escape with the loot. Penguin then begins using robot-umbrellas to steal for him. Batman develops his own Bat-umbrella to strike back. He follows the loot back to Penguin’s lair, then battles a Penguin robot. While Batman is busy with the robot, Penguin tries to get the loot. However, Alfred was hidden in the Batmobile trunk and stops the thief before he can escape.

Batman v1 #191
The Day Batman Sold Out
Fecha: 1967.05| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 427 Novaro.

Ira Radon, a radiation expert and criminal, is apprehended by Batman. During the fight, Radon is exposed to large doses of radiation. Though he survives the dose, his condition prevents him from commiting any further crimes. Seeking revenge upon Batman, Radon doses Batman’s equipment with small doses of radiation. As Batman continues to use the equipment, his body absorbs the radiation. Then Radon blackmails Batman, forcing him to give up crimefighting and to sell off his equipment. Batman complies with Radon’s demands, though he really auctions off the items to the Wayne Foundation. Then wearing a suit made of clay to protect him from radiation, Batman defeats Radon. In the process Radon receives a dose of lethal radiation. Batman then returns to crime-fighting after the effects of the radiation exposure have passed.

Batman v1 #191/2
Alfred’s Mystery Menu
Fecha: 1967.05| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 427 Novaro.

Alfred is kidnapped by the Millionaire Mobster Club, a group of millionaire crooks. They demand that Alfred prepare a meal fit for a millionaire, so Alfred creates a menu which requires special ingredients. Rather than buy the items, the crooks steal them. One of the robberies is thwarted by Batman and Robin. Batman then realizes that Alfred likely left a clue to his whereabouts. He checks Alfred’s secret recipes and deciphers Alfred’s code. However, the thwarted robbery prevents Batman from determining the final items complete the clue. Batman returns to the shop where the robbery took place. He searches the floors and finds a shopping list dropped by the crooks. With the list Batman is able to solve Alfred’s puzzle. Batman follows the clue to Alfred’s location and rescues him.

Batman v1 #192
The Crystal Ball That Betrayed Batman
Fecha: 1967.06| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 433 Novaro.

Batman and Robin stumble across a robbery committed by the Fearsome Foursome, henchmen for a crook known as the Swami. So far, the Swami has allegedly forseen dangers that would befall his gang and planned his crimes to avoid the law. Batman manages to apprehend one member of the gang, Silent Stan, but the others escape. Batman disguises himself as Stan, then visits the crook’s apartment. He finds the rest of the gang there including the Swami. However, the Swami uses his crystal ball and discovers that Stan is Batman in disguise. Batman is then trapped, as is Robin who was waiting outside. The Swami then reveals himself as Johnny Witts, Batman’s old nemesis. He knew that Batman would eventually find the gang and would disguise himself as Stan, given the opportunity. Fortunately, Batman is able to escape the death trap of Witts. He then tracks the gang to their next crime and apprehends them.

Notas: Johnny Witts (the Swami) debutó en Detective Comics #344 (1965)

Batman v1 #192/2
Dick Grayson’s Secret Guardian
Fecha: 1967.06| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 433 Novaro.

Dick Grayson tries to recruit other students for the Gotham High basketball team. Frank Reynolds, a tall boy gladly agrees to join, but Toughy Loomis laughs at Dick’s suggestion. Later, Toughy and his friends attack Dick and try to beat him up. Dick is unable to use his skills as Robin to defend himself, for fear of giving away his secret identity. A masked man surprises Toughy during the fight by coming to Dick’s aid. The bullies are scared off, and the masked man disappears too. However, Dick recognized the masked man’s voice as Frank’s. Toughy recognized Frank too, so he and his friends later try to attack Frank. Suspecting trouble Robin follows them and protects Frank. Frank is dazed during the fight and wanders away to stop a nearby mugging. In his confused state Frank accidentally attacks the mugging victim by mistake. Robin makes things right though, ensuring that the mugger is caught. Shortly, Frank returns to his senses and explains the situation to Robin.

Batman v1 #193

Fecha: 1967.08| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: –.

Notas: Reedición de: Detective Comics 179 y Batman 52, 56, 82, 96 y 111

Batman v1 #194
The Blockbuster Goes Bat-Mad
Fecha: 1967.08| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 439 Novaro.

Mark Desmond formerly known as Blockbuster has reformed and taken a job as a handyman at the Wayne Foundation. During a trip to a department store, Mark seems a Batman display which sets off an uncontrollable fit of anger. Mark soon reverts to his Blockbuster persona and goes on a rampage against anything and everything connected to Batman. Batman is called to stop Blockbuster. In the past, Mark has calmed down when Bruce Wayne is present, so Batman unmasks. This time the strategy fails, and Blockbuster continues his rampage. Batman follows Blockbuster to the swamps where he once saved Mark’s life. He disguises himself as Solomon Grundy who Mark had befriended. With the help of the disguise, Batman is able to earn Blockbuster’s trust. He once again befriends the behemoth, ending the destruction.

Notas: La alianza entre Blockbuster y Solomon Grundy se forjó en JLofA 46-47 (1966).

Batman v1 #194/2
The Problem of the Proxy Paintings
Fecha: 1967.08| Créditos: France Herron (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 439 Novaro.

Martin Tellman contacts his friends in the Mystery Analysts club to help solve a mystery in which he possesses authentic paintings worth thousands of dollars instead of worthless copies. With Batman’s help the Analysts discover that Tellman’s wealthy friend Reginald Stonefellow switched the paintings. He gave Tellman the paintings as a gift, but Tellman wouldn’t accept them if he didn’t use the ruse. The paintings are then nearly stolen by thieves. Batman wonders how the crooks knew the paintings were authentic and is able to trace them back to art dealer John Burelson. Batman and the Analysts then trap Burelson and arrest him for the theft.

Batman v1 #195
The Spark-Spangled See-Through Man
Fecha: 1967.09| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 446 Novaro.

Thief Ned Creegan robs the laboratory of scientist Nevil Logan. He steals specials gems which Logan had been using in radiation experiments. Creegan takes the jewels to a nearby fence to sell them when Batman and Robin arrive. During the fight with the Dynamic Duo Ned is transformed into a skeletal figure possessing an electrical touch. The electrical charge is able to stun Batman and allow him to escape. Ned returns to the lab where Logan explains that Ned was exposed to radiation. He blackmails Ned into helping with his experiments, then gives him a pill that will temporarily cure the skeletal effect. Logan warns that every second Ned spends in that form will cost him a day of his life. Ned then returns to crime. When in trouble he reverts to the skeletal form and shocks his attempts pursuers. Batman and Robin use electrically charged gloves to battle him and are led back to Logan’s laboratory. Logan tries to attack them with skeletal animals, but the Dynamic Duo prevails. Creegan and Logan are then both sent to prison.

Notas: Debut de Bag O’Bones (Ned Creegan), aparecerá como Cyclotronic Man en Black Lighting #4 (1977) y como Meltdown en Batman and The Outsiders #4 (1983).

Batman v1 #196
The Psychic Super-Sleuth
Fecha: 1967.11| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 452 Novaro.

Batman and Robin team up with Petru Dubrov, a famous psychic detective, to solve a jewel theft with no clues. Dubrov successfully locates the crooks, but they claim to be innocent. After Dubrov helps solve another crime with similar results Batman becomes suspicious. Batman finds a letter in which Dubrov told Commissioner Gordon that he was coming to Gotham. Analysis of the letter leads Batman to a farm house where the real Dubrov is being held captive. The other Dubrov was an imposter. Batman and Dubrov then track down the imposter and his gang. The imposter hoped to prove himself to police by planting stolen loot on innocent ex-cons. Then his gang could commit a big crime and escape easily. With the real Dubrov rescued, the plot fails and the real crooks are apprehended.

Batman v1 #196/2
The Purloined Parchment Puzzle
Fecha: 1967.11| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

After stopping a bank robbery, Batman helps with a locked room mystery at a museum. The curator inside the room was knocked out and a rare document stolen. The two guards outside saw no one enter the room. The curator, Donald Connery is accused of the crime and goes to trial. Both guards testify that no one entered the room until Connery was found. Batman then testifies and explains that he found the missing document rolled into a window shade. He claims to have fingerprint evidence against the real thief which causes guard James Frost to reveal himself. Frost was the real thief, having fashioned a duplicate key to the room and stolen the document while his partner had stepped away.

Batman v1 #197
Catwoman Sets Her Claws for Batman
Fecha: 1967.12| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 460 Novaro, Las mejores historias de Batman 2 (Zinco).

Catwoman gives up her life of crime and reforms. She has fallen in love with Batman and decides to impress him by becoming a crimefighter too. She sees Batgirl as a rival for Batman’s affection, so while stopping several robberies, Catwoman also tries to make a fool out of Batgirl. After proving herself to be a superior crimefighter than her rival, Catwoman expects Batman to propose. When he doesn’t Catwoman gives him an ultimatum. He must marry her, or she will return to crime. Batman still refuses, so she captures the Caped Crusader along with Robin and Batgirl. Catwoman then returns to crime. She offers Batman a last chance to change his mind, but he has already escaped her trap with Batgirl’s help. Catwoman is defeated and returns to jail.

Notas: Continúa en parte de Detective Comics v1 #369. Catwoman utiliza un traje verde inspirado en la serie de televisión de 1966.

Batman v1 #198

Fecha: 1968.02| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: –.

Notas: Reedición de: Detective Comics 211, Batman 47, 55, 113, 129 y World´s Finest 61

Batman v1 #199
Peril of the Poison Rings
Fecha: 1968.02| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 465 Novaro.

The Dynamic Duo stops a robbery at the Norwood Estate. One member of the gang, Rembrandt Dickens, escapes capture, while the rest of his gang is sent to prison. Dickens then begins a career as a comic artist, writing true crime tales involving jobs that he planned. When his gang is eventually released from prison, Dickens gives them poison rings. When they encounter Batman and Robin again, the Caped Crusader is scratched by one of the rings. Batman is then forced to track down the latest Batman comic book which contains a clue to Dickens’s identity and location. Batman finds the comic and Dickens before the poison kills him. He obtains the antidote that saves his life and apprehends the crook in the process.

Batman v1 #199/2
Seven Steps to Save Face
Fecha: 1968.02| Créditos: No acreditado (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 465 Novaro.

When Batman and Robin stop a robbery in progress, the crooks capture Robin and substitute a midget in his place. Batman then sees the midget in a Robin costume knocked out, so he lets the crooks go to save his partner. He brings the imposter back to the Batcave before realizing his mistake. The midget then learns his secret identity and uses a belt radio to pass the information to his gang. Batman then knocks out the midget and returns him to the crime scene. Then he tracks down the real Robin and rescues him, capturing the rest of the crooks in the process. When the midget recovers, Batman is able to convince him that he was knocked out and only imagined that Batman was Bruce Wayne. When he checks with his gang, they report that he did not radio them. Unknown to the crooks, the radio signal was dampened by anti-bugging devices in the Batcave. Batman’s identity therefore remains a secret.

Batman v1 #200
The Man Who Radiated Fear
Fecha: 1968.03| Créditos: Mike Friedich (Guiones), Chic Stone (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 470 Novaro, Pocket de Ases nº 16 (Editorial Bruguera) .

The Scarecrow perfects a fear-radiated pill. When he swallows the pill the Scarecrow is able to make Batman and Robin fear him. The paralyzing fear that overcomes Batman makes him unable to fight crime. He returns to the Batcave with Robin and receives a pep talk from Alfred reminding him how he became Batman. Batman and Robin renew their war on crime. They captures Joker, Killer Moth, and Penguin. On each crook they discover clues which lead them to the Scarecrow. Despite the fear that the villain has induced in him, Batman is able to escape a death trap. He and Robin then defeat the Scarecrow, when the crook becomes scared of them.

Notas: Origen de Batman.

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