BATMAN v1 #301- 400 (1978-1986)

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Batman v1 #301
The Only Man Batman Ever Killed
Fecha: 1978.07| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), John Calnan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 999 Novaro.

For some time, Gotham has been plagued by the rumor of an «overlord» of crime-bosses in town, whose life is guarded by a secret troop of «wire-heads.» The «wire-heads» have platinum ankh-symbols secretly placed at the base of their skulls, unknown to themselves, which will program them to kill anyone remotely connected with the demise of the «overlord,» should he die an unnatural death. The rumor is revealed as fact after a man named Judson Phillips is cut down by gunfire when Batman stops a gang of crooks from stealing charity money at an auction. During an autopsy, a platinum ankh is found at the base of Phillips’s skull. Batman and Commissioner Gordon concoct a plan to expose a suspected mob connection in the police when they hear of this. Batman, disguised as the mystic Akeldema, claims to be able to kill by thought-impulses, after seeing the image of a victim’s face. He demonstrates this “talent” before Gordon and his men, “killing” undercover police officers, and builds up his reputation. Soon, criminals in the pay of underboss Luke Brant bring “Akeldema” a picture of Malcolm Millbrook, a rich realtor and the secret Gotham crime overlord, and “force” him to do his stuff. Batman defeats the gang and goes to Millbrook’s townhouse, preceded by Brant, who is astonished to find Millbrook alive. Batman is unable to stop Brant from killing Millbrook, but he takes Brant’s gun and punches him out afterward. Mrs. Millbrook enters, sees her slain husband, Batman, and Brant, and accuses Batman of having allowed Brant to kill Millbrook. Batman corrects her: he says that he himself shot Millbrook to death.

Batman v1 #302
The Attack of the Wire-Head Killers
Fecha: 1978.08| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), John Calnan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1005 Novaro.

Batman, having «revealed» that he is the murderer of Malcolm Millbrook and thus sparing Gotham from a gang war, has become the target of Millbrook’s «wire-head killers» and has been charged with homicide by the police. Bruce Wayne declines Dick Grayson’s offer of help and visits Gordon later in secret as Batman. He reveals that Gordon’s chauffeur was the secret police / mob connection, since only the chauffeur knew where Akeldema would be so that he could tip off Brant’s hoods. Batman vows to continue normal patrol to give the wire-heads time to strike at him. Soon, Batman is beset by a circus strongman (who dies of overstrain in the battle), an acrobatic team, and a “human dynamo.” After apprehending the ones who survive, Batman pays a visit to Mrs. Judson Price. She tells him that her late husband, who was the first detected “wire-head”, had invited carnival performers to entertain guests at a large party. There was also a disturbance at 3 A.M. that night which Price had investigated. He returned and said that nothing had happened. Batman, obtaining a list and some photos of the performers, reasons that Millbrook had performed wire-head surgery on the carny performers that night, and gave Price the same treatment when he found them out. After initiating a police dragnet for the remaining circus performers, Batman changes to Bruce Wayne and keeps a disco date with a girl named Melanie. However, a magician, a fire-breather, and a female knife-thrower instinctively recognize Bruce Wayne as the Batman and try to kill him. Wayne becomes Batman and, with the help of a vigilant Robin, captures the threesome. Batman is cleared of the murder rap soon afterwards.

Batman v1 #303
Batman’s Great Identity Switch
Fecha: 1978.09| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), John Calnan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1019 Novaro, Batman 4 Bruguera.

Batman is struck on the head by a rock while fighting the Dodo Man, a crook with a psychotic urge to steal anything related to dodos, in the Museum of Natural History. The blow reverses his identity-switching impulse, so that he battles criminals as Bruce Wayne and appears in civilian life as Batman. He cannot understand the commotion he raises by doing so. Alfred consults his doctor and learns that the cure may be placing Batman back where he was hit by the rock. Thus, he places a bat-transmitter bug in the Natural History Museum under a stuffed dodo’s wing. When Bruce Wayne tracks it down, his reversed-identity impulse is corrected and he dons his Batman uniform. As Batman, he intercepts the Dodo Man trying to steal the stuffed dodo, and captures him.

Notas: Debut de Dodo Man* y Wally Dood*.Se confirma que el nombre de Alfred es «Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth».

Batman v1 #303/2
If Justice Be Served
Fecha: 1978.09| Créditos: Denny O’Neil (Guiones), Michael Golden (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 3, Batman 1019 Novaro, Batman 4 Bruguera.

Angus McKame dies of a heart attack while playing tennis with Bruce Wayne. Bruce becomes the Batman to check out the apartment where McKame was rumored to have stashed his riches in a wall-safe, inexplicably in the worst part of town. Abruptly, he has to save Marty Rail, a reporter for the yellow-journal Graphic, from being caught by a seven-foot man. Only after he decks the giant does Batman learn that he is Buzzy McKame, Angus’s adopted son. Batman learns from Angus McKame’s maid that Rail stole materials from McKame’s wall safe, and a scrap of newspaper which remains identifies McKame as a murderer from fifty years ago in Death Valley, Arizona. Batman rushes to Rail’s apartment to see Rail shoot Buzzy, who was trying to recover the stolen papers. Buzzy, as a dying act, pushes Rail out the window to his death. Batman notices that Rail’s briefcase has sprung open, and the papers incriminating Angus McKame are wafting out to sea on the breeze. He resolves never to reveal Angus McKame’s crime, except in a file he commits to a time capsule.

Batman v1 #304
To Hell with Batman–and Back
Fecha: 1978.10| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), John Calnan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1023 Novaro.

Diamond Jock Cafferty pays the Spook $50,000 to guarantee a safe setup of Batman for a murder attempt. The Spook obligest by luring his nemesis into a trap, knocking him out, and dosing his eyes with drops of a compound that distorts his vision and, melting, releases a sedative drug into his bloodstream. Batman is then placed in a special chamber filled with airholes, through which air pressure is forced to keep him aloft on a cushion of air. Finally, the room is filled with a pinkish mist, and illusions are projected onto it to make Batman feel as though he had died and was reincarnated as a ghost. Batman is then deposited on a pier in front of Cafferty, who shoots at him. The hero gets hit in the shoulder and falls into Gotham Bay, whose waters wipe the drug-lenses from his eyes. Batman is able to reorient himself, overhearing from beneath the pier the Spook giving Cafferty a documentary film of his shooting Batman and then slugging Cafferty, to be found by the police. Batman trails the Spook back to his hideout, defeats him and his gang, and learns what occurred to him from the Spook’s videotape of the event.

Notas: Debut del Dr. Douglas Doundee*.

Batman v1 #304/2
The Amazing Secret of Doctor Dundee
Fecha: 1978.10| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), J. Winslow Mortimer (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1023 Novaro.

Dr. Douglas William Dundee was the surgeon that, with Thomas Wayne’s help, aided Martha Wayne in giving birth to Bruce. He remained Bruce Wayne’s friend throughout his life, even after the death of Bruce’s parents. One day, Bruce Wayne revealed his greatest secret to Dr. Dundee, telling him of his Batman identity, and hired him as the Batman’s personal doctor. Now, while Bruce is receiving a checkup, two crooks break in to Dundee’s office and, at gunpoint, force the doctor to remove a bullet from the arm of one of the two, who has blue-stained fingertips. The two hoods leave, taking some of Dundee’s drugs to sell on the street. Bruce realizes that the gangster’s fingers were stained blue from pool cue chalk. He tracks the hood to a local pool hall as Batman, discovers his identity, and disguises himself as Dr. Dundee. Then, taking the two crooks unawares, he kayoes them both and has them picked up by the police. When Dundee protests to Batman that “his” heroic action has brought him too much publicity, Batman replies that Dundee’s new “reputation” will keep other crooks from trying to rob him in the future.

Batman v1 #305
Death-Gamble of a Darknight Detective
Fecha: 1978.11| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), John Calnan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1027 Novaro, Batman 7 Bruguera.

When the Death’s-Head terrorist gang and Thanatos, their masked and costumed leader, stage a downtown bombing in Gotham, Batman attacks them but is defeated by a hurled grenade. Commissioner Gordon tells Batman that the Death’s-Head has staged ten bombings in ten weeks. Lina Muller, a lady journalist, says the group seeks the destruction of Batman and all other symbols of capitalist politicial order. She also believes that the group will lie low for a while, to regroup and plan. Lina Muller is Bruce Wayne’s guest as they visit the Gotham Skyscraper on Gotham Isle, a former base for Dr. Destiny. It has since been converted to a legal gamblin casino for a month with the city the beneficiary. Bruce notes that six millionaires who have recently visited the casino have made business blunders that cost them their fortunes. While gambling, Bruce is subjected to a strange device, the “Fortu-Tron,” which causes him to lose his good judgement and gamble away $1,000. Batman later captures Prof. Amos Fortune, who had designed the Fortu-Tron and taken over the casino for his own ends. However, Batman takes so many unnecessary risks that he is almost killed. Fortune tells him that the Fortu-Tron treatment lasts a week. Later, Batman issues a challenge to the Death’s-Head, daring them to meet him on Gotham Isle at midnight. He tells them he will fight without weapons. They take him up on it, and he defeats them all. Thanatos is unmasked as Sophia Santos, aka “Lina Muller”. When Gordon asks him how he got over his gambling fever, Batman replies that he hasn’t yet, he only “stacked the deck…in my favor!” «

Notas: Debut de Thanatos (Sophia Santos).

Batman v1 #305/2
With This Ring, Find Me Dead
Fecha: 1978.11| Créditos: Bob Rozakis (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 3, Batman 1027 Novaro, Batman 7 Bruguera.

Commissioner Gordon calls in Batman when a wedding ring found on the finger of an unidentified female corpse on a Gotham street bears the inscription, «To my darling wife. Love, the Batman.» No record of the woman’s fingerprints turns up, but Batman analyses the ring, and finds materials on it that pinpoint its origin to a town on the coast of Maine. He goes there in disguise to inquire about the ring from a local jeweler, but has to fight off locals who assume the ring came from Martha Carter, a citizen of their town, and that he killed her to get it. The fight ends when Martha Carter walks in with her husband. Batman returns home and switches to civilian garb, briefing Alfred on what has happened. But an intruder enters, having somehow breached the security system. He brandishes three photos taken by an X-ray device, showing Bruce Wayne in his Batman costume during the Maine brawl, and says that he has other evidence linking the Batman to Wayne. He admits to murdering the woman, but declares that if Batman brings him in, it will be the end of Batman’s career.

Batman v1 #306
Night of Seige
Fecha: 1978.12| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), John Calnan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1031 Novaro, Batman 8 Bruguera.

The Black Spider, an ex-junkie costumed vigilante out to murder all pushers in Gotham, tries to kill big-time dope dealer Hannibal Hardwicke. Batman intervenes to save Hardwicke for his trial. After the Spider makes two tries and is beaten back, Batman takes Hardwicke to Bruce Wayne’s penthouse apartment for safekeeping and settles down as the Black Spider lays siege. The Black Spider battles past Batman into the apartment, but Batman blocks him again, and learns that the Spider survived the explosion during their last encounter by staggering to a free clinic run by an old friend. The Spider is eventually felled by the sleep-gas with which Batman has flooded the apartment, having protected himself with nose-filters. Alfred reports that Hardwicke has admitted to being the Black Spider’s financier, hoping to eliminate competiton through the vigilante, who turned upon his “creator” in the end.

Batman v1 #306/2
The Mystery Murderer of ‘Mrs. Batman’
Fecha: 1978.12| Créditos: Bob Rozakis (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 3, Batman 1031 Novaro, Batman 8 Bruguera.

Jeff Richter admits that the rest of his evidence revealing that Bruce Wayne is Batman is «buried» elsewhere to stop Batman interfering with his operations. Bruce switches to his Batman uniform to try to stop his antagonist, but a freezing gas in Richter’s suit immobilizes Batman and Alfred, and Richter escapes. Batman later checks out Richter’s fingerprints, only to learn that each finger bears the print of a different wanted criminal. But Richter’s speaking voice betrays him as a professional actor, and a search of Gotham media pinpoints him and reveals his identity. Batman shadows richter and learns that he assumes a different disguise every night to visit various slum areas. Much later, he realizes that Richter is killing slum dwellers with a plague he spreads from a sprayer in his cane, hoping to start a panic and extort money from the city. Batman confronts Richter and accidentally damages his cane, so that Richter looses the plague on himself and dies. Afterward, Batman tells Alfred that Richter’s evidence of his double identity was buried in the grave of “Jane Doe.” But her true identity will remain unknown.

Batman v1 #307
Dark Messenger of Mercy
Fecha: 1979.01| Créditos: Len Wein (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1035 Novaro, Batman 9 Bruguera.

A bag lady in a subway is murdered by poisoned gold coins laid on her eyes by a mysterious «benefactor» who kills her to release her from her squalid existence. Batman learns from Quentin Conroy, who files a complaint with Commissioner Gordon, that the coins have been stolen from his late father’s priceless collection. Batman prowls the Gotham streets to look for the killer and finds a band of homeless people, led by Shamrock, a friend of the murder victim. During the visit he saves one of their number from being slain by the coin-killer, whom they recognize as John Francis Conroy, aka «Limehouse Jack», but the killer escapes. The street people tell Batman that Conroy disappeared from their group fifteen years ago. Batman confronts Quentin Conroy and learns that Limehouse Jack was his father. The elder Conroy succumbed to job pressure, left his family, and took to the streets. Though Conroy claims his father is dead, Batman is not so sure. Later, masquerading as a panhandler, Batman traps and battles Limehouse Jack with the help of the street dwellers. Limehouse Jack proves to be Quentin Conroy, whose motivation was to “give (the street dwellers) peace!” Later, after Conroy is taken in, Batman tells Gordon that Conroy’s shoe soles gave him away. One heel was worn away more than the other, and, though Conroy did not limp, “Limehouse Jack” certainly did.»

Notas: Debut del ejecutivo Lucius Fox*. Su origen post-crisis se narra en Batman:Ghosts (1995), Detective Comics v1 #0 (1994), Batman: Secret files #1 (1997), Batman: Journey Into Knight (2005). Tras Crisis Infinita se modifica en Batman Confidential #1-12 (2007). Debut del millonario Gregorian Falstaff* (nombrado). Debut de Shamrock. Debut de los confidentes de Batman Slugger, Poet y Good Queen Bess*.

Batman v1 #308
There’ll be a Cold Time in the Old Town Tonight
Fecha: 1979.02| Créditos: Len Wein (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1039 Novaro, Batman 5 Bruguera.

Bruce Wayne meets with a reformed Selina Kyle, the Catwoman, who wants to invest money in Wayne Enterprises, and with Lucius Fox’s daughter Tiffany, who runs Wayne Enterprises’ ghetto drug-rehabilitation program. Then, as Batman, he answers a bat-signal summons and is shown the frozen body of financier Jacob Riker, iced for betraying Mr. Freeze. At the same time, another millionaire, John McVee, undergoes one of Mr. Freeze’s cryogenic treatments, hoping to have his body temperature lowered, his aging processes slowed, and his lifespan greatly increased. But, as with his other subjects, Freeze finds the treatment does not quite work. McVee’s body survives, but his brain cells remain frozen. He has become a living zombie, and is added to Freeze’s servile “Cold Pack.” Freeze promises his girlfriend Hildy that, once the process is perfected, she will receive the treatment. She secretly plans to kill him after he does so. Batman tracks down Freeze in his headquarters, but is overcome by the Cold Pack and given the freeze-treatment. However, he has ripped out enough power cables beforehand to ensure that he does not get the full-power treatment, and emerges unscathed. Batman shatters Freeze’s command-helmet and knocks him down, severing the regulating cable of his cold-gun in the process. Hildy grabs the gun and fires at them, but the weapon backfires and she is encased in solid ice. Elsewhere, S.T.A.R. scientists bury the Blockbuster, thinking they have killed him with a radiation treatment intended to normalize him. But after they leave, huge hands break the surface of the grave»

Notas: Debut de Tiffany Fox, la hija de Lucius Fox. Selina Kyle aparece reformada.

Batman v1 #309
Have Yourself a Deadly Little Christmas
Fecha: 1979.03| Créditos: Len Wein (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman :av 7 Novaro, Batman 6 Bruguera.

Kathy Crawford, a depressed, out-of-work woman in Gotham City, is robbed of her purse by a street gang on Christmas Eve. The gang is soon totally clobbered by Blockbuster, who grabs the purse and lumbers off to find Kathy. Kathy herself, in a fit of suicidal depression, overdoses on sleeping pills and calls the police to say goodbye. Batman, delivering a gift to Commissioner Gordon, learns of the suicide attempt by listening in on a desk sergeant’s conversation with Kathy. He fails to talk her out of her rash action and she terminates the call. But a tracer has been put on the call, and Batman heads out in search of Kathy Crawford. Blockbuster bursts into Kathy’s shabby apartment with her purse just as she collapses. Unsure of what to do, he carries her out into the snowy night. Batman arrives minutes later, trails the Blockbuster’s huge footprints in the snow, and confronts him, mistaking his intentions towards Kathy. The Blockbuster knocks Batman out and tries to give Kathy to a street-corner Santa, but is frightened off by a police siren. Batman and Blockbuster have a final encounter on the icebound Gotham River, but the impact of Blockbuster’s huge fists hitting the ice breaks off a floe containing Kathy and sends it downriver. Blockbuster leaps to the floe and throws Kathy into Batman’s arms just as the ice breaks up beneath him, plunging him into the freezing waters. Batman gives Kathy to ambulance attendance, noting that she had not taken a fatal dose of pills. Kathy, touched that Blockbuster thought her worth saving, vows not to try suicide again. When she asks what his name was, Batman tells her to call him “the spirit of Christmas Yet-to-be!” «

Notas: Continues from Brave and the Bold #148, and continues into a December 31, 1978 flashback in Detective Comics #498.

Batman v1 #310
The Ghost Who Haunted Batman
Fecha: 1979.04| Créditos: Len Wein (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1045 Novaro, Album 1 Bruguera.

Batman encounters the Gentleman Ghost and his gang robbing the Riverside Museum, but cannot stop them from escaping with two solid gold lanterns which once hung in front of Wayne Manor. He returns to Bruce Wayne’s penthouse and finds Alfred mysteriously gone. The butler fails to turn up during the next day and cannot be found, so Batman assumes a disguise and checks out Ye Pipe and Hearth, an English-style pub frequented by Alfred. One of its denizens recalls seeing Alfred leave with a «toff.» When Batman returns to the penthouse, he finds Alfred, the Ghost, and the gang stealing an antique chair. Alfred refers to the Ghost as his «master» and clubs Batman unconscious with a lamp. Awakening some time later, Batman suddenly realizes the reason for the Ghost’s bizarre thefts. The Ghost is currently living in Wayne Manor, and is restoring its old effects, having heard Alfred bragging in the pub of its atmosphere and deserted condition. Alfred himself is under the Ghost’s mental domination. Batman confronts the Ghost in the manor, and the villain tosses Alfred a flintlock pistol and, as a test, tells him to shoot Batman. The butler is unable to do so, and is freed from the Ghost’s spell. Batman chases the Ghost outside onto a horse-and-carriage, which is sent careening off a cliff. Batman jumps before the coach falls. Investigating the wreck, he finds only the Ghost’s fallen hat in the debris, and hears ghostly laughter mocking him from afar.

Notas: Selina Kyle (Catwoman) y Bruce Wayne inician una relación.

Batman v1 #311
Dr. Phosphorus Is Back
Fecha: 1979.05| Créditos: Steve Englehart (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1051 Novaro, Album 1 Bruguera.

After the twice-rebuilt Gotham Nuclear Reactor goes critical for ten minutes, Batman investigates, finds glowing footprints at the site, and deduces that Dr. Phosphorus is back. A group of protestors has gathered to demand that the plant be shut down as a safety hazard. Phosphorus, who has made the plant his new home, thinks otherwise. Meanwhile, Batgirl defeats Killer Moth in Washington, D.C., and comes to Gotham as Congresswoman Barbara Gordon to make a speech advocating the closing of the nuclear plant and the dismantlement of the nuclear power industry. Batman meets with her after checking on Rupert “Boss” Thorne at Arkham Asylum and failing to capture Dr. Phosphorus, who threatens to “reign over all!” Batman abruptly realizes that Phosphorus intends to seed clouds with irradiated material and rain fire on Gotham City. He and Batgirl track down Phosphorus at the airport where he is trying to commandeer a small plane. Batman smashes into the plane with his Batmobile and halts it, but is dazed. Batgirl is menaced by Phosphorus, but captures him by wrapping him up in Batman’s radiation-proof cape and tying it up with a Batrope. Batman revives and finds the situation well in hand.

Batman v1 #312
A Caper a Day Keeps the Batman Away
Fecha: 1979.06| Créditos: Len Wein (Guiones), Walt Simonson (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 3, Batman 1057 Novaro, Batman 1 Bruguera, Las mejores historias de Batman 1 (Zinco).

The Calendar Man is back in Gotham and committing one grand robbery a day for a week, with a new costume to symbolize what mythical god or planet for which the particular day of the week was named. On Monday, he dresses in a moonman outfit and steals handfuls of postage stamps cancelled by astronauts on the moon. On Tuesday, as Tiw, god of war, he robs Ulysses S. Grant’s Civil War medals from a military museum. On Wednesday he robs another museum as Woden (or Odin), riding an eight-wheeled cycle to symbolize Woden’s eight-legged steed Sleipnir, and uses a laser-blast lens over one eye to blast Batman’s Whirly-Bat out of the sky. On Thursday, dressed as Thor, the Calendar Man steals a painting entitled The Storm King and damages Batman’s inner ear with a sonic «thunder» blast. While Batman rests up, the Calendar Man spends Friday, named for the wedding-goddess Frigga, robbing a wedding reception, and steals the money from an ecology benefit on Saturday,dressed as Saturn, god of agriculture. On Sunday, a day of rest, the Calendar Man plans to take the Sun Express and escape with his loot. But Batman has anticipated his move, and captures his foe at the railroad terminal. However, on Thursday intruders broke into a defense installation, gassed the on-duty personnel unconscious, and took a binary code for America’s new defense system from a computer. On Sunday night, the gang demands $22,000,000 for its return, and sends a similar offer to the Russian government. The double-cross is suited to the nature of the gang’s leader, Two-Face.»

Notas: Debut de Specs.

Batman v1 #313
Two for the Money!
Fecha: 1979.07| Créditos: Len Wein (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1063 y BE  190 Novaro, Batman 2 Bruguera.

Specs, who stole the binary defense code for Two-Face, calls the police to try to reveal its hiding place after discovering that Two-Face has offered to sell it to the Soviets. But Two-Face cuts off the call, flips his coin, sees the bad side has come up, and has his men shoot Specs dead with a shot to his heart and a shot to his head. Bruce Wayne, after squiring Selina Kyle to the Second Annual Children’s Telethon (where he makes a donation) and then to dinner, is summoned as Batman by Commissioner Gordon to help investigate Specs’s murder. Batman pegs it as Two-Face’s work and finds his foe and his two-man gang lodged, logically enough, at Apartment 2-B, 222 Second Street. He plows into the gang, but is interrupted by the arrival of government agent King Faraday, who tries to arrest everyone. Two-Face uses the opportunity to escape. Faraday warns Batman that he is prepared to kill Two-Face and advises him to stay out of the case. But Batman says that he owes it to Harvey Dent’s memory to try and return him safely to Arkham Asylum, and Faraday grudgingly accepts Batman’s presence. Two-Face, Batman, and Faraday all deduce that Specs had hidden the code in an envelope inside the huge piggy bank at the Second Children’s Telethon. Two-Face steals the code envelope and gets away, as Batman prevents Faraday from shooting the villain. The two argue again over tactics. Faraday still vows to kill Two-Face if necessary, and Batman comes along to make sure he does not.

Batman v1 #314
Once Beaten, Twice Sly!
Fecha: 1979.08| Créditos: Len Wein (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1075 Novaro, Batman 3 Bruguera.

Batman and King Faraday trail Two-Face to New Orleans during Mardi Gras. The double-faced dastard himself is admitting two men, one American and one Russian, into his hideout aboard a restored paddle-wheeler to negotiate for the binary defense code. He tells them to return later, with $22,000,000 apiece, and then he will decide who gets the code by flipping his coin. After the men leave, Batman and Faraday break in, but are trapped by laser defenses as Two-Face escapes. Batman makes a fire with a phosphorus capsule, and restaraunt attendants break in to extinguish the blaze and free them. Tipped off by Two-Face’s doodle of a crown on wheels, Batman deduces that their foe will hold court on a float in the Mardi Gras parade. Two-Face does so, receiving his two bidders, taking their $44,000,000, and flipping his coin–which he catches on edge. He activates jets in his chair and escapes to a blimp advertising Double Chew Gum. Batman and Faraday see him and manage to clamber aboard the blimp. Two-Face is about to stamp Batman’s hands while the hero hangs from a hatch edge, but Batman insists he flip his coin first. Two-Face complies just as Faraday enters through a service hatch, fires, hits the spinning coin and knocks it through the hatch. Two-Face leaps after the coin, falls out of the blimp, and is lost to sight. Batman regrets Two-Face’s loss, but tells Faraday that Two-Face took the code to the bottom of the lake with him, so Faraday should be happy. Faraday replies that he gave up the right to be happy when he took his job.

Batman v1 #315
Danger on the Wing
Fecha: 1979.09| Créditos: Len Wein (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1081 Novaro, Batman 14 Bruguera.

Batman captures a gang of crooks in Gotham City Hall, but not before one of them makes a kite of some blueprints and flies it to the waiting Kite-Man. Lucius Fox is contacted by Karlyle Krugerrand, right-hand man to the powerful Gregorian Falstaff, who wishes to make a deal with Fox. Fox returns to work to find Bruce Wayne in conference with City Commissioner Arthur Reeves and others, discussing the decision of Trans-Atlantic Airways to leave Gotham. The decision, which is final, will cost many Gothamites their jobs, and is the doing of majority stockholder Falstaff. Fox keeps his counsel to himself. Later, Bruce Wayne finds Selina Kyle less than happy with his earlier decision to have a security check run on her. At noon, three kites explode in a fireworks display, enabling Kite-Man’s gang to enter the Trans-Atlantic building disguised as workmen. When a helicopter carrying the final payroll of the airline lands on the building that night, several box-kites on the roof spray the guards with knockout gas and the gang and Kite-Man emerge to snatch the payroll. But Batman has deduced Kite-Man’s plan, and uses his own bat-glider to crash into Kite-Man’s escape kite, landing them both safely in the street with a parachute. He then delivers Kite-Man to Commissioner Gordon and the police.

Batman v1 #316
Color Me Deadly
Fecha: 1979.10| Créditos: Len Wein (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1087 Novaro, Batman 19 Bruguera.

Crazy-Quilt, having finally been released from prison, has learned a brutal truth: his sight, only useful at recognizing bright, vivid colors, will fade away permanently in a matter of months. Accordingly, he breaks into Gotham’s S.T.A.R. labs, dazzling the scientists with a light display and blinding Batman and Robin with the rays from his color-helmet while he steals a laser-focusing element. Then he kidnaps Dr. Norman Dexter, a surgeon who has pioneered revolutionary techniques of optic surgery, and forces him to operate on his eyes at gunpoint, using only a local anesthetic. Crazy-Quilt had earlier hired a firebug to torch the tenth floor of the hospital, ensuring it would be deserted for his operation. But Batman and Robin realize Crazy-Quilt’s plan after learning of Dexter’s abduction, and fight their way to the top of the hospital past Crazy-Quilt’s defensive devices. The operation is finished when they arrive, and Crazy-Quilt dons his helmet to fire brilliant color-rays at them. Robin reflects the rays back into Crazy-Quilt’s eyes with a polished instrument tray. The impact proves too much for his over-sensitized optic nerves. Crazy-Quilt has been rendered totally blind.

Notas: RobinTierra-2 se encontró con Crazy-Quilt en Star Spangled #123 (1951).

Batman v1 #317
The 1,001 Clue Caper or, Why Did the Riddler Cross the Road?
Fecha: 1979.11| Créditos: Len Wein (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1093 Novaro, Batman 15 Bruguera.

Noting that the book came from the Gotham State Prison Library, Batman and Robin learn from the warden that convict Jake Hammer was wounded while trying to escape with the Riddler. Though Hammer is semi-conscious, Robin gets him to mutter the riddle-clue, «What’s black and white and red all over? Answer is a killer!» At about the same time, the Riddler takes a garbage truck, loads it with the stolen chickens, looses the birds at the dock workers of a magazine distributor’s warehouse, and loads the truck with a skid of magazines. After making up with Selina Kyle for having her investigated, Bruce Wayne becomes Batman again and consults with Robin. Robin tells Batman that the magazines the Riddler stole were intended for foreign distribution. The police, drawn by gunfire to the warehouse, found that it was a front for gun-runners. Batman, noting that Jake Hammer was convicted of gun-running, figures out the Riddler’s latest scheme. The two heroes go to Gotham Harbor, where the Riddler is loading guns concealed in the magazines aboard a ship to receive payment from a foreign agent. They stop the operation and capture the Riddler and the gun-runners. Meanwhile, Lucius Fox keeps a date to meet with Bruce Wayne’s financial rival, the gluttonous Gregorian Falstaff.

Notas: Debut de Gregorian Falstaff.

Batman v1 #318
My City Burns at Both Ends–It Will Not Last the Night
Fecha: 1979.12| Créditos: Len Wein (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1099 Novaro, Batman 21 Bruguera.

Batman rescues a girl from a burning tenement and notices a costumed figure atop the building. He swings back up to make contact with the villain, who introduces himself as the Firebug and shoots napalm from his fingertips to keep Batman at a distance. The Firebug thanks Batman for saving the girl and says, «That damned building has done enough killing!» By the time Batman can staunch the fire with a foam pellet, the Firebug is gone. Later, while Bruce Wayne is dancing with Selina Kyle, who suffers a strange headache, the Firebug, in his civilian identity of Joey Rigger, reviews the fate of his father, mother, and sister. All had been killed by defects in the tenement buildings they lived in. Joey himself went to Vietnam, where he was trained as a demolitions expert. He thus gained the know-how to fashion the weaponry of the Firebug, which he uses to burn down the buildings which took his family’s lives. Checking with Commissioner Gordon, Batman runs down correlations on the two buildings the Firebug has torched, guesses that he is Joey Rigger, and finds from a magazine page in his deserted apartment that his next target will be the Gotham State Building. Batman confronts the Firebug there, disarming a bomb and fending off his napalm with a fireproofed costume. The battle carries them up to the observation deck, where the Firebug, in a suicidal frenzy, deactivates his costume’s safety devices and lunges at Batman. The caped hero sidesteps, and the Firebug burns through the observation deck restraining fence, falling off the building. His napalm tanks explode seconds before he would have hit the pavement.

Notas: Debut de Firebug I (Joe Rigger). Un segundo Firebug aparecerá en Gotham Central #3 (03.2003)

Batman v1 #319
Never Give Up the Ghost
Fecha: 1980.01| Créditos: Len Wein (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1105 Novaro, Album 6 Bruguera.

Batman interrupts the Gentleman Ghost and his two-man gang in the process to stealing industrial diamonds inside a darkened factory. The theft is thwarted, but the villains escape and the Ghost tells his men they will try to steal the jewels another time. Batman resumes his Bruce Wayne identity, reopens Wayne Manor, and hosts a costume ball with the attendees dressed as famous persons from the past. (Selina Kyle comes dressed as Catherine of Aragon.) Alfred notifies Bruce that an alarm Batman had left at the factory has gone off. Bruce becomes Batman to investigate. At the factory, Batman is tricked and knocked out by the Ghost. He awakens to find himself manacled to a chain by his wrists and suspended by a winch-and-pulley system over a cauldron of sulphuric acid. The Ghost activates the winch and leaves, telling Batman he has a date at a party in a mansion. Batman frees himself by using slack in the chain to swing himself away from the acid vat and breaking open the manacles on the gears of the winch. He then returns to Wayne Manor, where he captures both of the Ghost’s hirelings but not the Ghost himself. The Gentleman Ghost fades into the fog, promising to return and “make Gotham City mine.” Batman assures him that he’ll be waiting.

Batman v1 #320
The Curse of the Inquisitor
Fecha: 1980.02| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1111 Novaro, Batman 18 Bruguera.

From a clipping service, Batman learns of two unusual crimes in a small town in Spain. Two priests were murdered, one being covered in bronze, the other frozen to death in a meat locker. Things being quiet in Gotham, he goes to Spain to check out the mystery. Bruce Wayne finds the aged Cardinal Ramirez haranguing his congregation to leave the sinful elements brought to them by the mass media. But the young Father Pinto opposes Ramirez, contending that the old ways are gone past recalling. That night, while watching over Pinto’s residence, Batman encounters police lieutenant Hector Sanchez, who says that he is watching over Pinto since he is the same age as the two dead priests. Cardinal Ramirez appears and denounces the masked Batman as a “tool of the devil.” Batman leaves, Sanchez warning him not to “fall prey to the capital sins!” Pinto is murdered by a crossbow bolt soon afterwards. Batman trails the assassin to a supposedly-deserted chapel. There he encounters the killer, Gorko (a hunchback), and his master, the robed Inquisitor. Batman almost falls prey to a deathtrap, but escapes and kayoes Gorko, though the Inquisitor escapes. Later, Batman stops the Inquisitor as he is about to seal another priest inside a bank vault. He unmasks the Inquisitor as Lt. Sanchez, who tipped his hand by mentioning the “capital sins.” Each of the priests was murdered in a manner suggesting the seven capital sins (for example, one dying in a food locker symbolized gluttony). While Sanchez and Batman battle, Gorko appears and accidentally kills Sanchez with a crossbow bolt. Sanchez, who hoped to destroy modernist clerics, gives his last confession to the priest he sought to murder. Finally, Batman meets Ramirez in the confessional booth, and tells him what he has learned from local records. Before he became a priest, Ramirez sired a son, one Hector Sanchez. Batman leaves Ramirez with the quote: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” «

Batman v1 #321
Dreadful Birthday, Dear Joker
Fecha: 1980.03| Créditos: Len Wein (Guiones), Walt Simonson (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1117 Novaro, Batman 19 Bruguera, Clásicos DC (Planeta) 20 y Mejores Historias del Joker 1 (Zinco).

The Joker, seconds after issuing an invitation for Commissioner Gordon to come to his birthday party, abducts him from police headquarters and incapacitates the officers on duty with laughing gas. Batman, in a gas mask, breaks in and combats the Joker’s gang, but the comedic crimesmith himself escapes with Gordon. The police tell Batman that the Joker has also captured Robin. At the Wayne Foundation, the Joker next kidnaps Alfred, despite Selina Kyle’s best efforts to resist him (she gets a boxing glove in the mouth). Alfred, Robin, Gordon, and several others who have crossed the Joker in the past are bound to a “victim-go-round” in the Joker’s Ha-Hacienda, and he promises to kill them all tomorrow on his birthday while the whole city watches. The city itself is invited to a wares-sampling party of the nonexistent Harlequin Bakery Company at the Seaside Coliseum. The crowd who fill the Coliseum are paralyzed by a special gas as the Joker unveils his gigantic “birthday cake,” complete with candle-bombs to which are tied Robin, Gordon, Alfred and the Joker’s other foes. Batman appears, and the Joker offers to free his friends if he surrenders. Batman complies, is roped to the “guest of honor” candle-bomb, and has it set off, but Batman had arrived earlier and gimmicked the “candle”, turning it into a rocket. He soars upwards, freeing himself. He then severs the wicks of the other candles with a batarang to prevent the Joker from blowing them up and pursues his foe. The Joker tries to escape in a boat, but it crashes into shoals and explodes. Batman doubts that the Joker has suffered the fate of the boat»

Batman v1 #322
Chaos–Coming and Going
Fecha: 1980.04| Créditos: Len Wein (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1123 Novaro.

Selina Kyle learns from Dr. Dundee that she is infected with a rare and fatal disease. The only cure for the malady was known to the ancient Egyptians, an herbal antidote. Selina attends an Egyptian museum exhibit and can barely restrain herself from theft when she sees urns full of ancient herbs along with cat-idols. In the meantime, Captain Boomerang has hit Gotham, and has made hits on the delivery trucks of the Gotham Guardian. His path crosses that of Batman, but Boomerang manages an escape. Batman has Lucius Fox investigate the Guardian’s ownership, and finds it is owned by one of Gregorian Falstaff’s front organizations. Captain Boomerang is busy attacking Falstaff in his penthouse, demanding Falstaff pay up. Boomerang had invested his retirement fund money in a stock which Falstaff had controlled and sold short, wiping out Boomerang’s savings. But Batman arrives, and Captain Boomerang is forced to give battle, though he kayoes the hero with one of his weapons. Batman awakens to find himself tied to one of the giant boomerangs which had been used on the Flash, one equipped with rockets. The boomerang is sent aloft, but without Batman, who has burned off his bonds on the rockets’ after-burners. When Boomerang tosses one of his boomerangs, he knocks it down with his own Batarang and wallops Boomerang himself. Back at the museum, a guard is assaulted by a cat-clawed person who carries off the urns from the Egyptian exhibit. The guard concludes that the Catwoman is on the prowl again.»

Batman v1 #323
Shadow of the Cat
Fecha: 1980.05| Créditos: Len Wein (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1129 Novaro, Batman 25 Bruguera.

Batman attempts to arrest Selina Kyle on suspicion of robbing Riverside Museum’s Egyptian urns, as the guard has been assualted by a cat-clawed crook. But Selina knows she might die in prison from her disease, and, tossing her pet cat at Batman, uses the diversion to escape. When Bruce Wayne steps into his office the next morning past his new secretary Caroline Crown, he is met by Catwoman, who asks his aid and denies that she pulled the museum robbery. Bruce asks her to turn herself in, and tries to grab her. She sprays Bruce with catnip treated to produce a sneezing fit, and Bruce finds her gone when he recovers. That night, Batman goes to the scene of the robbery and recovers a thread from the display case of the urns. The dust on the thread leads Batman to the Ajax Import and Export Warehouse, which locale Catwoman has already pried from a thug. The two meet and clash, but Catwoman accidentally trips off a poison-gas booby trap. Batman, donning a gas mask, takes them both to safety. He and Catwoman agree to stop fighting, but find themselves standing on a huge trap door which gives way to land them both on a web of adhesive-coated cables. Trapped, they finally meet the real museum thief–the Cat-Man.

Notas: Debut de Caroline Crown, la nueva secretaria de empresas Wayne.

Batman v1 #324
The Cat Who Would Be King
Fecha: 1980.06| Créditos: Len Wein (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1135 Novaro, Batman 25 Bruguera.

Cat-Man activates a mechanism that begins pulling the cables to and fro, threatening to tear Batman and Catwoman limb from limb, and departs. Batman cuts through his clothing and rescues himself and Catwoman, finding a bit of Cat-Man’s boot heel left behind. From analysis, he learns it comes from the Ionian Islands near Greece. Catwoman assists on accompanying him, since the Egyptian herbs will have to be administered at once to save her life. He agrees, and they take off in the Batplane. In Greece, Cat-Man is presenting the urns and statuary to Andros Akropolis, a shipping magnate and Egyptian artifact collector who owns the Ionian islands. The loot is hidden in a geyser which erupts at timed intervals, Cat-Man hoping to be awarded the island they stand on so that he may make it a hideout for wanted crooks. Batman and Catwoman, having learned of Cat-Man’s whereabouts through an informant, arrive and fight off Arkopolous and his men. The magnate shoots Cat-Man six times, but the mystic cloth in his costume saves his life. Akropolous leaves, telling Batman he was only trying to recover the artifacts for the United States and that he will return in an hour with an army to see whether or not they are still trespassing on his island. Cat-Man grabs Catwoman and threatens to cut her throat unless Batman gives him the boat they used to come to the island. Catwoman fights back and inadvertently pushes him to the mouth of the geyser. Still holding the urns, Cat-Man is engulfed in the steaming waters. Catwoman holds part of his cape in her hand. When the steam clears, both Cat-Man and the urns are gone. Catwoman, in pain, faints. Back in Gotham City some hours later, Dr. Dundee examines Catwoman and informs Bruce Wayne that her disease is in remission. Selina informs Bruce that she owes her life to the magical “nine-lives” property of the Cat-Man’s cape. Bruce scoffs, but wonders if it could be true.

Batman v1 #325
Death–Twenty Stories High
Fecha: 1980.07| Créditos: Roger McKenzie (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1137 Novaro, Batman 25 Bruguera.

Batman is summoned to the roof of police headquarters by Commissioner Gordon to receive a death threat sent through the mails to him, which almost comes true when a sniper shoots at him. Batman avoids the shot and captures the would-be assassin, who says he has been hired by the Candyman, Sweet Lou Milligan. The next morning, Batman has to save Gordon and his rival for the post of police commissioner, Robert Brand, from being killed by two gunmen. He later contacts Lou Milligan himself and finds that the contract on him was financed by Bob Brand. But when he goes to Brand’s office, Batman finds Brand’s corpse seated in his chair. Tom Hamilton, Brand’s campaign manager, enters with a gun trained on Batman, and confesses he is behind Gotham’s recent crime wave which recently discredited Gordon. He hoped to be able to control the city through Brand, but the candidate proved too honest, and Hamilton had to kill him. Batman disarms Hamilton, who trips over Brand’s outstretched legs, falls out of a window, and dies. Batman has to duck gunfire coming through the window and, shortly afterwards, saves Gordon from being blown to bits by a bomb placed in the Bat-Signal. A week later, Gordon is once again elected police commissioner»

Batman v1 #326
This Way Lies Madness
Fecha: 1980.08| Créditos: Len Wein (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1141 Novaro.

Selina Kyle leaves Gotham City in order to sort things out, telling Bruce Wayne she is disappointed with him for not trusting her when Cat-Man framed her for the museum robbery. Later, Batman encounters a motorcycle-riding hood who proves to be «Mad Dog» Markham, a crook he once sent to Arkham Asylum, and does not manage to capture him. Batman consults with Commissioner Gordon and learns that a recent robbery was apparently committed by «Kid Gloves» McConnell, who is also supposed to be incarcerated at Arkham, A call to the asylum confirms (or seems to) that Markham is still in custody. Not satisfied, Batman disguises himself as Shank Taylor, a paranoic hood who is transferred from Gotham’s maximum security prison to Arkham. In the asylum, he is taken to meet the director, who has his guards inject the raving “Taylor” with a sedative. As he is being led out, Batman asks why he is being treated this way. The “director”, Professor Milo, replies that it is for his own good.

Notas: Selina Kyle (Catwoman) rompe con Bruce Wayne y abandona Gotham. Debut de «Mad Dog» Markham* y «Kid Globes» Mcconnell.

Batman v1 #327
Asylum Sinister
Fecha: 1980.09| Créditos: Len Wein (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1147 Novaro.

Batman records from the sedative, frees himself from his strait-jacket, picks the lock of his cell door, and prowls about the halls of Arkham Asylum. He can find no clue as to who is responsible for the prisoner-escaping racket, not knowing that Milo is a criminal and an old foe of his. He returns to his cell, having been monitored on closed-circuit television by Milo, who now knows him to be the Batman in disguise. Milo later has Batman, disguised as Shank Taylor, brought to him and explains that the real director is now in a padded cell. Milo’s current scheme is to release certain Arkham inmates, have them rob for him using their specialized talents, and readmit them to the asylum after the jobs are done. When he offers “Taylor” the chance to commit jewel robberies for him, Batman refuses, but collapses later from a secretly-administered drug. Batman awakens to find himself in costume and confined in a new strait-jacket from which he cannot escape. Milo and the other inmates surround him and try to convince him he is a madman who thinks he is really Batman. The ploy almost works until Batman notices in a mirror that his pupils are dialated, and deduces that he is still drugged. Batman takes out two of Milo’s guards even while bound, convinces “Joan of Arc”, another inmate, to cut him free, and goes after Milo. The villain emerges from his office in a protective suit and helmet, and smashes a vial of insanity-producing gas. Batman backs off. The other inmates surround and beat Milo, breaking his helmet. When the gas dissipates, Batman finds that Milo is a victim of his own formula, now hopelessly insane.

Batman v1 #327/2
Express to Nowhere
Fecha: 1980.09| Créditos: Mike W. Barr (Guiones), Dick Giordano (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Bruce Wayne meets Dick Grayson, home for a college break, at Gotham’s train depot, and both are offered a drink or two by John Taggart, vice-president of Taggart Train Lines, which is suffering from the economic recession. Bruce declines, seeing two crooks, «Shark» Armstrong and «Frankie» Franconi, boarding another train. He and Dick become Batman and Robin, hitching a ride on the train. They note the train is pulling out a half-hour early, which is unlikely, since the trains are routed by computer. Batman tells Robin the computer must have been tampered with. The thugs are in search of Joe “the Canary” Carson, a stool pigeon scheduled to testify before a Gotham grand jury on the next day. Batman and Robin rescue Carson and defeat the hoods, and Batman manages to slow the train to a stop by puncturing its fuel tank. They later confront John Taggart at Gotham Depot, accuse him of selling out to hoods who wanted Carson silenced and of tampering with the computer himself, and capture him.

Batman v1 #328
Double Jeopardy
Fecha: 1980.10| Créditos: Marv Wolfman (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 4.

Batman gets a home-movie starring Carl Ternion, who has been cleared of wilfully murdering gang boss Anton Karoselle. In the film, Ternion taunts Batman with the knowledge that he deliberately killed Karoselle and cannot be tried twice for the same crime. Realizing a trap has been set for him, Batman reviews the facts of the case with Alfred. Ternion had managed to enter Karoselle’s mansion, accusing him of killing Dave Stevens. Karoselle had allegedly blasted away at Ternion with a rifle, but Ternion grabbed the gun and pointed it upward. A stray blast brought a chandelier down on Karoselle, killing him just as police, already on guard, burst in. Ternion was acquitted of a murder charge. Batman alerts Mary Ann Warner, a Gotham street person, to be on the lookout for information, but she is beaten up shortly after by two punks. He rushes her to the hospital, where she gasps, “Ekk…out” before collapsing. Batman captures the punks, letting one of them, Vinnie Allen, free so he may trail him to his boss, who proves to be Ternion. Ternion, guessing Batman’s scheme, shoots Vinnie dead atop Gotham Dam and almost kills Batman by sending him into the dammed waters and opening the spillway. Later, Bruce Wayne refuses Lucius Fox’s offer to resign due to personal problems, but gives him a leave of abscence to work things out. And Ternion, who has been romancing Gilda Stevens, formerly the wife of Two-Face and later of Dave Stevens, consults later with plastic surgeon Albert Ekhart, who says that his work will soon fade and Ternion will be as he was before. Ternion shoots Ekhart. Batman, Commissioner Gordon, and the police observe Ekhart’s body recovered from Gotham Bay the next morning, and Batman realizes that Mary Ann was trying to gasp out “Ekhart”. He leaves to find Ternion, who is presently comforting Gilda Stevens and silently resolving to marry her after he kills Batman.

Batman v1 #328/2
A Tale of Time Past
Fecha: 1980.10| Créditos: Marv Wolfman (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

When James W. Gordon was starting out as a beat cop, his friend Hank Weber was shot and killed by Daryl Richmond, a thief who stole Weber’s jewels. Gordon chased Richmond down, getting shot in the leg while doing so, and captured him in the subway. Richmond refused to reveal where he had hidden the jewels, and eventually went mad and died in prison. Now, many years later, Gordon is held prisoner by Richmond’s son in the same subway, seeking revenge for his father’s death. But the subway adjoins a cavern of the Batcave, and Batman, checking out strange noises in the rock walls, bursts through with the Batmobile and rescues Gordon, though young Richmond shoots the commissioner in the leg. Cornered, young Richmond goes mad when he is asked where the jewels are hidden. Still later, Batman digs out an abandoned section of subway tunnel and unearths the Weber jewels, which Daryl Richmond had hidden with explosives. He sends them on to Gordon at police headquarters. Gordon tells his desk-photo of Hank Weber that he hopes he’s done him good at last.

Batman v1 #329
Twice Dies the Batman
Fecha: 1980.11| Créditos: Marv Wolfman (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 4. Batman 1153 Novaro.

Batman’s attempts to track down more clues to the murder of Anton Karoselle at the file room of Dr. Ekhart and at the Gotham Morgue are foiled by bombs. But he does manage to ascertain that Anton Karoselle was a patient of Ekhart’s, and that he did not even exist as «Karoselle» until a year ago. Batman tells Alfred he is certain of the murderer’s identity, and intends to bring him in. Carl Ternion breaks off a dinner date with Gilda Stevens when his plastic surgery finally fails and he reverts to the countenance of his former identity–Two-Face. Batman, finding clippings referring to Two-Face’s origin, Harvey Dent’s marriage to Gilda Gold, and the apparent death of “Boss” Moroni in Karoselle’s files, enlists the help of a sorrowing Gilda in a plot to capture Two-Face. He goes to the Batcave to prepare a special film. Later, Two-Face sees a man who appears to be “Boss” Moroni “kidnap” Gilda Stevens and drive away with her. Following them in another car, Two-Face snarls that he killed Maroni twice already, and remembers how Maroni devised his “Anton Karoselle” identity with Ekhart’s plastic surgery, after being paralyzed from the waist down in an encounter with Two-Face. Karoselle killed Gilda’s second husband, Dave Stevens, to spite Two-Face; Two-Face, who forced Ekhart to perform the surgery that enabled him to become “Carl Ternion,” killed Karoselle in retribution. Two-Face follows “Moroni” and Gilda into a courthouse, unmasks his foe as Batman, and clouts him unconscious. But Alfred, already stationed there, shows them a film of Two-Face’s origin, throwing the double-visaged villain off balance. Batman, reviving, contends that Two-Face has not killed his good side or his love for Gilda. Gilda appears and convinces him of her love, inducing him to return to Arkham for rehabilitation–for once, without flipping his coin.

Batman v1 #329/2
The Case of the Hijacked Heart
Fecha: 1980.11| Créditos: Mike W. Barr (Guiones), Rich Buckler (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1159 Novaro.

Gotham ganglord «Razor» Reynolds has checked into Gotham Hospital for a heart transplant, and Batman and Robin have to fight off rival crooks out to kill him. Batman swings off, and Robin checks on Mary Ann Warner, the bag lady beaten by Two-Face’s hoods. Her doctor wonders why Batman has not checked on her in the two weeks since her beating. The heart to be transplanted into Reynolds’s body arrives later at Gotham airport. Batman and Robin have to fight off another gang of thugs out to steal or destroy the heart. One of the crooks tells who hired them. Robin goes to the hospital, hands the canister with the heart to the doctors, and has Reynolds’s daughter Pamela arrested. Pamela confesses that she wanted revenge for her mother, to whom Reynolds gave everything but love. The doctor and Robin are drawn away to Mary Ann’s room by a nurse who tells them an alarm is going off there. They are just in time to see Batman swinging off, having deposited two boxes of candy and a large supply of flowers in the room» Batman and Robin, the latter of whom has recently dropped out of Hudson University, are attacked repeatedly by assassins out for the $10 million. At one point, Talia appears to save Batman from one of the killers and leaves with him, Robin going solo. Robin defies Batman’s orders to stay put by trailing Tim Fox and preventing him and Ronald Watkins from blowing up the Wayne Foundation Building, ostensibly because Bruce Wayne owns some of the worst slum property in Gotham. Batman challenges his would-be killers to a stand at Grosvenor’s Island and defeats them all, returning to help Robin capture Fox and Watkins. Robin, knowing a rift has begun to grow between him and Batman, informs his former mentor that they have to have a long talk. And Arch Stryker faces the electric chair at dawn.»

Batman v1 #330
Fecha: 1980.12| Créditos: Marv Wolfman (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 5, Batman 1165 Novaro.

Lucius Fox is attacked and beaten by the gang of street punks his son is a member of, led by Ronald Watkins. Bruce, seeing him in the hospital, is asked to «help Timmy.» Meanwhile, Caroline Crown has stolen some of Bruce Wayne’s business papers for Gregorian Falstaff, and Arch Skyler, a murderer sentenced to death in the electic chair at dawn, spreads the word through his lawyer that his $10,000,000 in gold will go to the man who kills Batman before Skyler walks the last mile.

Notas: Robin announces in that he has dropped out of college.

Batman v1 #331
Closed Circuit
Fecha: 1981.01| Créditos: M. Wolfman/ M. Fleisher (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 5, Batman 1171 Novaro.

The Electrocutioner, a self-appointed executioner of criminals who slip through the hands of the law, begins a series of crook-killings in Gotham City with his electrically-charged suit. A touch from one of his hands delivers a severe shock, but when both his hands touch a victim the circuit is completed and the victim dies. Batman has three encounters with the Electrocutioner. In the first, killer Mike Caine dies; in the second, Batman rescues Dane Whitney; in the third, the Electrocutioner falls through a window, grips a metal railing, and shocks himself, so that he lets go and plunges off a cliff into the river below. Despite the growing rift between him and Batman due to his decision to drop out of college, Robin traces Ronald Watkins to Gregorian Falstaff’s headquarters. He also ledarns that six months back, Wayne Enterprises acquired a dozen of the seediest tenements in Gotham, and the fact has made the headlines of the Daily Star. Bruce, noting the paper is published by Falstaff, says that he will have to have it out with his corpulent competitor. Later, Talia arrives at the Batcave, seeking sanctuary in the wake of Ra’s Al Ghul’s apparent death. Robin is vehemently opposed to the idea, but Batman agrees to it, saying Robin needs to learn more about “people, and about relationships!” Robin snaps that Batman is the one who has a lot to learn, and stomps out.

Notas: Debut de Electrocutioner I. Morirá en Vigilante #24-26. La versión post-crisis (su espíritu) aparecerá en Hawk and Dove annual #1 (1990).

Batman v1 #331/2
Wolf in the Fold
Fecha: 1981.01| Créditos: Mike W. Barr (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 5.

Tipped off that special police investigator Mark Rearden has vanished, Batman disguises himself as policeman Al Nelson with Nelson’s consent and goes undercover to find the «inside man» in the department responsible for his disappearance. Neither of his teammates, Hank Samuels or Frank Trask, admit knowing where Rearden is. Batman investigates and finds the files on the investigation team have been stolen, with a greasy substance left behind on the folder. Commissioner Gordon finds a bomb in his file boxes, and gets Batman to help him disarm it. Afterwards, they corner Hank Samuels, who left the grease stains on the file after practicing on the target range with a freshly-oiled gun. Batman disarms Samuels and forces him to reveal where Rearden is captive, after which they rescue Rearden.

Batman v1 #332
The Lazarus Affair, part 1: Fallout!
Fecha: 1981.02| Créditos: Marv Wolfman (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 5, Batman 1177 Novaro.

Robin leaves Batman and Talia at the Batcave, refusing to tolerate Talia’s presence any more. Batman tackles the Gregorian Falstaff problem and discovers that his foe is being bankrolled by an outside interest from a Swiss bank account. He deduces that Caroline Crown has been feeding Falstaff Wayne Enterprises information and, going to see her, finds Ms. Crown with a mutate, who threatens to harm «Elizabeth» unless she keeps up the information supply. Batman is unable to best the mutate in battle and is knocked unconscious, while Caroline Crown flees. Much later, Caroline Crown confesses to Bruce Wayne that her daughter Elizabeth is being held prisoner by Gregorian Falstaff in an upstate hospital. When Wayne confronts Falstaff in the latter’s office, he discovers that Falstaff has bought up the mortgages on Wayne’s Asian oil properties, making most of Wayne’s assets virtually worthless. Bruce angrily refuses Falstaff’s offer to work with him as his lackey. Robin goes to Catwoman for help with the Falstaff affair. Talia drugs Batman and goes to Falstaff’s office herself. Batman revives in time to trail her, fighting off Karlyle Krugerrand and an army of mutates. Holding Elizabeth Crown hostage, Falstaff sends an energy-globe at Batman and Talia from a strange weapon, but Talia kicks him into the globe and he disintegrates. Talia says that Falstaff once worked for Ra’s Al Ghul, who gave him the globe-shooter. She then embraces and kisses Batman, just as Catwoman and Robin open the door. The latter two leave in different directions. On the high seas, Archer Templeton thinks he has made an escape from Infinity Island, a twin-peaked volcanic isle in the middle of the ocean, by raft. But a red energy-globe from one of the island’s peaks engulfs him and destroys him. In his raft, a small radio transmitter beeps on.

Batman v1 #333
The Lazarus Affair, part 2: The China Syndrome
Fecha: 1981.03| Créditos: Marv Wolfman (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 5, Batman 1183 Novaro.

In Katmandu, Nepal, King Faraday receives the radio signal from Archer Templeton’s transmitter, for which he has been waiting ten years. Batman, disguised as Karlyle Krugerrand, is allowed inside the Criminal Bank in Montfaucon, Switzerland, which handles cash for virtually all criminal organizations in the world. He learns that Falstaff did business with the bank, but his disguise is penetrated and he is wounded while escaping. Talia heals him with her special salve. Batman confides to her that Falstaff was hired to ruin Bruce Wayne, but he does not know why. Bruce and Talia face another assassination attempt, and decide that the best way to meet their next contact, one Captain Torrents, in Hong Kong is to cross the heavily-guarded Red Chinese border. They manage to do so, despite several perils. Bruce leaves Talia behind as he boards Torrents’s junk, The Phoenix. But once on board, Bruce is locked into a room which is filled with sleep gas, and he falls victim to the fumes instantly.

Batman v1 #334
The Lazarus Affair, part 3: Infinity Island!
Fecha: 1981.04| Créditos: Marv Wolfman (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 5, Batman 1189 Novaro.

Batman, Robin, Catwoman, and King Faraday are captured by Ra’s Al Ghul on his private island, where Talia finally allies herself with her father to have her youth restored, and the heroes are given a choice of immortality or instant death.

Batman v1 #335
The Lazarus Affair, part 4: Ashes to Ashes
Fecha: 1981.05| Créditos: Marv Wolfman (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Clásicos DC (Planeta) Batman 5, Batman 1195 Novaro.

Batman and Ra’s Al Ghul have a duel to the death over the Lazarus Pit, with the fate of the Caped Crusader and all his friends at stake.

Batman v1 #336
While the Bat’s Away
Fecha: 1981.06| Créditos: B. Rozakis/ R. Thomas (Guiones), José Luís García-López (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman Especial 16 Novaro.

Batman’s abscence from Gotham City has caused the Monarch of Menace to come out of retirement, claim he has captured the Batman, and charge Gotham’s crooks 10% of their heists to keep him imprisoned. The real Batman, now recovered from his fight with Ra’s Al Ghul, returns to help clear up matters.

Notas: Monarch of Menace* debutó en Detective Comics v1 #350 (04.1966).

Batman v1 #337
Where Walks a Snowman
Fecha: 1981.07| Créditos: G. Conway/ R. Thomas (Guiones), José Luís García-López (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman :av 51 Novaro.

The Snowman (Klaus Kristin; first appearance; next appears in DETECTIVE COMICS #522), an unnamed crook (first and only appearance), Jackie (first appearance; dies in this story) Synopsis: Batman encounters an ice-powered criminal named the Snowman in Gotham, who proves to be the son of a human woman and a Yeti.

Notas: Debut de The Snowman (Klaus Kristin)

Batman v1 #338
This Sporting Death
Fecha: 1981.08| Créditos: G. Conway/ R. Thomas (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman :av 55 Novaro.

Batman fights the Sportsman, an athletically-costumed murderer who is out to kill famous sports figures as revenge against being made part of his sports star father’s genetic experiments.

Batman v1 #339
A Sweet Kiss of Poison
Fecha: 1981.09| Créditos: G. Conway/ R. Thomas (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman :av 59 Novaro.

Poison Ivy kisses Bruce Wayne and the other major stockholders of Wayne Enterprises while wearing a drugged lipstick that puts the men under her mental domination, forcing them to sign over their stock and assets to her.

Batman v1 #340
A Man Called Mole
Fecha: 1981.10| Créditos: G. Conway/ R. Thomas (Guiones), Gene Colan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman :av 63 Novaro.

Batman encounters an old foe of his and Superman’s, the Mole, who has been mutated into a real mole-creature and who has gone after revenge on the three members of the board who denied him parole.

Notas: Mole* debutó en World´s Finest #80 (01.1956).

Batman v1 #341
The Ghost of Wayne Manor
Fecha: 1981.11| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1205 Novaro.

Batman (together with Dr. Thirteen) investigates the mystery of an intruder in Wayne Manor, and discovers that the interloper is Man-Bat.

Notas: Debut del comisario Peter Pauling (siguiendo instrucciones del Alcalde Hill y Rupert Thorne).

Batman v1 #341/2
Murder Will Out
Fecha: 1981.11| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Trevor von Eeden (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman solves the murder of a wealthy woman on her birthday

Batman v1 #342
Requiem for a Hero
Fecha: 1981.12| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1207 Novaro.

Batman learns Man-Bat has gone insane due to an altered version of his bat-serum, and struggles to bring him under control.

Batman v1 #343
A Dagger So Deadly
Fecha: 1982.01| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Gene Colan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1211 Novaro.

Batman goes against Dagger, a knife-throwing criminal, while trying to stop Poison Ivy from cleaning out the Wayne Foundation’s assets. David Rennington is the owner of a blade manufacturing company called Rennington Steel. When facing hard times, Rennington starts masking himself as the Dagger, running an old-fashioned protection racket until being apprehended by Batman.

Notas: Debut de Dagger II (David Rennington)

Batman v1 #344
Monster, My Sweet
Fecha: 1982.02| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Gene Colan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1215 Novaro.

Arthur Reeves claims to have knowledge of the Batman’s secret identity, while Poison Ivy finds that, at every place in which she attempts to spend the Wayne Foundation’s money, she is confronted by a silent, staring Batman.

Notas: Vicky Vale (divorciada) regresa a Gotham y rivaliza con Julia Remarque y Catwoman por Bruce Wayne.

Batman v1 #345
Calling Doctor Death
Fecha: 1982.03| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Gene Colan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1219 Novaro.

Batman and Robin try to stop a new villain named Dr. Death from threatening Gotham City with his “dust of death”, but are themselves captured by Death and his gang.

Notas: Continúa en Detective Comics #512. Debut del Dr. DeathTierra-1

Batman v1 #346
Half a Hero–
Fecha: 1982.04| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1223 Novaro, Batman vol. I nº 1 Zinco.

While Vicki Vale becomes certain that Bruce Wayne is Batman and James Gordon resigns as police commissioner of Gotham, Batman becomes trapped in a halfway house taken over by Two-Face.

Batman v1 #347
The Shadow of the Batman
Fecha: 1982.05| Créditos: Roger Slifer (Guiones), Trevor Von Eeden (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1201 Novaro, Batman vol. I nº 2 Zinco.

A small-time crook named Jeff tries to cajole his friend Barry into coming with him on a planned bank robbery. But after Barry relates two stories of Batman’s crime-fighting career, Jeff decides to chuck the robbery plans and look for a regular job

Batman v1 #347/2
The Impossible Murder
Fecha: 1982.05| Créditos: Roger Slifer (Guiones), Trevor Von Eeden (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1201 Novaro, Batman vol. I nº 2 Zinco.

Batman and a retired police detective turned security guard solve the mystery of a detective’s murder

Batman v1 #347/3
Artifact As Bruce Wayne
Fecha: 1982.05| Créditos: Robin Snyder (Guiones), Trevor Von Eeden (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Bruce Wayne proves that an “ancient” artifact is a forgery.

Batman v1 #348
Shadow Play
Fecha: 1982.06| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Gene Colan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1227 Novaro, Batman vol. I nº 3 Zinco, Batman 36 Editorial Cinco.

Man-Bat captures Rebecca Langstrom and takes her into caverns adjoining the Batcave. Batman must locate them, save Rebecca, and administer an antidote that will either turn Man-Bat back into Kirk Langstrom, or kill him.

Notas: Bruce vuelve a la mansión Wayne

Batman v1 #349
Blood Sport
Fecha: 1982.07| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Gene Colan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1235 Novaro, Batman vol. I nº 4 Zinco.

While Batman is investigating the Academy of Crime, Robin is attacked by Dala and her brother the Monk, who prove to be vampires. Meanwhile, Mayor Hill appoints Peter Pauling police commissioner, and James Gordon joins Jason Bard’s detective agency to look into city politics

Notas: Ocurre entre Detective Comics #515 / 516

Batman v1 #350
Nightmare in Crimson
Fecha: 1982.08| Créditos: G.Conway/P. Levitz (Guiones), Gene Colan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1237 Novaro, Batman vol. I nº 5 Zinco.

Batman attempts to capture the Monk, but is himself knocked unconscious by Robin, who is under Dala’s spell.

Notas: Ocurre entre Detective Comics #516 / 517

Batman v1 #351
What Stalks the Gotham Night?
Fecha: 1982.09| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Gene Colan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1241 Novaro, Batman vol. I nº 6 Zinco.

Informed by Father Green that their vampiric curse may be lifted by a total blood transfusion or a serum from the Monk’s own blood, Batman goes with the priest to battle the Monk and Dala. Meanwhile, Rupert Thorne is convinced by Vicki Vale’s photos tbat Bruce Wayne is Batman, and hires Deadshot to kill him.

Notas: Ocurre entre Detective Comics #517 / 518. A partir de este número la serie deja de contener complementos de otros personajes.

Batman v1 #352
The Killer Sky
Fecha: 1982.10| Créditos: G.Conway/P.Kupperberg (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1245 Novaro, Batman vol. I nº 7 Zinco.

Batman and Robin tackle Colonel Blimp, a villain who uses a zeppelin to capture a Navy battleship.

Notas: Debut de Scarlet Horde II (Scarlet Horde I debutó en Detective Comics v1 #33). Ocurre entre Detective Comics #518 / 519.

Batman v1 #353
Last Laugh
Fecha: 1982.11| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), José Luís García-López (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1249 Novaro, Batman vol. I nº 9 Zinco.

After getting Arthur Reeves to confess that Rupert Thorne gave him doctored photos of the Batman’s “secret identity”, Batman goes after the Joker, is captured, and finds himself tied to a giant Joker-bust that the Clown Prince of Crime is about to explode.Robin impersonates Batman to capture a pair of conmen but is reduced to a bumbling amateur when he discovers Matches Malone (Batman’s underworld alter-ego) trying to execute a sting on the same crooks

Batman v1 #353/2
The Sting–Batman Style
Fecha: 1982.11| Créditos: Mike W. Barr (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Robin is conned by two bunko artists into endorsing a phony fund drive for the Gotham Boy’s League. But after the crooks rob the money from the Boy’s League headquarters, Robin decides to bring them in on his own, and Batman lends a hand.

Batman v1 #354
Fecha: 1982.12| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1253 Novaro, Batman vol. I nº 11 Zinco.

Dr. Thirteen exposes the secret of the “ghost” of Hugo Strange, Thorne has a falling-out with his underlings, and Batman and Robin prepare to bring the entire corrupt cabal down.When Bruce is shot during a political crisis in Gotham, Dick assumes the mantle of the Bat again and performs admirably, exposing the corrupting influence of former councilman Rupert Thorne

Notas: Continúa de Detective Comics #520.

Batman v1 #355
Never Scratch A Cat
Fecha: 1983.01| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1257 Novaro, Las mejores historias de Batman 2 (Zinco).

Catwoman attacks Vicki Vale in a fit of jealous rage, and also goes after the Batman for seemingly betraying her love.

Notas: Continúa de Detective Comics #521. Enfrentamiento entre Vicky Vale y Catwoman por Bruce. En una carta de los lectores en números posteriores se comentará que ésta es la primera vez que se confirma que Selina Kyle sabe que Bruce Wayne es Batman.

Batman v1 #356
The Double Life of Hugo Strange
Fecha: 1983.02| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1261 Novaro, Batman vol. I nº 14 Zinco.

Batman and Robin are attacked by Hugo Strange, who lures them to a fake “Wayne Manor” and uses android duplicates of themselves and Alfred against them.

Batman v1 #357
Fecha: 1983.03| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1269 Novaro, Batman vol. I nº 15 Zinco.

The Squid comes to Gotham City to launch a takeover of its underworld, and to trap the Batman.

Notas: Continúa en Detective Comics #524. Debut de Jason Todd, el hijo de los trapecistas Joseph y Mary Todd. Jason obtiene un nuevo origen en la continuidad post-crisis en Batman v1 #408 (1987).

Batman v1 #358
Don’t Mess With Killer Croc
Fecha: 1983.04| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Curt Swan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1275 Novaro, Batman vol. I nº 16/17 Zinco.

Batman gets on the trail of Croc, even as he discovers that Trina Todd has learned his secret identity.

Notas: Ocurre entre Detective Comics #524 / 525.

Batman v1 #359
Fecha: 1983.05| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Dan Jurgens (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1283 Novaro, Batman vol. I nº 18/19 Zinco.

While Batman prepares to track down Croc, Joseph and Trina Todd discover Croc’s hidden lair…and are found by him.

Notas: Ocurre entre Detective Comics #525 / 526.

Batman v1 #360
When Slays the Savage Skull
Fecha: 1983.06| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1294 Novaro.

Batman faces the Savage Skull, an ex-cop whose burned face drives him to murder the policemen who threw him off the force.

Notas: Debut de Savage Skull (Jack Crane)

Batman v1 #361
The Most Successful Species
Fecha: 1983.07| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1300 Novaro, Batman Vol.2 nº17 (Ediciones Zinco).

Batman strives to recover Jason Todd before Man-Bat can change him into a boy-bat.

Notas: Debut de Harvey Bullock

Batman v1 #362
When Riddled By the Riddler
Fecha: 1983.08| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Inspired by “riddling” wine in a winery, the Riddler goes on a crime-spree again, leaving more clues for the Batman. Meanwhile, Commissioner Gordon is brought up on charges of interference by Harvey Bullock.

Notas: El recuenta el origen del Acertijo

Batman v1 #363
Elegant Night Crimes
Fecha: 1983.09| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman learns the origin of Nocturna and the Thief of Night as Jason Todd prepares to run away from home.

Notas: Continúa en Detective Comics #530

Batman v1 #364
The Man of a Thousand Menaces
Fecha: 1983.10| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman joins the circus incognito to help Jason Todd track down a disguised thief called Chimera

Notas: Continúa en Detective Comics #531.

Batman v1 #365
Fecha: 1983.11| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Vicki Vale is captured by rebels in Guatemala, and, when the Batman goes there to rescue her, both of them learn that the rebels are commanded by the Joker.

Notas: Continúa en Detective Comics #532.

Batman v1 #366
The Joker is Wild
Fecha: 1983.12| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

As rebels and government forces clash in Guatemala, Batman battles the Joker and learns he has a new ally when Jason Todd adopts the identity of Robin.

Notas: Continúa en Detective Comics #533. Debut de Robin II (Jason Todd)

Batman v1 #367
The Green Ghosts of Gotham
Fecha: 1984.01| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Poison Ivy returns to take control of business execs by means of special plants, to create sentient “plant-men” slaves, and to oppose Batman and his new partner

Notas: Continúa en Detective Comics #534.

Batman v1 #368
A Revenge of Rainbows
Fecha: 1984.02| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Colección Novelas Gráficas DC nº 65 (ECC Ediciones) .

Dick Grayson passes along the mantle of Robin to Jason Todd, who accompanies Batman on a “shakedown cruise” around Gotham. But neither suspect that Crazy-Quilt, the first Robin’s mortal enemy, is stalking the new Robin

Notas: Continúa en Detective Comics #535. Dick cede el puesto a Jason. Debut de Bill Model*, jefe de Vicky Vale en el Picture Magazine.

Batman v1 #369
Target Practice
Fecha: 1984.03| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman goes to Canada to save Alfred and Julia from Deadshot, who they learn has been hired by Julia’s adoptive father to kill her

Notas: Continúa en Detective Comics #536.

Batman v1 #370
Up Above the Sin So High
Fecha: 1984.04| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Lt. Harvey Bullock plays double agent by pretending to be in Dr. Fang’s employ, but puts Batman and Robin on the crimelord’s trail…and unwittingly leads them into a trap

Notas: Continúa en Detective Comics #537. Debut del Doctor Fang*. Julia Pennyworth (la hija de Alfred) se va a vivir a la Mansion Wayne.

Batman v1 #371
Nine Cradles of Death
Fecha: 1984.05| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

The Cat-Man escapes jail again with the intention of stealing a statue of the Egyptian cat goddess Bast, and challenging Batman and Robin.

Notas: Continúa en Detective Comics #538.

Batman v1 #372
What Price, the Prize?
Fecha: 1984.06| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Boxer Tommy Dunfey gets a title shot at world champion Michael Greene, not knowing that someone will try to kill Greene during the bout

Notas: Continúa en Detective Comics #539.

Batman v1 #373
The Frequency of Fear
Fecha: 1984.07| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Gene Colan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

The Scarecrow discovers a method of broadcasting waves of fear, and turns them against Batman and Robin

Notas: Ocuree entre Detective Comics #539 y #540. Julia Pennyworth comienza a trabajar con Vicki Vale.

Batman v1 #374
Pieces of Penguin
Fecha: 1984.08| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

The Penguin is on the loose again, and out to steal a plan for the Pentagon’s “early bird” warning system

Notas: Continúa en Detective Comics #541

Batman v1 #375
The Glacier under Gotham
Fecha: 1984.09| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman : Arkham nº5 (Planeta DeAgostini).

Mr. Freeze returns with a giant ice-cannon which he intends to use to freeze and loot Gotham.

Notas: Continúa en Detective Comics #541(en parte)

Batman v1 #376
Nightmares, Inc.
Fecha: 1984.10| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman tries to crack a scare-for-hire party service which he suspects is targeting its clients for burglaries.

Notas: Continúa en Detective Comics #543. Debut de Nightshade

Batman v1 #377
The Slayer of Night
Fecha: 1984.11| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Bruce Wayne continues his war against Nocturna’s adoption attempt in the courts while, as Batman, he must deal with his growing attraction for her–and fight the recently-escaped Thief of Night.

Notas: Continúa en Detective Comics #544

Batman v1 #378
One Hat Madder
Fecha: 1984.12| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Jason Todd is adopted by Nocturna, who becomes the Mad Hatter’s mind-controlled pawn against Batman.

Notas: Continúa en Detective Comics #545.

Batman v1 #379
Bedtime Stories
Fecha: 1985.01| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Don Newton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

The Mad Hatter attacks Gotham again using a gang of hoods who are turned into his zombies by their hats.

Notas: Continúa en Detective Comics #546

Batman v1 #380
End of the Bat
Fecha: 1985.02| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Rick Hoberg (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Night-Slayer captures Nocturna and Jason Todd, forcing Batman to confront him, with Dr. Fang appearing on the scene.

Notas: Continúa en Detective Comics #547.

Batman v1 #381
Darkly Moved the Pawns
Fecha: 1985.03| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Rick Hoberg (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman, his memory regained, has a final encounter with Night-Slayer and Hamilton Hill, with Robin and Nocturna in his corner

Batman v1 #382
The Vengeance Spiral
Fecha: 1985.04| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Rick Hoberg (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman and Catwoman attempt to save a planeful of hostages from Darkwolf

Notas: Continúa en Detective Comics #548

Batman v1 #383
Just as Night Follows Day
Fecha: 1985.05| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Gene Colan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

The Batman badly needs sleep, but is forced to cope with routine problems during the day as Bruce Wayne and criminals plaguing Gotham City at night in his caped identity.

Batman v1 #384
Broken Dates
Fecha: 1985.06| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Rick Hoberg (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

The Calendar Man is hired by Dr. Fang’s old gang to kill the Batman, which he agrees to do, provided he bests the Batman on six encounters. He also informs the Batman that he intends to murder Robin.

Notas: Continúa en Detective Comics #551.

Batman v1 #385
Day of Doom
Fecha: 1985.07| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), R. Hoberg/ C. Patton (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman, wounded by one of Dr. Fang’s gang, must face the final deathtrap of the Calendar Man

Notas: Continúa de Detective Comics #551.

Batman v1 #386
Black Mask: Losing Face
Fecha: 1985.08| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Tom Mandrake (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Roman Sionis, a cosmetics king, loses control of his company and becomes the criminal Black Mask to take revenge

Notas: Continúa en Detective Comics #553.Debut de Máscara Negra (Roman Sionis). Se conoce Roman Sionis era amigo de la infancia de Bruce Wayne.

Batman v1 #387
Ebon Masquery
Fecha: 1985.09| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Tom Mandrake (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Bruce Wayne lures the Black Mask to a masquerade ball for a showdown.

Notas: Continúa de Detective Comics #554.

Batman v1 #388
The Round-Trip Looking Glass
Fecha: 1985.10| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Tom Mandrake (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Captain Boomerang and Mirror Master both hit Gotham at the same time, end up competing with each other, and both run afoul of the Batman.

Notas: Continúa en Detective Comics #555.

Batman v1 #389
Red Skies
Fecha: 1985.11| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Tom Mandrake (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

With the Crisis on Infinite Earths turning the skies red, Batman re-encounters Catwoman and Nocturna, and the Night-Slayer goes on a killing rampage against the False Face Society.

Notas: Continúa en Detective Comics #556.

Batman v1 #390
Women Dark and Dangerous
Fecha: 1985.12| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Tom Mandrake (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Searching for Night-Slayer, Catwoman comes across Batman, Nocturna, and Robin, fights them all, and is accidentally struck by lightning.

Notas: Continúa en Detective Comics #557. Debut del entrenador Jim Traynor con quien Vicky Vale mantendrá un romance.

Batman v1 #391
Death Comes As the End
Fecha: 1986.01| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Tom Mandrake (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

The Night-Slayer has a final encounter with Batman, Robin, Catwoman, and Nocturna, the last of whom he has marked for death.

Notas: Continúa en Detective Comics #558.

Batman v1 #392
A Town on the Night
Fecha: 1986.02| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Tom Mandrake (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman and Catwoman spend a night on the town together, which inevitably leads to crime-fighting

Batman v1 #393
The Dark Rider
Fecha: 1986.03| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Paul Gulacy (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman vol. II nº 13 Zinco.

The Batman becomes involved in CIA / KGB affairs to help a Russian agent trap the Dark Rider, a terrorist who plans a plutonium deathtrap for America

Notas: Debut de la agente rusa Katia.

Batman v1 #394
At the Heart of Stone
Fecha: 1986.04| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Paul Gulacy (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman vol. II nº 13 Zinco.

Batman, Robin, and Katia team up to attempt to stop the Dark Rider from polluting the Gotham Reservoir with plutonium with which he has coated his entire body

Batman v1 #395
Fury of the Film Freak
Fecha: 1986.05| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Tom Mandrake (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman, Catwoman, Robin, and Harvey Bullock team up to track down the Film Freak, a crook who patterns his crimes with motifs from famous movies

Notas: Continúa en Detective Comics #562. Debut de Film Freak* I (Burt Weston). Film Freak* II aparecerá en Catwoman v2 #54 (2006).

Batman v1 #396
Box-Office Smash
Fecha: 1986.06| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Tom Mandrake (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

The Batman and his allies try to puzzle out the Film Freak’s next move before he can cause a disaster.

Notas: Continúa de Detective Comics #562

Batman v1 #397
Binary Brains
Fecha: 1986.07| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Tom Mandrake (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Two-Face steals a bicameral computer system while Batman and Robin get on his trail, and Catwoman learns the whereabouts of Circe.

Notas: Continúa en Detective Comics #564.

Batman v1 #398
About Faces
Fecha: 1986.08| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Tom Mandrake (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Two-Face walks into Batman’s trap, but springs it himself upon Circe.

Notas: Continúa de Detective Comics #564.

Batman v1 #399
Strike Two
Fecha: 1986.09| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), Tom Mandrake (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman and Catwoman continue to try to get the goods on Roy Spivey, who has shrunken the head of his decapitated victim.

Notas: Continúa de Detective Comics #565.

Batman v1 #400
Resurrection Night!
Fecha: 1986.10| Créditos: Doug Moench (Guiones), John Byrne (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman :Esp Ver 1 Zinco.

Ra’s Al Ghul frees all the Batman’s old foes from Arkham Asylum and Gotham Prison, then has them kidnap the Caped Crusader’s friends and allies in order to try to maneuver him into an alliance.

Notas: Continúa de Detective Comics #566. La primera aparición del Batman post crisis puede ser en JLA #255. La anterior aparción de Ra’s Al Ghul fue en Batman annual 8 (1982)

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