BATMAN v1 #201- 300 (1968-1978)

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Batman v1 #201
Batman’s Gangland Guardians
Fecha: 1968.05| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 476 Novaro.

When a west coast crime syndicate moves to Gotham City then plan a series of death traps to eliminate Batman. Worried that they will become the syndicate’s next targets when Batman is dead, seven of Gotham’s top villains team up to protect Batman from the death traps. The Penguin supplies the details to Catwoman, the Joker, Cluemaster, Johnny Witts, the Getaway Genius, and the Mad Hatter which allow them to foil the traps. Another Gotham crook, Mr. Esper is also working to help Batman by secretly passing the information to the Penguin. When Batman successfully foils the syndicate’s traps, they abandon their Gotham City takeover plan.

Batman v1 #202
Gateway to Death
Fecha: 1968.06| Créditos: Gardner Fox (Guiones), Sheldon Moldoff (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 481 Novaro.

Batman and Robin investigate a series of psychic robberies in which objects appear to move with the power of mind over matter. Alfred has a clue to the identity of the Psychic Plunderer, but he passes out before he can finish telling Batman. His clue does lead the Dynamic Duo to the Eternal Gate Cemetary. Inside they find the crook and his henchmen. Batman overcomes the crooks and their tricks, then returns to Alfred’s bedside. Alfred explains that the crooks was known as the Great Norman and had saved his life during the war. The internal conflict between turning Norman in and protecting the man to whom he owed his life caused Alfred to pass out.

Batman v1 #203

Fecha: 1968.08| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: –.

Notas: Reedición de: Detective Comics 185, 186, 244 y Batman 48, 61 y 98

Batman v1 #204
Operation: Blindfold
Fecha: 1968.08| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 486 Novaro.

Criminal mastermind known as the Schemer kills a blind man and plants evidence to make Commissioner Gordon believe the man is Batman. Since Gordon believe the Caped Crusader is dead, when the real Batman arrives on the scene, the police commissioner thinks he is a phony and has him arrested. With Batman out of the way the Schemer then stages an armored car robbery using crooks disguised as blind men. Robin is still free and tries to help the armored car drivers get to safety.

Notas: Debut de The Schemer, un personaje con el mismo nombre será publicado por Marvel en Amazing Spiderman #83 (1970). Debut de Brain Drain (búho mascota de Schemer). Relanzamiento de Batman con Frank Robbins como guionista de las dos series principales (Detective Comics y Batman)

Batman v1 #205
Blind as a…Bat?
Fecha: 1968.09| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 492 Novaro.

The police believe that Batman is dead and have taken him into custody, thinking him to be an imposter. Batman escapes from the police and switches outfits with a member of the Schemer’s gang. The police take the man in the Batman costume to jail, while Batman dressed as a blind man meets Robin to prevent an armored car robbery. They succeed in stopping the crooks, but Robin is captured. The Schemer takes Robin to a camouflaged submarine where he intends to fire missiles to take down an airplane carrying gold. He then plans to salvage the gold from the ocean. Batman manages to find the sub and rescue Robin. They then stop the crooks and save the plane from being shot down. When the crooks are taken into custody, Batman clears up the situation with Commissioner Gordon, establishing that he is still alive.

Batman v1 #206
Batman Walks the Last Mile
Fecha: 1968.11| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 497 Novaro.

Batman and Robin investigate a crime scene and utilize the clues they find to capture a trio of crooks. Their crime was set up by a crook known as the Planner, who decides to get revenge on the Dynamic Duo. Posing as detective E.G. Never, the Planner interrupts a charity event claiming that he is the «brains» behind Batman’s detective ability. He then challenges Batman to a duel of wits. When the next crime is committed, Never is able to identify the crook because he set up the crime. Next he has a crook plant a phony clue to lead Batman astray. Batman is humiliated by his defeats. However, he deduces that Never was behind the crimes. The Cat-Crook, one of the Planner’s hirelings, also realizes that he was set up. The Planner tries to kill Batman, but instead he shoots the Cat-Crook. Batman then apprehends the Planner and restores his reputation. The Planner is sentenced to the electric chair and elects to wear a Batman costume during his execution having convinced himself that he is Batman.

Notas: Debut de The Planner (G. Never)

Batman v1 #207
The Doomsday Ball
Fecha: 1968.12| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 502 Novaro.

A small nuclear device has been stolen and is being used to blackmail Gotham City. Batman enlists the aid of gangster Big Brill to identify the blackmailer, but first he must survive several death traps set up by Brill and his men. Working against the blackmailer’s deadline, Batman follows clues until he finds the bomb inside the trunk of a parked car. However, a remote triggering device could still activate the bomb. Gotham officials agree to pay the blackmail demands. Batman follows the money to the blackmailer, Bertram Smith. The man is killed at the airport, but not before he reveals that the remote trigger is hidden inside a young boy’s ball. Batman finds the boy and the ball in time to deactivate the trigger and save Gotham.

Batman v1 #208
The Women in Batman’s Life As Bruce Wayne
Fecha: 1969.02| Créditos: E. Nelson Bridwell (Guiones), Gil Kane (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Mrs. Chilton, an elderly lady, keeps a scrapbook of more than casual note. It is devoted to the women in Batman’s life, and she considers herself the most important woman he has known. She reminesces over Bruce Wayne’s first girlfriend, Julie Madison, whom Batman and Robin saved from the original Clayface. She recalls the first exploit of the Cat, later the Catwoman, who started out as a jewel thief. She brings to mind Linda Page, a former socialite turned nurse, who was Bruce Wayne’s girlfriend for a while and who led Batman and Robin to the Grogan Gang. There were many others, sweethearts, crime-fighters and villainesses, but Mrs. Chilton puts away her scrapbook as Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson arrive. Bruce remembers how his parents were gunned down by Joe Chill, and how he became the ward of his Uncle Philip, who left him ofttimes in the care of Mrs. Chilton, his housekeeper. Mrs. Chilton reminds him of his vow to fight crime at his parents’ grave, and that he has fulfilled it–through the Wayne Foundation. As Bruce and Dick leave, she remembers how it was obvious to her that Bruce was Batman. She also recalls how her sons, Joe and Max, left home, changed their last names to Chill, and became underworld triggermen, one of them killing the Waynes, and both of them dying as a result of encounters with Batman. «

Notas: Debut de Clayface I (Basil Karlo)Tierra-1. Se revela que BatmanTierra-1 fue cuidado por su tío Philip Wayne y por la criada Mrs. Chilton , la cual es madre de Joe Child. (debut). Debut de Julie Madison y Linda Page deTierra-1 en Flashback.

Batman v1 #209
Jungle Jeopardy
Fecha: 1969.02| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 507 Novaro, Pocket de Ases nº 16 (Editorial Bruguera).

Several members of the underworld plot to eliminate Batman and Robin. A crime boss known as Brainwash suggests a plan in which he places a hypnotic device in Commissioner Gordon’s office. The device makes Gordon call Batman to alert him to a bank robbery. When Batman arrives the crooks plant a similar device on the Batmobile. Batman and Robin are then subliminally commanded to return to the Bat-Cave. When the Caped Crusaders return home, they imagine Alfred as a tiger and the Bat-Cave as an African jungle. However, Batman realizes that they are under some kind of hypnosis when Indian tigers and African elephants appear together. He finds and deactivates the hypnotic device, restoring their sanity. Batman deduces that their old foe Mr. Esper created the device. They return to the bank where the robbery is still in progress. Wearing special earplugs, they are immune to the hypontoic suggestions and are able to capture Brainwash, aka Mr. Esper.

Batman v1 #210
The Case of the Purr-Loined Pearl
Fecha: 1969.03| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 516 Novaro.

Since her parole, Catwoman has opened a slenderizing salon and sold her crime accessories. Batman still suspects that she will return to crime and deduces that she will strike at a visiting leader from Katmandu. Batman’s hunch is correct, because Selina has trained eight female ex-convicts to help her with the job. All nine women dressed as Catwoman then infiltrate Wayne Manor where the Nizam of Nepal is staying with the Potala Pearl. Batman and Robin are waiting for Catwoman to strike and despite help from her allies, Catwoman is caught.

Notas: Catwoman cambia a un traje nuevo azul y rojo que llevará poco tiempo.

Batman v1 #211
Batman’s Big Blow-Out
Fecha: 1969.05| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 520 Novaro.

A scandalous newspaper called It’s Your Bag publishes an article which points to four men who might be Batman. The newspaper promises to expose the real Batman the following week. Fearing the suspects including Bruce Wayne will become targets, Batman unmasks on television. However, he has changed his appearance to resemble Howard Hayes, a reclusive millionaire. With the world convinces Batman is really Hayes the Caped Crusader can operate more openly. However, he suspects that it will only be a matter of time before he is targeted by the underworld. Despite the danger, Hayes begins to be publicly cheered. When the real Hayes, who promised to cooperate with Batman and remain in hiding, hears that he is now loved by the public he wants to return. He decides to kill Batman himself and take his place too. Batman is caught off guard when Hayes attacks, but Robin and Alfred save him. When Hayes then makes his claim as Batman, the real Caped Crusader appears and captures him.

Notas: 30 aniversario de Batman.

Batman v1 #212
Baffling Deaths of the Crime-Czar
Fecha: 1969.06| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 524 Novaro.

Batman and Robin seek to protect a Gotham City crime kingpin Li’l Studs who has recently been released from the hospital. Quirk, a lieutenant of Studs hires three assassins to kill his boss. However, a power outage at the hospital causes an experimental pacemaker in Studs to fail, causing his death. Since Studs died of natural causes, Quirk refuses to pay the assassins. They decide to go after Batman to earn their pay. Batman outwits the killers and gains evidence that Quirk hired them.

Batman v1 #213
The Origin of Robin
Fecha: 1969.08| Créditos: E. Nelson Bridwell (Guiones), Ross Andru (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Young trapeze artist Dick Grayson witnesses the death of his parents. He overhears criminals taking credit for their deaths as part of a protection racket against the Haly circus. Dick is tempted to go to the police, but Batman stops him. The Caped Crusade explains that Boss Zucco was responsible for the death of the Graysons and offers Dick a chance to avenge the murders. Batman takes Dick to the Batcave and reveals his secret identity as Bruce Wayne. He then arranges to become Dick’s guardian. Dick then begins training to become Batman’s new partner, Robin. Following a training period, Dick goes undercover as a newsboy to gain intelligence on Zucco’s operations. He then gives the information to Batman who begins harassing Zucco. The crime lord finally decides to take part in the sabotage of the Canin building personally. Batman and Robin are there to meet him. Batman forces one of Zucco’s henchmen to sign a confession to the Grayson murder, but Zucco pushes him off the building. Robin gets a photograph of the murder and uses it for evidence to get Zucco convicted. Dick then agrees to serve as Batman’s permanent partner.

Notas: Origen de RobinTierra-1. Debut de la ciudad de Newtown* donde está ubicado el Circo Alley cuando mueren los Grayson. Volverá a aparecer en Batman: No man´s land #1 (03.1999).

Batman v1 #214
Batman’s Marriage Trap
Fecha: 1969.08| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 528 Novaro.

The winner of a beauty contest receives a night on the town with Batman as her escort. Gang leader Strack takes advantage of the situation by staging crimes while Batman is entertaining his date. After a successful night of crime, Strack decides to cripple Batman using women. Strack conspires with Cleo Starr. Cleo approaches an ad company and begins a campaign to rally the women of Gotham to force Batman to the marriage altar. Crowds of women surround Batman, hampering his attempts to fight crime. Cleo then intervenes to help Batman. Batman becomes intrigued by Cleo. While trailing the members of a stolen car gang, Batman sees them stealing Cleo’s car. He tries to stop them and falls into Strack’s trap. Cleo realizes that Strack’s men intend to kill Batman, so she confesses her role in the deception. Batgirl then arrives to help defeat the crooks. She had infiltrated Cleo’s group to find out the real reason for the marriage campaign. Batman and Batgirl then apprehend Strack. Cleo is jailed, but her cooperation results in a lighter sentence.

Batman v1 #215
Call Me Master
Fecha: 1969.09| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 532 Novaro, Pocket de Ases nº 17 (Editorial Bruguera) .

Batman and Robin thwart a series of robberies in which the victims help the robbers. Batman begins to suspect that the men have been hypnotized when he receives a mysterious phone call as Bruce Wayne. Bruce then helps crooks with another robbery. Robin stops the crime, and Bruce can’t explain his actions. Batman deduces that all of the victims including him are part of a civic counsel. He monitors each member the following evening. When the mystery caller targets Myron Mycroft, Batman hopes to stop the crime. Instead, he is nearly killed in an ambush. He does save Mycroft, who learns that Batman is following orders. Mycroft is actually the master behind the crimes. Seeking to prove Batman is under his control he orders Batman to blow up Wayne Manor with explosives. The Caped Crusader complies with the order, but Robin and Alfred have replaced the explosives with smoke bombs. Batman finally realizes that a watch given to him by Mycroft at the counsel meeting contains a device which makes him follow orders. He removes the watch, then apprehends Mycroft.

Batman v1 #216
Angel–Or Devil?
Fecha: 1969.11| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 536 Novaro.

After stopping a member of Ye Olde Avon Players from striking a girl at the back door of the Gotham Theatre, Batman finds the girl grabs his hand and enables the assailant to stun him. He revives, but loses his quarry in the players backstage. Soon, he sees the girl hitchhiking and gives her a lift to her destination: Wayne Manor. The girl proves to be Daphne Pennyworth, niece of Wilfred Pennyworth, Alfred’s brother, and, like Wilfred, a thespian with the Players. She says the man who tried to strike her was her boyfriend and that it was a misunderstanding. Batman doubles back to meet her at Wayne Manor as Bruce Wayne. Dick Grayson, ailing from a cold, falls head-over-heels for Daphne and, to impress her, shows her what she has secretly come for: the first folio of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, written in the Bard’s own hand. She invites them to the Players’ performance of Romeo and Juliet the next night, and, between acts, goes back to Wayne Manor to steal the folio. She is stopped by Alfred, who has anticipated the theft, and shoots him with a prop gun. Alfred mimes death and Daphne, who thinks she has really killed him, leaves in tears with the folio. Daphne returns and passes along the folio to the other Players, who have been holding her and her father Wilfred hostage. Wilfred tells her that the gun was a prop and shoves her onstage to get her out of harm’s way. The Players tell Wilfred that the dagger she will soon plunge into her breast as Juliet is real, and that they will also kill Wilfred to ensure his silence. But Alfred and Batman converge on the theater and defeat the Players, and Wilfred and Dick stop Daphne from stabbing herself. Alfred, informed of Daphne’s real motivations, forgives her. «

Notas: Se revela que el apellido de Alfred es Pennyworth, debut de Wilfred (hermano) y Daphne (sobrina) Pennyworth.

Batman v1 #217
One Bullet Too Many
Fecha: 1969.12| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 540 Novaro.

Dick Grayson has graduated high school. Bruce Wayne and Alfred bid him farewell as he leaves for Hudson University, both knowing that Batman and Robin will have to go their separate ways for awhile. Bruce reveals to Alfred that they must begin a new way of life for themselves. He proposes that they move out of Wayne Manor, leaving the Batcave behind, and station themselves in a penthouse above the Wayne Foundation building. He also plans to reestablish the fearful trademark of the “old Batman”, to strike terror into the hearts of the new breed of gangsters hiding behind respectibility. Part of the new trend, says Bruce, will be a “Victims, Inc.” charity dedicated to helping victims of the underworld. The name is taken from a series of newspaper articles written by Marla Manning, a reporter and feature writer. Her latest article tips Bruce off to his first “victim”, Dr. Susan Fielding, a pediatrician whose partner and husband, Jonah, was shot dead recently by a gangster. With Susan’s help, Batman manages to deduce the identity of the killer, who took Jonah’s life because he was tending to an ex-partner whom “Stub” Martel, the murderer, shot earlier. Batman catches a slug from Martel in the process, and Susan Fielding removes it from his arm. The bullet, which matches the one Jonah Fielding extracted from his former partner, is enough evidence to have “Stub” Martel arrested. Bruce Wayne arranges a long-term loan to help Susan in her financial difficulty. After his arm mends, Bruce is back at his Wayne Foundation desk. A gun-wielding, one-eyed Indian barges in and declares that he is one of Wayne’s “Victims, Inc.,” and that Wayne himself is about to be the next one. «

Notas: Continúa de Detective Comics #393 y #394. Robin abandona la mansión y se marcha a la universidad Hudson en New Carthage*. Batman vivirá aventuras en solitario, salvo colaboraciones puntuales de Dick Grayson, hasta 1984 cuando debutará Jason Todd. Debut de Miss Atkins* (secretaria de empresas Wayne)

Batman v1 #218

Fecha: 1970.02| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: –.

Notas: Reedición de Detective Comics 197, 234 y Batman 118, 121 y 130

Batman v1 #219
Death Casts the Deciding Vote
Fecha: 1970.02| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 619 Novaro.

An airplane containing Bruce Wayne and a senator is hijacked on the way to Washington, D. C., but the Batman intervenes to defeat the criminals and get it back on track

Batman v1 #219/2
The Silent Night of the Batman
Fecha: 1970.02| Créditos: Mike Friedich (Guiones), Neal Adams (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman ilustrado por Neal Adams nº 2 (Planeta DeAgostini) .

Batman responded to the signal on Christmas Eve. Gordon wasn’t calling in an emergency, he was asking Batman to sing with him and his crew. Batman obliged, and while doing so, several crimes were averted as the would-be perpetrators were reminded of him. A boy returned a stolen gift – a Batman figure. A woman, lonely and looking to commit suicide looked over a bridge and saw it’s shadow in the form of a bat. The entire night went by without Batman having to take any action.

Batman v1 #220
This Murder Has Been Pre-Recorded
Fecha: 1970.03| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 544 Novaro.

The murder of a construction company owner leads Batman to a plot by the killer to murder a lady journalist investigating the crime.

Notas: Debut de Marla Manning, periodista que inspira a Bruce Wayne a crear la fundación «Victims Inc.»

Batman v1 #221
A Bat-Death for Batman
Fecha: 1970.05| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 548 Novaro.

In a German castle, Batman discovers a mastermind who has perfected a formula to turn animals into raging killers.

Batman v1 #221/2
Hot Time in Gotham Town Tonight
Fecha: 1970.05| Créditos: Mike Friedich (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman Valenciana.

The Batman must destroy a Vietnamese idol whose powers have been causing fires in a Gotham neighborhood.

Batman v1 #222
Dead Till Proven Alive
Fecha: 1970.06| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 552 Novaro.

Rock fans worldwide are finding clues buried in Oliver Twists albums that lead singer Saul Cartwright is dead and has been replaced by an impostor. Batman and Robin investigate the matter while the rockers are guests at Wayne Manor and find criminal ties to one member.

Batman v1 #222/2
Case of No Consequence
Fecha: 1970.06| Créditos: Mike Friedich (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Though exhausted, Batman fulfills a mute photographer’s request to retrieve his stolen camera from a thief.

Batman v1 #223

Fecha: 1970.08| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: –.

Notas: Reedición de Detective Comics 196, 248 y Batman 78 y 93

Batman v1 #224
Carnival of the Cursed
Fecha: 1970.08| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 567 Novaro.

Investigating the murder of a jazz musician in New Orleans, Batman encounters the powerful Moloch and his gang, who are seeking the victim’s trumpet for a hidden map to a gold mine.

Notas: Debut de Moloch*.

Batman v1 #225
Wanted for Murder-One, the Batman
Fecha: 1970.09| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 579 Novaro.

A talk-show host who insulted Commissioner Gordon and the Batman on his show is found dead, and all clues seem to point to the Batman as the culprit

Batman v1 #225/2
Shutdown on York Street
Fecha: 1970.09| Créditos: Mike Friedich (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 579 Novaro.

Alex Saddows, son of Mystery Analyst Art Saddows, accidentally kills a drag-racing rival in what looks like a revenge strike, and the Batman gets on the case to find Alex and discover the truth behind the incident.

Batman v1 #226
The Man with Ten Eyes
Fecha: 1970.11| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 586 Novaro.

A guard blinded by an explosion set off by crooks has his optic nerves connected to the tips of his fingers, giving him ten “eyes” to see with. Accordingly, the Ten-Eyed Man goes after revenge on the man he blames for his blindness–Batman.

Notas: Debut de Ten-Eyed Man (Three-Eyes Reardon).

Batman v1 #227
The Demon of Gothos Mansion
Fecha: 1970.12| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 591 Novaro, Álbum 3 Bruguera.

Batman goes in search of Alfred’s niece, Daphne Pennyworth, who has been kidnapped by a coven and is about to be made a sacrifice to raise the demon Ballk.

Notas: Batman se encuentra por última vez con Daphne Pennyworth quien ha sido secuestrada.

Batman v1 #228

Fecha: 1971.02| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 641 Novaro.

Notas: Reedición de Detective Comics 238 y Batman 75, 83, 91, 108 y 111

Batman v1 #229
Asylum of the Futurians
Fecha: 1971.02| Créditos: Robert Kanigher (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 598 Novaro.

Batman is called upon by a woman to save her husband from a gathering of six “Futurians”, a cabal of ESPers who intend to rule the Earth and who believe that Batman may be a potential seventh Futurian.

Notas: Debut de los Futurians*.

Batman v1 #230
Take-Over of Paradise
Fecha: 1971.03| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 603 Novaro.

A gang Batman has tried to put on the right path protest a new housing project by occupying it and setting explosives. Batman is called in to negotiate. One of the gangleaders dies in a brawl, and Batman must deduce who did it.

Batman v1 #231
Blind Rage of the Ten-Eyed Man
Fecha: 1971.05| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 615 Novaro.

The Ten-Eyed Man hijacks an airplane and forces Batman into a showdown battle in a trap-filled area of jungle

Batman v1 #232
Daughter of the Demon
Fecha: 1971.06| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Neal Adams (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 623 Novaro, Álbum 5 Bruguera,Batman : La Saga de Ra’s Al Ghul nº 1 (Planeta DeAgostini).

Robin, returning to his dorm room at Hudson University, was abducted. Bruce received a note a few days later from the kidnappers. He headed to the cave to begin the investigation. There, he was met by Ra’s al Ghul and his bodyguard, Ubu. His daughter had also been abducted. After Talia’s first meeting with Batman, Ra’s had discovered the man’s true identity. On the photographs, Batman found a substance that led them to Calcutta. Soon after their arrival, Batman got a lead on the Brotherhood of the Demon. Batman was attacked by a trained leopard and defeated it. Inside the place, they found a map of the Himalayas. The trio headed that way. In the mountains, Batman was separated from Ra’s and Ubu when a sniper struck. Batman made it to the Brotherhood of the Demon’s stronghold alone. He walked straight to Robin and laughed and the charade placed before him by Ra’s and Ubu. The reason for the game was the only question, one answered by Ra’s – his daughter, Talia, was in love with the Batman. He’d chosen the man to be his successor.

Notas: Debut de Ra’s Al Ghul, líder de la Liga de los Asesinos. Su origen post crisis se narra en “Batman: Birth of the Demon” (1992). Debut de Ubu, el asistente de Ra’s

Batman v1 #233

Fecha: 1971.08| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: –.

Notas: Reedición de Batman 72,89,11, World Finest 56 y Detective Comics 249

Batman v1 #234
Half an Evil
Fecha: 1971.08| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Neal Adams (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 627 Novaro, Las mejores historias de Batman 1 (Zinco), Batman ilustrado por Neal Adams nº 3 (Planeta DeAgostini) .

During a Gotham City parade, a Janus hot dog balloon was stolen at gunpoint and flown away in a helicopter. While Batman talked it over with Gordon, a report came in on an in-progress heist at a museum. Inside, Batman found clowns. After taking one down, he learned Two-Face was behind things. His next theft was a book on Captain Bye (bi). From that, Bruce realized his next hit – Bye’s ship was in the harbor. As Batman fought Two-Face’s goons, the ship exploded and sank. With the help of the stolen balloon, it raised again upstream. Batman boarded. Two-Face caught him from behind and knocked him out. Batman awakened tied to the mast – Two-Face was making off with Bye’s treasure which had been hidden in the ship for ages. Dent punctured the balloon and rowed away from the twice-sinking ship. Batman pointed out there was an innocent aboard, and Two-Face’s coin forced him to save the man. While he was working on that, Batman got out of his restraints and captured the villain.

Notas: Debut de Dos-Caras deTierra-1 (despues de 17 años sin aparecer el personaje).

Batman v1 #235
Swamp Sinister
Fecha: 1971.09| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Neal Adams (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman vol. II nº18-19 Zinco, Batman : La Saga de Ra’s Al Ghul nº 1 (Planeta DeAgostini).

Ra’s al Ghul brought a body to Batman. He explained the man had been exposed to a chemical that could lead to plague. At one of his laboratories, two of his scientists had attempted to steal a breakthrough metal softener, but were unaware that it was deadly to humans. One man escaped with the chemical. Batman headed to the nearest location which may house some of the rare metal. Once on site, he found guards wearing Ra’s al Ghul’s insignia. The man he sought had already been captured. Batman tracked them to the bayous of Louisiana. There, he found Talia holding the traitor at gunpoint. He told them about the plague and that her father was alive. After a struggle for her weapon, the traitor fell on his own batch of the chemical and was killed. Batman and Talia escaped. Her father was waiting for them with a helicopter equipped to treat them if infected.

Batman v1 #236
Wail of the Ghost-Bride
Fecha: 1971.11| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Neal Adams (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 632 Novaro, Baticomic 11.

Batman seems to be aided by a ghost in his quest to solve the murder mystery of a long-dead debutante.

Batman v1 #237
Night of the Reaper
Fecha: 1971.12| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Neal Adams (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 646 Novaro, Álbum 6 Bruguera.

Dick and some of his college buddies caught a parade. One of the floats featured people dressed as superheroes. Up ahead, he noticed some guys beating up the Robin and went to his aide. The thugs escaped. Dick wandered away from the group and got into costume. Nearby, he found the Batman character from the float dead. A man in a hooded cape caught him off guard, and the Teen Wonder fell over an embankment. Batman got to his partner in time and got him medical attention. He was out after a Nazi who’d stolen some gold in Germany before escaping to the US. While Robin recovered, Batman continued his quest. Outside the costume party, Batman found one of Dick’s friends who said he’d seen a skeleton in a cloak kill someone. Batman found the body and rushed back to the masquerade when he noticed a light flashing in Morse Code. He found some Nazi’s inside and learned they’d bombed their former leader’s car. An explosion rang out. Near the crime scene, Batman went off on Robin and went after the «Reaper.» Batman caught up with him – the doctor who had worked on Robin – he’d given up the Nazi thief’s whereabouts and was dealing out his own vigilante justice on them. Batman gave chase, but the man realized what he’d become and committed suicide.

Notas: Debut del Segador I (Doctor Gruener).

Batman v1 #238

Fecha: 1972.01| Créditos: – (Guiones), – (Dibujos)| Edición española: –.

Notas: Reedición de Batman 70 y 75

Batman v1 #239
Silent Night, Deadly Night
Fecha: 1972.02| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 668 Novaro.

Batman encounters a jobless man who robs street-corner Santas of their collections, but helps the man, his daughter, and the man’s former employer to new lives on Christmas Eve.

Batman v1 #240
Vengeance for a Dead Man
Fecha: 1972.03| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 655 Novaro, Batman vol. II nº 19 Zinco,Batman : La Saga de Ra’s Al Ghul nº 1 (Planeta DeAgostini).

Gordon called Batman in to investigate a murder. The man’s brain was removed. The only clues Batman had was his occupation (he worked at a research institute), and some rare cigarettes found on his body. Batman, knowing he was followed, checked out an import tobacco store. He was ambushed, but Talia appeared and saved him. The next night, Talia and Batman peeked in on the dead man’s partner and heard him and his hitman discussing the kill. Batman quickly took down the hitman, but Talia «accidentally» administered an amnesia injection instead of a truth serum. Batman dropped her off at her father’s yacht and followed her in a helicopter (she’d fled the boat in a hidden submarine). When the sub stopped, Batman dove into the river; Alfred returned the chopper. Batman soon found the sub and an underwater base. He got in and found Ra’s al Ghul interrogating the dead man’s brain – he’d found a scientist who could help him communicate with it. Ra’s and Talia escaped; the brain tricked Batman into destroying it.

Notas: Debut del Doctor Moon*. La historia está basada en la novela «Donovan´s brain».

Batman v1 #241
At Dawn Dies Mary MacGuffin
Fecha: 1972.05| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 664 Novaro.

Batman must find where spychief Colonel Sulphur is hiding a government employee’s kidnapped wife before he can kill her in vengeance for not being given important documents.Colonel Sulphur, a man who knew the value of psychological terror and he used it to good effect when he abducted Mary MacGuffin in March of 1972 (BATMAN # 241, by Denny O’Neil, Irv Novick, and Dick Giordano). Holding the young woman as a hostage, the villain ordered her husband to steal top-secret documents from the Pentagon, which Sulphur, as «head of a free-lance spy-ring», would then sell to a foreign government to embarrass the United States.Evidence at the crime scene linked Howard MacGuffin to the theft and Batman tracked him to a Gotham apartment, where he learned of Mary’s kidnapping and intercepted a phone call meant for the young diplomat. A voice of unknown nationality expressed his «doubt (that) you’re really Howard MacGuffin. Am I privileged to speak with the illustrious Batman? You see … I gave MacGuffin a password to say — and you didn’t! As a result, I shall be checking out of these unsavory premises shortly — leaving behind a corpse! It’s been a pleasure outwitting you, Batman. Goodbye!» Horrified, Batman desperately played back the phone conversation in his mind, keying in on the phrase «checking out» and the sound of an elevated train. Aware of Sulphur’s penchant for committing murders at dawn, Batman raced the clock to find a hotel adjacent to an «L» track. Colonel Sulphur was a middle-aged man with thinning black hair and a goatee but his most distinguishing feature was his black-gloved artificial right hand. The replacement appendage had included a little something extra — a razor-sharp knife that could be ejected in an instant from the middle finger. The blade was an unexpected element in the pre-sunrise encounter between Sulphur and Batman and its thrust into the hero’s bicep left the Dark Knight reeling. Determined to slay SOMEONE at dawn, the Colonel raised his hand to deliver the killing blow — only to be momentarily blinded by the reflection of the rising sun off of his knife. Seizing the opportunity, Batman decked the villain and rose to his feet as Commissioner Gordon arrived with another piece of news.

Notas: Debut del Colonel Sulphur.

Batman v1 #242
Bruce Wayne–Rest In Peace
Fecha: 1972.06| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 672 Novaro, Álbum 5 Bruguera, Batman vol. II nº19-20 Zinco, Batman : La Saga de Ra’s Al Ghul nº 1 (Planeta DeAgostini).

Batman visited Commissioner Gordon shortly after it was reported that Bruce Wayne’s plane crashed in a South American jungle. Batman told Gordon he’d be out of the country for several months. He went to question a man named «Matches» Malone. A shot was fired. Malone later followed Dr. Harris Blaine at a convention. He saw a man attempt to abduct Blaine, took the man down, and abducted him himself. Malone took Dr. Blaine to his new boss, Batman. He asked him to join in the battle against Ra’s al Ghul. The first assassin caught up with them and put a knife in Batman’s chest. When Malone and Blaine got up, both the assassin and Batman were gone. Malone, actually Wayne – the real Malone had been killed by his own bullet in a struggle with Batman, told Blaine to go after them and changed into his other costume. Batman caught up with Lo Ling and saved him from falling off the roof. The man pledged a life debt to Batman. They would all meet later to begin their quest.

Notas: Bruce Wayne finge su muerte en un accidente de avión. Primera vez que Bruce se hace pasar por «Cerillas» Malone. Su origen se narra en Batman v1 #588-590 (2001).

Batman v1 #243
The Lazarus Pit
Fecha: 1972.08| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Neal Adams (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 677 y BE 40 Novaro, Álbum 5 Bruguera, Batman vol. II nº 20 Zinco, Batman : La Saga de Ra’s Al Ghul nº 1 (Planeta DeAgostini).

Batman and Lo Ling squared off against each other Ling was torn between his life debts to both Batman and Ra’s al Ghul. Ling was easily defeated and pledged to help Batman. After he was gone, Malone (actually Robin) deflated and unmasked. Batman got into the Matches Malone persona. Dick headed back to school; Bruce went to meet with Dr. Blaine and Lo Ling. Their plane landed in Switzerland. Ling almost immediately spotted Talia and was taken down by Ubu. Batman then stood in the bodyguard’s way. A bystander whacked Batman when she saw him grab Talia. Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter and Ubu escaped. Batman’s attacker was an Olympic skier who’d also had run-ins with the Demon’s Head. She offered her services to Batman’s team. They made it into Ra’s headquarters and were greeted by Talia. She took them to her father’s body. As they left the room, Talia activated one of her father’s Lazarus Pits and he was revived.

Notas: Debut del foso de Lázaro.

Batman v1 #244
The Demon Lives Again
Fecha: 1972.09| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Neal Adams (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 682 Novaro, Álbum 5 Bruguera, Batman vol. II nº 21 Zinco, Batman : La Saga de Ra’s Al Ghul nº 1 (Planeta DeAgostini).

With their captive, Talia, Batman’s team began their journey back to civilization. Ra’s al Ghul, who they thought was dead, attacked them. He took down both Lo Ling and Batman and escaped with his daughter. Batman and the skier pursued their hovercraft, but the skier was injured and had to get medical attention. Batman tracked Ra’s to the desert, where they locked horns in a sword duel. Their fight was a draw, but Batman was stung by a scorpion. Secure in the fact that Batman would die, Ra’s left him. Talia slipped him antidote in a kiss. Batman rose and defeated his enemy. He left Talia and took her father.

Notas: La saga de Ra’s al Ghul continúa en DC Special Series #15: Batman came back to the cave after a patrol. He found it odd that Alfred was not around, but he began a workout. Someone had rigged his heavy bag and he was gassed. When he awakened, he was on an oil tanker and married – to Talia, daughter of Ra’s al Ghul. After he left them alone, Batman knocked Talia out and began his escape. He got to a helicopter and took off. One of Lurk’s (Ubu?) shots hit the engine. Batman was able to safely land in the ocean. Later, Ra’s and his men attacked Gotham City. He had new lamps installed throughout which emitted a sleeping gas and rendered electronic communications useless. Batman somehow got on his trail and learned they were stealing diamonds (one of Ra’s’ scientists was working on an experiment to turn them into pure energy). Batman kept them from making off with the diamonds, but was hit by some of the gas. Talia kept them from killing him as they sped off on a boat.

Batman v1 #245
The Bruce Wayne Murder Case
Fecha: 1972.10| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Neal Adams (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 690 Novaro, Batman vol. II nº 21 Zinco.

Batman returned to Gotham City to find it in the midst of a mayoral election. One of the candidates, Bilker, was accusing the other, Harvey, of having Bruce Wayne killed. He had a handwritten note on Wayne stationery saying the man feared Harvey would kill him. Bilker swore Wayne gave it to him shortly before he departed for South America. Batman visited a man who he’d read about in a scientific journal. The man had created a computer which could perfectly duplicate handwriting. He confessed to being threatened by Bilker, but he destroyed his machine, creating an electric shock which took down Batman. Batman later found the man at gunpoint – he’d gone to Bilker for help. After getting the police in on it, Batman vanished. Later, Bruce Wayne was «found» alive in South America.

Notas: Bruce Wayne «reaparece» vivo tras su accidente de avión.

Batman v1 #246
How Many Ways Can a Robin Die
Fecha: 1972.12| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Neal Adams (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 698 y BE 46 Novaro.

Batman must learn who is “killing” Robin mannequins and leaving them as bait for him before the killer can murder the real Robin.

Batman v1 #247
Merry Christmas
Fecha: 1973.02| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Neal Adams (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 711 y BE 53 Novaro.

Batman and four captive people seem doomed to be killed by a gun-wielding gangster until a Christmas star distracts the hood enough for Batman to defeat him.

Batman v1 #247/2
And a Deadly New Year
Fecha: 1973.02| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Dick Giordano (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 711 y BE 53 Novaro.

Batman and Robin must learn the location of a canister of nerve gas set to destroy the population of Gotham on New Year’s Eve, and find the perpetrator of the crime.

Batman v1 #248
Death-Knell for a Traitor
Fecha: 1973.04| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 702 y BE 49 Novaro.

Batman battles Colonel Sulphur and an ex-Navy man who turned traitor during World War II to gain a fabulous diamond from the Japanese, which he now seeks to recover.

Notas: No se publica ningún comic de DC en mayo de 1973 con el fin de dejar tres meses de margen (hasta entonces dos) entre la fecha de portada de los comics y la fecha real.

Batman v1 #249
The Citadel of Crime
Fecha: 1973.06| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Bob Brown (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 722 y BE 58  Novaro.

Bruce Wayne pretends to be a heartless snob in order to lure a wealthy man with gang ties into the Batman’s grasp.

Batman v1 #250
The Deadly Numbers Game
Fecha: 1973.07| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 720 y BE 57 Novaro.

Batman looks into a weird series of thefts based upon number-associated objects that end up in the hands of wax dummies in a museum

Batman v1 #250/2
The Batman Nobody Knows
Fecha: 1973.07| Créditos: Elliot S. Maggin (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 1222 Novaro, Album Batman nº 3 (Editorial Bruguera).

Bruce Wayne takes three children out on a camping trip and learns from them three different images they have of the Batman

Batman v1 #251
The Joker’s Five-Way Revenge
Fecha: 1973.09| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Neal Adams (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 729 Novaro, Mejores Historias del Joker 1 (Zinco).

Batman met Gordon at a crime scene. The victim had a huge grin on his face and a playing card was found nearby – the Joker. Batman went after one of Joker’s old thugs (the first victim was another). Before he could get him safely into custody, the man took a drink of water, began laughing, and fell over dead. Joker personally took down another of his old gang with an exploding cigar – he was trying to find out which of them had betrayed him during their last caper. Batman got to the forth member in time, but he was double-crossed and knocked out. Still groggy, Batman made it back to the guy’s house and found him dead. Joker whacked Batman with a left, then dropped him with a kick. Joker decided to wait and kill him later. Batman awakened and headed out to find the fifth and final member of Joker’s gang. At a retirement home, the caretaker – a nun – told him the man was no longer there. Batman remembered a tanker that had crashed recently, and the Joker had left sandy / oily residue at their last meeting. Joker was waiting for him at a closed aquarium near the beach, his fifth former associate about to become shark food. Batman agreed to switch with the man. After he was chained up and dumped into the tank, Joker threw his other victim in. Batman used his shackles to kill the shark, and the man’s wheel chair to break the glass. He made sure the old man was ok then went after the Joker. Batman caught him when the clown slipped on an oil slick on the way to his getaway car.

Notas: Joker envenena a los peces de la costa esta para cobrar derechos. Joker comete asesinatos, cosa que no hacía desde Detective Comics v1 #62 (1942).

Batman v1 #252
The Spook’s Master Stroke
Fecha: 1973.10| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 737 Novaro.

As expected, the Spook breaks out of prison. Then he attempts to take revenge on Batman by strapping him into an electric chair and throwing the switch.

Notas: Origen de The Spook.

Batman v1 #253
Who Knows What Evil?
Fecha: 1973.11| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 745 y BE 69 Novaro.

Batman trails a gang of counterfeiters to a desert resort, where he meets the Shadow.

Notas: Batman se encuentra con The Shadow a quien le confiesa que le inspiró al inicio de su carrera.

Batman v1 #254
King of the Gotham Jungle
Fecha: 1974.02| Créditos: Frank Robbins (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 776 Novaro.

Batman gets a hand in capturing Roy Reynolds and his gang from Man-Bat, who has returned to crime-fighting.

Notas: A partir de éste número los complementos de otros personajes de la Bat-familia desaparecen pues entre 1975 y 1978 se publica Batman Family. La serie se complementa con reimpresiones de historias de Batman y posteriormente deja de tener complementos. En Batman v1 #332 (1981) se retoman los complementos de la Bat-familia.

Batman v1 #255
Moon of the Wolf
Fecha: 1974.04| Créditos: Len Wein (Guiones), Neal Adams (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 765 y BE 73 Novaro.

Batman followed a werewolf into a woman’s apartment. The beast flung his prey out the window when Batman got the upper hand. He was forced to jump and save her; the creature escaped. Batman visited Gordon, who told him some wolves had been stolen from the zoo. Batman wondered if the man he’d fought might not be a man at all. Elsewhere, as the sun rose, the wolf man changed back into human form. He’d gone to a less than credible doctor in attempt to cure his frequent headaches – the man had turned him into a beast. The doctor told him he suffered from lycanthropy. The serum he’d taken was Alaskan wolf blood, which completed the phase. Dr. Milo wanted the man to kill the Batman. Tony Lupus – the wolfman – began to put the word on the street: he wanted to meet Batman and would donate $250,000 to the charity of his choice. Soon, Batman paid the man a visit. He was taken off guard and knocked out. Tony delivered him to Dr. Milo, who insisted to see the werewolf’s full rage destroy the Batman. Tony phased, and the werewolf attacked Dr. Milo. Batman awakened across the street – he’d been chained up at a construction site. Before he could get himself loose, the creature appeared. After a savage battle, the werewolf was struck by lightning while removing a steel rod from himself that Batman had flung at him. Batman searched the grounds, but could find no trace of him.

Notas: Debut de Anthony Lupus. El Dr. Milo debutó en Detective Comics v1 #247 (1957):

Batman v1 #256
Catwoman’s Circus Caper
Fecha: 1974.06| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 791 Novaro, Las mejores historias de Batman 2 (Zinco).

Batman and Robin attempt to stop the Catwoman from stealing priceless white tigers and to learn who murdered a performer at the circus with which she is working.

Notas: Regreso de Catwoman, la cual no aparecía desde Batman v1 #210 (1969).

Batman v1 #257
Hail Emperor Penguin
Fecha: 1974.08| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 833 Novaro, Las mejores historias de Batman 2 (Zinco).

The Penguin captures King Peeble IV of Swawak, a 12-year-old boy, to gain power over his kingdom, but is opposed by Batman, Robin, and Talia.

Notas: Regreso del Pingüino, el cual no aparecía desde Batman v1 #201 (1968)

Batman v1 #258
Threat of the Two-Headed Coin
Fecha: 1974.10| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 837 Novaro.

Two-Face is sprung from jail by a renegade general whose plan to hold Washington, D.C. for ransom with an atomic bomb is hijacked by the Duke of Doubles. Batman and Robin set out to deactivate the bomb and defeat Two-Face.

Notas: Debut del Arkham Asylum* llamandolo Arkham Hospital. El hospital es ubicado en New England.

Batman v1 #259
The Night of the Shadow
Fecha: 1974.12| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 841y BE 100 Novaro.

Years ago, Bruce Wayne, as a child, his father, and two others were saved from robber Willy Hank Stamper by the Shadow. Now, Stamper has been released from jail and is bent on revenge against the survivors of that incident, but the Shadow helps Batman nail Stamper again.

Batman v1 #260
This One’ll Kill You, Batman
Fecha: 1975.02| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 845 Novaro.

The Joker doses Batman with a drug that causes him to laugh uncontrollably at times of horror, thus incapacitating him in battle, and will kill him in 72 hours, and charges the Caped Crusader to keep him from murdering the one doctor who can save his life.

Batman v1 #261
The Mystery That Never Was
Fecha: 1975.04| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 849 Novaro.

When the plans for a new reactor are stolen, Batman assumes the identity of a criminal and is discovered by the gang, who have deadly plans for him.

Batman v1 #262
The Scarecrow’s Trail of Fear
Fecha: 1975.04| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Ernie Chua (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 853 Novaro.

Batman trails the Scarecrow to an amusement park and must face his new fear-broadcasting gimmick to bring him in.

Notas: Regreso del Espantapájaros el cual no aparecía desde Detective Comics v1 #389 (1969)

Batman v1 #263
Riddler on the Move
Fecha: 1975.05| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Ernie Chua (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

The Riddler begins taking over another crooks’ employment agency for criminals, and traps Batman within an array of loaded crossbows

Notas: Regreso de Acertijo el cual no aparecía desde Detective Comics v1 #377 (1968)

Batman v1 #264
Death of a Daredevil
Fecha: 1975.06| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Ernie Chua (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman goes to free a kidnapped daredevil, but the “kidnapping” may not be all that it seems.

Batman v1 #265
Batman’s Greatest Failure
Fecha: 1975.07| Créditos: Mike Fleisher (Guiones), Rich Buckler (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

Batman appears to fail to stop three murders plotted by a disfigured actor on a TV program shoot, and Commissioner Gordon takes him off the case.

Notas: Debut del oficial de policía Harvey HainerTierra-1 quien es nombrado «guardián de la Bat-señal».

Batman v1 #266
The Curious Case of the Catwoman’s Coincidences
Fecha: 1975.08| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Inédito.

The Catwoman escapes from a prison train and begins a new series of cat-based crimes, causing the Batman to get on her trail.

Notas: Catwoman retoma su uniforme antiguo (vestido largo).

Batman v1 #267
Invitation to a Murder
Fecha: 1975.09| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), Ernie Chua (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 857 Novaro.

Batman fights an assassin known as Django, who issues invitations to his upcoming crimes, including one to the proposed murder of Batman himself.

Notas: Nuevo Batmóvil.

Batman v1 #268
Murder Masquerade
Fecha: 1975.10| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 861 Novaro.

Batman and Robin team up to fight the Sheikh, a murderer who apparently kills three partners in an oil company.

Batman v1 #269
The Daily Death of Terry Tremayne
Fecha: 1975.11| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), Ernie Chua (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 865 Novaro.

Batman must safeguard Terry Tremayne from her late fiancé’s partners, who want to get a priceless Florentine box from her, and will kill one man named Terry Tremayne per day for a week until they do.

Notas: Historia inspirada en «The maltesse falcon»

Batman v1 #270
The Menace of the Fiery Heads
Fecha: 1975.12| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), Ernie Chua (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 869 Novaro.

Bruce Wayne answers a call for help during a dinner hosted for the Gotham City Civic Committee. In an apartment below, he finds a strangled Jim Standish, the assistant district attorney of Gotham City. On the desk is a ceramic duplicate of Standish’s head, spewing oxacetylene flame from its top. Bruce encounters the masked murderer who has killed Standish, but has to break off the conflict when the killer sets his clothes on fire. Bruce changes to Batman, finds an outside trigger on the ceramic head that shuts off the flame, and begins his «deathwatch» for the next victim with Commissioner Gordon. Shortly afterward, Judge Bromley is also found strangled with a “fiery head” in his possession. Batman encounters the killer again, but the criminal escapes. Next Gordon receives a fiery Batman head. Minutes later, he discovers that a man named Earl Peterson has been killed with a “fiery head” trademark. Cross checking records with Gordon and his staff, Batman discovers that he and the three victims were all involved in sending Blinky Johnson to jail, Johnson being a safecracker who used explosives and oxacetylene. Batman tracks Johnson down, but rules him out as their killer-suspect, since the strangler is right-handed and Johnson proves to be left-handed. The real culprit proves to be Harry Watkins, Johnson’s ex-cellmate, an art-thief and sculptor. Watkins dies when a statue falls on him while he is battling Batman in a museum. Batman later reveals to Gordon that Watkins planned the killings to frame Johnson, expecting Batman to track Johnson and take the heat of Watkins, who was attempting to steal a Rembrandt from the museum. «

Notas: Batman / Bruce Wayne comienza a llebar un «beeper» con el que Gordon se pone en contacto con él.

Batman v1 #271
The Corpse Came C.O.D.
Fecha: 1976.01| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 873 Novaro.

When Alfred buys an antique rug from the Chambray Gallery for Bruce Wayne’s birthday, the van delivering it is overtaken by another van, shaken to pieces by a vibro-gun that kills the van’s drivers, and relieved of its rug, which is eventually delivered to Alfred with a corpse inside. Shortly afterwards, the rug disintegrates into dust. Bruce Wayne suspects foul play. Batman and Commissioner Gordon begin investigating the case, with Batman’s steps dogged by Carol Ames. Ames is a photographer from Newsday magazine, whom Gordon promised to allow to photograph one of Batman’s cases. Chambray himself confirms that the rug in question was one of a pair bought at an auction, and Carol snaps a picture of its mate. It proves to be a prayer rug of a Vedic sect, depicting Agni, god of the altar fire. The rugs were stolen from a secret temple of the Vedic worshippers, who consider the theft blasphemous. They also consider taking photographs of the rugs a blasphemy. When the cult makes another attack upon them, Batman captures one of the cultists, confiscates his sonic weapon, and fashions an amulet to counter its effects. Batman and Commissioner Gordon begin investigating the case, with Batman’s steps dogged by Carol Ames. Ames is a photographer from Newsday magazine, whom Gordon promised to allow to photograph one of Batman’s cases. Chambray himself confirms that the rug in question was one of a pair bought at an auction, and Carol snaps a picture of its mate. It proves to be a prayer rug of a Vedic sect, depicting Agni, god of the altar fire. The rugs were stolen from a secret temple of the Vedic worshippers, who consider the theft blasphemous. They also consider taking photographs of the rugs a blasphemy. When the cult makes another attack upon them, Batman captures one of the cultists, confiscates his sonic weapon, and fashions an amulet to counter its effects. In time, Batman, Carol Ames, and the second of the two rug thieves are captured by the cult and sentenced to die by sound-wave battering. But Batman’s amulet wards off the sonic devices’ beams, and protects all of them by holding hands with Carol and the thief. Batman fights his way out, pitches the highly-charged amulet over his shoulder, and watches the temple go up in an explosion. Commissioner Gordon and his men come to retrieve the cultists, who are hiding in the basement of the temple. «

Batman v1 #272
The Underworld Olympics ’76
Fecha: 1976.02| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), José Luís García-López (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 877 Novaro.

The members of the Underworld Crime Olympics ’76 convene in Gotham City for a competition of crime-making. Like the real Olympics, the teams which compete come from all over the globe, divided into South American, North American, European, and Afro-Asian teams, and try to rack up points by completing an assigned crime. The first ones up are the South American team, who have to murder J. P. Vandermeer, chosen at random from the Gotham phone book, and make it look like an accident. But Bruce Wayne is attending a party which Vandermeer is called from. His suspicions aroused, Bruce changes to his Batman garb and follows Vandermeer’s car, which is wrecked shortly afterwards, killing Vandermeer. Batman deduces that a second vehicle rammed him. He locates the second car and battles the South American crime team driving it, capturing two of them. Batman soon finds that Vandermeer’s body has been stolen from the morgue, but not before a transistorized bug was found on it. He uses the bug’s impulses to track down the rest of the South Americans as they are attempting to bury Vandermeer within a stone monument, and captures them. At Underworld Olympics headquarters, the South American team is awarded 20 points out of a possible 100. At police headquarters, Batman and Commissioner Gordon puzzle over why Vandermeer’s body was not stolen when the car was wrecked, and why the whole gang of crooks seems to be from South America. «

Notas: Saga «Underworld Olympics ’76»

Batman v1 #273
The Bank-Shot That Baffled Batman
Fecha: 1976.03| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), Ernie Chua (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 881 Novaro.

The European team of the Underworld Olympics crew begins their escapade with a symbolic gesture. They disrupt the reenactment of a Revolutionary War battle by the Gotham Colonial Minute Men Corps for the Bicentennial and, after wounding several «rebels,» plant the British Union Jack in place of the American flag. That done, they get down to their real caper. Two members of the team make deposits of sealed packages to safety deposit boxes in a bank where Bruce Wayne is attending to paperwork. But Speed Durkin and his gang pull a heist there and grab a number of deposit boxes, including one holding a package of the Europeans’. Batman does not manage to stop the thief holding that box. Later, Batman tracks down Durkin at his hideout, but is bashed from behind by Boris Chomsky, one of the Olympians, who takes back his stolen box. Batman revives just in time to see Chomsky’s shoe soles as he escapes. Later, at the bank, the manager informs Batman and Commissioner Gordon that one of the deposit boxes is still missing. Bruce Wayne makes a point of being in the bank the next day, and notes depositor Boris Chomsky’s heels as being the same as the thug’s who slugged him. Batman pays a visit to the vault after hoursand finds Chomsky’s deposit boxes contain the disassembled parts of the cannon which the Europeans stole from the Bicentennial rehearsal, plus a hollow, armor-piercing artillery shell. Hiding, he observes the European team break in, assemble the cannon, hide loot in the shell, and fire it through the roof. The shell makes a trajectory that sends it to the Minute Men’s rehearsal field. Batman captures both halves of the European team and recovers the loot. The Olympics official awards the team 59 points. Batman and Commissioner Gordon, knowing that South American crooks have followed on the heels of a European gang, smell something wrong in the state of Gotham. «

Notas: Saga «Underworld Olympics ’76»

Batman v1 #274
Gotham City Treasure Hunt
Fecha: 1976.04| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), Ernie Chua (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 885 Novaro.

The Afro-Asian block of Underworld Olympians, led by Amba Kadiri, a female thief from India, is assigned a treasure hunt. A rhymed clue leads two of their members to the Gotham Central Library, where they gain a second clue by burning the seal from a book cover. But their break-in has sounded an alarm, and Batman arrives to capture them. As they are led out, a TV camera crew tapes them, and the Algerian member of the team uses Cameroon hand-talk to communicate the second clue to his teammates who are watching on TV. Batman is also able to decipher the clue, but Amba Kadiri places herself in his path, battles him with steel claw-tipped fingernails, and allows herself to be captured so that the rest of her team may proceed. The third and last clue refers to an “idol of a nation,”a dn mentions that the treasure found there “only shines at night.” By this time Batman has fathomed that the Afro-Asians are on a treasure hunt, and the object of that hunt he also understands, as do the crooks. Their goal is a movie marquee banner at a theater featuring “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre” at a Humphrey Bogart festival. Two of the remaining three Afro-Asians die by accident while fighting Batman, and Batman manages to capture the third. The Underowlrd Olympics leader tallies up 36 2/3 points for the Afro-Asians. Batman and Commissioner Gordon, who have finally realized that an Underworld Olympics is taking place, deduce that the North American team will be the next to be heard from.»

Notas: Saga «Underworld Olympics ’76»

Batman v1 #275
The Ferry Blows at Midnight
Fecha: 1976.05| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), Ernie Chua (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 889 Novaro.

The North American team of the Underworld Olympics draws its assignment, but it has an unforeseen complication. The caper is supposed to end up on the midnight ferry boat to Tompkinsville, which has been cut off from late-night service for a month. To get it back on track, the team heists a million dollars from Gotham’s numbers runners, and gives it anonymously to the city to start the ferry’s late-night run anew. In days to come, Gotham is plagued by unusual crimes: the theft of the key to the city, the robbery of a soccer ball while the game is underway, and the stealing of a bronze insignia plague from an antique fire engine. Batman encounters the crooks, but he does not manage to halt their robberies. However, he does see the gang members on the Tompkinville ferry, boards the boat, captures them, and stops them from blowing up the ferry with a bomb buoy. The Underworld Olympics leader awards the North Americans 50 points and declares them the winner. The leader calls up Commissioner Gordon to reveal the Olympics’ existence and to boast. But Gordon takes the call from his mobile phone in a police car outside the Olympians’ headquarters, just before he sends in the police to make a mass capture. Later, Batman tells Gordon that the North American team’s task was to complete the bizarre thefts, put them in the ferry, and then blow up the boat just after they jumped to safety and swam to a rescue boat. Gordon points out that the only time the crooks stole money was when they heisted a tainted million, and gave it to the city. Batman, for his part, wonders who dreamed up the Underworld Olympics ’76. «

Notas: Saga «Underworld Olympics ’76»

Batman v1 #276
The Haunting of the Spook
Fecha: 1976.06| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), Ernie Chua (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 893 Novaro.

Batman encounters the Spook while crossing the Kingsboro Bridge and battles him, but cannot catch his elusive enemy. Nonetheless, the Spook gives him a clue to his next caper by flashing the location and time with an electronic sign on his chest. The two enemies have two more encounters, which proceed in much the same way, except that Batman gets progressively more savage with each battle, and the Spook keeps encouraging Batman to kill him. Batman realizes that the Spook’s sign conceals a subliminal message. In their next fight, he drops in his tracks. The Spook, not knowing that Batman is using meditation techniques to dull his pulse rate, finds no vital signs and assumes Batman has died. He screams out that he himself was to have faked death, using the same techniques, and Batman, who would have been unable to trust himself not to kill again, would have hung up his cape. After Batman is carries off by an ambulance, he revives himself, reports to Commissioner Gordon, and tracks down and captures the Spook.

Batman v1 #277
The Riddle of the Man Who Walked Backwards
Fecha: 1976.07| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), Ernie Chua (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 897 Novaro.

Bruce Wayne, on vacation and romancing a lady named Susan, has his plans interrupted by the sight of a sea monster on the beach. He has a short fight with the beast, though the monster escapes. Alfred informs Bruce that Susan is catching the next plane to Gotham, and Bruce decides to take it out on the monster. Batman observes the beach from in hiding, and notes a backwards-walking man with one peg leg. The man, a local fisherman named Sam Taggart, has a brief scuffle with Batman, who knocks him out and is kayoed in turn by an unseen assailant. Batman awakens to find himself dressed as Bruce Wayne and being arrested by the local sheriff for the murder of Sam Taggart. Alfred is responsible for dressing Bruce in his civilian garb, after finding him unconscious, and, being unable to revive him and noticing Taggart dead, calling the police. But Bruce, left with his Batman boots, breaks out tools from a heel compartment and escapes his jail cell. Later, as Batman, he investigates a print in the cave of the sea monster, lined with oil. Eventually he collars the “monster”, who proves to be a man in a monster suit, and his gang of dope smugglers who operate from a local oil rig. Sam Taggart, who had discovered the operation, mistook Batman for one of the smugglers. After jailing the lot of them, Batman becomes Bruce Wayne and starts all over again with Susan, both of them back on their home turf in Gotham. «

Batman v1 #278
Stop Me Before I Kill
Fecha: 1976.08| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), Ernie Chua (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 901 y BE 130  Novaro.

Inspector Clive Kittridge of Scotland Yard, visiting in America, is allowed to accompany Batman on patrol and, while doing so, becomes involved in his latest case. A marionette with a wrung neck is delivered to Batman byh Commissioner Gordon, shortly after Batman and Kittridge have encountered a redheaded man who desperately tried to tell them something but was unable to force any words from his mouth. Days later, Batman encounters the Wringer, who proves to be the same man, wringing the head of a marionette made of Douglas fir. Batman and the Wringer fight, but the villain escapes. Later, on patrol near the park, Batman beholds the Wringer twist the neck of a walking, talking doll, and again fights him to no conclusion. Finally, while Bruce Wayne and Kittredge are attending a Bicentennial exhibit featuring audio-animatrons resembling historical American figures and reciting canned speeches, the Wringer destroys «Patrick Henry» just as the robot is saying «Give me liberty or give me–» The Wringer escapes again. But Batman has deduced his real target, a stockbroker named Douglas Walker on Park Avenue, from the Douglas fir marionette, the walking doll found near the park, and the Wringer’s destruction of the Patrick Henry robot just before it would have said «death». The Wringer, who blames Walker for losing the money he had invested with his borkerage, attempts to kill him, but Batman appears to capture the villain. Later, Batman states that the Wringer was caught in conflicting impulses, wanting to kill Walker and yet wanting to be stopped from doing so.

Notas: Nuevo edificio de la Fundación Wayne. Un plano de edificio aparecerá en Limited Collector´s Edition C-44.

Batman v1 #279
Riddler on the Rampage
Fecha: 1976.09| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), Ernie Chua (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 905 Novaro.

The Riddler breaks jail, leaving a message for Batman in his bunk. His new tactic, he vows, will be to inundate Batman in riddles. In this way he hopes to overload the hero’s brain and make Batman unable to effectively oppose him. But Dick Grayson is down from college to do research, and lends a hand as Robin. Batman and his partner battle two members of the Riddler’s gang disguised as the Riddler himself in a clock museum. But one of the Riddler’s giommicks draws them elsewhere so that his men can escape. Another clue leads them to a yacht club party, where they stop the Riddler from stealing a valuable ship model. The Riddler escapes, but the pair catch up to him at the Egyptian pavillion of the Gotham Art Museum, where he is trying to steal a solid gold model of the Sphinx. Robin remarks that the Sphinx, one of the world’s greatest riddles, seems quite appropriate for the caper.

Batman v1 #280
The Only Crime in Town
Fecha: 1976.10| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), Ernie Chua (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 909 Novaro.

When Batman fights a late-night battle against a gang of safecrackers, all the bandits stop fighting back at 1 A.M. sharp and give themselves up. From comments made during the fight, Batman resons that they feared dying like Augie, a gangster who was shot for pulling a job at 1:24 in the morning. For the past week, no crimes have been committed in Gotham City between 1 and 2 A.M. Batman traces the killing to Big Jake Hackett, another mobster, and attacks some of his gang when they enter a warehouse. He finds out abruptly that Hackett owns the warehouse and the men were not pulling a robbery. Batman finds that he has been decoyed away from the robbery of Amos Goodwin, a coin dealer who is in town for a convention. Later, Batman is told by one of Hackett’s gang, who turns stool pigeon, that Hackett was offered a deal to pull two guaranteed thefts between 1 and 2 A.M. if he enforced a curfew on other crimes during that time, so that the thefts would gain extra publicity. The gang member tips off Batman that the other job will be stealing from the Daniel Fletcher company at the coin convention. Eventually, Batman learns that the thefts were put-up jobs in which Goodwin and Fletcher willingly sacrificed part of their collection but, between them, retained 14 of 25 specially minted coins, components of a set worth $1,000,000. Their cover set, Fletcher and Goodwin attempt to rob George Whitfleet, who owns the rest of the coins in the set, but Batman captures them both. «

Batman v1 #281
Murder Comes in Black Boxes
Fecha: 1976.11| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), Ernie Chua (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 913 Novaro.

Three secret agents–Aldo Fondi of Italy, Jorge Zamora of Panama, and Nkuma Senghor of Burundi, all strangers to each other–meet on a Gotham City street corner and are all killed when a car hits them. The car proves to be stolen and the driver is not found. But alll were known to Batman through Interpol, and he judges it a «murder–by appointment!» From a recording device on a walkie-talkie, Batman getws the agents’ last messages, all of which were attempts to contact Batman. A woman, Pamela Drew, claiming to be a stewardess and the fiance of Fondi, at first accuses Batman to be responsible for her intended husband’s death. But Batman saves her from assassins twice, and she confides in him, giving him Fondi’s address book. Batman has Gordon place her in protective custody. Then he pilots a custom jet to an address in Budapest where, in disguise, he meets the underground resistance cell at that location. Janos, the cell leader, tells Batman that Fondi was in Budapest some months ago, when they were all involved in helping nuclear physicist Dr. Lucas Nagy to attempt to defect. But Nagy, he says, was seized just shot of the border, and not by the government. Fondi, a day before his murder, was told who had snatched him. Suddenly, the meeting is interrupted. Though Batman gets his friends to safety, he soon finds himself facing the guns of the Hungarian Special Police. «

Batman v1 #282
Four Doorways to Danger
Fecha: 1976.12| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), Ernie Chua (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 917 Novaro.

Batman defeats the Special Police Unit in battle, impersonates their major, and, after bidding the freedom fighters goodbye, bluffs his way back onto his plane and heads out. His next stop is Burundi, where he contacts Col. Kafi in the Bureau of Intelligence. There he learns that Nkuma Senghor had spoken of an abandoned church in the north country, used by white men for an unknown purpose. Batman lands in the vincinity, disguises himself as a mapmaking monk, and learn from one Pastor Goodwin of the church’s location, near a spot where white men are mining «shining black earth.» Unknown to Batman, the pastor is secretly an agent of Omega, the conspiracy he is fighting, and the hero is kayoed by mercenaries and dumped in the church. Awakening, Batman finds speciments of the «shining black earth» nearby–pitchblende, from which uranium is derived. Batman changes into his costume and battles his way out, discovering and destroying an apparatus for making a nuclear bomb. He learns from Goodwin that Dr. Lucas Nagy had been at the church, but that he and others sailed away on the ship Miramar. After Batman departs, Goodwin contacts Omega, one of whose members is Pamela Drew, and tells them what has taken place. Aboard his skyborne jet, Batman radios Commissioner Gordon and learns that the Miramar recently sailed to Panama. As he changes course to go to that country, he is surprised by two terrorists hidden within his plane, one of whom shoots him twice in the head. «

Batman v1 #283
Omega Bomb Target: Gotham City
Fecha: 1977.01| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), Ernie Chua (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 921 Novaro.

Batman’s life is saved by the magnesium crash-helmet he is wearing under his cowl. He knocks out the terrorists and dumps them out with open parachutes over Angola. Then he returns to Gotham, where he is greeted by Commissioner Gordon, the mayor, an a team of scientists. Omega has just delivered an ultimatum: provide a billion dollars in gold to a radio-controlled plane at midnight, or a 20-megaton bomb in the Miramar, anchored in Gotham Harbor, will go off. The scientists admit that Dr. Lucas Nagy, in Omega’s hands, could design such a bomb. Batman seeks out Pamela Drew, discovers her treachery, and captures her, her Omega cell, and Dr. Nagy who is in a semi-catatonic state. The scientist mutters “nembomba” to Batman. Having heard this, Batman boards the Miramar, defeats the rest of Omega, and takes them in. Later, he tells Gordon and the others that Omega never had a bomb. “Nembomba” is Hungarian for “no bomb”, and signified that Dr. Nagy had refused to design a bomb for them. But Omega was almost able to pull off their bluff without it. Later, when the radio-plane lands, the mayor declares it will be sold at auction. «

Batman v1 #284
If There Were No Batman, I Would Have to Invent Him
Fecha: 1977.02| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), Romeo Tanghal (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 925 Novaro.

Dr. Tzin-Tzin marshalls mystic power through Tibetian rites in preparation for his third encounter with Batman. He gains the ability to immobilize all of Gotham during a parade, but Bruce Wayne, moderating the event, is spared because he exerted himself to save an endangered child, thus psychically shielding himself. Tzin-Tzin is able to manipulate the crowd into fighting Batman for a short time, but his spell wears off. Batman chases Tzin-Tzin and fails to catch him, but manages to grab the villain’s scarf. To combat his foe, Batman constructs a Tsam Khang meditiation chamber, gathers mystical power unto himself, tracks down Tzin-Tzin by using the traces of his aura on the scarf, and defeats him in battle. He then turns Tzin-Tzin over to the police, but warns them that the villain must be prevented from seeing anyone and thus manipulating them into freeing him from confinement. «

Batman v1 #285
The Mystery of Christmas Lost
Fecha: 1977.03| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), Romeo Tanghal (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 929 Novaro.

Dr. Tzin-Tzin, confined in solitary, manages to mentally control an ant and, through it, its entire nest, having the insects chew him a path to freedom. Batman, Commissioner Gordon, and the police enter the cell later to see the ants write «Merry Christmas» to them with their bodies. In his lair, Tzin-Tzin materializes a mystic vessel, which is filled with the Elixir of Nepenthes. He then conjures a bear-demon and then sends it to fight Batman. Then he dematerializes it and informs Batman telepathically of his own involvement. He boasts that he will rob Gotham of “something infinitely precious” which “exists only in the mind,” and stabs Batman in the shoulder with a mystic dagger, which leaves him unhurt. Later, Batman discovers that the visiting Dick Grayson, Alfred, and all the citizens of Gotham are unable to concentrate on anything, with their minds on permanent “channel switch”. He diagnoses this as psychataxia, and realizes that Tzin-Tzin means to rob Gotham of its Christmas, which the populance will not realize has come until December 25th is already past. Batman tracks down Tzin-Tzin, fakes psychataxia, and thus learns that Tzin-Tzin has been dumping the Elixir of Nepenthes into Gotham’s water supply. He snatches the vessel of elixir away and, severing a steam pipe, bathes Tzin-Tzin in a scalding blast. Tzin-Tzin is not killed, but is badly burned. Gotham recovers in time to celebrate Christmas, and Bruce Wayne tells Dick and Alfred that Tzin-Tzin will be unable to concentrate for months. «

Batman v1 #286
The Joker’s Playground of Peril
Fecha: 1977.04| Créditos: Dennis O´Neil (Guiones), Irv Novick (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 933 Novaro.

The Joker breaks out of Arkham Asylum again and shrinks and kills his psychiatrist, or «shrink», with a strange liquid. Robin, who has heard of the Joker’s escape, convenes with Batman and Commissioner Gordon beside the doll-sized corpse of Dr. Tugwell, who has written «RIP» in the sand beside him. Batman guesses the letters stand for Revelry In the Park, a costume charity carnival held in Paradise Playground, an amusement park, which he believes will be the site of the Joker’s next crime. Batman chases a “Joker” into the Tunnel of Love at the park, but it proves to be the Joker’s lawyer, Harrison Steakbury, in disguise. Steakbury confesses he fears the Joker will kill him for losing at his trial. Since Gordon has told Batman that Pierre Frage, an international fence, is also reputed to be at the park, Batman and Robin soon discover Frage and his gang trying to make off with some of the loot from the Joker’s last robbery. Steakbury had stolen the loot himself from the Joker, and exchanged it for gems from Frage. Batman is sure that the Joker will seek revenge on Steakbury, and sends Robin to protect the lawyer. Robin finds Steakbury in time to save him from drowning in a Joker deathtrap. Batman tracks down the real Joker, disguised as one of the park attendants, and nabs him in the House of Mirrors. «

Batman v1 #287
Batman-Ex–As In Extinct
Fecha: 1977.05| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), Mike Grell (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 937 y BE 148 Novaro.

The Penguin begins a new series of crimes by using robots of extinct birds or ancestors of birds, starting with a robot pterosaur. The robot cracks out of a Napoleon statue at Gotham’s La Galerie. Batman destroys the mechanical bird, but the Penguin and his gang pull off a jewel robbery while he is doing so. The birdman of banditry next sends an archeopteriz robot to panic the crowds at Gotham City Music Hall where a movie about Machiavelli is playing. At the same time, his gang robs a diner on 1805 Hamilton Street. Batman captures the crooks, but soon learns of an attack on the schooner Nelson by a robot Diatryma. Putting together some clues, Batman learns that the diner stickup was connected with Lord Nelson, who died in 1805, and whose great love was Lady Hamilton. The music hall and jewel robberies were similarly connected with Machiavelli and Napoleon. All three historical figures named were short, and Batman discovers a volume named Little Men of History, detailing the lives of all three men in the order of the Penguin’s robberies. Forearmed, Batman guesses the Penguin’s next crime will be connected with King Alaric of the Visigoths. Alaric conquered Rome, and Batman discovers the Penguin robbing the Farmer’s Market on 410 Coliseum Road. He manages to capture some of the gang, but the Penguin escapes. Both make ready for their next encounter, but Batman is certain that the Penguin will alter his modus operandi for his next caper. «

Batman v1 #288
The Little Men’s Hall of Fame
Fecha: 1977.06| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), Mike Grell (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 941 y BE 150 Novaro.

The Penguin and his gang make a raid on Royce chemicals’ plant in honor of Charles Steinmetz, since the chemical plant is located at Watt Street. Batman combats them and is about to overcome the criminal crew when Chester Cole, who is looking for Bruce Wayne and has been cued by a doodled «RC», appears, interrupts Batman, and causes his defeat. The hero awakens with Cole in the bottom of an empty chemical tank, into which the Penguin looses robot vultures. Batman destroys the mechanical birds, then uses their wings and flight motors to fly Cole and himself to the top of the tank. Batman next encounters the Penguin at Apex Storage, whose location, Chalons Road, fits in with the next «little man», Attila the Hun, whose greatest battle was at Chalons. Batman captures the crooks and recovers hidden stolen bonds in the process. Later, Chester Cole tells Bruce he had misinterpreted the “RC” squiggle. Wayne’s real “RC” was Renee Cantrell, whom he treats to a night on the town. Meanwhile, the Penguin has a new roommate in jail–his own marble statue. «

Batman v1 #289
Sign of the Skull
Fecha: 1977.07| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), Mike Grell (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 945 y BE 152 Novaro.

Cosmo «Skull» Dugger suffers from anhedonia, a psychologial condition that robs him of the ability to experience joy. He builds an electronic device that allows him to steal the joy–and life–of a person he points it at during their moment of greatest pleasure. The process leaves a skull imprinted on the forehead of the victim. After three victims are killed, Dr. Faye Sommers calls in Batman to examine the last one, and he winds up battling some of Dugger’s thugs at the hospital, who are trying to steal the victim’s body. Batman picks out “Skull” Dugger’s face on videotapes of the events where each of the victims (a baseball player, an actor, and a lottery winner) were killed. After discovering Dugger’s name and residence, he drops in while Dugger is out and learns–quite painfully–Dugger’s recent history from a mental recording device attached to a joy-making device. He then tries and fails to stop Dugger from committing a murder. Dugger returns to his lab, notices the recorder and joy-maker, and realizes that since Batman has used it in playback, all his instinctive responses to joy have become responses to pain, and vice versa. Soon, Batman appears at police headquarters, babbles incoherently, and then sits immobile in a chair, fearful to speak, act, or move at all.

Notas: Debut de «Skull» Dugger.

Batman v1 #290
Skull Dugger’s Killjoy Capers
Fecha: 1977.08| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), Mike Grell (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 949 y BE 154 Novaro.

Bruce Wayne, as himself and as Batman, valiantly struggles against his reversed joy-pain responses, and learns from Dr. Faye Somers that «Skull» Duggers victims were killed by an intensification of their brains’ electrical charge. He begins a survey of Dugger and atracks him to a will-reading in which Dugger murders the heir, but he is unable to prevent the killing or capture Dugger. Hitting on a new plan, Batman disguises himself as a prison guard, arranges to be let inside Dr. Tzin-Tzin’s cell, and cons the evil genius into thinking he will free him for a million dollars. The villain mystically immunizes Batman to pain for an hour, supposedly so that he can endure the electrical shocks which guard a vault door. Instead, Batman waits for Dugger in the latter’s home. The hour expires just as Dugger arrives. But Dugger hits Batman with a double-barrelled electrical device, one beam to cure his reverse-response condition, the other to kill him. Batman not only survives, but is restored to normalcy. Dugger perishes in an electrical accident. Later, Batman tells Commissioner Gordon that the «killjoy» device only worked on someone experiencing joy–the opposite of what Batman was experiencing at the time.

Batman v1 #291
Where Were You On the Night Batman Was Killed?
Fecha: 1977.09| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), John Calnan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 953 Novaro.

The report goes out from coast-to-coast in the underworld that Batman has been killed. But scores of contradictory versions spring up as to who did it, how it was done, or if it was done at all. To settle the controversy, Col. Jake «the Claw» Van Cleeve, a top Gotham mobster, provides his estate as a court of crime to determine the truth or falsity of the reports from the top contenders, Catwoman, Lex Luthor, the Riddler, and the Joker. The judge is Ra’s Al Ghul, the district attorney is «Two-Face», and the jury is composed of the Mad Hatter, the Spook, Poison Ivy, the Scarecrow, Signalman, and Mr. Freeze. The Catwoman, in widow’s weeds, gives her testimony. After Batman recently broke up one of her rackets, she packed up her belongings and made an escape, but Batman blocked the road with his Batmobile and forced them both off a bridge. She says that she bobbed to the surface and clung to a floating jaguar cage for safety. When Batman attempted to do the same, she made a tough decision, kicked him off, and watched him drown. “Two-Face” demolishes her testimony by demonstrating that her jaguar cage, made of Brazilian pepper tree wood, is too heavy to float and could not have supported her in the water. Her phony testimony is an attempt to convince the underworld that she is capable of killing, thus convincing top criminal talents, who have hitherto shunned her, to flock to her banner. The jury declares Catwoman not guilty, and Ra’s Al Ghul dismisses her and adjourns the court till the next claimant can be heard. «

Notas: Debut de Tweedle Dee and TweedleTierra-1

Batman v1 #292
The Testimony of the Riddler
Fecha: 1977.10| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), John Calnan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 957 y BE 158 Novaro.

The court of Ra’s Al Ghul reconvenes to hear the next claimant to the title of Batman-killer, the Riddler. The Prince of Puzzlers assures Two-Face that his psychological handicap of having to send Batman a riddle-clue before committing a crime will henceforth be satisfied by sending his riddles to Batman’s gravesite. The Riddler recounts how he, disguised as Batman’s friend Bruce Wayne, tried with his gang to steal a platinum-ivory typewriter presented by wealthy Stefan Nikos to his wife at her birthday party. Batman showed up to battle them, did a double-take at the sight of “Bruce Wayne,” and was clouted by one of the crooks. After their escape, the Riddler set up a meeting between him and Batman at a quarry via a riddle-clue. At the quarry, he says, he trapped Batman beneath a falling lode of masonry, set up a burning lantern atop a box of dynamite, and watched from safety as the fire set off the explosives and blew Batman to bits. “Two-Face” graphically debunks the Riddler’s claim, having the latter tied to a wooden stake with boxes of dynamite around, setting the dynamite on fire, and waiting beside the Riddler while the dynamite burns up. Dynamite, he says, does not explode in fire, only from percussion or electrical shock. The Riddler’s claim is thrown out, and Ra’s Al Ghul fines him $25,000 for damages to the estate during the dynamite demonstration. Court is adjourned until the testimony of the next claimant, Lex Luthor, can be heard. «

Batman v1 #293
The Testimony of Luthor
Fecha: 1977.11| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), John Calnan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 961 Novaro.

The court of Ra’s Al Ghul reconvenes and hears the testimony of Lex Luthor, who says he killed Batman as a by-product of killing Superman. He relates how he put in orbit a satellite of his own creation, manipulated Batman and Superman into standing at just the right spots, and hit each with maser beams from the satellite. The beams wiped out Batman’s mind and transferred Superman’s mind into Batman’s body. Afterward, Luthor stepped in and killed Superman in Batman’s body. His next step, he assures them, is to transfer his own mind into Superman’s body and become ruler of the universe. “Two-Face” proceeds to ruin Luthor’s testimony. Luthor, he says, was telling the truth as far as he knew it. But he reveals that Batman, disguised as one of Luthor’s gang, learned the details of the plan. Superman himself crashes into the courtroom, announcing that he has granted amnesty to the criminals assembled there so that he may testify. The Man of Steel says that he shielded himself from the maser beams, substituted for Batman in a spare costume, and pretended to be killed by Luthor. Superman informs them that for Luthor, his amnesty leaves once he walks out the door–and Superman will be waiting for him. Luthor, before he leaves, angrily demands that “Two-Face” reveal his source of information. “Two-Face” replies that he cannot do so if the trial is to proceed. Ra’s Al Ghul rules in his favor, “Two-Face” promising to tell all at a later date. The court adjourns, to hear the Joker’s testimony when it reconvenes. «

Batman v1 #294
Testimony of the Joker
Fecha: 1977.12| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), John Calnan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 965 Novaro.

The court of Ra’s Al Ghul reconvenes to hear the testimony of the last «assassin» of Batman–the Joker. The clown of crime reveals how, while casing a fur company for a robbery, he saw Batman capture another thief there. Unarmed at the time, he renewed his arsenal and went back, thinking himself free of Batman’s interference, but found a figure in a Batman costume there, as surprised as the Joker himself. The Joker then doused him with a faceful of dissolving liquid, stabbed him with a combat ring full of laughing toxin, and killed him. He then eradicated his face and fingerprints and left him for the police to find. When «Two-Face» asks for proof, the Joker asserts he has photos of the dead Batman, unmasked, before he dissolved his face. «Two-Face» calls for a recess while the Joker procures his evidence. Once outside, “Two-Face” doffs his disguise and stands revealed as Batman. He tracks down the Joker, defeats him in combat, and sends him back to Arkham. There the Joker is driven wild to see Two-Face, and hear that the “district attorney” was never at the trial. Later, Batman tells Commissioner Gordon that the real victim was Jerry Randall, a bookstore owner and Batman fan, who liked to dress up as Batman and reenact Batman cases after reading about them in the papers. Still later, a fireworks display proclaims to Gotham that “Batman is alive and well–and living in Gotham City

Notas: Ultima historia del «Mystery Analysts of Gotham»

Batman v1 #295
The Adventure of the Houdini Whodunit
Fecha: 1978.01| Créditos: Gerry Conway (Guiones), Michael Golden (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 969 Novaro.

Commissioner Gordon calls on Batman to attend a special meeting of the long-inactive Mystery Analysts of Gotham City. Former D.A. Danton, Art Saddows, and Kaye Daye have all individually been confronted within the last 24 hours by a dead girl–the same girl. From examining an ambulance stretcher that the girl is repeatedly snatched from, Batman discovers a wire substructure that gives the impression of a body when a cloth is draped over it, a trick used by magicians. He advises the Analysts to investigate the scene at the Magic Palace night club. They do so after Batman has a run-in with the figure he suspects of being the murderer, who escapes by blinding Batman with flash powder–another magician’s trick. At the Magic Palace, the Analysts discover that the dead girl is June Gold, assistant to David Hamton, their headline magician. Hamton’s apprentice Martin Monroe claims innocence, but provides motives for three others in the club: Lisa Morrow, who was often insulted by June Gold when the latter was drunk; her friend Glenn Falkenstein, whose act June threatened to botch up; and Hamton, whom June was blackmailing. Later, Kaye Daye is found missing, and Batman, trying to find her, is slugged unconscious from behind. Batman awakens to find himself chained to the bottom of a tank being filled with water, with Kaye tied beside the tank. The unseen murderer promises to return after doing his act and kill Kaye. Batman exerts enough pressure on the sides of the tank to shatter them, and then frees Kaye. He goes on stage to capture the murderer, Martin Monroe. Monroe admits that he hoped to become the headliner at the club by killing June and framing Hamton for the murder. Later, Hamton admits to pulling the body-snatching and flash-powder routines in order to get Batman and his allies interested in the case. When Kaye asks how Monroe did the killing while apparently sitting in the barroom of the club, Batman replies that magicians never reveal their secrets, even in prison.»

Batman v1 #296
The Sinister Straws of the Scarecrow
Fecha: 1978.02| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), Sal  Amendola (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 973 Novaro.

The Scarecrow, with the help of his two Strawmen, Otto and Raymond, develops a chemical that produces phobophobia, the fear of one’s own fears, and then releases the most supreme dread in a specific victim. His latest modus operandi is to have his men use the chemical on persons suspected of unsolved crimes, force the victims to return the loot at a specific place and time, and snatch the swag while they are delivering it. Their first target is Jarvis Skibo, who fearfully returns $50,000 in stolen bonds to a bank. But Batman discovers Skibo’s identity through an informant, and has Commissioner Gordon leak the information that the bonds returned were counterfeit. The Scarecrow attemtps to terrorize Skibo again, but Batman appears to fight him and the Strawmen. The villains manage an escape. Batman pries the details of the Scarecrow’s operation from Skibo. He then disguises himself as Thurston Blaine, who is suspected of stealing a Gutenberg Bible. When the Scarecrow and his gang attempt to terrorize him, Batman reveals himself, resists the fear chemical, and battles and captures them. «

Batman v1 #297
The Mad Hatter Goes Straight
Fecha: 1978.03| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), Rich Buckler (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 977 Novaro.

The Mad Hatter, disappoined that crime isn’t giving him a kick anymore, reminesces about his youth, when he would fantasize about being a white-hatted sheriff or a plume-hatted cavalier, or wearing the hat of a Foreign Legionnaire. Since his fantasies were always about fighting on the side of law and order, the Hatter decides to give up crime and go straight. He begins by mimicking a cowboy-hatted sheriff on horseback, and stops two muggers from robbing Bruce Wayne and his date in the park. But his evil impulses get the better of him, and he robs the woman himself. Batman ties to capture him, but winds up knocking him into a passing truck. The Hatter reasons that choosing a hat too closely connected with the law may have stympied him. He begins anew, using more benign headwear. But in each case, his avaricious impulses win over, and he commits more thefts. Finally, Batman hatches a trap for the Mad Hatter, throwing a party at which Jason Bard announces his candidacy for district attorney–”throwing his hat into the ring.” The Hatter crashes the party in a chef’s hat, but Batman defeats and captures him. Later, Bruce Wayne restores his date’s stolen necklace to her, pulling it out of a hansom cab driver’s top hat like a magician. «

Batman v1 #298
The Case of the Crimson Coffin
Fecha: 1978.04| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), John Calnan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 981 y BE 168 Novaro.

Batman foloows a suspicious boat to a pier near a deserted hotel, below which he finds a gourp of cultists about to sacrifice a human victim. Noting that the group of robed and masked cultists are «Carib machete assassins,» he battles them and defeats them. Batman notes that their victim is drugged, and finds three other drugging victims, illegal Carib immigrants, elsewhere in the subterranean vaults. Finally, he discvoers a woman who lures him into a trap, and barely escapes alive, finding the entire entourage gone when he awakens. Next, checking with Commissioner Gordon, Batman discovers that an unknown person is using a billboard to give vague clues to Gotham City concerning Batman’s secret identity, with messages such as, “He is a well-known millionaire.” Disregarding this for the moment, Batman learn from an informant that the cultists who fought him were smuggling in Caribbean natives to train as assassins. Gordon tells Batman that the cultists’ victim has been identified as Evans Aldrich, a naturalist, but the story has been accidentally leaked to the press. Batman goes to Aldrich’s studio and once again encounters the woman and her cultists, who take some of Aldrich’s photos with them and escape. Batman learns from Aldrich’s notes that the photos which were stolen were taken on an unidentified island. He also sees another Batman-identity clue, on a sign towed behind a plane whose owner he knows personally. He heads to the clue-master’s penthouse aparment and is greeted by his antagonist, standing obscured in a nimbus of black light. «

Batman v1 #299
The Island of Purple Mist
Fecha: 1978.05| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), John Calnan (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 985 Novaro.

Batman encounters a costumed Baxter Baines, a wealthy Gothamite, and helps him put away a gang of hoods who have seen Batman enter the building and who hoped to settle old scores with him. Afterward, Baines admits that unmasking Batman is one of his main goals in life. Batman points out that all of Baines’s «clues» point towards Baines as much as Batman, and Baines confesses that he would like to be Batman’s replacement if he should ever retire or be disabled. He then tries to unmask Batman, but Batman unmasks Baines in the brawl, dumps him in a gutter outside, and uses Baines’s skywriting machine to write out his own clue: «His initials are B.B.» Fearful for his life, Baines takes off for Capri. Batman, knowing the cultists will search for him at Baines’s penthouse, uses Baines’s gimmicks to put a trace radiation on them when they search the place and, not finding him, leave. He trails them to the cult’s island hideout, where the Mamaloi priestess has Rico dressed as Batman, bound alongside Evans Aldrich, and sacrifices him to convince the cult of her power. Batman rescues Aldrich and defeats the cultists in battle, discrediting the priestess. He later tells Commissioner Gordon that the cult was dealing in suicide hit-men, and that Aldrich had stumbled onto her operation–as had Batman. «

Batman v1 #300
The Last Batman Story
Fecha: 1978.06| Créditos: David Vern Reed (Guiones), Walt Simonson (Dibujos)| Edición española: Batman 993 y BE 177 Novaro.

In Gotham City of the future, Batman and Robin foil the attempted attack by a band of blue-costumed men on a mobile surgical capsule being transferred to the Columbia Space Station surgery department. The villains’ leader is destroyed in a strange explosion. Robin later tells Batman of how an unidentified man had demanded at a Chamber of Commerce dinner that Dick Grayson sell him his 1902 Rambler and, when refused, tore away a prism of a crystal sconce, threw it to Grayson with an implied threat, and walked away. Since then there have been three acts of disastrous sabotage to Wayne Foundation enterprises, and Annie Morgan, the woman in the surgical capsule, was an intelligence operative he sent to explore leads. Tracking down a clue left by Ms. Morgan, Batman and Robin discover that their foes are a crime-cabal named Spectrum, divided into seven sections to correspond with the colors of the light spectrum. After battling the criminal band again, they trace Spectrum video transmissions to the Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. There, after discovering the group’s secret hideout, they also find the hiding place of Spectrum’s two leaders, Infrared and Ultraviolet. Both are ringed with protective air mines, and both are destroyed when Infrared nervously moves into his own ring, setting off an explosive chain reaction. Robin calls for a police helicopter to take away the rest of Spectrum. Later, Bruce Wayne tells Dick Grayson that a political reform group has asked him to run for governor, and that he is considering asking the “woman he loves” to marry him. If he says yes to either or both of these questions, he will have to put aside his Batman identity. Bruce confides that he will tell Dick his final decision tomorrow. Then he enters his private office to be alone with his thoughts. «

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